The Ballad of Sir Ben

To Berkeley rode Shapiro,
Bold knight with banners gay.
(’Twas neither crusade nor jihad—
He rolleth not that way.)

Quite modest his agenda,
Quite mild and orthodox—
Yet what a fuss ensued then! ’Twas
Indeed a paradox.

SJWs accused him
Of most foul blasphemy.
Inquired goodman Shapiro:
“Is my speech, forsooth, not free?”

These bold words unto rage stirred
Many a Berk’ly battle axe—
But all that Antifa managed
Was epic anticlimax.

Meanwhile, interested spectators
(And there were more than just a few)
Were exposed to an exponent
Of a different point of view.

They did not see the Nazi,
Which they thought they’d come to see—
And then smugly, Ben Shapiro
Rode home, from Berkeley.


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