Buskirk and Boychuk on the Germany Problem

American Greatness Managing Editor, Ben Boychuk joined Publisher, Chris Buskirk on his radio show to discuss the progress of the site and some of the highlights from last week including Robert Curry’s excellent and well-received piece, “What’s the Matter with Germany?

Chris Buskirk:  I am Chris Buskirk. He is Seth Leibsohn. Welcome back to the ultimate hour of the Seth and Chris Show on this fine Thursday, ultimate being the one that comes after the penultimate hour of the Seth and Chris show, meaning the final hour. We are joined, as promised, by Ben Boychuk. He is friend, colleague, and managing editor of American Greatness. Welcome, Ben. How you doing?

Ben Boychuk:   Doing great. Thanks for having me back on. Is Seth ducking me again? I think he’s ducking me again.

Chris Buskirk:  He actually is, yes, but unlike last time, I didn’t know that that would be happening when I invited you, but he feeling a little under the weather.

Ben Boychuk:  Oh, all right. I thought it might have been the money that he owes me.

Chris Buskirk:  He thought if he wasn’t in the studio you wouldn’t bring it up on air.

Ben Boychuk:  Right. Well, anyway, thanks again for having me back.

Chris Buskirk:   Most awesome show, or not awesome show, but most awesome news item today, “Taco Bell Employees Fatally Shoot Armed Robber.”

Ben Boychuk:  Oh, nice. Where was this?

Chris Buskirk:   This is the story that keeps on giving. It says police say three employees of a Cleveland Taco Bell opened fire on two armed robbers, killing one. I mean-

Ben Boychuk:  Oh, wow.

Chris Buskirk:   I know your inclination was to think that it was in Florida, though, right?

Ben Boychuk:   Well, yes. Yes, but given the hurricane preparations, maybe not, but wow. Wow.

Chris Buskirk:   I mean I wouldn’t even be surprised to hear that maybe in Arizona, but not one of the Taco Bell employees opens fire on the armed robber, three of them open fire on the armed robbers.

Ben Boychuk:  See, I would have guessed Texas.

Chris Buskirk:  Sure. Texas makes sense. Yeah.

Ben Boychuk:  Yeah, yeah.

Chris Buskirk:  Texas makes sense, but I love it. I saw this this morning, it’s been posted on Drudge all day, and just started laughing. It’s almost too good to be true. If you read the story … I won’t bore you with the whole thing, but there are many, many punchlines in this story.

Ben Boychuk:  My only concern is that now Taco Bell will fire those employees because they’re-

Chris Buskirk:  Oh, probably. Probably. Actually, that’s a great point, Ben. It’s coming. This will be a good case for the NRA.

Ben Boychuk:   Right, right, because there have been several of these type of things, right, where somebody … I mean they haven’t even had to open fire. They maybe chased down a robber into a parking lot or they’ve helped somebody getting mugged or something, and because a lot of these chains have-

Chris Buskirk:   No-gun policies.

Ben Boychuk:   Right, and they’re deathly afraid of liability and so on and so forth, they just cashier these employees who are acting like citizens, good citizens.

Chris Buskirk:   Can’t have that.

Ben Boychuk:   No, we can’t have that.

Chris Buskirk:  No, certainly. Then you know what the corporate response always is, right? This is when you know you’re getting the runaround. Insurance reasons.

Ben Boychuk:   Oh, sure. Yeah.

Chris Buskirk:   That means nothing, right?

Ben Boychuk:   Right.

Chris Buskirk:  I mean this is one of the frustrations of modern life. Somebody wants to tell you that you can’t do something that common sense dictates you ought to be doing or have a natural right to be doing, they just say, “Insurance reasons,” and that’s supposed to shut down the conversation.

Ben Boychuk:  Yeah, that’s right.

Chris Buskirk:   Okay, so we do have other business besides the shootings at fast food outlets to cover. Before we get on to some of the politics today, what should people be looking at at American Greatness? What’s the greatest hits for today or for this week?

Ben Boychuk:   Okay. Well, the feature piece today is essential reading, and it actually dovetails, I think, with some of what we’re going to be talking about this hour. It’s called ‘Party of Lincoln’ No More by Mike Sabo. He really details the way that establishment Republicans have really betrayed the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. A lot of establishment Republicans think, for example, of John Danforth or think of your senator in Arizona, Flake.

Chris Buskirk:    Oh, do I have to?

Ben Boychuk:   No, you don’t have to, but occasionally, I suppose. All of these guys getting on their soapboxes and their high horses and whatever other cliché you want to muster and saying that Trump is … he’s not a proper Republican. He’s a so on and so forth. Well, Sabo shows, in convincing fashion, that in fact, these guys have betrayed the legacy of the Party of Lincoln. Anyone listening, by all means, go to amgreatness.com. Check out the featured article, and you’ll see what he’s talking about.

We’ve had a great week, actually. We’ve had just loads of good stuff. I mean, just today, just to give people an idea of the kind of the mix of stories that we’re producing at American Greatness, just two stories that we had today in addition to that feature. Mac Owens has a really good piece on Colin Kaepernick and his crazy girlfriend and the sort of the cultural politics of the NFL.

Chris Buskirk:  Yeah. It’s a very good piece. Ben, just for people, maybe, who don’t know the story … Of course, everybody knows Colin Kaepernick is famous for three things. One is going to the Super Bowl very early in his career. Number two, growing his hair out to Herculean lengths. And number three for leading this completely, I think, offensive and misguided effort inside the NFL to not to stand during the National Anthem. What people don’t know, maybe, is the latest is is his contract was not renewed, so he is without a job in the NFL. He was apparently very, very close to signing with the Baltimore Ravens, as in they were negotiating the final terms of his contract, at which point his girlfriend took to Twitter to post pictures and comments that made it quite clear that she viewed the management of the Baltimore Ravens as being slave owners-

Ben Boychuk:  Slave owners.

Chris Buskirk:  … and her boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick, as if he was going to go work for them to being a slave.

Ben Boychuk:  Right, right. No, that’s right.

Chris Buskirk:  While he’s trying to get a job.

Ben Boychuk:  Yeah. Somebody maybe need to read Art of the Deal. I don’t know, but yeah. Kaepernick’s girlfriend is this woman Nessa. I don’t know how to pronounce her last name. Diab, I guess?

Chris Buskirk:  Your guess is as good as mine.

Ben Boychuk:  Right. To tell you the truth, I’d never heard of her before this whole thing. I maybe heard her name two or three weeks ago when I came across one of these Kaepernick stories. She’s a Bay Area DJ. She’s a host on MTV, and she’s a Black Lives Matter activist. I guess folks are kind of crediting or blaming her for Kaepernick’s recent sort of activism, sort of hard-left activism. Yeah, she’s going about … We have the picture in the story, in Mac’s story, and she directed this picture at Ray Lewis who is the former Ravens linebacker. He’s an NFL network commentator, and he was kind of Kaepernick’s advocate with Baltimore management.

Chris Buskirk:  A legend in the NFL.

Ben Boychuk:  Right.

Chris Buskirk:  I mean Ray Lewis is in sort of that pantheon of NFL greats.

Ben Boychuk:  Right. She directs this picture of Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio from Django Unchained. Sam Jackson, in that movie, plays the house slave who’s one of the main villains in that story. She puts the pictures together, and so lo and behold, he gets no deal.


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