Republicans Cower in Charlottesville’s Aftermath

Last month’s events in Charlottesville have given our Republican elected officials an excellent opportunity to educate the public on the violence of the hard Left and sources of their funding. Sadly, most are squandering the opportunity to make use of their bully pulpit and shed light on these disturbing realities.

President Trump was correct that there were two violent sides involved in Charlottesville and “both sides” need to be denounced, and investigated. But you wouldn’t know it from listening to the media, or to most Republican officials for that matter.

It doesn’t take much moral courage to denounce Nazis, the Klan, and racists, yet that is about as far as most Republicans will go. This scum is but the smaller blade of a pair of scissors looking to slice up America.

The larger, and more dangerous scissors blade, which most Republicans are shamefully ignoring, is the violent hard Left. What’s needed is the political courage to call them out. A century ago the Klan was a violent arm of the Democratic Party. Even today many leading Democrats are great admirers of Robert Byrd, once an Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan.

These days the Democrats have replaced the Klan with a new army of violent goons, embodied by the Occupy Wall Street movement, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and others.

The violence isn’t only coming from these Soros-funded proxies of the Democratic Party. It comes directly from the Democratic National Committee as well. As the Washington Post reported just before the November presidential election, Scott Foval and Robert Creamer, two “influential Democratic political operatives” had to resign after hidden videos captured their boasting of violence and voter fraud targeting Republicans.

For Democrats, violence and election fraud are institutionalized tactics used to manipulate the public and swindle unearned political power.

Today the Democrats and their accomplices in the media are using the tragedy in Charlottesville as part of an ongoing campaign of political warfare to promote the false narrative that President Trump’s base is racist, and so must be the president. After all, they can’t get their false narrative of Russian collusion to stick, so racism is a handy charge to level in the 2018 midterms in the hope that it drives their dismal fundraising.

But President Trump is merely a recent scapegoat. Years before he entered the scene, Democrats incited political violence, disrespect for law and order, and hatred for the police. They stoked the fires of racism in Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland, and elsewhere. Black Lives Matter agitated as their communities burned, causing innocent police officers to be gunned down in cities like New York, Baton Rouge, and Dallas. Yet President Obama invited BLM leaders to the White House, the same leaders sued by wounded police for their culpability in homicide.

Where is the outrage from the Republican National Committee or other GOP-affiliated groups? Nowhere. Instead, the RNC issued a one-sided resolution denouncing only—you guessed it—“Nazis, the KKK, [and] white supremacists.”

However reprehensible, the number of actual Nazis and Klansmen in America is relatively small. Compare them to 40,000 hard Left goons and useful idiots who recently showed up in Boston to rally against “hate.” They rioted and assaulted police and innocent bystanders. The event they were protesting wasn’t organized by the Klan, Nazis, or some other hate group. Rather, it was organized by a nonviolent, non-racist, liberty-minded entity called the Boston Free Speech Coalition.

We just witnessed the same unrepentant Antifa violence in Berkeley, California.

Leftists gather outside Emancipation Park (formerly Lee Park) in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12. About 30 minutes after this photo was taken, violence ensued. (Photo by the author.)

There is no ideological distance between the violent hard Left and Democratic Party elites. The organized Left is doing the bidding of elites as they distract from real problems for which Democrats can provide no solutions.

But the Democratic Party doesn’t get tagged with their all too real association with violence because the media are complicit in the coverup and the Republicans, naturally, are too gutless to address it. Someone might suggest they are racists.

A common refrain from the hard Left, unopposed in Charlottesville and elsewhere by the DNC, calls for the violent overthrow of the U.S. government and the forced imposition of Communist rule in America. This is not some once-off steam blowing by a small cadre of fringe actors. This is standard and widespread operating procedure at these protests. Funny how this revolutionary insurgency goes unreported.

Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer knows this and is complicit. He declared Charlottesville the “Capital of the Resistance” to our constitutionally elected president. The mayor, a longtime surrogate of President Obama and Hillary Clinton, falsely asserted there is a “direct line” between Trump’s campaign choices and the violence at the rally in Charlottesville. Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy, on the other hand, played an active part in the violence-inciting Black Lives Matter movement.

Yet where are the Republicans defending the president and calling for accountability and an investigation of these Democratic political authorities who made this fiasco possible?

The Virginia State Police gave a detailed intelligence briefing to Signer and Bellamy before the August 12 rally. Federal and state law enforcement officials warned them, as well as Governor Terry McAuliffe, that they could expect violence based upon the groups they knew were coming to Charlottesville.

Yet by all appearances, law enforcement assets were deliberately ordered by these Democratic politicians to take measures that would guarantee opposing mob conflict, not prevent it. Then they blamed Trump for everything.

On August 10, two days before the riots, even the local liberal Charlottesville paper, the Daily Progress, owned by Warren Buffet, laid the blame for the escalating civic unrest squarely at Wes Bellamy’s feet.

The ACLU, not usually a friend of conservative causes, said the police were “waiting for violence to take place, so that they would have grounds to declare an emergency, declare an ‘unlawful assembly’ and clear the area.”

Yet the Democratic and Republican Party establishments see Nazis, KKK, BLM, Antifa, the Workers World Party, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations as being on some moral spectrum, going from evil to good.

They are all evil and the subversive antithesis of everything this country stands for.

Establishment Democrats and Republicans have forfeited their right to lead if they cannot see this.

The violence we have seen for years whenever the hard Left shows up is deliberate, coordinated, well-funded, and part of a larger, strategic agitation and propaganda (agitprop) political warfare campaign that constitutes a domestic threat to the Constitution. And Democrat elite fingerprints are all over it.

Both the Virginia legislature and the U.S. Congress need to investigate this movement as well as the Democrat political authorities who presided over the Charlottesville catastrophe.

Don’t hold your breath though; Democrats have closed their ranks and Virginia Republicans are nowhere to be found.


About Michael J. Del Rosso

Michael J. Del Rosso is vice president and senior fellow of The American Strategy Group ( He is resident of Charlottesville, Virginia and an eyewitness to the events of August 12, 2017. He was a candidate in Charlottesville’s 2016 Virginia 5th U.S. Congressional District Republican Convention.

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17 responses to “Republicans Cower in Charlottesville’s Aftermath”

  1. It’s a good thing that Mr T isn’t a republican then. Isn’t it?

  2. “For Democrats, violence and election fraud are institutionalized tactics used to manipulate the public and swindle unearned political power.”

    So what would you have us do to combat their scorched-earth tactics? Pen a sternly-worded Letter to the Editor?

    Bemoaning our enemy’s violence while limiting our Rules of Engagement sorta sounds like Afghanistan, and we can see how that turned out.

  3. Outstanding! Thank you so much, for hitting this nail TRUE on the head, Mr. Del Rosso!

  4. The KKK and Neo-Nazis aren’t inherently violent at least not as a group or in public. Hell the Nazis aren’t even Nazis they don’t have a realizable program. Can one even imagine either group taking over a county let alone the country. BLM, Antifa and the Ideology they represent are well on their way to taking over the country. When the Klan or the Neo’s hold a rally or a demonstration the only threat of violence comes from counter demonstrators. If the counter demonstrators don’t attack them physically there will be no violence.On the other hand there is often violence at BLM demonstrations which are usually counter demonstrations or protests against some recent event. When ever Antifa holds a counter demonstration (ever hear of an Antifa rally for something?) there is always violence.

  5. Most conservatives don’t believe in rallies. I’ve never gone to one in my life, though I’ve had some come to me.
    Most regular Americans see demonstrations as sort of third-worldish, as desperate attempts of the masses to overcome their lack of a vote. To play that charade here is over-dramatic to say the least. Their vote counts as much as any of ours.
    Rallies and demonstrations make me nervous, because anytime a large group of activists gather there is inferred power beyond the electoral statement of what a dozen or even thousands of people believe. We have polls to see what others believe these days, but there’s implied muscle behind them.
    I tell my kids to steer clear of them, because a rally being promoted as peaceful can be subverted by violent elements taking advantage of the peaceful ones.
    I also remind them that if they break the law in a non-sanctioned demonstration and are arrested, they understand that is their sacrifice for what they believe in, and don’t go whining because they arrested you.
    I think the whole rally thing should be criticized, mocked and parodied. And both sides!

  6. Great essay. And I will also note that the wretched, disgusting, noisome Republicans fell over themselves in a rush to denounce Lee, Jackson and other Southern heroes as traitors to murica. Which can only invite the question: how’s that “grand republic” working out for you Jaffaite Lincoln worshippers?

  7. Nothing new here. Republicans ALWAYS cower. Goldwater, Reagan were exceptions, but they were disowned by the party establishment types, as they disown Trump today. Screw them.

  8. You could have stopped the title and the whole essay for that matter after “Republicans Cower”. I can’t believe the insanity loose in this country that our “leaders” are complicit in or enabling by their cowering. I’m also afraid President Trump has been co-opted like seems to happen to 90% of politicians after being elected. I don’t know whether they are being bought or threatened or both but something is going on….. maybe the west has just been so demoralized that it’s lost it’s will to live.

  9. I thought Romney and Ryan were the worst. McCain is predictable (the only question is why doesn’t he just declare himself to be a Democrat?). As for BLM, I cannot be the only American who watched in horror the cities of Ferguson, Baltimore, New Orleans and elsewhere when violent thugs arrived from all over the country, yelled racist chants, burned down millions of dollars of mostly minority owned businesses, injured police, and then incited the assassination of 11 police officers. Obama invited these (Soros funded) thugs to the White House. I will forever believe that these events had a good deal to do with Mr. Trump winning the 2016 election. As for the Anti-fas, you’d have to live in a cave to have missed their multiple ugly violent attacks on innocent, peaceful, unarmed Americans. Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan are apparently cave dwellers.

  10. you can file this under on-going collaboration by the gope, with the dems. the true traitors in this country are the gop leadership and non-Trump representatives/senators. but don’t worry, the new party Trump forms will annihilate the gop with nary a tear shed across the land (except by Paul Ryan who will finally have to go out and work for a living).

  11. There is no doubt that Republican politicians over the last 20 years, for the most part, are the most cowardly i have ever seen. They remind me of tortoises, pulling into their shells trying to hide and only opening their mouths for a sure thing, like condemning Nazi’s! Wow! What courage that takes. It is long past due that you yellow bellied cowards stepped up and condemned Antifa as well as other radical and “violent” left wing internal terror groups! Grow a pair!

  12. There seems to be a lot of perplexity in this essay about the Republicans. The author cannot understand why they cower when what they should do is so clear and obvious. The same may be said about conservative pundits. They exhibited exactly the same behavior in the wake of Charlottesville.

    The common answer, implicit in “cowering,” is that the Republicans are afraid and that fear is most often attributed to how the MSM will treat them. But why should Ben Domenech’s Federalist crew, the Commentary guys, The Weekly Standard writers and almost all of National Review react the same way as Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney? Why should the conservative media be afraid of the MSM it is in opposition to?

    Because the established conservative media are not in opposition to the goals of the MSM, that’s why.

    Just like the Republican party stirs up resentment and promises to do things the party really has no intention, no plans and no desire to do once it is given political power – please see 2017 for evidence of this assertion – so the conservative media function as aggregators of grievances who then channel those grievances into diversionary and impractical goals.

    Instead of explicitly and proudly championing the interests of its own voting base, which is the white middle-class, conservative media join with GOP politicians to 1) do the bidding of their corporate donors, and 2) justify their arguments as being good for everyone but the white middle-class.

    The Republicans and their media allies praise the Trump administration for only 3 things: maintaining the US as policeman of the world, cutting business regulations and working to cut corporate taxes. None of those policies directly aid Trump voters. They may do so secondarily, but the primary benefits go to business.

    And about my second point, think about this: According to conservatives, who is most injured by Affirmative Action? According to conservatives, who is most helped by school vouchers? According to conservatives, who is most helped by a growing economy? According to conservatives, what was the great benefit of supply-side economics?

    The answers to all four questions are – people other than the white middle-class. For example, Arthur Laffer proudly claimed that supply-side would increase government revenues (surely not a conservative goal!) and that the extra money would make the welfare state programs affordable and expandable (another liberal wish-list item). Supply-side was good for Big Government and the businesses which service Big Government. The white middle-class stagnated from 1980 on, but government sure grew.

    The Republicans are not cowering any more than Jonah Goldberg and David French cowered after Charlottesville. They were proud to proclaim liberal premises, such as “Danger on the Right!” and “Robert E. Lee was a Traitor,” to insult the very heritage and cultural norms that a true conservative movement should have stood for, the heritage they claimed they stood for when they were founded, against the so-called “arc of history” they were supposed to stand athwart.

    But their donors have other, newer ideas and it’s those ideas that the GOP and the conservative media adhere to today. Proudly.

    What they say at election time or during their subscription drives is merely “Boob-Bait for the Bubbas, 21st Century Edition.”

  13. One should take it for granted that the GOPe roll over obediently at the command of the MSM and meekly assume culpability for so-called ‘white nationalists” (the definition, apparently, belonging to any conservative who protests progressive policies in the public square).
    Why is it that that the alternative media are equally pliant in refusing to expose the Democrat manipulations behind most (if not all) of these white nationalist groups (viz. the product of people like Scott Foval and Robert Creamer)? Richard Spencer, before reincarnating himself as a tiki-torch bearing white nationalist, worked as an organizer for Occupy Wall Street a scant year before Charlottesville. And it is documented that Crowds on Demand had placed adds on craigslist for photographers and “crisis actors” in the Charlottesville area shortly before the demonstration.
    If you accept the events as portrayed at face value, and those events are political theater organized by the Left, then you are forced to accept the straw-man portrayal of all conservative and traditional thought as nationalistic and racist.
    Man up.

  14. What we have is the legacy media, their Democrat minions, and the self-designated elite Republicans, none of whom will stand up for the rule of law or the Constitution of the United States. Worthless politicians like Clinton sycophant Terry McAuliffe promote violence while claiming to be uninvolved. What a worthless bunch. Then there are the antifa terrorists that the Democrats and Republicans will not stop. Sooner or later the people will rise up. And it will not be pretty for the established politicians. They are all responsible for the evil perpetrated.

  15. Great article, except for this. “President Trump was correct that there were two violent sides involved in Charlottesville and “both sides” need to be denounced, and investigated”
    Not everyone with the UTR were neo-Nazis or white supremacists. The UTR had a permit and held a peaceful protest the night before. There would have been no violence whatsoever if the Governor and Mayor hadn’t started it by allowing armed and masked antifa to congregate without a permit and then told the police to stand down. There’s a difference between holding offensive beliefs and committing violence. Antifa, BLM, and occupy movements have been rioting and looting for the last decade. You can’t say the same for the far right.
    It’s no surprise that the backstabbing GOPe took antifa’s side. Another opportunity to attack our President.
    After our first Civil war, the dems used hooded KKK to attack and intimidate the opposition. Now in the midst of our unCivil war the dems are using their hooded antifa to do the same.