On Harvey’s Heels

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Do you recall the previous FLOTUS?
Whene’er her biceps she showed us,
How the media gushed and cooed –
Worshipful, their attitude.

Dutifully each courtier,
Praised each outfit she might wear
And, perhaps, that helped her be
(At last!) proud of her country.

Now a FLOTUS sports some heels…
And the reaction reveals
Something which appears to be
Quite unlike idolatry.

Far be it from me to say
Double standards are in play –
But ‘tis classy of our FLOTUS
To pretend she doesn’t notice.


About the Author:

Joe Long
Joe Long lives in Cayce, South Carolina. He holds a master's degree in history from Georgia College and State University. He has a very patient wife, five homeschooled children, and a job.