On Harvey’s Heels

Do you recall the previous FLOTUS?
Whene’er her biceps she showed us,
How the media gushed and cooed –
Worshipful, their attitude.

Dutifully each courtier,
Praised each outfit she might wear
And, perhaps, that helped her be
(At last!) proud of her country.

Now a FLOTUS sports some heels…
And the reaction reveals
Something which appears to be
Quite unlike idolatry.

Far be it from me to say
Double standards are in play –
But ‘tis classy of our FLOTUS
To pretend she doesn’t notice.


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3 responses to “On Harvey’s Heels”

  1. The left hates. That is what they do. They have no viable economic policy. No viable foreign policy. No ability to make the schools and the government perform where they have control. But they hate. Women who claim to be feminists do not even hesitate for milliseconds before they criticize any conservative woman doing anything – because feminism is not about women, it is a shill for the left, much as environmentalism and the civil rights movement have become.