Trump’s Coming Victory Over Identity Politics

Amid the turbulence of the past few weeks, it has been President Trump who has kept his head while others have lost theirs.

Trump may be the one man in America who can detoxify racial relations—I mean actually do it, not exploit them in the mode of Black Lives Matter or Al Sharpton.

Let us first be clear:  No one on the political Left can possibly succeed in easing racial tensions. Their identity politics approach has played itself out beyond the limits of absurdity. That is what the reassignment of the Asian-American sports announcer, Robert Lee, really demonstrates. This farcical episode, made ESPN a mockery, even to some on the Left.

The battle lines in this ongoing fight for the political soul of America became obvious mid-day on January 20, 2017, when President Trump took his oath of office and Democratic Senate Leader Charles Schumer, poised to introduce Justice Clarence Thomas intoned a Monty Pythonesque litany, “Whatever our race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, whether we are immigrant or native-born, whether we live with disabilities or do not, in wealth or in poverty, we are all exceptional….” Schumer’s emphasizing these distinctions, many of which a civilized society should be seeking to make irrelevant or, at best, secondary, actually produces a more fractured society; one less likely to reconcile differences in order to produce a common good.

Trump’s Inaugural Address, by contrast, sought to unify the nation:

When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice….

It is time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget: that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots, we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms, and we all salute the same great American Flag.

Trump’s approach to this issue is the only method that can redirect this country to a politics of the common good and thereby help to heal its often exaggerated racial and ethnic divisions. The Left disdains the old patriotic symbols, and too much of the right is cowardly or echoes the left. Some NeverTrumpers even adopted identity politics to oppose Trump, as the absurd candidacy of Evan McMullin exemplified, a nonentity selected for his Mormon faith to create Electoral College mischief.

Charlottesville, however, was the telling moment. With the aid of viciously anti-Trump left-wing media, a tiny cabal of neo-fascists attempted to hijack Trump’s campaign and inaugural message of American unity in the Robert E. Lee statue controversy. The absurdity of this attempt is nonetheless overshadowed by this partial success: A small claque of politically irrelevant losers, professing a foreign ideology at war with American principles, somehow persuaded the media to give it free publicity and prominence. Why might that be?

align=”right” The leftist media and their imbibers thus grotesquely magnified the torchlit “blood and soil” chants of neo-fascist provocateurs. The media and those too unthinking to question it became useful idiots to these neo-nazis.

Using the slogan “Unite the Right,” the neo-fascists seized, as in a coup, the otherwise honorable cause of the retention of Confederate monuments, one that President Trump and a majority of Americans support.  The media  tried to legitimate this foreign ideology’s coup by accusing Trump of sympathizing with it and thus tainting him and his supporters with opinions that are entirely Un-American. And since the Left and their puppets in the press see all of political life as a competition for dominance between identity groups and they claim to identify with minorities, they cannot understand opposition to themselves as anything other than a manifestation of “white supremacy.”

The contentiousness over the statues became a narrative of a battle between pro-statue neo-fascists and anti-statue anti-racism activists. The leftist media and their imbibers thus grotesquely magnified the torchlit “blood and soil” chants of neo-fascist provocateurs. The media and those too unthinking to question it became useful idiots to these neo-nazis.

Trump was not only accurate but politically astute in denouncing both mobs and wresting away the monuments cause from the media-fueled putsch. His only rhetorical error was in failing to note the similarities between the neo-fascists and Muslim radicals as advocates of a violent, anti-American foreign ideology. Trump’s basis for unity in American patriotism is vindicated in the turns the anti-statue movement has taken as it spirals into increasing absurdity.

But at stake here is more than the appreciation of public art.

In his speeches on race, urban issues, and immigration, both candidate and President Trump have emphasized the need for Americans to subordinate divisive racial issues to their common American identity. Trump’s inaugural urged patriotic Americans to be loyal to each other, for “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice . . . .”

Trump’s understanding here is that of the Gettysburg Address, the most unifying statement—prayer or psalm, really—concerning the meaning of American citizenship. Contemporary multiculturalism, prized by the Schumers and the media and the universities of today, repudiates Lincoln and with him the truest, the most elevating, and the most unifying American teachings.

The Charlottesville aftermath raises the question of how might one convert anyone from one point of view to another, let alone from identity politics fascism—which, Trump was correct, infects both sides. Isn’t mutual trust the beginning? The Left will never gain the trust of the neo-fascists. While they mouth words of love, in fact hatred of the other is the only unifying principle for identity politics, and in this central passion  today’s Left has more in common with the neo-fascists than it does with anything truly American.

align=”left” He has the trust of many white working-class voters without higher education, not because they are white, but because their uneasiness with race in our fraught and “multicultural” times has caused them so often to be mislabelled as racist, and they rightly resent it. His policies and rhetoric give him the ability to change the Republican Party in ways that welcome blacks—in particular striving, working-class blacks—into a political coalition with a new confidence in an America that seeks liberty and justice for all. 

Shed of the slur of being fascist-friendly, Trump is in a position to unify here because he hearkens back to American ideas rather than to any group identity, including even partisan ones. He has the trust of many white working-class voters without higher education, not because they are white, but because their uneasiness with race in our fraught and “multicultural” times has caused them so often to be mislabelled as racist, and they rightly resent it. His policies and rhetoric give him the ability to change the Republican Party in ways that welcome blacks—in particular striving, working-class blacks—into a political coalition with a new confidence in an America that seeks liberty and justice for all. We see this in obvious ways, such as in Trump’s calling upon allies like Martin Luther King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, and Dr. Ben Carson to warm up crowds at his recent rallies. Clearly, Trump’s overwhelmingly white audience is not expected to have contempt for these black leaders, but to welcome them as natural allies and fellow Americans who believe in and want the same things.

And in his relationship with Carson, a hero of long standing among many African-Americans for his rise from poverty to prestige, Trump echoes Lincoln:  “Here comes my friend Douglass.”

It may be the case that Trump’s visit to the Carson childhood home in the Detroit slums and a nearby black church, helped to win Michigan for Trump. In this regard, Trump emphasizes the economic appeal of his programs to working class blacks in the same ways that he emphasizes these points to working class whites. Whether it is a restoration of the manufacturing sector of the economy or in his calls for law and order and common sense immigration restrictions, these policies will spur economic improvements for the nation that will be felt very directly in these communities. Complementing these with moral messages on issues such as abortion, drug use, family disintegration, and gangs, Trump clearly wants to make middle America and middle Americans, of every hue, greater than ever before. He wants Americans to believe in themselves and in each other again. 

align=”right” Republicans in the mainstream generally offer only paler versions of Democratic identity politics, but Trump has the opportunity of clarifying American identity in the nationalism of the American founding and its abiding principles of equality and limited government by consent.

With 13 percent of the votes of black men in 2016, Trump is in an enviable position to increase his vote totals and end the days of the Democratic Party taking the “black vote” for granted. A black male vote total of around 20 percent would mean the disintegration of the Democratic coalition.

But might Trump’s defense of Confederate monuments hurt him with black voters? According to a Marist poll, a plurality of blacks, 44 percent, favor retention, and 40 percent favor removal, with a high 16 percent remaining uncertain.Trump can proceed with confidence because the opportunity to unify both his support and the country is so clearly presented in this issue.

Republicans in the mainstream generally offer only paler versions of Democratic identity politics, but Trump has the opportunity of clarifying American identity in the nationalism of the American founding and its abiding principles of equality and limited government by consent. That is the deepest meaning of the unifying message of making America great again.


About Ken Masugi

Ken Masugi, Ph.D., is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute. He has been a speechwriter for two cabinet members, and a special assistant for Clarence Thomas when he was chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Masugi is co-author, editor, or co-editor of 10 books on American politics. He has taught at the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he was Olin Distinguished Visiting Professor; James Madison College of Michigan State University; the Ashbrook Center of Ashland University; and Princeton University.

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420 responses to “Trump’s Coming Victory Over Identity Politics”

  1. Wow!! Boy are you delusional but whatever blows your skirt up, I suppose.

  2. Well said. The old liberal thinks that absent racism, people will just care about everyone on Earth. But they quickly realized that caring for everyone equally means caring for nobody at all. Now the new liberal comes along and tries to accommodate identity politics, which is where everyone only cares about their particular subgroup. But there’s no unity in that because you can break down into endless subgroups. Patriotism means we care about Americans. Big enough to be unifying, but not so big to be meaningless.

    • Agree. But patriotism has taken a beating over the years. The shining
      city on the hill can’t and won’t be restored until the destructive Left
      has been smashed.
      To do that, tough men and women must get their hands dirty.
      Pious happy faces won’t get far.

      • Then where are they? Why is it the only people out protesting are the extreme right and not normal everyday Joes “getting their hands dirty”?

        I’m sick of picking up the paper every morning and reading the paper and seeing 200 of the right protesting while thousands of the left come out and counter them.

        When are there going to be thousands instead of of hundreds of right wing protestors? Where are our thousands? When do we get to riot and burn something?

      • There won’t be thousands of right wing protestors because Trump is unpopular.

      • That is true but these protests have been in major cities across the country and no one has shown up for the right other than the white nationalists.

      • We have jobs. And the Neo-Nazi contingent… can we just lock them in a stadium with the Antifa crowd and sell the pay-per-view rights?

      • Like I said to the other poster, these protests were on saturdays. People had it off and Boston is too 5 richest city in America.

      • Yeah, and I’m gonna take the time to travel to another city to stand around protesting shitheads of both ideologies. No thanks, chump. I’ve got a life, and it doesn’t involve political protest.

      • Oh, what happened to the line of reasoning that the protestors don’t have jobs? Now it’s that you have a life? I live in Boston and can give you the median income of all the wealthy towns where people didn’t vote for Trump.

      • Congratulations, but that also means you do NOT represent most of America.

      • Most of America didn’t vote for Trump and almost 60% disapprove of his job performance.

      • After a year of fake polls insisting HIllary had 99% chance of winning ….. you’re still quoting polls?

      • Typical if you haven’t noticed, no one is scared of Trump. He’s being ignored in congress and dissed by his own cabinet members. They clearly believe the poll numbers. Trump also believed the poll numbers in the republican primary when all he did was quote every poll showing him leading the pack.

      • Which is actually better than most other parts of the government.

      • Saturdays? That’s when most Americans run their errands, clean their house, attend their kids soccer games, etc.
        Remember, Boston is Leftist, too.

      • Soccer in August? Soccer is a fall sport. Kids are on summer vacation and most don’t play baseball so there aren’t any organized sports being played right now by the majority of kids. Most people run errends on sundays. When I was a kid, I worked in a grocery store and Sunday was the real big day of errends. Boston is rich so it’s obviously not that Trump supporters have these superior careers compared to protestors around here.

      • Soccer training and practice starts in mid or late July for the fall season. School starts in August, and many teams have already played their first game.
        Boston obviously does NOT represent most American cities, either.
        Most Americans aren’t “rich” either.

      • You’re talking about High School soccer. Parents don’t sit around at high school sports practice.

      • Even younger soccer teams, and club teams play their games on Saturday.

      • Because conservatives/republicans have jobs/careers, children, homes… they don’t have time to protest.

      • Sorry, the protests have been on Saturdays. Boston and Charletsville were both on the weekend. Boston is also top 5 richest cities in America and Trump lost all of the rich suburbs with median incomes of $130k-$210k for a family of 4. You’re argument doesn’t hold water.

      • OMG, stop the silly back and forth on nonsense.

        1. It’s not about time. It’s about what people have to lose. Sane, good people who would oppose the Left have lives and careers that can be destroyed. It’s already happened over mere social media comments. Many Prog filth have nothing to lose. We don’t live in a society where people are willing to throw their lives away protesting something they probably feel is just another passing thing.

        2. Going out and mindlessly rioting and chanting protest slogans is just that: mindless. There are better way to fight back and smart, sane people know that. Some of us are working on new platforms to bypass the Googles and Facebooks of this world, but it takes time.

      • Mostly Leftists living in major cities. So they’re preaching to the choir.

      • People with the jobs that actually provide the majority of the GDP of the country.

      • I don’t think so. Most businesses are small business, and they’re not in Boston or N.Y.

      • Zeeky is not talking about the jobs that litter the small business landscape across the U.S. Zeeky is talking about the jobs that actually make the Big Bucks for this country, is talking about those American companies that SELL EQUIPMENT TO OTHER COUNTRIES, SELL DRUGS, etc, etc. to other countries… and thus make the piles of cash on which the vast majority of the country depends at least in part.

      • Unpopular with whom? Stop drinking the media’s kool aid. Trump won 49 states by 1.5 million votes. Now tell me how Hillary won California by 4.5 million votes is more significant and reflective of the nation as a whole. And the polls you surely rely on – the only purpose for these polls is to manipulate public opinion and are deeply biased when the demographics of the polls are examined.

      • And Hillary Clinton won 50 states by 3 million votes. You are delusional. America hates Trump. He won by the skin of his teeth in the electoral college. He is. Nazi Sympathizer and a Russian puppet. A Nazi Trump supporter killed a woman at a white supremacist rally, where Nazis were celebrating racist confederates who fought the worst war against America. They are traitors. Support for them is treason. I spit on the confederate flag.

      • Trump won the vast majority of States, and vast majority of all counties in the U.S.
        Most of Hillary’s votes came from 2 states: Ca. & N.Y., coastal states which Don’t represent most Americans.

      • What you just said is that most Americans don’t represent most Americans. That’s nonsense. So what if trump won a bunch of empty land. That’s meaningless. Fact is Trump is not and never has been popular with anyone except the 35 percent of Americans that are white racists. It s sad that it turns out there are that many white racists.

      • 35% of Americans are white racists, now? HAHAHAHA! Math-challenged, much???

      • Nope. They are the 35% who believe any crap cheeto hiltler tells them. 35% that always show up in the polls for Trump.

      • Maybe we should make them wear scarlet Rs, huh? ou don’t even see how big a racist YOU are being. You just dehumanized >60 million people with 60 million life stories behind them. Seriously f–k you, you sack of s–t. Shove that broad brush up your a-s and twist it. FFS and you dare to call others “Nazis”. Nuclear level hypocrisy.

      • I don’t call them Nazis. They call themselves Nazis. They are not shy about it. And people, like you, who defend them are Nazi sympathizers. Adolph Hitler had a life story, all the Germans in Nazi Germany had life stories. They, with their life stories, exterminated millions of Jews, Gypsies and Gays. F— them and their life stories. They are human scum.

        You have not got the slightest clue what Racist means. Robery E Lee was racist scum who fought a bloody war to preserve slavery: the worst form of racism there is. F— him. F— you for defending 60 million racists.

      • You are ridiculous. Trump’s daughter married an Orthodox Jew. Not only did Trump have no problem with her subsequent conversion to Orthodox Judaism, he also warmly embraced his son-in-law who is he is now very close to. Yet you accuse him of being a nazi sympathizer? Are you that thick that you don’t even realize how stupid you appear to the rest of us reading your posts? Do you really need someone to sit down and explain what Nazism is?

      • Nope. Trump said there were fine people in the Nazi White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville. There are no fine Nazis and white supremacists. There are no fine people who march with Nazis and White supremacists. Trump tjinks there are. That mskes him a Nazi white supremacist sympathizer. Because you defend that human filth, that makes you one too.

        I know you live in an evho chamber where Nazis snd white supremacists are ok. I am here to disrupt your reverie and make confront who you really are. Nazi apologists and sympathizers.

      • No, Trump said there were both good and bad people on both sides. He was right about that. He condemned the violence by both sides — also right.

        Block troll …

      • Not good people on both sides. Thats BS. NO SUCH THING AS GOOD NAZIS !

      • Counties don’t vote, people vote. Grass doesn’t come to the polls. Most of those counties are empty.

      • Trump won the majority of the counties by very slight percentages. The fact the voting map shows RED/DEEP PINK doesn’t mean there was an enthusiastic voter turnout backing Trump. It means the vote went to the Republicans no matter how slight the total number of voters going for Trump.

      • More and more I appreciate the wisdom of the founders in establishing the electoral college, so one or two heavily populated states can’t decide how things go for the rest of the country.

      • Not even close to the reason they invented the electoral college. It was devised so that elites would pick the president so that uneducated ramble would not.

      • You’re a nut who belongs in a sanatorium. Outside Mexifornia, 49 states gave Turmp a million-vote popular margin over Clinton.

        In Mexifornia, you reactionary liberals have succeeded in your prototype of a one-party system for the entire USA. By illegal immigration and illegal and legal voting, you have made the state into Mexifornia. Of course illegals and their legal relatives had Mexifornia go for Clinton massively; criminals of a feather flock together.

        But the rest of America loves Trump and will re-elect him.

      • America hates and is massively embarrassed by Cheeto Hitler. The fact that you have to exclude large parts of American to claim Trump is popular says it all. You are delusional. California is part of America.
        You are a racist Nazi sympathizer, the fact is that Trump is a white supremacist racist Amerca now knows that for sure after he said there were “fine people” in the white supremacist nazi rally in Charlottesville where a Nazi Trump supporter killed a woman and injured many others. You are part of the sad 35% of racist Americans that will support that human garbage bag, Donald Trump, no matter what he says or does.

      • The sick part is those of you on the left, if you could go back in time, would still have that young woman lose her life to advance your cause. You people have been searching under every rock, and behind ever tree to find the elusive racists you want to exist so badly. Charlottesburg was a great day for you because a couple of hundred racists finally showed up to make your day.

      • You dont have to look far for racists. Just ask Trump supporters to raise their hands and start counting. Some of them do live under a rock, but most are in the open.

        Nazis are scum. White supremacists sre scum. It ruins my day when ever they show up. They are pure evil. The fact that you want try to deflect obfuscate and confuse that the are pure evil and that Trump panders to them makes you complicit in their evil.

      • Its the Democrats who are the racists. WikiLeaks dumped plenty of Democrat emails proving they didn’t like “needy Hispanics” and made fun of their black co-workers. Democrats created the KKK and Democrats created Antifa and BLM, two racist organizations. Trump supporters are the butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers of our country. They coach little league, fight our wars, are the biggest contributors to charity, and pay the taxes. And they are the majority. You will have to get used to it.

      • Most Americans hate trump. Thats a fact. It is proven in the 2016 popular vote (Trump lost that by a lot). And it is proven every day in every poll. He is supremely unpopular.

        Republican Party is a Racist organization lead by a racist Nazi and white supremacist sympathizer named Donald Trump. Black lives Matter is a civil rights movement born out of well documented police murders of unarmed black men. Antifa is alt right slur for Anti Fascists who oppose Nazis!

        I don’t care if racists pay taxes, they are still scum. If racists are coaching little league we should stop them. Just because you are a butcher or a baker or a candelstick maker doesn’t mean you are not a racist. If you support Trump then you support a nan eho tjinks there are good people marching with Nazis and white supremacists. Good people don’t March with Nazis and white supremacists.

        Trump is a racist Nazi sympathizer. His supporters are complicit in Nazism and white supremacy.

      • See, that is the disturbing aspect of your thought process. You interpret every act of anyone who disagrees with you as evil. You see racism and neo-nazism in places where it never existed. If the local Trump voter who works for a plumbing company during the week, volunteers with the little league on Saturday, and goes to church on Sunday frightens you, then you are in need of help.

        Trump is not a racist. Alveda King, Ben Carson, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, and Don King amongst others attest to that. And his Orthodox daughter and son-in-law, as well as Bibi Netanyahu and the overwhelming majority of Israeli citizens know he is not anti-Semitic or a Nazi sympathizer. They have credibility, but you, sitting at your keyboard don’t.

        Oppose Trump’s policies all you want if you disagree with them..opposition is healthy in a democracy, but living in a fantasy world filled with imagined evil doers (which in your mind apparently includes your neighbors) is unhealthy.

      • I see Racism as evil, and I will call that out every time. My thought process is if you’re racist yo are evil. I f you disagree with me that racism is evil, then you’re evil too. What frightens me is Racists blending into every life. Making it seem like it’s ok.

        Trump is a racist. I am not talking about his policies. I am talking about WHO HE IS. In his own words, he said ” fine people” among Nazis and white supremacists. That, at the very best, is pandering. I will say it again, there are no Fine people that are Nazis or white supremacists. The people who organized and marched in Charlottesville, Unit the Right, are Nazis and white supremacists. It was not a fantasy! They were chanting “Jews will not replace me”. The were brandishing Nazi flags. They were heavily armed. They came to incite violence. A Nazi Trump supporter killed a woman and injured many others at that rally.

        Trump is not promoting healthy democracy. He is an evil demagogue who is inciting and encouraging the worst elements in our country. He himself has suggested that his supporters beat up protesters at his rallies.

        Trump supporters, at best, are turning a blind eye to this evil and are therefore complicit.

      • See, there you go again. You are consumed with paranoia that not only distorts your thought process but makes you believe (or pretend to believe) you heard words that were not spoken. Trump never said there were good KKK Democrats or good neo-nazis….he was speaking of those folks who showed up to speak against the removal of confederate statues (who are supported by 67% of the wider population and 44% of African Americans). The fact that racists and neo nazis showed up to hijack the peaceful protest does not mean that they are now the same people. No different than when leftist thugs showed up to the women’s march in DC and attacked cops and businesses did not mean that the women participating in that march supported that fascist violence.

      • Get your facts straight. They didn’t hijack a peaceful rally. It was the Nazis and white supremacists who organized the rally. Unite the Right was the organization who got the permit for the Rally. They are Nazis and white supremacists. Their stated purpose was to provoke violence.

        Any one who showed up knew that. Anyone who came to be with them, if they didn’t know before they got there who they were, there could be no doubt once they saw them. Any one who stood with them is not a good person.

        And there you go with the false equivalence to anti Facists. That is an alt right fantasy. No “leftists” killed anyone. Nazis did, have done in the past and will do it again.

        Now you can hit me with your alt right talking points about Black Lives Matter or Antifa, but those are just deflection from what this is really about: Trump panders to Nazis and white supremacists. The predictable result is that a Nazi Trump supporter killed a woman at aNazi white supremacist rally supporting the racist traitor, Robert E Lee, who fought the bloodiest war against America every to preserve the worst form of racism ever: slavery.

        Trump says some of them are fine people. That makes him a racist Nazi white supremacist sympathizer. Trump supporters are complicit with him in pandering to these scum. I count them as scum. Racists scum.

      • My facts are correct. The KKK Democrats and neo-nazis did indeed organize to invade the peaceful protest that had already been planned. It’s un-American to expect the peaceful protesters to cancel their peaceful protest in anticipation of liars like you painting them with the same brush simply because the racists showed up to muscle into their event. You ought to be ashamed of yourself willfully associating them with that group knowing it is not true. If neo-nazis showed up at a Democrat rally for Nancy Pelosi or Bernie Sanders, would that mean Nancy and Bernie are ipso facto, anti-Semitic Nazis?

        Do you understand the stupidity of your argument, that any exercise of free speech should be cancelled because unsavory people are planning on showing up? Because that is what you are saying. You are saying that decent people should be cowed into silence the minute others threaten to invade their events, lest folks like you then use it as an excuse to intimidate them in your fascist manner.

      • You are a Nazi sympathizer. You are a racist. You can GFY.

      • That is how you filthy little fascists , unaccomplished losers, end arguments you have just lost, by resorting to profanity. Now why don’t you take a bath, cut your ponytail off, and go out and get a job. You need to start paying some taxes so that you can contribute your fair share. In the meantime, stop the protectionism too, you rotten anti-Semitic racist. (Yes, I have read your other posts).

      • You are a Racist. I fight racism and anti semitism where ever i see it. These days it resides in the Whitehouse and in the republican party.

        It resides in all those like you who want be apologists for the racist core that are trump supporters.

        I call you out. You are a Nazi sympathizer.

      • You are too psychologically damaged to call anyone out. You see things that didn’t happen, hear things that weren’t said, and believe things that aren’t true. But for the rest of us, its disturbing to know that psychotic fascists like you aren’t institutionalized. Please do yourself and the rest of us a favor and seek help NOW.

      • Like i said evry time you try to change the subject I will remind you:

        Charlottesville rally was organized by Unite The Right, A Nazi White supremacist organization.

        One of them, a Nazi Trump supporter, drove a car into the crowd of counter protesters, killing a woman and maiming many othrs.

        Trump said that there were Fine people in the Unite The Right group, A Nazi White supremacist organization.

        Trump is a Nazi sympathizer and panders to white supremacists. Trump supporters are complicit in this.

      • The Charlottesville protest was not organized by white supremacists, it was invaded by them–FACT

        The person who drove the care was probably a white supremacist, and the left is happy he did it, because they are using it to justify their fascist violence.

        Trump NEVER said there were fine people amongst the Unite the Right Group. He said there were good people there solely for the purpose of defending the statues, and not for racist reasons. He also said there were bad people on both sides, which is correct and supported by the videos.

        The left is thrilled that the young lady lost her life because they believe it helps them further their fascist agenda. They wouldn’t change that fact that she was killed even if they could.

        Now what do you have to say you little Anti-Semite?

      • That you are a nazi sympathizer. That nazis are scum. That the people who defend monuments to racist traitors like Robert E Lee are Racist Scum that stood happily next to Unit the Right Nazis. That yhey did nothing to oppose the nazi white supremacists. Not one thing. That makes them the same as the Nazis. That makes them scum too.

        I spit on the confederate flag because it is a despicable symbol of racist ideology.

        That any one who spends as much effort as yiu do trying to obscure the fact that the Nazi white supremacists are the ones who got the permit for and organized the rally where trump said there were Fine people insults all victims of the Nazis and white supremacists. You are scum. Racist anti semite Nazi sympathizer. And so are all those “good people ” at that ralky.

      • You are nothing but a racist, anti-Semitic fascist hiding behind faux concern about racism in this country. Screw you.

      • Oh you aren’t done. You can’t help yourself. Your paranoia is deepening. First you express fear of your neighborhood Pharmacist who voted for Trump, now you think I am a Russian spy. Does Reynolds produce enough tin foil for your haberdashery?

      • Take your meds and then try reading a book. If you are that afraid of Trump voters, you know the people who support you, then move to Canada and take your racist, anti-Semitic brand of fascism with you. Because we are the majority, and Trump will be President for the next 7 plus years. You won’t be able to handle it.

      • You are not and never will be the majority. You are part of the sad racist 35% who will support Trump no matter hat he does or says, mindless obedience to your leader. Sound familiar (hint: Germans and Hitler).

      • Really? The House, the Senate, the Presidency, 30 Governors and almost all state legislatures….and we are in the minority? Again, you have no ability to grasp reality. And the blind obedience we all saw was with you sycophants and your worship of the racist Obama…the guy who hated the white Grandmother who raised him, worshiped the African father who abandoned him, and said racism was in the DNA of white people.

      • If those who Marched to protest the removal of a statue of a racist traitor had stood up to the Nazis and white supremacists and said that they were not welcome and made clear that they opposed them, then what you say would be plausible. But thats not what hapened. They marched with Nazis and white supremacists. They are not good people. They arevthe ones who associated themselves with Nazis, not me. I am just calling them out for doing it.

        If Nazis showed up to Bernie Sanders rally or Nancy Pelosi rally they would denounce them vociferously and unequivocally. Unlike Trump who has pandered to them all along. Unlike you who keeps trying to justify the rally and create false equivalence to justify your own pandering.

        Truth is that Republicans are now reaping what they have sown for the last 50years. The dog whistles to Racists Nativists and Nazis have finally called the dogs home: nazis white supremacists and the natural resulting leader of the GOP, a Nazi and white supremacist sympathizer named Donald J Trump. Those in the GOP and right wing who do not denounce him are either cowards or also Nazi and white supremacist sympathizers.

      • You are digging deeper with your counterfactual argument. And the facts also are that Democrates are om tape admitting that

      • Thats it change the subject. Do whatever yo can to obfuscate the reality thst the leader of the Gop panders to Nazis and white supremacists, that this is the logical outcome of decades of republican dog whistle politics and that it all culminated in to aNazi Trump supporter ramming his car into a crowd of counter protesters killing ine and injuring many others. The more you try to lie about this the more i will remind you what actually happened. The more you try to remake the past into your alt right fantasy with fake news about “leftists”, the more i will re tell what actually happened.

        It was Nazis and white supremacists at a rally to protest removing the statue of the racist traitor, Robert E Lee, that killed and maimed. No one else. There are not Fine Nazis and white supremacists as Donald Trump implied. People who marched with them are not fine people.

      • You might not believe in polls but people in Trump’s cabinet, private industry leaders, and congressional members believe in polls and they are all ignoring, rebuking, not defending, and leaking information. Trump isn’t wielding any significant power. Even his generals are saying that he doesn’t have the power to inspire people General Mattis was taped saying this to troops. Garry Cohn almost quit. You’re guy is a joke.

      • Have they? It’s August congress is on recess and Trump was away for 17 days. Let’s see what happens in the fall.

      • You can’t herd cats. Most are too in independent to wast time telling others how they feel. Just
        concentrate on getting them to vote.

      • Maybe because those of us on the right actually work for a living?

      • Okay and? What good is keeping your nose to the grindstone while the left dismantled the shop around you?

      • Go look at the median income of Boston. It’s much higher than any Trump supporting area. Median income of $80k.

      • What on earth is your point about Boston being rich? They’re Leftists, too.
        Most Americans Aren’t rich.

      • The point is you looked to disparage the protestors by stating that you right wing wackos are too busy working to protest but the fact of the matter is that the people at the protest in Boston have much more important jobs paying much better wages than what you guys make. As soon as you can’t use your job as a point of superiority, you then shift the goal post and look for some other reason why you’re somehow superior to the protestors. There were 40,000 counter protestors at the Boston rally so it clearly wasn’t unemployed people.

      • Wrong. ANTIFA are Pajama Boys, no income, no job, they return to their parents’ basement after they throw their tantrums/beat-up innocent people.

      • So you’re saying they all came from Boston? Dude, there are at least forty thousand unemployed that can be bussed anywhere in the country you like.

      • They were by far mostly locals. Everyone walked home. There was no traffic getting to the protest. I was actually present. I went on a walk that day and saw no busses or congested roads.

      • Did you see the cops pelted with urine filled bottles on your walk? The Police commissioner appointed by Democrat Mayor Walsh tweeted out an appeal to the leftist thugs to stop. And there were no white nationalists or neo nazis in the Common that day, they were free speech libertarians.

        The antifa is simply the paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party who claim to exist to battle the old paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party, the KKK. But because there were no old KKK Democrats in Boston, they turned their violence in the direction of peaceful libertarians.

      • They had better make at lesst that much. Considering the cost of living and the tax burden I’d be out getting extra bucks protesting too.

      • Most of them are working. We aren’t going to riot and burn because the people that have to clean up are less likely to make the mess.

      • Okay. You just keep your nose to the grindstone while the left dismantled the shop around you.

        “Working” is not an excuse for allowing our nation to be taken over by foreign ideologies.

      • Let ANTIFA protest, scream their hateful words, hateful signs, destroy property, beat-up innocent people, use arson to shut-down free speech…. go ahead ANTIFA, knock yourself out, while the rest of the country watches ANTIFA dig their own grave.
        Only cowards wear masks to hide their identity.
        Same with BLM and their outrageous Demands.

      • The silent majority understands the power of the ballot-box. We are confident that our voices will be heard loud and clear on election day. Much of the demonstrations are designed to keep the ill-informed riled up, so maybe they will vote on election day.

      • One thing we have learned in the past 10 months is that elections only matter when the result pleases the Progressives. If they are not happy, then they will make sure no one else is happy.

      • Ha ha ha… ballot box. That’s cute. Come to enemy occupied California. The state unions bully or buy out all candidates at the primary level. The GOP here is cucked beyond comprehension. The Senate race was between two Democrats. Voter fraud is rampant if even a fraction of the reports are true.

        They doing everything they can to nullify the vote. That’s why there’s so much resistance to voter ID or even the investigations into the fraud.

      • So true, opponents of voter ID laws are supporters of voter fraud, period. You know another way to approach this are through penalties. What if there were mandatory 20 year prison sentences for people voting fraudulently or for tampering with the vote? You can safely bet your annual salary Democrats would be against that too.

      • As long as we’re wishing can I have a pony, too?

        The only way this gets fixed at this point is war.

      • I dunno, don’t be too sure. Trump seems convinced he lost the popular vote to voter fraud. A Federal voter ID law might be too hard to pass, but penalties against voter fraud are easier to toughen. Trump has every incentive to prosecute people in the run up to 2020.

      • I honestly hope you are right. People like me who see war on the horizon don’t actually want it. We just don’t see how we avoid it at this point.

        We have millions of mentally unhinged, deranged, rabid people in this country who want me dead just for being born the way I am. They’re broken. They won’t suddenly see the light no matter what facts are force fed to them. The damage in irreversible.

        We have a media that ignores them and declares the 3000 or so remaining KKK members sitting in trailers or bars reminiscing about them good ol’ days to be the greatest existential threat to the nation ever. Now they are saying all whites are KKK at heart.

        We have both Parties agreeing with this assessment. We have others excusing this because long dead white people did bad things. Other did bad things, too, but, eh, who cares?

        Half the country is living in a manufactured dreamworld inside their heads. Reality is just a distant, barely felt vibration to them.

      • I know. But we raise good kids, while they raise unaccomplished losers (unless of course they abort them first). I’ll bet on our kids over theirs any day. The 60’s looked bleak, but then the 80’s came along and Reagan won in two landslides, with the entire media against him and without a FOX News, an internet, or talk radio to support him. In the end, we win. We always do eventually, and the left always loses…eventually.

      • Revolution may come some day. But the declaration also said it should come only after all lawful means of redress have been totally exhausted, and we are still a long way from that, otherwise Trump and the repubs would never have won in 2016. And even if the dems manage to regain power, I predict they will again overreach, just like they did under Obama, and lose their gains back with electoral reverses.

      • So what, according to the constitution the popular vote means nothing, only the electoral vote does. I dont know why either the dems or Trump are so obsessed with it.

      • Because there was voter fraud in PA, MI, and WI, but not quite enough to defeat Trump. Only 70k votes combined separated Trump from a loss to Clinton. The next time around the Dems may steal enough unless they are stopped.

      • I am all for stopping voter fraud, stop it anywhere you find it. But I dont understand this obsession with the popular vote from both leftists and Trump. Trump should be opposing voter fraud anywhere, because it is wrong, not because it may or may not have cost him a meaningless popular vote margin.

      • They are only one state, most others are not like that, otherwise Trump and the repubs would not now be in control. And even CA has elected many conservatives to congress.

      • The protests are on Saturday’s. Most people are in fact not working.

      • Most of us don’t have maids, so we’re spending our Saturday running errands, groceries, cleaning house, doing laundry, mowing lawn, kids soccer games, etc.
        We’re not doing brunch, or protests.

      • Most of the population does not work on saturdays. This is stupid. Most people work Monday through Friday.

      • Did Rosa say she worked on Saturdays? What’s stupid is your willfull misinterpretation of Rosa’s post and expecting no one to call you on it.

      • Anyone in retail works Saturdays; many healthcare workers work Saturdays; police/fire work Saturdays….many managers, executives bring work home and work Saturdays and Sundays from home…..
        If you work in manufacturing you usually work Monday thru Friday, however.

      • Nope most people don’t work weekends. Most doctors don’t work weekends in healthcare. The majority of the workforce doesn’t work on saturdays.

      • Clearly, you know nothing about the workforce, Pajama Boy
        And mom says if you don’t clean your room, no allowance!

      • Don’t forget the “grave yard shift”.
        McD’s and B.K. employees never hear that term, nor ever learn what it is.

      • Less than 10% of the population consists of small business owners.

      • Where have you been for the last twenty years?Saturday is just another work day these days. Furthermore if I get a Saturday off I prefer spending it relaxing with the family. I guess the left doesn’t have any of those either.

      • No it’s not just another workday for most people. Traffic on saturdays isn’t bad.

      • Are you really trying to base your argument on the day of the week? Truth is… most Americans don’t “protest”, we don’t worry so much what others think, what others do… we just want to live our lives without too much interference from Government or our fellow citizens. You wouldn’t understand.

      • Where? In Beantown? Dude I’ve been there delivering goods and services on many aSaturday and you just exposed yourself as the ‘ucking liar you are.

      • Like I said, an ‘ucking liar or someone so disconnected from society he/she actually believes what he/she claims here-in. Either way it’s beyond reality.

      • Dude, I’m in the city right now. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Yeah! The Beacon Hill section and you haven’t been beyond the gates since you’re mom brought you home from the maternity ward. Either that or you’re a gov’t employee who, like a Catholic school student thinks everyone is Catholic, believes everyone works for the gov’t. Then again they never work much anyway. I’ve been up there working more often than I care to remember and the traffic is just as bad on Saturdays as any other save Sunday. Morever where I do business is oftentimes every bit as staffed as during the week and that’s everywhere I go up there save the Hill and other affluent hills thereabouts. I know you’re a lying sack dude. You’re free to shine on whoever but I know better.

      • You don’t know a damn thing. I actually live here. You’re from some heroin infested hickland. Traffic is significantly better on saturdays than during the week and it’s easy to drive around the city during the week as well. Boston isn’t LA when it comes to Traffic.

      • Oh yeah I forgot, they’re only allowed to drive on the break down lane during the week. GMAFB! you must be living in some institution to have missed a traffic lockup on I95, 93, US1, 3, MA2, 3 and 24 just to name a few of the hits. Dude, I’ll take LA’s organized mayhem anytime and I don’t even like LA. Only someone from heroin infested hickland could buy what you’re selling.

      • Oh you really don’t know what you’re talking about. You have never been allowed to drive in breakdown lanes on the weekend and it was only allowed during peak driving hours. It’s also been prohibited for a long time on large stretches on 128 and 93.

      • I do know what I’m talking about but you don’t know how to comprehend what you read. In case you have yet to figure it out driving on breakdnown lanes during the week at peak hours true, is emblematic bof how cheap and screwed up beantown really is. Such is inherently dangerous and not allowed anywheres else in the whole United States. Its done up there because they’re too cheap to expand the highways. Such proves an idictment of just how bad traffic is there. Moreover if its that bad during the weak its almost as bad on Saturdays. So what are you saying, Bostonians have nothing to do on Saturdays so they jump in their cars and cruise about for no good reason? GMAFB why don’tcha.

      • Leftists/ANTIFA are Pajama Boys. After they throw their tantrums at protests, they go back to their parents’ basement and play video games.
        They don’t have a life.

      • Hey hey! We gamers fought off the religious nuts, the prudish nuts, and then the feminist nuts. Lefties don’t game.

      • Yes, and you won those fights with totally lawful non violent means, the way it should be won.

      • People on the right aren’t whiners. They prefer spending their free time with their families over marching and burning things.

      • Hitler is STILL whining…
        Also clueless
        Now she has a book out, asking “What Happened?”

      • And, the answer to that question is printed just below that on the front cover, in big, bold type.
        You can’t miss it.

      • You don’t become a multi-billionaire in the NYC building industry if you are a whiner….the unions, mafia, and crooked Democrat machine would eat you alive if you were.

      • And you dont need to riot or burn, the Tea Party never did, yet both the dems and the rhinos were terrified of them.

      • The greatest power of the mass media is it’s ability to create imaginary crowds. The reason that the leftists and alt-right protesters seem to be role-players is due to this fact. They are attempting to play the role that the mass media has assigned them. The left is to be a huge mob.

        None of this is actually true. The huge mob is center-right. We will restore our great country when the mass media magicians are cast out of our land and their hollywood spells wear off.

      • Because there are only a couple of hundred of you Nazis and almost everyone else in the country despises you. Because you are scum.

      • Yeah, I wish I could stand in front of you while you call me a Nazi to my face.

        I just don’t understand how people like you go through life calling random people Nazis and not get your head beat in at least once in awhile.

        It boggles my mind because in my part of the nation you call someone a Nazi in public you better be ready to defend yourself from a beat down.

      • Yep, that’s good ol boy Nazi response. Beat some one up for what they say. You are a Nazi. My father fought scum like you in WWII. I sure as hell am calling you out where ever you pop up. You are not random. You posted Nazi sympathizer garbage in these comments. You are identified.

      • If I have to choose between Nazis and Bolsheviks, I’ll take the Nazis.

      • SouthOhioGipper – This clown calling you a Nazi should be ashamed of himself. It is terrible that public discourse in America has gone so low. I happened to disagree with you totally – Donald Trump is a hate-filled racist, and we do not need to take our wisdom from a former aide to Clarence Thomas, the dumbest Supreme Court justice in history!. However, we all have a right to our opinions without being called Nazis.

      • It’s possible to disagree without being disagreeable. I tend to think you’re mistaken, but I wouldn’t want to see you shut down and silenced, because you’ve got a right to your opinion.

      • I fully support your right to broadcast yourself as a flaming lunatic.

      • Nice. So much for reasonable debate. I see from your little flag that you are a supporter of racist traitors

      • The only rally that needs to be attended is the one that occurs on election day.

        Articles like this one and many, many others and all of the comments to them don’t go unnoticed.

        There is no need to stoop to the same level of neo-Nazis and neo-fascists.

        Perhaps a very large patriotism rally could be arranged for the National Mall and other local venues in the future before the 2020 election.

        A “Three Percenters” (a reference to the view that only 3% of the citizens of the United States were direct participants in the American Revolution) march would be 32 million people today.

      • Everyday Americans are working full-time, have careers; they’re raising kids, maintaining their property, attending kids’ soccer games, basketball games, spending what little free time they have– with friends.
        Anyone who has a real life… doesn’t have time to protest or inclination to protest.
        Protesters are losers, that’s why they have so much time to protest. ANTIFA protesters most likely still live in their parents’ basement

      • Bostonians have more money than wherever you Trump voters are from. Median income in the city is $80k. Let’s not pretend that you Trump supporters are the winners.

      • So money is everything? Bostonians are Leftists.
        Hillary had all the money in the world…spent $1.2 BILLION dollars on her campaign!
        She outspent Trump enormously, but that didn’t help her.

      • Wait, you were just talking about how republicans have jobs and protestors don’t, now that I bring up the fact that Boston is MUCH richer than the average Trump supporting town, you move the goalposts to “oh well money isn’t everything”?

      • Correct, money isn’t everything….family is everything. And getting on with it, raising law abiding children, who later become contributing members of society, who work, who donate time and money to charities, who help their neighbors….that is what it’s all about. Rioting, burning businesses, smashing windows, spitting on soldiers, and throwing rocks at cops is what your side does, what your children do, not ours.

      • Where are our thousands?

        Maybe there aren’t any. Maybe there really are more people on the left. At least people who care, anyway.

      • People on the left have time on their hands while people on the right are working for a living. It really is that simple.

      • Keep believing that. It shows you don’t know any liberals, just the stereotypes Fox News shows you.

      • Oh but I do!!! They’re either retired or “in between” jobs. One of them has been “in between” for better than a decade and his disability allows for him to attend every rally he can get to. I don’t just like arguing on RCP you know. That one is a dear friend of mine too.

      • I’m glad to hear you have liberal friends. We can all get along despite our different views.

      • We can all argue too without the overheated rhetoric.

      • I have about 15 years in the fight against a corner of the leftist movement: “People on the right are working for a living” is EXACTLY right.

        Furthermore, most of the leftist groups, mobs, crowds, etc. are PAID to be there. Either they’re bused in in exchange for a place to sleep and some walking around money or their day jobs can be claimed to require their presence at the ‘protest’ or whatever. Efforts to gin up genuine base support for leftist policies fail miserably — I’ve seen it happen several times.

        Only among the well to do/wealthy — where ‘virtue signalling’ becomes important — do you find open and active support from people who AREN’T paid for that support. A judge’s wife is signalling HER virtue by holding charity events to support a lefty cause, her husband gets a corrupt case against a conservative and signals HIS virtue by trampling on the poor woman’s rights.

        And so it goes. These people may figure things out before to long. Or maybe they won’t. We’ll see.

      • Great post!!! You completely flesh out the argument! I’ve seen it too but not as up close as you have. Thank you very very much.

      • It isn’t in the nature of those on the right to go out and seek trouble, and certainly not to publicly claim victim hood. Those on the right are busy working and raising law abiding children. But put people on the right under threat, their families, their homes, their neighborhood, or the country and they are ready to fight.

      • In a month or so, Trump will hold a “Texas is Winning” rally in Houston, or hell, maybe the Alamo. It will celebrate the American spirit… and it will be awesome.

      • Good, sane people still have too much to lose. When the Left takes too much, it’ll happen. There is no man more free than one with nothing left to lose.

        That’s just the reality. I feel your frustration, Gipper.

      • Yes, I wish the Tea Party would get back in the game big, anybody who really wants to save our constitution should join them. They never allowed any hate or violence from their end, and always respected the law and the constitution.

      • You are a racist, anti-Semitic fascist, pure and simple.

      • So, we must destroy the village to save it? And who, exactly, do you plan to disempower or kill? In what way is that consistent with Constitutional principles?

      • No need for My Lai and Lt Calley. The targets will be determined, largely, by WTP; if you don’t know by now who the targets are, you never will. The history books will be written, as always, by the winners. But first you win. Why is this surprising?

      • Absolutely nothing in our Constitution supports your proposed actions, which would make you a murderous traitor.

      • The rule of law died long ago. You can’t see it, which would make you an ostrich, in no position to judge anyone.

      • Ah….you don’ respect the Constitution either? You have gone so far right, that you have landed on the extreme Left.

      • I disagree. The dems dont follow rule of law, but we must, otherwise we are no longer preserving a constitutional republic, we would merely be replacing their fascism with ours. And rule of law does not mean you have to be wimps, you can still fight against tyranny and destroy traitors, while maintining rule of law, as the founders all said.

      • It’s the Declaration of Independence: That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

      • Our Constitution remains the supreme Law of the Land. It contains provisions for Amendments and for Constitutional Conventions to rewrite our Constitution. It is within those confines that reform can occur. Any armed resistance or revolt is necessarily anti-Constitutional, and therefore treasonous. You either support the Constitution, and seek reform through the provisions therein, or you are an anti-Constitutionist who seeks to commit treasonous acts. Which is it? You need to very carefully consider what side you are on.

      • You mention the Constitution but have failed to mention the document from which it flowed, the Declaration of Independence.

        “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,
        and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such
        principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem
        most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

      • Correct. This is where the current call for an Art. IV Convention of States comes into play. Has your state signed up? I believe we are only 5 or 6 states short of being able to call one.

      • But only once all lawful means of redress have been exhausted, if you want to talk about the declaration, talk about the whole thing. We are nowhere near that point yet, otherwise Trump and the repubs could not have won in 2016.
        “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”
        “In every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms: our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.”

      • The Declaration of Independence holds no legal sway insofar as it relates to America. It was a letter to the King of England telling him to f himself and to get the H out of our country.

      • But that has a provision you may not have considered. You only do revolution when the tyranny is so bad that all lawful means of redress are no longer possible. I dont believe we are at that point, because if we were, Trump and the repubs would never have won in 2016.

      • My only allegiance is to Liberty. Government can go F itself. When ANY government is the enemy of Liberty it does not deserve the allegiance of good men.

      • Trump and the repubs just won, do you consider them to be enemies of liberty.

      • Check the Second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. Also check the writings of those who composed and signed both the Declaration and the Constitution. They understood situations like this and they expect us to be guided by the same wisdom and the same God that guided them the last time America faced such peril.

        However they would agree with me, I think, that at the present we should still be working within the Constitution and our laws.

      • Any extra-Constitutional actions can only result in forceful, violent suppression, then, if uncontrolled, anarchy and revolution with millions of casualties. That necessarily brings a return to prehistoric levels of barbarity. Surely, no sane person seeks such mass suffering. I would give my life to prevent it.

      • I agree that if you try revolution, without a firm belief in rule of law, as our founders had, and without trying and exhausting all lawful means of redress, as our founders also did, you end up with a French Revolution, not an American one, and merely replace one tyranny with another.

      • We have to hang the nazis, like we did after WW2. A village has nothing to do with it.

      • I didn’t not catch a whiff of due process there good sir. That is an important distinction.

      • We just dole out “due process” more efficiently than the Democrats/ANTIFA.

      • Constitutional due process, combined with winning at the ballot box, is exactly what will destroy the leftists. They are violent criminal fascists, determined to destroy this nation, and due process is their enemy. You can destroy criminals and traitors and still maintain due process, which the dems have total contempt for.

      • Your attitude towards “them” is what is destroying America.

      • “The Tree of Liberty must be regularly watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants” Thomas Jefferson

      • That’s your Democrat/ANTIFA agenda in a nutshell.

      • It isn’t consistent with Constitutionalist principles and for that reason we must stay within the lines of law until we have simply no other choice. But we’re a lot closer to that than is comfortable.

        63 million American voters oppose Imperial Washington. Step-by-step we gave our party both houses of Congress, the presidency, the majority of state governorships and state houses and we still cannot stop the damn thing.

        Maybe we just have to be patient, continue supporting our President, and flush as much of the corrupt Congress as we can next year. There’s still room to hope …

        But — what if that doesn’t work? What if the left impeaches Trump over a nothingburger? They’ll then go to work on Pence who isn’t near as tough. What then? What’s left? The second paragraph of the Declaration, that’s what. Today’s cold civil war goes hot.

        Nobody wins a civil war: It takes you via much death to some other place with some problems possibly lifted – I think self-pleasuring Washington would be well and truly purged – and large numbers of new problems and hatreds. CW II would close in a contest between a ‘Constitution Party’ and a ‘I Want My Government Check Party.’ Who would win that, and on what terms?

        Meanwhile we’d be prostrate on the world stage. North Korea’s ICBMs and nukes? China’s SCS islands? Russian adventurism? Economic collapse and hyperinflation? How long has it been since anyone in Congress thought about EMP? What if China or the U.N. decides to ‘send assistance to California’ and includes 100,000 soldiers as part of the package?

        After eight years of Obama could America survive several more years of a self-installed ‘Kick Me’ sign on our butt? Civil War II? We must not go there.

        Unless the only alternative is to say goodbye to our beloved Constitution, as it appears the Democratic Party and many Republican leaders want to do.

        Let us pray.

      • I dont see that many repub leaders who are eager to trash the constitution. I agree many dems do.

    • That’s the wisdom of Wilson Carey McWilliams on the idea of fraternity, and of Pierre Manent on the correct understanding of the nation, in a nutshell.

      • Fascism is the Liberal Philosophy’ – Reagan.
        War is peace, Freedom is slavery – Orwell.

        While you try to process sarcasm –
        “Feel free to expound in anger on how liberal Canada, is really a fascist state”

      • If addressing a person by the wrong gender pronoun or reading the wrong Bible verse in public can cause you to be fined or jailed… then yeah that is a fascist state.

      • I’m not wasting my time on anger at such a pale, washed out sort of fascism as that which Canadians seem to be rushing to embrace.

      • Your welcome to live in Canada, if the Canadians will have thee. How many Canadians are there. 36 million, that is smaller than some US states. The Canadians are still suffering from a need to please a monarch and have always lived under the authority of others. I would be happy to compare the number of liberal dictatorships in the world compared to so called ‘right wing’.

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    • “Now the new liberal comes along and tries to accommodate identity politics…”
      The ‘new liberals’ don’t accommodate identity politics, they actively embrace it. They do it deliberately to Balkanize the Nation into multitudes of tiny identity groups, each with their own special grievance. The Left, with disgusting cynicism and deceit, then pits these groups against each other, pandering to each in turn, in order to cobble together votes. Votes they would not get if they honestly presented their agenda of ever-increasing government control of every aspect of our lives.

  3. Excellent analysis of the fallacies and shortcomings of Identity Politics and how Trump was able to overcome it, not by stooping down to that level in hopes of gaining political advantage exploiting our differences as Democrats do, but by rising above it and appealing to the higher American ideals and values that we share: freedom, equality under the law, security, and the prosperity and happiness available to those that take advantage of the opportunities we enjoy in this great nation.

  4. It’s amazing how you can be wrong on virtually everything you wrote. But that is the thing with Conservatives; they’re nearly always on the wrong side of history and this dark epoche is no different. They actually trying to apologize the most divisive president the US has in years, one who openly supports racists and pardons them when they are about to rightfully end up in jail for the crimes they do. I am always curious about the mindset of Conservatives. Would they know that they are always on the wrong end of history? That history grants them not really a place as progress is the way forward and to stand still is to go backwards, which eventually is fatal for a species like humans. Just wonder what goes on in their brain and how they manage to be so wrong over and over again.

    • You are living proof that Liberalism is a vile mental disorder

    • You know why the Left always has to lie about what they truly believe and want in order to win elections? It is because Reality is conservative. You talk about the “wrong end of history” without the slightest clue what “history” has done to the Left ideology which is now entirely regressive in nature. Have you noticed what has happened in the “Soviet Union” or China or any other nation fully committed to the Socialist Utopia? Have you noticed how history is on the side of Christianity which the Left so strenuously opposes? Nothing of what you wrote is true or accurate though there is no doubt that you believe it all. That is the proof of the mental illness known as Liberalism.

    • Being an American Patriot and supporting the Bill of Rights (for all Americans) as described in the article would be progress from the identity politics currently sweeping academia and the mainstream media today.

    • What’s divisive about enforcing Existing immigration laws?
      What’s divisive about wanting jobs for Americans?
      What’s divisive about wanting to level the global playing field so America can compete?
      What’s divisive about keeping illegals Out, keeping drug dealers and gangs, etc., Out of U.S.?

    • and yet we survive???? Have you considered maybe you just do not understand human nature.

  5. So therefore;
    The Democrats and their “democratic party” haven’t changed at all from their KKK days.
    They’ve just shed their white hoods, and donned black masks. They have incorporated various terrorist tactics of Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, the Wehrmacht, Bolsheviks, and Nazi’s.
    They continue with their ultimate goal of enslaving America culturally and economically, or they will set fire to it from coast to coast.
    And what better combustible material to use for starting a fire than a torch of old newspaper.

    • Says the guy with a confederate flag on his profile posting a link from WND.

      • With or without the confederate flag, its correct.
        Leftist ANTIFA are Fascists, and they’re ignorant enough to think they can fool people by calling themselves “Antifa” !!
        Shutting-down free speech, tearing-down statues, beating up innocent people, using arson, destroying property, dressed up in black with masks to hide their identity…. it if walks like a duck, looks like a duck…..

      • There were 40,000 people at the Boston rally. I was there. Antifa was a very tiny presence.

  6. I still recall Trump’s characterization of Ben Carson as a pathological liar.

    I still recall Trump accusing Ted Cruz of being the son of a man who helped assassinate JFK.

    Trump is as close to Lincoln as Trump is to Aristotle.

  7. This is a joke. Trump is blessing support and this dude is acting like blacks will rally to his side? Winning 8% of the black vote is terrible. There’s no way to spin that.

    • Terrible for the blacks, not for Trump for he does sit in the Oval Office while black poverty in the inner cities run by Democrats continues as they remain stuck on the Democrat plantation listening to the traitors that are the “black leaders” presented by their white Democrat masters.

      • Right. I mean Trump is blessing support. How’s that Obamacare repeal looking?

  8. The crowds (and antifa) protesting and rioting are mostly young, white punks. The poll referenced above citing that blacks are evenly divided about the statue controversies shows that is not a big issue for them. BUT Dems want to make it a huge issue so it will be done. All of the violence and tension as it applies to racism is fake. The media loves it. (and the MSM HATES that Harvey is stepping on their hate)

    • If the MSM hated “that Harvey is stepping on their hate”, then why do they make Harvey the lead headline in every report and spend 1/2 of the time focusing on the Houston catastrophe?Just maybe your vivid imagination got the best of you. Explain that if you can.

      • Because they know that focusing exclusively on their Trump hatred during the hurricane would seem so odd to most Americans. They will go back to that hatred in the next day or so.

      • And Trump, thru his tweets will lead the way, as he always does.

      • You need to face the reality that you leftists lost the election. Are you late for your Antifa riot? Whose head are you going to bust today?

      • Better you guys should finally accept the fact that you WON the election to remind yourself and stop bringing it up every time you need a rational response to a difficult comment. Not only do we admit that we LOST but we are living in the present and trying to save our future from a president who is doing his best to enrich himself at the expense of the rest of us. We liberals/progressives are no more connected to any fringe groups than most of you guys on the right are attached to KKK and Nazis. Name calling just won’t get anything done, but you guys just don’t know it.

      • Well said, the first refuge of Trump’s Brain Dead Moron base is to call good Americans commies and socialists

      • It must really be embarrassing for you that a bunch of brain dead morons beat you sophisticates, right comrade?

      • Never been called a sophisticate. Just a working guy who wasn’t conned by the Greatest Conman in American History. How’s that wall working for you and all those coal mining jobs? When will you wise up that you have been used. “Comrade?” As I said you call all who oppose you commie. I am the fourth generation of my family to serve. You’re pathetic and not worth the time of decent Americans

      • Trump couldn’t lead a hound dog to his food bowl! The only good thing about this hate filled, Russian puppet sexual predator, is his spectacular incompetence.

      • It also gives them the opportunity to support “Climate Change” again.

    • They’re Pajama Boys, living in their parents basement. No job, no income……

    • The Dems don’t exactly want the statues removed as they want long term conflict and as much violence as they can gin up over their removal.

      The goal of their fights is NEVER the stated goal: It’s the fight itself and if the goal is achieved then they will immediately come up with another goal that (a) hurts America and Americans, and (b) kicks off a fight that divides us.

  9. Shelby Steele’s commentary on the farcical sanitizing of American history contained the following:

    “Such people—and the American left generally—have a hunger for racism that is almost craven. The writer Walker Percy once wrote of the “sweetness at the horrid core of bad news.” It’s hard to witness the media’s oddly exhilarated reaction to, say, the death of Trayvon Martin without applying Percy’s insight. A black boy is dead. But not all is lost. It looks like racism.”

    from “Why the Left Can’t Let Go of Racism” (www. wsj. com/ amp/ articles/ why-the-left-cant-let-go-of-racism-1503868512)

    • Maybe it’s because racism just won’t let go of America. Charlottesville the most recent example.

      • Wrong.

        The Left has drained the legitimate grievance well dry. Today’s idle youth without marketable job skills are America’s supply of radicals without a vision, exactly akin to the Nazi’s Brownshirts, Mao Tse-Tung’s Red Guard, and the terrorists from Ayatollah Khomeini’s “students” to Al Qaeda to ISIS.

      • Charlottesville is nothing but a Left set up of the Right to give them the opportunity to cast Trump and his supporters as white supremacists hoping that it would drive a wedge into Trump’s support. The organizers of the “Unite the Right” are deeply involved with the Left. The police arranging the path of the marchers so as to come in direct contact with the Antifa and BLM folks was intended to spark the violence it did to allow the media’s narrative. The police being told to stand down facilitated the violence which was more in evidence among Antifa and BLM “protesters”.

      • 2 possibilities:
        1. Either you actually believe this nonsense which indicates you are just another victim of your own wishful thinking and vivid imagination or 2. You made it all up knowing it was nonsense.
        Bottom line, you have no evidence of any of the claims you made. If you do, submit them now or just climb back into your cozy alternate reality. But we all know you won’t because you can’t, can you?

      • Could I get some references to support the contention that the Unite the Right leaders are, in fact, leftists. No, of course not. You have learned the BIG LIE from your boy and just pull stuff out your a**

      • Charlottesville was organized by a Leftist who worked for CNN, a former OWS supporter.

  10. It is time that the media starts seeing the alt left for what it really is, which is terrorist. Worse than that, they are the un-Americans.

    • Quite simply they are to the Progressives what the Brown Shirts were to the NAZIs. They are the fascists among us which is why they call themselves Antifa in order to confuse Americans who aren’t really paying attention.

      • Many of us who think Trump is a hate-filled racist and a Russian puppet, also think the Antifa are, in fact, fascist thugs.

      • Please don’t omit the terminally ignorant, like “R J Ault” and his cohorts exhibiting their cherished foolishness as fast as they can type.

  11. All I know is that I’m sick of leftists playing the race card and trying to get votes for Democrats by calling every white who doesn’t vote for communist Democrats a “racist.”

    I’ll never, ever vote for a Democrat and I think that anyone, of any color, who just wants some peace in this country should do likewise.

  12. Nancy: Is there something you can send to make it look like we care about folks in Huston?

    Perez: I have a closet full of black ANTIFA fleece hijabs?

    Nancy: I’ll have my people send you shipping labels!

  13. More false equivalence comparing anti racists with Nazi and white supremacist scum. Author just another Trump apologist who can’t face facts: Trump panders to Nazis and white supremacists because he knows that the core of his support are white racists. A Nazi Trump supporter killed a woman and injured many others at a Nazi White supremacist rally. Trump said there are fine people in that rally. There are no fine Nazis and white supremacists. Trump is Racist scum. The author is racist Nazi sympathizer.

    • Over forty million people voted for Trump. Do you know how many KKK and Neo-nazi members there are in this country? Less than 10,000 each. Too bad math isn’t racist.

      • I believe its closer to 63 Million Americans who voted for Trump.

      • And the old joke is that there’s maybe 5,000 KKK/Neos, two thirds of which are FBI agents under cover.

    • Wrong.

      The Left has drained the legitimate grievance well dry. Today’s idle youth without marketable job skills are America’s supply of radicals without a vision, exactly akin to the Nazi’s Brownshirts, Mao Tse-Tung’s Red Guard, and the terrorists from Ayatollah Khomeini’s “students” to Al Qaeda to ISIS.

  14. So, we should just be quiet about the things that make us different while the GOP constructs laws over and over again designed to punish people based on their differences? The GOP is the party of us Vs. them yet doesn’t want anyone to see it. Hilarious and sad at the same time.

  15. Trump is a unifier? 1/3 of the country is Republican, 1/3 Democrat, and 1/3 independent. Trump relentlessly attacks Democrats. How does that unify? More people voted for his opponent, yet he acts like he won in a landslide. How does that unify? Trump has relentlessly sought to undo anything related to Obama, despite Obama’s continuing popularity, how does that unify? Is the press the enemy of the American people? They have a higher popularity thatn the president. How does attacking them unify?

    Trump is no waging identity political war? Why is Trump inserting himself into the military selection process with zero input from the military? No military asked him to ban transgendered folks.Why doesn’t Trump speak out against the alt-right? (Pelosi has condemned antifa, as have other Dems) Why does it take him days to speak out against racial hatred? Why did he pardon Arpaio, who was found to have DELETED THOUSANDS OF EMAILS he was ordered to keep, arrested latinos without charge and held them for days, beating them when they complained?


    • Trump ran on immigration reform, the Wall, Economic growth, tax reform.
      That appeals to most Americans.

      • That is exactly Mac’s point: Trump ran on: us, the American people, versus them, the criminals in our midst. And if that ain’t identity politics I don’t know what is, but that use to be called patriotism.

  16. Stand up and be counted, Americans! There is a reason the cowards in antifa wear bandannas to cover their faces.

    If your alma mater tolerates membership and/or participation in the violent acts of antifa refuse to donate.

    If you suspect a company employs members and/or participants in the violent acts of antifa refuse to do business with that company until it purges itself of the poison.

  17. Great piece, regardless of missing the point that Charlottesville was staged by the Left on BOTH sides. “Unite the Right” is an obvious cheezy liberal-generated slogan (compare with stormfront or heartland institute). KKK T-shirts and matching tiki torches? You have to be kidding!!! Plus the FACT that ANTIFA and their phoney Neo-Nazi adversaries got off the same busses together! Oh and Unite the Right organizer is an Obama patsy.

    Regardless of all that, that authors’ point stands.

    • The organizer of Charlottesville was a former OWS supporter, a Leftist, affiliated with CNN.

      • “These idiots will believe anything! They’re actually letting me run the whole thing!”

        Sure seems odd that an OWS supporter would do a 180 degree ideological change, doesn’t it?

      • No they all use street thug tactics just like BLM and the KKK.

  18. Mike Cernovich reported yesterday that Michael Anton was calling Conservative Inc. outlets exchanging access to the National Security Committee in exchange for softening their criticisms of McMaster. Anton is now playing for the Washington Generals, repudiating everything he ever wrote in the Journal of American Greatness. When are you people going to cover this?

  19. Whoa, Mr. Masugi!
    You’ve knocked over a dumpster and routed a nest of cock roaches with this article!
    They HATE sunlight!

  20. The author speaks of “foreign ideologies” rather loosely. Is not our understanding of self-determination a product of ancient Greek philosophy….Plato?

  21. First time at this site. Is this a competitor of “The Onion?” It sure does read like it.

  22. This is an absurd piece of writing.

    With trump supporters, it’s always ‘coming victory’… and rarely any achievement. The few trump has had, Gorsuch for instance, is ballyhoo’d repeatedly as ‘continuing’ success.

    trump needs to deliver on statements & promises… Mexico paying for the wall… deporting 11,000,000 illegals… balancing the budget… paying off the national debt… proof that obama wiretapped him… investigate hillery… And it wouldn’t hurt if trump could move his approval rating up by 5 points.

    Before claiming ‘victory’, trump needs to put his big boy pants on and claim maturity… first.

    • Eliminating over 800 excessive, unnecessary regulations… is a pretty big deal, actually.
      Enforcing existing immigration laws, deporting Illegals… is major, as well.
      Republicans have won every election since Trump …
      Increased beef, pork exports to China and other countries; exporting liquefied natural gas to China..

      • And the sun coming up tomorrow… kids starting back to school… leaves having to be raked…

        Just THINK… how GOOD things would be if sleazy trump had not ‘won’ the Republican primary…

      • And then there’s the Supreme Court, the federal courts President Trump is filling with conservatives, the executive orders that have the swamp falling all over itself quickly identifying those who wish to preserve establishment politics and anti-American policies, and even the fight over ObamaCare repeal, which would have never happened if Hillary was elected. It clearly identified the liars in congress, like John McCain, who promised repeal to get elected, and then voted to save it.

      • Hehehe, and HOW is this different than the honorable, honest, moral other REAL Republican candidates would have done?

        Done… without the sleaze, dishonesty, divisiveness, hate, degradation, danger that your lord trump has brought about?


      • Name another real Republican candidate, and don’t try to slip in any wooden or plastic ones, like Jeb or Mitt.

      • You sound just like every Democrat describing every Republican.

    • I remember when you humiliated yourself by pretending Hillary would win the recount

      • No, I don’t remember that… but being truthful is not what you trumpers do.

        LOL !

      • I remember when you pretended the Electoral College would revolt.

      • Hehehe, you’re wasting time with your lies, troll. Go away.

      • I remember when you pretended Democrats would take The House.

      • HB , your memory seems to be like Hillary’s , HIGHLY selective .

      • And I remember when you said nominating Donald Trump would guarantee a Hillary victory.

    • Another contentless post. The envy and hatred you are consumed by does more damage to you than to anyone else.

    • And I remember when you said Donald Trump was only in the race to help his buddy Hillary get elected.

      • He doesn’t have to remember, we’ll do it for him. ;-)

    • And I remember when you said nominating Donald Trump would guarantee Hillary would be President.

      • You know what they call folks who almost win the Presidency?

        The loser.


      • My point is that Trump was HRC’s only hope. Any other GOP candidate would have won in a landslide.

      • I disagree. Hillary was the “heir apparent”. It was “her turn”, so to speak. Until Donald Trump came along.

  23. America has and continues to struggle with the greatest experiment in multiculturalism is world history. 150+ years ago, 3M black Africans became African-Americans overnight. Many (Lincoln, Harriet B. Stowe) believed they would repatriate to Africa. Assimilation was dissuaded by segregation/law for many years. Here we are now talking about unification when affirmative action, institutional racism, white guilt, black rage, BLM, violent crime, confederate statues, welfare, and poverty are in the news daily. Not only has America not healed from slavery, but it is hard to point areas of progress outside of sports and music. To some, Obama highlighted the issues; to others he only exacerbated them. Try me Trump with his “what have you got to lose” campaign pledge reminds us that Bob Dylan sang, “when you ain’t got nothin,’ you’ve got nothin’ to lose.” Yet there is a great deal of good will in America. Is it perhaps time to lose the hate and feel the love? Perhaps.

    • Actually, I think race relations have never been better, and that is the the grievance mongers are going into overdrive. Can you imagine all those graduates with useless degrees finding out that there is no “black community” to go to because they all moved out to the suburbs? One way for the grievance mongers to remain employed is to continue to expand “diversity” programs that are rampant in industry and try to establish mandatory re-education courses for college freshmen, that of course they would be hired to teach.

      • Diversity: YES to Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims; NO to Jews, whites, Asians. The only way to stop discrimination is to stop discriminating. And yes, the diversity “business” needs to go out of business!

    • Yes, and moving from less than 2% growth to above 3% will change everything. Wages would rise, income inequality would reduce, and the millions of people who have given up looking for a job could find work. This is my prime hope for the Trump administration.

      • Don’t forget the perfidy of the Democrats. This revision to 2nd quarter growth to 3% means Pelosi and Schumer will not be voting for ANY tax cuts. They can’t take a chance on Trump racking up a full year of 3% growth going into the 2018 election, which is likely with tax cuts.

        Trump needs to tell the Ds to come in with a wish list of tax cuts. If they have no ideas they don’t need to come to the WH. Don’t let them pretend.

      • So the GOP is afraid to nuke the filibuster rule for this tax plan. Of course the Dems will vote “no” to a person. That means they must use the “reconciliation” process which means the revenues have to remain even after the new plan. The Republicans should put out a tax plan that makes sense to middle Americans with no bs sneaky cuts for wealthy people. Corporate taxes should be cut as well and Companies with overseas cash should be encourage to repatriate it with a 10% one time deal. If the Dems filibuster, nuke it. You know the Democrats would!

      • The tax plan can use reconciliation so there is no way the filibuster comes into play.

      • Yes, but if they use reconciliation they can’t really make sweeping changes. Any plan would have to be revenue neutral under reconciliation.

  24. To me, President Trump is neither Republican nor Democrat, neither Progressive nor Conservative. He is somewhere in between. He is flawed (by which I mean “human”), he is brash and sometimes petty, he is results-oriented, he does not like “Politics” as it is practiced, he is proud of his accomplishments, he does not hold himself up as perfect. He is, in a nutshell, like the rest of us… He is an American.

    • In a nutshell, he is NOT like most of us. So spare us your insults.

      • Trump is a repulsive human being. You can sugarcoat it by saying that he is “brash” but that doesn’t mean that I like being compared to him, even implicitly.

      • I see what you mean. You are certainly not brash or petty.

      • Maybe I am – you don’t know me. But I don’t think that I am a narcissist, or a megalomaniac or a compulsive liar.

      • It appears, Dave the depth of your hate would put you in the repulsive category as well. So, perhaps the best comparison for you would be would be Al Franken. Would that make you happier?

      • Dave is a hate whitey leftist. Trying to reason with him is like trying to reason with a fanatically deranged member of Mao’s Red Guard from China’s Cultural Revolution.

      • Can you provide a few specific examples or quotes showing that ‘dave’ hates whites? Thank you.

      • He’s a leftist, it’s a foregone conclusion. No one needs to provide someone like you with examples since this is common knowledge to most Americans. Why don’t you provide examples or quotes showing that he does not.

      • I forgot. When someone makes a controversial statement it is up to the one who disagrees with that statment to prove that statement is NOT true. And all this time I thought it was the other way around. Live & learn. “He’s a leftist, it’s a foregone conclusion.” I had better get to work right away trying to prove that statement wrong!

      • You might have a point if you weren’t trolling the person you claim to have made a controversial statement. He owes a troll no explanation in expressing his opinion and he is likely more right than wrong as one can discern the ideological disposition by their written commentary.

        As for the universal truth of progressive or leftist hate for white people, it’s been duly documented and progressives everywhere spend a portion of their ideological rants denouncing every white person they disagree with as a racist. That broad brush smear is universal among people like you.. All you had to do was listen to those vying for Democratic Party leadership:

      • Filthy liar, hmmmm, I see. So, you are not a leftist just someone who hates white people or is it you just hate Trump? In either case hate seems to be your default position.

    • …places high value on family, work, and accomplishment. Does NOT place high value on disparagement, denigration, and sloth. Like and agree with your comment very much.

    • “Results oriented”? Based on what he has accomplished in his first 8 months he is obviously ‘disoriented’. His only major results so far are to personally enrich himself & his family and to embroil himself deeper & deeper into at least 3 major investigations, every one of which is encouraged by his own words & bizarre behavior. “He is brash and sometimes petty”….Hardly the traits one would expect from a leader of any country, especially a leader of the USA.

      • 1. Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch.
        2. 59 missiles dropped in Syria/brokered a ceasefire.
        3. He took us out of TPP.
        4. Illegal immigration is now down 70%( the lowest in 17 years.)
        5. Consumer confidence highest since 2000 at index 125.6.
        6. Mortgage applications for new homes rise to a 7 year high.
        7. Arranged 20% Tariff on soft lumber from Canada.
        8. Bids for border wall are well underway.
        9. Pulled out of the lopsided Paris accord.
        10. Keystone pipeline approved.
        11. NATO allies boost spending by 4.3%.
        12. Allowing VA to terminate bad employees.
        13. Allowing private healthcare choices for Veterans.
        14. More than 1,000,000 jobs created.
        15. Median household income at a 7 year high.
        16. The Stock Market is at the highest ever In its history.
        17. China agreed to American import of beef.
        18. $89 Billion saved in regulation rollbacks.
        19. Rollback of a regulation to boost coal mining.
        20. MOAB for ISIS.
        21. Travel ban reinstated.
        22. Executive order for religious freedom.
        23. Jump started NASA.
        24. $600 million cut from UN peacekeeping budget.
        25. Targeting of MS13 gangs.
        26. Deporting violent illegal immigrants.
        27. Signed 41 bills to date.
        28. Created a commission on child trafficking.
        29. Created a commission on voter fraud.
        30. Created a commission for opioids addiction.
        31. Giving power to states to drug test unemployment recipients.
        32. Unemployment lowest since May 2007.
        33. Historic Black College University initiative.
        34. Women In Entrepreneurship Act.
        35. Created an office or illegal immigrant crime victims.
        36. Reversed Dodd-Frank.
        37. Repealed DOT ruling which would have taken power away from local governments for infrastructure planning.
        38. Order to stop crime against law enforcement.
        39. End of DAPA program.
        40. Stopped companies from moving out of America.
        41. Promoted businesses to create American jobs.
        42. Encouraged country to once again be great.
        43. “Buy American and hire American.”
        44. Cutting 2 Fed regulations for every one created.
        45. Review of all trade agreements to make sure they are America first.
        46. Apprentice program.
        47. Highest manufacturing surge in 3 years.
        48 $78 Billion promised reinvestment from major businesses like Exxon, Bayer, Apple, SoftBank, Toyota…
        49. Denied FBI a new building.
        50. $700 million saved with F-35 renegotiation.
        51. Saves $22 million by reducing white house payroll.
        52. Dept of Treasury reports a $182 billion surplus for April 2017 (2nd largest in history.)
        53. Negotiated the release of 6 US humanitarian workers held captive in Egypt.
        54. Negotiated the release of US student held captive in North Korea.
        55. Gas prices lowest in more than 12 years.
        56. Signed An Executive Order To Promote Energy Independence And Economic Growth.
        57. Has already accomplished more to stop government interference into people’s lives than any President in the history of America.
        58. President Trump has worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman.
        59. Has given head executive of each branche 6 month time frame dated March 15 2017, to trim the fat, restructure, and improve efficacy of their branch.

        AHEM! Suck it.

      • Now all you have to do is get the 60+% of Americans who think that Trump has been an ineffective president to believe you. Good luck with that. Of course you can blame it on the MSM or you can blame it on Trump himself who has the biggest ‘bully pulpit’ in the world.

      • Why on earth would people believing it or not have any effect on its being true? You’re alleging that 60 percent of the people don’t believe that Trump has accomplished the stuff on DRN’s list and concluding that, therefore, he hasn’t. You really ought to change your name to “appearance check.” But, whatever you do, don’t change it to “logic check.”

  25. I thought the writer’s opening joke was hilarious!
    Get this, he said, “Trump may be the one man in America who can detoxify racial relations”.
    Move over Alec Baldwin!

    • Do you have an alternative man in mind? The one man who claimed he could unify Americans and then did his best to toxify racial relations and he did, that person is B. Hussein Obama.

      • There are probably thousands more suited to “detoxify racial relations” in America, none of whom would be Barrack Obama. Barrack Obama was bad, in that regard, and Trump is even worse.

      • Thank you for that (de-facto) compliment; coming from someone lurking, anonymously, behind a Confederate symbol, your particular assessment of me is greatly appreciated. Please keep them coming.

      • Are there? Who are they where are they?

        Obama didn’t exasperate race relations he made race baiting a feature of his failed administration. I can recall no race baiting on the part of Trump. The American left generally have a hunger for racism that is almost craven. Your assertions seem motivated by your own dislike for the current president and exemplifies race hysteria more than fact.

      • They might be folks like John Kasich, John McCain, Michael Blomberg, Condoleezza Rice, Ben Sasse, General Kelly, General Mattis, and probably several other such former Generals and or Admirals. They could be regular American citizens, not widely known, citizens with a sincere desire to heal race relations, rather than specifically appeal to racist and racially insensitive people. They are certainly not to be found lurking in the internet behind silly pseudonyms supporting the likes of 45 with preposterous statements like: “I can recall no race baiting on the part of Trump”. Statements like that, said by anyone, including the names I mentioned, would be disqualifying, due to racial insensitivity or sheer ignorance – at the best interpertation of said statement!

      • You just named a list of Republicans that, according to just about every Democrat and especially people like Russ Feingold, would say they are all racists and Nazi’s. So, who really are the race mongers, Danny? How you interpret what someone says or feels is your business however; to ascribe racism to them when millions of others do not agree does not advance your argument at all. The race industry relies on people like you to perpetuate the race baiting and you seem to be doing your job.

      • I fully agree that the “Left” overly and inaccurately labels some Republicans as “Racist”. Not so sure about the Left’s overly and and inaccurate use of the label “Nazi”.., and not so sure about the “Left’s” using those labels in regard to the names I mentioned. But, nevertheless, like a broken analog clock is correct twice a day, this time the “left” is correct about 45.
        And because, as you claim, “millions of others do not agree” with me” does not make what I say false. In fact more Americans would agree with me than disagree.., and more particularly.., millions of Americans are either “Racist” or “Racially Insensitive”, 45 has more than proved that point over and over again. Someone who accuses me, based on the content of my posts in this thread, of “race baiting”, is clearly ignorant, racially insensitive or a racist.
        Whatever it is that you are, you are wasting my time. We are done here!

      • “Someone who accuses me, based on the content of my posts in this thread, of “race baiting”, is clearly ignorant, racially insensitive or a racist.”

        YOU made my point for me, Danny. The politics of your paranoid hatred is the crutch of a mental cripple where you protect the source of your dysfunction by projecting it onto phantom enemies.
        If your commentary wasn’t so sad it would be incredibly humorous.

      • I’ll be sure to get that checked out doctor- LMFAO!
        And what exactly was your point?

      • Thanks for the psychological analysis.., I will be sure to follow up with a real doctor.
        What exactly was your point again ?
        Oh yes.., your point was: Trump is not a “racist” and you are not “racially insensitive” (at best).
        I’ll save these posts and run that by my real doctor as well.
        All righty then.., I believe we are done here. See you in the funny papers – LMFAO!

    • Yup. Black America is at a fork in the road. The current path: ‘vote serfs’ for a political party that once argued for their enslavement, and currently has them mired in substandard schools, the iron collar of the EBT card, and is utterly indifferent to their dysfunctional culture. The other path: integration into the common American society, as other minority groups are currently doing (or have already done.).

      Trump is openly holding out his hand to *anybody* willing to join the Republic and make something of themselves. IMO, Trump IS Black America’s last chance to get on board… or stay on the Entitlements For Votes’ plantation.

      • The Democrat Party was not and is not the answer for Black America. Donald Trump is not the answer as well.

  26. An excellent article except for one major point: IMO, Charlottesville was a Deep State op, start to finish, with the MSM, Governor (a notorious Clinton ally), and the Mayor (a crony of Podesta) in on the job from the get-go. The ‘organizer’… an Obama supporter; the KKK and ‘Nazis’… riddled with FBI informants; the MSM Narrative… pre-written and ready to launch (Trump supporters are NAZIS!!!). The Tell: a speaker saying, “We are enacting Trump’s vision.” (for all the media waiting with cameras hot-n-ready).

    The ‘X’ factor: Trump… who didn’t fold like a cheap suit as expected, and called out Antifa. (The Bonus Round: Dems discovering that Antifa thuggery isn’t polling well with Average Joes & Janes).

  27. Joe Biden recently said “We are living through a battle for the soul of this nation.”

    During the 2012 presidential campaign Joe Biden appeared in Virginia before a group of supporters, a number of them African-American, and said this of Republican Mitt Romney: “He is going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, unchain Wall Street. He is going to put y’all back in chains.”

    Since Biden is a democrat leftists considered it perfectly acceptable for Biden to tell blacks that republicans would like to put them back in slavery. Leftists always consider it acceptable to stir up racial hate as long as it’s to their benefit. What a despicably evil thing to do.

  28. Trump could do a lot of good things. Unfortunately, that would mean he would have to become a different person.

    • The problem we have here is that even if it’s true that Trump is a totally worthless person he’s still infinitely better than anything on the hate whitey left. I do not have the slightest particle of trust for the Big Brother, totalitarian left.

  29. The entire Democratic party has broken down into a two year old’s screaming tantrum over losing their progressive dream fantasy of utopian socialism. The adults are left embarrasingly arguing over how to deal with this problem child. Do we spank them, cajole them, leave them to wear themselves out until they roll over and fall asleep or what??????? Meanwhile they continue to destroy everything around them and leave the whole family shaking it’s head and offering little in the way of stopping the whole mess. I confess I am not to sure how to deal with Baby Marxy either.

  30. Just have to correct the author on some of the terms used herein:

    the neoNazis (so-called) are all about WASP values, ideologically identical to the Klan, but mostly just anti-Semitic. That is where their similarity to Hitler’s goons ends.

    What the author calls neo-fascists, or just fascists, are NOT the anti-Semites, but the thugs on the Left: Antifa, BLM, and their antecedents, OWS. Make no mistake: their hatred is for all things uniquely American; whether it is capitalistic success, our Constitution and Bill of Rights (except as they can be exploited as a way for the thugs to hide behind); any flag except their rainbows, hammer/sickle, Che Guevara, or raised fists, which means they hate the Stars and Stripes and the Gadsden, not just the Confederate Battle Flag; our history and any visible reminders of it, whether of a Confederate general who might have owned slaves, a poor southern Rebel soldier, the graves of Civil War dead, statues of our Founding Fathers.

    In short, they hate anything their damaged psyches batten on at any given moment in time, and revere only their own contemporary heroes of the farLeft: Stalin, Guevara, etc, and the more anti-American, the better. And, they will destroy anything, and anyone, by any amount of violence they deem necessary, even if it means depriving other citizens of their own Constitutional and God-given rights, shutting down peaceful assembly and speech, or inciting and engaging in riots. This makes them at least as dangerous as anything spawned in Nazi Germany, and for the identical ideology: National Socialism. Their antics at this time resemble nothing so much as the events of Kristallnacht.

    So please, do, get it right. The anti-Semites are pretty reprehensible, but so far, they are only ugly words. The neoFascist Antifa and BLM, on the other hand, represent a clear and present danger to civilized society and peaceful political discourse.

    • the neoNazis (so-called) are all about WASP values,

      ^ Really Nazism is a wasp value?

      I stopped reading here due to how f-ked up you obviously are.


      • The only reason you don’t understand it is because of how prodigiously and irredeemably fu₡ked up YOU are.

        Dou₡hebag tw@t.

  31. “Diversity” pushes are about division, creating politically exploitable factions to be turned against one another. Divide us.
    It’s time to reject the ‘diversity’ call to focus on our differences, and instead focus on those things we have in common. I am so awed by the folks in Houston– americans helping other americans, not factions.
    It is time for unity.

    • “Diversity” pushes are about division, creating politically exploitable factions to be turned against one another.

      ^ This is exactly what Trump has done of course. There is a theory that says you know a thing by references to it’s opposite. So railing against diversity as Hitler and Trump have done is also a form of divisiveness. Of course.

      Read this, and learn something about your divisive racist cult leader, Trump:

      • You made me laugh. You demonstrate the exact attitude that resulted in us getting Trump.

        Calling him racist and divisive when he is anything but, thinking you can continue to play the race card game to divide people. To shout homophobe/transphobe/Islamaphobe, and think it will have an affect. A man who supported trans and gay rights including gay marriage well before Obama or Hillary. He’s reached out to everyone– but the regressive left want to keep things divided so they keep shouting labels, labels that have been tossed so often at anyone disagreeing with regressive left policies that they’ve lost meaning.

        He didn’t create division, but he certainly took advantage of the division that was created by the regressive left. It’s not a sudden thing, it’s happened over the last few decades. They made the white working class the boogeyman to turn the others against. The same folks who voted for the dems and Obama who got tired of being called racist, and deplorable and bitter clingers. Who got tired of being set up as the target for the other factions to be turned against. The dems just assuming that those loyal dem voters would never leave the plantation. Created the biggest faction, then abandoned it.

        Trump didn’t create that. But he understood it. He understood people tired of being smeared, folks who are expected to obey the law themselves– to the freaking last letter and comma– wondering why a whole class of people were exempted. Wondering why we can’t be realistic about the Islamic extremist terrorist threat.

        Keep trying to throw the race and -phobe cards. It’s how we got Trump, he will take advantage of it.

  32. LOL, the natural order of things is not conservative, its man made and total anthema to the designs put forth by the creator, it will be destroyed in the coming Great Tribulation along with the bastardized liberalism of today.

  33. Article is completely incorrect – but timely, since it’s taken apart by Republican David Brooks (better writer, better thinker) in the New York Times today.

    * Donald Trump is *white identity politics*.
    * He is completely unqualified and possibly insane, but wins the GOP entirely by appealing to white racism.
    * He is not conservative, and not a Republican, certainly not a patriot
    * He is so destroying the GOP.

    How Trump Kills the G.O.P.

    Absolutely brilliant article, and makes this article seem like a sick joke.

      • Yes Fake News….whenever you don’t like hearing the truth, and alt facts, whenever you need to lie. lol. Don’t forget MSM, MAGA and drain the swamp, from deep state.

        Your cult has it’s own vocabulary. Most cults do.

      • We will.

        And you keep right on ₡unting.
        Cuz ₡unts gotta ₡unt, right?

    • If PRESIDENT TRUMP were any where nearly as insane as you keep saying he is, he would be a reigning champion of you Leftards.

      • Since he specifically targets confederate flag waving racists with low self esteem like yourself, I don’t see how that’s possible.

      • You should be more concerned with who’s targeting YOU.

        Bullseye ₡unt.

    • Be more concerned about the chalk that will soon outline your rotting corpse.

      Fascist ₡unt.

  34. According to Bob Woodward, Trump does not understand what it’s like to be a minority in America. Many of the people I work with in Chicago are Vietnamese, Hispanic and Asian Indian. I know them quite well since I talk to them every work day. They’re actually no different than white people. Does Trump understand minorities like these people? Since they’re not different than white people and want the same things as white people, why wouldn’t he be able to understand them?

    I think what Woodward is really saying is the standard leftist lie that “people of color” in America are so ruthlessly oppressed by the white devils that whites simply can’t comprehend what a nightmare it is to be “of color” in this white supremacist society.

    That’s one of the most viciously racist and profoundly destructive lies promoted by white leftists. It’s an evil lie which has done immense damage to this society. If I were asked for advice on how to destroy a multiracial society this is exactly what I’d recommend.

    • Does Trump understand minorities like these people?

      ^ They don’t vote for Trump, so no he apparently doesn’t.

      Trump lost Asians, Blacks, Hispanics and Jews… by crushing margins.

      He lost the popular vote by 3 million, and was carried to electoral college success by a margin of about 50 thousand votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania….. with almost entirely white only voters, making up to 98% of his “base”.

      You were saying then?

      • All you’re doing is pointing out that this is an extremely fragmented and polarized society.

        I am quite aware of that. I believe America has already ceased to exist as a country and is terminally ill. No society can survive the ever more intense hatred we have for each other in this place.

        I have no idea how much longer this society can stagger along but I do know we no longer have enough social cohesion to avoid social breakdown and disintegration. Time will tell what fate has in store for us.

      • Bob Woodward knows nothing about minorities except how to use and exploit them.

        They toss crumbs at minorities in exchange for everything they have: wealth, power, even that “popular vote” you want to believe Hillary won (but would disappear if you took away illegal aliens & race-baiting “count the ballot 6 times” in places where white flight left a crisi…an “opportunity”, I think Democrats call it)

  35. What unbelievable hypocrisy. Yes there is unproductive identity politics on the Left, but the Right has become white identity politics on steroids. This is so blatantly obvious, it needs no further explanation.

    As for “healing racial tensions” – Trump’s popularity among everyone who is not white is in the gutter, and his pardoning of the criminal Arpaio is not going to exactly endear him to Latinos.

    Trump is a flat out racist – he is stirring division and conflict and making everything worse. THe absurd comments on this board just prove my point.

    • You do realize they do not pardon people found innocent? You win the Kamala Harris award for silliness.

    • Well, if you think “America” and “patriot” and “prosperity” and “decency” and “God” are all examples of “white” things, then…you are either a racist or a Democrat!

      Wait…you’re both.

      • 1. America First is a joke. Trump is ceding leadership to China on science, economics, and just about everything. NO ONE can bring all those jobs back He is making promises he can’t keep, just so he can get the adulation and love he so pervesely craves.

        2. Far from leading us to prosperity Trump will make us irrelevant at worse, or at best, have no effect.

        3. Decency? You’re kidding right? Trump is the most indecent person in politics I can imagine. I won’t even let kids in the same room when he in TV. If that is an example you want kids to follow, then you are really nuts.

        THe courts, the free press, even Congress are just obstacles in his way. He wants to be a dictator, so I guess you are just fine with that,, but be careful what you wish for

        4. “God” – I am not religious, but I respect good people of faith. I do not count the religious right evangelicals, who control Trump as their messenger from God, amongst the good people, I think they are immoral and often downright crazy. In my humble opinion they are every bit as dangerous as the radical Left. Not as violent, but they don’t need to be to cause their destruction.

        Trump is a psychopath, a narcissist, and a mortal danger to our country, our live and the entire world. I detest him as the most morally bankrupt, indecent destroyer that he is, and if you support him, as far as I am concerned, you are nothing but a cultist.

        And don’t start going on about Obama, and Hillary. THeir sins notwithstanding, there is no moral equivalence, and evern if there were, they are not the President. Trump is!

      • ROFL you are gonna have so much fun over the next three (or seven) years trying desperately to pretend that the increase in Americans’ well-being is somehow not related to policies.

        Under Obama, the middle class disappeared, working class and middle aged men started killing themselves in “epidemic” (CDC’s term) numbers, the unemployed were shifted to SSI in record numbers, and speaking of sending jobs overseas, what do you think “global warming” is all about, if not globalists rewarding themselves for investing in countries where there are no environmental regulations (did you think sending production from the US to China would really be good for the environment? REALLY?)

        The fun never stops. And every time he says something you dislike, you’ll jump up and bark like a dog – unaware that half of what he said is what you read into it, because you hate him so much you’re irrational.

  36. The Alt Right is growing and will continue to grow no matter what Trump does or what these walking dead Boomer Cucks want to pretend.

    Conservatism has failed completely. It has conserved nothing, and now finds itself occupying the same ideological ground liberals did 25 years ago. The only think keeping it going is the money pumped into by oligarchs whose only interest is in keeping their taxes low.

    This is why young Identitarians have rejected it. Their vanguard – not Conservatives – are now dragging the Overton Window to the right, and not over non-issues like tax policy but by defending Western (WHITE) Civilization, as such, and dismissing “magic dirt” theories of assimilation so-loved by Boomers.

    Cucks are terrified because these young people see right through them and their pathetic track record.

    • No the alt right is not growing and will never be more than a lunatic fringe. The rest of us will champion western values without the racism and anti-semitism.

    • Another silly person. You do realize that young people eventually become old people? You do realize that their priorities change as they age, marry, raise a family and then retire? So, no the elderly will be the same 100 years from now as they are today, sorry.

      • And you win the Donald Trump prize for stupidity. You basically said you know Apairo is guilty, but you don’t care. He needs to be pardoned because he is ally of your Dear Leader.

        You and your Trump cultists are a threat to our future, which thank God, we just might be able to stop it before it is too late. You have my utter contempt.

      • Aw, the widdle guy was angry because he said something really, truly stupid just two posts below. And he also shows he has no wit nor creativity. Keep hitting the books and by the time you are in middle school you’ll do better.

  37. Billy Martin, former manager of the NY Yankees once said he could coach Genghis Kan, Julius Caesar, and Adolf Hitler on the same team–now that’s unifying!

  38. I think I shall identify with the acronym : PONC, (person of no color). I am going to start up a PONC rock band.

  39. The problem is that the ProgLeft is, for the most part, mentally ill. It’s the vast collector for all the people unserved by this country’s lack of a coherent mental health system. Well, that’s the foot soldiers.

    At the top are people who do not bleed the blood of patriots. They despise everything about this country and what it (at least tries) to stand for. They want the Constitution gone. They want white people gone. They want our culture and history purged. We’ve already gone from “punch a Nazi” to articles in semi-major outlets declaring all whites are automatically white supremacists.

    I don’t make this up. They’re quite open, and increasingly more so, about it. They can’t stop babbling about it in some academic circles where opining on when it’s OK to murder whites brings no fear of firing or even rebukes.

    You cannot reason with them. There is no middle ground. They KNOW they are wrong. They don’t care. They want Western civilization gone. They want power and dominance. They’re sociopaths. I’m sorry, Ken, but this is war.

  40. Your a rasist bigget llamaphobe! In 2020 Trump will LOOSE and Clinton will win by a lanslide! PERSIST & RESIST!

    • Trump will “loose” what? His pants? He should cut back on the ice cream, maybe. :)


      • Is bernie running for dog catcher? He might win, but not if the dogs and patriots have anything to say about it.

      • Bernie? Bernie who? Oh yeah, the guy who lost to Clinton, the witch who lost to President Trump.

      • Dang, I hope not. Bernie is older than the dirt in my backyard, and he’s dumber than a box of socialist rocks.

      • Probably. Sometimes it’s hard to detect if someone is a troll or not. I think that person is a troll. The same comment posted everywhere.

    • The only “landslide” that might happen with ☭ømrade ☭ILLary ☭linton is if her overloaded Depend® burst. Suck it up, loser. President Trump WON, America WON. The DemoncRATs and the Rino’s LOST.
      #Trump 2020!
      #America FIRST!

  41. At this time, there are over 50 blocked comments.
    They must have shipped in a fresh load of binkies and diapers for the troll squad.
    And at the rate they are soiling their diapers, their romper room must really reek!

    • Stop swearing, and bragging about diddling your cousin while sniffing meth at the Klan rally and your posts will no longer be blocked.

    • The troll responding to you says @%#$ &*!@ &%#$ %T@$#! And adds a “so there!” and stomps her feetsies.

      I think, translating from Troll to an intelligible language, it translates into “doesn’t it make you smile to know that Hillary will STILL never be POTUS?”

  42. Russian collusion = US Patriotism.

    White Nationalism will defeat identity politics.

    More alt-facts from the Trump-verse.

    • Joe Biden recently said “We are living through a battle for the soul of this nation.”

      During the 2012 presidential campaign Joe Biden appeared in Virginia before a group of supporters, a number of them African-American, and said this of Republican Mitt Romney: “He is going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, unchain Wall Street. He is going to put y’all back in chains.”

      Since Biden is a democrat leftists considered it perfectly acceptable for Biden to tell blacks that republicans would like to put them back in slavery. Leftists always consider it acceptable to stir up racial hate as long as it’s to their benefit. What a despicably evil thing to do.

    • Not white nationalism. Just America. A nation that has more to offer minorities than anything the Democrats have.

      Of course, what do the Democrats have, other than offering minorities the chance to play “let’s you and him fight”? You guys have been promising an end to poverty since FDR, and under LBJ you added the promise of an end to racial tension as well as an end to poverty. And those foolish enough to trust you are today’s Baltimore, today’s Ferguson, housing projects, inner city schools…their trust left them worse off than they were before you “helped” them!

  43. The Democrats traded enforcement/terrorism/fear (delivered via their white shirts the KKK) as their political strategy to addiction to welfare and drugs and sexual / hedonistic pleasure with divide and conquer identity politics underpinned by Political Correctness.

    This potent cocktail has been delivered via Hollywood and the music industry in concert with their control of our public and private school system.

    Post Modernism of the State has met the Judeo-Christian Family core that has provided the stability and laws for our post WWII society.

    The chaos is deliberate and palpable. People are reacting, one reaction is President Donald J Trump.

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  45. it’s scary to see that someone can be so out of touch and disconnected with the words and actions of president trump. His race baiting tactics are completely transparent to anyone of color or anyone who’s lived in a truly multicultural environment. when you have a bad record on denouncing the klan, no lip service is going to be enough to change that perception

    • In other words, you live among race-baiters, and project that onto him because he refuses to play the race-baiter game, which you (projecting) call “race-baiting.

      And he isn’t the one who is out of touch: multiculturalism was tried and it failed. Bring back America, with its melting pot – American ideals can heal the wounds multiculturalism-intersectionalism-victim game playing have wrought, and it can unite where multiculturalism and race baiting have deliberately sought to divide (and the more the left’s policies are revealed as failures, the more desperately they pin all their hopes on dividing, which is why they are now at pitch hysteria, positively shrieking on their way down)

      • You might need a whole paragraph to justify your worldview but I just need one sentence

        ‘They bring drugs and crime and they are rapists, some are maybe good people.’ That’s his political careers opening statement

      • Yes, illegal immigrants are far more likely to be criminals than legal immigrants or citizens.

        Prison statistics more than bear this out.

        It’s almost as if people who commit crimes to come here are, as a group, more likely to be the sort of people who commit crimes period.

        Democrats all put walls around their own houses. Obama’s new house has a big wall. You know it’s true too.

      • not all democrats are millionaire ex presidents. Most live in big cities and have neighbors who happen to speak a different language and the sky hasn’t fallen

      • Yeah, I know, but when families intermarry racially, they tend to vote “like whites”.

        Like mine.

        That’s why the gloating predictions of the Left – their “one party for ever” rule that they were bragging about – didn’t happen. Minorities who don’t speak English, or who are illiterate because they are deliberately kept down by inner city schools – they’re Dems, but when they assimilate … they’re not.