While They Rage, Trump Builds

What’s the highest pleasure known to man? Christian theologians talk about the visio beatifica, the “beatific vision” of God.

Alas, that communion is granted to very few in this life. For the common run of mankind, I suspect, the highest pleasure is moral infatuation.

Like a heartbeat, moral infatuation has a systolic and diastolic phase. In the systolic phase, there is an abrupt contraction of sputtering indignation: fury, outrage, high horses everywhere. Delicious.

Then there is the gratifying period of recovery: the warm bath of self-satisfaction, set like a jelly in a communal ecstasy of unanchored virtue signaling.

The communal element is key. For while individuals may experience and enjoy moral infatuation, the overall effect is greatly magnified when shared.

One case in point was afforded by the mass ecstasy that accompanied Maximilien Robespierre’s effort to establish a Republic of Virtue in 1793.

The response to Donald Trump’s comments about the murderous violence that erupted in Charlottesville last week provides another vivid example.

Trump’s chief tort was to have suggested that there was “blame on both sides” as well as “good people” on both sides at the Charlottesville protest. I am not sure there were an abundance of “good people” on either side of the divide that day, although Trump’s main point was to distinguish between lawful protest and hate-fueled violence. But forget about distinctions. The paroxysms of rage that greeted Trump were a marvel to behold, as infectious as they were unbounded. One prominent commentator spoke for the multitude when he described Trump’s response as a “moral disgrace.”

I didn’t think so, but then I thought that Trump was correct when he suggested that the alt-Left is just as much a problem as the alt-Right. Indeed, if we needed to compare the degree of iniquity of the neo-nazis, “white supremacists,” and Ku Kluxers, on the one hand, and Antifa and its fellow travelers, on the other, I am not at all sure which would come out the worse. Real Nazis—the kind that popped up like mushrooms in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s—are scary. But American “neo-nazis”? They are tiny bunch of pathetic losers. The Ku Klux Klan was a murderous Democratic terrorist group in its earlier incarnations. Now it too is a tiny bunch (the Anti-Defamation League says it has 5,000-8,000 members) of impotent malcontents.

Antifa has brought its racialist brand of violent protest to campuses and demonstrations around the country: smashing heads as well as property. I suspect that paid-up, full-time members of the group are few, but the ideology of identity politics that they feed upon is a gruesome specialité de la maison of the higher education establishment today.

I also thought that Trump was right to ask where the erasure of history would end. This week it was a statue of Robert E. Lee. But why stop there? Why not pronounce a damnatio memoriae on the entire history of the Confederacy? There are apparently some 1,500 monuments and memorials to the Confederacy in public spaces across the United States. Some of them were erected during the Jim Crow era, something else that was brought to you courtesy of the Democratic Party.

According to one study, a majority of these memorials were “commissioned by white women, in hope of preserving a positive vision of antebellum life.” Why not obliterate all of them? And what about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington? They both owned slaves, as did 41 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. What about them? To listen to many race peddlers, you would think they regarded Orwell’s warning in 1984 as an aspiration: “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been re-painted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.”

Plato was right when he said that politicians are essentially rhetoricians. Rhetoric succeeds or fails not because of its logic or intellectual substance but on the question of its emotional appeal. By that standard, I’d say that Donald Trump, though often rhetorically effective (note that I did not say “eloquent”), missed an important rhetorical opportunity at Charlottesville. He didn’t understand that the politically correct dispensation that rules academia, the media, the Democratic party, and large swathes of the corporate world requires a certain ritual homage to be paid to its reigning pieties about “racism” in America.

I put “racism” in quotes because, as the Australian philosopher David Stove observed in the late 1980s, the word is a neologism so recent that it was still not in The Oxford English Dictionary as late as 1971. But, he notes,

it swept all before it once it did arrive. Nowadays, you cannot open a daily paper or a popular periodical without meeting it. You wonder how journalists could possibly have managed without this word until recently. A politician must now neglect no opportunity to pronounce a curse on “racism.” He can probably still remember the very first time he heard the word, yet he must now pretend that he had always had “racism” on his curse-list. 

Doubtless there are many things to criticize about Donald Trump. But being racist isn’t among those things. What infuriates his critics—but at the same time affords them so many opportunities to bathe in the gratifying fluid of their putative moral superiority—is that Trump refuses to collude in the destructive, politically correct charade according to which “racism” is the nearly ubiquitous cardinal sin of white America. He is having none of that, and his refusal to go along with the attempted moral blackmail is driving his critics to distraction.

It is just possible that skirling pack of witch hunters will manage to drive Trump from office or so undermine his effectiveness that he becomes a spent force. I do not think that will happen. It seems to me more likely that Conrad Black, writing last week in the aftermath of Charlottesville, was right: “The campaign of defamation against Trump will fail, and if the Democrats and pseudo-Republicans don’t get to higher ground soon, Trump will pull together the responsible Right and most of the center and wax the Warren Democrats by a margin that will make the Nixon and Reagan reelections look like photo-finishes.”

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271 responses to “While They Rage, Trump Builds”

  1. Excellent. We Deplorables have our rage, too, but unlike the orgy of destruction being indulged in by the unhinged Left, we are saving it for the ballot box in 2018.

    • Only makes sense on condition that the base are primarying nearly all the pseudo-Republicans out of the Congress and replacing them with actual supporters of Campaign Trump’s agenda.

      The President cannot do half enough while all Democrats and almost all Republicans in Congress want him to be totally ineffective.

      • I’m hoping we can send Kelli Ward to the Senate instead of Flake, and we will soon be replacing McCain as well.

      • Evil is better than stupid? Maybe that’s why they call you deplorable.

      • And that’s why Progs are delusional, they don’t realize the road to hell is paved with their good intentions. AND think everyone who doesn’t want to go with them is evil…….

      • Couldn’t be soon enough. McCain is no hero and never has been. He is nothing more than a phony, who exploited his capture, as a means of attaining that status.

      • Gloating over a hero’s death. What a total slime bag!

      • I didn’t gloat and he isn’t dead.
        You’re moronic and dishonest enough to be a proggie.
        That ‘hero’ is one of the Keating5 and the people hurt badly by his corruption don’t consider him a hero these days. Anyway, no true American hero would ever put illegals ahead of honest American citizens much less keep putting illegals ahead of our wounded veterans.

      • McCain is no hero. He is known by his fellow Vietnam POWS as songbird because he snitched on the soldiers. Many soldiers died because of the info he gave the vietnamese. He mostly likely won Arizona with vote fraud.

      • It probably wasn’t fraud as we require ID to vote. It’s the Dems who elect scummy, corrupt, illegal-loving McCain– he’s one of them anyway.

      • Trump it’s ineffective in because he is incompetent, ignorant, self-serving, vindictive and inconsistent in his politics, statements and loyalties.

    • We shouldn’t move or repair those desecrated statues. Leave them there. We need to remind Americans of the Leftist, Fascist mobs that are threatening America’s future.

      Keep in mind, this is NOT about Confederates. The angry mobs are also desecrating Christopher Columbus statues,
      Joan of Arc statues, etc.!

      • No, it’s about Confederate statues and the racism and xenophobia they represent. Try to deal with reality.

      • Only if you are a naive Prog (one of the polyezniy idiot)….the powers that be know this is a political ploy.

      • Only in the minds of the weak and the insecure, do these statues represent anything more than a memorial of the past. You james r ruston are a sad and despicable soul.

      • Their reality and ours are two very distinct things.

        I’ve come to believe that Trump must symbolize to these people something that I simply cannot comprehend. It’s the only way I can rationalize why eloquent and seemingly intelligent folks would put their hopes and dreams into this incompetent, self-serving buffoon.

      • The mobs need to be arrested along with Presidents of colleges who are removing them in the dark of night. HIstory is there because as my seventh grade teacher once said: history repeats itself. It is fascists to try to rid a country of its history.

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    • Trump has got the Dem enraged so many more will come out to vote in 2018. What will you do if they take the house and or senate. remember half the people who voted for Trump disliked both candidates but disliked Trump slightly less then Hillary. they polls were right 2 million more voted for her then him. what will you do if you get your clock cleaned in 2018?

      • I guess you know what it’s like to get your clock cleaned, ala 2010 and 2014. Your wishful thinking is hilarious because you just refuse to see reality because the media has you incredibly misinformed. Remember Trump was losing with 90% confidence on November 8th.

      • The Trump supporters are equally enraged. However in 2018 Trump will not be on the ballot. The Democrats path is very difficult. The power of incumbency and gerrymandered districts will be a powerful tool for Republicans. In 2020 Trump has the option of running as an Independent. His 38-40% base will still be with him. They appear more steadfast than ever. That leaves the remaining 60% to be split between Republicans ( Rubio ?) Democrats (Warren?) and Libertarians and Greens. Should be interesting.

      • We stand in line for 12 hours to see him, in blazing Sun or coldest winter. We would crawl naked through broken glass to vote for him, or to vote against his opponents. Oh Trump is on the ballot alright. Trump isn’t our last chance to resolve our grievances peacefully. He’s their last chance. And lots of us really REALLY don’t want to have to kill all those stupid people.

      • You would stand in line, etc.? Weird. Especially since he has let you down so often.

      • That’s all you got. You should put some ointment on that.

      • Hasn’t let me down, he’s doing exactly what I want. You Progs still don’t get it……

      • Like I said Trump will ALWAYS have a base of 38-40 %. His supporters will crawl over blazing coals for him.

      • Exactly, the only thing is, some lie MORE than others, as was amply displayed a few months ago.

      • Opinion polls or approval rating polls can be even bigger lies because there’s no elections to prove them wrong.

      • His base is whole lot bigger than that. It is around 60 to 66%.They skew the polls by asking questions that will lower his polling numbers. More lies from the fake media and fraudulent polling companies.

      • Actually I just read that his base is now around 79.5 and 82.6 %. and growing.

      • I stood in line for six hours to get into a rally in Austin. There were blacks for Trump, Asians for Trump, Latinos for Trump. Trump will win by a landslide.

      • ‘I went to a Trump rally and everyone there loved Trump!’ What an incredibly insightful person you are! However a broader perspective of the American public might reveal that you are, in fact, a minority. Most folks don’t want a vindictive pig for president, as difficult as that may be for you to grasp.

      • What a mature, compassionate perspective. Why would anyone call decent, law-abiding folks like you, with such respect for freedom and the sanctity of human life, ‘deplorable’. People are so mean.

      • It’s interesting that liberals have nothing to add to the conversation. Just insults and empty virtue signalling, devoid of any logical arguments or reasoning. I can’t believe that anyone could ever vote against such persuasive arguments.

      • Will also be interesting to see what Mueller digs up. Not sure on Russian collusion, but it would be surprising to me if there weren’t some shady deals in his recent past. Can a convict run for president?

      • First of all there is not enough time before 2020, to convict anyone, if they have a good lawyer to postpone trial. Secondly, you do understand that Trump can pardon anyone for any reason, including himself. Especially if it was just some shady deal dealing with money.

      • Let’s prosecute Hillary now and find out in 2020.

      • Trump said they were going to lock her up, then said he wasn’t. Has he flipped again? Like he did with Afghanistan? It’s hard to know what someone really means when they constantly lie.

      • Just peachy! How about you Roz?

      • Yes, still hanging out there. So glad to see you! Peoples names burble up in my mind, and I realized I hadn’t read anything from you for a while, so I went a-hunting. Even asked BigGuy. You might be getting an email, unless you’ve changed your address.

      • Still hanging out at IOTW?

        The fallout over Trump over there during the election wore me out!

      • Those freshly enraged and massively engaged Dems didn’t win any special elections though.
        Dems are bad at midterm elections, even when Obama begged and pleaded and threatened he’d be disappointed they didn’t turn out to vote. Tantrums are more fun than voting, apparently.
        As for getting clocks cleaned, the Dems better be prepared. Dem pols have nothing for people who want good schools, good jobs, good and safe neighborhoods, and keeping terrorists out. Dems have no wins or even good proposals on those topics.
        Plus, Dems defend 25 Senate seats and Repubs only defend 8. 2016 was the “bad” year for Repubs because it was a Presidential year and GOP had more seats to defend. Look how that turned out for Dems.

      • You forget that the party in power looses seats in the midterm. think 2006. Trump’s approval is lower the Bush. The Congressional generic poll has the Dem at 5 to 8 points ahead of the GOP and there are a lot of young people who care for the environment that Trump is going to trash. Anger is a better motivator then happiness but is true the Dems have more seats to defend and Gerrymandering will help the GOP.

      • You forget that Dems don’t turn out well in midterm elections, even when the first Black President asked them to, stated repeatedly that his policies were on the ballot, and said he’d be disappointed if they didn’t turn out for his congressional delegation and for Hillary. Think 2010 and 2014 in the further context that they didn’t even turn out for the Presidential election to save Obama’s legacy.
        Four of the five Senate seats polled this week moved farther in the Repub favor, away from Dem incumbents. http://cookpolitical.com/analysis/senate/senate-overview/senate-rating-changes-five-races
        More young people will have good jobs by next year and anyway young people don’t turn out to vote as well as they demonstrate and protest. Good jobs at good pay and safe neighborhoods with good schools trump anger every time. It’s about the economy again and Dems are losers on the economy.
        I’d say the main point, again, is going to be that President Trump messes up the Dem/Repub divide. History isn’t going to be so much of a guide again, I think.

      • Please understand I want all of Trump’s policies enacted and for the Trump voter to get their reward.

      • If we win in 2018 Trump is going to be impeached and will go to jail along with his children and most of the rest of the regime. Then we will round up all of you deplorables and send you off to “reeducation” camps.

      • The left’s revulsion for Trump has metastasized so virulently that they are UNABLE (way past unwilling) to contemplate a reality more complicated than I HATE TRUMP.

        These people simply cannot understand that:…neither Trump Nor his supporters are Nazi’s;…people who disagree with the left are NOT ipso facto raaaacists;…people who find Hillary objectionable are NOT ipso facto misogynists;…people who want reasonable immigration laws enforced are NOT ipso facto xenophobes.

        The libs/dems/progs/msm now comprise the Dr. Strangelove party with one and only one abiding principle: I HATE TRUMP.

        GO BIDEN

      • Who’s “we”?
        If you want a hot war, just try that rounding-up thing.
        The defenders of the Founder’s Republic and the Constitution have been preparing for years.
        The blue dots in the red sea won’t survive…the savages will burn them to the ground when the EBT cards and cell phones don’t work.
        Not in anybodies best interest.

      • We know, but that’s when you’ll start to die….I wouldn’t try to replace the ballot box with the ammo box were I you…..

      • “2 million more voted for her”…yep LA county and the NYC boroughs. See, there’s this thing called the Electoral College…

      • 2 million more Illegal Aliens voted for the criminal Hillary Clinton, this is true.

      • No it isn’t. It is a lie and you believe it because you want to believe it.

      • July 5, 2017 Washington, DC (CNN)Forty-four states and the District of Columbia have refused to provide certain types of voter information to the Trump administration’s election integrity commission, according to a CNN inquiry to all 50 states.

        What are you hiding? The Truth?

      • that is Bull**it. There is no evidence of that. For someone who is so sensitive to “fake news” you disappoint me.

      • You understand that the Libturd strongholds are the mass population centers? Take them out of the mix and this could be a steamroller election to 60. LA, Chitowne, NYC, SF are not in states we could win anyway without voter identification and voter roll verification safe guards.

      • Well considering that Hillary was the best dems had, we’re not too concerned

      • “what will you do if you get your clock cleaned in 2018?”

        Concede to the beginning of the end, but I’m not buying what the media or delusional Progs are selling…….

      • The problem that the Democrats will have in 2018 is that Donald Trump won’t be on the ticket – so voters will be voting more along ideological lines than anything else. The fact of the matter is that polls and studies alike are showing that Democrat voters are abandoning their party’s core “beliefs” in droves – and the ones that are remaining, don’t altogether have the enthusiasm for their party and it’s candidates – sufficient enough for them to win in 2018. The very best that the Democrats can hope for, is breaking even in the House and losing no more than 6 seats in the Senate.

    • The ballot box is apparently approaching uselessness, given the radical left’s persistent attempts to undermine it.

      • It took the Progs years to get this far, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you give up now we are doomed. This is the long game……

      • You do realize prog means progressive? Maybe you and your regressive friends can slow things down, but history only moves forward. Sorry, sweetie!

      • Yes, but progressing into a sheethole is not the forward I am looking for!

      • Radical left? Trump’s approval is at 35% and his disapproval is 60%. The majority is against Trump and his ridiculous rhetoric. I’m thinking the ballot box might not be your friend come 2020.

      • Ah, so you a) believe fake polls b) confuse personal approval ratings with agreement with policies.

      • Policies? What, like getting out of Afghanistan? Then getting more into Afghanistan? Like repeal and replace then repeal then…. nothing? There are no policies.

        And please tell me are there any polls that aren’t fake? Or could it be that you’ve just eaten the lies of a snake oil salesman?

  2. “…He didn’t understand that the politically correct dispensation…” is not true. Trump has understood that so well, he deliberately uses almost every opportunity to unmask the catechism of Politically Correct Basket of Labels. Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” was the dictionary. Apologies, am not fluent in the language of religion, but the demand for the PC-responses of appropriate condemnation is neo-Puritan.

    The first answer on Jeopardy tonight, category “They named schools after me”, was What is “Washington & Lee University”. The clue was side by side portraits. Priceless. Will Alex Trebek be forced to apologize?

    My hypothetical Electoral Map in 2020 is Trump 429 to 109 (MA VT RI WA OR CA HI, MN), factoring in 2016 results, voter participation, states in fiscal distress (IL, CT), Senate elections, and no voter intimidation (NYC, NJ, MD).

    The election of 1928, 1952, and 1988 Electoral College totals are comparable, but the geography is now different.

    http://www.270towin.com/ lets you create your own map, but does not allow you to save it as an image.

    • I’m with you. Trump is much, much smarter than his critics, detractors, quasi-lame supporters, and #NeverTrumpers give him credit for. He’s a man for the times, and the mud they’ve been slinging just keeps washing off as they hurriedly scurry about filling up buckets of it.

    • Trump has no chance for electoral votes in Illinois – even if several graveyards worth of people have to be registered and then vote for the Democratic party in Chicago.

      • Illinois, and Maryland, were tough to call. But, both have elected Republican governors, and Illinois is on the edge of bankruptcy, so, you never know if those still alive will vote in 2020. I checked the wiki entries for most of Hillary’s states in 2016, but Illinois entry did not note voter participation like the other entries.

        My point was to dampen Kimball’s enthusiasm with Conrad Black’s “wax the Warren Democrats by a margin that will make the Nixon and Reagan reelections look like photo-finishes.” They both won Illinois, and Reagan even won Massachusetts.

        Of course, I wish America would break our election-madness where the campaign is two years, and then the pundits start speculating about the next election. Too much focus on the Presidential horse race.

        I just read: “Culture, Not Culture Wars The Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra stands by its invitation to Dennis Prager—and the audience is rewarded with an evening of great music.”
        Heather Mac Donald August 21, 2017
        The campaign to erase our history, the ugliness of so much of today’s ‘popular’ culture, the boycotts, too much ‘news’ as propaganda – may just wake America up.

      • Please get back with the states you think will vote D in 2020. I assume you are adding IL, MD, DE, and maybe NJ back in to get to 350 from my 429, but, not sure.

        Except, it is too early to speculate, and I am having too much fun reading about the history of Fort Myer/Henderson Hall in Arlington, Va, the venue for POTUS’ Monday 08 21 Afghanistan speech. Incredible history lesson, explains why he chose THAT site.

        Also: “WORTH NOTING: The speech was again well-crafted. Trump has some excellent writers in Stephen Miller and Michael Anton (aka Publius Decius Mus).”

        Michael Anton sits in Ben “Echo chamber” Rhodes chair on the NSC.
        Anton is brilliantly Deconstructing Rhodes’ pernicious legacy, by Constructing a new narrative, and key echoes.

        Take your time, have to sign off.

      • Well, I have been predicting that the democrat party would implode for quite some time. I wrote a post in 2012, thinking Romney would win….however, the milquetoast force was strong in that one….and has now morphed into the snake force within him.

        Trump pulled off the victory, and I predicted that at my meme site….and my prediction was based upon that larger theme that a leader like Trump needed to come along, like an El Cid figure, to lead the Reconquesta, and take back the nation from the Moors [Leftists].

        In January 2016, I was still thinking about who I would support for the republican candidate. I thought it was going to be Cruz [originally I thought Walker, because he looked like the El Cid figure, given the crazed Leftist onslaught in WI he survived]. Then I watched a video on a Trump rally, and I realized that Trump was ‘the natural’, like Robert Redford in the baseball movie. …I never looked back.

      • The memes on my meme site reflect various aspects of the above overview….and you can scroll to see them. I started the meme site to try my best to get Trump elected. Now, the memes are taking on the issues that the nation faces in this, the 2nd American Revolution.

        Here is my latest meme..

      • Trumps support has dropped significantly in the three state he took by razor thin margins. And the unions are pointing out that we’ve added less jobs in 6 months than last year. It will sink in.

      • My 429 vs your 351 is I think he can win NY 29 ,NJ 14, IL 20, DE 3, MD 10, ME all 4.
        We disagree on MN 10, where Sen. Franken is up for re-election in 2020. I know, Senator Franken is an oxymoron, but, …

        We agree on what has become of America. Disagree on Romney. I have many reasons to criticize him, but still can not believe a law school graduate was clueless when Stephanopoulos trapped him on Griswold v CT, 1965, the precedent for right to privacy, and Roe v Wade, 1973.

        Do not underestimate Trump as just being instinctive. He has long been involved, and observing New York politics. I lived there, and NJ, by accident, and, that is why I believe he can win NY & NJ in 2020. CT GOP is too polite/snobby, but CT is spiraling into extreme fiscal distress.

        The culture elite in NY have detested him since he desecrated 5th Avenue with Trump Tower in 1981. They see Archie Bunker in the Oval Office.

        I did mean to come back with a more coherent reply a few hours ago, but had to dissect the newest revision of American history, at a blog I used to enjoy reading.

        The editor collaborated with NPR, in justifying the removal of memories of the Confederacy, because they were a deliberate plot by the renewed KKK, to sustain Jim Crow. He forgot, or did not know, that it was Wilson who normalized “Birth of a Nation” in 1915, the film that inspired the formation of the “second era” Ku Klux Klan in 1915. He must have listened to this,
        NPR on 08 20:

        It took a few hours, to make certain my sources were clear, and, then learned the memorials meant to heal and reconcile also led directly to Memorial Day.

        Our National Park Service learn/historyculture/ is a wonderful bastion of real history.

        The origins of America’s Memorial Day:
        Article about Jennie Vernon’s kind act, as printed in the Mobile Register, June 18, 1868

        A great read, and, the boycotters lost their battle in the belly of the culture beast, Los Angeles: “Culture, Not Culture Wars The Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra stands by its invitation to Dennis Prager—and the audience is rewarded with an evening of great music.”
        Heather Mac Donald August 21, 2017


        The Manhattan Institute’s City Journal really needs more echo.

  3. “While They Rage, Trump Builds”

    They’re just covfefe’ing themselves, and they know it, and that’s what is making them so angry.

  4. “The campaign of defamation against Trump will fail, and if the Democrats and pseudo-Republicans don’t get to higher ground soon, Trump will pull together the responsible Right and most of the center and wax the Warren Democrats by a margin that will make the Nixon and Reagan reelections look like photo-finishes.”

    Sorry Conrad, that is highly unlikely to happen. In case you haven’t noticed, this is quite a different America than it was in the 1970s or 1980s.

    I agree that Trump can win in 2020, but only because he will demonstrate that he is less objectionable than his opponent (I’m guessing Kamala Harris). And by the way, I voted for him last year and think he’s doing an outstanding job.

    • Trump will probably win in 2020 if he brings jobs and higher wages to the Rust Belt, and probably will not if he fails to do so. The fact that he demanded that the “beautiful” Confederate statues not be removed is not the deciding factor for how the vast majority of people, and his core supporters in particular, decide to vote.

      • I, personally, could not care less about statues with pigeon crap on them, merely a Prog distraction from reality……

    • Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump choose not to run in 2020. He’s proved his point and pissed off all of his detractors who claimed there was no way in hell he could win. While he has an outsized ego, it isn’t tied to being elected.

      • I’ve thought the same thing myself, and even stated so on multiple occasions.
        After 4 years, Trump will have accomplished most of the things he said he would, turned the country back on the right track, and tamed the political correctness dragon lording it over us.
        I think he will decide based on whether he thinks the dragon is under adequate control to turn the reins over to others.

      • I doubt it. People who are driven to run for high office are unlikely to want to give up power.

      • I agree. Being re-elected is confirmation that the electorate believes that you have governed well, not just campaigned well.

    • Conrad Black might be right. Most Americans still don’t know who antifa even is, much less their recent actions and goals. Oh, they know there are black-clad, masked, people at these demonstrations, but little more, and they don’t know that they’re organized and called antifa. A recent poll illustrated both that and the reason Black could be correct.

      First, it found that 71% of those polled didn’t have an opinion of antifa, and most of those were listed as “unsure”, probably meaning they didn’t even know what or who antifa is. (Ask a few friends, and you’ll see what I mean.)

      Second, and more to Black’s point, of the 29% with an opinion, they split 5%-24% against antifa.

      With the liberal media solidly in antifa’s camp along with most Democrats, as awareness of the group grows liberals are going to find themselves trapped on the wrong side of a growing problem. The campaign ads will cut themselves due to all the supportive comments various Democrats will have made by then.

      • Antifa stands for anti-fascist – what is wrong with you people. Can’t wait till the “reeducation” starts after the next election. I have my eye on your house, Rod.

      • The antifa morons claim that their moniker stands for “anti fascist”, but in practice they are primarily “Anti First Amendment”. Conflating AntiFA with those Dems and GOPe who appear on video in support of them (no matter what the “meaning” of the antifa name) will be great fun.

      • I doubt you’ll find any videos of a Republican actually supporting the antifa Fascists, but you will find plenty of videos joining leftists in condemning only one party to two-sided violent encounters. I think they’ll figure out their mistake soon, however.

      • Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney posted vocal defenses of AntiFA on Facebook. The GOP in general has been tepid in it’s defense of President Trump’s denouncement of demonstrator violence at best.

      • Just another example of the left corrupting the language James.

        And the re-education has already begun, by the way. Watch the change in the university administrations over the next three years. The left has way overplayed its hand. As for watching my house, I’ll let you know when I put it on the market. You’d probably like it, if you can afford it.

  5. Never interrupt the enemy while they make a strategic mistake.

    • Do NOT remove those desecrated statues. They need to serve as a reminder of what the Leftist Fascists are capable of., and their Intentions.

      • Those statues were put up by the democratic party, THAT”S why they are trying to get them down before people figure this out….

  6. Torchlighted goose-steppers chanting “Jews will not replace us!” and carrying swastika and Confederate flags are only “a tiny bunch of pathetic losers” if you arent being maced, beaten, or mowed down by them. And it doesnt help when the so called president acts as their hero and proclaims many of them to be fine people. Trump is building a movement, thats true. So did Franco, Juan Peron, and Mussolini. Its a cult of personality that celebrates the very worst aspects of human nature: ignorance, brutality, intolerance, fanaticism, and unthinking obedience.

  7. The violent, anti-free speech, racist rioters and vandals of liberalism have plenty of time before 2018 and 2020 to advertise the true meaning of liberalism before the voters.

  8. Well, there was a full loon over Phoenix last night. Commenters are better advised not to use words like “rage” or “derangement” too far from the word “trump.” The guy’s nuts, plain and simple.

    Oh, and barely 200 days in, he’s already hit the 1,000 lie mark. Pretty neat work. Lie 4 – 5 times a day, the press covers it, and the fully covfefed claim there’s negative press coverage!

      • 1. “And just so you know, from the Secret Service, there aren’t too many people outside protesting, okay? That I can tell you.”
        Lie. There were thousands.
        2. Trump reads his initial statement on Charlottesville, but omits the controversial line, “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides, on many sides.”
        3. Trump laments that CNN fired pro-Trump commentator Jeffrey Lord, but does not mention that he was let go for tweeting “Sieg Heil!”
        4. Trump says he’s only upset because by criticizing his failure to forcefully condemn white supremacists, the “crooked media” is actually attacking his supporters.
        5. Trump says he sees reporters turning off their cameras, and claims CNN doesn’t want its viewers to see what he’s saying. CNN broadcast his entire speech.
        6. Trump boasts that he’s accomplished more than any previous president has in his first eight months.
        7. Trump claims that his opponents want to “take away our culture” and tear down statues of America’s Founding Fathers.

    • He’s way behind your hero Obama for the lying title. And his criticisms of the media are 100% on the mark — but you are either to propagandized to notice, or you don’t want to give up your Soros money for posting stupid comments in conservative websites.

      • No other person on earth is as deceitful as obama, maybe hitlery.

      • No, the one who is gullible is you. Your wife has been pulling a train every Wed for the last three years and you believe her when she tells you she’s going ‘shopping”. Shopping for dick..

      • For 7 years I believed Obama was the most deceitful president in my lifetime.., then came Donald Trump.
        Obama distorted facts for political expediency.., Trump lies unnecessarily.
        Obama was capable of telling the truth.., Trump is clearly not.

      • That is not what your wife was saying as she took it up the butt yesterday afternoon.

      • Oh yeah! Soros!
        It’s all Soros.
        You know for every $1 Soros spends the Koch bros and their groups spend about $100? True!
        So you must think Soros is the most powerful man on the planet.
        Or maybe you’re in need of a new tin foil hat…

      • Would appreciate the link to your information.

      • So that’s how real liars (YOU) deflect, calling others liars. Got it. I suggest staying in the NYT comment sections, you’ll find other pathetic commenters with low cognitive function.

      • “Conservative”? Supporting Donald Trump is not a “Conservative” thinking action.

    • Dr. Livingston, I presume. Finally, a voice of reason.

    • You’re quite the weak minded fool. Do you even have a left brain?

    • Obama played golf and was honest about it. Trump criticized his for it. Trump is playing much more golf than Obama. Trump won’t admit it, but the pictures don’t lie. Says a lot about character.

    • Wow, scintillating, intellectual critique of the article.

      • Neither Trump nor the article are worth any more effort than that.

      • The truth is that you have so little to say that is worthwhile and factual that one sentence nonsense is enough to display your limitations.

  9. Kimball is writing utter garbage.

    trump is failing, and generally only holding on to those in America that wish to throw bombs at Government… Those that work for him are hushed, quiet, and subdued… hoping to keep the trump disaster from becoming worse.

    America should admit we made a mistake… and demand that trump resign.

      • Utter bunk.

        Pulling out of TPP simply left the Asian markets to the Chinese… and excluded American business – and THAT is good?

        The rest of your stuff… is like the sun coming up in the morning… mixed with what any new president would do… combined with standard trump propaganda. The ONLY thing trump has done of note is the appointment of Gorsuch.

        And counter this… with trump’s severe degradation of American civility in government… trump’s reduction of America’s status & position in the world… and trump’s division of America with his silly & childish ‘tweets’.

        Trump should resign – NOW. for the good of America…

      • That is funny coming after a week in which the reaction to Trump’s Charlottesville statements were motivated almost exclusively to divide Americans. Everyone had the easy opportunity of saying they agreed with Trump’s denunciations of hatred and violence over a week ago and many threw it away with transparently political insistence that it be expressed slightly differently. Who the heck did anyone of sound rational facilities think Trump was speaking about when he denounced the many sides expressing hatred and engaging in violence? The GIrl Scouts? No, it was the collection of anti-democratic rage filled lunatics that happened to oppose each other on the streets of Charlottesville.

      • trump is not the only element in America that seeks to divide our American people for their selfish gain.

        REAL Leaders… will unite America.

      • The reductions in useless regulations has been good for business. Are you for more job killing regulations?

      • How do you know that the net effects of regulation removal is producing new jobs… or are they just creating a new Love Canal disaster?


      • Plenty of research on regulations stifling business growth..

        Google it and read. Get back to me.

      • Do you own research, junior. I don’t have time to teach you russians about America.

      • I did do my own research and guess what I found. Regulations are killing business. Especially small business.

        I guess you are just an old dog not willing to learn.

      • It’s so true!
        You know, from 1977-2017, the last 40 years, we’ve had 20 years of democratic presidents regulating, job-killing, and 20 years of republican presidents deregulating and freeing up the economy.

        Which is why in the 20 years off democrats we added about 45 million jobs.

        While in the 20 years of deregulating republicans we added about 21 million.

        Job killing.

        Should be a punishable crime.

      • HB, it wasn’t “my stuff” but there have been some reductions in illegal border crossings, stock markets up, & he’s supporting our vets, military and law enforcement which I think is a positive thing. A RCP article a day or 2 ago had a list of positive outcome for black Americans, lower unemployment, increased opportunities and a general better status under Trump than 8 years under Obama. I too wish he could resist tweet attacks, but perhaps he’ll benefit from experience? He was not my first choice, but I still prefer him to the criminal Clinton option. I wish you well HB, have a peaceful summer to fall.

      • And the sun rises every morning… and trump claims credit.

    • Escape from your hysteria bubble is impossible for you…too bad.

    • You made a mistake in backing Cruz. You should admit that.

      • If you knew what you are talking about, you would know that I trended towards trump during the primary… until I researched his history an found immense incompetence, failure, scam artist, immorality, and psychopathic behavior.

        Not to mention being a Vietnam draft dodger and wife beater.

        But of course… you russian trump trolls don’t know what you are talking about in America.

      • You have said before that you supported Cruz. What happened that your disavowing him now?

      • Why do you still support a psychopathic liar like trump?

    • I for one love the regulations reveals, adult leadership in Afghanistan, conservative court appointments and inflaming idiots like you. Why I voted for him.

      • Lets hope those removed regulations place a new chemical dump next to you.

        Great lesson opportunity for you.

  10. It occurred to me, we should NOT fix or remove the desecrated statues destroyed by Anti-American, Leftist Fascists.
    Leave it there, as a reminder, as evidence of the hatred & destruction by those who do not understand the purpose of History, and how evil they can be.
    The biggest threat to America right now, are the enormous, angry mobs of Leftist Fascists taking over our cities.

    • And the Germans should keep their statues of Hitler,the Russians should keep their statues of Stalin, and the Italians should keep their statues of Mussolini.

      Oh, wait…

      Why is the American South the ONLY region in the whole wide world that insists on honoring traitors?

      • How far back in history do you want to go in destroying works of art?

        All statues are works of art. Idiots see them as symbols. They are no more threatening than any other piece of art. What’s next? The left burning books they don’t like?

      • Really? All statues are works of art?
        So it was a mistake for the US Army to tear down a statue of Saddam Hussein on entering Baghdad in 2003?


        How about this tidbit of history, which you, trumpzo, now consider a “mistake:”
        “On July 9, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was read for the first time in New York in front of George Washington and his troops. In reaction to what had been read, soldiers and citizens went to Bowling Green, a park in Manhattan, where a lead statue of King George III on horseback stood. The mob of people pulled down the statue, and later the lead was melted down to make musket balls, or bullets for use in the war for independence. Careful records were kept, and it is known that 42, 088 bullets were made.”

        See how deranged you trumpzos get in defending your lunatic leader?

      • Yeah really. Even the statue of Saddam Hussein. Some artist skillfully crafted it and statues won’t hurt anyone. Unless, of course, they fall on you when some idiot is tearing them down.

        So your answer is to make bullets out of the confederate statues?


      • So they can be displayed in museums or in your backyard if you like.

      • They can be displayed anywhere and everywhere. If we start taking down statues of people that some may not like or disagree with they a whole bunch of religious statues will have to come down.

        Where does it end? Outlawing any piece of art that anyone may disagree with?

        Funny how that would be an idea that might appeal to historical figures like Hitler. Or fanatical groups like ISIS.

        After all….at this point what difference does it make if a statue is there or not there?
        How about we get back to real problems instead of making ones up?

      • It’s a cute trick … getting the GOP and conservatives to defend Democrat statues that memorialize Democrat secessionists.

      • Oliver Cromwell Statue in front of Big Ben at the Houses of Parliament, London https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d00f951ef6bf99cc3049bde9a6a5a0813988547ca020819788e1900e53bc47c5.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/596c895f40d78ee426aed83a056e59948d9d7b42eb1960a4c589c88afa76b199.jpg

        Led two civil wars, regicide, invaded Scotland, after Ireland (a few massacres, deportations, burning, then “deliberate policy of crop burning and starvation, which was responsible for the majority of an estimated 600,000 deaths out of a total Irish population of 1,400,000”).
        When the Royalists returned to power in 1660, they had his corpse dug up, hung in chains, and beheaded him.

        Cromwell’s pieces were later re-buried in Westminster Abbey.

        HIs statue might still get debated in Parliament.

      • Royalists are in power in Britain? That’s why the Queen issues so many edicts? And the Prime Minister asks her permission to use the crapper?
        Great precedent, thanks.
        You made my case.

    • Statues are not being destroyed by anti-American leftist fascists, they are being relocated by the city governments that OWN the statues. Just so you know.

  11. If you can read, thank a Teacher.
    If you can sleep safe in your bed at night, thank a Policeman.

    If you hate America, thank a College Professor.

    • So trump going to college is why he said that America is no better than Putin’s Russia?
      That’s the reason why he said that?
      Pretty incisive analysis there, buddy.

      • Is Russia good or bad this month, its hard to keep up?

      • Who, besides trump, says that a country run by murdering kleptocrats is good?

      • Is That why Hillary and Bill sold them 20% of U.S. Uranium, because they were murdering Kleptocrats?
        If you take money from Kleptocrats does that make you a Kleptocrat?

      • Next you are going tell us that the uranium is somehow being smuggled out of the country and used to make Russian atomic bombs. That is also a lie.

      • It’s not about the uranium, it’s about pay-to-play. Clintons DID take money from kleptocrats, including for BJs speeches. You claimed they didn’t take money from kleptocrats when they DID.

      • They didn’t “admit” anything because that article you cite DOES NOT SAY that HRC sold uranium to anyone.

        This story comes from the book “Clinton Cash” and has been debunked many times.

        I doubt that you have even read the NYT article.

      • The article says they took money from Russia. The question was: if you take money from kleptocrats does that make you a kleptocrat? You said the uranium story (of taking money from kleptocrats) was a lie. It’s not a lie– they took the money from the Russians, lots and lots of it.

      • You are changing the subject. If you say that the Clintons took money from kleptocrats then I don’t disagree. But if you say that the Russians got a uranium mine in return then that is not true.

        What I object to is Trump’s habit of telling lies about his opponents whether it is HRC or Ted Cruz. I am not trying to defend any particular politician, I am trying to defend the truth.

      • The question was: if you take money from kleptocrats does that make you a kleptocrat, and you said they didn’t. In fact, they DID take tons of money from kleptocrats.
        You don’t have a track record of defending the truth.

      • “Murdering Kleptocrats”…..
        Every “Progressive”.

      • I will give you a hint: 5 years ago Mitt Romney told us that Russia was our no.1 geopolitical foe. Romney was right. Nothing has changed since then.

    • This is very good. Scott Adams, in his blog linked to it and suggested you show it to the leftists and Never Trumpers you know, even though he said they will ignore it.

  12. Conrad Black, writing last week in the aftermath of Charlottesville, was right: “The campaign of defamation against Trump will fail, and if the Democrats and pseudo-Republicans don’t get to higher ground soon, Trump will pull together the responsible Right and most of the center and wax the Warren Democrats by a margin that will make the Nixon and Reagan reelections look like photo-finishes.”

    And, that would be a good thing….
    Building the New, BIG Tent ‘American’ Party…..

    One Picture Equals 1000 Words….


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    To enlarge the picture a moderate amount, CLICK the double arrow > < in the lower right hand corner.

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    [I wonder what people think of these memes, and I get few upvotes, ….which makes my upvotes/comment ratio suck….these memes ARE my comments….read the comment I attach to the memes if you wish]

  13. The sooner the Democrats can get rid of these statutes of earlier Democrats from the confederacy, the sooner that they can claim that those confederates weren’t Democrats, but actually Republicans.

    • No. It suffices to note the historical fact that with the civil rights battles of the 60s culminating in major legislation in 1964, the anti-rights groups took control of the GOP with staunch opponent Goldwater, and were excluded from power in the Democratic Party.

  14. Articles like this remind me of the childhood game where you’d be chased around the yard and then touch the tree and pronounce that you are “safe” or “home”. There is so much garbage out there; the world has gone mad. Articles like this remind me that I’m not crazy yet.

    What’s going on? Why are these otherwise intelligent people wanting to undo a fair election? What would happen if they succeeded somehow?

    Sometimes I tell myself that really there aren’t that many of these crazy people. Add up all the people who work for CNN, NBC, CBS, the New York Times — and then a few thousand college age kids that get on TV a lot. I hope that’s all it is.

    • How about Bob Corker, Rick Wilson, Ana Navarro, and many other people who have been members of the GOP far longer than loony-boy trump?

      See what they’re saying lately?

      • I know. It’s terrible isn’t it?
        It all makes me feel bad about all the things we did to Obama to make sure he didn’t succeed. You reap what you sow I guess.

      • Just because they work in the politics biz doesn’t mean they aren’t stuck in a different paradigm and see everything through that paradigm’s lens

      • So, smart political biz people are sane. Everyone else who sees Trump’s actions as something other than insane are insane?

      • I can’t see, I am blinded by the excellence of their performance in governing, which has led us to this wonderful state of affairs…wait, wut?

    • My estimate is it might be 20-25% of America’s population “otherwise intelligent people wanting to undo a fair election?” YOU are not crazy. I have worked through several theories: spread of Lyme disease-encephalitis since 2001; something in the water; micro-chip implants; the end of “Lassie” on tv in 1974…
      Scott Adams on mass hysteria, cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias, is sound – although he does not specifically cite the book “Extraordinary Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”, he does reference the Salem Witch Trials, and the 17th century Tulip Bulb hysteria:

      • I wonder how much it is hurting us, in the end. In a perfect world, would we change health care, social security, taxes? I don;t think so, to be honest. These are tough questions. The Republican stance has always been to limit government. So stagnation is good.

      • There is a genuine crisis with medical insurance under ACA. No time here to get into it, but, the GOP do need to do something positive on that. They should go back to McCain’s platform in2008: de-link from employment, de-regulate the state line problem, and do something about the way ‘medicine’ is ‘practiced’. ACA was written by lobbyists.

        Otherwise, just keep unwinding the Executive branch regulatory morass that stifles small business formation, keep working on conduct of foreign relations, and judicial appointments – Congress can not obstruct POTUS as much.
        signing off, just know how you feel – it IS insanity.

  15. Yes, dems, commies, and other alt-left berserkos assume that their emotion fueled antics contain a ‘message’ that has appeal to normal Americans. But their problem is that most Americans are quite normal and do not like rioting and they also got a very good look at what alt-left politics deliver in the form of Obama’s ‘leadership.’ Then again, they might be rioting because it pays well. Should they thank Obama for the opportunity he has given them?

  16. When Nazis hold a “Unite the Right” party and gets too much media coverage that even the alt-president can’t condone, its time to make up a new enemy: the alt left, antifa, etc. Seriously, no one thinks that the Nazis actually speak for conservatives, so why make the same distinction for antifa? Violence is the wrong answer from either side. Finding excuses for racists is not a good argument to be making

    • no one thinks that the Nazis actually speak for conservatives, so why make the same distinction for antifa?

      Because the left refuse to condemn antifa, and in many cases either tacitly or explicitly endorse it.

      • I guess I’ll do the same thing with Trump then? I mean, he did say the Nazis were some “fine people.” That seem fair?

  17. One would hope that the lies will never end.

    If you think these statues were just the innocent products of old women, consider this speech dedicating the one at UNC:
    “It is true that the snows of winter which never melt, crown our temples, and we realize that we are living in the twilight zone; that it requires no unusual strain to hear the sounds of the tides as they roll and break upon the other shore, “The watch-dog’s bark his deep bay mouth welcome as we draw near home”, breaks upon our ears—makes it doubly sweet to know that we have been remembered in the erection of this beautiful memorial. The present generation, I am persuaded, scarcely takes note of what the Confederate soldier meant to the welfare of the Anglo Saxon race during the four years immediately succeeding the war, when the facts are, that their courage and steadfastness saved the very life of the Anglo Saxon race in the South – When “the bottom rail was on top” all over the Southern states, and to-day, as a consequence the purest strain of the Anglo Saxon is to be found in the 13 Southern States – Praise God.
    I trust I may be pardoned for one allusion, howbeit it is rather personal. One hundred yards from where we stand, less than ninety days perhaps after my return from Appomattox, I horse-whipped a negro wench until her skirts hung in shreds, because upon the streets of this quiet village she had publicly insulted and maligned a Southern lady, and then rushed for protection to these University buildings where was stationed a garrison of 100 Federal soldiers. I performed the pleasing duty in the immediate presence of the entire garrison, and for thirty nights afterwards slept with a double-barrel shot gun under my head.”


    The article is based on a lie. The author knows this.
    And he doesn’t care.

    No – this isn’t the only example.

    • Your concern with what people said in the distant past touches me, and gives me hope that you might care just as much about what people say in the present. For example –

      White women: it is time to do your part! Your white children reinforce the white supremacist society that benefits you. If you claim to be progressive, and yet willingly birth white children by your own choice, you are a hypocrite. White women should be encouraged to abort their white children…


      No, this isn’t the only example.

    • Well, Skippy, I can bet almost all of these statues and memorials were put up by the grandchildren of the confederates to honor the memory of their grandparents. I see nothing sinister in that, at all. I would not begrudge some Germans from honoring the sacrifice of their troops in WW2, as long as they do not honor war criminal;s. That ought to be your guiding light, but I doubt you’d understand it.

      • Do we agree that someone who takes up arms against their own country, kills their fellow citizens and steals their country’s property are war criminals?

      • The American colonists were citizens of the British Empire but not citizens of the UK, which is why the British parliament had no right to tax us.

      • You are correct. I was wrong on citizenship. As to taxation I do not agree. Great Britain had control of the land when the colonies were established. Britain already had spent a lot of
        money sending troops and material to the colonies to fight the French
        and Indian War. It believed the American colonists should now help pay
        for that war.

        The question remains. If the British had won, would George Washington and our other founding fathers be recorded in history as patriots or traitors? The winners always get to write the history books. Just ask a native American.

        As an aside, the Southern states voted to join the Union. Why would it not have seemed logical to them at the time that they could just as easily vote to leave the union?

      • The American colonists fought in the French and Indian on the side of the British. We should have been treated as allies instead of defeated foes.

        I think it is safe to say that by now the USA would be an independent country anyway regardless of the outcome of the 1776 uprising. So had we lost then George Washington etc. would be regarded today as tragic heroes who were ahead of their time.

      • No, these statues were NOT put up to memorialize the troops who fought in the Civil War.

      • Maybe we should let Germany be our guiding light. They do have memorials honoring their war dead, but they do NOT have ANY statues glorifying the leaders of the 3rd Reich. NONE.

        And in Germany the neo-Nazi protestors would have been arrested and thrown in jail just for existing. They don’t have any 1st amendment concerns when it comes to Nazis.

      • I do hope that you realize that our constitution does not govern Germany and there is no “first amendment” in the German constitution.

        And, there were no widespread war crimes although there was Andersonville and Sherman’s march to the sea that qualifies.

      • Of course I realize that. That is why they have no 1st amendment concerns. Duh.

  18. Today’s Neo-nazi’s are not responsible for the mass-murders in Germany. And today’s KKK is not responsible for past KKK sins. But, they cannot just be dismissed as “pathetic losers” since they still identify with, espouse similar views as and seek to keep alive the movements that were responsible for murder, torture and terror. Violence by those on the radical left is also wrong and must be condemned. The same can be said for anti-free speech actions by the anti-fascist left. But, the two groups are not morally equivalent. No one in their right mind would suggest that there’s no distinction between the U.S. and Japan and Germany in WWII because there was violence on both sides. And that’s because those who denigrate, discriminate against or support the disenfranchisement (or worse) of others are not – in any shape, manner or form — the same as those who rise up to challenge them. But, if you think the Right stands on some moral high ground from which it can decry the “orgy of destruction” without also looking in the mirror here’s a fun fact for you. Over the past 25 years, 74% of those killed in terrorist acts in the US were killed by right-wing extremists; 24% by Muslim extremists and only 2% by left-wing extremists. Yes, violence is wrong…..but those in glass houses also should not cast stones.

    • Todays American left are not responsible for the mass murders carried out by communists around the globe in the 20th century. But, they cannot just be dismissed as “pathetic losers” since they still identify with, espouse similar views as and seek to keep alive the movements that were responsible for murder, torture and terror.

      The same can be said for anti-free speech actions by the anti-fascist left. But, the two groups are not morally equivalent. No one in their right mind would suggest that there’s no distinction between the U.S. and Japan and Germany in WWII because there was violence on both sides.

      So in this kooky analogy, you’re saying the “antifascit” left are the same as the US? The truth is that they are much more similar to communist Russia and China and Cambodia and other murderous totalitarian regimes.

      Over the past 25 years, 74% of those killed in terrorist acts in the US were killed by right-wing extremists; 24% by Muslim extremists and only 2% by left-wing extremists.

      The extraordinary stupidly and pathological dishonesty of the Left on display. That’s not merely a lie, it’s a bad lie.

      • You’re wrong to assume that I stand on the Left. Unlike some, I refuse to peddle partisan bullshit simply to defend my viewpoint. The only thing I care about is the truth. And, I stand ready, willing and able to admit when I am wrong…and to change my view when the facts warrant. And politically, I will support any candidate – ANY CANDIDATE – in any party – who brings to the table good ideas for good policy. As proof of my “integrity” I’ll admit on second blush that my numbers on the US terrorism seem wrong. They were given to me by someone I consider reliable, but I should have checked them before shooting off my mouth. I did check after I posted them but couldn’t confirm my “facts”. So, unless and until I can confirm the details of my earlier terrorism comments, I’ll withdraw them and admit I was wrong to post without the necessary proof. That was. therefore, a mistake, not lie. And on that front, I will point out, however, that you did accuse me of lying, dishonesty and stupidity. For that, you should apologize. Argue the facts and the logic with me (or others) but there’s no reason for person attacks. I believe your lack of civility is wrong and I found your logic to be faulty. But, beyond point that out, I find no call to insult or attack you.

    • “Over the past 25 years, 74% of those killed in terrorist acts in the US
      were killed by right-wing extremists; 24% by Muslim extremists and only
      2% by left-wing extremists. Yes, violence is wrong…..but those in
      glass houses also should not cast stones.”

      More fake news! That is because of the Oklahoma City bombing,Skippy. One event tilts it all the other way. Now lets, count only from 911, and lo and behold the Islamic terrorists account for almost all terror related murders! In fact of the 23 hate crimes committed by the left, 13 have been within the past year.

  19. I am tired of the straw going from Lee to Washington.. It is time to stop the romantic illusion of the “war of northern aggression” and accept it for what it was – a traitorous attempt to break up the country in order to maintain slavery. And that war and the people who led that war are not worthy of any adulation.

    • Hahahahhaa! Another person ignorant of real history. Which means of course, that you are a leftist.

      Lincoln wrote a letter to General Fremont detailing how the war was not to end slavery. IF Lincoln did not know what the war was being fought over, who did?

      In addition. Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation solely to keep Britain and France from joining the confederacy, not because he believed ending slavery had any other value. In fact Jeff Davis also said that the South would end slavery after the war to try and gain the favor of France and Britain.

      So both the north and the south had somewhat committed to ending slavery. So what was the war about?

      To further show how silly that “war was to end slavery” meme is, the union states would not ratify the 13th amendment abolishing slavery. The US Congress had to coerce the southern states by stating that they would not be able to re-enter the union until they had ratified the 13th amendment. Either these were states had every right to ratify or not ratify an amendment, or their ratification bore as much weight as Puerto Rico or Guam ratifying an amendment.

      And finally Skippy, Nazis were not white supremacists, they were German nationalists or Aryan supremacists. Nazis killed lots of whites especially slavs, so the whole narrative from the left is wrong and laughable.

      • Odys, you’re the one that needs the history lesson and maybe a lesson in reading comprehension. I did not say that the north fought the Civil War to end slavery. I said that the south seceded to maintain slavery. But I don’t expect you to be able to see the difference because you seem to believe these straw man arguments that you find on this site. Go look at the various state’s secession proclamations. Those proclamations say that the state was seceding to maintain their right to keep slaves. Go look here – https://www.civilwar.org/learn/primary-sources/declaration-causes-seceding-states – and read the actual secession documents.

        And by the way Aryans were white, so maybe they were supremacists of that subset of whites they considered to be the “true” white people.

        So Skippy, maybe it’s your narrative that is wrong and laughable.

      • Well, then Skippy, you should easily be able to cite all those sources that showed that the states seceded to maintain slavery. Go ahead, I’ll wait here for you.Hahahahahahaha!

        Now skippy, I know for a fact that NC seceded because it was surrounded by the confederacy and they told Lincoln they did not want to do so but felt there was no other way, and Lincoln said he understood. It was so well known that NC did NOT seceded to support slavery that it never suffered any looting by Sherman when he reached it, so you are just plain wrong.

      • Well Skippy, I see you edited your original comment deleting – “Well, then Skippy, you should easily be able to cite all those sources that showed that the states seceded to maintain slavery. Go ahead, I’ll wait here for you.Hahahahahahaha!”. I guess you went back and read my link.

        Secession is revolution. Revolution is treason unless you win. Simple as that. You’re right that Lincoln did not fight the Civil War over slavery. He fought the was because it was a revolution to destroy the country and government.

        Finally, I was using the Nazi definition of Aryan since you originally tied the two together in your post.

      • No, your link cited only four states, and I decided not to embarrass you by pointing out that there were 13 states in the confederacy. And you do not comment on the secession being democratic, and there being nothing illegal about seceding, because that part of the constitution I would like you to cite IF you think it is in there.

        Secession is NOT revolution. Revolution is when you attempt to overthrow the ruling powers, and that did not happen. In fact there is no way to even call this a civil war. It was democratic states exercising their right to ask their citizens if they wished to remain in the union or not.

        Was the collapse of the USSR a revolution, or just the secession of the republics?

      • Actually, my link showed 5 states. But if you did a little research on your own, in less than 5 minutes you could have found 7 states referencing slavery in their secession documents. But your key argument that secession is not revolution is wrong. A majority of these states were created from territory belonging to the US government (Texas being the exception) and petitioned to join the US. They all committed to honor the constitution and the government created by it to be (effectively) the law of the land. To subsequently withdraw is in fact to revolt against that constitution and government they petitioned to join. It doesn’t matter whether it was voted on or not. And you’re example of the USSR is not applicable because the constitution of the USSR specifically allowed the individual republics to withdraw from the agreement. The US Constitution did not contain anything similar.

  20. I’m, thanks for the article, but where was the “Trump Builds” section that the headline promised? What has Trump built since taking office?

    • I agree it is not in the article but for one thing our national energy policy is 180 degrees different now, and yet the left is so consumed with wusskies and Nazis they haven’t noticed.

      • Our energy policy is 180 degrees different? No it is not. More Trumpian propaganda.

  21. I’d say that Donald Trump, though often rhetorically effective (note that I did not say “eloquent”), missed an important rhetorical opportunity at Charlottesville. He didn’t understand that the politically correct dispensation that rules academia, the media, the Democratic party, and large swathes of the corporate world requires a certain ritual homage to be paid to its reigning pieties about “racism” in America.

    I’d say that Trump understands that perfectly. But unlike you, he is not so cowed and broken that he feels the need to bow down before that “politically correct dispensation” and pay homage to lies and bigotry.

  22. IF we are going to remove memorials to those that fought the USA, then we better get rid of all those native American monuments.

    PS: The armed forces were not desegregated until 1948, making all those WW1 and WW2 vets racists!

  23. It’s not the “alt-Left,” it’s the “CTRL-Left.”

    Get it right.

  24. Hillary Clinton’s mentor? Sen Robert Byrd (Democrat and former KKK Kleagle).

  25. Hey.. uh, Roger. Someone actually PAYS you to write this stuff?? It’s laughable.

  26. I have spent most of my life in the South. I don’t know anyone in the KKK. In fact, I don’t know anyone who knows anyone in the KKK. Charlottesville was really a joke. If not for one crackpot, we would not even be talking about it.

  27. In the end all people of good will realize that, like Trump or not, agree with him on an issue or specifics or not, amused by his antics or not, he is and always have been one of us, one of the very few in public life, and deserves our support.

    • One of “US”? What “US” would that be? Speak for yourself.

  28. This is the last time I’m gong to write this, so you Trump following idiots out there better get it right once and for all:
    Trump is not a racist, a bigot, or any of those things. His failings do not fall that way.
    Trump’s trouble is that he is pig-headedly stupid, immature, loutish and petulant.

    • And yet he still beat everything the Democrats had.

      And also provoked you guys into coming out of your costume and revealing your inner totalitarian for the world to see.

      It must stink for you to lose so badly to someone you hate so much.

  29. Kimball in top form.

    But as for 2020, Tom Cotton for Prez!

  30. We have a beautiful country, but Donald Trump makes it a little uglier every day!

  31. Black people that were never slaves are fighting white people that were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by Democrats, because Democrats can’t stand their own history anymore, and somehow it’s Trumps fault?

    Oh the Hysteria, keep it up for 3 years 3 months longer.

    We will see you at the Ballot Box on Tuesday, November 3rd 2020.

  32. Progressives may be registered Democrats for the most part, but they do not believe in democracy. In their desperation to cling to power they have introduced street fighting into American politics, and in doing so are alienating themselves even further from the voters who already sent them packing. They’ve nearly destroyed the Democratic party, and it’s far from certain that there are enough reasonable Democrats in existence to pull the party back from the brink. George McGovern and Walter Mondale were honorable men, especially when compared to moral pygmies like Elizabeth Warren and the Clintons, but neither of them could be nominated for dogcatchers in the modern Democratic party. Neither of them would even recognize it.

  33. Still waiting for Trump to build ANYTHING.

    He should have started with infrastructure if he wanted to make that claim. Now he’s threatening to shut down the government if the American people don’t pony up for his wall. Whatever happened to Mexico paying for it?

    Trump is a swindler. A con man. A fraud. At best.

  34. Roger is a great writer and faithful Catholic. For all of trump’s moral failings he is right on the most important good in the heirarchy of good (save for worship of God) – he is pro-life and his pro-life policies will save lives.

  35. Trying to make sense out of this thought salad. Racism wasn’t a problem before the word was added to a dictionary? And Trump can’t be rasist because.. no reasons, he just can’t be? And Trump will will win by historic margins because? His soaring polls?

  36. Every eGOP charleton, every NeverTrump stooge, every RINO…send them to the dustbin of history. Welcome to the Revolution!

  37. What an astonishing surprise the man has been.

    I’ve gone from wary acceptance to wholehearted approval since the election.

    Looking forward to the balance of his first term.

  38. When the author’s credits are almost as long as his essay it is probable that the deplorables whom he implicitly credits with common sense will not get all the high falutin’ allusions that he and Mr. Black stack up in anticipation of their electoral responses. It doesn’t matter. The point made here, eloquently and effectively, is that you don’t mess with a people’s ancestors if you have a lick of sense. The Alt-Progressives (a term I coin to link “the politically correct dispensation that rules academia” with its thug arm in Antifa) have taken over the Democratic Party and have developed a true genius for picking out losing issues. It is about two hundred years since “The Democracy” coalesced as the party of the people; a long run, but one very close to its own finish line.