The Kristol Crackup

In a Venn diagram of NeverTrump conservatives and anti-Trump liberals, a photo of Bill Kristol would appropriately fill the growing intersection of the two. Like many NeverTrumpers, Kristol has abandoned any attempt to promote conservative ideals and policies and instead is focused merely on destroying Donald Trump’s presidency. While the NeverTrumpers’ daily whipping of the president ranges from ax-grinding to click-baiting to ego-boosting from a roster of conservative benchwarmers who’ve been eating their collective lunch since November 8, Kristol occupies a special place above the most bitter figures in the NeverTrump pantheon.

He nearly cried about Trump on “Morning Joe” a few weeks before the election (he also said Trump would not win.) He has called for a “Deep State” subversion and “disposing” of the president. His Twitter timeline shows a disturbing obsession with Donald Trump; Kristol tags Trump in his tweets as if he’s yearning for his attention. With nothing meaningful to contribute to the public discourse, Kristol manically tweets out incendiary vituperations designed to get retweets and likes from Trump/GOP haters. It would be amusing if it wasn’t so truly alarming. And the conservative media (with the exception of my two articles in The Federalist here and here) have completely ignored how crazy—even dangerous—this once-influential conservative thought leader has become.

Just when you thought Kristol’s Trump Derangement Syndrome couldn’t get any worse, he went code blue over the weekend, culminating Tuesday night with an outrageously dishonest accusation against Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The past four days have been, in fact, a embarrassing display by many anti-Trump conservatives who played directly into the hands of the Left, using their terms and parameters (I’m old enough to remember when conservatives did not believe the actions of a few implicated an entire group. Some NeverTrumpers conflated the white supremacists in Charlottesville with Trump supporters, a smear the Left and the media have been propagating for at least two years.) Like unimaginative lemmings, they followed each other in demanding Trump disavow neo-nazis as they demanded he disavow his remarks about the New York Times, the Khan family, Mexican rapists, and so forth.

But Kristol is the winner of the NeverTrump shamefest by a mile. Even though Kristol’s own first instinct was to refer to the marchers as “creeps”—not as neo-nazis or white supremacists, mind you—hypocrisy was no impediment to his eagerness to pile on Trump for this “transgression” by early Saturday afternoon. By midday, as the violence was unfolding and the media was already trying somehow to blame Trump for it, Kristol started subtweeting the president, mocking his response: “What @POTUS should say: To racists and anti-Semites who claim to support me, know this: I denounce your bigotry and reject your support.” (It was retweeted 20,000 times.)

His subsequent tweets over the weekend were increasingly unhinged. He blasted a White House adviser who had been interviewed on CNN for only condemning the “20-year old driver, but not those who persuaded and recruited him and who gave him an occasion to act on his sick beliefs.” (His parents?) On Sunday morning, while most of America still didn’t know exactly what happened in Charlottesville, Kristol tweeted “I’ve got to say, I’m sick of the imploring & pleading with Donald Trump to say the right thing. He said what he meant & meant what he said.” In a pot-calling-the-kettle-black moment, Kristol claimed Trump “is doing more damage to American conservatism & the Republican Party than the left or Democrats ever did.” This from the man who pushed for the war in Iraq, which led to the GOP’s losing control of Congress in 2006 and the ascendancy of Barack Obama.

By Wednesday morning, he was imploring a military coup led by John Kelly, H.R. McMaster, and James Mattis, citing a British politician who helped take down Neville Chamberlain’s government in 1940 with this Cromwell quote: “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

But it was his false charge against Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night that dashes any hope of Kristol regaining his sanity—or integrity. Kristol accused Carlson of “rationalizing slavery” following the host’s lengthy monologue about removing Confederate statues. He posed the same question that the president and many Americans are asking: where is the line between which monuments should be removed and which ones should remain? And if slave-owning is the test, many otherwise honorable men will fail.

To make his point, Carlson mentioned a lengthy list of men who owned slaves, including numerous signers of the Declaration of Independence, Christopher Columbus, Plato, and Mohammed. He stated that many Native Americans also owned slaves and brought them on the Trail of Tears. His conclusion was clear: “If we are going to reduce a person’s life to the single worst thing he ever participated in, we had better be prepared for the consequences of that.”

But in Kristol’s mixed-up mind, those historical facts amounted to an endorsement of slavery. In a tweet that earned nearly 30,000 likes, Kristol tweeted a photo of Carlson’s show and said, “They started by rationalizing Trump. They ended by rationalizing slavery.”

Carlson did nothing of the sort. Kristol flat-out lied. What Tucker actually said was, “now, to be clear, as if it’s necessary, slavery is evil. If you believe in the rights of the individual, it’s actually hard to think of anything worse than slavery.” He also said that, despite the fact that slavery was the “rule around the world” until 150 years ago, “none of this is a defense of the atrocity of human bondage. And it is an atrocity.”

How is this “rationalizing slavery”? Kristol ripped a page from Joe Biden’s playbook, where the former vice president told a group of African-Americans in 2012 that Republicans want to “put y’all back in chains.” It is a vile, disgusting attempt to portray Tucker Carlson and other Trump supporters as a group of plantation owners pining for the good old days when blacks had to call us “massa.”

Kristol has gone from a clown to a menace. He’s not just mocking and taunting the president, he is race-baiting in its lowest form, helping the America-hating Left condemn Trump voters and all Republicans in general as white supremacists who want back the days of Jim Crow. The anti-Trumpers who have now joined the speech and thought police on the Left should speak up to this, and challenge Kristol to stop.

Or, just as they reminded us all weekend about Trump’s initial response to Charlottesville, their silence will be interpreted as complicity.


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508 responses to “The Kristol Crackup”

  1. For what it’s worth, I thought Mr. Trump’s initial statement on Charlottesville was nearly perfect. It was far better than Obama’s attack on the Boston police when he called them “stupid” and didn’t have any of the relevant facts. Of course, the media believed Obama could do no wrong, just as they also believe that Trump can do no right. Those of us who elected him disagree, and will continue to.

    • Very well stated! Expecting Swamp Creatures to become frantic when someone shows up with the announcement “Drain The Swamp” should be normal.

    • If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read: “President Can’t Swim.”
      ―Lyndon B. Johnson

      Same problem for President Trump. They’ll excoriate him for what he said; excoriate him for what he doesn’t say; and excoriate him for not saying something they way they wanted him to say it. And they’re furious that he won’t play their game. Any analysis or opinion about President Trump’s observations about anything are going to be viewed through the prism of libtard lunacy – it is pointless to argue with these loons and no amount logic will ever trump their feelz.

      The neocon and libtad’s slow descent into irrelevancy will be painful to watch. More popcorn please.

      • In that descent though will they take many small skulls full of mush as they still have their firm grip on the mantle of education. It scares me to consider how today’s little snowflakes, ever so accustomed to their safe spaces, will be tomorrow’s leaders.

  2. Beautifully stated. If nothing else, Trump’s presidency has exposed the frauds in our midst as the masks have finally dropped. Whom gods destroy they first make mad. Check. Nemesis precedes hubris. Stay tuned.

  3. Kristol has become such a sad and pathetic old fool, skipping hand in hand with another bimbo, George Will, into irrelevance

      • Good point, Krauthammer disappoints me frequently with his overwrought analysis

      • I always enjoyed Krauthammer’s criticism of Hussein Obama, but he is 10x more unhinged when it comes to providing analysis of Trump. There is plenty of room for constructive criticism of Trump, but Krauthammer mostly spews crap these days, Trump derangement syndrome

      • I always enjoyed Krauthammer’s criticism of Hussein Obama, but he is 10x more unhinged when it comes to providing analysis of Trump. There is plenty of room for constructive criticism of Trump, but Krauthammer mostly spews crap these days, classic Trump derangement syndrome

      • Since the election he’s become an Obama apologist. Watching him makes me angry at myself because I actually used to respect him.

      • Krauthammer always hated Trump, but until Charlottesville he was never unhinged about it. Maybe its the Nazi thing which unhinged him. Red flag to a bull and all that.

      • Charles K is still the picture of even-handedness compared to Kristol.

      • Kristol seems mildly mentally ill. He’s by far the worse of the two.

      • I am still trying to figure out Trump’s true “crime” with regard to Charlottesville other than failing to toe the party line of Antifa and BLM

      • He did not go out to Virginia and shoot some Nazis, that was the only way to possibly placate the left. When the fallback position from the Democrats – who all belong to a vile and racist party which has limbo low expectations for minority groups with the exception of Asians – is that everyone to the right of Black Lives Matter is racist, it is impossible to win. There is no point in trying.

      • Trump’s true crime was pointing out Antifa violence, when the Leftist Narrative demanded he condemn only Nazis and himself into the bargain.

      • Mueller is COMING for your lying sexual predator/rapist Trump you low info brain dead piece of chit.

      • eat chit and d i e

        it is interesting to note that federal grand juries indict 99 percent of the time, when a prosecutor seeks an indictment.

        Mueller time!!!!!!!

        Felix Sater, one of Donald Trump’s shadiest former business partners,
        is reportedly preparing for prison time — and he says the president
        will be joining him behind bars.

        told The Spectator‘s Paul Wood that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s
        deep dive into Trump’s business practices may be yielding results.

        Trump recently made remarks that could point to a money laundering scheme, Wood reported.

        “I mean, it’s possible there’s a condo or something, so, you know, I
        sell a lot of condo units, and somebody from Russia buys a condo, who
        knows?” the president said.

        who has a long history of legal troubles and is cooperating with law
        enforcement, was one of the major players responsible for selling
        Trump’s condos to the Russians.

        And according to Wood’s sources, Sater may have already flipped and
        given prosecutors the evidence they need to make a case against Trump.

        For several weeks there have been rumours that Sater is
        ready to rat again, agreeing to help Mueller. ‘He has told family and
        friends he knows he and POTUS are going to prison,’ someone talking to
        Mueller’s investigators informed me.

      • Who’s been indicted? President Trump? Not!
        An indictment doesn’t mean guilt, you know that right?
        Gov. McDonnel of Virginia was lefty witch hunt convicted, then the bogus charges were overturned. Rep. Tom DeLay was witch hunt convicted and his charges were overturned.
        Yes, damage done but in the long run those are nails in your lefty coffin and people like you are scewballing the coffin shut.

        Keep it up, I’m enjoying watching you self distraction, which is helping MAGA!

        Thank you DAs!

      • The criminal investigation into Trump isn’t over you stupid piece of chit. Trump the LYING SEXUAL PREDATOR IS PRISON BOUND. YOU LOSE YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF CHIT. HAHAHAHAHAH

      • you right wing piece of chit

        hope ur kids are killed in a car accident

      • Thank God you leftys lost. You just made Presidents Trump look like a saint, no comparison.
        I wish you were standing in front of me right now!
        You would not stand again!



      • ……..

        it is interesting to note that federal grand juries indict 99 percent of the time, when a prosecutor seeks an indictment.

        Mueller time!!!!!!!

        Felix Sater, one of Donald Trump’s shadiest former business partners,
        is reportedly preparing for prison time — and he says the president
        will be joining him behind bars.

        told The Spectator‘s Paul Wood that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s
        deep dive into Trump’s business practices may be yielding results.

        Trump recently made remarks that could point to a money laundering scheme, Wood reported.

        “I mean, it’s possible there’s a condo or something, so, you know, I
        sell a lot of condo units, and somebody from Russia buys a condo, who
        knows?” the president said.

        who has a long history of legal troubles and is cooperating with law
        enforcement, was one of the major players responsible for selling
        Trump’s condos to the Russians.

        And according to Wood’s sources, Sater may have already flipped and
        given prosecutors the evidence they need to make a case against Trump.

        For several weeks there have been rumours that Sater is
        ready to rat again, agreeing to help Mueller. ‘He has told family and
        friends he knows he and POTUS are going to prison,’ someone talking to
        Mueller’s investigators informed me.

      • Your 2nd grade teacher is lying to you. I won’t call you, a child, a POS, but you are a DA.
        Everything you said is your teacher’s dumbing down twisted propaganda.
        If Mr. Trump had done anything sexually to anyone, they would have sued him, a rich guy you know? Unproven acusations after a “just words” tape was unethically released as a political tool without proof, can not be believed.
        Rapist? You are an Fn ldl0t!
        I believe you left out, (I am) when you said “low info brain dead piece of chit”.



      • You are not even a swamp creature, you are swamp scum the swamp creatures hide behind. Your comments have taken you out of any debate about Trump. As I said compared to you he is a saint.

        Hateful people like you need to be destroyed, not stupid statues, though I do not care about any statues or monuments.

        Come out of mommies basement and try to kill us Conservatives, give us that gift!

        I am a Lion, I eat up lefty monkeys and rats. I Pl$$ on Scum like you.

        Please start a war! Please Please Please!

        President Trump is going to succeed…
        Watch, well, actually you may want to just take yourself out if you don’t start a war so we can do it for you.



      • Ok, last time,

        Proof is finding of fact, you do know “PROVEN RAPIST” get convicted and sentenced?

        Investigation to no where, all made up, now just a grasping for staws. DA swamp scum.

        Hey, in 11 years you can go to law school and figure out what a dumb little kid you are.

        Good thing for you this place is anonymous, you need to be able to hide because you are such an ldi0t.

      • Trump is a rapist and sexual predator.


        eat chit you right wing subhuman piece of chit

      • may your loved ones die an agonizing death from cancer

      • nero 88888: The best part of you ran down your Daddy’s leg when the goat pulled away, with some of your Horrible comments.




        Sucks to be you snowflake


        YOU LOSE

        Mark Corallo reportedly left his job over the summer because he believed
        a statement reportedly drafted by the president aboard Air Force One
        may have obstructed justice.
        “Corallo, seeing no good outcome — and
        privately confiding that he believed the meeting on Air Force One
        represented a likely obstruction of justice — quit,”

      • Yep. I gave up on Chuck last year during the campaign.

      • Amen. Stopped watching Special Report due to Krauthammer. If Trump waved a magic wand, erasing the national debt, making all citizens millionaires, and bringing about peace in the Middle East, these bozos would say he was did so strictly because he hates Africa. These people are deranged.

        Yet, it is good the so-called “neocons” are showing their true colors. They, like McCain, are almost worse than the worst leftist.

      • Almost.

        But they do not crack heads like the neofascists on the left.

      • At least McCain has his war heroism and record. The other two have nothing.

      • Very sad…A family member or 8 years old died of brain cancer. So very sad.

      • Had McCain stopped after Vietnam, I would agree. However his part in the Democrat S&L scandal, along with his turncoat activity against Constitutional governance makes him unforgivable.

      • Agree Hanoi John squandered any title of statesman long ago. Recent events need to have him just go away and fade fro. aor memory.

      • Um, ignorant lady, Krauthammer cannot physically serve.

      • He could have served before he jumped in to the shallow end of the pool and broke his neck,. He wasn’t always disabled.

      • Nope. He was in school and was gifted. Now trump on the other hand got a deferral for foot callouses the year prior to competing in rugby.

      • Bernie04: You forgot Trump’s notorious “heel spurs,” that also helped. lol! Everything must have healed up pretty well, because I’ve see that vid photo of Trump running his fat blubbery whale ass in the white see through tennis shorts that showed his jockey outline on the tennis court. (OMG.) On the serious side, some years back, I volunteered at Vet’s Hospital where I saw and helped a young Vet who had one foot blown away, other young Vet, had both feet blown away. It makes me sick to think and hear of that miserable excuse of a man carping about his foot problems of callous’s and heel spurs. This is a very old adage which is very apropos to this subject: “I thought I wanted a new pair of shoes, until I saw a man without any feet.”

      • Before you sanctify McCain for being a war ‘hero’. Consider his actual actions.
        Are you familiar with McCains accident on the aircraft carrier? He managed to blow up an entire aircraft carrier out of negligence…. the day be the Tet offensive, when that carrier was desperately needed.
        If he had not been an Admirals son he would have been kick out of the navy, and he would never have been captured.

        That man has done nothing right, and we are required to wash all that out because he got caught, and was abused.

        ‘ef that. I’m not going to be a prisoner of shallow gratitude.

      • First, the Carrier Forrestal did not “blow up”, nor was McCain responsible for the fire. I believe the official report says a rocket was misfired from another plane and struck the one next to McCain’s. McCain claims the rocket struck his plane, that is in question. However, the incident had nothing to do with any negligence on McCain’s part. I’m no McCain fan, but you can’t spread this kind of complete fallacy.

      • No, completely false. The rocket came from an F-4 Phantom due to an electrical malfunction. One conspiracy theory says McCain did a “wet start” of his A-4 Skyhawk that created an electrical surge that caused the F-4 Phantom rocket malfunction. Another says the fire discharged from McCain’s wet start ignited the rocket. You will find no evidence of McCain’s culpability, only opinion and conspiracy theory. Many claim a Navy cover-up, but there is no evidence of that either.

      • As a military pilot with 5000 hours who retired after 26 years and is a Vietnam vet, John McCain was obviously a poor pilot, who absent his parents wouldn’t have made it in the most lenient ROTC program.

        He has done well by divorcing his first wife, marrying into money, and shooting semiliterate nonsense to those who would listen I’m a conservative and registered Republican and this guy is a looser.

      • I’m not singing the praises of John McCain, as there is plenty to criticize. It is likely true that as an Admiral’s son he was afforded opportunities and advancement he wouldn’t have otherwise deserved or gotten on his own. However, unless there is some evidence I don’t know about, the Forrestal story is a complete fabrication.

      • Good point. Because we wouldn’t want to be favoring any womanizers here, now would we?

      • You have a point. I tend to cut McCain a bit more slack than the others. I happily voted for him over Obama.

      • Paul Dillon: You certainly remember your history…you are absolutely right. 50 thumbs up for you!!!

      • The odious John McCain also has his record of throwing the Swift Boat veterans under the bus to side with his fellow member of the Millionaire Boys’ Club John Kerry.

      • President Trump has an uncanny ability to flush out these naïve gullible incredibly ignorant delusional bat-sh&t crazy leftist racist pathological Liars from the trees, the bushes & the woodwork!

      • Alas, Trump has no magic wand, but he does have golden showers!

      • It’s always good for one’s intellectual advancement to shut out viewpoints one doesn’t like.

      • Or, when one betrays their ideological underpinnings, due solely to personal hatred and animus, I no longer have any faith in their viewpoint. Pretty simple.

      • Krauthammer lost me months ago – I don’t watch FOX anymore and I don’t read/view Krauthammer as he turns up on other sites. These anti-Trump conservatives (?) will long be remembered as traitors by true conservatives.

      • Hah, traitors because they refused to goose step along with the exalted one.

      • The neocons are guilty of moral idiocy. The can be no justification for wanting to inflict Hillary Clinton on the nation in the wake of eight years of Obama.

    • Will especially tries my patience. He used to write about things that mattered. Anymore, something hot will be going on and he blabbers about something completely unrelated in that peculiar style where he waxes so elliptical that you have to read it 2-3 times to be sure you got what he (thought he) said. Peggy Noonan does that even worse, but she’s a girl.

      • Or maybe you have to read it 2-3 times before your brain gets it. Or is it because you’re a man?

      • Yes, sweety, that’s it. Now go back to your dollies and mommy’s high heels and play grownup.

      • Awww, you’re so sweet grandpa. I bet you’re a tiny cutie too.

      • For you, Sarah, the term “witty rejoinder” is an oxymoron.
        You are another grim, joyless radical, I suspect.

      • Don’t wear heels, eh. What was that supposed to be a witty retort? Too bad, women always look better in heels. But you sound like Hillary, got a bad case of penis envy like her, too?

      • Do you actually have anything to contribute or do you just go to the comments to find something to offend you?

      • Yea.., I can see where you would have difficulty in comprehending the big words, long sentences and paragraphs consisting of more than 140 characters, particularly when written by intelligent thinkers making intellectually good sense;
        that as opposed to your perfect understanding of the typically dubious spoken word, adolecently uttered by one sporting an inappropriately colored (golden) coiffure at the ripe age of 71, one clearly suffering from dementia and assorted other personality disorders – to include Chronic Diarrhea of The Mouth.

        No worries, your aforementioned (admitted) reading comprehension difficulty is perfectly understandable.

      • So declares the incredibly ignorant delusional bat-sh&t crazy leftist racist pathological Liar, eh? oh.

      • Prove what you say with intellectual substantive discourse.
        BTW: there is something called “Spell Check”.., it doesn’t bite. LMFAO!

      • Why? You’ve proven me correct! You are quite chock full of fecalis bovinas, as always.

      • You should thank God every day. He’s allowed you to live in a time and place whereby an idiot, like yourself, with basic internet access, armed with a double digit IQ, can lurk behind a (LOL) pseudonym, making ad hominem (adolescent like) attacks on those his intellectually limited brain compels him to disagree with.

      • Ad Hominem is not a good argument when you are losing, Danny.

      • Ad hominem is defined as “attacking an opponent’s character rather than answering his argument”.
        If you conducted the most minimum of due diligence, you would have discovered it was “I” who presented a substantive argument and it was “Bob Alexander” who initiated an Ad hominem attack and I responded in kind.
        You merely have to scroll upward to corroborate that.
        As “to a good argument when you are losing”, I believe we are all losing with this incapable, incompetent pathological liar as our president.

      • No. You presented no argument other than regurgitating vile bile from the Narrative of disgusting sick naïve gullible incredibly ignorant delusional bat-sh&t crazy leftist racist pathological Liars.
        Quite the connoisseur of fine False News from The Lying Press within our left-skewed MSM, huh?

      • I do thank God multiple times a day, especially for the successful Clintonectommy! After eight long years of Mr. Empty Man, we now have a President who absolutely loves America, being American and is apologetic to no one for either. That president Trump, with his uncanny ability to do so, flushes out disgustingly sick naïve gullible incredibly ignorant delusional bat-sh&t crazy leftist racist pathological Liars from the trees, the bushes & the woodwork so often I another reason to thank God!
        Are you one of the many confused ignorant folks who believe there is an inverse relationship between intelligence & ignorance?

      • The left thinks that eloquent lying is preferable to plain spoken truth. Can anyone else remember the media marveling about how well Clinton lied? They also confuse this trait (plain spoken) to be an indication of stupidity.

      • I know! I had a college prof who had a plaque on his office wall reading “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit!”

      • LOLOL…When are these incredibly ignorant delusional bat-sh&t crazy leftist racist violent pathological Liars ever “winning”?

      • Danny, the left created Trump by laying the brick and mortar of the arrogance that drives hubris. Trump is a revolt against the establishment — both R and D — and, despite his imperfections, Trump represents the zeitgeist of the middle electorate.

        It should be intuitively obvious to the casual observer that the Washington establishment and the permanent governmental apparatus is both broken and corrupt. Most of the “conservative” talking heads swim in the swamp of that catastrophe.

        Keep well in mind that Hubris is followed by Nemesis as day follows night.

      • Like GrandMa encouraged me when young…”BOY, you sure got that sh&t right!!!”

      • I believe myself to be a “conservative” thinker and I know I am a “conservative” voter, having voted for the Republican presidential candidate in every presidential election beginning in 1972, except for 1976 and 2016. And I was a registered Republican until Trump’s 3rd Charlottesville response, I can no longer be associated with a political party that is lead by such a man.
        Having said that, I agree with most of what you say, particularly your point that the left helped the ascent of Donald Trump, more specifically, in my view, The Obama presidency made it inevitable.
        I don’t believe the “conservative” talking heads swim in the swamp – as you say, while I do believe that the “so called” “conservative” politicians dwell thereat. Particularly the “so called” “conservatives” that continue to support Donald Trump, a president that suffers from significantly more than mere “imperfections”. As to the “zeitgeist of the middle electorate”, if Trump represents them he represents reckless anger – in my view.
        Several of my very good friends voted for Trump and I understood their general argument at the time. Their’s was a vote against Hillary, a “Career Un-Indicted Criminal” – in my view. Almost a year has past since then and I see no reason to continue to support him, and every reason to discontinue support for him today.
        Finally, I don’t believe I am the only “conservative” registered Republican or “conservative” Independent voter that feels this way.., and that should be a concern to Donald Trump, a man that burns the bridge before attempting to cross over it.

      • What was it exactly about the Charlottesville responses that you find so egregious and unforgivable? In a short period of time I see a Presidency making progress on energy independence; controlling the borders and deporting criminals; pro-growth business policy; jobs; deregulation; appointing conservative judges; withdrawing from the ridiculous Paris Climate Accord; killing terrorists in Syria and Afghanistan; getting NATO to pay a larger share for its defense; renegotiating bad trade deals like NAFTA. I see no reason to abandon this President because of the imaginary racism conjured by the left.

      • What was it exactly about the Charlottesville responses that you find so egregious and unforgivable?

        45’s various and contradictory, nevertheless revealing, responses to the (now historic!) Charlottesville Murder, seemingly perpetrated by a self proclaimed White Supremacists, horrifically perpetrated on an innocent Charlottesville resident.., and more importantly, the complete failure of other prominent members of the Republican party to rightly criticize the President’s ridiculous (off script – stream of consciousness ) claim of so called “very fine” people being present and marching alongside Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists that Saturday in Charlottesville, at the scene of the homicide.., was merely the straw that broke the camels back. 45’s racist rhetoric is old and well documented, and now his racist actions (to include in actions) is a matter of documented history as well, it is not “conjured”.

        I was never able to support or vote for Donald Trump; and now I can no longer be associated with 45’s Republican Party. A political party whose members do not take overt steps to vehemently dismiss all notions that an individual (any individual) marching alongside Neo-Nazis and White supremacists can in anyway be considered “very fine” people is not a political party I want my name associated with.

        You say that you see no reason to “abandon” 45. Completely understandable!
        The nature and spirit of your question to me fully reveals why you won’t “abandon” 45.., and clearly delineates that in 45’s rhetoric which most attracts you to him and keeps you there.

        I’m sure 45 would be the first to state that it is the “very fine” people that typically agrees with him – and they agree always!

        I’m sure you will be with him till the end,., a time Mueller is just now commencing toward.

      • Good grief, brainwashed much? Yeah, all of us rubes who don’t walk in lock step with the left’s narrative are Nazis, racists, sexists, fascists, Klansmen, homophobes, simpletons, Islamophobes, Bible-beaters, white supremacists, or just plain right-wing radicals. The truth is there are fine people who oppose the utterly ridiculous assault on our nation’s monuments and history and characterizing them as marching alongside or supporting Nazis, White Supremacists or any other like-minded imbeciles most certainly is a narrative conjured by the left. And it is obvious you have swallowed that narrative hook line an sinker. Especially love your veiled insinuation that I am a racist. Nice touch.

      • Indeed, there are likely “very fine people” that ostensibly oppose, what you call, “the utterly ridiculous assault on our nation’s monuments and history”. However, when they find themselves present with, then knowingly march with, White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis, hearing them chant “Jews will not replace us”, then those so called “very fine people” are no longer deserving of the distinction of being called “very fine people”. When a “very fine person”, who opposes Police Brutality, knowingly marches alongside BLM people chanting “pigs, fry them like bacon”, they too are no longer “very fine people”. That is very simple to understand.

        And if you don’t understand that.., you are, at best, racially insensitive.

        Regarding those monuments placed during Jim Crow era.., or during some of our Southern States fight against Civil Rights in the 1960’s.., are nothing to be proud of.

        They should be transferred to a museum and deemed what they were designed and placed to represent, “Racist Monuments”. Those monuments placed at or around the conclusion of The South’s war against the United States, commonly known as The Civil War, should be permitted to remain.

      • So show me a quote, in context, where Trump characterized those marching alongside White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis chanting “Jews will not replace us” as very fine people. You can’t because he didn’t. He called out the Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists for what they are and denounced them. How is it logical then to characterize those marching with them as fine people? You are parroting the corrupt media narrative that doesn’t resemble reality.

      • The whole world watched – and is now aware – when speaking at a press conference about the Murderous Neo-Nazi/White Supremacists demonstration in Charlottesville Va., 45 stated that “there were very fine people on both sides”. When referencing “both sides”, 45 was clearly including the Neo-Nazi/White Supremacists side, because there was only two sides present.

        The whole world watched – and now knows – that the Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist side, one of the sides 45 claimed contained some “very fine people”, marched carrying lit torches chanting “Jews will not replace us” – loud enough for “very fine people”, marching alongside of them, to hear.

        Whether you choose to accept it or not.., 45’s words are now history!

        He will never shake that!

      • Your interpretation of what he said exactly parrots the false media narrative, not what he actually said. Provide the actual quote, not some snippet, in context, the leads you to believe that is what he meant. Because, CLEARLY, he did not mean Neo-Nazis or White Supremacists or their supporters are fine people. To claim otherwise is utter hogwash.

        Here are some actual quotes. Please tell me how this fits your narrative.

        “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides.”

        “You’re changing culture and you had people, and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned, totally. But you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists, OK? And the press has treated them absolutely unfairly. Now, in the other group also, you had some fine people, but you also had troublemakers and you see them come with the black outfits and with the helmets and with the baseball bats. You got a lot of bad people in the other group, too.”

        The fine people he is talking about are CLEARLY not those you say were “marching with” neo-Nazis and white nationalists. To claim otherwise is ridiculous. You are buying the narrative that everybody there was a racist. Just like the media likes to float the narrative that just about everybody that voted for Trump is a racist. Its rubbish.

      • I quit reading George Will long ago. Peggy Noonan, on the other hand, was, in the days of Reagan a great conservative oak. She was funny, truthful and wise (“What I Saw in the Revolution”) and a trustworthy conservative.

        Now she reminds me of a bent willow with half the roots showing, leaning over a dried up desert stream bed. desperate for water and blowing this way and that with every changing political breeze.

        In 2008 she voted for Obama. Now she is back giving us advice.

      • Noonan, Will,Krauthammer and that snake Kristol all represent another era. We can’t afford to play nice anymore. The barbarians are at the gates!

      • Yes, they are part of a bygone era and don’t realize they have become irrelevant.

      • Will is much like Kristol, a whiney little POS who just found out that he is he is nowhere near as important, in the scheme of things, as he once thought he was!

        These fools need to be run out of the Republican party if it is ever going to be taken seriously again, maybe even run out of the country if that’s possible!

        Trump has done us a great favor by exposing these “deep state vermin” every place he has found them so the American people can finally see them for what they really are………RATS!

      • Maybe is mind is wandering…Older people’s brains are sometimes slowing down, and not coherent, nor logical.

    • Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg are trying to keep up with Little Billy Kristol, and Steve Hayes, who gets rabid at the thought of Trump. Yet these jerks are given prime spots to vent their spleens by FOX. Don’t get it.

      • Its funny how they continue to give the spotlight to a bunch of irrelevant blowhards that didn’t come close to prognosticating the election by miles. How many times did we hear Trump can’t win this and Trump can’t win that? However, there were some forecasters, ie Laura Ingraham, that hit it right, but are relegated to the back of the bus.

    • So much hate…and they just can’t help themselves. Then they have the nerve to say Trump is inciting it…when it is them who are inciting it….

      • When they are pointing the finger at Trump, they have three pointed back at themselves. If they are accusing Trump, you can be damn sure it is pure projection.

    • If I never have to see Kristol’s smug face and phony smile again, that will be well worth voting for Trump.

      • It would be even better if our GOP-led Congress would grow a spine and pass Trump’s agenda.

    • Add Steve Hayes to this list along side Billy kristrol….

      • Yes, the weekly standard used to seem relevant and interesting but has gone off the cliff with Trump derangement syndrome, aka arrogant elitism

    • I know that members of the Branch Trumpidian cult get confused by people like Kristol and Will, but that’s what honor, integrity and honesty look like.

      • Nice to see you looking down your nose at us poor ol’ Trump supporters shuffling our feet in the dirt ’cause we-uns ain’t got no shoes. Kristol and company are ragamuffin pundits who are out of power and favor, and will do anything to seem relevant.

      • Sorry, did you read what Kristol said about Tucker? Did you see Tucker’s segment? That right there should disqualify Kristol from your statement. The fact that it didn’t tells me that either you don’t know what honor, integrity and honesty mean or you simply choose not to practice them yourself.

      • That is hilarious, straight from the Dear Leader handbook of North Korea. They are intellectually dishonest arrogant elitists who would rather see our country go down in flames rather than admit their paradigm is flawed and generally unworkable in today’s reality. Your heroes wouldn’t give you or me the time of day, keep worshipping at their feet

    • Why Charles Fleming? Because they are conservatives who find racism and religious bigotry repulsive? Of course, they went to bed with the racists in the 1980s.

      • Yes, they are such brave “intellectuals” fighting against racism and religious bigotry, what a silly straw man argument and load of crap. They are arrogant elitists who would never give you or me the time of day, and their paradigm of conservatism is crap. Keep worshipping at their feet

    • What finally did it for me were the years and years of capitulating to every damn liberal charge.

      Republicans are in desperate need of growing some balls.

      Trump is showing them how to win. And what do they do? Attack him.

      What a bunch of pathetic losers!

      • Completely agree, if these are conservatives and republicans, I want no part. Trump has finally expanded the Republican party and conservatism and these supposedly old guard members are trying to destroy the country since it doesn’t fit their purist, elitist definition of conservatism

      • They are not without balls, they are complicit. This is why they don’t fight back.

    • I had forgotten George Will – now I’m sick to my stomach again.

      • He has been irrelevant for years, one of the left’s favorite “conservatives” O’Reilly cruelly destroyed him, but that made me shed no tears

      • After being destroyed – Will has come back from the dead – just like in horror stories.

    • The media has fooled people into believing thee people are conservatives, when they are at best “moderate left”. And they are all a part of the D. C. elites.

    • Just shows that they were always more about themselves than a movement. Just can’t admit that they were wrong.

      • They are arrogant elitists who seem to believe that their “purist” version of conservatism is the only path and seem to be rooting for the country to go down in flames rather than admit their paradigm is flawed and generally unworkable in today’s reality, much like libertarians. Trump is a pragmatist above all and as such has an incredible opportunity to succeed “bigly” and they hate him for it since he doesn’t follow their purist paradigm of what they believe is conservatism

  4. We are in the middle of a full blown coup attempt to reverse the results of a presidential election. The Democratic Party, the Mainstream Media, the NeoCon “nerver-trumpers” (including Bill Kristol) and the “Deep State” are working together and coordinating their efforts. As an American – this is frightening stuff, that really could lead to a second civil war.

    • A good part of that coup is calling the Democrats “democratic”.

      • The ‘left’ use words as shields…and call themselves what they only pretend to be, Such as….democratic, liberal and progressive.
        They are none of those things. They are only pretenders.
        Pretenders, because what they really are is contemple in every way.

      • I pine for the days of the DDR (Democratic Deutschland Republic)

    • The mayor of Charlottesville announced back in January that Charlottesville is “the headquarters of the Resistance.” Those who were there for the rally were set up.

  5. The pompous Mr. Kristol has not recovered from his humiliation on the night of NOV. 8. He will moan and pout until he closes his dubious career in the political graveyard of washed-up “GOP strategists”: MSNBC

  6. Cromwell was a mass murderer. I suppose the irony is lost on Kristol.

    • Too few Americans really know much about Cromwell.

  7. Covfefe fits come in many forms … Kristol’s is just one more manifestation.

  8. And such nice parents he had! Just proves The Nurture Assumption: parents have very little influence on how their children will turn out.

  9. There is a powerful tendency to conclude whatever our culture believes at this moment, on Thursday August 17 2017, is “the right side of history.”

    But I’m an extreme outlier. I think those hundreds of generations that went before couldn’t ALL be stupid. It has to do with Chesterton’s Fence, my favorite parable. There must have been good reasons why gays were never allowed to marry; why women could never vote; and yes, why slavery existed throughout all cultures and times. Even Jesus Christ never admonished for its abolition.

    Through our welfare state we’ve constructed artificial paradigms to allow those with no marketable skills the opportunity to thrive and procreate, asking literally nothing in return for our infinite largesse (not even drug testing). But in a more sane universe, without all the Big Guv bennies, those who can never acquire mastery of Excel would jump at the opportunity to work for someone in exchange for room and board, and a chance to keep their families together.

    A U.S. Government publication back in the 30s or 40s, “Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery In the United States” (free on Kindle) consists of actual interviews with slaves. Most of them were delighted with the arrangement.

    Don’t let 60 years of Communist propaganda obscure the truth of our noble history.

    • Human slavery is not noble. You mention the Communists who enslave everyone to government, after claiming that slaves were “delighted”. Cognitive dissonance much?

      • (1) “Human slavery is not noble” is such a 21st-century concept. You’re proving my point.

        (2) Don’t conflate Communist enslavement to 19th-century antebellum, it’s apples and oranges.

        (3) I didn’t say our slaves were happy. They did. Read the book I mentioned.

        (4) “Cognitive dissonance much?” Please avoid falling into the Internet snark trap. It’s not helpful.

      • What? Until the 21st century lots of people thought that human slavery was noble?!

        I apologize for engaging you. **backs away slowly***

      • Better you than me. I just read some of the narratives, and, as expected, those who lived with good owners, in Virginia, were happy enough, but they were also children. 1932-1865 = 67 years.

        A good exercise in different forms of reading comprehension.

        Everything else I would write here has nothing to do with William Kristol, who is possibly a more enraging topic than slavery, or erasing American history.

      • Why is it such a horrid thing to admit that for many slaves, their life’s lot was not as bad as you probably imagine. Many of them were taught how to read & were treated with dignity despite the concept that there was nothing dignified about being slaves; they were very loyal to their masters in many cases. Once emancipated, many of them stayed on, working for their former masters. Do the research for yourself to see that Jane Dough & I are correct here.

      • A lot depended on the size of the plantation where they lived. For those who were on relatively small family farms, rubbing shoulders with their “owners” on a daily basis, humane treatment was common, especially where the owners were religious people and not addicted to alcohol. For those on the massive plantations of the Deep South, where sometimes one man owned thousands of slaves, who were bossed by one or more layers of overseers, the system tended to be less personal and more cruel. So great was the fear of being sold “down the River” that slaves in Virginia and the border states sometimes amputated fingers or even a hand so as to make themselves unmarketable for sale to the cotton and indigo plantations.

      • They were fed, housed and clothed, which is more than I can say for the poor Irish potato farmers.

      • “Probable as bad as you imagine” but you have no idea what that is.

        And it matters not. In spite of your imbecilic claims to the contrary, human slavery is evil. Those who would enslave their fellows, even when done by government, are evil human beings how deserve death.

        You are being obtuse here. Tell me how YOU would like to be owned by another person, I will wait. Oh, you wouldn’t but what, those darkies loved it? You are a repulsive PoS who is attempting to rationalize evil. Suicide would not be inappropriate for you at this moment.

      • Wow. You display an incredible lack of ability to think critically. But hey, I’ll play along here. I can imagine the horror of living in a tribe struggling to get enough to eat every day & wonder when I will lose my life or that of loved ones as the next battle with another tribe goes down. I am kidnapped & endure a long, painful journey to a new land where I am clothed, kept warm & albeit I must work, I learn to read & a whole new world is opened up to me in more ways than one. I even still have my spouse & perhaps my children still with me.

        That is how it was for many of them. Never once did I even remotely allude to the notion that slavery is not evil because I know it is. But I also have the good sense to look at this through the lens of the time in history.

        You are the one who should consider ending your little hateful attitude by ending it all. POS? That is you, my not so friendly friend. SMH.

    • She actually didn’t say that “slavery was noble.” She said that “our history” was noble. Part of that history is the declaration that “all men are created equal,” and the work of John Woolman, Harriet Beecher Stowe and others who worked to abolish slavery, to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who gave their lives for the cause in the Civil War. Now as to her claim that there was “good reason” why “slavery existed throughout all cultures and times,” she is wrong on both counts. Slavery never existing in Anglo-Saxon/Norman England, for example. And there was no good reason for it to exist ever, anywhere, except to the extent that you could say that it was better if a conqueror enslaved those he conquered, as compared with slaughtering them wholesale.

  10. I used to listen to this guy, Bill Kristol. I even remember his father Irving, fine man, may God bless his soul.
    I don’t understand where his hatred for Trump comes from. Could be these never-Trumpers, like him, Will, Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, Hayes, Krauthamer, et al, are just absolute purists of conservatism. They do not consider Trump worthy, he did not serve any time discussing with them the virtues of their ideology. To them, Trump is Johnny-come-lately. Due to their hatred, they have turned around 180 degrees and now talk just like Lefties. That makes them idiots, in my opinion.
    In fact, I am sure they are idiots, all of them.

    • Neo-cons hate Trump for trashing their Iraq War, and the Bush era.

    • I had the opportunity to meet Irving when I lived in Minnesota and he spoke at a local conference back in the 70s, and Bill at a conference of Jewish conservatives in Washington DC in 1994. I think Irving would be appalled at the direction in which his son has turned.

      I also think the matter of style informs the NeverTrumpers, including Bill, Podhoretz fils, and the others you name above. Irving came from humble origins in Brooklyn and went to CCNY, so he was quite familiar and sympathetic to the plight of people we now know as the “deplorables” or “bitter clingers” who comprise so much of Trump’s base. Bill, on the other hand, grew up in a privileged home made possible by Irving’s success, went to much better schools, and is quite at home in the intellectual salon world. Donald Trump, with his unadulterated outer borough New York accent, his penchant for McDonald’s (which I suppose was OK when Bill Clinton did it), and his shoot-from-the-hip style, is an embarrassment to such people, even though his actions so far, particularly with respect to judicial appointments and deregulation are precisely what the neocons always said they wanted.

  11. Kristol has become so extreme it seems possible he has had a nervous breakdown or another kind of break resulting from substance abuse. I remember when he started to slip from fair commentary to making bizarre statements, then he was no longer on the air. Think about how dysfunctional many talking heads are! And politicians.

  12. Funny how the brilliant and compassionate Kristol, who has been close to the Republican establishment for thirty years, just discovered that monuments to confederate generals are meant to enshrine slavery. When he had Bush’s ear when Bush was president not a word. But when antifa smears Trump Kristol is suddenly all righteous. Pathetic.

    • Agreed. Those are monuments, not to slavery but to great men who stepped up in difficult times. Greatness warrants monuments since cowardice so frequently fills in.

  13. Welcome to the bizarre World of our naïve gullible incredibly ignorant delusional bat-sh&t crazy leftist racist pathological Liars! President Trump does an uncanny job of flushing them out of the trees, the bushes & the woodwork. GOTRUMP!

  14. There is nothing that Trump could do or say that would not be attacked by the left. I recommend he go to Twitter silence, quit throwing them the red meat they need for their masses and instead…send out a spokesperson with a simple statement if any statement at all. Focus on the important issues and these drama driven radicals of the left will tone it down.

    • I agree, but I also know that Trump uses Twitter to throw the barking dogs off his scent.

  15. I gave up on Billy K. back during the primaries. He never was much of a conservative anyway, being more Republican than conservative. He has now abandoned all pretense of conservatism.

  16. These so called “conservatives” have now shown demselves to be the enemies of the Will of the People.

  17. Bill Crystal has become an absolute nobody and that’s where he’ll stay

    • In all fairness, Billy Crystal is an actor/comedian,

      This is William ‘Bill’ Kristol, who was VP Quayle’s Chief of Staff.

      • ????????‍♂️ You’re absolutely right but the good news that doesn’t change the fact that Bill Crystal is a prick. However thanks for the correction

  18. Human beings in their fallen, unredeemed condition, are capable of wonders of self-delusion: confusing defense of their power and privilege with championship of virtue.

    Two entities are, very rightly, in their death-throes owing to the election of Donald J Trump as US President last November; and nothing can rescue them. Whatever else happens – war with N Korea, collapse of the economy, the President being driven from office – the Republican Party in its present character is finished. So are the Conservatism Inc. commentators, pundits, think-tankers.

    It is therefore unsurprising that they become ever more shrill, irrational, dishonest, manic. They are an utterly discredited aristocracy, the justification for whose employments has withered away.

  19. The GOPe hate Trump more than they lover America. They believe they can bring him down and then pick up the pieces of the repub party and go their merry way. But they’re destroying the party and America with it. If Trump fails the GOPe will never win the Presidency again.

  20. American patriots already owe PRESIDENT TRUMP for his innate ability to expose who the main stream traitors to Our country are, and have been all along.
    Perhaps there’s years of pent up frustration and hostility coming out that they couldn’t dare display during the 8 year, Affirmative Action presidency.
    It’s great entertainment watching these fools spit all over themselves as they try to articulate their hatred for PRESIDENT TRUMP.
    Rich Lowry was another good source for this lunacy at National Review Online.

    • POTUS Trump definitely knows. He has been disrespected by elites of (almost) every faction since he built Trump Tower, 1981-83, a terrific perch from which to delve into the deeper and wider swamp of New York and NYC politics.

      I am not sure he expected the delegitimization to continue this long. It is not like we text each other :)

      • PRESIDENT TRUMP has become a success in New Yawk City IN SPITE OF many malicious New Yorkers. (Bill Kristol; Rich Lowry; etc. etc. etc.).
        And, I firmly believe he will be a yuuuge success in Washington, D.C. regardless of the malicious opposition from a swarm of congenital saboteurs.
        He’s been successful in keeping the media and many of his most vicious enemies, spitting mad and confused so far.

  21. The alt left media, democrats and RINOs did the same thing to the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. That was before we had a fearless truth-teller like President Trump.

    The alt left and their media minions will get more violent before as their evil and stupidity continues to be exposed before collapsing into the dung heap of history’s failed totalitarians.

  22. I guess now we now have another clue as to why the Dems and media never felt the need to restrain themselves in ridiculing/humiliating these pandering idiots. The dolts at NR are going through similar fits and they’re all starting to look likewise eye crazy clowns. Could you imagine Buckley not supporting the First amendment, not forcefully condemning Antifa, or supporting removal of civil war statues?

    • NRO is bought and paid for by Kristol and his Insidious Minions- expect nothing less that unhingment from them.

  23. It worked again exactly as planned. Bill what’s-his-name said something really stupid and it is getting him the attention he obviously craves. Doesn’t matter that most of it is negative, as in the PR world all attention is good as long as your name is spelled correctly.

    • Having been in the Advertising and PR business all of my adult life, I can tell you (with some authority) that you are wrong.
      About this, you are as wrong as anyone can be.
      That little ‘ditty’ was often said by the losers, but never said by the winners.

  24. It doesn’t matter what President Trump says, the ‘left’ will find, or try to find a way to condemn his words as anything except what he actually said, or twist the meaning of what he says about everything he says.
    If you haven’t noticed that yet, you’re not paying enough attention.

    There is a relatively easy way to beat the ‘left’….
    Stop reading and watching the ‘establishment media’.
    Don’t pay a single thin dime for anything the ‘left’ writes…..
    And before long, the print establishment media will fade into oblivion…..As well as the TV Broadcast and Cable stations for lack of ratings.
    If each and every one of us do that….
    We The AMERICAN People will triumph over the ANTI-America ‘left’ just as….
    David Triumphed Over Goliath!

    • But wait!
      According to the media Trump is a loose cannon who goes off half cocked without thinking!
      Which is why he………waited until he had the facts before making a more specific statement….


  25. First, to fully understand what took place in Charlottesville, you have to watch the hours and hours of footage shot by both members of the media and those there for the rally. Now, there is absolutely no doubt that the majority of those there for the rally are, in fact, Trump supporters. They were wearing Trump/Pence shirts and in some cases Trump’s red hats. Now, there were some there who are not Trump supporters (but not Clinton supporters either.) There was at least one group of NAZIs with NAZI paraphernalia – and others were trying to distance themselves from them. As for “racist” and “white supremacists,” bear in mind that those are labels coming primarily from the SPLC. Now, with that said, we have to remember one thing – Kristol is a Jew and New York Jew at that. He’s so far out of touch with most of America that he doesn’t even have a reach. This is also true of other “conservative leaders” who are read by a very small constituency and who most of America have never even heard of. He and other Jewish “conservatives” – remember they are Conservative, INC. – look at everything through the same lens.

    There is one thing about Donald Trump and Charlottesville – he is the President of the United States and, contrary to what people like James Comey like to think, the FBI works for him. I guarantee that there are FBI agents/informants inside every group that was there, left as well as right. The media, Democrats and Republican senators don’t have that asset. President Trump didn’t have the information on Saturday he had by Tuesday. (Monday was listening to “advisors”.)

    • And, even though Trump didn’t have the information right away, that he later got, his comments were 100% accurate and properly done, condemning both sides, for the violence. I can’t understand how some people (especially the crazed GOP mushy moderates and RINO’s) could make the case that Trump was in the wrong, with his comments. A President should not pick sides, when video clearly shows two sides hitting each other with clubs.

      • Seems that the narrative that he is a loose cannon who goes off half cocked didn’t quite fit when he explained he waited until he had more facts before making a more detailed statement.
        It didn’t matter what he said, the media was going to attack him for it.

        I thought his remarks were fine.

  26. As a former NYC resident and subscriber, I dropped The Weakly Standard at least 15 years ago. Billy Krystal and his magazine can g2h.

    We don’t need another smarmy punk dope from NYC telling us what to think.

  27. There is no such thing as a “Thought Leader.” This is a term which self-important people use to validate themselves and lay fawning praise on their friends and former classmates. No one cares.

  28. Kristol is a good example of WHY this Trump Revolution was necessary…..we need to get rid of this rotten lazy non-conservative GOP establishment, which has harmed conservatism and the Republican party, for far too long. Thank goodness we have President Trump and a movement to oust this kind of riff-raff, from the party.

  29. What’s amazing to me about the GOPe idiots, is THEY were the ones who were saying we need to widen our tent and attract more people to the Repub party or we won’t win again (basically saying they didn’t like just having us conservatives in the party) the last few decades. Well, now we have Trump, who did just that, and attracted millions to our party and President, and they throw a hissy fit and scurry away like rats.

  30. I thought Ms. Kelly’s use of the word “dangerous” was absurd. And then I followed her link to the Cromwell-tweet.

    Bill Kristol, if perchance you read this, I thank you for your many years of good service to conservatism, to intellectual discourse, and to this nation. There are so many wise things you have said and written over the years. Any honest conservative who’s actually read your work, despite the inevitable disagreements, will at least admit that. And FWIW, I agreed with you in July 2016 in being open to legal strategies by which Republican delegates could deny Trump the nomination. I wrote editorials at NRO (Postmodern Conservative) saying that HRC would be the lesser of two evils. I will certainly stand with those conservatives who oppose Trump’s nomination in 2020. But I accept the right of the American people to elect their president for a full term against my advice, which apparently, astoundingly, you no longer do. This removal-talk, this expect-a-resignation talk, is deeply dangerous coming from someone like you. I recommend that you apologize for your slanderous misrepresentation of Carlson, apologize for your misguided half-joking(?) in the Cromwell tweet; otherwise, I’m done listening to you, and I’m sure many conservatives will feel similarly. Please…take a break, and reconsider where you’re heading.

    • Interesting point there. The American people certainly have the right to choose presidential electors, subject to the provisions each state may make regarding such choosing. It’s not clear to me that they do have, or should have, a right beyond that – and if they do, the 25th Amendment strongly suggests that that right may be limited or abrogated in certain circumstances, so at the very least it is not an absolute and unlimited right.

      • You are on very shaky ground. There is no explanation for Trump’s removal which will convince most of us that, basically, our votes don’t count in your universe. There are about 60 million Trump voters. Angry, bitter, and mostly armed.

      • The OP is suggesting that there is a right of official tenure which derives from the exercise of popular sovereignty through election. In other words, that the will of the people trumps the constitution. Such a defense will expose his conservative supporters as hypocrites and his nationalist-populist supporters as nothing more than later-day Jacobins. As a conservative, I stand with constitutional order against the popular will.

      • I do not understand how “the will of the people trumps the constitution.” You cannot remove a sitting President because you object to his manners or his lack of refinement or whatever. Without clear & definitive reason to rescind a legal election, you have no need of the Constitution. It becomes irrelevant. You’re advocating civil war. And that is insane.

      • The Trump voting universe has shrunk down to the hard core base. Much buyer’s remorse.

  31. “instead is focused merely on destroying Donald Trump’s presidency”

    He’ll have to hurry – it’s rushing toward its doom by the hour.

  32. He’s a hostage to his own opinions.
    He opposed Trump, many of us had doubts about him but would vote for him long before voting for Hillary.
    And I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Trump.

    But Kristol cannot admit he was wrong about Trump and just keeps doubling down, over and over and over again. All that is important to him is to somehow justify his initial opposition to Trump.
    What is best for the country is immaterial to him now, his ego is all that matters.
    Phuck him.

  33. The hypocrisy extends to NYC, and Gov. Cuomo, in the monument removal over slavery.
    The ante-bellum cotton trade was what made Manhattan rich,
    why Copperhead Mayor Fernando Wood wanted to secede with the Confederacy, and the
    Draft Riots of 1863 are almost forgotten.

    • We’re not supposed to know about the northern Democrat Copperheads who supported slavery.

      • The NYC Copperheads just wanted to keep making money off of cotton. I forget if Olmstead’s “Cotton Kingdom” convinced them that free labor as was happening in Texas, or cheap coolies from India as the British used for West Indies sugar plantations made them think it was not about slavery, but cotton.

        I edited out this, why not edit it back in:

        Mayer Lehman owned seven slaves in Alabama, supported the
        Confederacy, before he moved his cotton factoring business to Manhattan in 1867, where his legacy really began.

        Gov. Cuomo would have a tough time erasing the Lehman name from
        New York.

  34. So what is next on the bash Trump list?
    poosy grabber,
    Bed wetter/Russian hookers
    Nazi white supremacist,

    What will the idiots dream up next?

    • Trump’s mental competency is the leftist canard du jour.

  35. Trump should just give the media a big FU and blame everything from here on in on a youtube video at the press conferences.
    The fat kid from North Korea wants to nuke Guam?
    Blame it on a youtube video.
    Venezuela descending into madness?
    A youtube video is to blame.
    Flooding in __________, blame a youtube video.

    He can tweet his real comments out and bypass the idiot media.

  36. Kristol, like Hillary and the media has gone insane by Hillary’s lost.

  37. Krauthammer is starting to spin a bearing too.

  38. I am so sad about Bill Kristol. I can understand his personal antagonism to Trump — they are very different people. But what does that have to do with the price of eggs? Kristol is an intellectual who should, must, be able to separate personal feelings from principles. His public and embarrassing slurs addressed to Trump are, I fear, indicative of how he feels about Trump voters. This is not a subtle intellectual problem. We’ve been pretty frank about why we voted for Trump, and Trump himself is nothing if not frank. We’re all frank. Except Kristol. But Kristol & TWS never defended Republicans or conservatives from charges of racism, which became so much the norm under Obama that literally half the country was being slandered. And this slander is still accepted, as demonstrated in Charlottesville. And what is Kristol’s response? Totally inadequate. It is a sad sight to see a man so destroyed by hate.

  39. Kristol has one of those pathetic joking whining wimpy Jew faces that you just wanna pummel until all that is left is dangling flesh. He reminds me of those stupid clowns that run around at a circus trying to make people laugh.

  40. I believe Kristol’s only claim to fame was his running of the Quayle campaign for president. Leftists seem to worship at the feet of failures…

  41. Julie Kelly writes for NRO? I have not noticed her there. I would think they would not want to publish her, if this column is representative of her thought. She think too clearly for them.

  42. “What @POTUS should say: To racists and anti-Semites who claim to support me, know this: I denounce your bigotry and reject your support.”…….. or how about. ” To craven cowards and betrayers who claim to know what I really meant, I denounce your ignorance and reject your undermining.”

  43. Bill Kristol is a nasty little man that gets humiliated on a daily basis.

    It’s ironic how he calls Trump and his supporters racists when Zionists like him are the most racist people of all.

  44. The anti-Trump GOPe think they will pick up the pieces after they help bring Trump down. If that happens the GOPe will never win the Presidency. They will lose all the states Trump took from obama and they will lose the South after the dems enfranchise all the illegals. You have to wonder why the GOPe wants to destroy the repub party.

  45. Just heard you on the Seth and Chris show and really connected with your story about how you came to the Weekly Standard and then how you saw Bill Kristol devolve over the past 16 months. I cancelled my subscription a few weeks ago after having been one of the initial subscribers — when they actually published a “Daily Standard” at the GOP 1992 convention! Even if Kristol stepped down from the Standard’s editor post, his legacy lives on. And what a hypocrite when he chastises Trump for tweeting when his tweets are much more poisonous and thuggish! Sadly, other “never Trumpers” are just as nasty and snarky (the National Review editorial board, J Pod and Jonah Goldberg come to mind). Keep up the good work!

  46. For Kristol and his ilk, it’s never has been anything but the deep neo-con agenda. And, so we see how to achieve that and that only, they will go with whomever promotes promotes them in tha regard. When Trump during the campaign called Iraq a blunder and also indicated he was averse to a similarly expanded US role vis a vis Iran, you could see the neo-cons as one turn on him.

  47. Kristol and Beck have destroyed their careers. I used to be ok with Beck but I always disagreed with Kristol. He is just the worst kind of Neocon. It’s sad the Fred Barnes is still associated with Kristol. He’s a better man than that.

  48. good riddance to the neo conservatives. now to be replaced by narcissistic obergruppen fuehrer types . Oh well guess that is an improvement as it will not cost the republic 6 trillions

  49. My wife cancelled her subscription of Kristol’s “Weekly Standard” as it has dwindled down to 26 pages in total including the adds and the writers are so “Never Trump” that reading the rag is just torture.

    Bill Kristol will fade away along with his magizine much the way the “Cheshire Cat” did in Alice…until just a smile remained…….

    • Any publication that promotes neocon useful idiot Stephen Hayes to editor in chief is surely doomed to the ash heap.

    • The Weekly Standard would be defunct if Rupert Murdoch stopped bankrolling it.

  50. Julie Kelly wrote what many of us have been thinking for a long time.

  51. It is very sad to observe a normal, bright, ultra-conservative man to disintegrate to a jerk, Trump hater. He now fits in with Antifa. The same goes for his boys, Steven Hayes, Rich Lowery, Jonah Goldberg, George Will, et al. Good riddance, fools!

    • Kristol is a Neocon which = a liberal mascquerading as a conservative solely to influence the U.S. to commit arms and soldiers to conflicts that Israel deems in its own national interest. Other than that narrow interest, Kristol and other neocons like Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg, and Bret Stephens (not his original last name) couldn’t give a damn about conservative social values and what is in Americas true national interest.

  52. Plenty of Jews were also involved in slavery, Mr. Kristol.
    In the Americas as well as the Old World.
    We’re going to need a bigger sledge hammer.

  53. The neocon Jews are like the Progressives in that they cannot imagine a World where they don’t secretly pull the strings of power.

    • Hey.., I see you finally made it back home from Charlottesville.., and that despite your car pool “partner” remaining behind to stand trial for Murder 2nd.

      • Nice Alinsky personal attack. I liked President Trump’s pointing out the moral equivalence between the Nazi’s and the Socialist thugs immensely though. After all Mao and Stalin killed more than Hitler

      • Now that is quite rich. Nevertheless, a good Trump like effort.
        An Anti-semite winning about experiencing a “personal attack”, just too too rich.
        Trump will be proud thou, so will his immediate supervisor, Vlad.
        BTW: Not only are you happy with Trump’s publicly stated, now historically documented, “moral equivalence” press conference, I am pleased as well.
        It will speed up his departure from The White House and Oval Office; he is now like a wounded deer in the forrest just prior to Bow Hunting Season’s Opening Day.
        Team Mueller, hunters of the highest caliber, quivers fully loaded, will need but one small arrow to load him on the roof of an outbound car back to The Russian Oligarch’s favorite Manhattan Residential Building – that being Trump Towers on 5th Avenue.
        That is.., of course.., If Mueller’s Hunters allow him to keep Russia’s favorite building. LMFAO!

      • You are obviously an intelligent, circumspect, specifically stating individual, one who leaves no unanswered questions to his reader, clearly documented in your clear and concise responding comment.
        who is they..,
        what is the the first name of the Kennedy to which you refer,
        what is the context of that unclear reference,
        and what the fukc are you talking about ?

      • Oh.., I see.., an intellectual “Trumpet”, cowardly hiding in social media, behind an anti-semitic pseudonym, living the “Alt-Right” stereotype; what a surprise!

      • Hey “GI Remote” I’m surprised you, hiding behind the pseudonym “GI Remote”, chose not to respond.., or did you just (snakelike) switch hiding places ?
        You curiously appear to be suffering from the same illness as does “Gefilte Fisherman”. You should visit a mirror and meet him – LMFAO!

  54. William Kristol, Hugh Hewett, Jonah Goldberg, UpChuck Todd, George Will, Glenn Beck, Angrea Mitchell,; what’s the difference? These “fakers” are SO FAR from understanding the U.S. Constitution, the American Dream, and what “makes the world go ’round” for the rest of us that it’s an UTTER WASTE OF TIME paying ANY attention to what they have to say these days!

  55. Kristol is in flat out psychotic denial. He, and those like him, are responsible for eight years of Obama and years of “conservatives” talking much and doing little to undue years of far left progressive policies actually made Trump’s win possible. The other candidates did not win because the republican base simply does not believe they will do what they say. The repeal and replace disaster in Congress just proved how right the republican voters were. People like Kristol have egg all over their face and cannot look in the mirror and except blame for what they have done. He HAS to try to get Trump precisely for this reason, his ego is so bruised at being so wrong he is praying for a “I told you so!” moment. He is discredited and now speaks to no one. The only reason he still gets gigs is because the DC media establishment is so incestuous.

  56. Western culture is in the very uncomfortable phase of adjusting the new paradigm created by internet communications. Kristol’s ..and Trump’s….and Clinton’s….–pop culture generally….such vapidness is indicates how rudderless instant communiciations have left a culture which was raised watching television, reading Time magazine…and with interactivity limited to the Letters to the Editor column in the newspaper.

    Never forget the neither Trump nor Kristol would have any cultural currency without the internet….yet they are also subject to its tendency to encourage narcissistic behavior and thought patterns.

  57. All too true. He and Will and probably Krauthammer are the elderly, rigid, priest theologians of the conservative movement. With them, the good is always hostage to the pure. The catechism was violated. The Latin wasn’t inflected correctly….twice.

    They have NO idea what is happening on the ground in the culture WAR. Will once predicted Perot would get 3-4 % of the vote…he got 19. They all prdicted Trump would lose and in lock step with the Redleft explained exactly “Why!” They are the Weimarists, the Kerensyists, “deeply” (of course) thinking, sonorously phrase turning, parsing, wordsmithing, while the POWER seeking Nazis and Bolsheviks… …took it.

    Will recently pontificated that “there were more important things than the Supreme Court.” Name one. Oh yeah, winning the Presidency. The opponent was not John Doe … it was the crooked Hilbillaries, Pelosi, Schumer, two more Bader Ginsbergs and the Redleft. No purer conservative would have defeated them.

    Kristol et al, are carpers. No less, but, no more.

    • You sell them too short. They have been pernicious fixers for a long time. Kristol was Quayle’s chief of staff.

  58. Kristol is a sad pathetic little man in more ways than one.

  59. Now Gary Cohn is saying similar things . . . and he works INSIDE the White House.

  60. Never liked Kristol. Always thought he was a smarmy little prick…

  61. Kristol is simply a war-monger who wants to impose his will on the world. It is a shame he was allowed to masquerade as a conservative for so long.

  62. There was a time when I thought we had two parties. Now I understand we have one party with two faces. Both faces want your money, both faces want your kids. They just do different things with them.

  63. Simply because Bill Kristol is the son of Irving Kristol does not mean that the son is worthy of the mantle of his late father. I have read Irving Kristol and my sense of the man is that he would be defending Trump, and would have expressed grave concerns over the collapse of the news media into a propaganda machine for the left. He would have also been gravely concerned over the power of the deep state within government agencies to go after groups and individuals with the machinery of government on ideological grounds. I don’t believe that Irving Kristol would have approved of his son’s behavior.

    • Irving Kristol was (and accepted the label of) the “Godfather of Neoconservatism.” He was fundamentally opposed to much of traditional American conservatism. He was a leftist Democrat, editor of the then-leftist-Democrat Commentary magazine, before he started calling himself a neoconservative. He certainly would have opposed Trump as vehemently as his son.

      • RCPreader is spot on!! Irving Kristol was just a party switcher once Democrats, post Vietnam, abandoned his pro-war agenda. Republicans have been losing ever since.

  64. For some odd reason (fear of reduced future employment options?) this author refuses to say what commentators on the NeverTrump crowd almost always refuse to say: Kristol & Co. are neocons. They are not conservatives. (Which is why the neocons created this distinct label for themselves in the 70s — they rejected traditional conservatism and its adherents.) They have never been conservatives. They played at being conservatives in order to take over the GOP and “movement conservatism.” Trump’s rise represented their repudiation, and was just too much for them — the distinctions between his politics and neoconservatism were just too great. So they took an adversarial stance in early 2016, doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down on it over the primary and general election seasons, and are now so deeply invested in it, personally and professionally, that they are bound to condemn Trump at every chance they get. There’s nothing to puzzle at.

  65. Now Gary Cohn is saying similar things . . . and he works INSIDE the White House.

    • Cohn is a similar type to Kristol, at best. Cohn is actually a registered Democrat and a longtime Democratic donor, though he sometimes tries to hedge his bets and donate to both sides. He’s frantic that he is going to be blackballed from his NYC social and employment circles because of Trump, and is doing personal damage control.

      This should not be permitted. If he’s ok with Trump, he needs to shut up and do his job. If he is not ok with Trump, he’s free to denounce him all he wants, but he needs to resign first. He’s trying to having it both ways. A pathetic excuse for a human being.

      • Exactly. Disgusting display of having it both ways.

    • Maybe, but we don’t know. All we have is the usual unverified sources telling us what is happening.

      • What’s fake about Cohn saying he is feeling pressure to resign because of Trump’s Charlottesville comments. That’s what he said.

  66. I took an oath to uphold the Constitution (which would include all amendments) but Billy is pushing the envelop on the first amendment. He has the right to say anything he wants. I have the right to tune him and his magazine off. I and many others are completely desensitized to anything the NeverTrumpers say. If its Will, Goldberg or Bill saying or writing something, I don’t bother to read it and move on. We should actually feel sorry for him. His life is ruined as a serious pundit. He’s just not believable or trustworthy. Sad…..

  67. The single best thing Kristol could do for the country, would be to take the week off, then quit!

  68. Julie… THANK YOU! Thank you! THANK YOU for finally saying what needed to be said as articulately as you said it. I used to loved this guy and looked to him for direction and here’s what he’s reduced himself and his influence to. It’s quite PATHETIC to watch.

    • Similar to algore’s total transformation from moderate, southern, democrat and family man into an agent of Satan.

  69. Kristol is so far down the rabbit hole, there is no turning back. He has gone literally insane trying to figure out how to salvage some credibility.

  70. I am not interested in what the neo-con with a Trotskyite family history, thinks. There was a time when Mr. Kristol was relevant – that time has passed.

  71. One almost gets the impression that Kristol would have actually liked it if Hilarious had won.

    • Yes he would. It is kind of like cheering against the team that eliminated your favorite team in the playoffs.

    • It was her turn, after all. The establishment said so.

  72. Of course the intellectual wing of the Republican party is being attacked. Look who these people voted for! You think they have any respect or admiration for someone with a triple digit IQ?

    • You diminish the Intelligence Quotient when you evoke the people who gave us Clintons, Bushes, McCains, Romneys and Obamas as some sort of standard. If being “intelligent” means means selling our nation to lifelong

      • That was on the fly, and sounds a bit cumbersome. How about Trumdum? Trummy? Oh, heck, maybe your gal Hillary will come up with something better.

      • We hire politicians to politic just like we hire electricians to fix our electricity, not our election system.

        If I wanted to get ripped of on a real estate transaction, I go with Trump*. Commander-in-Chief? Dumb choice by America. Trump* won on the revenge of a group of people that hate the left for reasons they learn every day on Brietbart and WorldNetDaily.

      • Thanks, Doc. You are in exactly the place where we dummies want you. As long as you stay there, your party has no prayer of regaining majorities in either house of Congress, much less the Oval Office.

      • I called you Bots, not dummies. I hate insulting dummies. Bots have no feelings to hurt.

  73. He’s mentally unfit for Office.

    Of course, I’m talking about Bill Kristol.

  74. Billy Kristol’s neocon movement started in the 30’s as pro-Trotsky, anti-Stalin. They moved to the GOP after the Vietnam war neutered the Democrat males and continued to cause problems for us. W was the worst follower of those clowns and wasted his 8 years trying to extricate us from the wars he started.

    Let it go back to the dems.

  75. As I started reading this and came upon Kristol’s comments of wanting a Deep State coup, I recalled two weeks ago that CNN Counterterrorism expert Philip Mudd said that people he knew in the Deep State would kill the President ( I immediately wondered if the Secret Service would be investigating him. I haven’t seen any evidence of him on the air since. Has anyone else seen anything or heard anything about him?

  76. Kristol crackup is correct. Guy is nuts. It’s revealing though to understand that a lot of these RINO types never did believe in freedom and liberty and government by the people. They believe in a lie just like the libs. Only they think their’s is the better lie.

  77. Of course this IDIOT LIAR approved of O Bumbler calling the Ft Hood Islamist Terrorist attack killing Dozens a “WORKPLACE EVENT!”.

  78. Unfortunately, DJT provides ample ammunition to “Never Trumpers”. He was NEVER a conservative, and many of his so-called populist views are recently-acquired, and poorly thought out. I can, easily, and without any violence to my own conservative/libertarian beliefs, criticize Trump on substantive, policy grounds.

    But that’s not what Kristol does. Little Billy K clearly considers Trump declasse, and not one of “his kind”, and can’t imagine (ala Pauline Kael) that anyone would have voted for Trump. (I wonder if Little Billy K shares David Brooks’ unseemly regard for Barack O’s pants creases?)

    Let me put you some knowledge, Little Billy K – Trump won for a reason, and YOU are a huge (YUUGE!!) part of that reason. I may not like Trump, much, but every time I listen to a little ankle-biter like you spend 20 spittle-flecked minutes berating Trump for not saying what YOU think he should have said, or how he should have said it (instead of, oh, I dunno, actually ADDRESSING THE SUBSTANCE OF HIS REMARKS!?!?!?!), I wish we could have the election over again, today. I would vote for the Donald JUST to spite your worthless, elitist, smarmy, prig little ass.

    Pompous, arrogant, ignorant little twit. Please go away. Far, far away. And stay there.

    • I can, easily, and without any violence to my own conservative/libertarian beliefs,

      Now THAT is something I would like to see driven out of the party.. The ridiculous, loud mouth, “Libertarian/Conservative” Obnoxious boors who conserve nothing.

      I’ll take as many illegal aliens as it requires to replace you all.

      • Your semi-literate reply would impress me far more if it evidenced that you had actually READ my comment (understanding it, and dealing with it substantively, is clearly beyond your meager intellectual resources).

        Come back if you actually have something to say. Or not,as you won’t be missed.

      • Save it for someone who cares. Libertarians are children. They never developed beyond third grade. Their unworkable nonsense is what has been holding the party back and turning the republican party into as big a failure as their own circular debate society that can’t win anything and therefore can’t “conserve” anything.

        Just LEAVE.. Go stand in the corner with Williamson, Kristol and the rest of the losers. Nobody will care.

      • So, apparently, actually reading and responding IS beyond your meager intellectual gifts. Noted.

        Note to self: Ignore this ignorant, know-nothing asswipe in the future. You will miss NOTHING.

      • I don’t need to read your libertarian tripe to know it needs to be removed from the republican party, root and branch. Take your libertine BS and your open borders and cheap china crap and get out. Nobody wants your vote. Nobody needs it.

        Go vote libertarian, with the rest of the 1%er lo0sers.

  79. Bill Kristol has not been a conservative for a very long time. He has been captured by the Washington DC bubble and is incapable of escaping it. As the MSM’s go to “conservative” Kristol is too much enamored with the attention of the left mistaking it for adoration when in fact the left is laughing at Kristol and using him as the useful tool he has become.

    • Kristol & company are narcissists. And they cannot get over the fact that people don’t value their opinions any more. They want to be the leaders of the pack. But conservatives have moved on & left them behind.

  80. I wondering if Kristol suffers from dementia but rules with an iron hand.

    The best thing for the GOP would be for Kristol & company to stop embarrassing themselves. Conservatives are forgiving. But the longer that cabal persists in their weak-mindedness, the less likely it will be that conservatives ever again value their opinions.

  81. The best thing for America is for Bill Crystal and people like him is to commit suicide, because that’s what he’s asking us to do.

    • Folks, Bill Crystal is an occasinoally funny comedian. Don’t confuse him with Bill Kristol.

      • In the spirit of the moment, may I say that with that line, you are also an occasionally funny comedian? I got a big ole’ ole possum grin of that one!!! ;-)

        Perhaps because I do dig Billy Crystal!

  82. As soon as Trump gets rid of Kristol, Flake, Heller, McCain, Lindsey Graham, Sessions, Corker, McConnell, Ryan, Murkowski and Collins, America will be great again.

      • Of course, along with Kasich, Bush, Cruz, Rubio and Walker. All those losers have to go.

      • Seriously, someone needs to establish a central clearinghouse PAC to receive donations that would guarantee funding for primary opponents for all of those swamp creatures. Serious primary challengers is the only way out from under this RINO-Never Trump-Democrat coalition that is strangling this country.

  83. Yes, Kristol has lost his mind. Pity, that: Kristol used to have a good mind. Has he been paid off? Blackmailed? What could have happened to someone I used to read regularly and respect somewhat.

    • Kristol was happy as long as he and other neocons (Krauthammer, etc.) could bamboozle conservatives into buying into their destructive foreign policies. Now that such influence is gone, they have lost their minds.

  84. Bill Kristol is most upset about the fact that nobody gives a crap about what Bill Kristol thinks anymore.

  85. He will go against the wall with the rest of the statists when the revolution comes.

  86. The Weekly Standard was due for renewal at around $120 a year. I dropped it, citing Crystal’s NeverTrump nonsenseness as the reason. The lady said something like “sorry for that editorial.”

    I still like the magazine, but I figure I’ll be getting a $60/year offer in the next few months begging me to come back. If Crystal is still there and still unhinged, I’ll probably pass.

  87. Tucker Carlson said it best, Bill Kristol has become addicted to twitter and social media looking for likes and retweets. He is no longer relevant but continues to shout into the wind. He has been proven wrong so many times related to Trump, from Candidate to President Kristol has never been right.

  88. Remember when Bill Kristol was a true conservative…. Ya me either..

  89. It’s too bad Bill Buckley isn’t around to talk some sense into these anti-Trump nitwits who so badly need to get over themselves.

    • Buckley would probably be a Never Trumper. He was a closeted Establishment suck-up.

    • Buckley tossed the Bircher and Ayn Rand loonies out of the Conservative movement.
      I doubt if he would have any more patience with the Trumpets.

    • Bill Buckley’s son, Christopher, was beguiled by the Dark Messiah (like many others) in 2008. He was since repented.

  90. Trump is an incompetent failure as a President but blaming Bill Kristol for pointing this out will fix everything. MAGA.

    • Draining the swamp takes time. Trump will get there. MAGA!!!

  91. I would never hope for a fatal heart attack or stroke for anyone, but if I ever did, it would be for Bill Kristol. And why is he so slimy looking? And why are his hands so tiny?

  92. Excellent and needed article. Weekly Standard is on boycott here. Kristol’s unprincipled position is dishonest and unpatriotic. It’s always Judases within the movement who do the most harm. I use a local style sheet to color WS links so I know not to click them.

  93. It’s the Trump Effect soon to be a medically accepted mental disorder. Billy K’s got a terminal case.
    I wonder, while ensconced in his rubber room at home, drooling and rocking back and forth, if it ever occurs to him that he might have a screw or two loose? Nahhh he just rolls up his poo into little balls and plays catch.

  94. This is what you get from a Spoiled Brat, whose never done a hard day’s work IN HIS LIFE, because his Mom’s been paying his bills, his entire life.

    Ditto: Jonah Goldberg.

  95. Great article. Kristol is nothing more than a punchline now. He’s an embarrassment.

  96. Looking at Bill Kristol today you can only come to 1 of 2 conclusions. First that he’s really mentally ill & his sick obsession w Trump is a manifestation of profound mental illness. Maybe some serious medication.
    The other is that he was never a real conservative just an arrogant, self important, ego driven jerk with left wing tendencies playing his Schlick because it gave him attention to feed his overblown ego. I think # 2 is correct. No real conservative could have decided Crroked Hillary & a left wing Supreme Court was better than Trump. Of course it’s pretty clear at this point that his distaste for Trump has developed into a mentally harmful obsession! I’d feel sad for him except he such a self important preening jerk. At one point a lot of people cared about his ideas. Now he has nothing except hate & obsession.

  97. Kristol is just another bitter Jew who increasingly reminds most of us as the Jews who got in bed with the Romans to get rid of Christ NOT because Christ was dangerous to people but because he was dangerous to a very small set of equally bitter and jealous nothings.

    • Careful. The Romans knew that Jesus had caused a disruption at the Temple during Passover.
      Having already fought two wars against the Jews the Romans were heavy handed with perceived subversives.

      Jesus became a political threat so it was no problem for them to execute him when the Sanhedrin handed him over to Pilate.

      • Careful yourself. The Romans had to be persuaded by the Sadducees and Sanhedrin that Jesus was a threat to the political order They did not recognize it themselves. Pilate didn’t know what Jesus was accused of by the Jews, and found him to be innocent only to cave in to the rabble crying for His crucifixion. Pilate washed his hands and sealed His fate.

  98. Read this article from RCP and found specious content delivered with that special vindictiveness typical of Trump and his supporters. One could feel sorry for the older conservatives who clearly see with horror the corrupt and epically dishonest braggart their party put in the WH, but then, they’re reaping what they’ve sown for the past three decades.

    • “epically”? Sweet. At least Trump is epic. As opposed to the chronic that was Obama.

  99. Has anybody here seen that loser Billy,
    Can you tell me where he’s gone?
    He cheaped a lotta people, but it seems the losers dont die young
    But I just looked around and he’s there.
    Has anybody here seen my old coot Georgie,
    Can you tell me why he’s not gone?
    He freaked a lotta people, but it seems the idiots dont die young
    But I just looked around and he’s there.
    Has anybody here seen that limp prick Johnah,
    Can you tell me how he is there?
    He annoyed alotta people, but it seems the dorks dont die young
    But I just looked around and he’s boorish.
    Didn’t you love the things they stood for?
    Didn’t they try to find some good for you and me?
    And we’ll be free,
    Someday soon it’s gonna be one day.
    Has anybody here seen my old friend Charles,
    Can you tell me where his mind’s gone?
    I thought I saw him walkin’ up over Boot Hill
    With Billy, Georgie and Johnah.

  100. Bill Kristol is a Leftist quisling who has turned his back on conservatism. I would not be the least bit surprised to see him marching with the “antifa” punks soon. In the last 15 months, he has completely blown his credibility and undone any respect I had for him.

  101. Kristol needs a long vacation, away from his twitter phone and endowed with plenty of thorazine.

    • The hammer of Thor. It can reduce even the most robust into a sedated lemming.

  102. Up until about two years ago our family thought Bill Kristol was very knowledgeable, but he then turned into something we no longer liked. What a sad person. We hope he will recover.

  103. The deeply personal attacks on Kristol in this article – he isn’t
    just wrong and doesn’t just disagree with the author, but rather has “cracked
    up” and gone “code Blue” – is the best testament to just how much of a problem
    Kristol presents to the Trump lovers. He
    takes away their favorite weapon, which is to scream “liberal!” and “leftist!”
    at anyone who disagrees with them and their Leader. Kristol is neither. The man worked for Dan Quayle. He helped lead the attack on the Clinton
    health care initiative. He is a card
    carrying member of the conservative establishment. So when he leads such
    constant, literate, and brutal attacks on Trump, it literally disrupts the
    minds of the Trumpies. They then have
    two choices: consider that he may be
    right since he isn’t coming out of (pardon the expression) left field, or attack
    him personally. Like their Leader, they
    choose the latter. It won’t work. After Charlottesville, you not only lost the center
    – you lost the center-right.

    • Bwahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      • I forgot how articulate you guys were. The 140 characters at a time lifts your game. I’ve simply got nothing in response to that wit and those specifics.

      • I think you might be mistaken about who is losing their collective minds.

      • No I’m not. This thread is confirmation. Look at the number of writers here who call Kristol a liberal. Thatis a simple refusal to acknowledge that, merits sside, opposition to and repulsion by Trump cuts across political stripes. To do that would be to acknowledge his serious character flaws, and so instead there is a delusional attempt to continue to paint this opposition as emanating solely from the left. That is indeed the loss of a collective mind.

      • I’m not mistaken at all. Look at the number of replies below that call Kristol a liberal. Merits entirely aside, he’s not. On any number of public policy issues, he would come out entirely differently than liberal Democrats. But because Trump fans cannot stand any criticism of Trump AND because they love to bash liberals, they conflate the two and so all Trump opponents become liberal. Just read the thread below. So yes, that’s a collective
        loss of mind. Incidentally, it also makes the opening line of the article re Venn diagrams incorrect.

    • Doesn’t bother me at all to see Kristol self destruct. I rather enjoy his unmasking as a liberal.

    • That may explain Dan Quayle’s rapid downfall. The “conservative establishment” has an approval rating of around 15%. Their influence with the voting public is even less. Kristol came from the left using phony slogans and propaganda to take over the republican party. We can only pray his tenure is over and he goes back to the democratic party where he came from. I think they’re ready for him there.

  104. Liberals in faux Conservative clothing: David Brooks (NYT), Jeff Flake (R. AZ), Bob Corker (R, TN), Bill Kristol, George Will (WaPo), and others

  105. Thank you, Julie Kelly, for writing what really needed to be written about the decline and fall of the odious Bill Kristol. He wasn’t always this way, which makes it worse.

    • He was always this way. Just kept it under the radar as he postured as a conservative.

  106. Bill Kristol is off his rocker. I really think the horrible failure of the Neocon agenda in Iraq permanently unhinged him. The man is suffering from a type of political PTSD.

  107. The author complains about Kristol’s supposed lack of integrity and honesty and being a “clown” yet she is an enthusiastic of Donald J. Trump. Hypocrisy much?

    • She isn’t that enthusiastic about Trump, have you read any of her writing? Bill K is behaving in a bizarre manner. It’s almost pathological, in my professional opinion.

      • Even though it is unprofessional to diagnosis a patient without evaluating them, I agree with you.

    • You are rather uneducated and lack reasoning skills, no?

  108. Kristol is a RINO of the first order. He cannot equate with folks who actually work and produce things let alone get dirt under his fingernails from doing anything but casting opinions. Trump being elected was the Republicans establishments worst nightmare. And it shows. All the pundits, right and left have been slammed by an electorate who’ve repudiated them soundly by electing Trump. Now those who oppose Trump say that uneducated rubes were duped into voting for Trump but I say that those who make those accusations are in a sad state of denial because they can’t accept that folks don’t blindly follow a liberal ideology that makes them feel superior to others and at the same time exposes that elite liberal class for being no more than well educated useful idiots.

  109. Breading News: President Trump pardons Sheriff Joe!

  110. Trump drained the fake conservative commentator swamp that wanted endless wars, open borders, free trade that gave all of our wealth and jobs to China, and other non-conservative principals. I never thought any of these clowns were conservatives. I never understood why anyone thought they were conservative and why they were speaking for conservatives, and this was long before Trump.

  111. The elites expect a revolution to be violent where they can kill them. They just don’t know how to deal with one from the ballot box.

  112. Yes, Tucker was rationalizing American slavery and yes, this author is rationalizing white supremacists and neo nazis.

    • He was pointing out the obvious. Every person on the planet comes from a group/tribe/country/religion that practiced slavery. Every person on the planet has a few, or even many, not-so-nice ancestors.

      Blaming people for historical events they had nothing to do with does nothing to improve the past but definitely cripples the future.

      Neither America nor the world will benefit if this type of destructive behavior continues to grip our society.

  113. Bill Kristol – Poster boy for everything WRONG with conservatism, why it doesn’t work and has failed to “conserve” anything.

  114. His father Irving was a Trotskyite who fled the Bolsheviks. These Zionist neo-con war criminals are still fighting for the Deep State of Marxist tyranny disguised as true conservatism the whole time. The “Khazarian Mafia” is hysterical because the balance of global power is shifting to Asia and their Federal Reserve scam is losing it’s monopoly. War mongering propaganda is a war crime under the Nuremberg Code, and the neo-con Trotskyites should face trial.

  115. Fifth Column Kristol is coming apart because his entire Trotskyist world view is collapsing.

    Tehran will be on Israel’s border before year’s end and the goyim are waking up throughout the west.

  116. I’m sure if you looked closely at some of the “masked” nasties at these Antifa rallies – you will have find Bill Kristol. This man will go down in political history as a seditious representative of the same party as the president. Bill Kristol’s legacy will blot out whatever good his father might have done for the party. Meanwhile – the rest of us should shun the cretin.

  117. These are the people who have never had responsibility of power, and never will. Thus their overwrought blathering is totally meaningless. Better they go home and knit.

  118. Kristol has been a menace since 2011, when he spent every minute promoting a war in Iraq, a war that wasted money and lives and made things worse.
    Kristol is an egomaniac who would rather destroy Americans’ control over their government than risk his own elite status,
    Some people voted for Trump because they wanted him to defuse the deep state. Kristol is on the side of the deep state, which means a slow slide into corruption at best and totalitarianism at worst.

  119. It’s YOU who are deranged. I have always thoroughly disliked Bill Kristol,no argument there – but I will grant him the praise of being one of the few conservatives to who have the moral bearing, the guts, and the integrity to stand up to our despicable POTUS, while the rest of you are wrapped around our Dear Leader’s finger – just the way dictators like it.

    I expect nothing less than hate to come my way now – what else can I expect from you supporters of madness.

    • It comes down to a world view, I suppose. I really liked Kristol in the past, but he has been so over the top anti-Trump that I think he has lost his ability to see things clearly. At least that’s what I see when I have read his stuff. But, I think you are right in one sense: he’s been anti-trump from the beginning and he hasn’t backed down. I give him points for the consistency.

    • Conservative, moral bearing, are you kidding? His father was a democrat. The only reason he is not is because they won’t have him. If you want a war in every country in the world and no manufacturing at all in the US this is the guy for you.

    • I voted for Trump. I continue to support Trump. Bill Kristol is a brilliant man who is completely ignoring major issues, such as the Supreme Court.

    • If Trump were a dictator, you would not be spewing hatred against him. Your mouth would be zipped shut in fear for your life, livelihood, and family. Overwrought hybperbole.

      • Use your freaking brain you foolish woman. The only reason Trump is not a dictator is because our institutions are strong enough to prevent it (so far). He is already acting like the entire congress works for him. He was a dictator in business – he’s a bully and a psychopath. And you can be a dictator without torturing people – even I don’t think he would go that far.

        You are an enabler of a terrible terrible man that is doing damage to our institutions our democracy and our standing in the world. Far from “making America great again” he is ceding to China the mantle of world leader. While other countries are pursuing science, we are pursuing faith based biology classes.

        If Donald Trump is not stopped, if we don’t stand up to him, American will not be “great” again it will be a fallen society, He is the most serious threat to our country since the Civil War and World War II – and will go down in history as a truly malevolent figure. And he is succeeding because people like YOU think he is G,D..messiah. But he is a madman, and he has you wrapped around his figure and you are so drunk with your hero you have fallen for SHAME..

      • Holy cow. Hyperventilate much? I actually don’t worship any political entity…how about you? Don’t berate me as if your support for people that I find abhorrent is not relevant. You might be projecting a little.

      • A well versed analysis and spot-on description of the Reality before our very eyes. Most of your prescient perspective cannot, indeed will not, be accepted by most of the sycophants of this tyrannical despot is simply due to the denial that conservatives within their party have repudiated this dangerous zealot and they are in denial. Denial, which by the way, is the First Stage of five in Kubler-Ross’ Grief/Loss Model followed by Anger (2nd Stage). As a 29 yr health professional [RN, (Ret)], most Trumpians exhibit one, both or a hybrid of these traits as manifested in the content of social media arenas. Don’t agree? Just read the everyday political postings of the last 11 months – there is a thread of Denial and/or Anger interlaced in the conversation (read: ‘pseudo-dialog’). This Denial-Anger complex breeds the perfect atmosphere for Trump lackeys to cling to a preferably, false reality. (Recall the birth of ‘Alt Facts’ a la Kellyanne Conway?) It is under this rubric of an alternate reality created & perpetuated by this Fuhrer wannabe that that the afflicted reside. Alas!, there is hope for the Deplorables of 45 as the Final Stage of the Kubler-Ross paradigm is Acceptance! And I suspect, it will be Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s unveiling of the Truth behind the High Crimes & Misdemeanors that will shepherd the Trumpist Flock to this terminal phase of Acceptance (of Reality). Acceptance by the 35%-ers that you were conned, lied to & used by the Greatest Snake-Oil Salesman in modern Politics. Not to worry, we Libtard Snowflakes won’t condemn you but rejoice and exclaim, “Welcome, home! Where’ve you been, man? Let’s get a beer, a’ight? I’ll buy.”

      • A well versed analysis and spot-on description of the Reality before our very eyes. Most of your prescient perspective cannot, indeed will not, be accepted by most of the sycophants of this tyrannical despot is simply due to the denial that conservatives within their party have repudiated this dangerous zealot and they are in denial. Denial, which by the way, is the First Stage of five in Kubler-Ross’ Grief/Loss Model followed by Anger (2nd Stage). As a 29 yr health professional [RN, (Ret)], most Trumpians exhibit one, both or a hybrid of these traits as manifested in the content of social media arenas, like Facebook. Don’t agree? Just read the everyday political postings of the last 11 months – there is a thread of Denial and/or Anger interlaced in the conversation (read: ‘pseudo-dialog’). This Denial-Anger complex breeds the perfect atmosphere for Trump lackeys to cling to a preferably, false reality. (Recall the birth of ‘Alt Facts’ a la Kellyanne Conway?) It is under this rubric of an alternate reality created & perpetuated by this Fuhrer wannabe that he and his afflicted acolytes reside. Alas!, there is hope for the Deplorables of 45 as the Final Stage of the Kubler-Ross paradigm is Acceptance! And I suspect, it will be Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s unveiling of the Truth behind the High Crimes & Misdemeanors of ’45’ that will shepherd the Trumpist Flock to this terminal phase of Acceptance (of Reality). Acceptance by you, the 35%-ers, that were conned, lied to & used by the Greatest Snake-Oil Salesman in modern Politics. Not to worry, we Libtard Snowflakes won’t condemn you but rejoice and exclaim, “Welcome, home! Where’ve you been, man? Let’s get a beer, a’ight? I’ll buy.”

  120. So, it’s Trump vs. the Bolsheviks, Socialists, Trotskyists, and other assorted leftists. Sounds like the Russian Revolution has rolled into town.

  121. Does anyone even read what Kristol writes about anymore?

  122. Kristol has lost most of his audience. His ego was shattered and he’s all cracked up

  123. There’s no question that Kristol and another neverTrumper, Bret Stephens, became completely unhinged and are in dire need of psychiatric help.

    • Kristol presents a textbook case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The last time I saw him I absolutely couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

      • I suspect it’s even worse than a typical textbook case of TDS. Kristol needs serious psychiatric help.

  124. Just take your marbles and go home, you sniveling, sulking, sad little man.

  125. Kristol is an example how a formerly decent man can self-destruct. So are his buddies, Will, Lowery, Hayes, Krauthammer and the cabal. Good riddance, ya’ll.
    Would you believe I used to listen to them?

  126. The old guard has been shown to be what they really are…..the Progs identical evil twin, the mirror image of the Prog coin. I have known this for years, hopefully we just get rid of these imbeciles and move on. Welcome to the revolution! MAGAA…..Make America Great As Always…..

  127. Bill Kristol was the reason that I gave a person like Turmp a chance. Mr. Kristol embodies everything I hate about the conservative movement.

  128. Bill Kristol has become the “Tiger Woods” of journalism, someone you don’t know if you should pity or be angry at. But everyone knows that Tiger and Bill have reached the end of their careers.

  129. It must be the syphilis that has taken such a toll on his brain. Poor guy.

  130. KRISTOL TEARS: The new face-wash by RINO Men’s Products.

  131. Julie, America-hating Left? I’ve heard enough; talk about thought police.

  132. I stand with Kristol against Dimwit Donald and the Cult of Personality.

  133. American Greatness: So the writing doesn’t have to be.

  134. I am certain Bill Kristol has lost his mind and that is why he lost his job on Fox. This might actually be a gift that Trump has in that people who oppose him display their very worst selves in their opposition to him…thereby revealing their real selves. I no longer respect Kristol and have lost a lot of respect for Dr. K as well.

  135. Unfortunately, the swamp includes as many Republicans as Democrats. They are suffering an extreme version of TDS where anything is said, no proof of facts are necessary and no matter what Pres. Trump will say or tweet, it’s just another outrage. I haven’t seen him order any deaths or imprisonment yet, but he’s been compared to Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Putin, etc.

    You have all jumped the shark and your comments or commentary is now ridiculed by anyone with a non tainted brain. Stop trying to badger and bully and just go on a 4 year cruise to nowhere, because that’s where you belong.

  136. “This from the man (Kristol) who pushed for the war in Iraq, which led to the GOP’s losing control of Congress in 2006 and the ascendancy of Barack Obama.”

    And it wasn’t just Iraq he was fatally (for thousands of Americans, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis) wrong on. He also pushed for Obama’s wars against Libya and Syria, even suggesting regime change in Iran and Russia. This maniac has been a clear and present danger to America, and the world at large, for decades.

  137. Thank you Julie for exposing Kristol. I had dinner with him and was suprised how detached he was from real Americans. Didn’t drive or own a car… never bought a car in his life. Described himself as a Scoop Jackson Democrat. Had disappointing lack of knowledge about political science for a Harvard professor… he is the one of the many who are tarnishing the GOP brand.

  138. Kristole’s pissed because Trump ended his gravy train of grants, and without that grant money Kristole is a NOBODY now in WASHINGTON, that’s why he’s so unhinged.

  139. Never a great thinker, Kristol has just jumped the shark. He, like his father before him, was never a conservative and certainly doesn’t believe in either limited government or the advancement of individual and economic freedom He is a retread democrat who invaded the republican party when the progressives rejected the foreign policy interventionist ideas of his father and other neoconservatives. He is an embarrassment to both himself and any right thinking conservative. Put this knucklehead on ignore and get on with your life.

  140. You dopes actually believed that old kike was a conservative ever? They’re all duplicitous vermin. Now he’s dropping the pretense.

  141. What a waste of oxygen.
    Can someone please buy National Review and shutter the doors?

    • Relevance? Kristol writes for Weekly Standard, not NRO.

  142. Kristol seems to be desperately fighting to remain relevant. Does Kristol care about the nation and conservatism or only about himself?

  143. Trump brings an energy lifeline to the GOP they haven had since Reagan and, instead of harnessing and cultivating it, they seek to retard the momentum and in doing so will screw up the opportunity of a generation.
    Friggin’ idiots.

    • Isn’t it funny how Trump got North Korea to stand down just two weeks ago, the first time that has happened since early in the Eisenhower presidency, and yet you guys think his presidency is getting destroyed. Seems to me he is the most competent president at protecting American lives that I have seen in a long time.

      • They believe the fake news. I’m sure he was all excited about Hillary’s upcoming landslide victory on November 8th too.

    • I’m pretty happy with the progress so far. Way better than the alternative…

      • Yea we know. If he murders the Pope you all be still with him.

      • Yeah, probably. Your mind reading skills are astounding.

  144. Julie Kelly’s analysis of Kristol’s mental deterioration is right on the money. John Podhoretz, with whom I had exchanged friendly e-mails over the years, blocked me when I replied to one of his tweets smearing Trump by labeling his stance “moral idiocy.” He was raving about Trump’s crudity and I pointed out that crudity was less likely to result in the annihilation of Israel than Obama’s monstrous deal with the mad mullahs. The neocons’ candidate Hillary Clinton was, of course, committed to upholding Obama’s pact with the devil.

    Let us note that the source of the neocons’ derangement is Trump’s unkind words about the Bushes in general and the Iraq War in particular. As someone who supported the effort to topple Saddam Hussein, I must conclude that the strategy devised by Bush and Rove to ignore the left’s homage to Joseph Goebbels. the Big Lie that Bush somehow knew that Saddam no longer retained any of his arsenal of WMD, hurt America at least as much as it hurt the Republican Party.

    Max Boot was once a pundit worth heeding. He, too, has consigned himself to irrelevance by his insistence that Hillary Clinton was a better choice than a man who would appoint conservative judges.

    Remember the phrase: Moral idiocy..

  145. I have a different take – I think that Bill Kristol has always been a Trotskyite. His father was until he saw the light. Bill was supporting Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson – who was a National Security liberal – the so called “Senator for Boeing” from Washington State. Trotskyites hated the USSR too. Poor old Dan Quayle had this cretin undermining him all the time.

  146. What conservative cause has Bill Kristol ever supported effectively?

    • I loathe Bill Kristol — but just be fair, he did oppose the judicial nomination of Harriet Miers (what an abominable decision by W.), and was one of the first to call for McCain to select Sarah Palin as running mate. Kristol no doubt backed McCain as his preferred nominee, which means we don’t need no stinkin’ Biill Kristol around here anymore.

  147. Kristol and Will should just go ahead and admit their new status as Democrats. Krauthammer has been disappointing recently, I agree, but he seems to retain a certain capacity for critical thinking and objective reasoning of which Kristol and Will are now completely devoid.

    • Krauthammer is a liberal disguising himself as a neocon. Always has. He voted for Mondale in the election for Reagan’s SECOND term. If that does not make one a liberal, I don’t know what does. Krauthammer is too smart to implode like little Bill Kristol, but just because Krauth. exceeds Kristol in wisdom does not mean he is any less a liberal.

      • Krauthammer is a liberal who THINKS he is conservative. Just go away.

  148. They are all unhinged. The reasons for it are that Trump is coarse and a P.T. Barnum sort of character, it is his style as much as anything else that unhinges them. Then, he doesn’t have any ties to the permanent Washington class and wants to touch the third rail of American politics – open borders. Thus far, Trump has not done anything radical, all of his appointments are mainstream people with a few exceptions, most of whom have been pushed put by Kelly and McBastard who are now trying to hold Trump hostage, to co-opt his agenda.

  149. It isn’t really all that complicated. People like Krystol, Krauthammer, Goldberg, Will et al considered themselves the “leaders” of the conservative movement. All well and good- the problem is that the movement as a movement never actually accomplished anything. They lost to the liberals on issue after issue after issue. Suddenly Trump came along and in effect exposed them for the ineffectual people they really are. What they never understood and apparently never will- Trump actually makes it possible for their agenda to be implemented. But they won’t be the ones leading or getting the credit. And the fact that neither they nor the GOP in Congress are actually making any attempt to implement conservatism convinces me that they never were the “conservatives” they claim to be.

    • The TDS politicians didn’t just lose to the liberals, (that implies there was actually an engagement with the liberals) they flat out just went along with their ploicies.

  150. He and the rest of the reflubicans who are sabotaging Trump’s agenda should shut up and get in line. They’re worse that the democrats because for eight years these frauds all screamed to reverse the horrible policies of Obama and now that their purported wishes can come true they’ve all resisted. McTurtle, Ryan and traitor McCain each should be ashamed of themselves because they’re putting their personal feelings ahead of the needs of the citizens of this country.

    • To do what – join the personality cult of Donald Trump, the Dear Leader.? THe only people he cares about are himself and the people who lavish praise on him. He has you wrapped around his finger.

  151. Ok then, all liberals are terrorist loving, ISIS Muslims.

  152. It has gotten to the point that it’s only a few people in our country that have the ability to be both objective and honest when they analyze situations, things said and done. When it comes to Trump it seems you can’t be anybody on the left, or a Never Trumper, or a core Trumper (those that were for him from the very beginning) to most often get it right. I voted for Trump but I wasn’t a core Trumper. I have no trouble criticizing some things he says or does. I also have no trouble seeing the positive and good things he says or does. Way too many are unhinged by their hatred towards him, and many others love him so much that they refuse to see anything that he does wrong. As to what he said re Charlotesville, I saw no problem with what he said that Saturday. He was correct that there was violence and law breaking from both sides and there is no disputing that. Nobody should be trying to give a pass on that to the left simply because the bad people on the other side are considered to be worse. Monday he gave all those not satisfied with what he said the first time exactly what they wanted and what he said was excellent and spot on. Yet the same people then went after him saying he was too late. Then we had the Tuesday speech and that’s where he screwed up. Personally I suspect that he was reading blog comments and tweets re people saying that they denounced all the racists, white supremacists, ETC but didn’t agree with the Lee statue getting torn down, and then assumed some of those people had been there thus were “good people”. I could see him doing that but it doesn’t change the fact that he screwed up and shouldn’t have said it. Of course, he wouldn’t have had people been reasonable, objective and honest about the first two times he spoke on the issue when he said everything right….

  153. It is a amazing how someone like Krystol can take his who career and throw it away over this obsession with Trump. Long after Trump has finished 8 years in office and shuffled off to run his real estate business again, Krystol will be remembered for his 9 years of insanity. Nothing he ever writes will be taken seriously. He will become the Dan Rather of the right.

  154. Hear, hear Ms. Kelly: I saw Kristol on MSNBC with Brian Williams conducting hate fest and was reminded with I did not renew my subscription to the Weekly Standard (or Rich Lowry and Jonah Goldberg’s National Review) and will not.

    These people seem to have lost their minds. They have become The Swamp!

  155. Considering the history of the Anarchists, Communists, and those under the banner of Socialism who murdered, enslaved, imprisoned, disenfranchised, and forcefully reeducated hundreds of millions, I find all 19th and 20th Century leftist wannabes just as, if not more, dangerous as the KKK and the Nazis.

  156. Glen Beck and William Kristol should just walk hand in hand and fade out into the sunset of their careers.

  157. Kristol has lost his mind, and probably thousands of subscriptions TWS can’t afford to lose.

  158. This article is just plain garbage. That refers to the content and the writing ability of the author (not reporter, obviously).

  159. Neoconservatives never were “conservatives” in any proper understanding of the word. The left is constantly redefining itself as it seeks to stay ahead of the blame for its history of failed ideas. Neoconservatives are just leftist who fled a bit to the center instead of going farther to the left. Some less-trusting observers would even claim that the neoconservative movement was merely and attempt to infiltrate and subvert the conservative movement. (Even it this subversion idea sounds a bit overly imaginative, the neocons certainly did displace genuine conservatism for a considerable time. During this time — even continuing now — neocons ostracized and belittled genuine conservatives mercilessly.