Who Was Really at Fault in Charlottesville?

Almost everything about the Charlottesville riot was disgraceful except the conduct of the president. The move to take down the statue of General Robert E. Lee was nonsense. Lee has few rivals as the greatest general in American history (Grant, Sherman, MacArthur, and Eisenhower perhaps). He opposed the secession of Virginia from the Union but, as was common in the South then (and has not entirely died out in any region of the United States today),believed he owed his first loyalty to his state over the United States. He was less dedicated to the virtues of slavery than was Charlottesville’s most famous son, Thomas Jefferson, founder of the University, neighbor at Monticello, and, of course, author of the self-evident truth “that all men are created equal.”

This terrible incident started as a reasonable civic demonstration by Southern traditionalists who were not hostile to African-Americans but object to the shamed renunciation of a great American heroic and folkloric figure from “Gone With the Wind,” to The Band’s “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” to “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Robert E. Lee was not a precursor of Bull Connor, Strom Thurmond, James Earl Ray, or the unreformed George C. Wallace.

These original local groups did not wish or seek the attention of the Ku Klux Klan, or the American Nazis or the violent hooligans who appeared in strength flaunting vivid racist symbolism, who were the most remarkable feature in Saturday’s tragic events. As the day approached, it became clear that the other side of the issue, whose core was reasonable townspeople who put the ultimate fact that the Civil War was fought to suppress an insurrection and to promote at least the gradual elimination of slavery above the gallantry of the Confederate Army, was being reinforced by more militant leftist organizations. Antifa, which purports to find fascists at every position of authority in the United States, Black Lives Matter (whose name suggests that any sane person had ever said otherwise), and other far-left groups with a propensity to violence, made no secret that they too would be there.

As the day unfolded, it was clear that orders had been given to the local police to ensure that a serious fracas occurred. The police did nothing to disperse the armed groups on each side, on several occasions herded them toward each other to encourage combat, and then withdrew at times to facilitate the violence. It must be assumed that orders for an insufficient law enforcement and ineffectual rules of engagement emanated ultimately from the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, the ne plus ultra of Clintonian zeal and cynicism, and former Democratic Party chairman.

The debacle ensued; the peaceful majorities on both sides were shouldered aside by the violent thugs on the extremes, with the Klansmen and neo-nazis being more vocal and recognizable by their signs and costumes. Since one of their number appears to have been responsible for the (mercifully) sole fatality, the white supremacists and neo-nazis seem to have been the more violent group. But the entire incident had almost nothing to do with the issue of what should happen to Charlottesville’s statue of General Lee, (who would have been as disgusted as we are by the extremists of both sides).

President Trump’s comments on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were accurate and appropriate, and as usual the national media either eagerly grasped the flame-thrower handed them by the professed Nazi demonstrators and accused the president of mollycoddling David Duke and the Klan (who were very aggrieved by Trump’s chastisement of them on Saturday), or they were gulled by the anti-Trump spin of the media and Virginia officials into condemning the president for ambivalence between Klansmen and Nazis on one side, and decent advocates of racial equality on the other, as if any such clear confrontation of wrong with right had occurred.

Virginia’s U.S. senators, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, are as rabidly partisan as McAuliffe, and the Virginia authorities, local, state, and national, have a hand in this outrage. Kaine thinks Jared Kushner might be guilty of treason and Warner thinks Trump really might have organized the golden shower of urinating prostitutes in Moscow.

The facts of Charlottesville should be ascertained by impartial investigation, prosecution, and exposure, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has promised they will be.

This incident is of a piece with the mindless violence at Berkeley and other university campuses. The nihilists and anarchists of both sides want bloody conflict and vandalism, and most of the Democrats and the anti-Trump Republicans and the national media are trying to pin the phenomenon on Trump. This became clear as the weekend unfolded, explaining Trump’s calibrated escalation of anti-racist comments.

We have come full circle. In the absence of any positive argument to vote Democratic last year, the Clinton campaign accused Trump of misogyny and racism. That failed and evaporated and was replaced in post-electoral denial by the Russian collusion nonsense. With the end of visible White House disorganization following staff changes, and after a cameo appearance of Trump the alleged Korea-warmonger last week, we are back to Trump the friend of the Klan, Obama’s infamous campaign charge.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts this week claimed the leadership of the Democrats; they are close to becoming a far-Left party, in likely fulfilment of the Obama plan, which had to be partly concealed to ensure Obama’s reelection. Donald Trump is a policy moderate, but an activist enemy of gridlock.

The campaign of defamation against Trump will fail, and if the Democrats and pseudo-Republicans don’t get to higher ground soon, Trump will pull together the responsible Right and most of the center and wax the Warren Democrats by a margin that will make the Nixon and Reagan reelections look like photo-finishes.

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419 responses to “Who Was Really at Fault in Charlottesville?”

  1. “Who Was Really at Fault in Charlottesville?”

    In order of culpability:

    1. The Charlottesville City Council for engaging in divisive re-writing of history. They set the riot in motion.

    2. The Charlottesville City Manager for failing to ensure the police kept the peace. He authorised the riot.

    3. The Charlottesville Chief of Police for failing to ensure the police did their job. He approved rioters actions.

    4. The Charlottesville Police Patrol Sargents for failing to order the Patrol Officers to keep the peace. They also approved the rioters actions.

    If it was possible to try those individuals for incompetence and stupidity, every last one would be on death row.

    • What was it the Baltimore mayor said about letting rioters have the space they needed to riot? Why didn’t the po po in San Jose step in and protect the lady at the Trump rally when she was egged by hooligans? It’s looking like we’re getting a pattern here of defecrat city leaders allowing for the destruction of their own cities and violent attacks on conservatives in order to make a point.

      • The same ex-Mayor of Baltimore (Stephanie Rawlings-Blake) who gave the rioters “some space” now chairs a commission that recommends which Baltimore statues will be removed. Isn’t that interesting?

      • Bingo! This only happens where there is a local Democrat mayor as well as a Democrat governor who will not either take over control of the situation or prosecute the mayor for malfeasance.

      • You may have predicted the future. Now that there is a set pattern for riots,get a permit,hire a bunch of thugs to riot,make sure the locals are far left/compromised and allow most anything to happen,rinse/repeat.
        You may see them in many areas of the country especially in the South where there are all kinds of statues that provide sick reasoning for mayhem and rioting.
        What is more interesting is who is behind all this who pays the rioters,the actors who go from city to city riot to riot,who is behind it all.

    • The Mayor (who of course, leads the city council) and the Governor also had to have had a hand in making these terrible decisions. And there can be little doubt that the confrontations were desired by some of these political “leaders”. I am sincerely sorry that the woman died. Given the thousands of young Black Americans who die each year in America’s inner cities, I believe that other than for political posturing, the lives of individuals do not seem to be of very much value to many Democrat politicians.

      • Look at any left revolution and you will see that life means nothing to these people. And the fact that they support the eugenics programs of Sanger against black unborn babies you can only conclude that they are soulless pitieless wastes of humanity.

      • I hope the Department of Justice has the FBI pay serious visits to the mayor and governor (shakes self awake).

      • You three need to get a grip on reality. As usual with Trump and his cult followers, you avoid the main issue–the disgraceful actions by the white supremacists and neo-Nazis–by blowing side issues, nor non-issues–way out of proportion. I just have to conclude that you all wish you were there to join the fun.

      • If you ever thought about your white privilege or use words like racism sexism homophobe or any of the rest of that you are a stone idiot… it’s what punk ass m************ use when they got nothing else

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      • “If you cannot answer a man’s argument, do not panic. You can always call him names.” Oscar Wilde.

      • Expect a Pulitzer Prize to be given to “VICE News Tonight” correspondent Elle Reeve!

      • This whole event needs to have a THOROUGH Investigation….smacks of premeditation to set up violence…duh.

      • Yes exactly, notice that these kinds of events occur where there is a Democrat mayor and a Democrat Governor to facilitate them. This is exactly what these sick Democrat politicians desired and this is why the police were ordered to “stand down” as in Berkeley.

      • While the klan and new-nazis are dispicable in my opinion, it wasn’t like they invited or duped the other side to show up and geared up for a fight. Both sides planned for fight and both sides got what they want. This is what Trump pointed out, the Nazis did what BLM / Antifa did, punch the person across from them.

        Finally what you and all the identify politics oriented liberals don’t get. Is that white males have been a punching bag for the last ten years and the last election was the bag punching back. The reality is that demographic has the best education, Highest wealth and more fire arms of any other segment of the population. Let’s just hope this does not continue to get violent

      • Actually according to those reporting from the scene the white nationalists (I have no use for either side) applied for a permit and were protesting in a very orderley manner when the police showed up in riot gear and allowed the antifa to do their thing.

      • Lies! The night before they beat up 6 counter protesters. It was 6 against like 200 so, yeah…no.
        Plus which side came looking for a fight?! Who showed up with guns, torches, Kevlar knuckled gloves, riot gear, etc. etc. etc?
        One fact that is also rarely stated is that the counter protesters, too, had a permit.

      • Disgraceful, indeed! As were the acts of BLM, Antifa, and counter protesters seeking to suppress free speech. Can we agree all should be jailed?

      • Yes! Jail them all! But first, when will we lock up Hilary? And that Muslim Kenyan who spent almost all of his eight years in the White house golfing? Unlike the present POTUS, coincidentally a close friend of his Lardship, Baron of CrockHarbor, the great American Patriot.
        These scoundrels should be sent to Guantanamo posthaste!
        Oh! But before this, perhaps we should build that wall. Crazed Mexican rapists are still sneaking into the US by the THOUSANDS, and attacking our white women!
        No, wait! We MUST repeal Obamacare first! THIS is destroying America!
        And let’s start burning more coal!
        OMG! So much to do! And so little time! Are the 90 days up yet?

      • HUH?
        Who is avoiding the nazi issue?
        Why are you avoiding the violent ‘antifa’ issue?

      • Erasing monuments is universal among totalitarions. Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, ISIS, anywhere thought police gain power.

      • Nobody claimed it was an exhaustive list. Add them and take your idiotic insinuations back to wherever you crawled out from.

    • The Marxist Occupation is responsible. Their Marxist Media Mafia must be trusted busted. Their Invasion Sanctuary Traitors must be arrested for Treason. Their billionaire financiers must have all assets frozen. A nation is not free when under a Marxist Occupation.

      • You wish. Just the people that accuse their political opponents of being part of a Marxist plot and hate George Soros because he is Jewish. That is exactly the main reason that Hitler wanted to exterminate European Jews: because he believed they were spreading communism.

      • You then put another anchor on them. Are you a trained Marxist, or just naturally nasty?

      • Soros may be a Jew, but he admitted that during WWII, he worked for the Nazis, taking Jewish property from the Jews.

        He said in an interview that if he hadn’t done it, someone else would have.

        So, he was a monster when he was a kid, and he’s still a monster.

      • He was nine when the war started and 15 when it ended. He was well into his 50s when he helped bring down Communism in Europe. There are actual grown men here, now, who wholeheartedly believe in Nazism and support Donald Trump.

      • If you think that is the “main reason,” then you truly you have no knowledge of Hitler’s goals and rationales. The “anti-communism” of Hitler was no more than his opposing a competing ideology and movement. He linked it to “Jews” because he was creating a rhetorical big picture of all these enemies linked together.

      • “He linked it to ‘Jews’ because he was creating a rhetorical big picture of all these enemies linked together.”
        That’s exactly what the alt-Right is doing now with the groups of people they hate.

      • You bring up an interesting question for me. I may well not know what you mean about “alt-Right.” When you refer to alt-Right in your post, to whom are you referring?

      • Those who fully support Trump without reservations can fairly be called “alt-right.”

    • This is the result of confrontation between two leftist groups both with ties to the Democrat party. Both BLM/ANYIFI and KKK/Nazis are anarchist the riots were intended to enhance standing of both. May they both burn in hell

    • Or this:
      Unite The right, who organized Charlottesville, stated purpose was to create a violent conflict, with inevitable deaths. They have stated that they plan to do it again, with more deaths. They want an “ethnic state” that has been ” purged of non white filth”. Trump said some of these barbarians are “fine people”. There are 3 possibilities:

      1 Trump is an idiot and has no idea who he is talking about
      2 Trump is one of them and genuinely thinks they’re fine people
      3 Trump is both an idiot and one of them

      In any case he has hitched his wagon to Unite The Right, an organization of white supremacists and Nazis. These people have vowed, as an organization, to commit mass murder in order to purge the country of Jews and non whites. Don’t believe me? Just ask them, they are happy to tell you all about it in graphic detail. In fact they did on video here: https://youtu.be/P54sP0Nlngg.

      • Oh, what a surprise, NOT … delusion from a delusional idiot. Tell us, did you have your frontal lobotomy before you became a liberal, or was it a ‘reward’???

      • Don’t believe me? Fine. Watch the video, the Unite The Right will tell you themselves in far more detail than I could. It is in their own words, from their own mouths. Here ya go,

      • Jonesie, jonesie, jonesie … you’ve simply had way, way, way too much Roossian salad dressing with your covfefe!!!


      • Yes, you’re sad. But hey, the upside is that I’m happy … in fact, I haven’t had this much fun since the night of November 8!!!

        The Roossians are coming, the Roossians are coming, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians … Roossian salad dressing is a trap, Roossian salad dressing is a trap!!!


      • Yes, we already know you’re sad. But hey, the upside is that I’m happy … in fact, I haven’t had this much fun since the night of November 8!!!

        The Roossians are coming, the Roossians are coming, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians … Roossian salad dressing is a trap, Roossian salad dressing is a trap!!!


      • It is amazing that you happy about Nazis and Nazi sympathizers having support from the highest level of our government. Especially after our country lead the alliance to rid the world of this vermin in WWII. You sound like a traitor. Nazis are the enemy, and Trump thinks some of the are fine people. That makes you happy? You are sick puke.

      • You ‘mis-read’ my post, so try it again, maybe immediately after you have some more Roossian salad dressing!!!


        Yes, we already know you’re sad. But hey, the upside is that I’m happy … in fact, I haven’t had this much fun since the night of November 8!!!

        The Roossians are coming, the Roossians are coming, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians … Roossian salad dressing is a trap, Roossian salad dressing is a trap!!!




        Yes, we already know you’re sad. But hey, the upside is that I’m happy … in fact, I haven’t had this much fun since the night of November 8!!!

        The Roossians are coming, the Roossians are coming, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians … Roossian salad dressing is a trap, Roossian salad dressing is a trap!!!




        Yes, we already know you’re sad. But hey, the upside is that I’m happy … in fact, I haven’t had this much fun since the night of November 8!!!

        The Roossians are coming, the Roossians are coming, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians … Roossian salad dressing is a trap, Roossian salad dressing is a trap!!!


      • Reminder: a nazi Trump supporter killed an innocent woman at a white supremacists nazi rally. Trump thinks these are “fine people”. He is scum. As are you. The more you ty to deflect, obfuscate and deny, the more proof of your scum baggery.



        Yes, we already know you’re sad. But hey, the upside is that I’m happy … in fact, I haven’t had this much fun since the night of November 8!!!

        The Roossians are coming, the Roossians are coming, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians … Roossian salad dressing is a trap, Roossian salad dressing is a trap!!!



        Oh, and FYI, you stupid flvcking shiitehead, that young woman you profess to care so much about, she has a name … why is it you don’t even know it.

      • He really is, and he’s a coward, too, he can’t even let his comment history be shown, but who’d want to read that drivel anyway?

      • Or maybe there were normal peaceful people also protesting the removal of the statue. As well as normal peaceful people counterprotesting. In other words, Trumps ascertion that there were crazies on both sides as well as decent people on both sides, is factually accurate.

      • No there were Unite The Right, who had the permit for the demonstration, and the counter protesters there to oppose them. There were decent people in the counter protesters. Unite The Right are not decent people. No one supporting them is a decent person.

        The want a whites only country and they are prepared to kill to get it. They proved that in Charlottesville, and openly proclaimed it. Recorded on video. Watch the video. All you have to do is hear them speak. They will tell you what I just told, only in more profane, vile obscene violent language.

      • So not a possibility that some locals heard of a “unite the right” protest, and getting the wrong idea about who would be there?

        Also I’m pretty sure the “Oathkeepers” were there. A right-wing group yes, but to my knowledge one that rejects racism. I could be wrong on that though.

        From what I’ve heard there were about 1500 on each side 150 on each side looking for trouble and haven’t heard much about the other 2700.

      • Fighting Nazis isn’t peaceful activity. That’s because Nazis are heavily armed violent thugs bullying people to get their way. If fighting Nazis was peaceful activity, there wouldn’t have been tens of millions of people killed in WWII. Nazis are scum. They can say what ever they want, but the constitution does not give them the right to kill people like they did in Charlottesville.

      • Of course I didn’t. If you used it to say look at this I bet you’ll find it interesting, I would’ve taken a look. But instead you said: This is proof of X. Which it cannot possibly be.

      • You are just looking for reasons the justify the actions of Nazis and white supremacists. Sad.

      • Dean is absolutely correct. The initial protest against statue removal had 0 to due with white supremists.

        Beyond that you have ignored the clear racist BLM movement and recent historic hate and violence of statist antifa. You also ignore freedom of speech applies to idiots and racists, regardless of their ethnic background.

        Indeed the Democrat supported hate groups have elicited a response from the smaller white hate groups. ” As dog begets dog, violence begets violence”

      • The hate starts with nazis. Stop trying to defend nazi scum by deflecting from what really happened. Blm did nit kill a woman in Charlottesville. Anti facists did not kill a woman in charlottesville. A nazi Trump supporter killed a woman in Charlottesville. And since then Trump has expressed sympathy for the Nazi scum by saying there are fine people inthst group. He continues to pander to white supremacists. Nazis now enjoy support from the highest level of our government. Wake up! We fought thes scumbags in WWii to rid the planet of tiis vermin. Free speech is fine, but that does. Ot give the right to form gangs of nazi thugs intent on getting their way by force and death. Which is what they did in Charlottesville. If you thats just a cute alt riht deminstration you are deluded. These people want to kill.

      • You should check who it was that got the permit for the initial protest: Unite the Right, a White supremacist Nazi organization. They stated openly that their demonstration was about creating a whites only nation with no Jews. They could care less about statues. They openly state they expect people to die at their demonstrations and that they think that is a good thing. They plan on more demonstrations with more deaths. Wake up. They are Nazis. They are pure evil. Those who stand with them and defend them are evil.

      • I reject them as racist. So does most everyone on this conservative forum.

        Why to you support the bigoted antifa and BLM?

        How does calling two groups evil mean I support one of them?

      • Because you are drawing a false equivalence to justify equivocation on calling out Unite the Right as a Nazi white supremacists organization. BLM didn’t kill that woman. A Nazi Trump supporter did. That is the crystalline truth you are trying to hide because you harbor sympathy for those people, thE Nazi White supremacists that this is about. Your side supports pure evil when they obfuscate, deflect and distract from who these people are and what they want,i.e. White only nation with no Jews and they are willing to kill to get it.

        Bless anyone who opposes this evil. And Damn you for sympathizeing with this scum.

      • You have exactly ZERO evidence I support white supremacy, and are an arrogant hater yourself, clearly justifying BLM and ANTIFA hate groups. Violence begets violence.

      • You want to obfuscate the fact that a Nazi Trump supporter killed a woman at a Nazi white supremacist rally. That is evidence that you want to defend them which means you sympathize with them. You Re Nazi sympathizer scum.

      • “Unite The right, who organized Charlottesville, stated purpose was to create a violent conflict, with inevitable deaths. They have stated that they plan to do it again, with more deaths. ”

        Did you just make that up, or read it on a far left site?

      • It’s in their own words from their own mouths. Watch the video. It is just Unite The Right guys saying why they are there, what they believe and what they plan to do next. Straight from their own mouths. Freely admit they want “ethnically cleanse” America.

        That’s who they are, don’t take my word for it, ask them.

      • Did you know that there was regular towns people at that protest who were merely protesting the removal of the statues?

        Besides, nobody is defending the moronic, loser Nazis. They aren’t even bit players on the political scene.

        Would it be too cynical to even speculate that Leftist organizers could have paid the ‘leaders’ of the Nazis to stage this?

        The Nazis have always been provocateurs…what they do seems to be absurd, since they don’t even have a lotto chance of ever gaining any political power.

        They are an absurdly tiny group.

      • Good mental gymnastics there. Don’t hurt yourself with that double backflip. It was never about the statue.

      • “It was never about the statue.”


        why the Left has completely lost touch with millions and millions of Americans. you may NEVER win a nbational election again…..

      • You know, if the millions of Americans you are talking about are confederate Nazi sympathizers like you, the I am happy to lose touch with them. Btw since 1992, Republicans won the popular vote exactly once in 2004. It is strange that you don’t worry about the majority (yes that means most of the people) that oppose Nazi sympathizers like you.

      • I find their message disgusting.
        I also respect the First Amendment. People have the right to assemble and free speech.
        The mob of Lefist Fascist thugs who think only speech they agree with is protected came to silence the statue protestórs with violence.
        Do you support them?
        If so,
        Is the First Amendment the only part of the Bill of Rights you want to shred?

      • the only mob of thugs their were Nazi white supremacists. Ciunter protesters we attacked brutally by Nazi thugs. Not the ither way around. When yiu promote fake news like that uou are aiding Nazis.

      • Paid the Nazi’s to stage this?! Are you serious? If you’d have seen their White Nationalist websites prior to the rally you wouldn’t say that. They had been planning this for a long time.

        They had instructions on how they wanted them all dressed, how to use deep voices to intimidate, to march in lockstep, where to meet up prior to going to emancipation park,etc.

        They had instructions for them to make base stick weapons out of their flags. Told them to attach the larger flag to the base stick with poster pins so it could be easily detached for, “battle.” Told them to use zip ties to more securely attach a smaller flag to their base sticks so that even after they’ve removed the main flag to pummel people with, the police couldn’t say it wasn’t a flag pole.

        They also had pictures of what some antifa people wore in Berkley with the title, “Steal their look,” so that some of them could do the vile things they did with the urine or throwing things at law enforcement while making the non Nazi protesters look bad.

        Also, from all of the local accounts I have read from the people of Charlottesville, they didn’t want those people in their streets or there town and in several cases the antifa people rescued them.

        As Jones so much as said, it’s hard to be completely peaceful in fending off Nazi’s.
        As for those of you who say, “Alt right had a permit.” So did their protesters!

        For those who say, “Alt right has a right to free speech.” So do their protesters and so do the towns people who said they weren’t wanted or welcome there.

        For those who try and equate the two groups, which side came dressed in RIOT GEAR, with shields, helmets, kevlar vests and kevlar gloves (that have reinforced knuckles to really land hard punches,) like the police wear, shouting, carrying torches, loaded semi-automatic weapons in the ready position with hands near the trigger instead of slung over their shoulder?

        The night before it was the supposed good historians just wanting to protect a statue if I’m to understand some of you right? That night it was approximately 150 to 15 non racists. The alt right beat the crap out of them. They weren’t doing anything but exercising their first amendment rights. That’s part of the reason Chris C. (the weeping Nazi,) is in jail now.

        One side came wanting, and seeking violence. It wasn’t the left. They came to try and prevent it!

        If they had to do what they had to in order to protect themselves or people around them in the mean time…WTF did they expect them to do just stand there and get punched?!

        By the way, in 2015 Trump stated we should remove all Confederate flags. Look it up! Was he trying to erase history? Or is it possible we can have our history in books and museums? Are we that dim that we need 15 foot tall 3-D objects to remember history? Germany took down all Hitler statues and they’ve hardly forgotten him.

        Try and see it from another’s point of view – Men or women, imagine you were a victim of rape or domestic abuse. Now the rape or abuse has been over for a long time. But every time you leave your house or go to a local park you have to live with a 15 foot tall statue of your rapist or abuser looking down on you.

        Remember, just because someone else is gaining rights, doesn’t mean you are now being oppressed. God told us to love everyone as we love ourselves. I feel if Jesus returned tomorrow, due to his being born in the Middle East, he’d be called a Jew or Muslim and knocked to the ground by some of the people posting here today.

        Now that’s sad.

    • You love Nazis and white supremacists. Perhaps you should stop polluting this country with your irrational hatred of blacks, Jews and liberals.

      • Poor wittle augie … did you know that all that covfefe you’re doing is oh so much better with Roossian salad dressing???


      • You freaks only hate George Soros because he is Jewish. You even accuse him of being behind an international Communist conspiracy, which is exactly what Hitler said about European Jews.

      • Hey augie, I know what your problem is … you’re not having enough Roossian salad dressing with your covfefe!!!


      • Haven’t you got anything to add to the conversation? You keep repeating the same stupid line about Rooossian dressing. Snap out of it and contribute or STFU please.

      • Awww, is poor wittle Amy all upset because I’m making fun of people who are covfefe’ing themselves uncontrollably???

        “The Roossians are coming, the Roossians are coming, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians!!!”

        PS – Stay away from the ‘Roossian Salad Dressing’, it causes covfefe fits!!!


      • Tsk, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pick on a high school kid.

      • You ‘misread’ my post, so try it again.

        Also, it’s a well publicized fact that people of your ‘mental acuity’ are frequently able to improve their reading comprehension if they move their lips while reading, so you should try that as well. If you’re unsure of the proper amount of lip movement, ask your boyfriend(s) for ‘input’.


        Awww, is poor wittle Amy all upset because I’m making fun of people who are covfefe’ing themselves uncontrollably???

        “The Roossians are coming, the Roossians are coming, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians, President Trump is kallooding with the Roossians!!!”

        PS – Stay away from the ‘Roossian Salad Dressing’, it causes covfefe fits!!!


      • Awwww … little Amy is back. Tell us, are you still sucking down your Roossian Salad Dressing???


      • “It is better to remain silent and thought to be a fool than to speak up
        and remove all doubt.” –Mark Twain

      • I’m sure Mr. Samuel Clemens would have applied that line to Trump and his supporters.

    • Death Row for the Police is going way to far.

      However, this stinks as being a planned set up by the Democrat Gov. and the Democrat mayor, throwing these groups together.

      The Antifa is an organized agent provocateur group run by Leftist groups connected with the Democrat party. They have been roaming the country for a couple of years now, fomenting, and participating, if not leading violence in the streets.

      Burning, looting, smashing windows, and beating people with various objects.

      The LEFT WANTED this to happen. And, it looks like the mayor orchestrated it as much as he could to see that there was violence.

      The Nazi’s are, and always have been a tiny fringe group, about as influential as a homeless guy standing on a soap box, speechifying in Central Park. Antifa, on the other hand, is a paid arm of the leftist democrat party, deliberately fomenting violence.

      I don’t get why the Left thinks this helps them….however. the whole Leftist Movement, from the democrat party to the media has been busy trying to pretend that the Antifa is just a unch of nice young people prtesting hate, and also pretending that the losers who actually have the idiocy to call themselves Nazis, are part of the Trump Movement, when they have been around for a couple of generations, now, still crazy after all these years.

      • “Death Row for the Police is going way to far.”

        Not for the people at the top – the City Manager, Chief, and Captains – that set the killing and rioting in motion it isn’t … and I’d be happy to push the plunger after the trial.

      • These democrat pols, if they deliberately set this up, need to answer for the violence, and to do serious jail time….it is OUTRAGEOUS to invoke the Street Theater Violence to try to gain some political talking points.

        That young woman was so naive to get involved in these groups. Little did she know.

      • You would happily kill off those whose politics offends you and the rest of the fascists? That tells us a lot about your dark soul.

      • You’re such a stupid flvcking shiitehead that if that was a crime, you’d be on death row … and I’d be deliriously happy to push the plunger.

        After the trial, of course.


      • Yes, you are deranged, and it’s most likely from all that Roossian salad dressing you’re guzzling down!!!


        You’re such a stupid flvcking shiitehead that if that was a crime, you’d be on death row … and I’d be deliriously happy to push the plunger.

        After the trial, of course.


    • The Governor — who then proceeded to cover his malfeasance (or worse) by declaring the violence as perpetuated by one side only. Sadly, the Vichy Republicans bought into that lie.

      • Did you see Storm Front’s website the day after the girl was killed? It said, “So where’s that fat, skank’s funeral going to be at? I want some men on the ground there.” Who thinks and acts like this?!

    • Everyone is responsible except the Nazis and the murderous Nazi scum. strange how it turns out that way. Are you sure it was the Mayor and the police chief who made the Nazis march through the streets shouting that the Jews are the sons of Satan? I will concede that someone must have made them against their will carry tiki-torches, an act so risible no one could be so stupid and asinine as to do it unless compelled.

      • You need some more ‘Roossian salad dressing’ to go with that covfefe you’re having!!!


  2. When American Greatness was hatched after the election, its editors promised that it would never be a Trump shill. So far, the editors here failed to failed to live up to that promise.

    When one reads the sentence “This terrible incident started as a reasonable civic demonstration by Southern traditionalists…” one has to wonder who Mr. Black is trying to fool. Those who condemn blacks and Jews as inherently antithetical to the democratic experiment on this continent are not merely “Southern traditionalists”. They came to Charlottesville to desecrate the United States, whose founding principle is that all men are created equal by their Creator. They carried the flag of Nazi Germany, a regime founded on evil and in direct denial of the self-evident truth and a regime which took the lives of millions of innocent Jews (and many others) and 175,000 Americans.

    A genuine “Southern traditionalist” freely acknowledges and abhors that the Confederacy was founded on the proposition — and I quote — “Our new government is founded upon exactly [this] idea; its foundations are laid, its corner-stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.” The Southern traditionalist does not celebrate the Confederacy or in any way seek a return to Confederate Greatness. He acknowledges the monstrosity of rule of white supremacy over black slaves and accepts that Lincoln was right in seeking the emancipation of the slaves and a rediscovery and restoration of the founding principles of this great nation. It is this, the founding principles of this great nation, which Makes America Great Again. This Administration has an opportunity to reboot itself right now to admit to its mistakes and fully and unambiguously acknowledge and repudiate the evil that was on display in Charlottesville last weekend.

    Will American Greatness urge this Administration to repudiate evil or will it continue to post more of what we’ve just read from Mr. Black?

    • Mr. Black’s point, was, interestingly enough, exactly *your* point about the nature of ‘Southern traditionalism’. As for urging the Administration to ‘repudiate evil’, that has already been done. The problem from some people’s perspective is that he repudiated *all* of the evil involved in Charlottesville, and not just the *preferred* ‘evil’ demanded by the Mediacrat Industrial Complex.

      • Trump spoke from the heart on Saturday and again on Tuesday. He spoke off a teleprompter on Tuesday and the likes of Spencer celebrated what were obviously manufactured remarks to get the media off his back.

        The path forward for Trump is for him to seriously consider the criticism he’s received from conservatives and liberals alike and hold a press conference and condemn, without the aid of a teleprompter and with convincing conviction, fascism and racism and in no equate the opposition to fascism and racism as standing on an equal moral plane with fascism and racism itself.

        You won’t see Mr. Black give the President that advice but that’s exactly the advice he needs to hear and listen to. Then and only then can the President reclaim the moral authority he needs to carry out his agenda to secure the border and enact an economic agenda that rescues us from the ruins of his predecessors.

        The supposed “evil” of opposition to fascism and racism is absurd on its face. The point most Americans agree with, but seems to be so hard for American Greatness and the President to acknowledge, is that fascism and racism are inherently evil and directly repudiate the founding principles. Those who oppose fascism and racism cannot be put on the same moral plane as fascists and racists simply because they were willing to confront evil.

      • He has denounced it repeatedly thus proving the point that your criticisms are insincere and regurgitation of the white supremacist slander. It’s also telling you can’t bring yourself to acknowledge the counterprotesters were themselves fascists. Showing up to “peacefully” protest with soda cans filled with concrete, spraying urine, flinging feces, and wielding makeshift blowtorches are brownshirt fascist tactics. What we saw in Charlottesville were two sets of fascists of different stripes, but there were no good guys fighting in the streets. Your openness to embracing evil as long as it’s fighting with another form of evil you don’t like speaks volumes to the insincerity of your criticisms.

      • Only one side marched shoulder to shoulder with the Nazi flag. The other marched against the Nazi flag.

        If there were a way to post photos in reader comments I would supply the photographic evidence for your benefit.

        I’m not old enough to have fought the Nazis during WWII, but others are:


        American WWII veterans are ashamed at what they saw in Charlottesville and the reaction of our President to the Nazi/Confederate march. Yet our President, who famously said he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody” and not “lose any voters.”, also said that there were “many fine people” who marched with those who carried Nazi flags.

        There is no reasonable debate regarding the wisdom and decency of those who proudly carry the Nazi flag.

      • Nazis vs Communists in the streets, and you only want to condemn one side. What’s your real agenda? I’m ashamed anyone claiming to be a conservative is so mind-bogglingly stupid or so twisted by hate of Trump that they’d support anarchists and communists to score cheap political points through attempted smears. Of course, it’s just as likely that you’re a liar, slapped “Party of Lincoln” on a disqus account, and decided to concern troll the site. Not out of the ordinary for Leftist trolls these days.

      • Wrong. Trump can, but need not, make the obvious point that opposition to fascism and racism stands on an equal more plane with fascism and racism (he already did so). What came together in Charlotteville were two equally vile moral planes, that espoused by BLM and Antifa, on one side, and the KKK and neo-Nazis on the other. In contemporary America, btw, the former two have far more blood and violence on their hands. But both advocate violence in the service of racism, and neither is, at this point in time, measurably worse than the other, whatever the history of Nazism’s first leader.

        What, if anything, is more vile than those two moral planes is the deceitful attempts by the Left and even some on the right, to associate Donald Trump with the nazis, all in aid of destroying a rightfully elected president. In aid of that goal, they are stirring up a race war they appear all to eager to chronicle.

      • At this point, Trump needs to ignore them all and focus on more important things.

        It is not the President’s job to make Americans with differing opinions agree.

      • The path forward for Trump is for him to seriously consider the
        criticism he’s received from conservatives and liberals alike and hold a press conference and condemn,

        Because “maybe if we give them what they want they’ll be nice to us” has worked SO well for the GOP.

        Trump should drop the issue. It is done. There is nothing more for him to add. He should get back to work on the issues that matter.

      • You really need to look at the videos of the events in Charlottesville. You’ll see that those “opposed to racism” were throwing anything and everything and even using homemade flame throwers against the “racists” and “white supremacists.” Incidentally, by their definition, anyone who supports Trump is a racist and white supremacist. I had one idiot tell me that David Duke’s support of Trump means he’s a bad man.

      • These Antifa and BLM people aren’t fighting fascism, they’re fascists themselves seeking power & control. They use these incidents as a political bludgeon against anyone who disagrees with them. I’m sick of hearing about the righteousness of “those opposing fascism & racism.” They are far more dangerous to our republic than the lunatic fringe white supremacists.

      • Different people have different beliefs – and different motives for being in Charlottesville.

        But the left will boil it down to “racists – bad – proof Trump is causing America to be immoral”, and terrified conservative virtue signalers will cheer, because they are so terrified of being called the r-word that they would burn the Constitution rather than be lumped in with the fringe…

        …that fringe which took 8 years of Obama’s overt race-baiting to finally emerge: does anyone seriously believe it’s a coincidence that right now, just as the left has lost control of the narrative and is desperate to regain it, the sudden priority is a “grassroots” movement to attack the very statues, monuments, and symbols that these fringe movements hold dear – but that the rest of America doesn’t care much about one way or another?

        The Left has no policy arguments left, but it still knows how to play the media like a fiddle. Like Nero fiddling.

    • Easy on the Lincoln worship. He did not give a rat’s behind for slaves, you know. As a lawyer, her represented at least two slave owners suing for the return of their “property.” He never represented a former slave suing for freedom. As to being “created equal by their Creator,” by whom else could they have been created?

      • You are demagogic, you know what happened with at least one of the slaves. “He never represented a former slave suing for freedom.” What a joke, “Party of Lincoln.”

    • Ah, right, because the freedoms that, until last November, defined us as Americans are now thoughtcrimes. And it doesn’t even matter what the people committing the thoughtcrimes actually think, because the accuser has the right to simply attribute any thought, any motive, any belief he wants in the new America.

      Shame on you. Even lefties used to at least pretend that “I may not agree with what you believe, but I’ll defend your right to believe it.” Now, even sympathizing with people who have wrong beliefs makes you someone who needs to be purged from decent society.

    • I understand your point and it’s valid. I think Trump is so prepared to hit the press that at times he gets played (although he doesn’t see it like that or care). He refuses to be “forced” by the media to do a single thing they demand. Since its a fact his daughter is a converted Jew he feels its beneath him to state the obvious over and over. But in this modern day of biased and social media he needs to know that he will have to repudiate evil at every tragedy…and call out each evil doer by group name or else the meltdown machine gets started. I understand that just because a group proclaims they are against hate,evil fascism doesn’t mean their actions prove otherwise. Trump should have realized he was declaring a standing alongside with the poor girl who died against the hate groups there that killed her. He has plenty of time to expose the Antifa for what they are but this was not the time or place.

  3. “As the day unfolded, it was clear that orders had been given to the local police to ensure that a serious fracas occurred.” I don’t doubt that leftists would do this. But how can we be certain this was so here?

  4. BTW I am sick of hearing about how evil and traitorous Robert E. Lee was. Did everyone miss the importance and significance of the part about shaking hands and becoming a unified nation again?

    You can’t take that back after you give it, which may be why the Left is so eager to try: if America is the sort of nation that bestows things – even intangibles like forgiveness, unification, or one’s blessing – then takes it back, that makes America into the nation the Left says it is: a mean-spirited, promise-breaking, untrustworthy nation. And this matters because the next time there is civil strife, America is going to want to have the ability to offer “let’s come together as friends” – an offer that they won’t be able to make if one or both sides in the strife knows America does not mean it, will renege on it ASAP, and can’t be trusted to keep its word.

    • Lee was a traitor, pure and simple. He also had a sense of honor. It would be nice if the white supremacists and neo-Nazis focused on his honor rather than his treason.

      • Traitor? To what? He surrendered his commission in the US Army. I prefer rebel. He did nothing different than George Washington except end up on a losing side.

        It would be nice the Left could focus on his honor also but that would require recognizing it.

      • Washington was a Founder of this country and he did not take up arms against it.

      • ?? Never heard of the American Revolution, eh? I knew that public schools were pathetic and didn’t teach history past about 15 minutes ago but WOW.

      • Those white supremacists and neo-Nazis are moby actors.

        The more this goes on, the more obvious it becomes that there aren’t enough unhinged white supremacists and/or the existing white supremacists can’t afford to behave like left wing protesters, and so the left is hiring more to make sure this narrative has feet.

        Does it not strike you as stupid that these white supremacists were silent for 8 years of a black POTUS pushing black policies, but suddenly want to come out and … discredit Trump? No: the reason we are suddenly seeing every conservative board flooded with racists (with brand-new accounts) is because they’re paid trolls.

      • The white supremacists were not silent for eight years. They were all over the Internet attacking President Obama. Further, there were acts of violence by the Right.

      • And hanging effigies on Halloween. But the hypocrites forget about all that and cry when a comedian has Trump’s head for some skit. They also didn’t pay attention when in NYC during 44’s tenure they did that SAME Hamlet play but with Obama. And we’re the snowflakes? lol

    • The left is gleeful as Demographics erode the White Majority. They anticipate the day when whites are a minority with cosmopolitan fervor. When that day comes, it might be nice to have Robert E Lee around for all of us White, Male, Losers, to remember. When you Lose, Surrender, Accept the terms of peace, maintain your dignity, and get about building a new future doing something useful. All the things Robert E Lee did.

      Had not Lee Surrendered, and set an example of how to surrender for all who had fought, WE could of had generations of Guerrilla Warfare against the Federal government for decades, perhaps until modern times, Something like aTimothy McVeigh once every two or three years, instead of once in our lifetime.

      The left seems to think, erasing Robert E Lee from history, will solve the problem. The redemptive part of Robert E Lee legacy is his Surrendering.

      All you diligent Maoist Social Engineers, might want to remember that before you throw Robert E Lee down the memory hole.

      • So I take it you don’t want conservatives who aren’t lily white on your side?

        You’re willing to ditch all the “impure” Americans for your white nation?

      • Ever watch YouTube DNA test results? Hilarious! Plenty of white power pricks find out they’re like .2 % African or Jewish and they freak out! Some claim the results “rigged,” of course. (That damn Soros is starting to gain mind reading capabilities now I suppose. That’s how he knew they were sending in their DNA.) Lmaooooo

    • Have you read Lee’s opinions on war remembrance statues? He was against them. He was also against marking old battle fields. Google it.

      • I’ve heard that before, but I don’t really see what it has to do with the question of whether we should or should not let lynch mobs demand an immediate, violent rewriting of history.

        I am not personally attached to Lee statues. If the whole thing came up via due process, I would still be concerned about people wanting to whitewash history (Soviet pre-photoshop photo manipulations come t mind – there is a reason such manipulations are associated with totalitarian governments), but I wouldn’t care personally about the fate of confederate statues. I think the urge to put them up had something to do with the attempts of various people to heal civil war wounds, and we have too many such statues – but OTOH clearly the urge to take those statues down now, immediately and violently, is also related to old civil war wounds, and the people wanting to skip due process are not interested in any sort of healing of the sort that leads to unification, but are looking for maximums divisiveness.

      • How is removing a statue, “rewriting history?” We don’t need 3-D objects to remember or learn about history. We have books and art.

      • Considering how many book have been written on how demolishing statues is part of how totalitarians and tyrants control peoples’ thoughts & control narratives about history & identity, I have to just consider that your ignorance is such that it’s not even possible to have a conversation.

        You haven’t even read Orwell, which I thought everyone did in middle school – high school at the latest.

      • Oh no, I’ve never read 1984 or Animal Farm. YOU discovered them, you genius you.

      • I don’t remember either book talking about demolishing statues. Admittedly it has been a very long time since I read either.

        I was thinking specifically of a particularly interesting book that talked about the way Roman emperors used statue mutilation as part of a larger strategy to make people forget the Republic and accept totalitarianism as if it were the way things had always been.

        But I know there are also books on how the Taliban and certain other regimes used similar tactics.

  5. The leftist media is clearly becoming quite desperate and impatient in their efforts to undermine our elected government. Their new strategy is to convince a legion of leftists that it is right and just to commit an act of violence against the President because hey, he might be a Nazi.

  6. Conrad is a little vague in his article but there’s nothing vague in the photo accompanying it – when Fields went into the demonstrators milling around in the intersection, he had his foot on the brake. Look at the lights. That photograph is going to get him off. By the way, I’ve looked at the streets. He was coming down a narrow one-way street at about 30 MPH. He was from out of town and not familiar with the streets. It’s very doubtful that he even knew there was a march on Waters Street until he came up on the baseball-bat wielding crowd.

    • Don’t the break lights on a charger light up the entire back end? Aren’t those just the daytime running lights?

      • I have NO opinion on whether or not this was deliberate, and to be perfectly clear, I find Nazi’s and KKK and other racists contemptible, but there are no daytime running lights on the tail end of cars… headlights on reduced brightness only. Those are brake lights, you can see the high light in the rear windshield is on as well.

      • I’m not an expert with cars – I just have seen the brake lights light up the entire back end, so it seemed odd that the brake lights only lite up the main lights in this image. I thought that was the way the non-braking tail lights looked.

        I’m sure it’ll be a part of the investigation. Brake lights may not prove much except that he decided to slow down a bit before plowing through the crowd of people, but if his defense is that he didn’t know and panicked it may help.

    • The driver was from a small town at the northwest tip of Ohio. I doubt he’d ever been to DC before, let alone involved in a riot. Imo, he was seriously over his head when the real violence started and panicked.

    • Why would you want to make excuses for this right wing nut case? I can guess.

      • Observing a fact is “making excuses?” Really pathetic. Oh, and more name calling. Perfect.

      • A photograph of taillights is not a fact? Why do liberals deny reality?

      • I’ve seen video from behind, the left side and above. Have you? He had his foot on the break lightly because he was pulling a psycho move and didn’t want to die most likely. But the people with the flag poles trying to hit his car didn’t come until well after he came barreling down the street like a freak!

      • An interesting opinion, based on unprovided information. Forgive me for not just taking your word for it.

        It is possible that it could be true, but evidence is needed. A link to the video perhaps? Or are you just to lazy to back up your statements?

        Not that I really care. I don’t like racists, whether they are BLM or KKK. When they beat each other up, I win.

      • Exactly the response I was expecting. So predictable.

        And stupid. You just admitted to being lazy. LOL

    • interesting…..could be, but what are his chances of getting a fair trial?

      • Your concern for the Neo-Nazi from Ohio, simply lost in Charlottesville, coincidently wandering into a Neo-Nazi/KKK riot, is touching.., and “revealing”!

    • Wow! Have you really seem the video? They didn’t have any damn bats. His car wasn’t touched with that ONE SKINNY AMERICAN FLAG until he was about 2 feet from crashing either.

  7. The reason why the media keep demanding ALL THE TIME that President Trump denounce (a) David Duke, (b) neo-Nazism, (c) white supremacism – something he has already done several scores of times – is not that they (the so-called ‘journalists’, actually nowadays mere propagandists) lie awake at night agonizing over the ultra-remote possibility of a triumph of racist fascism in America.

    No; it is a rhetorical device for putting this President under a public cloud.

    Let us illustrate this by a simple example. Suppose I get you onto the TV, radio and in the newspapers and day in, day out, keep saying ‘You Do Think it is wrong to beat little children mercilessly, don’t you?!’, I am not trying to establish your views on child-beating; I am trying to insinuate to the public at large that in some degree and in some sort a part of your nature sympathises with cruelty to children. I am not trying to clear up any conceivable ambiguity, I am trying to create it.

    • Trump is on tape from years ago denouncing David Duke and the white supremacists. He was the one who brought them up in the discussion. Then, when he was campaigning in 2016, he said he did not know who David Duke was or anything about the supremacists. His two conflicting responses is why the press questions him on this issue.

    • If Trump wasn’t a compulsive liar who contradicts his previous stances every time he opens his mouth, no one would be constantly asking. But, alas, he is.

  8. Excellent article. The Leftists and their handmaiden, the Media, are trying to teach us all how to think! Their sanctimonious attempts at trying to police our thoughts are sickening.

  9. I’m sorry. I watched the pressers, too. I didn’t need the media to tell me I thought the statements weren’t good enough.

    • Too bad. The intellectually honest among us don’t need a presser to tell us he was telling it like it is. If his comments weren’t for you good enough perhaps your moral compass is in need of re-calibration.

  10. Good analysis. I see a lot of analogies w/ 1968 w/ the crazy and violent far left.

  11. Conrad Black’s brief bio at the end of his column is somewhat incomplete. He enjoyed an extended stay inside a U.S. prison in Florida a few years back for fraud-related obstruction of justice..

    • Ad hominem attacks like yours is the last resort of the ignorant.

      • And if he doesn’t vote himself up, he gets no up votes!
        I voted him down for his consummate ignorance.

      • I am hoping you are teachable:
        Definition of ad hominem
        1: appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect an ad hominem argument
        2: marked by or being an attack on an opponent’s character rather than by an answer to the contentions made made an ad hominem personal attack on his rival

        Whatever truth is embedded in his attack is irrelevant and by using that to critique his column he demonstrated a lack of intellect.

      • That’s why you voted for Trump. If the character is suspect then so is what they write about. Trump said the most influential person in his whole life–his mentor–is Roy Cohn. You voted for that.

        Know your sources.

      • Your premise is that a broken clock is right twice a day. It’s still a broken clock.

      • No, my premise is that you are intellectually incapable of making a cogent argument using reason and logic.

      • Right, the Merriam-Webster dictionary is wrong. Brilliant. I guess you are not teachable.

      • Dearie, you are the one who is angry because someone (not me) posted some background information on the author of this article. You call that an ad hominem attack. It wasn’t an attack, just information about the author.
        Information that may or may not change someone’s ideas about what he had to say. Information is not an attack. You seem to be the one who is not teachable.

      • Ad hominem is a Latin word that means “against the man.” As the name suggests, it is a literary term that involves commenting on or against an opponent, to undermine him instead of his arguments.

        The intellectually honest do not care about his legal issues, only those who disagree with him and can’t refute his position use his past to discredit his present. You continue to demonstrate you do not know how badly you are mutilating the dead horse you continue to kick.

      • You are continually trying to disassociate the character of a person with the remarks that they make. That is WHY you support the current occupant in office right now. Pointing these things out is not an attack, like you want to suggest. It is information. Regardless of the definition of ad hominem, pointing out someone’s background to make a judgment on the information or ideas they are espousing, is not unreasonable. It’s called knowing oyur sources.

      • Why are you so stupid? Is it because you don’t know how to make a cogent argument using reason and logic instead of smearing the person, chump?

      • How am I smearing either you or the author of this article?

        Reminds me of the Truman quote. During a speech someone yelled out “Give ’em hell, Harry.” Truman replied, “I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell.”

        Do you not think the character of someone making statements about a subject is important? No, you probably don’t because you support the current occupant of the White House.

        Besides that, our personal back & forth has been about a post by someone characterizing the author of this article. Are you disputing what he said, or just that he said it? I don’t call it an attack if what he says is the truth.

      • Ad hominem attacks do not make an argument, it’s just you venting hatred toward somebody you disagree with.

      • Stating facts is neither love nor hatred. It just is.
        It’s not even an attack if you point out the background of someone who is writing his own oppinion pieces. In other posts of your you discount a lot of people just because you ascribe them as Liberals. So is that venting hatred or what?

      • Ad hominem is a Latin word that means “against the man.” As the name suggests, it is a literary term that involves commenting on or against an opponent, to undermine him instead of his arguments.

        Now, junior how about commenting on the article and not on his past.

    • It’s always great to learn about the view from Mt. Olympus.

  12. Charlottesville presents an example of the cynical manipulation of a peaceful protest into a deadly riot by Democrat elected
    officials for the sole purpose of a negative news event. Like earlier riots where conservatives meet Antifa, the newly designated “alt-right” becomes a cudgel against the Trump presidency. The whole charade is supported by the MSM. It is regrettable that during the ensuing melee, a life was lost because of the malicious designs of the governor and mayor. If an honest investigation can be conducted this should become evident.

  13. Dear President Trump: The oldest debate tactic in the world is “the baseless accusation”. And the race mongering democrat party is a master at this. Defending yourself from being labeled a racist only gets more racist on you. There is no fighting this “when did you stop beating your wife” tactic from the race mongers other than just ignoring it, freeze them out with total indifference. Please, President Trump, ignore their Alinsky ‘tar and feather’ tactics and they lose, fight back and they win every time.

  14. And this morning, we have more attacks by RINO Republicans Flake (who is one) and Graham (the RINO McCain’s buddy) on President Trump. This is going to drive Republicans further to the right, produce a strong primary challenge against Flake in 2018, and elect Roy Moore in Alabama. The second American civil war is now in full swing.

  15. Antifa, is the new incarnation of OWS – finance by the same international troublemaker Soros.

    The young & dumb, aka, “millennials” have been conned into thinking they are fighting the good fight against the “Evil Empire” like Luke Skywalker. They do not know history.

    When compared to Utopia, US history is checkered at best. When compared to 99% of all other nations in the world, US history comes out looking pretty damn good.

    Hundreds of years ago, nearly every country and kingdom in the world had slavery; it wasn’t an American invention. Duh.

    Civil War officers were not “traitors” – they first allegiance was to their home STATES – not the federal government. That’s the way it was to all Americans prior to the Civil War.

    Geez, the ignorance is astounding….

    Oh and by the way, it’s fine if every race/ethnicity advocates for “their people” 24/7/365 but if any native-born White Americans do the same (not the KKK or faux Nazis), it’s RAYSISM! Yeah, sure.

  16. The governor, McAuliffe, used this event for full potential in dominating the “news” with his mechanizations of the police and security forces.
    He utilized the favorite tool of Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, and the Democrat Party USA:
    “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

    • One issue missing from all this Charlottesville coverage is that Antifa promised to desecrate Confederate graves and monuments at Gettysburg National Park and Cemetery this past July 3-4. The state of
      Pennsylvania took the threat seriously. It got some news coverage, and huge, enraged comment threads at PJM, and Breitbart.

      At the time, I knew there are no confederate graves (identifiable remains were removed by the 1870’s) at Gettysburg, and thought it was Antifa gaging reaction, for a plan to desecrate graves elsewhere, not in a
      National Park and Cemetery; or a way for whoever is behind Antifa to assess a new tactical strategy, since masked violence in Berkeley had backfired.

      Six weeks later, the first organized protest against Confederate monument removal results in an Antifa & BLM led counter-protest. No such thing as a coincidence. (Also, one week after The Nation shredded the ‘Russia hacked the election’ myth.)

  17. One of the things that is bothering me the most is the reaction of Conservative, Inc. After the shooting of Congresswoman Gifford and Dylan’s Roof’s assault on the Charleston church, Conservative rhetoric was blamed. Conservatives rightly insisted it had nothing to do with it. In a narrow consistency, fearful of being labeled hypocrites, after the attempted assignation of Republican Representatives and staff in Alexandria, many were quick to say only the gunman was to blame, even though in that case it was clear that months and months of violent rhetoric and images, riots, assignation “jokes,” denials of legitimacy, and comparisons to Hitler the Left’s rhetoric was a contributing factor.

    Now, many like Krauthammer, Stephen Hayes, Bill Kristol, Romney and others refuse to say the driver of the vehicle is solely to blame. Not only that, they insist the group with the Constitutional right to assemble and with a local permit to do so, are the “instigators” and are “100%” responsible. They refuse to even acknowledge the legality of the original protest; it’s as if they forget it’s even in the First Amendment.

    Within the GOP coalition most everyone claims to be conservative, but the reality is many are really just pro-corporation. They conflate globalist, free-trade capitalism–as if there could be no other meaning of capitalism–with conservatism and argue any other “configuration” is socialist. Then you have the NeoCons who aren’t conservative. They are American Imperialist.

    Both want a global democratic, capitalist world run by an elite with income redistribution flowing upwards towards that elite, and socio-cultural homogeneity that fosters consumption. They don’t care about federalism, local community, the dignity of good work, Juedo-Christian virtue and morality or any “mystic chords of memory.”

    And it’s the socio-cultural issues like monuments, bathroom, SSM, immigration, etc that makes these pseudo-conservatives take their masks off. Neither party is really the home to Conservatism any longer, but that’s not Trump’s fault. Trump didn’t kill Conservatism; he revealed it was dead, which is one reason I believe many of those who claim to be Conservative to appeal to voters and subscribers but are really just neoliberals, hate him.

    I am forced to conclude that most Conservative, Inc. (GOPe) really agree with Hillary that America is full of deplorable racists, bigots, and homophobes. The fact they they are in complete agreement with the Left’s take on Charlottesville–and see any other perspective as damning and prima facia evidence of bigotry–warrants such a conclusion.

    • “attempted assassination of Republican Representatives and staff in Alexandria” not assignation

    • See the vice news video- people protesting statute removals were locals from Berkeley California Ohio New York Canada and Nevada

    • I agree that we’re seeing some sort of confluence of interests of Leftists and weak Republicans who believe they benefit from Democrats running the country. It would be sad if average Americans fall for the lies of this large grouping.

    • Trump was to blame for the attack on Republican Congressmen AND the attack on Leftist protesters last weekend. This is what happens when you elect a weak, stupid, vindictive demagogue as president.

      • “It is better to remain silent and thought to be a fool than to speak up
        and remove all doubt.” –Mark Twain (1834-1910)

      • Mark Twain would have loathed the retards who supported Trump.

      • Outwitted HilLIARy
        and the DNC
        (no path to 270), moron

      • Just like I “outwitted” the slot machine when I put a dollar in and won $75.
        All Trump supporters are drooling retards :)

      • what did President Trump
        ( don’t ya LOVE how that sounds….President Trump)

        anyway, what did President Trump win, 37 states?

        37 of 50 states is….74%

        gee, do ya think the Fascist Left will ever win any Federal elections again, lil Gussy?

      • Weakest and worst “president” ever, elected by the weakest and stupidest “Americans” ever. Fascists are Right-wing and every time you claim they are not, you remind your intellectual superiors that you a bunch of toothless, inbred circus freaks who are not fit to be around small children or animals. Why don’t you go persecute some Jews or burn a cross, you racist piece of crap!

      • “you a bunch of toothless, inbred….”

        english is tough, isn’t it, lil gussypoo?

        Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia,

      • Careful there, you’ll get mistaken for a spammer if you keep repeating the same word or phrase.

    • Wow what a load of crap. A Nazi Trump supporter killed a counter protester at a White supremacists Nazi rally. The is no constitutional right to kill people. Full stop. These guys came to Charlottesville to cause violence. Unite the Right, the prmit holdrs and organizer of the rally, openly admit that there goal is to incite hiolence and cause death. You are scum for supporting Nazis. Ther are no good Nazis. They dont csre about free speech, the want a whites only nation with no Jews and the will and have killed to get it. Wske up. This isn’t about free speech.

    • Well what about that pizza-gate nightmare? We both have a few sick twists that in no way represent us all as a whole.
      The protesters had a permit also. And there’s no permit on earth that allows you to beat people up.

  18. Excellent analysis.

    Want to make the cockroaches scatter and drive home the point that the United States is veering into Marxist dictatorship? Have a First Amendment supporter in the House or Senate, say Rep. Mo Brooks or Sen. Rand Paul, introduce a resolution condemning Nazi and communist political violence aimed to squelch free speech and the right to assembly. Almost all the Democrats and half of the communist-coddling Republicans would vote against a measure to uphold the constitution they claim to support. It also would put Americans on notice about the illegitimacy of the federal government.

  19. Clearly we misunderstood those who chanted, “Blood & Soil” and “Jews will not replace us.”

    • Blacks in a blanket, fry em like bacon.

      Would that be ok?

    • Gee Andy, I hope you were able to get to a safe place. The violence begun by your Antifa and BLM heroes isn’t justified by words.

  20. As usual, the details will never be made known in the main stream media. The gullible liberals are lapping up the misinformation. Definitely looks like another setup by liberals. As liberalism, like a disease, continues to infect this country, we will see more of this until a liberal is in the WH continuing the destruction Obama started.

  21. Senator Kaine should know a thing or two about treasonous Anarchists.

    His son was arrested in St. Paul, MN for Terrorist activity as an Anarchist.

    Apple doesnt’ fall far from the tree.

    • Absolutely correct, “Apple doesnt’ [sic] fall far from the tree”.
      Fred Trump (AKA “The tree”), father of Donnie (AKA “The apple”) was a documented member of The KKK.
      There we have it!

      • Totally false, but don’t let facts get in your way.

      • Fred Trump was affiliated with the Klan. It is true. But the sins of the father are not those of the son…

      • I’m fully informed of all available information regarding the Fred Trump KKK story, and it doesn’t withstand scrutiny, especially given the nature of the accusation.

      • Since you know the facts about Fred Trump, please share your sources. Fred Trump and Donald were fined by the Justice Department for illegally refusing to rent apartments to blacks.

      • Oh.., I see.
        Some guy hiding in a “Alt-Right” social media site, lurking behind a silly pseudonym, boastfully declares himself the internet “Truth Meter”.
        Without intelligently and substantitively refuting the contemporaneous newspaper accounts reporting the KKK Rally in 1927, news reports published on the morning after the KKK gathering in Queens New York and newspaper reports publishing a list of those individuals taken into custody at the event – along with their respective home addresses.
        A published list which included the name of Fred Trump of 175-24 Devonshire Avenue Jamaica Queens New York.., the name and address of Donald Trump’s father..,
        you grandiosely believe (LOL) by merely typing the words “totally false” changes the historically record of the KKK event and those taken into custody at the event – to include Fred Trump, Donald father.
        So.., please supply some facts (no alternate facts please) to refute the documented historical facts which I have presented.., or.., just type “Totally false” (LOL).

      • Even SNOPES, the notoriously leftwing “arbiter of truth,” rejects your claim. LOL indeed.

      • If you fully understood the meaning of the word “reject” as recklessly used in your statement,
        “Even SNOPES, the notoriously leftwing “arbiter of truth,” rejects your claim..,
        then you are intentionally being deceitful and/or just out and out lying about my statement and Snopes supposed rejection of what I stated.

        There is nothing in the wording of my post that “Snopes” explicitly “rejects”.
        Read my post carefully and then specifically point to anything I said that was specifically rejected by Snopes. (see below statement Copied and Pasted from Snopes):

        “A 1927 New York Times article named Fred Trump among the individuals arrested after a “near-riot” involving the KKK and New York City policemen at a “Memorial parade.”


        “The article did not document that Fred Trump was a KKK member or supporter, or that he was charged with a crime in connection with the KKK event.”

        So.., if one can read and understand exactly what is being stated by Snopes, without assuming what is not stated, one would know the article did [not] document the membership registration list of Queens County KKK members, nor did it document a list of those “charged” with a “crime”. And nor did I.

        Having said that, the notion that the KKK membership registration list was not published by the newspaper on that day, does not mean a membership list did not exist.
        The fact that the newspaper, beyond reporting that Fred Trump was [indeed] arrested, did not report that he was charged with a “crime”, does not mean he wasn’t charged with something less than a “crime”, such as a “Disorderly Conduct a “Violation” of The New York State Penal Code (a “Violation not being a “crime”) and/or it does not mean he avoided being charged with a “crime” for reasons unknown to the newspaper.
        But, nevertheless, whether a member of The KKK or not, he was reported by the NYT to be there, and he was arrested by The NYPD, seemingly not for a “crime” – period!

        Accordingly, you are unable to refute with your reference to Snopes, the fact that the article did name those arrested at the rally and riot with NYPD (along with their respective addresses).., and that published list of persons arrested and their addresses clearly (indisputably) included Fred Trump of 175-24 Devonshire Avenue Jamaica Queens NY.

        “Reject”.., indeed!

      • The intellectual and emotional level of your response is that of a 12 year old in a “Special Ed” class at recess time. How old are you, do your parents know you are still awake on a school night?

      • ” was a documented member of The KKK.”

        foolish libtard LIAR.

        apologize for all the redundancy;.

      • I stand partially corrected on my arguablly ambiguous use of the term “documented”.
        There is presently no known “documented” list of Queens New York KKK members, circa 1927.
        However, there is readily available “documentation, of a KKK Rally and resulting riot with NYPD police officers taking place in Queens NY in 1927;
        that particular “documentation”, in the form of a contemporaneously published NYT article, reported that event the next morning;
        that “documentation” (contemporaneous NYT article) list names and addresses of those arrested at the Queens County KKK Rally/Police Riot;
        that “documentation” lists one Fred Trump of 175-24 Devonshire Ave, Jamaica Queens as being one of those arrested at that KKK Rally in 1927 Queens New York.
        I will apologize for not better stating the above fact in my prior post, to wit: there is “documentation” of Donald Trump’s father having been arrested at a Queens NY KKK rally in 1927.

        BTW: I am in fact a life long Conservative with occasional redundant tendencies.., and up until yesterday I was a Registered Republican.

      • No link, of course, Libtard liar. I’ll look into it, but I expect it’s a nothingburger, like Russia, Russia, Russia…..

      • Calling me names is childish behavior. You do know that, don’t you.

      • Look it up yourself. There are pictures and articles from decades ago that show Fred Trump. OLD news paper articles, proven not photoshopped.
        You can even order a back copy if you want to, with the original photograph. Unless, of course the Trump prophecy was told when he was kid and the obstructionists that were fortold of his Presidency started making, “fake news,” all those decades ago.

    • Discussions are more effective when we have the correct facts. Senator Kaine’s son, Woody, was charged with a misdemeanor hardly an act of treason or terrorism. The senator’s other son, Nat, is a Marine who has been deployed overseas. As a student, Senator Kaine took nine months off from Harvard Law School to volunteer working with Jesuit missionaries to teach villagers in Honduras. Seems to me the Kaine family produces pretty good trees and apples.

      • Sorry….but when you put on your Black AntiFa costume and mask and then destroy property and threaten people…that’s a felony for anyone in America other than for a white Democrat who’s father was 65,000 votes away from being a heartbeat away from becoming POTUS .

  22. For all the make-believe drama on TV, sane America doesn’t care one bit.

    I haven’t met a single Trump voter who won’t vote to reeelect him.

    I’m happy as a clam. My taxes aren’t going up, Mexicans are staying in Mexico, and deregulation is causing an economic boom.

    • I have yet to even hear about one single Trump voter who won’t vote to reelect him. How stupid do these pollsters have to be to not even ask that question?

    • Amazing, since none of the D regulation has actually happened yet I guess it’s just the idea that’s causing the economy to slow down from 2016

    • You must live in a circle jerking, daisy chaining, echo chamber because I have met a whole lot!

  23. There we go – states rights again. That is always your excuse. No Robert E. Lee is aboutg SLAVERY – and any statue that remains is a glorifcation of SLAVERY.

    Just like you use “states rights:” about gay marriage – no it’s because you hate gays! You people make me sick.

    • You lost, you’re pissed, I get it. Let me make things even worse for you.


      1. DJT will make 1-3 more SCOTUS appointments (Not nominations, THANKS hairy). This means that for decades, decision after decision will be “conservative.” THAT will cause you and your ilk excruciating psychological pain. I’m fine with that.

      2. I, and millions like me, will take IMMENSE PLEASURE watching that INEVITABILITY sink into your warped and hateful little mind. THAT is going to hurt…BAD…think DELIVERANCE BAD…squeal little piggy.

      btw, I’m fine with that too.

      • Can’t deny the tragedy of the Supreme Court in your hands.

        But otherwise, your Dear Leader is not going to last much longer. So enjoy you vulgar obscene blatherings while you can you miserable human being.

      • see if you are still singing the same tune when you are packed into the FEMA camp with all the other traitors.

      • Another immutable fact: Hillary Rodham Clinton will never Ever, EVER be POTUS.
        Nobody can take that away from Trump’s supporters.

      • That’s about ALL you have when your Dear Leader retires in disgrace.

      • Oh, but it’s such a yuuuge, delicious immutable fact, sweetheart! Epic political feat that not you, nor any of your snowflake cohort, can ever undo. Enough, just by itself, to justify a Trump Presidency (Gorsuch the cherry on top)!!!

      • Spoken like a victim of the projection syndrome. Like your Dear Leader, you project onto others your own faults and moral failings.

    • Does your disgust only work for Confederate issues or can you extend your concern to Japanese Americans, Native Americans and plain old American civilians who lived in the wrong place?

      I don’t see how anyone could disagree that an African American could be offended by a Confederate statue and statues of former slaveholders. Of course former slaveholders pretty much wipes out many of our founding fathers. Maybe we should remove them all. If we do, we should remove similarly offensive statues to other races. Let’s also remove statues of the President who confiscated property and imprisoned thousands of Americans solely because of their skin color in WWII. Let’s remove statues of the President who confiscated Native American land and caused untold deaths with the ‘Trail of Tears’. Let’s remove statues of the general who coined the phrase, ‘The only good Indian is a dead Indian’. Let’s remove statues of the Civil War general who waged war on civilians in Georgia solely because of where they lived. Why
      stop there?

      • “I don’t see how anyone could disagree that an African American could be
        offended by a Confederate statue and statues of former slaveholders.”

        Because they were not small, thin skinned children? I realize that we are in the middle of generation snowflake but the idea that a statue “offends” is fantastically pathetic. Do you have to have an actual known slave ancestor or is it simply a melanin based offense? If you immigrated from Africa and your ancestors were the ones who enslaved and sold their fellow Africans are you offended at your collective guilt or your collective victimhood? What if your ancestors were among the 5,000 black slave owners?

        Sorry to go off on you here but there is no reason to accept collective blame or allow collective victimhood. Many of these protesters are college attendees. When they claim victimhood they should be tear gassed or fire hosed, at the least.

      • Remove any Obama statue, street name, etc. given that he oversaw an IRS that targeted American citizens for their political beliefs (“not even a smidgen of corruption”), spied on and unmasked American citizens by abusing FISA, sanctioned lying to the American people about Benghazi, coordinated an attempted (thankfully not successful) hijacking of the 2016 election, etc.

      • the “General William Tecumseh Sherman Monument is an equestrian statue of American Civil War Major General William Tecumseh Sherman.
        The monument is located in Sherman Plaza, which is at the intersection of 15th
        Street NW, Pennsylvania Avenue NW, and Treasury Place NW. which is part of
        President’s Park in Washington, D.C.,


        General Sherman is 17 feet 6 inches (5.33 m) tall,[25] and stands atop a granite pedestal 25 feet 4 inches (7.72 m) high

        North side relief: “The March Through Georgia” depicts men singing as they make their way easily through enemy territory. …
        and many former slaves gape in awe as Sherman’s troops pass by.”


        General Sherman fought in the Seminole and Mexican Wars, and conceived of and led the devastation of that March through Georgia (and same in a few other states, including Durham, NC)

        How do Seminoles, Mexicans, and Georgians feel when they see these monuments to General WT Sherman?

        Adding that the protests started to remove President Theodore Roosevelt monument from the American Museum of Natural History on Manhattan’s Central Park West.https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b7a4e23b2554624dcb69a512b7529aa1bfcaa9c0c64b1c6c71f26a652ab86f27.jpg

        President John Quincy Adams might survive, but not President John “Alien&Sedition Act” Adams, who successfully defended the British soldiers who committed the “Boston Massacre”

    • Poor wittle bila … did you know that the cure for covfefe is Roossian salad dressing???

  24. The Taliban destruction of the Buddha is not as far away from the lefty destroyers of cultural monuments as the lefties would like to think. They both come from very similar philosophical points of view.

    • Can we put a Muslim Brotherhood statue in your neighborhood?

    • It’s inevitable, friends. The Liberal Fascists will soon target George Washington and Thomas Jefferson for slander and statuary dismemberment. The Jefferson Memorial will be rededicated as a Marxist Pantheon, to commemorate Marx, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Che and Maxine Waters.
      The Washington Monument to be renamed The (Bill) Clinton Monument—an imposing phallic symbol.

      • Omg do you guys have an original thought or idea in your heads anymore or is the only information in there things that Trump, Fox News, Alex Jones and Roger Stone have already said?! TRUMP is the only jackass that mentioned Washington’s or Jefferson’s statues until now.
        And why don’t you look up Trump’s 2015 statement that ALL Confederate flags should be removed. Or is it a good idea when he says it?

  25. You guys are debating brake lights and whether or not this guy meant to crash and injure?
    You know that is an ISIS tactic..
    What would Jesus (the dark one, not your white one) from the Middle East say? Many Americans as well as other countries fought and gave their lives in WW II to make sure that the spread of Hitler and his vision does not kill the humanity and love that he inspired us to follow. In Germany you cannot so much as whisper anything Nazi..Its ILLEGAL period. There is no room for freedom of speech when it comes this topic. Just like you cannot yell fire in a theater whenever you want. You just cannot and never will accept it. There is no “Yea but”… If you cannot see this, then we are clearly doomed…The whole world is watching us in disgrace. The world once looked to America as a example of freedoms that they wished for. Now, if you want to be an isolation nation, that does not work in a free society. We need a leader that can bring us together. A 34% approval rating and support and approval from the grand wizard of the KKK is not someone I want to be aligned with, ever. I can assure you Jesus would be very disappointed. Shame on all of you.

    • I always recall being told that the SCOTUS ruled in favor of hate speech,right to assemble . Seriously….please tell me if this is not true because I really am not sure. If there was a way to make the Nazi party illegal I am all for it. My Grandfather liberated Dachau with the American army and it dishonors those heros that sacrificed to rid the world of evil to have them on American soil.. Thanks

  26. Interesting to note that the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center has revealed that Jason Kessler, the organizer for the white supremacist group, is a former Occupy activist and Obama supporter. Hmmmmm……. odd, that.

    Maybe a high-level investigation will be a good thing.

  27. Conrad Black is the Canadian Donald Trump, making his fortune by cheating the widows of two Cdn. billionaires and then going to jail for obstruction of justice in multiple fraud cases brought against him and his company. Most journalists have acted responsibly after Charlottesville with the exception of Conrad Black if he actually believes Donald Trump’s behaviour isn’t atrocious. But then what can you expect from a brother in arms, a criminal businessman.

    • Poor wittle duckie … did you know that all that covfefe you’re doing is better with Roossian salad dressing???

  28. The scum of the left are working hard to start Civil War 2.
    I hope they get it.
    We will cleanse America of their filth very quickly.

    • That is exactly what both sides thought as they Marched off towards Manassas Junction in 1861. “This will be over quick”. That’s about the least possible outcome. Inflating to today’s population, the Civil War would have claimed over 6,000,000 American lives.

      I share the frustration. But we must find a better way.

      I think the elite’s of our political parties, are manipulating this so we all keep our eyes off of the coming debt crisis and financial collapse, from Obamacare, Social Security, and Medicare.

  29. The Charlottesville crime and the Barcelona incident
    I am wondering if our Socialists (aka Democrats) will mention “Islam” as often as they mentioned “White Supremacists” about Charlottesville.
    BTW. I know the answer.

  30. Trump defamed himself, and you’re defaming yourself with this article.

    • Weak and ineffective comment , go back to MSNBC for your talking points.

    • Poor wittle jeffie … did you know all that covfefe you’re doing is always better with Roossian salad dressing???

    • Anyone who stood by and did not criticize the many, many sins of Obama has no say in this matter.
      Hypocrite, thy name is Jeff.

  31. Your a rasist. bigget llamaphobe! In 2020 Trump will LOOSE and Clinton will win by a lanslide! PERSIST & RESIST!

      • “Truth”, “Rationality”, “Self-respect” … and the ‘how soon’ is up to you.


    • No. Trump won.
      And yes, he is a terrible President.

  32. Excellent informative, clear, cogent, concisely correct article.

  33. I support Trump more now than before. I really am not running into Trump voters who say that they have bought the Left’s hatred and are now ready to vote for a communist Democrat. This is what Leftists are missing. They think Trump voters are eager to buy their hate when they’re not.

    • I really am running into those voters.

      Maybe normal people are afraid of you.

  34. Trump is a weak, stupid and cruel Nazi sympathizer and neo-Confederate traitor. Anyone who defends Nazis or Confederates is an enemy of the United States.

    • Of course.

      The vast majority of Americans agree with you.

      • Slight correction. The vast majority agrees with the second statement, but they do not agree with the wacko perspective reflected in the first statement.

  35. Um.
    Trump is failing.
    His CEO’s deserted him.
    His generals are horrified and cared for our nation.

    Enjoy Trump…for now, Fools..for it’s only a matter of time before he resigns.

    • Hey coastie, did you know all that covfefe you’re doing is oh so much better with Roossian salad dressing???


  36. Dear Leftists,
    For your consideration.

    The left is gleeful as Demographics erode the White Majority. They anticipate the day when whites are a minority with cosmopolitan fervor. When that day comes, it might be nice to have Robert E Lee around for all of us White, Male, Losers, to remember. When you Lose, Surrender, Accept the terms of peace, maintain your dignity, and get about building a new future doing something useful. All the things Robert E Lee did.

    Had not Lee Surrendered, and set an example of how to surrender for all who had fought, WE could of had generations of Guerrilla Warfare against the Federal government for decades, perhaps until modern times, Something like aTimothy McVeigh once every two or three years, instead of once in our lifetime.

    The left seems to think, erasing Robert E Lee from history, will solve the problem. The redemptive part of Robert E Lee legacy is his Surrendering.

    All you diligent Maoist Social Engineers, might want to remember that before you throw Robert E Lee down the memory hole

    • Well said.
      And none of them realize that Lincoln originally asked Lee to be the Northern commander.
      Those who are ignorant of history ,as the lunatic left clearly is, are doomed to repeat it.

      • But, of course, Lee declined and took up arms against his own country. He is the most well-regarded traitor America has ever seen.

    • And, it was a civil war–all the participants Americans. Anyone who believes there is nothing to learn from American history has no business attempting to destroy it–rather, they need to study it.

      • So where are the statues to Benedict Arnold and other American traitors? Removing monuments is not destroying history–nobody is censoring historical accounts in books or film. You can still learn all you need to about these evil, racist traitors.

      • Get real dude. Arnold sold out to the highest bidder. Unlike Gen. Washington, the British Army guaranteed him a plum commission. Lee was a man of principle, dedicated to the autonomy of the state of Virginia. After the War, he testified that ending slavery in the end was a highly desirable outcome. He encouraged all Southerners to rejoin the Union and express patriotism for the USA. That actually happened. Inconvenient facts I am sure.

      • “Lee was a man of principle, dedicated to the autonomy of the state of Virginia”
        And for that he levied war against the United States, which always included Virginia, since the CSA was never a legally separate country.
        Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

      • Well then, by all means let’s burn every Baptist church down because they supported slavery. Let’s bulldoze the Jimmy Carter library because his hopeless ineptitude with our embassy in Iran, and let’s expunge teaching anything about the Clinton’s because they lied and cheated, and of course, let’s disallow any teachings in schools about Obama because he botched up the entire US healthcare system base on a lie from Master Gruber–certainly a traitor in many people’s mind. Ad absurdum

      • It’s not about being “a traitor in many people’s minds.” It is about being an actual traitor for levying war against the US. That is the legal definition of treason.

      • By all means, let’s destroy any statues of Benedict Arnold. Martin Luther King was an adulterer. Let’s burn any statues, buildings, and streets named after him as they are totally offensive to any with Christian values as this was a repeated and repulsive mortal sin committed by MLK which erases ANY good that he possibly accomplished. Please help us ban Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson as tax cheats, charlatans, and racists, let us defund Planned Parenthood for destroying an illegitimate proportion of black babies, and then let’s have a national dialogue about Monticello, the University of Virginia, George Washington University, the Lincoln memorial, the Jefferson memorial, the Washington memorial, the White House (totally racist), hundreds of other Universities and buildings. You sir, are the traitor. Attempts to expunge the American past serves only to showboat your ignorance of history, your limited scope of understanding, and your hopeless lack of camouflage for you bigotry.

      • You’re completely off the reservation. Treason is very specific and nothing you mentioned even comes close. Read it again, fool: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

      • Augustus, your name would imply a knowledge of loyalty and treason. With revolution and civil war, definitions are confounded. Frequently, all who are defeated are slaughtered. In the American civil war, Grant and Lee are credited with an honorable surrender which left a modicum of dignity among the defeated assisting greatly the healing of a broken nation. Was Harriet Tubman a slave? A traitor? A hero? No one currently was a slave holder or slave and yet the black resentment and white guilt are perpetuated. The sin of slavery will never been forgiven–it is perpetual and unending. This creates the rational for tolerance. Overreach by either side (BLM, white supremacy) only leads to violence.

      • You do realize that Confederate soldiers are considered US veterans, don’t you?

      • By whom? First, they’ve all been dead for like 80 years. Second, they are still traitors no matter who considered them “veterans.”

      • If you’re referring to the 1958 legislation, all it did was make relatives of Confederate veterans eligible for the same VA benefits as Union soldiers were. It did not make them U.S. veterans, make any other official change in their status, or extend any particular protections to graves or monuments.

      • First, they didn’t give benefits to the veterans themselves. The last Civil War veteran died sometime before WWII. They gave some benefits to their surviving relatives. Second, they did this at the same time that there was a revival of Confederate nostalgia due to conservative backlash over the civil rights movement. Many of the monuments in question today were actually constructed around this time as well. The US congress was also controlled by old-school, conservative southern Democrats at the time.

    • Thank you. For the Left, it is far easier to rewrite history than to learn it properly.

  37. Vandalism is just another nail in the democrat Party coffin.
    The rest of the country cares about having a well-paying job, national security, and making America respected in the world again. The lunatic leftists care about who uses what bathroom and slavery (150 later!).
    Thank goodness President Trump has taken the whiskey and car keys away from the teenagers.

    • What !?…You havn’t heard that the Democrats are changing their message ?!!

      One Picture Equals 1000 Words…….


      You’ll need to enlarge this picture to view well……

      To enlarge or shrink the picture, click the double arrow > ……in the lower right hand corner to share on Facebook, Twitter, …….or just email this link to this Meme to a friend.

      And, you can scroll thru more memes……just click the arrows to the sides.

      ⤵ Up Votes? ……Comments? [I wonder what people think of these memes……I hardly get any feedback]

  38. Having to watch so many of the Republican “elite” abandon Trump right now is a very sad spectacle. They should remember the old adage – “we must hang together, or we will certainly all hang separately”. The fact that President Trump actually described the events factually is of no concern to these cowards who are foolishly running into the arms of the Democrats, and making themselves available for damaging quotes to the MSM.

    • The Vichy Republicans have no clue concerning the very tenuous limb onto which they are climbing. Hitch your wagon to Lizzie Warren’s star —-and you will definitely be scalped.

      • I understand that a significant percentage of the GOP is just as committed to government as usual as are the Dems but it is disturbing that they are not bright enough to read the significance of Trump’s election and/or are unwilling to serve the voters who have stated their intentions for the country with their vote.

    • the WAR to Overturn Our Election……

      One Picture Equals 1000 Words…….


      You’ll need to enlarge this picture to view well……

      To enlarge or shrink the picture, click the double arrow > ……in the lower right hand corner to share on Facebook, Twitter, …….or just email this link to this Meme to a friend.

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      ⤵ Up Votes? ……Comments? [I wonder what people think of these memes……I hardly get any feedback]

    • More than ever, the difference between Democrats and Republicans is non-existent. That’s why Trump was elected. The electorate is at odds with its representation, but the bureaucracy is so established and so entrenched, it has proven difficult to break up.

    • RINO’s all, We The People will remember in November!

  39. It’s a systemic failure of our country’s citizens from top to bottom.

  40. 1) The Civil War and confederates are a blight on the history of America. Trying to paint any confederate soldier as a hero, without mentioning the unspeakable horrors they imposed on blacks is irresponsible and ignorant.

    2) Trump was factually correct regarding the violence; however, his timing and appreciation for the situation were completely inappropriate. Not to mention his repeated racial insults toward minorities over the course of his life, which make any comment about racial violence or turmoil even more treacherous for him.

    In the immediate aftermath of nazi’s marching in riot gear, carrying torches and weapons, chanting racist slogans and killing one innocent American citizen and wounding many others, it was not the time to talk about violence on “both sides”. djt should have denounced nazi’s and the display they put on, offered condolences to Heather’s family, ordered assistance for city officials, and offered words of encouragement to all Americans for the sake of unity. Once he stepped away from the podium (and away from the press) he could have asked his AG to investigate the violence on both sides and try to develop mitigation strategies. Instead, he decided to say something stupid, then say something else even more stupid and now he has doubled down on stupid and proven that he is in fact a petty thin skinned man baby that refuses to recognize mistakes. He cant help but be a constant distraction to his own agenda. Sad!

    • except 1) his AG is investigating and 2) both sides came in ready for a fight. You make it sound like only one side was armed while the other was just surprised. We both know that’s not true. You’re just trying to insult and belittle the President. Sad!

      • Sessions is a Trump toady and, after weeks of being berated publicly by Trump, he doesn’t have the spine to fight back.

      • You did not read my post. I agree that both sides were violent. I said, “Trump was factually correct regarding the violence…” The violence is not debatable. My point was that djt showed his lack of awareness. If you believe he is a racist then he provided another indication of that. If you believe him to be an inexperienced out of touch idiot then he provided further evidence of that. It requires absolutely no energy or thought to belittle djt, he does it for you.

      • I have come to believe through the evidence you have provided that you are an inexperienced, out-of-touch idiot who has shown his complete lack of awareness. It required almost no energy or thought to belittle you.

      • When being critiqued you always consider the source. Considering the source I will accept your comment as a compliment. Thanks!

      • Sure Jason. Since I don’t even know you other than the posts you submit, how ridiculous and petty that I would make such a sweeping conclusion about your awareness, your experience, and whether or not you are “in-touch” (whatever that means), eh? You have the same disadvantage when making such sweeping conclusions about Trump. Just a lot of empty rhetoric.

      • djt’s credentials (or lack their of) to occupy the position of POTUS are quite apparent, that is what I was addressing. Your obvious lack of an adequate defense or reply to disprove my comments indicates that you are a true djt supporter, a disillusioned sycophant that can’t admit you helped to elect a loser. You got conned. CNN my not be able to stop the trump train but djt is doing a fine job of that on his own, now that his ponzi scheme is falling apart.

    • Jason, the Civil War was one of the most destructive wars in history.

      1/10th of the males in America died in that war.

      Historians now think the number of dead was around 800,000, this in the combined population of around 35 million.

      Due to the deaths in the Civil War, there were probably 10 to 20 million Americans who are NOT walking around today, because they were never born.

      The war was fought over slavery. Not that many countries cared whether or not there was slavery at that time. But, 1/10th of our males died over the issue.

      When you reflect, the whites of America paid a HUGE blood sacrifice to end slavery. The Blacks of America suffered the travails of slavery for a number of generations, until they were set free by a massive blood letting.

      I think the Civil War and the slavery was a common tragedy that should bind all the American People together, today.

      You can’t judge history by the social standards of the present day.

      But, America freed the slaves, yet, today, slavery still exists, and is not that uncommon.

      • Yeah, Slavery does still exists.

        It exists in Obama’s cherished MUSLIM COUNTRIES.

      • You said all of that to say what? I am aware of the size and scope of the casualties during the Civil War but that was not my point.

        “You can’t judge history by the social standards of the present day.”

        Enslavement, oppression, rape, murder, kidnapping, psychological and physical torture and cultural annihilation are wrong today and were wrong in 1860 and long before that. Lets not pretend American Whites during the time of slavery didn’t know they were wrong. America was built by enslaved Africans on murdered and stolen Indian land. Period.

      • What a fool you are.

        Where is your outrage at the Mongol invasions in the 1200’s?

        Where is your outrage over the Japanese rape of Nanking, or the Japanese torture and medical experiments on American soldiers.

        There has been no better country in all of earth’s history than America…but, you have been thouroughly indoctrinated by your Leftist zealot teachers.

        Some people have the intelligence to resist indoctrination, and many do not.

      • In true trumpian fashion you lack the ability to defend your position so you create tangents to divert from the original topic. The US is great despite slavery, not because of it. That is not the point. If you can provide evidence that any of my previous comment is not true then I would be more than happy to discuss it with you but if you cant then take the “L”. You can mention atrocities in any other place at any other time and that still does not negate the tragedies that happened in the US.

      • I can’t wash away all of the years of your Leftist indoctrination in a post….you would need a long stint in a reeducation camp…..but, we believers in ‘Americanism’ are not into that, unlike Leftists.

      • I was hoping for a fact-based discussion, in which something may be learned. However, my hope was dashed by incoherent trolling. Have a nice day.

  41. I grew up in the deep South and I personally do not have an issue with the Confederate monuments. But many people do and I will bow to their opinions. Move those monuments to museums.

    • Just a slip on memory, that’s all. I pardon Mr. Black for the omission.

  42. The Alt Right Trolls are winning. They have accomplished more to preserve the greatness of America in 12 months than Conservative Inc has since 1964…

    Tragically, American Jews who cried out Nazi! to silence debate are now finding themselves in the same position as the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

  43. He lost me when he said MacArthur was a great general.

  44. I Voted for Trump. And I Sorely Regret It.
    By JULIUS KREINAUG. 17, 2017

    “I can’t stand by this disgraceful administration any longer, and I would urge anyone who once supported him as I did to stop defending the 45th president.

    Far from making America great again, Mr. Trump has betrayed the foundations of our common citizenship. And his actions are jeopardizing any prospect of enacting an agenda that might restore the promise of American life.”


    • Utter nonsense. Trump has to fight Deep State as well as Swamp first. This must take most of his time. These must be defeated to make progress. Still, he is doing very well. He may have betrayed you, but not me and not his real supporters.

      • re: Trump is fighting Deep state as well as Swamp.

        Deep State – drink
        Swamp – drink

        All you are doing is repeating Trump’s empty minded buzzwards.

      • You left out that you’re a delusional piece of sh!t tw@t.


  45. Lets not forget that most leftists are Jews as well as the Wall Street bankers who create recessions with their insatiable greed.

    • I’m of the right and Trump supporter; but i tell you I get sick and tired of so-called conservatives using the “Greedy Jews” as some kind of scapegoat. I’m really tired of antiSemetic BS that you spew. Trump doesn’t need support from the like of you and your kind.

      • I’ll second that Jesse.
        Same here. I’m a trump supporter, but there’s no place for that antisemitism.
        It’s quite sickening.

      • You’re quite the hypocrite. N@zi and Klan are the truest expression of Trumpsterism.

        He is a white nationalist racist and fascist, and this is what you voted for.

        You are little more than a phony cowardly enabler.

      • re: but I tell you I get sick and tired of so-called conservatives using the “Greedy Jews” as some kind of scapegoat.
        You sleep with nazi’s you wake up covered in $h!t. You are a fool.

    • re: Lets not forget that most leftists are Jews….

      se!g he!l Trumpenfuhrer, eh?

  46. The only reason Trumps comments are an issue is that the Russia Collusion / DNC hack has been put to bed based on recent revelations that Obama New about this in 2014 and did nothing and the data transfer rate of the DNC files indicates it was an inside job. This means the limbs need a new narrative to hold back Trump.

    • re: Russia Collusion has has been put to bed….

      The Grand Jury and criminal investigation is digging int, and Trump is up late at night tweeting. And lawyering up in sheer terror.

      Perhaps that’s what you mean about ‘put to bed’.

      • You’re going to be put down like the sick little animal that you are, tw@t.

        Psycho ₡unt.

  47. Good article – everyone I know is tuning out the lying media anyway – they’re swirling the drain.

    • re: everyone I know ….
      … well that locks up the Aryan Nations wing of the federal penitentiary system. lol.

  48. These MSM and DNC and Antifah traitors need to be dragged from their homes in the middle of the night, and tried, jailed and some executed for treason. This will not end until many of the MSM and DNC are jailed for treason.

    • Trump Tantrum’s won’t save you when Trump is impeached and led away in either hand cuffs or straight jacket.

      • If that were to happen, that would likely mean a shooting civil war would soon follow, and just like the last civil war, the evil democrats like you will lose.

        So go ahead – make our day. 300 million legal guns, the vast majority in the hands of citizens that think that people like you are “domestic enemies” of the US Constitution.

        Add to that the patriotic Veterans who can’t stand America hating progressive libtards like you – and all of whom took a solemn oath to protect the US Constitution and Commander in Chief from vermin like you.

        So go ahead and try to drive Trump from the White House and you will be driven from this country.

  49. God bless Conrad Black for a sane, adult, intelligent article

    I am so sick of the angry children!!!

  50. God Bless the President and God confuse and scatter our enemies.
    The right is going to have to get a lot smarter to match the left much less destroy them. Clowns with automatic weapons walked right into several traps.

  51. and then. the sack of garbage trump goes ahead and totally repudiates his forced apology. he has shown who he is.

    he is a racist
    and he is an anti-semite – even if his daughter converted to judaism

    his daughter put on a big charade the Sat night before the election
    with her visit (all frummed-up with a hat) to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s
    grave. The Lubavitcher Rebbe was one of the few in his extended family
    to survive Hitler.
    Jared Kushner has played the “my grandparents were survivors” long enough
    His fatehr-in-law defends Nazis.
    His father-in-law condones torchlight marches with grown men shouting “jews cannot replace us”
    his father-in-law is a racist – started out as a racist landlord then graduated to racist noisemaker
    his fatehr-in-law is either an anti-semite, or he just loves and defends them because they love and defend him

    The “cutesy” couple of wealthy jews have to either take a stand or get the hell out of public view

  52. Gov. McAuliffe, the country is still waiting to hear an explanation on why these two groups weren’t kept apart by law enforcement and/or a large buffer zone. You are supposed to be a leader. When a leader fails to protect innocent people, they need to apologize. Are you not a big enough person to do that? Wait, Mr. Mayor, you are not off the hook. Instead of some self reflection and taking blame, you felt it was necessary to partially blame Pres. Trump. You both should resign immediately.

  53. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBhKRcP-NUU
    If you really want to know what happened at Charlottesville last Saturday it pays to go to someone who was there reporting on the riot from the scene. Her name is Millie Weaver she’s a reporter for Infowars and she tells the whole story. The antifa/blm goons started it all and got everyone fighitng via baloons filled with feces, urine,chemicals,pepper spray and were aided by cops on the scene already dressed in riot gear since they planned on starting the riot.
    It may be more important to find out who drove the second car that actually ran down the protestors,who picked him up in a black suburban and who may have actually been behind the entire op.

  54. What happened to muh Russia? I so wanted to hear more about “collusion”. Media please take a break from muh white supremacy and go back. Unless you have muh Trump’s taxes to talk about or perhaps muh Kushner is a traitor? So hard to keep up with your daily soap.

  55. This is like a moral Gish gallop, meaning that the writer spews out so many lies and so much moral depravity it would take a book to thoroughly analyze and refute him. Since I don’t have the time to write a book here, I will just say this. Robert E. Lee believed that he had the right to beat and rape other people that he pretended to own, and to the right to use any force up to and including murder to enforce what he pretended were his rights (I am not aware of any evidence he raped his female slaves, but the practice was so commonplace it would be unreasonable to think that the didn’t, and in any case his belief that he had the right to do so, which is clearly implicit in the slave system, is nearly as bad as the actual act). Its just impossible today to imagine the personal brutality necessary to own slaves, the way it warped and twisted the personalities of the slave owners (Douglas’ memoir gives some hint of this), but his personal position as a slave owner, and his political support for slavery, expose Lee as a monster whose vile nature can hardly be grasped, infinitely worse than his kitsch copies Bull Connor and George Wallace. He was also a morally depraved traitor against his own nation, committing the most unspeakable crimes for which he should have been hanged. Lastly, Lee was not that great a general. One could make the case that Jackson pulled his ass out of the fire at Chancellorsville and other occasions, and his performance at Gettysburg was so bad, it verges on mental illness (megalomania)–Lee is the one who thought Picket’s Charge would work–you should read Longstreet’s comments on the matter.

    • Actually Robert E Lee broke the law by having a school on his plantation and by teaching his slaves to read and write and do arithmetic.

      You should read an actual history book some time!

      And BTW, 30% of the SLAVE OWNERS in New Orleans were BLACK.
      I suppose they were warped and twisted too, or do they get a pass based on skin colour?

      • Do not forget Elihu Yale: “a flourishing slave trade in Madras, a trade in which Yale participated and from which he profited. He enforced a law that at least ten slaves should be carried on every ship bound for Europe. In his capacity as judge he also on several occasions sentenced so-called “black criminals” to whipping and enslavement. When the demand began to increase rapidly, the English merchants even began to kidnap young children and deport them to distant parts of the world, very much against their will.

        Yale purchased territory for private purposes with East India Company funds, including a fort at Tevnapatam (now Cuddalore). Yale imposed high taxes for the maintenance of the colonial garrison and town, resulting in an unpopular regime and several revolts by Indians, brutally quelled by garrison soldiers. Yale was also notorious for arresting and trying Indians on his own private authority, including the hanging of a stable boy who had absconded with a Company horse.

        Charges of corruption were brought against Elihu Yale in the last years of his Presidency. He was eventually removed in 1692

        On 5 April 1999, Yale University recognized the 350th anniversary of Yale’s birthday. An article that year in American Heritage magazine rated Elihu Yale the “most overrated philanthropist” in American history, arguing that the college that became Yale University was successful largely because of the generosity of a man named Jeremiah Dummer, but that the trustees of the school
        did not want it known by the name “Dummer College”.


  56. Thank you, Conrad Black, for this clear explanation of the what happened in its larger context.

  57. One group had a permit to assemble. One group did not have a permit to assemble. Obviously, the group that did not have a permit came to disrupt the group that did have the permit. For those who have little common sense, it is hard to figure out which group is at fault, isn’t it?

  58. The way it was – Republican vs. Democrat
    The way it is now – American WeDaPeople vs. Leftist Globalist Guvmint/Corporate/Political Cabal

  59. “…it was clear that orders had been given to the local police to ensure that a serious fracas occurred. The police did nothing to disperse the armed groups on each side, on several occasions herded them toward each other to encourage combat, and then withdrew at times to facilitate the violence. It must be assumed that orders for an insufficient law enforcement and ineffectual rules of engagement emanated ultimately from the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe…”

    In the finest of Democratic traditions, there can only be one solution….Promotions all around!.

  60. Good essay and helpful since obviously many conservatives have become depressed by the ramped-up one-sided media coverage. However left out were facts being circulated in conservative news: Jason Kessler, the organizer of the “Unite the Right” rally or march or protest, has a history of pro-Obama-Clinton-global socialist social media presence. This raises the very real possibility that the initial event was staged or designed to create an incident which would draw national attention and could be used by socialist media to further discredit the current administration. Second, Antifa and BLM, both known to be funded by global socialist billionaire George Soros, were imported in numbers estimated to be ten to twenty times the size of the statue-removal protesters. There are reports that they came prepared for violence with coolers filled with urine-and feces-filled balloons, cement-filled soda cans, and other nasty projectiles. Third, there is plenty of evidence that both the Mayor and vice Mayor are devoted socialists, likely very willing to order the police to stand down when the left-wing extremists outnumbered the right wingers by at least five to one, and had come prepared with far more weapons. Fourth, there is video footage suggesting that the car that drove into the crowd of Antifa-BLM-etc. left wing extremists were blocking the street, that the car was being hit by some of them, and that the driver panicked. An alternate possibility since his social media posts were all scrubbed minutes after the accident, was that he was really a left wing extremist himself and the incident was deliberately added for maximum anti-right “impact.” All this needs to be investigated ASAP and thoroughly.

  61. Well, you probably won’t like the answer, but ultimately the constitutional framers.

    Today’s attack on the Confederacy is the compounded consequence of the constitutional framers’ sedition against Yahweh, God of the Bible, and His unchanging moral law as the standard for government and society.

    Hard to believe? Then, please, hear me out.

    Had the constitutional framers (like their 17th-century Colonial forbears) established a government of, by, and for God based upon His immutable law, there would have been no biblically seditious Constitutional Republic. Without the Republic, there would have been no “civil” war. Without Lincoln’s war, there would have been no Confederacy (not to mention the 600,000 dead). Without the Confederacy, there would be no statues to their war heroes. Without these statues, there would none to tear down. And with these statues, the media would have one less thing to rally the liberals around in trying to seduce this nation even further from God.

    For more, see Chapter 3 “The Preamble: WE THE PEOPLE vs. YAHWEH” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/BlvcOnline/biblelaw-constitutionalism-pt3.html.

    Then find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that examines the Constitution by the Bible.

  62. Who gains from the violence?
    The mayor can now tell us all that they can’t allow free speech because it causes violence and the cops can ask for a bigger budget so they can buy more military type vehicles.

  63. Iowahawk puts it all in perspective when two leftwing anti-semitic groups riot:

    *eyes meet*
    *baseball bats drop*
    *giant orgy* “

  64. Trump was supposed to side with the fake news and their antifact comrades.
    Instead he just told the truth, and of course the media went wild.

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  66. I have to chuckle at the comments below. His lordship, Count Black has a wonderful set of erudite and enthusiastic followers here.
    Bravo, Conrad! Finally, you can bring them out of the woodwork. Plan on writing soon for Breitbart? Hey, Steve’s back in power again!

  67. There is no such thing as a “reasonable”, “moderate” left. Just left in various stages of pretense. Some pretend to be more reasonable than others. Putting the blame on antifa crazies is fine; they were the ones that initiated violent clashes; but the whole left, now joined by the deranged anti-Trump former right is responsible and at fault.

  68. The Charlottesville City Council commissioned an Independent review of the actions of the city in the matter of the march , to unite the right, and assess, evaluate what the city agencies did well and what needs improvement for future such events.
    The Review Report was delivered on Dec.1 2017 and is available online in various locations as a pdf 220p download. In the fist 30 pages the report asserts that the City police Chief had placed the police on Stand down on the day of the march and had done so for the political addenda of facilitating violent confrontations which were to be used, and were used, by the Council to cancel the marchers Permit. [However, this scheme was aborted by the ACLU being at the ready and persuaded a federal judge to force the Council to allow the Permit]. Also the State police were on virtual stand down and given orders that their principle responsibility was to protect the statue in the park and NOT to intervene in the violent confrontations unless some event looked likely to result in grievous physical harm or death.