‘I Think Continually of Those Who Are Truly Great’

To Removers of Monuments

Those impassive, silent guardians – will their gaze no longer shame you?
Have they been forever banished? Are you sure?
Can you finally stroll in comfort streets bereft of all reminders?
Is their valor gone, as if it never were?
Spiteful children! Did it gall you that someone so loved, respected these,
Enough to raise their monuments on high—
And you know you’ve never earned any respect, and never will,
And your blog will be deleted when you die?
“Ingrate, vandal, ignoramus,
Meddler, coward, bully, fool”—
Those are titles your pedestal might bear,
Were your legacy preserved, beyond the web and your own minds –
But I doubt it will last too long even there.


Should President Trump be faulted for his response to the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia? In the aftermath of a clash between protesters and counter-protestors, a nasty ragtag group of extremists on both sides, the president said, “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides.” He concluded, “My administration is restoring the sacred bonds of loyalty between this nation and its citizens, but our citizens must also restore the bonds of trust and loyalty between one another. We must love each other, respect each other and cherish our history and our future together.” Then he denounced the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis by name, while calling white supremacists “repugnant to all that we hold dear as Americans.”

How could anyone raise an objection to this? And yet a firestorm erupted among those who sought to make political mileage out of the tragedy. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), always a reliable barometer of the politically correct, thundered, “The president’s talk of violence ‘on many sides’ ignores the shameful reality of white supremacism in our country today, and continues a disturbing pattern of complacency around such acts of hate.” An echo chamber of pundits and politicians insisted that the loss of life and the disorder in Charlottesville was encouraged by the president himself.

Charlottesville’s mayor, Michael Signer, a Democrat, declared, “I’m not going to make any bones about it. I place the blame for a lot of what you’re seeing in America today right at the doorstep of the White House and the people around the president.” This may have been a veiled reference to the president’s strategic advisor, Stephen K. Bannon, often wrongly and unjustly smeared as one sympathetic to white supremacists.

Here, as is so often the case with this president and the media, Trump had a much better handle on reality than did his critics. He understood that what was going on in Charlottesville was more than a detestable white supremacy, but a breakdown in our sense of common bonds of citizenship.

What sparked the original protest was a decision by Charlottesville to remove a statute of General Robert E. Lee, and we’ve come to a sad pass where any attempt to defend Lee can be labelled as the work of white supremacists. Not so long ago, Lee was recognized as a hero by both North and South, a man who was offered the command of the Union forces, and who had been the superintendent of West Point. He regarded slavery as an evil, but he makes a convenient target for the ideologues of the Left who seek to weaponize history.

“I think continually of those who are truly great,” wrote Stephen Spender. And Lee was one of these. He fought to defend what he regarded as native land—Virginia—from attack, and throughout the United States there are many who admire his military prowess, his religious piety and his effort to effect a reconciliation between North and South after the war. To seek to obliterate his memory, is an act of hate itself. It also reeks of self-serving historical amnesia, a demand for cheap grace, for absolution for past wrongs that are American wrongs. The truth is, we we all share the guilt of America’s sins.


About Stephen B. Presser

Stephen B. Presser is the Raoul Berger Professor of Legal History Emeritus at Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law, and the author of “Law Professors: Three Centuries of Shaping American Law” (West Academic Publishers, 2017). In the academic year 2018-2019, Professor Presser is a Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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595 responses to “‘I Think Continually of Those Who Are Truly Great’

  • The Taliban *and* the pseudo-Left both destroy monuments. They are the same *kind* of people. They both want to ‘erase history’ so that they can shape and mold the mind of ‘the new man’ in *their* image. They imagine themselves as gods, but they are dust in the wind.

    • The Taliban do not use George Orwell’s “1984” as a guidebook.

      Newspeak is the language of Oceania, George Orwell’s “1984”.

      Newspeak is part of the infrastructure of Identity Politics.

      Monuments from both sides of America’s Civil War enabled
      both sides to heal, to re-unite the Union, in a UNITED States of America.

      The campaign to dismantle monuments to Robert E. Lee is to make him an Unperson.

      “An unperson is someone who has been
      “vaporized”—not only killed by the state, but erased from existence.
      Such a person would be written out of existing books, photographs and articles
      so that no trace of their existence could be found in the historical record.
      The idea is that such a person would, according to the principles of
      doublethink, be forgotten completely (for it would be impossible to provide
      evidence of their existence), even by close friends and family.

      Mentioning an unperson’s name, or even speaking of their
      past existence, is itself thoughtcrime; the concept that the person may have
      existed at one time and has disappeared cannot be expressed in Newspeak.”


      • Inside every Progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

      • Totalitarian? You say this as Trump subpoenas massed personal info off anti trump sites and rounds up voter roles from states. I can just imagine the screaming you fascist snowflakes would make if Obama tried that. Such hypocrisy.

      • What the heck are you talking about with ‘subpoenas massed personal info off anti trump sites’? As for the voter roll information, the request is for information that the state governments are *required* to provide when requested (though frequently for a fee).

      • Exactly. To flush out all the dead and other fraudulent voters on the rolls which those state refuse to remove. It’s the law. The reason they don’t want to provide that information is 100% transparent.

      • Dreamhost has been used to coordinate alt-Left activity that has resulted in violent demonstrations, bodily injury, death and property damage. If there was a specific website used by the alt-Right that resulted in the same outcomes, would you feel differently? Conspiracy is a crime. Using the internet to coordinate criminal conspiracy is not a protection from the law. This is far less a ‘fishing expedition’ than Mueller’s Special Counsel (for which no crime has been identified to justify the use of a Special Counsel).

      • I have issues with rounding up the names of political dissidents en masse regardless of their politics. If there are particular concerns with an individual then put them under surveillance. I wouldn’t want the government doing this to your friends at the Daily Stormer (RIP) and I hate those guys. This isn’t supposed to be some kind of tin-pot dictatorship. Get with the program.

      • I don’t have any friends at the Daily Stormer. Allowing political violence to be performed unchecked is the mark of a ‘tin-pot dictatorship’ not the pursuit of legal remedies to indict and convict. ‘Conspiracy’ by definition does not involve one individual. As for ’rounding up names of political dissidents’, I don’t think this is the purpose of the data requested, since ‘dissent’ is not a crime. Conspiracy to commit *any* kind of crime a *felony*. BlackMask fascists crossed the line between ‘dissent’ and ‘criminality’ some time ago. BlackMask has been given a pass for too long. If Dreamhost has *knowingly* been allowing itself to be used as a medium for criminal conspiracy, they too will be in trouble as accessories.

      • Sorry, I should have said ‘allies at the Daily Stormer’. Whether you like them or not, these white supremacists and antisemites align themselves with Trump. There is a reason for this.

        Here is a fairly balanced article on the antifa people. It acknowledges at several levels the negatives of what they do.


        Apparently 200 people were arrested on inauguration day in Washington for felony rioting. Let’s say, for arguments sake, that one hundred times that number were involved in violence of some kind (violence that I do not endorse). So that’s 20000 people. Again assuming that all of these 20000 folks visited disruptj20.org, that would constitute 1.3% of the 1.3 million site visitors. Now does it seem justified to you for the federal government to collect info on these folks web the vast majority engaged in peaceful protest?

        Finally, whether right or wrong, many people are genuinely concerned with the direction they see their country going. They protest not out of malevolent intent but out of concern. I appreciate that your beliefs are deeply entrenched, like theirs.

      • It doesn’t matter how you try to massage your phraseology, you intent to suggest guilt by association, both with myself and the President. The truth is that law enforcement is not pretty. It would be a transparent abuse of power if ‘peaceful protesters’ were to be put in the docket, and the DOJ knows this (or at least it ought to). Peaceful protesters have rights, and one of them is not to be sprayed with pepper spray or struck with blunt objects. The BlackMask needs to be put behind bars so that *all* protesters can do so *peacefully*. It’s an imperfect world. In a perfect world, people who know who the BlackMask is would turn them in. But that’s not happening, so other measures are required to restore order to the right of the people to peacefully exercise their First Amendment right to assembly.

      • I hear your point and I appreciate your willingness to converse. Have a good night and enjoy the rest of your summer.

      • Everything looks communist when you’re a Nazi. Ever hear of the moderate left (like the guardian)? The moderate right? The center? Because that’s where most folks are at. I come to this worthless site to see what the haters are reading about. I stay to be a pain in your arse.

      • Agreed. But the political parties have ‘colluded’ over the years to limit access in a variety of ways, including exorbitant fees for providing ‘copies’ of the information. So far, the evidence gathered shows that there has been a significant failure to maintain accurate voting records sufficient to prevent fraud. Historically, ‘electoral matters’ have been the province of state and local government, which has also historically been abused (poll taxes, etc). Look for another national initiative similar to the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to come out of the Executive Electoral Commission. Every time an ineligible voter casts a vote it violates the right of an eligible voter to have their vote *count* (not just ‘counted’). The Anti-Trump forces in *both* Parties will likely resist, but people feel passionately about ‘the vote’ and could turn into a ‘hammer’ issue in 2020.

      • The evidence of the massive voter fraud in Detroit was laid bare when the laughable recount was attempted in 2016.

      • Go back to your hammer-and-sickle flag-draped cave, trog. Er, prog.

      • Go back to your swastika draped bunker. You think you have some kind of monopoly on liberty and freedom? My grandfathers didn’t fight the Nazi hordes for you and your sleazy leader to perform an end run 70 years later. Have your little right wing fantasy but make no mistake, you guys lost in 1945 and your going to lose again. The world moves forward.

      • Wrong these people committed crimes so the justice department has a right to get that information.

      • All the 1.3 million folks who visited disruptj20.org are criminals? Funny how you hypocrites are all about liberty and free speech when it comes to your side, but when the tables are turned its a different story. You can see the move to a totalitarian state but don’t care.

      • Yes, all Antifa and supporters are criminals and must be apprehended and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      • Connect the dots for me. How is standing against fascism a crime? I guess my grandfather’s generation was a bunch of criminals then, what with fighting the Nazis?

      • Standing up against fascism is great that’s why Antifa should be stomped out.
        In spite of their orwellian doublespeak named they are nothing more than brown shirt thugs the Nazis would be very proud of suppressing free speech. And let’s not forget the BLM cop murders

      • Haha. Speaking of doublespeak…

        Nazis were nationalist, racist and right wing. They were fascists. You think the left in the US would be categorized as nationalist, racist or right wing? You like Nazis? Cause if that’s the case then things really have gone too far.

      • The Nazis were not right wing, they were big government cradle to grave control your life statist. A form of Socialist, it’s even part of their name… You know by that right?
        Today’s left embraces all that, including employing brown shirt thugs to silence any dissent.
        Nazis, single payer health care
        Gun control
        Dehumanizing those they wish to kill, Jews for the Germans, unborn kids for today’s left.
        On and on.. the left today is the same side of the country, not the opposite of FASCISM

      • Love this little historical revision you guys do. Nationalist, populist, racist, scapegoating, philosophy of paranoia, fear and hate? That epitomizes the right wing mindset. Argue the semantics all you want. My grandfathers fought the Nazis, the National Socialists if you prefer. Now we’re meant to accept this diseased mentality and watch it spread in the name of free speech? You defend ISIS’s right to have rallies in the States? You support a pedophile gathering?

      • I do in fact support non violent free speech.
        No one is forced to accept anything accept their right to say it even if it does offend us. It offend me too, but jack booted hired thugs violently violating their rights is even more odious.
        BTW my father, WW2 vet says he fought to allow free speech and liberty, to allow the new Fascist left to trample the first amendment is to support FASCISM.
        I killed Taliban to free people to speak. Some of this people said things I don’t like but I’d free them again.
        Get it yet?

      • A number but you don’t seem to mind the brown shirt Soros thugs attacking people’s First Amendment rights with fists and bats.
        If they get arrested it may save their lives because people are not going to put up with that b******* much longer

      • That’s a really great attitude. You proposing a war? You really think innocent people should die over something so silly? I’m not scared or hungry. Like many of us, I have what I need and more. Is silly rhetoric worth killing or dying for? Is it worth innocent people dying?

      • Violent abridging of people’s free speech rights is not a “silly” thing. And those doing it are no more than jack booted thugs.
        Ask the people under Nazi rule in the 1930s.
        You seem to seriously lack a sense of liberty.
        And yes, those with the most odious message still have a first amendment right. Liberty is messy sometimes but worth defending

      • Ok, the lefties are jack booted thugs because a small proportion of them violently oppose white supremacists. Meanwhile the Nazis have the right not only to preach hate, violence and ethnic cleansing but to assemble in a show of force. And you support the Nazis because you love free speech so much, but it’s fine for the government to force a left wing website to give up the ip addresses of visitors, the vast majority of whom have done nothing wrong. Sounds like typical right wing hypocrisy to me.

      • Liar. Care to address why thousands of people removed their own names from voters’ rolls? Maybe they were nervous that they’d be discovered to be registered in more than one state?

      • Sorry snowflake but that is gathering information about terrorist.
        Were you upset about Susan Rice unmasking American citizens illegally and Obama passing a rule to spread it through the information agencies to where it couldn’t be contained and used for political purposes? How about the weaponized IRS? Were you fine with that?

      • Voter rolls are public. The Dems keep screaming that there is no voter fraud. I should think that they would welcome an investigation that proves their point.

        The information related to BLM and antifa are required to suppress violent hate groups.

        On the other hand Obama used the US intell agencies to spy on the Trump campaign and the IRS to harass the Tea Party. That is your totalitarian.

      • If voter roles are public why doesn’t Trump’s gang just take them? They can’t seem to figure it out, but that’s not a new issue. They want to know who supports them and who is against. If Obama did this you guys would have been howling bloody murder. Oh well, we can see what the intent was when the internment camps open. All you right wingers are just salivating for that day.

        I discuss in another response how at the absolute most 1.3% of visitors to the antifascist resist site would have been involved in violence (assuming that 100 x more people in Washington commited violence than the 200 arrested). It’s right wingers who hate – blm and antifa are responses to right wing hate. Certainly some people go way too far. But that’s the difference – the center and left tend to work for freedom and equality, trying to give everyone a chance. The right works sole for the benefit – the freedom and the resources – of members of the right. Greed.

        So I guess people now just have to tolerate blatant racism and public hate speech as normal? But of course you aren’t racist, you’re just on the same side as them. And you hate/fear Mexicans and Muslims, which is not racist because it’s completely rational given your Breitbart diet telling you about every crime committed by any brown person anywhere. I swear to God I read about some guy in Jordan abusing a dog. You barely get that in the local paper.

        Show me proof Obama authorized ‘spying’ on trump. And the IRS probably harassed the Tea Party because it’s full of greedy right wingers too cheap to pay their taxes.

      • ” blm and antifa are responses to right wing hate”
        Same line as the Muslim terrorists – I was just defending Islam.

        “And the IRS probably harassed the Tea Party because it’s full of greedy right wingers too cheap to pay their taxes.”
        Obama used the IRS for political purposes. He should be in jail with Clinton.

        “Show me proof Obama authorized ‘spying’ on trump.”
        Read the newspaper “unmasking” and Susan Rice and Samantha Powers

        “So I guess people now just have to tolerate blatant racism and public hate speech as normal?”
        It is tolerated and encouraged by the Left. Affirmative action/racial quotas, Diversity/racial quotas, and white privilege/blatant racism. Obama invites BLM, a violent racist hate group, to the White House. This is considered normal.

      • Reminiscent of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the assassination of Trotsky and Stalinist purges.

      • How very orwellian is the laughingly called antifa? They are the single largest formation of Nazi Brown Shirts since the 1930s out to suppress any and all opposition speech

      • Apparently not. Perhaps the USA ‘chapter’ thinks they are
        descended from the far left Germans:

        AmGreatness hit a chord with this post. I hope some pundit realizes no one can have a “serious conversation” with those speaking Newspeak.

        I am now working on connecting the influence of FX tv series
        “Justified” 2010-2015 on James Fields, Jr, because of what his 9th
        grade teacher said about his interest in ‘Nazis’ and ‘white supremacist’.

        imo, Boyd Crowder was the most compelling tv character I can
        think of, but never thought about the influence on white male teenagers. Until Charlottesville.
        The fictional Boyd Crowder, paraphrasing Thomas Paine

        Apologies, back to trying to follow the battle in Arsal, Lebanon, and to understand coalition politics in Lebanon, where the Maronite Christians ally politically with Hezbollah. Popular culture has nothing to do with that.

    • Was it the Taliban or the “pseudo-left” that tore down the statue of Saddam in Baghdad, which was widely celebrated in the U.S? Was it the Taliban or the “pseudo-left” that tore down the giant swastika that surmounted the Reichstag in Berlin? Or tore down innumerable statues of Lenin in Russia?

      • I guess Mount Rushmore is next… two slave holders and two guys who said extremely vile things about black people. When is the Lincoln Monument coming down? When are they changing the name of Washington, DC? How about Sharpton, DC. Named after that great patriot Al Sharpton. All the high schools named after Lincoln could be renamed Margaret Sanger, HS. Of course Sanger was an evil racist eugenist… but racists on the left get a free pass.

      • It was not. But is was the same *kind* of people. However, it’s worth pointing out that both the statue of Saddam and the Reich flags were removed during wartime. Are you suggesting there is a war going on? If so, I happen to agree with you.

  • “Then he denounced the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis by name, while calling white supremacists “repugnant to all that we hold dear as Americans.””

    “How could anyone raise an objection to this?”

    Indeed! Unless, of course, this representation of how events transpired was stunningly dishonest.

    As *everybody* knows: The president did not — as Presser seems to suggest — denounce the KKK by name in the very next breath. He waited *two days.* It was during those *two days* that the objections arose.

    It is true only in the very narrowest technical sense that President Trump “then” denounced the KKK by name. It is not true in any ordinary sense. Absent a correction or clarification, I’ll assume Presser and his editors meant to mislead.

      • It’s laughable as you try to place 21st Century values on the 19th Century as a start.
        By these standards Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, should all have their monuments removed.
        BTW U.S. Grant owned slaves, Sherman was a raving racist and anti-Semite. He wasn’t fond of news reporters either. Down with HIS statues you imbecile! Phil Sheridan slaughtered the Indians
        Al Gore SR voted against the Civil Rights act, part of I65 is named for him… we must end that!
        And tour WV, lets get rid of all things named for Robert KKK Byrd who was an unrepentant racist of the first degree. I love the picture of him in full Confederate regalia,
        I was an extra in that film, he used the N word a lot
        Let’s expunge LBJ in Texas too! He was an actual white supremacist as well
        And most of Abraham Lincoln, also a racist and white supremacist
        Lincoln’s views on race. He held opinions not very different from those of the majority of his racist countrymen. Even if slavery was wrong, “there is a physical difference between the white and black races that will for ever forbid the two races from living together on terms of social and political equality.” His solution was a form of ethnic cleansing: shipping blacks off to Liberia, or Haiti, or Central America — anywhere as long as it wasn’t the United States.
        So what other monuments should we be destroying as we go all Taliban on history?


        Also conservatives: You can’t judge Robert E. Lee for having his slaves beaten bloody!

        Anyhoo, 19th century standards also said slavery was immoral. That was why we fought a war over it. And that’s why it was good the South lost. We knew *then* that the cause was a bad one. So! I don’t have to impose 21st century standards on anybody at all.

        But if you still think it’s a close call, I assume y’all would happy to be black men owned by Robert E. Lee in the 1850s, say. You wouldn’t want us to judge him for owning and having *you* beaten, right?


      • what about the millions of blacks owns by the democrat party? You know, the inner city, created by white democrats to warehouse a vast section of the voter base, to make sure they never move up the ladder of life, to always be dependent on government, run by, themselves. I don’t see the left, especially Black Lives Matter complaining about that.

      • Answer the question imbecile, or stfu. Stupid deflections make you look stupid

      • How many of the people you mention took up arms against our country to defend the right of some people to own others as personal property?

      • Do tell. When did either of those gentlemen take up arms against the United States, to defend slavery or for any other reason?

      • Well their treason the same as you accuse Robert E Lee of, begin against England on or around July 4th 1776.
        And Jefferson argued to keep slavery legal although it was illegal in England by that time. He did so so that the southern states would join the union had they not agreed there never would have been the United States.
        By the way did you know the first slave owner in the North America was a black man? He actually sued to keep his indentured servant past the seven years standard term he won in court and thus held the first legally owned slave here.
        Did you know that Ulysses S Grant was a slaveholder?
        He did not get rid of them out of kindness the fact was he couldn’t afford to feed them. He was pretty much a drunken failure as a civilian.

      • Kkk Byrd burned crosses, Lincoln would have shipped the slaves back to Africa given the chance. Not one of this Union Generals fought to free slaves read their memoirs.

      • Gay hipster regurgitates what his commie professors told him.

      • By your standard, so was George Washington. Fortunately, you are fantastically ignorant and nothing more than a dishonest Leftist. I would pity you except I suspect that instead of a useful idiot you are actively evil.

      • The problem isn’t slavery. The problem is these statues were put up by the Jim Crow south to enforce white dominance. That’s why they need to be relocated . I personally want them to have more context than they do now. We should surround them with statues of real southern values

      • Oh, please. The problem is rewriting history. 90% of the protesters couldn’t tell you which party enacted Jim Crow. As many or more of them would enslave all of us, regardless of race, to themselves and government. They are not supporters of human Liberty at all.

      • great post, Marshall. Hit the nail on the head with both your points.

      • Really? You think that the protestors want to enslave everyone and don’t support liberty and the other side are nazis and KKK? Where is your logic here ? I bet most of the protestors like the clergy and BLM people know full well the virulent Jim Crow past of these statues.

      • Slavery at the hands of government is still slavery. Forcing someone to pay for your _______ is basically enslaving them. Very close to 100% of these protesters want the government to steal from the productive for them.

        Pretending that these protests are about Jim Crow is a new one. The protesters are screaming about “slavery” NOT Jim Crow. Almost to a man they vote for the party of Jim Crow and that isn’t the Republicans.

      • Real
        Americans dont mind paying taxes even if they disagree with some of the things that get paid for. That’s just silly propaganda and means nothing. The vast majority of Americans are not forced into anything.
        Democrats are no longer the party of Jim Crow. Try reading a history book written after 1965.

      • “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell

      • Using George Orwell to defend Nazis and the KKK is especially precious and completely unaware. Orwell would slap you in the face if he were alive .

    • That’s just stupid, logic from a idiot without any sense of reason. You smell blood.

  • I don’t share the guilt of America’s sins, if you mean slavery. I never owned any slaves, nor were any of my ancestors Americans at that time. And I wouldn’t share my ancestors’ sins if they had been slave owners.

    • That’s right. And people who think otherwise are regressing into the tribal past. They are the new savages.

      • I see no other option than the right (all of the right) adopting the methods of the left. They must begin the removal of all left wing heroes from the public square. The GOPe will stand idly by with their moral authority while they’re lined up against a wall and executed. The bully needs a punch in the nose.

      • There is a statue of Lenin in Seattle? Hmmm…

        I still think it is a slippery slope to start removing statues and trying to destroy / cover up the past.

      • The signs proclaiming I-65 in Tennessee as Al Gore senior Highway as he was an unbelievable racist. Then we can start on all the Robert KKK byrdd named stuff in WV.
        Then we need to get rid of all the George Washington Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers that owned slaves. After all they were Traders just like the Confederates to their Nation and promoted slavery. Then of course Lincoln because he was a racist and advocated shipping the Africans back which in retrospect may have saved a lot of trouble.
        Just a few to start

      • Leftness is not the stuff that heros are made of. I’m trying to think of a left wing hero.
        FDR, if stock liberals count? Others?

      • FDR was the first that came to mind…maybe JFK? Ok so there are not many…

      • JFK is to the right of Trump FDR was to the left of any president until Carter.

    • I agree completely with denouncing white supremacists and nationalists.

      But where are the denunciations of Black nationalists. Black nationalists were not denounced, they were invited to the WH by Obama. Instead of playing down racial differences, Obama accentuated them every chance that he got. The Obama admin pursued racist policies. One of Obama’s first acts was to criticize a white policeman who asked a black man for some identification when he saw him trying to break into a house.

      Then there was Treyvon Martin, a juvenile delinquent, who was shot by a “White Hispanic” whose head was being pounded against the sidewalk. Obama wanted a son like Treyvon. The DOJ went to Florida and encouraged hatred of whites who are not supposed to defend themselves when they are attacked by blacks.

      Then there was Ferguson and the 300 lb “gentle giant” Micheal Brown who after robbing a convenience store of some cigars and threatening the store owner, was confronted by a policeman. The “gentle giant” punched the policeman in the face and tried to grab his gun. The gun went off and Brown fled. The policeman got out of the car and ordered him to stop. Brown turned around and put his head down and charged at the policeman who shot him. Thus was born the “Hands up. Dont Shoot” myth.

      Naturally the DOJ condemned the police and launched a full scale investigation. Black Lives Matter showed up and peacefully burnt the town down. The DOJ had to exonerate the policeman based upon the evidence but his career was still ruined and he had to go into hiding. The DOJ found that the police were racist even if the shooting was justified and imposed a set of constraints on the police. Essentially the police have to let BLM burn down the town as preventing them from doing so will inflame racial tensions.

      I have seen the alt-Left up close and personal. They wear helmets and masks and dress in all black. If they hit you over the head with the ax handle that they are carrying, how would you describe them or recognize them. It was the guy dressed in black like the rest of them.

      I greatly admire President Trump for saying “The Emperor has no clothes”. The racist Identity Politics of the Left is a terrible dead end. Affirmative action/racial quotas, diversity/racial quotas, white privilege/blatant racism have got to go. The racist Left is now calling “colorblind society” racist.

      We need to listen to Martin Luther King and openly advocate for a colorblind society.

    • And in his 2nd Inaugural, Lincoln said that the great loss of blood and property in the Civil War was the sacrifice for the sin of slavery and now it is time to move on with malice towards none and charity for all. That was 150 years ago. Why can’t we move on with malice towards none and charity for all?

      • Because the DhimmiKKKrats, Black Lies Don’t Matter and the Fascisti antifas refuse to move on.

      • I would lump the Nazis, white supremacists, and those other racists into the same category.

  • Actually, the movement to rename the parks and get rid of the statues was started by a teenage black activist. The driving force behind the campaign was the vice-mayor, a young black radical who engages in hate speech on Twitter. As for the “white supremacists, neo-Nazis,” etc. if you look at the videos you’ll see they were mostly clean cut young men dressed in casual business attire. Yes, there were some there wearing trappings but not the leaders.

    • Clean cut young men chanting Nazi Slogans and carrying torches. Being blind to hatred is a morally corrupt position

      • and Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, mwewlt George Soros backed political groups with far-left, class envy platforms.

    • Are you for real….these neo- nazi lowlifes are all overweight tattooed freaks.

  • Mao & Stalin shut down churches, ISIS & Taliban destroy statues, ancient cities and cultural artifacts. Screeching, hateful leftists in USA pull down established honor and smear the memory of great men.

    • The white power racists of the Jim Crow era put up these statues as they rose to power. These statues should be put into their proper historical context. They are not honoring great men. They are honoring the Jim Crow era of the south.

      • That’s like saying that because nazis shout heil trump that statues of trump honor nazis. Not logical

      • Actually, there sort of a logic to that. If you believe that a Trump is defending Nazis and the alt right then a statue of Trump would be one that honors what he believes including his approval of strongmen dictators like Hitler.
        But the original reason these statues were erected is not in dispute. They very clearly were placed as symbols of white power by the resurgent white power structure and everyone protesting them knows this.

      • Negatory. People regardless of cauae getto define who or what a statue represents, they don’t actually get to change the personal interpretations of life and times the man or woman the statue depicts. The fundamental flaw in all such reasoning is they get to judge the past in broad strokes through often idealised versions of the present without taking into account the individual or their intent. For instance your invocation of Hitler. It most likely isn’t correct that he admires Hitler and the interpretation of stong man traits rather applies to not being afraid to make the comments that he did regardless of political repercussions. Your interpretation is most likely false. Regardless history revolves and includes everything. You either accept it or you don’t.

      • Actually there were interviews in 2015 that report Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside. That fits with his admiration of strong men dictators like Putin.
        For the whole story google “Does Trump admire Hitler?”

        All history is judged through the present day lens and it’s constantly changing though usually slowly. Trump’s views act like a Catalyst that accelerates thinking. Sometimes way too fast . As always he acts like an agent of chaos .

      • Confederates fought to preserve slavery. Honoring them honors slavery. There is no escaping this fact.

      • The White power racists of the Jim Crow era were Democrats. The Democrats have been the Party of racism since their founding. Originally they supported white racism, now they support black racism.

        The Democrats supported slavery, Jim Crow, KKK, and segregation. Now they support affirmative action/racial quotas, diversity/racial quotas, and white privilege/blatant racism.

        No wonder the Progressives want to erase history.

      • Yes the same people who were racists in the 50s and 60s changed over to the Republican party and they let them in. They accept the racists cause it meant more power. Power over country can be seen as the Republican credo.

      • No liar, they did not. They died out of old age. Strom Thurmond was the only segregationist who jumped parties. Sen. Bobby Byrd (KKK, WV) never did and was an unrepentant KKK leader until his death.

      • Try again after engaging your brain, thats one of the most idiotic comments I’ve ever read.

      • Really, so all the historians that clearly state this historical fact are idiots and you are the great judge of truth (without any actual evidence or facts.) ITs easy to slander and lie, not so easy to actually have an argument.

  • Trump is the best thing that ever happened to the Democrats. GOP there’s not enough soap in the world to wash off his stink. #trumpstink How does he look his Jewish grandchildren in the eye as the Nazis and KKK revel in his support. He has blown up my old party. Disgraceful.

    • That must explain why you’ve won all the special elections since he took office. Oops I guess you better try again.

      • We won all of the special elections in blue districts (CA 34), and you won all of them in deep red districts. This is a surprise?

    • And yet the Democrats are in complete disarray and broke. Your opinion seems in complete contradiction to the facts. Disgraceful.

    • Are you an idiot!? How can anyone with a working brain conclude he supports the KKK? You have a soft weak mind and absorb all the lies so easily it’s hiliarous. Are you teaching your kids to be so incredibly stupid?

  • OK Trump supporters. It is my “I TOLD YOU SO” moment! When Trump said Obama was a Kenyan, you excused him. When he said stupid, ignorant things that had no basis in fact, you excused him. When he called women “fat” and “ugly” and even insulted fellow candidate’s wives, you excused him. When he insulted our European allies and praised Putin, you excused him. When he revealed, almost daily, during the campaign his ignorance of the Constitution, and how legislation was passed, and how checks and balances worked, you excused him. When he was shown bragging about “grabbing pussies”, you excused him. When he insulted a Gold Star Mother, you excused him. When he insulted a true war hero, John McCain, you excused him. When he encouraged his followers to beat up protesters, you excused him. When his leadership team lied about meeting with Russian agents, you excused him. When he attacked Comey and Mueller, both men of impeccable integrity, you excused him. When he hired a vulgarian as the director of communications, you excused him. I could go on and on, but let’s cut to the chase. When he creates a false equivalency between those marching with the KKK and the Nazis and those protesting them, YOU EXCUSED HIM!

    • false equivalency between the left and the right — no, leftists believe in a political philosophy, socialism, where power is held by a few to control the many. It’s been a failure everywhere it has been tried, yet we have millions of stupid college graduates who never learned the difference.

    • Rotten Clinton Medusa was the inventor of the birther , i don’t see you bashing Medusa in your comment , McCain song bird Hanoi Hilton is a hero? Comey is impeccable integrity? false equivalency?
      your goebbelsian machiavellian comment is for kindergarten.
      I hate nazis, extremists,antifa, rioters etc, but still facts remain, both parts are condemnable, you are a dishonest and biased individual, you don’t measure facts with the same yardstick..

    • When he creates a false equivalency between those marching with the KKK and the Nazis and those protesting them,

      So the members of the the Antifa that were there throwing rocks and bottles of urine at people, using clubs on people, they AREN’T just as much a hate group of the alt-left? FFS you’re a hypocrite.

    • False equivalency?

      There’s something in the Bible about seeing the speck in your brother’s eye…oh,here it is:

      Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

      Anyone who thinks antifa is a group to be supported has a 6×6 in each eye.

      And, by the way, yes, the KKK and white supremicists and Nazi sympathizers are haters and I don’t support them.

    • Try again, I for one am quite happy to finally have a president with the balls to tell it like it is. You like the rest of the snowflakes are the ones melting down. Grow up.

    • I truly hope you will grow up one day. Imagine if you will a working brain with reasoning ability.

    • Do you even realize you are demonstrating your deep moral failures, your own racism, bigotry and sense of superiority over others? What does it feel like to join hands with this country’s most virulent racists and bigots? Do you even realize you’ve done that?

  • Thank you Professor Presser. Your article was the truth about what really happened.

  • In the ’60’s, when WF Buckley read the white supremacists out of the Republican Party, these people were far more numerous, semi-vibrant, and certainly threatening. Today, they are shriveled, barely existent, shadows of a fully disgraced past and their views are repudiated in every corner of the culture. They are a non-entity, anachronisms, and as a threat, mainly used for scaring small children and politicians in DC. They have no power in government or commerce, no support anywhere. They are nothing.

    For those who actually care about the country, the counter-racism pendulum has swung too far. Only fools think that the stupid ideas of an anachronistic ideology are so foul that they justify eliminating the first amendment and the use of violence to suppress expression of those ideas. This thinking is complete nonsense, about as black and white as it gets.

    “Justified violence” within a civil society is, ironically don’t you think, the first step leading ultimately to extermination of “vermin”. It must be rejected as illegitimate. Black hooded thugs wielding clubs must be rejected. These groups are a cancer fed by an “activist” former president and tacit tacit acceptance of useful fools in the media. It is a disgusting development and must be repudiated with same vigor that once vibrant racists were.

    Let the kids pretend to be revolutionaries if they want, but not with our approval and not without consequences.

    And, yes, Nazis are evil and repugnant. Sigh.

    • And Black Lives Matter and antifa are also evil and repugnant.

  • You are damn right that POTUS is right, MSM brain washing and measurement of facts in devious different ways is awful.

  • The BLM movement spurred an increase in assassination style killings of police. They were not only not denounced, they were given a position of prominence at the DNC convention.

    We’ve seen a shooter attempt to kill as many Republicans as possible, and increasingly violent protests any time certain conservative speakers want to speak…in a closed setting.

    And when some white suprememacy trash show up to do a protest, and there are left wing agitators, we see only outrage at one side.

    I despise both of them, but the hypocrisy and moral self righteousness of the left is pathetic–and they do not denounce their side, which I believe is giving rise to the alt-right types, not the President.

    • You’re right about them not denouncing their side, at all. Last night on The Five Juan Williams reacted with incredulity when it was suggested that the left wing antifa was a violent group that doesn’t deserve support. Not only don’t they denounce them; they think they’re practically heroes to the cause.

      • Keep in mind that Juan Williams is only there as a dramatic foil, to say stupid things that make viewers bang their hands against their heads.

      • On that same show Juan Williams was also indignant and falsely incredulous when he was reminded that President Obama invited the cop-killing racist separatists BLM to the White House. The moral superiority of the Left has no shame and is unshakeable in its smug certitude.

    • Right on Tommyboy! Trump is way more politically astute than people think. He was elected in part because people were sick of Obama blaming every problem in America on racism. Mainstream white America–who backed Trump so enthusiastically–hate the KK, neo-nazis, and white supremacists. They also hate antifa and black lives matter. They’d like to see all 5 groups disappear in a hole. Trump knows that! There was violence at that rally from all 5 groups. They should ALL be condemned, which is exactly what Trump did.

      • “Trump had a much better handle on reality than did his critics.” I can’t decide whether people actually believe this or are just towing the party line. Trump is in and out of reality, just review the recent WSJ interview. He has trouble staying on topic for longer than a minute. And if you want a clear understanding on why rational people find what he said absolutely repulsive, all you have to do is look to his prior actions. When a Muslim man drove a car through a crowd, Trump was up in arms and wanted to ban Muslims from the country. When a white supremacist does the same thing, he calls that group “fine people.” Where is the similar outrage? It’s not there, because Trump sympathizes with these white hate groups. You don’t have to read between the lines to figure it out. He just goes out and tells you.

      • Not even close to the same. Not even a little bit. When these Muslims drive their trucks of peace into crowds, they do so attacking people that are completely innocent. Fact of the matter is that neither Antifa nor BLM went to Charlottesville and were innocent bystanders. They were all bad. It’s one of those situations where you wish both sides could lose. No side was innocent here and to pretend otherwise is completely disingenuous.

      • When you drive a car into a crowd, regardless of if they were throwing rocks or screaming at you, that does not take away the innocence of those people. They were still innocent and under no circumstances should have been subject to vehicular assault and attempted murder. These issues are quite similar, and attempts to victimize the white supremacists or obtain equal fault with the protesters will be unsuccessful, especially in a court of law.

      • When you drive a car into a crowd, you are escalating violence and need to bear responsibility for that – for which the young man is being held and charged. He will probably spend the maximum amount of time in prison the law allows, and rightfully so.
        But you cannot say with certainty that those who were the targets of his attack were as innocent as the driven snow. Particularly when the police were directed by the city authorities not to do anything until AFTER the permitted (yes, the marchers had permits, thanks to the ACLU defending them in court) marchers and the unpermitted counter-protesters clashed. Even the police could not say who started the violence which they did nothing to try and prevent.
        Even if someone stands for something you find reprehensible, in this country they have the right to promote their views – and you do NOT have the right to engage in violent behavior to “shut them down”.

      • I agree. Do tell me what the penalty for protesting without a permit is? It certainly isn’t death.

      • I believe the poor young woman that died was a dupe for the brown shirt Soros thugs. I believe they came down looking for exactly something like that if not her in particular. It was a peaceful protest until they arrived. Those Nazi diots have every right to protest what they feel is wrong by government and not be assailed by thugs.

      • A court of law would find both sides guilty of rioting. Nobody is trying to victimize white supremacists but it’s just not true that all the Antifa people in that crowd were innocent. There’s video of Antifa people bashing heads with bats. Those who showed up with bats were NOT innocent. No doubt some of the rest were.

        Get real.

      • I never claimed that the other protesters were innocent of the crimes they committed. You are trying to legitimize the murder by claiming that since they were not innocent they should expect an escalation to murder. That is nonsensical and would be laughed out of court, if an attorney was stupid enough to attempt that argument. Get real.

      • You did call them innocent, which is wrong. But you are correct that their violent actions don’t justify murder by car.

      • That woman didn’t deserve it but they were plenty of Antifa did.
        Throw a bottle of anything at me the last sound you will ever hear will be very loud

      • Yes, they should expect it. Does not lessen the crime of the driver, but only an idiot would have expected nothing to happen when two hate filled mobs go at each other.

      • Actually, the law would come down against all of the people who perpetrated violence at that event.

      • The law says what differently? Since when is the law in the business of dictating reciprocal behavior?

      • I’m not “trying to legitimize” anything. I AM saying that Trump got it exactly right: There were good and bad on both sides. Getting it right is getting it right; reality is reality.

      • Please, go ahead and point out the “fine people” who were walking with Nazis that were chanting “Jews won’t replace us.” There is a word that describes people who willingly choose to associate with Nazis: We call them Nazis.

      • Sure, just as soon as you provide the “fine people” who were walking with BLM and Antifa. You can’t get away with pretending your side in this had no blame. It had plenty of blame.

      • I don’t have a side, and I wasn’t the one who said there were “fine people” walking with Nazis. I never said there were fine people anywhere. So again, I will ask you to point out these “fine people.” This will be your second attempt…

      • I don’t have a side, either, and neither was I the one who said there were “fine people” anywhere. That makes no difference. I do think there are misguided people on both sides of any issue who are fundamentally good people (“fine people”). I wonder if you are willing to concede any good at all to anybody who is proTrump? I have serious doubts that you would concede that.

        I support Trump, who was trying to calm things down. Had he said both sides were violent criminals – a reasonable assumption from the way they went at each other – the Left and the MSM will attack him. They hate him for no particular reason, just that he has a different opinion than they. This is my problem with people on the Left: They are absolutely intolerant even though they claim to be tolerant.

      • Can I concede that there are good people who like Trump? No need to concede anything, I haven’t stated to the contrary. People vote for different reasons. Most people who voted for Trump I’m sure are good people. Some, of course, are rapists (kidding). There are obviously those, though, who voted for the racism aspect.

      • But you see, the racists are on the side of Hillary. They know their policies keep blacks down but they continue with them, double down on them, cry havoc when anyone points this out. The racists aren’t just weirdos like KKK but the principals themselves, the ones making policy.

      • Hillary is irrelevant. Clearly Trump has a large white supremacist following.

      • I looked at your posts and saw this. After reading dozens of your posts, I see that you are fixated on race.

        You asked me to provide evidence that the left wants to destroy the Constitution. I did. Now you provide evidence about the size of his “large white supremacist” following. So, just how large is it?

        Along with that, provide evidence that Trump accepts that following.

        Many of Obama’s followers were left wing radicals and extremists of many ideologies. Show me where he disavowed them.

      • Where did you provide such evidence? Don’t see it here…

      • After reading dozens of your responses to me, it is clear that I have a troll who’s got a thing for me. Should I get a restraining order?

      • Why would a supporter of Antifa get a restraint order? People like you just send out the mob and attack people you don’t like.

      • By your silence on the matter, you have given your consent.

        Denounce Antifa and its violence.

      • For all of your racist and bigoted insults, you are also ignorant. You attempts to deny that Hitler was not a racist and even hated socialism can only be made by an ignorant bigoted, racist socialist.

        You wrote:

        “Lol let me help you out there history student. Hitler hated socialism and communism and worked to destroy these ideologies. Socialism is based upon class, where Nazism is based upon race. “It would be wrong to see Nazism as a form of, or an outgrowth of socialism” (Richard Evans). Hitler hated these ideologies and did his best to eradicate them. Hitler even used the fear of socialism as a way of scaring middle class Germans into supporting him. So ya, do your homework next time before you start spouting off about things you obviously have no idea about. That way you will look like less of an idiot when someone calls you out.”

        Quotes by Hitler:

        “I only acknowledge one nobility—that of labour.”

        “It is already war history how the German Armies defeated the legions of capitalism and plutocracy. After forty-five days this campaign in the West was equally and emphatically terminated.”

        “In socialism of the future…what counts is the whole, the community of the Volk. The individual and his life play only a subsidiary role. He can be sacrificed—he is prepared to sacrifice himself should the whole demand it.”

        “It is not Germany that will turn Bolshevist but Bolshevism that will become a sort of National Socialism. Besides, there is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it…. I have always made allowance for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once. The petit bourgeois Social-Democrat and the trade union boss will never make a National Socialist, but the Communist always will.”

        “The party is all-embracing. It rules our lives in all their breadth and depth… There will be no license, no free space, in which the individual belongs to himself. This is Socialism… Let them then own land or factories as much as they please. The decisive factor is that the State, through the party, is supreme over them, regardless whether they are owners or workers.”

        “But first, there will have to be national socialism. Otherwise the people and their governments are not ready for the socialism of nations. It is not possible to be liberal to one’s own country and demand socialism among nations.”

        “After all, that’s exactly why we call ourselves National Socialists! We want to start by implementing socialism in our nation among our Volk! It is not until the individual nations are socialist that they can address themselves to international socialism.”

        “To put it quite clearly: we have an economic programme. Point No. 13 in that programme demands the nationalisation of all public companies, in other words socialisation, or what is known here as socialism. … the basic principle of my Party’s economic programme should be made perfectly clear and that is the principle of authority… the good of the community takes priority over that of the individual. But the State should retain control; every owner should feel himself to be an agent of the State; it is his duty not to misuse his possessions to the detriment of the State or the interests of his fellow countrymen. That is the overriding point. The Third Reich will always retain the right to control property owners. If you say that the bourgeoisie is tearing its hair over the question of private property, that does not affect me in the least. Does the bourgeoisie expect some consideration from me?… Today’s bourgeoisie is rotten to the core; it has no ideals any more; all it wants to do is earn money and so it does me what damage it can.”

        Hitler was a socialist. He said it himself. The Nazi Party is an offshoot of the Fascist ideas of Mussolini. Mussolini was once the head of the Socialist Party of Italy. He then was booted out for his nationalist support of Italy in WWI. He then became a syndicalist, which is an anarchist form of socialism. I also noticed the you wrote admiring words about Noam Chomsky, an admitted suyndicalist.

      • Oh, you. Now I remember. Wow I must have stuck a nerve to have you bring up such an old argument that you lost. Bugging you that much that you still can’t let it go huh? I’ve heard yoga can be relaxing, give that a try

      • I noticed that you did not counter ANY argument that I brought up. None. Instead you weakly tried to flank me.

        Why? First, you are a miserable socialist liar. Your goal is not to rid the world of racism. Your goal is to destroy America by attacking it whenever and whoever you can.

        You are a bully and bullies like you fold when their true motives are revealed.

        You hate capitalism. You hate Western Civilization. If I got anything wrong so far, correct me. Tell me you love capitalism and you love the civilization that founded the country you live in and will never leave.

        It is ironic and hypocritical about socialist bullies and liars like you. You hate America, but yiu look around you and you see that you would never live anywhere else.

        Tens of millions of people leave their miserable home countries to come to America, including my immigrant wife. But there is no country in the entire world that YOU woukd move to, because dispirited your unhappiness with America, you won’t leave it.

        But you attack American because you blame it for your miserable failed life as a lowly social worker. It is YOU who has failed yourself. It is not America that failed you.

      • It was cute at first, debating a mental defective, but it got old when I kept winning and you turned into an obsessed stalker. Go bother someone else

      • You aren’t winning anything. You can’t even cheat and beat yourself at cards.

        Do you not notice that I have reduced you to pathetic one sentence responses?

        To get paragraph out of you would take all day. Try by thinking of a main idea, such as “I am not a racist bigot”. Then add in several supporting sentences with logic and factual support.

        Tomorrow, after you have completed the first paragraph, try “Hitler was not a socialist”.

        I predict failure. You have no analytical ability. Everything that you write is false and bigoted.

      • Wow, janitors have a lot of time on their hands. Nice talking to ya

      • Obama disavowed Rev. Wright.

        Trump accepts white power/nationalist/supremacist groups because every time he is given the chance to disown them, he obfuscates. A grade schooler could figure out what side he’s on.

        Do I need to provide you with all the interviews where I have witnessed his obfuscation? Just search on “Trump White Supremacist” Many listed there.

      • I see. If they follow him, it’s his fault. That guy who shot up Scalise and the other Pubs – Hodgkinson – he followed Hillary so it’s her fault he shot those guys.

      • it’s 2017. Stop blaming something or someone in the past for Drumpf’s problems….. problems which are mostly of his own making.

      • It’s 2017. Stop the Lefty lies about Trump and tell the truth about Obama lies … lies which are entirely of his own making.

      • I confess, it’s Trump’s fault he beat the living shiite out of Hillary and her drones in 2016, which is why in 2017 they just can’t get over it.

      • Like Hillary’s mentor Robert Byrd. And Bill’s mentor Wm Fulbright.

      • Are you really that obtuse? You didn’t notice the people in the back with little kids who just happened to be there when the stuff started? Do you not think some people showed up just out of curiosity? or wanting to protest the pulling down of the statues without nastiness? Do you really think no other people were there than KKK, Antifa, white nats and BLM? You are one dense puppy.

      • There’s a word for people who choose to associate with Nazi’s. It’s called Nazi’s. Now please, respond with another childish insult…

      • There’s a word for people who call others Nazis for no other reason than to score points. It’s small-n nazi. You are a nazi. Now please, go play in the traffic.

      • Yes, we are. But not before you showed that you Lefties can dish it out but can’t take it. You called me a Nazi and I called you a nazi. When I struck back in kind, you dashed. Typical.

      • Calling out someone who points out racism as a racist isn’t a logical argument. It’s just sad. It’s 4th grade. The reason we are done with this conversation is because you can’t hold your own and I’m tired or arguing with a child. Good luck to you sir, and I hope you are able to get that diploma. Tech school is a great option for a lot of people. Look into it, the world needs mechanics.

      • I have a professional life, loser. Go on back to your basement.

      • They should not have been attacked with a vehicle, but those people WERE NOT “innocent”. They had NO permit to hold a counterprotest AND they WERE throwing rocks, using clubs, threatening violence against the side that DID have a legal permit to hold a demostration. The Leftists were the ones who started it. The violence followed and spun out of control and anyone could have been killed by a hot head on the other side; this time it happened to be a Leftist protester who got killed. It could just as easily been a pro-statue protester.

      • A permit does not validate an escalation in violence. The absence of a permit only means that they didn’t seek city permission first. They could easily challenge that issue on a first amendment basis if cited for the offense. Pointing out that they didn’t have a permit to be there is a very weak argument. I am not stating that there was not violence on both sides. There was, however, only hatred and racism on one side. That was the side that committed a murder. Stop making excuses for the racists, it doesn’t hold water.

      • Horse. Crap. The left HATES white males. They are every bit as hateful and racist as Nazi’s. Probably because they’re all socialists.

      • You got a lot of hatred and misinformation in you. Seek help.

      • It is not misinformation to point out that BLM has yelled homicidal chants against the cops.

      • Sure it is. I assume you are referring to the same YouTube video that people like you are always referring to, right? The one with maybe two dozen people chanting hateful stuff about “pigs in a blanket?” That video was shot several hours after the Millions March and some distance away. You can hardly blame BLM for that.

      • Except for it is to BLM chanting those and things like that one woman yelling kill all the white babies

      • If I don’t see a link, I’m going to have to assume that you just had a bad dream.

      • Lmao lying
        IMBECILE only two million hits on Google..

        ST. PAUL, Minn. – Protesters in a Black Lives Matter march held outside the Minnesota State Fair over the weekend were captured on video yelling “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,”



        I especially love the ” kill the white babies” BLM rant.

      • The Post article is an editorial with not information in it. The woman in the video is clearly disturbed, but she is one woman. Your other link is troubling, though. The fact that an organizer defended the chant is inexcusable, and his explanation is ridiculous.

      • There are hundreds of just such examples.
        And ten murdered cops at BLM’s behest.
        How about BLM supporting State Rep in MO advocating assination ?
        It is clearly a terrorist organization and demonstrably violent, more violent than the alt right

      • “At BLM’s behest” is absurd. The ADL has cataloged 150 right-ring terrorist attacks in the US in the last 25 years. That’s something like three times the rate of the Islamists.

        ETA: That State Senator should resign, as virtually every Missouri Democrat has already said.

      • “what do we want?”
        Orders followed now 12 Dead Cops defend that

      • You didn’t give a link for any of your posts…
        Guess we should assume they were all the result of your bad dreams?

      • “What do we want?
        Dead cops.
        When do we want it?
        Along with the actions of cold blooded murder of police.

        Then, a friendly trip to the WH.

      • They have a lot of blood on her hands as does the Soros brown shirt thugs

      • Actually he’s spot-on you are either ignorant or a big fan of left-wing fascism which is it?

      • Are you capable of having an adult conversation without resorting to name calling?

      • Wanna give it another try then? Also, very adult of you to resort to childish slights

      • Well I will change my town when not addressing a naive waif.
        One that is willfully ignorant doggedly so.
        I have seen real oppression and real racism, not just a bunch of clowns in robes chanting offensive things. I got to kill a few of them as a matter of fact. I will tell you they much more resembled the antifa thugs than the Nazi idiots marching around in Charlottesville.
        They were not fighting fascism or Nazis or klansman they fighting the First Amendment
        They are as vile as certain Muslims dragging off Christians to be burnt in cages to suppress free speech.

      • Wow what a disconnected rant. You sound like Trump in his disjointed WSJ interview. Might need a similar level of help. You have family nearby? Do you smell toast?

      • Saying that there was only hatred and racism on one side is probably an ignorant comment given the events that occurred. Those “anti-protestors” weren’t exactly shaking hands and showing love. They were there to perpetrate violence (at least a good number of them were).

      • Violence on both sides for sure. Hatred on one side for sure. Nazis and white supremacists feed off of hatred, it their basis. I wouldn’t be so quick to state that the other side was there because of hatred or that it is their basis. They were there to protest the Nazis.

      • I do tend to agree. I don’t think Nazis or white supremacists (or any racist groups) should be tolerated. I just don’t think all of those other protestors were there showing love. There was a lot of violence from what I saw (and there have been a lot of violent protests in other cities recently).

        i certainly blame the Nazi side. But I wouldn’t give the other groups a pass.

        My personal feeling is that these racist groups should be ignored. We shouldn’t give them media air time, we shouldn’t give them a platform, and we should condemn not only their actions, but also their ideology. I think the anti-protestors actually sort of give a voice to racists. So I think their actions are counterproductive.

      • They were there to foment violence just as they have around the country to silence all opposition to their left wing extremism.
        They are no more antifa than Mussolini or Hitler.
        Aided by the Press to further their agenda.

      • They got what they wanted that poor woman was sacrificed to further their anti-American agenda

      • Stop making excuses for the antifake pro FASCIST and BLM racist / Terror cell

      • Show me where I’ve made an excuse for a Nazi or Clan member? They are idiots but they are idiots with First Amendment rights, rights my family have protected since this country was founded in 1776.
        We see plenty of your standing up for the anti-American left wing Brown shirt,thugs though

      • My grandfather fought in WWII against Nazis. You seem hell bent on blaming the side that were protesting against them. What a legacy your family must have.

      • My Father fought the japs, my uncle the Germans, Bronze star fought them.
        My family has been defending this country since 1757, and Scotland before that with Prince Charlie.
        Dad is still with us, he’d shoot the first leftwing facist that tried denying anyone’s first amendment rights.
        My uncle would feel the same imbecile. That goes either way antifa fascist or nazi.
        I killed people to protect imbeciles like you so you have free speech here you drooling simpleton.
        Not one of us will tolerate anyone trampling the free speech of othrrs.
        So sit down shut the f up, educate yourself stop spouting the anti amercan, anti constitutionalist left wing bullshite child.
        You may not like what they say, I dont, but they have because of the sacrifice of Veterans the right to say it.
        Grow some sense of what Liberty is, not all of it is good. But it is worth defending.

      • I don’t feel the need to run down the list of my family achievements, probably because I’m secure with them. Funny how you claim to have defended my rights and then tell me to “sit down and shut the f up.” You forgot to point out that while we both enjoy the same freedom of speech, which prevents the government from infringing upon it, not from you preventing me from speaking, I am able to civilly conduct this conversation while you continue to insult and degrade. Very patriotic.

      • I’m sure it wouldn’t take long…
        Actually given free speech IS a Constitutionally Guaranteed right, a person violating that right IS guilty of a civil rights violation.
        But OK.

      • For someone who claims to be such a patriot who fought for my rights, you sure are quick to tell me to “sit down and shut the f up.” Quite the patriot you turned out to be.

      • I have little tolerance for Anti American left-wingers
        Who would encourage thugs to beat people who use their first amendment rights.
        If you oppose First Amendment rights for others I opposed it for you

      • You have little education actually little man. Have a good weekend

      • Actually I’ve gotten a pretty good education over the years and can see the facts clearly.
        Where are you and had actually paid for some education I would demand a refund

      • That last sentence clearly indicates you had a great education. Well spent

      • I hate auto correct, iI fixed t so the slow kid can figure it out now… maybe

      • Good idea. Please let us know if the slow kid was able to figure out how to use auto correct.

      • It just doesn’t get any better when the idiot who can’t read or spell attempts to insult you. I see why you are a Trump supporter now. Like the alt-president you are unable to accept responsibility for anything. I’m done with you. Go live your sad, uneducated life. Good luck to you sir, you need it.

      • I see the Auntie American terrorist organization BLM kill two more cops last night.. you’re proud of them

      • You just upvoted a comment that referred to a black man as a stupid n-word.

      • Ok, so you are comfortable using the n-word to describe black people. And you are calling other people ignorant?

      • actually I did not use the n-word. I merely up voted someone’s else is Free Speech
        And I heard that word 15 times on the way home from work on the radio.
        And yes I still call some people live in it and I would now include you among the idiots.
        The left uses a lot of names that are just as vile

      • There was only one group of domestic terrorists in Charlottesville and it was the cowardly and unAmerican confederate rebels/neo-nazis. Americans defeated the the rebels in the Civil War to end slavery and Americans fought in WWII to defeat nazi fascism. Stop with the false equivalencies–it just makes you sound stupid.

      • Actually you’re lying, there were several

        Do you support anti-American fa terrorist VERMIN?

      • Typical false equivalency. BLM rose to protest the disproportionate murdering of black people by racist cops. Much like anti-fascists (or antifa as you like to refer to them) protested the anti-American white supremacist vermin in Charlottesville.

      • That is just a out light bulshit lie of the 10th degree. More white people die from Cops than black people the fact that black people commit 60% of the crime in this country while comprising 12% of the population puts them in contact with cops more often percentage-wise
        But beyond all of that the anti-American antifa was there to suppress people’s right to free speech no matter how odious it is.
        They are very much the moral equivalent of Nazi Brown Shirts thugs the KKK and any other low some hate group.
        The history of the BLM murdering cops is in the news every day. I guess if you were to keep ghoulish score the Nazis won BLM 10 killings
        The Nazi clown showed remarkable restraint in not killing more of the brown shirt thugs who were peacefully if hatefully protesting a b******* decision to remove a monument to further racial divide

      • More revisionist baloney. White supremacists have been denying people of color genuine equality since the founding and bear much responsibility for black crime. You’re in a sad state of denial. Welcome to the browning of America.

      • “Most of the debate about Confederate monuments after Charlottesville has been a distraction. The rally organizers came prepared for violence, and they wanted it. They wanted footage of themselves getting punched and maced so that they could use conservative antipathy to Antifa to erode conservative antipathy to ActualFascists. Don’t fall for it.” — Michael Brendan Dougherty is a senior writer at National Review.

        Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450585/antifa-fascist-strategy-against-conservatives

      • Given the paid jackbooted thugs were likely to show up they should go armed to defend the right of free speech to shame they didn’t use their second amendment option more actually

      • Actually the ones that acted on their hatred and bigotry was the antiamericafa brownshirts who
        Instigated the violence.
        No one is making excuses for racist you moron but that does not allow for the suppression of their first amendment rights by violent means

      • All accounts I have heard is that the Nazis instigated the violence. Regardless, the argument that the Nazis had a right to escalate the violence because their rights were being violated or that they had a permit is an empty and ridiculous argument. And well done on the name calling, welcome to an adult conversation.

      • The fact is they had the right to defend themselves from brownshirt antifa thugs .
        Who fomented the violence as clearly shown on a hundred videos.
        They were bused, ONCE AGAIN to silence people.
        It’s as clear as a bell , just look at their violent history. Only an IMBECILE could over look that fact.
        No antiamerica_fa, no violence, no dead girl.
        Just people marching around exercising their their first amendment rights.
        There is no arguing different with any intellectual honesty.
        The antiamericafa is just as Loathsome, just as vile, and just as guilty

      • Ya, ok. This is going nowhere. You believe what you want sir. Good luck to you.

      • Lmao, they don’t? Well remember that when someone is pounding you for expressing your beliefs

      • I express my beliefs regardless of the uneducated child-like adults who believe anything they hear, present company included.

      • Uneducated? Childlike?
        You are clueless absolutely f****** clueless child at the price that’s been paid so that you may express your incredibly ignorant opinion. And those vile nasty Clansman and Nazis have every bit the right two use their first amendment rights as you do child every bit no matter how much we don’t like it without someone attacking them with pipes and boards and sneaking up behind them with bicycle chains like that leftist California professor.
        The violation of a person’s First Amendment right is much much much more terrible than anything they may say. And you encourage thugs to shut people up.
        That is very un American

      • You just advocated the same thing genius. Projecting a little I see, “child”.

      • The alt-right neo-Nazi people had a legal permit. The Antifa leftists did not. If the Antifa leftists had not gone, there would have been no violence.

        Before you attack me for being racist, remember that free speech and the right to assembly is guaranteed by the Constitution. Vigilante justice is not guaranteed and is in fact a criminal offense.

        Let me remind you what Martin Niemoller famous wrote:

        When the Nazis came for the communists,
        I remained silent;
        I was not a communist.

        When they locked up the social democrats,
        I remained silent;
        I was not a social democrat.

        When they came for the trade unionists,
        I did not speak out;
        I was not a trade unionist.

        When they came for the Jews,
        I remained silent;
        I wasn’t a Jew.

        When they came for me,
        there was no one left to speak out.

        If you leftists had ignored the neo-Nazis no one would have known they were there.

      • So your argument is it’s ok to be racist because of the first amendment? Do you realize what the first amendment protects you from?

      • You are incapable of honest discussion. That’s not what I wrote and it is not what any person thinks. You already answered, correctly, that the Amendments are written to protect a citizen from govt.

        You ask a lot of questions. Do you ever answer any?

        Here’s one: Do you approve of what Antifa and what it does?

      • Right, and the terrorists on 9/11 had plane tickets, did that make it ok?

      • You are a bigot. You fight the definition exactly. You don’t discuss or argue intellectually. You aren’t interested in understanding anything. You dismiss and demean. You see nothing but your own bigoted ideas.

      • You don’t, obviously, because you are one, azzhole. Look it up.

      • Then the issuer of the permit should be sued for wrongful death buy that little girls lawyers. It was negligent to issue permits on the same day to that group knowing they had already issued a permit to the c Nazi clowns

      • The Soros brown shirts showed up and that’s when the protests turned violent . Before that they were marching around and chanting peacefully.

      • Well we know white lives don’t matter after all unless they can be used by the Auntie American cause

      • You go too far in calling them “innocent”. The truck driver is a murderer, terrorist, etc. But people throwing rocks are not “innocent”.

      • Did you really just say someone throwing a deadly object (a rock) is innocent???

      • No, I said they shouldn’t expect to be run over by a car in retaliation. Try working on your reading comprehension, it would cut down on your ridiculous responses

      • You did not say this? “regardless of if they were throwing rocks or screaming at you, that
        does not take away the innocence of those people. They were still
        innocent and under no circumstances should have been subject to
        vehicular assault and attempted murder.” How did you not just they are innocent even though they threw rocks? By the way throwing a rock is an attack with a deadly weapon.

      • Not innocent of all crimes, innocent in the sense they should not be subject to being run over. Innocent meaning that they’re actions didn’t justify an escalation to deadly force. Are you a student of law regarding self defense? If not, don’t pretend to know the law

      • Throwing a deadly object is assault and you are subject to retaliation. Play stupid games Win stupid prizes

      • Throwing a deadly object is actually battery. Thanks for playing this stupid game.

      • Throw a rock you become a Target and justifiably so period to a bottle of piss you should be shot between the eyes

      • This morning a woman was using the cross walk in front of me and my first thought was to run her over, but then she showed me she had a permit so I backed off. Close one though.

      • Trump has not, nor has any conservative attempted to justify the driving of the car into the crowd. What we are pointing out is that the leftist radicals were engaged in violence as well. They struck people with blunt objects. In 2016, they attacked people who were going to Trump rallies. The leftist radicals are not innocent.

      • They threw acid in one man’s face, and he was in the hospital, and it was not determined whether he was going to go blind, yet.

      • You’re talking about Baked Potato or whatever his name is, aren’t you? That was Mace, not acid.

      • They are not innocent of the violence they engaged in. They were innocent in the sense that they should not have been subjected to being hit by a car because of their violence. The man in the car was not acting in self defense. And even if he claims he was, self defense fails when you escalate the situation with the use of deadly force.

      • No self defense is a valid defense even if you use deadly force. Which should have been used on more of the brown shirt fascist thugs beating people down. Not the poor dupe young lady

      • Please, legal scholar, delve into the definitions and justifications of self defense. I only know it well enough to sit for the bar.

      • Innocent? They are the modern equivalent of Nazi Brown Shirts thugs trying to suppress any opposing voice

      • You know, it is entirely possible that the driver of that car panicked…….

      • Granted. But on the surface at least it appears to be an act of terrorism.

      • The minute you throw so much as a pebble you are a Target. And they weren’t just throwing pebbles.
        You play stupid games you win stupid prizes.
        This was intended to happen maybe not this particular woman’s death but George Soros paid thugs are gleeful for this incident to further their out anti-American agenda

      • Please provide proof of your conspiracy theories and paid goons.

      • Theonewhoknocks, I commend your effort to challenge the moral relativity of the people on this comment section but they are insulated against any and all positions that don’t fit their white supremacist view of America. When you do, they just call you a “smug” liberal–much like their failure to understand that my profile pic is meant to be satirical. I mean how do you debate someone that thinks that confederate rebels and neo-nazis are in any way American?

      • I’m sorry, but there is never any excuse for driving your truck into a crowd of civilians.

      • I never suggested otherwise. You’re certainly welcome to kick that strawman all you like though. Don’t know what’s difficult about acknowledging that all sides were violent and hateful as it’s objective truth.

      • people throwing rocks are no longer civilians, they are combatants.

      • If they are throwing things it is assault and retaliation can be expected.
        This poor unfortunate dupe of a woman was caught in a horrific Act that should have never happened and would not have happened had soros paid thugs not showed up.
        Had someone run over the asshat and aoife that was beating the guy with the Baton it would have been Justice.
        Instead this poor dupe of a woman died to further the left-wing fascists cause

      • Trump didn’t say white supremacists are “fine people.” You’re making that up.

        Trump thinks too fast for you to keep up, same as Camille Paglia. That’s on you, not them.

      • Exactly. They want to completely misquote the “fine people” comment. He did not use that in reference to the White Supremacists or Neo-Nazis. But the facts be damned. All you have to do is look at the transcript.

      • So you are able to point out the “fine people” mixed in with the Nazis shouting “Jews won’t replace us”? By all means, point out these supremely moral individuals who chose to walk along side racists but were only there for the punch and pie.

      • Maybe those were Democrats shouting ” Jews… whatever”

        Remember how Oblowhole treated Israel. He’s a Jew-hater.

      • Great. So feel free to 1) point them out, and 2) show proof that they are democrats

      • “pigs in a blanket fry em up like bacon!”
        “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!”

      • You’ve got some weird thoughts circling around in your head pal.

      • He said there were fine people on both sides. One side had Nazis, the other side had protesters to the Nazis. If you are referring to the “fine people” who were there but not actual Nazis, I would love for you to point out which individuals these actually were. Go ahead, I’m waiting.

      • Not all the protesters on one side were Nazis or KKK, just like not all protesters on the other side were thug Antifa supporters. That leaves some good people on both sides.

      • Please point out on the Nazi side which of them were the “fine people” that decided to march peacefully amongst Nazis shouting “Jews won’t replace us.” These sound like real moral and god fearing people. Ya know, the types that choose to associate with white supremacists

      • So you paint the thousand or so people with the wide brush of racism simply because you heard a few with KKK or Nazi regalia shout some racist things. As long as you admit that all the counter protesters were violent rock throwers, I can accept your prejudicial judgement, at least its consistent.

      • A few? If there were only “a few” it should be pretty easy for you to point out the fine people. Please, feel free, I’m still waiting

      • If I showed up to a protest, and there were people with Nazi flags, confederate flags, KKK signs, etc. I would leave (or ask the racists to leave). I think it is pretty stupid of Trump to say there were “fine people” there.

      • So only people who judge and act the same as you are “fine people”? How open minded of you.

      • One bunch had a few nouveau theatric Nazis. The next bunch had a lot of paid theatric Democrat socialists throwing poop and pee like the monkeys they are.

        The remainder are regular taxpayers and voters concerned about the Constitutional Republic we love circling the drain.

      • I don’t think anyone associating with the Nazis could be considered “fine people”.

      • I don’t think anyone associating with the Soros paid thugs acting like brown shirt Nazis would be considered fine people either

      • Both sides were fascist. One side had a permit to demonstrate the other bused in thugs.
        One side was peaceful until brown shirt thugs showed up.
        Those brown shirt Soros thugs were not fine people and they were not there with peaceful demonstration in mind they were there to foment violence and they are complicit in that woman’s death

      • However you need to justify the Nazis in your own mind buddy, more power to ya.

      • You are purposely misstating what the President said and I see through you: He did NOT call white supremacists “fine people”. He said instead that among the people protesting the removal of the statue were many fine people who were NOT Nazis or White supremacists. Those were fine people people were peacefully and lawfully protesting the removal of the statue because they wanted to preserve the history of this country and they felt respect and veneration for those who fought in the civil war, INCLUDING those who fought for the South. Please don’t post intellectually dishonest comments here again.

      • Please point out the “fine people” in the racist crowd who weren’t shouting racially charged statements. No one has been able to point out these peaceful protesters yet, but you seem to have been able to spot them. Please, indicate as such. I’m awaiting this bombshell evidence so please do not hesitate.

      • You are taking his statements out of context as progressives always do. He did not say there were fine people who are also white supremacists. He said there were fine people there to protest removing a statue and renaming a park. Their efforts to preserve the history of our country do not make them evil. Just non-Orwellian.

      • You can preserve the history of our country without putting traitors on a pedestal. History is easily preserved in a museum or in books. When you place someone’s likeness in a statute it represents more of a tribute than history. There aren’t statues of Hitler in Germany but there is a holocaust museum.

      • Tearing down statues is a slippery slope. I think we become like ISIS (tearing down all of the ancient statues in Iraq) if we tear down things we don’t agree with.

        If you follow your logic, we should tear down all of the Planned Parenthood buildings since they were founded by an avowed racist / eugenist (Margret Sanger) who founded it in order to wipe out blacks and other races that she considered inferior.

      • Well, planned parenthood isn’t a statue, nor is it put on a pedestal for prior acts. I see your point though. I have no defense for planned parenthood nor do I support them.

      • I’m just pointing out that those are buildings or other structures. I just think we should be careful if we start tearing things down (especially historical things). I don’t think those statues should have been put up in the first place, but I don’t know the history behind them (I do recognize that Robert E Lee was a brilliant General and a hero of the Mexican American war, so I have no problem with a statue of him). It seems some people want to continue to fight the civil war, and we should just remember that they were on the wrong and losing side (that’s the part of history that we should always remember). Slavery has been abolished for good reason. And we need to remember that we are all brothers and sisters of the human race. All of the division and hate (on both sides) is not good.

      • What makes you believe they were on the wrong side any more than George Washington and Thomas Jefferson excetera and 1776? They were fighting for very much the same causes

      • There is a substantial difference between banning something and simply not displaying it in our public spaces. Anyone is free to own a Nazi flag if they choose, but it would be a travesty to display it on a courthouse or in a public park.
        BTW, you are completely wrong about Sanger. Yes, she was a eugenicist. No, she did not want to “wipe out blacks.” That is a total fabrication. She wanted to empower them.

      • That is a very interesting if completely backwards reading of History you do understand she was a big fan of Adolf Hitler right?

      • So we need to pull down the three statues of Stalin this country..
        But since the Confederacy was a separate country and the Confederates were no longer US citizens they were not traitors any more than George Washington Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin or any of the founding fathers in 1776.
        They were exercising what they felt was a legal right to secede from the Union
        Given your way of thanking all those talking secession in California should be arrested for sedition right?

      • The south were absolutely traitors and historians take the same viewpoint. They fought against our country. The founding fathers did not fight against our country, they fought to establish our country. This shouldn’t be a hard concept to grasp.

      • But I have to say that they are pretty stupid to associate with all of the racists.

      • Yet Obama never condemned Black Lives Matter, a group that chants about killing cops, and some of their members have attacked cops. BLM has done more violence than any white nationalists in recent years.

      • White supremacists have engaged in 2x as many terrorist acts in our country than Muslims since 2008. I have yet to hear of any BLM terrorist attacks. Protesting doesn’t count.

      • What would you call the BLM assassination in Dallas? The one where Preezy StompyFoot McButtPirate Obama postured, without directly condemning the assassination?

      • Who was assassinated? And if you want to come across as intelligent you might want to cut back the childish name calling of our prior president, regardless of whether or not you agreed with him. You come off sounding pretty racist

      • About what exactly? Sources rather than vague allegations please

      • Condemn them? He invited them to the White House to celebrate the murder of cops

      • There was an article today about how Leftist snowflakes are going to their psychiatrists because they are so upset about president Trump……maybe a good idea for you?

      • Here is a better idea: respond to my post with a civil and intelligent response rather than a pathetic attempt at an insult. Move the conversation along and keep your childish insults to yourself.

      • Trump was not calling the despicable white supremacists “fine people”. I listened to his comments … he made a clear distinction between the violent perpetrators on both sides and the peaceful demonstrators who were simply there to protest the erasure of a symbol of a tragic history and their counterparts who disagreed with them. Those were the “fine people” he was referring to. Trump’s point was larger than your small mind can grasp … in a civilized society opposing sides should be able to peacefully disagree without violent thugs perpetrating murder and mayhem to shut them down.

      • And in a civilized society one would think strangers could have an adult conversation without one of them stating that the other has a “closed mind.”

      • And in a civilized society strangers could have a civil conversation without one of them stating that the other one has a “closed mind”, yet here we are. Way to prove a point

      • Why do you find you need to lie to make your point? It wasn’t a single muslim man doing something bad, it was and is an endless line of muslim jihadists who seek death to the West. And Trump never called white supremacists ‘fine people’. Lie all you want but all you will convince people of is that you are a liar.

      • I didn’t lie about a thing. However, you might want to fact check your own statements there bud. Trump called white supremacists good people. Verifiable fact.

      • About as verifiable as the existence of Santa Claus. You lied. You got caught out. Accept it and move on.

      • Please prove that I lied then. And I don’t think I ever “got caught out”, whatever that means. Accept it and move on.

      • Actually Trump is politically ignorant. He says stupid things like “there were good people there with the Neo-Nazis”. Good people do not support racist causes.

        i approve of most of Trump’s agenda, but he needs to learn diplomacy. He offends people almost every time he tweets or talks.

        Trump is correct to call out all of the perpetrators of violence, but he is stupid to throw his support behind anyone involved in that rally.

      • Do good people hang out with the extremely fascist left-wing Antifa thugs or the BLM cop murders?
        If not that poor woman that got killed was not good

    • Yes. The Left never expected to face consequences for its gratuitous violence. The party is over.

    • Well said. Antifa is a hate group. It is not better or less blameworthy than the neonazis.

    • Lies, damn lies, and statistics. Quoting WAPO from 2016, with some all-caps from me: The “war on police” narrative is further complicated by the fact that line-of-duty deaths among police officers remain LOWER under President Obama than they have been for DECADES. Much of the year-over-year increase in fatal shootings of police officers in 2016 is attributable to the incidents in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Setting aside those events, the percentage change since last year would be roughly halved, from a 52 percent increase to a 27 percent increase.

      That two incidents can significantly affect the percentages underscores how RARE fatal police shootings are overall, both in raw numerical and historic terms. Official figures from the FBI show that line-of-duty deaths among police officers were near RECORD LOWS in 2015.”

      But complaints about cop killings were turned way up.

      • Tommyboy was not citing overall line of duty deaths he was specifically talking about “assassination style killings of police”. You chose to ignore that and deflect to some national statistic which, whether true or false, is not relevant to TB’s comment. I do not remember in my lifetime the cold-blooded assassination of police that has occurred FAR more than twice (as you claim) in the past several years. You can’t simply call something a lie and ignore the actual facts.

      • Probably because you have activist groups that chant slogans about killing police at their rallies.

    • The BLM terrorist organization was invited to the White House to celebrate their success at getting cops killed

  • Protestors committed an illegal crime. Destroying property, beating up fellow Americans. Find them, arrest them! BTW. .03% of the population are the trouble makers and they are making 100% news! Pathetic!

  • I have a question: Why 2, 4 ,10, 20, 50 years ago no one paid any attention to civil war statues and monuments, no one knocked down statues of any kind.? civil war monuments have been anywhere for long, long, long time.

    • “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell

      Newspeak is the language of Oceania, George Orwell’s “1984”.

      Newspeak is part of the infrastructure of Identity Politics.

      Monuments from both sides of America’s Civil War enabled both sides to heal, to re-unite the Union, in a UNITED States of America.

      The campaign to dismantle monuments to Robert E. Lee is to make him an Unperson.

      “An unperson is someone who has been “vaporized”—not only killed by the state,
      but erased from existence.
      Such a person would be written out of existing books, photographs and articles
      so that no trace of their existence could be found in the historical record.
      The idea is that such a person would, according to the principles of
      doublethink, be forgotten completely (for it would be impossible to provide
      evidence of their existence), even by close friends and family.

      Mentioning an unperson’s name, or even speaking of their
      past existence, is itself thoughtcrime; the concept that the person may have
      existed at one time and has disappeared cannot be expressed in Newspeak.”


    • “There is one man who will fight against putting Lee’s statue in the hall,” Kansas Representative Charles Curtis said in 1903, referring to himself. “I think it will be a disgrace. He was a traitor to his country, and I will not sanction an official honor for a traitor.”
      People have been protesting statues to the “heroes” of the Confederacy for as long as they have been putting them up, just not successfully.

  • The left and MSM seem to be quite content to force America into a civil war if it gets rid of this administration.

  • It is entirely reasonable, and even morally responsible, to recognize that the brutal slaughter of six police officers in Dallas by reps of Black Lives Matter is no less outrageous or morally indefensible than the brutal slaughter of the protester in Charlottesville. Yes, in fact, Mr. Trump is correct that there are “many sides” culpable in the larger picture of what is going on that led up to Charlottesville. For folks on the left using Cville as leverage for mounting the high horse of moral outrage to ignore or deny this is exactly the reason Trump has the continuing support of most ordinary Americans who see right through such leftist BS.

  • Monuments from both sides of America’s Civil War enabled both sides to heal, to re-unite the Union, in a UNITED States of America.

    President William McKinley sought national healing, a gesture of reconciliation, and a symbol of national unification with his speech at the Atlanta Peace Jubilee on December 14, 1898, to remind us that a UNITED
    States of America “will never lack defenders”, that our “differences were long ago settled”.

    Full text:

    “Sectional feeling no longer holds back the love we bear each other.

    The Union is once more the common atlas of our • love, our devotion and sacrifice.

    The old flag again waves over us in peace, I with new glories, which your sons and ours this year have added to its folds.

    What cause we have for rejoicing, saddened only by the fact
    that so many of our brave men fell on the field or sickened and died from the
    hardship and exposure, and others, returning, bring wounds and disease.

    The memory of the dead will be a precious legacy, and the disabled the nation’s care,

    A nation which cares for its disabled soldiers as we have always done will in never lack defenders.

    The national cemeteries for those who fell in battle are proof that the dead as well as the living have our love.

    What an army of silent sentinels, and with what loving care
    their graves are kept. Every soldier’s grave made during our unfortunate civil
    war is a tribute to American valor, and while, when these graves were made, we
    differed widely about the future of this Government, these differences were
    long ago settled by the arbitrament of- arms, and the time has now come in the
    evolution of sentiment and feeling under the providence of God when, in the
    spirit of fraternity, we should share with you in the care of the graves of the
    Confederate soldiers.

    • The cordial feeling now happily existing between the North
    and South prompts this gracious act, and if it needed further justification it
    is found in the gallantry to the Union and the flag so conspicuously shown in
    the year just passed by the sons and grandsons of these heroic dead.

    What a glorious future awaits us if, unitedly, wisely and bravely, we face these new problems facing us.”

    [Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 96, Number 116, 15 December 1898 — Page 1 VOLTTME 96.—N0. 116.]

    “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell

  • The Left has managed to turn the violence into a referendum on neo-nazism when in truth the Left instigated the attacks and, as the President said,are just as responsible as the extreme Rightists who were there (not to mention the police, who did nothing to maintain public order).

    The point is that , as Voltaire said, you can disagree with someone’s opinion while recognizing their freedom to express it.

    All those who conflate defending the First Amendment with supporting fascist views are either stupid or disingenuous.

    I hate any form of fascism, but people cannot be attacked for believing it.

    And both sides contributed to the violence so both sides should be condemned- as the President said.

  • BRAVO!

    Never forget, the situation was created by the vandals who would, ISIS style, destroy history. And there would have been no violence without antifa.

  • If you don’t think this is an all out verbal war by the establishment against the people using the extreme elements of intolerance as a stepping stone for nefarious political ends you’re delusional. You don’t have to be a genius to see counter protests and the who vile violence of which the left so often instigates emanating from them, not only put the lives of those we entrust to keep the peace in danger but is deserving of being called out and not hidden. Trumps a hero for speaking about it and so is anyone who raises their voice against this poison.

  • Trump could have addressed the issue in a manner which would have addressed his critics, instead he doubled down by making ignorant statements such as that there were “fine people” among the white supremacists, and that many people were there just to defend their history. Both statements are false. All Trump had to do was say this:
    1. This Administration detests racism in all its forms, and we unequivocally rebuke the white supremacists and Nazis and their actions in Charlottesville.
    2. The car attack on counter-protesters was vile, and justice needs to be administered swiftly. My Administration is already investigating if civil rights were violated as part of this incident.
    3. Prior to the cancelling of the rally, groups from both sides showed up with weapons and armor, and were clearly looking for a fight. This Administration condemns all acts of violence that occurred in Charlottesville, whether they were used to express a point of view, or used as an attempt to suppress a point of view.
    4. Violence is not the answer to our problems. We understand that racist organizations are planning additional protests across the country, and under our Constitution, they have a right to express their views no matter how vile or evil those views may be. I encourage all Americans to join me in expressing their opposition to those views forcefully, but peacefully in accordance with the laws of this nation and with respect to the Constitution.

    That statement could not have been attacked by the left, and this issue would be over. Instead, Trump, through his ignorance and inability to articulate fanned the flames. As a result, no one is focused on his agenda, and he’s accomplishing nothing. He has no one to blame but himself.

    • You may as well change your handle to NeverTrump conservative. For the likes of you, nothing he can say or do will ever be enough to escape your withering criticism. And to say this: “That statement could not have been attacked by the left, and this issue would be over,” reflects either stupidity or ignorance, not for me to say which. EVERYTHING Trump says or does will be criticized by the left, with their faithful lackeys, the NeverTrumpers not far behind.

      • I’ve tried to give Trump a chance, numerous times. I held out hope after he was elected that he would stop acting like a five-year old, that he would not bask in his own ignorance of the issues, that he would actually demonstrate concern for anyone other than himself… but he has failed miserably. Real leaders, like Reagan, find a way to get their opponents on their side. Trump has proven, in a very brief amount of time, that he is not only incapable of that, he’s not even capable of keeping his own side on his side. Yes, the left has been over the top in the criticism, ridiculously so. But Trump gives them more ammunition every time he Tweets or opens his mouth. He could have rallied people around his agenda by reaching out moderates and finding ways coalesce conservatives, but his own narcissism and thin-skin won’t allow him to do so. Real leaders don’t demand blind allegiance, but that’s all he has left, people who are willfully blind to the fact he’s simply not competent or fit for office.

      • Well, I appreciate your non-histrionic words, but disagree with pretty much everything you say here. Is Trump perfect? Ha! But Trump is Trump, and we all knew that going in, and I love it. He is only “not competent or fit for office” to those who concluded he was “not competent or fit for office” when he came down the escalator in Trump tower to announce his candidacy, and thought he was “not competent or fit for office” during the primary, and “not competent or fit for office” when he was certainly not going to get the nomination, and most definitely not beat the Clinton machine. In fact, it was what I perceived as the irrationality of the NeverTrumpers that first got me to take him seriously. I still perceive them as irrational, no offense, because everything he says and does they interpret in the worst possible light. And their interpretation always follows the “establishment” line. I’m not fond of “the establishment.”

        Look at what Trump has already accomplished (outlined in these very AG pages) with the entire “establishment,” including the media, implacably opposed to everything he says and does. But no matter what he objectively accomplishes, it will never be enough for the NeverTrumpers because they decided long ago that he is “not competent or fit for office,” and to quote the late, great John Lennon, “Nothin’s gonna change their world.” Cheers!

      • And so we’ll have to agree to disagree. As I said, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but every time he opens his mouth or sends a Tweet (using my own analysis of his words, and not what the media is saying), I go back my original conclusion – that he is both unfit and incompetent. In addition, I don’t see that he has accomplished anything. Much of what he takes credit for – lowered unemployment, improving economy, etc. – have absolutely nothing to do with his policies. That said, I thank you for a rational and friendly response, and wish you all the best.

    • You need to get your facts straight.

      Trump denounced the Nazis. About a third of the Right protesters were Nazis. 2/3 were not Nazis, they were ”
      fine people” exercising there First Amendment right to protest the destruction of a statue. The totalitarian Left is like the Taliban and the Soviet Union where they destroy history in order to impose groupthink.

      Trump asked where does this stop. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. Should they be erased from history? This whole campaign to destroy the past is an attempt by Obama and Soros to start a race war.

      Violence is not the answer. Couldn’t agree more. Tell that tho antifa and BLM.

      Democrats have to abandon their racist Identity Politics. We need to ditch affirmative action/racial quotas, diversity/racial quotas, and white privilege/blatant racism. White heterosexual males who do not want to wear dresses are tired of being discriminated against by their government and called racist, sexist, homophobe.

      It is time to follow the advice of Martin Luther King and implement a colorblind society where people are judged on the quality of their character and not the color of their skin.

      • “Trump asked where does this stop. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. Should they be erased from history?”

        That may be in fact the path to power those who see the Constitution as an obstacle to a “properly organized society” are following. By relegating the founders of this country who championed the ideas of individual rights over the authority of the government to the dustbin of history they also remove any opposition to greater governmental authority which will, at best, only provide “lip service” to the innate rights of citizens while they impose government “permissions” to “exercise” them.

      • 2/3 were not “fine people,” they were white supremacists who follow the likes of David Duke. We don’t need to pretend otherwise just to counter the totalitarian left. Other than that, you were largely on the mark about left wing identity politics, abstaining from violence and following Dr. King.

      • You are falling into the Left’s narrative that anyone who the Left disagrees with are Nazis.

        Everyone denounces Nazis and white supremacists. They are fringe. They have no power.

        The real problem is the violent racist hate groups funded by Soros and supported by Obama. Antifa and BLM are not denounced vehemently by all sides. Trump did not even name them. Obama invited them to the WH. CNN/MSNBA put them on TV as heros for resisting fascism.

        Antifa is like the Red Guards in Mao’s Cultural evolution. The Red Guards murdered at least one million people. I have no fear of the neoNazis in the US. I am afraid of where Antofa and BLM are taking our society. Unless they are resisted, either by the police or by citizens, their level of violence will only escalate.

        The problem is that the Left considers anyone who disagrees with the Left to be Nazis. And their Brownshirts are roughing up anyone who dares to speak against the Left.

        There are many people who dont want Confederate monuments torn down. It is part of American history. It is very Taliban, ISIS, totalitarion Left wing to want to alter history. These people are not Nazis and their is no reason to suspect that they are not fine people.

        I can see why the Dems want to tear the monuments down, it reminds them of their racist history.

      • I have completely denounced the left’s fascist tactics to deny people their constitutional rights and to intimidate people into silence. All thinking Americans should. And yes, they need to be called out for those tactics rather than coddled by being told that their self-righteous indignation that the world doesn’t work they way they want it to justifies their violence and disregard for the Constitution.

        That said, those protesting in Charlottesville were not “fine people.” The protest was arranged and organized by white supremacists. “Fine people” do not associate with such groups simply because they happen to want to preserve their history. “Fine people” would find another opportunity to protest which did not require them to associate with vile, racist scum.

        As for the Confederate monuments, it is laughable to claim that people who want to keep them just want to preserve their history. If that’s what they really wanted, those monuments could be put into museums where the full debate over states rights vs. human rights could be appropriately considered. Would we sit back and say nothing if German-American communities were erecting monuments to Hitler and Goebbels, or if Cambodian-Americans were erecting monuments to Pol Pot, because they claimed it was they were only trying to preserve their history? The Confederacy stands for one thing and one thing only – the “right” of one group of human beings to enslave another. Those who actively supported that right by engaging in warfare against their own nation do not need to be revered in public spaces. Again, if you want to point out that some of those people, like Lee, were otherwise good and noble individuals, then a museum in the appropriate place.

      • Museums are not the only places to put history on display.

        To equate the Confederacy with the Nazis or PolPot is wrong.

        You can not control who turns up at a protest. I absolutely detest Nazis
        but I would show up for a protest to protect monuments, even a monument
        to Grant or Sherman who were much more brutal than Lee.

        Part of the
        problem is that Nazis dont go to Left wing rallies where they belong. Noone pillories the Left when Communists, BLM, and antifa show up at Left wing rallies.

        Placing “State’s Rights” as opposed to human rights is wrong just as equating State’s Rights with slavery and racism is wrong. Under the US Constitution most power resides with the State govt, not the Federal govt. The reason that we are having so many problems is that the Federal govt has seized so much power form the States leaving the People feeling defenseless against the Leviathan in Washington.

        I think that we agree on a lot more than we disagree on.

      • Perhaps we do. But I also think you’ve missed a couple of important points. Yes, history can be displayed in places other than museums, but we don’t build monuments to individuals in order to contemplate their history. We build monuments to individuals to honor them. Lee lost any worthiness to have monuments built to him when he agreed to take up arms against his country. The Puerto Rican terrorists who shot up Congress are historical figures, but there are no monuments to them (at least of which I’m aware ) so that people can contemplate that historic event.

        Yes, you cannot control who shows up at a rally, but you can avoid a rally that has been organized by white supremacists and Nazis. If one does not want to be associated with evil, you don’t go to events put on by evil people, even if you have some level of agreement with the cause in question.

        And yes, the Federal government has seized too much power, and states’ rights are still important. But we can’t forget that the “states rights” which the South wanted, and for which they seceded, was the right to deny human beings their fundamental rights. Thus, the “states’ rights” which the South claimed were completely illegitimate. Had they agreed to end slavery, and then declared war simply to preserve remaining state sovereignty you might have a point, but they started a war to preserve slavery, not matter how they tried to justify it.

    • “As a result, no one is focused on his agenda…”

      Hmmm, true. Wonder what is getting done this week to blindside the left yet again, while they obsess over yet another Trumpian scandal?

  • When 500 violent communist thugs show up, it’s not as “counter protesters.” It’s to crack skulls. The media refuses to call violent communists by their name. I think we know why.

    ALL of the groups that showed up in Charlottesville are on the left in the first place. Nazis are National Socialists. White supremacists are simply NOT accepted on the right. If they’re stupid enough to think they’re somehow conservative, they’re bigger fools than the antifa and BLM thugs, a severely low bar to slither under…

    The media won’t even mention BLM or antifa as being present. That’s disingenuous.

    • If all these groups are left wing why do so many conservatives defend the nazis and KKK? Please.
      Where did you get the figure of 500 communist thugs – that’s a straight out lie.
      Lying will not help conservatives wash away the stink of this protest .

      • Who is defending Nazis and KKK? Certainly not Conservatives.

        KKK was the militant wing of the Democratic Party responsible for enforcing racist policies of the Democratic Party.

        Nazis are National Socialist, a brand of the Progressive, Communists, totalitarian, big government ideology.

      • Yeah thats just silly talking points from idiot websites. You know better. All the KKK guys joined the Republican party and vote for them now. The Republicans turned a blind eye and let them in because it increased their power base. A sure sign of moral corruption. I guess the Trump Republicans are now interested in inviting the Nazis in as well. Their socialist ideology doesn’t matter as long as they vote for the Dear Leader Trump. In fact this is a triumph of power over ideology. Another sign of the moral rot in the Republican party.

      • Nice try at revisionism Robert KKK bird was never a republican nor was LBJ who was a flaming racist. The Republicans passed Civil Rights Act while the Democrats fought against it and do not try that b******* line about conservative versus liberal and party switching. Hillary Clinton had nothing but praise for Robert KKK bird who never gave up racism I heard him use the n-word right up until he died.
        He gleefully donned the Confederate generals uniform for the movie of Gods and Generals I know I was there as an extra.

      • Robert Byrd was definitely a racist and he lived a long time but he was not replaced by racists. Things move slower than that in most political parties. There were moderate Republicans you’d probably call communists (Barry Goldwater certainly did) until the 90s. Hillary praised Byrd for changing his views when he got to be in his 90s. Most other racists held onto their sick beliefs and joined the Republicans. You might not like this fact but it’s the obvious truth.

      • Yet I have the facts on my side and you have what? Just your gut? All of this history is clear and substantial with only those like yourself resisting because it’s fun to point out the racist past of the Democratic Party while ignoring the active racists embraced by the Republicans. It’s a sign of moral rot not to accept the truth.

      • Out of 60 million Trump voters, you want to claim Trump is a Nazi because a few thousand Neo Nazi and KKK voted for him.

        This is the Left’s strategy, claim that anyone who disagrees with the Left is a Nazi and heroic groups like antifa will use violence to prevent them from speaking.

        Antifa resembles the Nazi brownshirts and even more so, the Red Guard. The Red Guard was a student group like antifa. The Red Guard murdered 1 million people during Mao’s cultural revolution with the support of the police and the Communist government.

        Antifa also resembles the Nazi brownshirts.The Nazi brownshirts were also protected by the police. After the Brownshirts beat someone up, the police would arrest the victim for assault.

        The press is not denouncing antifa and BLM. They are encouraging the violence of these hate groups. This is very dangerous and can spin out of control quickly.

        Inside every Progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

      • You have this exactly backward. It’s not so much that the Nazis and KKK like him as much as he won’t clearly and completely disavow them. That’s the problem With the both sides argument,
        Just like you think the media is complicit with encouraging the Antifa by not denouncing them, so it us with Trump not forcefully denouncing the Nazis. There were no fine people on their side. Anyone who stands with Nazis in a March or protest has to take the heat.

      • BS.

        Trump forcefully denounced the Nazis and white supremacists by name, many times. The Fake News and the Left ignore what Trump actually says and put words he did not say in his mouth.

        Where Trump was weak was in not denouncing by name antifa and BLM as violent hate groups.

        There are many people who do not want the Dems to be allowed to erase the monuments that they erected to their racist past. Most people who want to retain the monuments are not Nazis. I suspect that many of them are fine people.

        It is the way the Left operates. Anyone who the Left disagrees with are Nazis. What the Left doesn’t realize is that the Nazis were socialists. Another member of the big government, totalitarian, socialist, Progressive, Communist movement that murdered 100 million people in the 20th century.

      • Just because you want something to be true doesn’t make it true. Nobody believes Trump forcefully denounced Nazis. That’s the whole point of his meltdown a week ago.
        True conservatives, liberals, the unaligned independents and the vast vast majority of Americans do not think like you. None of them
        Believe Trump and they don’t believe you. Especially if you continue to defend alt-right people at the Charlottesville rally as “very fine people.”
        It’s a huge mistake you keep making. As long as you are
        Not able to admit your mistake you become irrelevant to any discussion.
        Just like this godforsaken President.

      • Trump had the courage to denounce the violent fascist antifa group who instigated the violence in Cville, Bereley, and most other locations. Antifa show up with helmuts, masks, and clubs. While there are several thousand neo Nazis in the US, there are 200,000 antifa. It is the antifa fascists that pose a serious threat to our democracy, not the neoNazi fringe group who noone takes seriously.

        Antifa, a student group, is similar to the Red Guards in Mao’s Cultural Revolution. The Red Guards murdered 1 million Chinese with the support of the police. Antifa has the support of the police in left wing cities and the support of the MSM. Its sister organizations, Black Lives Matter, promotes the murder of policemen and is invited to the White House by Obama.

        The only people who did not hear Trump denounce the neoNazis, are the left wing libtards who claim that everyone one they disagree with is a Nazi. As for mealy mouth RINOs like Ryan, McCain , and Flake, the sooner they are thrown out of the Republican Party the better.

        Just for the record, I loath and detest Nazis and hope that the guy who killed the woman in Cville is executed quickly. I also detest the Communists, Progressives, socialists, totalitarian, big government, anti free speech, history erasing supporters who murdered 100 million people in the 20th century.

      • The Antifa have not killed a single person in the US while 72 – 90 percent of the 275 ideologically motivated murders in the last ten years we’re committed by right wing hate groups. This is according to The Daily Caller a conservative news outlet.
        There are at least 200,000 right wing milita members in the US according to the FBI.
        As usual you have the facts exactly backwards. Nobody serious thinks Trump courageous about anything.

      • Try a google image search for “antifa violence”.
        Remember, do not believe your lying eyes.

        It was an antifa Berrnie Sanders supporter who used a rifle to attempt to kill Rep Scalise and other Republicans playing baseball. It is only because he was a poor shot that antifa has not killed anyone in the US.

        You can watch videos of 5 cowardly antifa mob a person and beat them with sticks and kick them. This is not far removed from killing people.

        The difference between right wing hate groups and left wing hate groups is that right wing hate groups are uniformly denounced while left wing hate group are applauded by Dem politicians and the MSM. It is only when hate group have the backing of the wider society that they are able to move from isolated violence to genocide like the Red Guards in the Cultural Revolution, a student group like antifa.

      • So your argument now is that the Antifa are more dangerous than the white supremists and their Nazi and KKK allies because they might one day get lucky and become as bad as the right wing hate groups? That’s astoundingly weak argument.
        You have no proof that Democratic party politicians are applauding violence by left wing groups. You continue to just make stuff up and expect me to believe you? You lie with abandon and create scary stories without a shred of evidence to back it up. Why bother?

      • Nobody’s defending nazis and kkk. Kindly knock off the lying.

        What we want is equal-opportunity slamming by the media. The alt-Left (Antifa) is just as odious as the nazis and kkk. To gloss over their viciousness is to defend them. Why are you defending these brownshirts?

      • Im not defending the idiots who fight in the streets.Its a false hope to get equal treatment every time an incident happens. When the idiots on the left do something as stupid and odious as a nighttime torch lit parade shouting slogans (have they done this in the past?) then media does cover them. But the demand to do it every time is just an exercise of false equivalence. IT just muddies the clarity of the situation and helps the idiots. Stick to vilifying one group at a time.

      • Rather than pick and choose a group to vilify, how about vilifying any guilty group? Hmmm?

      • BLM guilty
        Antifa guilty
        Klan holding a peaceful rally until… Thugs show up
        One nut case…kills because…

      • No
        Problem with that, but not at the same time. Making every statement about all groups just weakens the message . To be effective people need to focus on who is acting out. In Charlottesville it was the right. Next week I’m
        Sure idiots on the left will do something stupid and we all can pile on.

      • No, it wasn’t the Right. It was the Left. They attacked. This isn’t false equivalence; it’s fair equivalence. And nobody ever piles on the Left. The Left gets a pass every time from the MSM.

      • You have no evidence to support your claim while evidence that the right wing thugs attacked is piling up every day. How many interviews with clergy and rabbis do you need before you accept this basic fact?

      • Your witnesses don’t know that they weren’t seeing the reaction rather than the first strike. Keep your eyes peeled for video. Antifa and BLM (and the other side, to be sure) came with bats in hand and coke cans filled with cement that they threw. You don’t do that if your intent is simply to protest.

      • How desperate your words read. Give it up. The witnesses are credible and compelling . Church people with no reason to lie. Reaction to a first strike – what a Kroc !
        No matter how you twist this it doesn’t go well for your Nazi / KKK friends .
        Next time maybe the organizers should leave the torches and regalia at home. If nothing else it was a PR disaster of epic proportions.

      • Your nazi and commie friends can’t help you here and you refuse to recognize simple facts. Give it up.

      • Yet I can point to dozens of credible eyewitness reports stating simple facts and you have nothing but ideology and delusion. Keep it up.
        Fighting over Charlottesville is much better for the left than fighting over the statues .

      • There are indeed reports that Antifa initiated the violence. Not that it matters, really; both sides came to fight and would not be stayed. If you don’t see this you are willfully blind. However, the Nazis and skinheads did have a permit to march, their opponents none. This was set up to have the appearance of spontaneous anger by the Left but there was nothing spontaneous about it. They are the ones who had bottles of urine, coke cans filled with concrete, etc.

      • Please cite your sources. I’ve got dozens of eyewitness reports on tap. I suspect you are just making stuff up because you are embarrassed to be so
        Wrong. Like Trump You have no credibility.

      • Can you not see how lame this article is? It actually hurts your cause to traffic in such what if scenarios. No hard evidence. It’s really amazing you can’t see the hollowness in your own arguments. But please – go
        On- the more you post the deeper the hole you
        Put yourself in.
        What’s next? Putin is actually an agent for world wide Hillary?

      • LMAO!!! You talking about “lame” is hilarious! Even a NYT reporter saw it.

        “The hard left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right,” tweeted New York Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg from Charlottesville. “I saw club-wielding ‘antifa’ beating white nationalists being led out of the park.”

      • Here are a couple of different accounts that clearly state the Nazis and KKK started the violence.

        As Charlottesville’s The Daily Progress reports in detail, some people on both sides of the conflict came ready to fight, armed with weapons and wearing defensive gear. They hurled rocks and other projectiles at each other, swung clublike weapons, and reportedly released pepper spray and other substances into the air as cops initially stood back.

        ProPublica notes that the white supremacists who arrived on Saturday “had spent months openly planning for war”:

        The Daily Stormer, a popular neo-Nazi website, encouraged rally attendees to bring shields, pepper spray, and fascist flags and flagpoles. A prominent racist podcast told its listeners to come carrying guns. “Bring whatever you need, that you feel you need for your self defense. Do what you need to do for security of your own person,” said Mike “Enoch” Peinovich on The Right Stuff podcast.

        And the white supremacists who showed up in Charlottesville did indeed come prepared for violence. Many wore helmets and carried clubs, medieval-looking round wooden shields, and rectangular plexiglass shields, similar to those used by riot police.
        The resulting violence was well-documented on social media:

        From Think progress

        It wasn’t long before the white nationalists made their move.

        “A group of white supremacists broke through our line with shields,” Wispelwey said. “Some of them were screaming and spitting slurs [as they] physically shoved clergy aside with their shields.”

        Clergy rearranged their positions to try and hold off another wave of white nationalists. But when the “the alt-right instigated their violence” down the street against counter-protesters, a group of Antifa intervened. The clergy took moment as a chance to disperse.

        “That’s when Antifa saved our lives,” he said



      • Sheryl changed her mind and significantly changed this tweet a few hours later. Did you not know this?
        Second she’s a former New York Times reporter, she isn’t officially with the newspaper and it’s deceptive to call her a reporter.

      • It’s only deceptive if you knew it and referred to her that way anyway.

      • What? It’s wrong. You know it’s wrong. Can you not see the moral rot in your desire to never be wrong ?

      • What? You are wrong. Can you not see your own dishonesty? or have you so dulled your conscience that you no longer have one?

      • Do you have a conscience? can you say you’ve been completely honest? I don’t mean if you feel honest. I mean if your words are actually honest. Look over your posts. You lie and deceive over and over again. Deceit in the service of ideology is not honest.

      • You accuse me of what you yourself have done and are doing. Be about your business.

      • At this point I’m more amused that you have to have the last word. Go on keep posting!

      • Yeah BAby!

        You know I once got a guy to respond for almost three weeks. He just couldn’t allow me the last word. I think it’s wrapped up with the same psychosis that doesn’t allow people to admit their wrong.
        Think about that before you respond again.

      • Okay were are down to one word responses – I get that
        Try to focus

        Yes you are that psychotic

      • Absolutely ! Keep responding – if you don’t then you are the loser that you deep
        Down know yourself to be. It’s the only explanation .

      • Hey, on responding. If you don’t then you are the loser that you know, deep down, you are.

      • Keep on deluding yourself. The truth is slowly coming to light that the whole nasty business was set up by Jason Kessler, long time Lefty hater.

      • You can’t get any lamer, dude, calling your political opponents Nazis and KKK. That’s the surest sign you have no arguments. And you don’t, which is why you resorted to that timeworn, threadbare tactic.

      • If you defend Nazis and white supremacists like Trump did. If you think very fine people came to the Unite the Right rally, if you dismiss the eyewitness accounts of clergy and decent folk I understand your dilemma. But if your honest with yourself you know you’ve lost this argument. You can’t admit it which is a sign of moral rot more powerful than any sign I can provide. I am
        Truly sorry the damage you do to yourself. I fear you are on a very dark path.

      • You’re making that up. The defenders of Nazis and white supremacists are all in the Democrat Party. The practitioners of Nazism and white supremacism are all in the Democrat Party. The lovers of Nazism and white supremacism are all in the Democrat Party. The Nazis and white supremacists are Democrats. Not all Nazis or white supremacists are Democrats but all Democrats are Nazis or white supremacists.

      • Keep posting! every word you write reveals how wrong you are. Every single word. Its a wonder to behold. I’m copying your post and sending it to my friends. They need a good laugh.

      • B******* they have and it’s not been covered they beat people from behind with bicycle chains that was a college professor by the way that perpetrated that act of violence. They show up at Rally’s intent on fomenting violence. The next time it may not be some dupe of a liberal young lady that gets killed, people are not going to put up with this Nazi tactic by the left very much longer

      • Maybe, but everyday it’s clearer it’s the right that rioted at Charlottesville. Thst violence won’t be tolerated either. You have to ask yourself if you aren’t being duped as well into supporting violence as an answer. People are manipulating your rage for no good ends.

      • No the demonstrated peacefully until illegally assaulted.
        Stone cold fact

      • I don’t know any conservatives that defend the KKK (founded by Democrats) or the Nazis (socialists / fascists)

      • Look around you. Bringing up BLM and Antifa when people attack the Nazis and KKK is a form of defense. Its creating a false equivalence that distracts from the original sin. Just deal with one group of aholes at a time. Condemn them and move on, Wait til the leftist idiots do something bad and attack them then. Now is not the time. Your arguments muddy the moral waters.

      • Liar, it is not defending the alt right- it is accepting the facts seen at the antifa Fascist started riot. No antifa Fascists, no riot. Get a 6 year to explain it to you.

      • I don’t support any of those groups (the only people I know who belong to any of those groups are a few who sympathize with BLM). The Nazis are evil; the KKK is evil; BLM is anti-cop, divisive and incendiary; Antifa is a communist / anarchist group funded by George Soros to perpetrate violence.

      • Antifa is the absolute definition of fascism brown shirt thugs paid to suppress any opposition speech

      • Horseshit fascism is fascism and those brown shirt Soros paid thugs are Fascist and the BLM is no more than a cop murdering terrorist organization and should be ripped out branch and root

      • But not at Charlottesville. At this particular event it was the right wing Nazis and KKK who rioted. Multiple eyewitness reports from clergymen confirm this. You want to be strong and face the truth, you need to confront this one. I’m
        Sure left wing idiots will give you a chance to rail at them soon. But in Charlottesville it was right wing thugs in brown khakis. Probably with Mercer money behind them.

      • Except no they were peaceful until attacked by anti free speech thugs

      • Not according to multiple eyewitness accounts from clergymen and rabbis who were right in the middle of the protests. These are credible and compelling stories. What do you have? Whose eyewitness support your story ? Making stuff up is a mistake.

      • Pound sand, moron. You are the liar, and the Fascisti antifas were there ONLY TO RIOT. Please pull yer head outta yer Sigmoid Colon.

      • Please stop repeating the absolute lie…
        It makes you seem stupid. The fact is this protest was peaceful until the left-wing jackbooted brown shirt thugs showed up and started throwing bottles of piss at people. I think those deplorable Nazis should great restraint and not killing a half-dozen of them on the spot

      • Your comment is disingenous. Conservatives are ONLY supporting people’s right to speak. Why do you hate the Constitution?

      • The ONLY people supporting peoples right to speak are conservatives? And you think I’m disingenuous ? I think this will come as news to the ACLU. Why do you hate the truth? Is it really that difficult to think before you type?

    • What was the name of this rally again? Was it “Unite the Left?

      • The organizer of the rally is a former Occupy and Organizing for America guy named Kessler. This is now common knowledge. I think you could call him a plant, but that does a disservice to vegetation.

    • John Podhoretz, that phony, referred to Antifa and other thugs who showed up in Charlottesville as counter-protesters. Words have meaning. Has Podhoretz ever heard of Yvette Felarca?

      • Maybe he just didn’t know the truth. The Kneepad Media tried to hide it for days until it leaked out.

  • My great grandfather, Moorfield Storey, co-founded and was the first president of the NAACP. Neither he nor I bear any guilt for America’s sins, real or perceived.

    I should add that George Orwell, in his seminal work “1984,” made it clear that one of the requirements for tyranny is the erasing of history. Those who claim to be anti-fascists are the real fascists.

    • A statue is not history, it is a celebration of it. A statue of Lee teaches only that Lee is a person to be admired, when his major life “accomplishment” was a failed attempt to secure the right of some people to own others as property.

  • We must erase all memory of Abraham Lincoln from United States history. Lincoln repeatedly said that he would accept the continuation of slavery if that was the price necessary to preserve the Union. Lincoln issued a phony Emancipation Proclamation only when he was forced to by military necessity, i.e., when it appeared that European powers would come into the war on the side of the Confedrecy. Then he crafted the Proclamation in a manner that didn’t free any slaves, by saying it only applied in States or parts of States that were in rebellion against the Federal Government. It didn’t free slaves in the border stated or anywhere else where the Federal Government actually had the authority to free them. Members of Lincoln’s family were slave owners, Lincoln statues must be pulled down. Schools must be renamed. Lincoln was searching for a South or Central American country to ship all “negroes” – he did not believe in equality between the races and thought “negroes” inferior. Down with Lincoln! Does this give you any hint as to how ignorant the Antifa Communists demand for erasing heroes of the Confedrecy appears to rational, thinking Americans?

    • Once again it’s not slavery that offends here – it’s that the statues were put up during the Jim Crow era as a symbol of white power rising in the south. Your fighting the wrong war.

      • You are attempting to redefine the Antifa Communists cause to make it appear less ridiculous. This is an Orwellian attempt to rewrite history to avoid an imaginary slight to a Leftist Identity Group, most of whose ancestors immigrated to the United States long after the fall of the Confedrecy (as did mine), i.e., whose ancestors were never slaves in America. It is not a protest about the Jim Crow era. A little honesty, please.

      • No, it is the slight to a leftist identity group that is imaginary. There is no right granted by the Constitution to never feel offended.

      • There is no right to keep statues of slavers in the town square, either.

      • You leftist will just move on to the next manufactured phony rage project if statues were removed .

      • Throwing the statue down the memory hole will be double plus good.

      • I actually think we should let the statues stand and just provide a lot more context to what they were erected for. Maybe surround them with statues of the true southern patriots that fought against segregation and Jim Crow.

  • This site is a hoot.

    Most terrorist acts in the US are done by white men. Bitter angry white men. Saturday saw the latest terrorism from this group as they employed ISIS tactics popularized in Europe. Yes, folks, America’s terrorism is home grown. We must stop allowing these sad men to be radicalized. Trump (whose real name is Drumpf and whose father attended KKK rallies) said he would make us safer. But I guess that goes in the bin with all the other promises.

      • Hard to hear those lines, isnt it? Truth hurts. Facts hurt you people in fantasyland.

    • We all should be more concerned about gay-on-gay violence, rising testosterone levels among angry fat black women, and Nazis hiding under our beds.

  • The Unite-the-Right demonstrators did not come to support General Lee because he objected to Slavery, and you know it, or you should know it, because they keep telling this to anybody who is willing to listen. And who else was there on their side who deserves our sympathy? Who are the good people who found themselves side by side with people raising Nazi flags, Confederate flags, KKK and Fascist insignia but said to themselves, “that’s OK, Stephen Presser and the president will know I’m a good guy fighting for a better understanding of history”? There are no such people. There are just Nazis, White Supremacists, and their apologists.

    • There were no respectable people at that riot, which is why it was so much fun to watch them beat each with bats.

      It was like the circus maximus except less deadly.

      If they moved this to Detroit and put it on pay per view, I’d definitely pay to watch

  • In his taped conversation with Billy Bush Trump revealed himself as a sexual predator; his comments to the Russian ambassador in the Oval Office revealed him to be an intentional obtructor of justice, if not a Russian stooge; and his performance yesterday revealed him to be a racist Nazi sympathizer. He clearly abhors the common values of a democratic society, as does anyone supporting him.

    • Right, half the country is racist, but you’re pure as the driven snow, incapable of hatred, even though you’re now spewing it.

  • KKK, Kathy Griffin, Maxine Waters … sorry but I don’t see much of a difference.

  • An observation:

    Conservatives willingly condemn those on the far right who would cause violence and, in addition, call out those, like the KKK, who preach hatred of other human beings.

    Note though, when you watch the likes of Juan Williams (and any other liberal commentator) that they refuse to offer the same condemnation of those preaching hatred on the left (such as BLM and the Occupy Wall Street crowd) as well as refusing to acknowledge the violence generated by leftist groups such as antifa.

    This is why President Trump’s refusal to focus on only one side of the violence angers liberal commentators. He is, effectively, calling them out for ignoring the violence and utter hatred on their own side. In other words, he’s leading and saying what needs saying.

    Furthermore, we had two incidents recently. At Durham, all we had was liberal protestors. Property destruction ensued as the crowd was encouraged to incite violence, in this case against property. But had the police tried to stop them from pulling the statue down, is there anyone who doubts there would have been violence against the police?

    Meanwhile, in Charlottesville, it’s an open question whether there would have been even any property damage had the antifa protesters and their hangers-on not shown up. (This is not written in support their beliefs now, but rather in support of their right to speak and assemble in America.)

    Pay attention during all the uproar among liberal commentators as to whether any of them are willing to accept that the leftist demonstrators like BLM and antifa are also hate groups more than capable of violence. Most of them refuse to do so, which is why they’re so upset with President Trump trying to set them straight in no uncertain terms yesterday.

  • You wrote that really bad poem yourself, right? Why not take credit for one of the worst poems ever written? “Were your legacy preserved, beyond the web and your own minds”–sheesh.

  • Why aren’t there statues in Germany of leaders and soldiers from 1933 – 1945?
    Why aren’t there statues in Russia of leaders from 1917 – 1989?
    Where are the statues of Franco in Spain?


    Where are the statues of George III and Cornwallis in the original 13 states?

    Why are certain areas of the US the only places on earth where traitors are so openly honored?

    • Lenin’s statue is in downtown Seattle. Bernie Sanders has a shrine to Stalin.

  • President Trump is under Constant Barrage from the DEMS, RINO’s , Never Trumpers, MSM, Progressives, Socialist/Communists, the Deep State, to include Obama, Clintons, Soros, and 80% of Obama’s people still in the agencies that President Trump has to deal with. In my lifetime I’ve NEVER seen anything like this. Pray for President Trump that he will have the Wisdom and Discernment of God as he will need this each day.

  • The Left has gotten a free pass for violence. Trump merely pointed it out has caused Left/communists, their GOP collaborators, and the propaganda organs to go insane. Now is not the time for timidity. Investigate Antifa and the Tides Foundation, and arrest and imprison those from the lowliest communist scumbag maiming innocents all the way up to his paymaster, George Soros. Antifa communism is the face of the Democrat Party. Purge and investigate the NeverTrumpers, who are true fascists. All are the enemy. Act accordingly.

    • DOJ needs a special fast response unit to combat these people, identify those who commit violence against persons and property, take them down and lock them up.

      Time for our law enforcement to get with the times and monitor social media sites to identify where and when these people are gathering.

  • To take Trump at his word and apply his analysis, my mother, my father, 4 uncles and an aunt who fought in WW2 share guilt equally with Adolph Hitler and the Nazis for the war and the holocaust. Well none of my relatives who fought in that war are still able to give there opinions on Trump’s comments, I wish someone would ask those who are if they agree with Trump.

    • I had relatives killed by communists during our 50-year Cold War. It’s a shame they are not available to respond directly to you.

      • Well lets ask those of us who are still alive and fought in the Cold War. Is Donald Trump right that by fighting in the Cold War we share equally for that war? My answer is HELL NO.

      • That relates to your current support of communist thugs….how?

      • So all those minsters and other religious leaders who were there protesting against hate are communists? I agree one of us has an issue with reality.

      • OK, what percent of the Antifa are communists? Ninety percent? It’s probably higher but I’ll concede it could be below one hundred percent. Your thugs failed, and will not inflict violence ever again without consequence.

      • Defending Nazis and there violence by calling the other side communists. You guys sound more and more like Hitler everyday

      • You do have a really big problem with the concept of a declaration of war, or national actions supported by our national government. Liberal mental disorder, I suppose.

    • Your comment is rendered moot by the logical fallacy on which it is based, but you probably knew that when you posted it. You are presenting a false equivalency between two dissimilar events.

      • And there is no false equivalency between Trump equating those protesting FOR hate and those protesting against hate?

        With all do respect, I think my comparison of those fighting the Nazis in WW2 and those protesting against the Nazis at Charlottesville is far more equivalent morally than Trump’s equating the Nazis at Charlottesville with those who opposed them.

      • The people who opposed the Nazis we’re themselves communists who hate America and routinely vandalize businesses.

        Neither side is worthy of sympathy in any way

      • The communists weren’t there to protest against hate. They were there to injure and maim. The Democrats, and you by parroting their lies and propaganda, have sided with violent thugs.

      • Actually, those you categorize as, “protesting against hate,” have been advocating hate ever since the last November election results were known. Often with a lot of violence against everyone who they believe disagrees with them. Which is precisely what they were doing in Charlottesville.

      • On June 6, 1944 anti-Fascists caused all sorts of trouble in did not even have a permit.

        And as for the comments calling those protesting Trump and you Fascists communists, remind me again who collaborated with the Russians to steal the election?

      • Those “protesting against hate” are hate whitey leftists. Why is racial hatred of white people in this society considered not only acceptable but progressive and socially responsible? Does America even still exist as a country?

    • Sorry Dan. You don’t combat evil effectively by calling out one evil side while air-brushing out the other evil side. You need to go back to morality school.

      • I remember when I was 10 seeing my father locked in arms with other White men protecting those they surrounded and getting clubbed in the head. This is big racist lie, one side is not evil. The real problem is as the kid’s mother who ran the car over people said, she thought her son was attending a Donald Trump rally. What is clear from Trump’s response is the boy was right, by being at the KKK and Nazi meeting he was attending a Donald Trump rally.

      • hahahaha! It is good to know that simpletons are on the other side. Now we just need to disarm the left so their terror campaign can end.

      • Ya, the left wing like Bernie Sanders is known for their love of guns.

      • And what is Congress saying now about Trump’s comments and the Nazis?

      • Irrelevant Danny boy. It was you who was not aware that we formally declared war on Germany. Try to keep up!

      • What does declaring war have to do with it. You mean that because we did not formally declare war in Korea, Vietnam or Iraq my comments apply. The fact is you, and obviously from your sympathies in your posts it is correct to say you, Nazis are evil and need to be opposed does not equate my opposition with you being evil.

  • Please, President Trump, order your government to treat all of its citizens equally. End Affirmative Action so that the healing might begin.

  • There are vastly more extremists on the left than on the right. Why is it considered monstrously evil for white nationalists to have a rally in Charlottesville but perfectly acceptable for the Nation of Islam to have a hate whitey rally in Chicago?

    According to white leftists white racism is rampant in America but then why don’t I see it? Most of the people I work with in Chicago are from places like Vietnam, Mexico, Guatemala, Iraq ( Assyrians ) and India. I’ve never heard a negative comment about the Vietnamese or Indians. Sometimes ( rarely, actually ) I hear slurs against Hispanics but that’s just as often coming from a Vietnamese, Indian or another Hispanic ( something like a Puerto Rican criticizing Mexicans ) as it is from a white guy.

    Everyone is appalled by black behavior but that’s because of behavior rather than race. It’s a rare day that I don’t read of black shootings in Chicago. Does that cause people to feel blacks are violent? Well obviously it does. How could it possibly not?

    • The talk of rampant white racism is just contradicted by all polls and studies of interracial families, BUT it serves the purpose that the simpletons on the left and their fake news peddlers do not have to defend their own stupidity.

  • You know, the DOJ could organize a sting operation or two. Put out that there ia an alt-right demonstrations scheduled, maybe have some agents masquerade as alt-right supporters to rile up the left, and then get an army of agents and swoop down and pick up all those with masks on. Similarly, they would put out that a confederate statue is being moved and pick up the violent white racists when they show up.

  • Today its Robert E Lee.
    Tomorrow its Andrew Jackson, and Thomas Jefferson
    Then it will be George Washington. Lincoln, and the White House itself. (built by slaves).

    It is already happening. Folks, this is why what happens on College Campuses is so important. They unfortunately lead the culture.. and the nonsense they tolerate and incubate …. ends up in the mainstream in one or two generations..

    Get ready for non-judical “Rape Tribunals”
    Get ready for “national sensitivity training” as part of getting a business license, and a Regulatory Agency for Monitoring Discrimination in Commerce.
    Get ready for criminalization of Climate Science Denial.
    Get ready for Full On Socialism, with a Bernie Sanders type, reaching the presidency in our lifetimes.

    They have had their long march through Academia,

    If you care, about any of this, It is time to mobilize and unite, to reverse this nonsense. Government Schools and Academia, is the place we have to go, to start undoing, this transformation of American Culture.

    • Yes, it is time to put all university courses online and sell off the campuses and fire most of the administrators and professors.

      • I have had very much the same thought.

        Something to make the 4 year degree, content based, not experience based (you don’t have to go to that school to be recognized as having the education provided by the school). Any school that accepts federal or state funds, must make all of its courses and degrees available online, and must not distinguish, between graduates who “challenge” the courses and earns a degree and graduates who attended the school and earns the degree.
        You either know the material, as measured by the tests, and course performance, or you don’t.
        Impact would be to shield students from radical professors.

    • The Talibanized Left will not relent until they have some (white) slaves of their own.

  • The post below is a response from a leftist to a comment I had made a couple of weeks ago on the Atlantic which certainly is a hotbed of hate whitey fanaticism. He says “It’s literally not possible for a black person in America to be racist.” I live in Chicago and the black areas of this city are pretty much off limits to me because I’m white yet this despicable leftist fool tells me it’s impossible for blacks to be racist.

    He also says “There is only one group in America which is systemically privileged over all others; that group is the only group which can be racists.” This is a good example of why I consider the left insane and of course they say people like me are racist/fascist white supremacists. We lack a common reality. Without something as basic as that, how can we have a country? Do we still have a country?

    “Huh. While I’m here, it’s worth noting that you’re deeply confused on what the word ‘racism’ means. Racism is not the same thing as racial prejudice; what makes it -ism is ‘A systemic privileging of one race over another’.
    It’s literally not possible for a black person in America to be racist. It’s possible for them to be racially prejudiced, but to be *racist*, there would need to be a systematic privileging of blacks over white throughout society; blacks would need to be richer than whites, to hold more elected office than whites, to have better outcomes in the criminal justice system than whites, etc.
    There is only one group in America which is systemically privileged over all others; that group is the only group which can be racists.
    TL:DR: racial prejudice = holding negative views of an entire race.
    Privilege = society being set up so that your category are systematically granted better outcomes.
    Racism = prejudice plus privilege plus power.”

    • I find that interesting because I lived 4 years in South Shore, walked my dog late at night, and never had a problem. What else I learned is that few Blacks will agree that there is no such thing as a Black racist. But to know either of these points, you’d have to not be afraid of Black people and really that is what the far right is, a bunch of whiny little bitches afraid of their own shadows holding guns because they have no dicks.

      • You’re a good example of why America no longer exists as a country. Time will tell what fate has in store for what’s left of this once great nation.

      • Yes, I am destroying America by getting along with Black people and you are trying to save it through fear mongering, race baiting and hate.

  • One dead, 19 injured, a black man beaten to a pulp, and you draw moral equivalence, using antifa fools as foils so you can avoid blaming Nazis and white supremacists for their hate and the violence it breeds? Morally blind, morally bankrupt. America being dragged into the gutter by both an ignorance of the history of racism in this country and the loathsome genocides inflicted on the world by supremacist movements. Only repugnant racist Republicans can hold such views, not the heirs to Lincoln.

    • Not moral equivalence, exact equivalence. The inability of the left this time to inflict serious harm on anyone does not excuse them They shot 7 GOP representatives and no one on the Democrats side was shot just a couple of weeks back..

    • You forgot to point out how the Governor of Virginia and the Mayor of Charlottesville failed to deploy law enforcement resources to keep the peace and to ensure that the rights of both sides to demonstrate for their loony beliefs without fear of violence were protected. Yes, we all agree that white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and KKK goons are deplorable. Where we disagree is with the Hillary Clinton formula that assumes 40%+ of everyone who disagrees with liberal progressive politics is also deplorable. (Fact: Abraham Lincoln was a virulent racist. He was tireless in his search for a Final Solution that would result in deportation of all Black Americans to be invoked after the war was ended.) Invoking the Hillary Clinton formula and declaring that Republicans are repugnant racists undermines everything else that you are trying to say.

      • The Boston Abolitionist Society BOUGHT Liberia to repatriate blacks to. They did not want slavery and they also wanted a white-only America.

      • True. But since Liberia was a long ocean voyage away, Lincoln was looking in Central and South America for a place to deport all Black Americans. Cheaper all around.

      • The whole slavery thing is so misrepresented it is a joke to listen to anyone on the left.

        1) Pennsylvania abolished slavery in 1780, the first of the 13 colonies to do so. BUT they grandfathered in so the last legal slave died in 1858!
        2) A slave owner could sell a grandfathered slave in a free state to a person in a slave state, so as the north abolished slavery, and almost all followed the grandfathering method, slave owners sold more than a million slaves to the South between 1820 and 1860.

        I could go on and on, but the one thing these weenies do not get was that in 1865 absolutely no white American wanted or expected freed black slaves to be their equal. In other words, if we are to take down civil war monuments honoring the dead, because the soldiers held racist beliefs, by today’s standards, then we need to pull down the Union ones as well.

      • True. Also of interest: The textile mills in the North were greedy for the cheap cotton coming from Southern plantations. A significant part of the North’s industrial base was built on the premise that they would always have cheap resources coming from the slaveholding South to feed their voracious appetite for profit. Northern banks routinely made loans to Southern planters using slaves as collateral. It was an annual source of big profits to the Northern banks. And they didn’t hesitate to foreclose and take possession of the slaves in the event of default. The Northern banks then sold the slaves to the highest bidders to recoup their loan balance. The portion of the Northern Free States’ economies dependent on slavery was at least as big as the portion of the Southern States’ economies.

    • Expression of hate is Constitutionally protected. Violence isn’t . They aren’t equivalent , trying to make speech justify violence is what’s morally repugnant. Antifa may be fools, but they are highly motivated and quite violent. Their “foolishness” and violence is not excusable because they object to some other idiot’s free speech. A torch lit parade does not justify assault.

  • On the radical ultra-right wing of American politics: a teensy, weensy irrelevant cadre of white supremacists, the dying dregs of the KKK, and a handful of neo-Nazi nut jobs – none of whom would be receiving any attention were it not for the liberal progressives MSM’s obsession with finding right wing nastiness to denounce.
    On the radical ultra-left wing of American politics: the entirety of the Democratic Party, the Green Party, Bernie Sanders’ Socialists, the vast majority of the administrations of colleges and universities, a ton of Fortune 500 corporate CEOs, the entire MSM, and more than a few of the GOP establishment politicians.
    Both sides are attracted to violence.
    Now I put to you The Question: Which poses the greater danger to America, the ultra-right or the ultra-left? Pretty obvious – on the ultra-right a handful of loons. On the ultra-left, millions of self-righteous, permanently aggrieved loons. If you are looking for a reason to be worried about the future of America, look to the left. That’s where the real danger lies. The Antifa Communist goon squads financed by the deep pockets of the billionaire dilettantes on the hard left pose a real and present danger to the Constitution and the Republic.
    The oligarchs that recently resigned from the business leaders group that President Trump organized are another dangerous group. Anyone think that the Corporate CEOs drunk on the power to dictate restroom policies for the rest of us are looking out for our best interest? If so, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you!

  • The truly amazing aspect of the situation is that the media refuses to distinguish between free speech, which is protected, and violence , which is not. When the idiotic, but legal, rantings of neo-nazis and white racists who comprised a part of a legally permitted rally were met by violence from the antifa and other leftist and anarchist groups , the MSM ignored the violence or justified it due to their horror at the speech of some of the protesters. The “counter protesters” were held blameless, and President Trump has been vilified for telling the truth about the violence on both sides. If I didn’t know how gullible the MSM is to progressive propaganda, I might think it is the beginning of a conspiracy to discredit the Founders as slaveholders, and thereby discredit our Founding and Constitution. I smell the stink of George Soros and his ilk all over this mess.

  • Here is the problem. The left thinks there are too many blacks in prison, even though they commit 50% of the murders. They think not enough blacks go to MIT even though they didn’t earn spots… and then claim racism when 90% of people given unmerited spots flunk out. They think police should stand down when blacks commit crimes, so we have the Obama crime wave. White people are sick of the BS. Trump knows that. He isn’t going to accept the BS leftist narrative any more. The left flips out. Trump supporters cheer.

    • Interesting. 90% of all prison inmates are male. But I thought Google said there was no difference between men and women, so obviously our society is bigoted against males.

  • No matter what the issue, this is what America hears:
    The Democrat mayor of anywhere, USA said “Blah, blah, blah, hate Trump, blah blah blah…”
    The disgraced Governor of VA, former oooobama campaign manager, Terry McSomehting said “Blah, blah, blah, hate Trump, blah blah blah…”
    Every major news outlet said ” “Blah, blah, blah, hate Trump, blah blah blah…”

    The point of no return has been reached.

  • The MSM [aka Ministry of Truth] wrote the script long before any details about Charlottesville were known.
    They will never allow Trump or others to challenge their accounts.Their agenda must always be confirmed by the “facts”.
    “Who controls the Present controls the Past.
    Who controls the Past controls the Future.” – Orwell

    • “The future is certain! It is the past that keeps changing.” – Orwell.

    • This will never end! Better to draw a line in the sand now, rather than expect the demolition of historical monuments to stop. This is akin to ISIS blowing up archeological sites. IF these weenies feel there is someone that should be honored for their contribution and sacrifice in the War of Northern Aggression, then let them propose that another statue be erected beside the existing one.

  • Keep in mind that Juan Williams is only there as a dramatic foil, to say stupid things that make viewers bang their hands against their heads.

  • NeoNutsies/Whitnit/Supreems are racists

    Antifa violently oppose Free Speech, Right of Assembly, say “kill cops”, Riot regularly

    The Antifa are terrorists and must be named so in an Executive Order

    As for the racists. Pi** on them, Pi** all over them but they have the right to speak.

  • The young people of this nation are so hopelessly compromised by their social justice upbringing. The only history they know is civil rights history and the only truth is that this country is a fraud. You can no longer express pride in America without enduring criticism for your racism. You can’t notice the carnage of intifa without being fascist and you can’t point out the racism of blm without being a white supremist. Hate is now white. Hate is capitalism. Hate is free speech. Hate is freedom to gather. Hate is being a conservative in politics and hate is whatever they oppose in your life, your choice, your religious beliefs.


    • And one of the most egregious violations of the Constitution, which requires equal treatment under the law, is the false category of “Hate Crime”. If someone kills me in the act of robbing from me, no big deal. But if someone kills a person because they don’t like the “identity group” that person puts their self in, HATE CRIME!!! Maximum penalty, public shaming, and huffing and puffing all over the place by the thought police of political correctness. Why is my death devalued under the law while the death of someone else is elevated in value. The creation and maintenance of a Hate Crimes category is unconstitutional and absurd. (Oops, sorry. Not allowed to say that. Might hurt someone’s feelings and make them feel threatened.)

  • I reject the “we all share in the guilt of America’s sins” sentiment. I have no guilt – none, zilch, zero – for the actions of anyone other than myself. I don’t hold a random Frenchman responsible for some colonial misdeed in Algeria either.

    Trump should stick by his guns in this fight over the statutes. He should push right back at the mayor of Charlottesville, Nancy Pelosi and anyone else for their role in stirring this turd. A very large part of Trump’s appeal was pushing back against political correctness. It does not get much more politically correct that removing statutes and having American politicians and pundits demand that only one side by condemned for the resulting brawl in the street.

    • Must re-name Washington, DC, because, you know, George Washington was a white guy and owned slaves and therefore was an altogether evil person. And Jackson, MS, and the State of Washington, and…. Once we give in to the politically correct loons, there is no end to the mischief that they will be up to.

  • This whole weekend of riots in Charlottsville, where the PAID Soros Leftists were out in force, armed with bats, boards with nails in them, pepper spray, and jars of caustic chemicals….which they threw in peoples faces……one man is in the hospital, possibly blinded for life, appears that this weekend MAY have been engineered to produce violence.

    The democrat mayor of Charlottsville sure appeared as though he was trying to foment violence, as he told his policemen to stand down, and NOT intercede in the fights which were occurring…and reports stated that the police actually guided the white protesters THROUGH a gauntlet of Leftist, Soros funded, professional agitators, armed with these lethal weapons.
    I do not condone the NAZI party…what a bunch of ridiculous fools who actually call themselves NAZIs…but, let’s face it, almost ALL of the violence which has happened in the past year as a result of ‘protests’ has been from the LEFTIST paid/inspired professional agitators…..anyone who follows the news knows this.

    And, the other point is that ridiculous groups like the NAZIs (who names themselves Nazis?) are a tiny, tiny, tiny fringe group, and they have nothing to do with the American People who voted for, and put President Trump into office.

    The Nazi’s have been around for decades…….and their numbers are probably WAY below 10,000 in the whole USA.

    Further, president Trump disavowed them long ago, yet the thoroughly Leftist Democrat party has FULLY embraced the extremely violent Black Lives Matter movement, and Obama even invited them into the White House.

    Yet, the BLM Movement has actively called for the murder of policemen, with scores of policemen and women being ambushed and murdered by them or their sympathizers……. how many innocent children lost their fathers and mothers to these lunatic racists in the Leftist Black Lives Matter movement FULLY supported by the Leftist Democrat party and funded by Leftist donors like Soros?

    How many wives lost their husbands, and now face a life of raising their children alone, without a partner…….who would POSSIBLY condone such vicious violence against America’s policemen and policewomen, and cause such devastating hurt for their families?…….well, it is the LEFT that condones this…and even supports this EVIL violence, both financially and ideologically.

    Let’s face it folks…it is the LEFTIST Movement which has deliberately been forcing their Leftist Idiotology Agenda down the throats of the American People for generations, now….and they do it through MASSIVE, 24/7/365 propaganda, and they have morphed over into deliberate, planned murderous violence in the past few years.

    They have deliberately poisoned the minds of vulnerable youth by their identity politics, and their convincing youth that they are victims, and are justified in whatever criminal behavior they drift into as the path of least resistance.

    It is the LEFT which has pushed this country to the brink MASS VIOLENCE through their constant push of their agenda, where they have already gained control of almost every institution in America, from the government agencies, to Hollywood, TV, almost all newspapers and publications, even corporations, such as Google, and, of course, the education system, where the prime purpose appears to be the Leftist indoctrination of our children.

  • This just helps Trump. White mainstream America is SICK of the leftist, BLM-inspired racist narrative. Dems and the MSM are trying to convince the nation that the grandma in Wisconsin who voted Trump is a racist. Pure BS. Obama being in bed with BLM and the Black Panthers and other leftist, terrorist hate groups is what gave white supremacists the surge they appear to be experiencing. Has nothing to do with Trump.

    • Hmmmmm……every group in the world’s natural instinct is to be tribal, and to value their group …twisting such natural instincts ion the part of whites into the slur ‘white supremicists’ is just another tactic of the left.

      The Nazi’s ALWAYS were a tiny, tiny bunch of nut cases…..who goes around calling themselves Nazis?

      The Left is desperately trying to tie the tiny, tiny, teensy weensy Nazi morons into something to do with president Trump and the American People, who in their wisdom of the common people, elected him to the presidency.

      People are beginning to see through the lying narrative of the Left concocted to try to gain a totalitarian monopoly of political power over our nation and People……they have ALMOST succeeeded, because they have control of the government bureaucracy, the cultural institutions, and, of course, the schools, where they indoctrinate our children with their Idiotology……..then, along comes Trump and the rising of the American People against the Leftist Lunacy.

      • Nazis were socialists. In other words, Leftists. The KKK was invented by Democrats. One would really have to lie their azzes off to pin this on Trump and the GOP.

        But that is what the media does….

        Meanwhile, Hodgkinson shoots Republican congressmen and …. crickets. How dumb do you have to be to buy this nonsense?

      • Well they were violent right-wing racist homophobe bigots xenophobes with bats so he was acting in self-defense right?
        Sarcasm off

  • I keep asking lefties if Nazi’s have free speech rights. They consistently refuse to answer that question.

      • Really? Please explain. “Repercussions” sounds a lot like infringement.

      • If one yells fire in a theatre, they can, and most likely will be charged with a crime. You’re free to yell fire, but there are repercussions.

    • 40~ years ago these nut bag Nazis were allowed to march in the streets of Skokie, IL, a heavily Jewish suburb which had numerous holocaust survivors. People were angry that they were allowed to march, an understatement, but march they were allowed to do, and no one died…..plenty of shouting, but no one threw viles of acid in the Nazi’s faces, or hit them with bats.

      And no crazy gunman or car driver killed anybody.

  • Irony. ..
    Trying to erase the Civil War, the left will start Civil War II
    Be careful what you wish for…

    • For a long time I have thought that people who talk about a second Civil War were in “tinfoil hat” territory. However, after following the news these past few months, and listening to the lunacy coupled with the deep pockets of Soros, et al, I am starting to think that it is a real possibility. The constant hateful slurs hurled at President Trump and anyone who supports him are beyond the pale. The Antifa Communists and their goon squads are arming for something. War in the streets seems the most likely end game.

      • Self fulfilling prophecy. They predict Trump will be a dictator, and then fill the streets with violence so he has no other choice.

    • The Civil War was huge carnage, and 10% of the males in America were killed in it.

      there are 10 to 20 million Americans NOT walking around today in America, because they were NEVER born….it was a massive sacrifice which freed the slaves, and this Huge carnage, and the pain of slavery so many endured for a number of generations SHOULD be a bond which binds the American People……but, thanks to the HATRED of the Left, and how they use hateful narratives to sew hatred among people, and get them to join the Leftist Movement………..the American People do not see this tremendous suffering by both Blacks and Whites from the slavery saga, which binds us together as a people.

  • Liberal News Media say President Trump is losing support. The truth is exactly the opposite. Media Polls show Trump at about 40 percent approval—they said the same thing shortly before his 2016 election victory and pronounced it to be nearly fatal. Obviously there’s a problem.
    A) Pollsters have not changed their 2016 methodology of under-sampling Republicans by 12%. B) It has been made quite obvious the media and their pollsters all despise President Trump. C) Trump’s eccentricities make supporters cautious voicing their support to anonymous pollsters.
    Therefore we conclude Trump’s actual support is the same or more than it was prior to his Presidential win in 2016.

    Why is that?
    Despite congressional failure to reform Obamacare, conservatives are delighted with a Gorsuch Supreme Court appointment and with dozens of conservative lower federal court appointments. Few believe a President McCain or President Romney would have rejected the Paris climate change accord. Major cabinet officials are competing to deregulate the deep state and free up individual initiative. Trump is reinventing the Environmental Protection Agency, giving clean coal a second life, opening up natural gas and oil exploration on federal lands, building pipelines, and exporting energy. The resulting reduction in world oil prices is bankrupting exporters like Russia, Middle East autocracies, and the Gulf States, whose influences are now pruned back by a dearth of cash.
    Our economy grew 2.6% last Quarter. Corporate profits and the Dow Jones Industrial Average are at record levels. Unemployment is lowest in over a decade, our trade deficit is fast shrinking and many companies are relocating back to the US due to cheap energy and a favorable business environment.
    The Media ignores all these facts.

    • You are correct. I talk to people, and have not run into anyone who was a Trump supporter, and has backed off….No, I think they are much more supportive of him now, given his bravery in standing up to the above War by the Left to Overturn our election, which I posted above.

      I suspect that those who were neutral to him, are moving toward him, too.

      And, my belief is that he will win in 2020 with ~350 electoral votes.

      • I have not heard of anyone who voted for him who would not do so again. OTOH, I have heard of many who did not vote for him, that would now – as most of their fears about how he would govern turned out to be baseless.

        The media is full of liars. Pathetically bad liars who can only fool really stupid people. Like themselves.

  • Think about this…..the deeply connected, influential Democrat mayor of Charlottsville, knew the Nazi protest was coming to town…they had a legal permit to gather and speak their voice……..was his order to his police, to stand down and do nothing to separate the groups, deliberately calculated to foment violence between the organized, in many cases, paid for, hooded ‘Antifa’ thugs who have been going around the country, fomenting a hundred?…more?…..violent riots all over the country….the Charlottsville police KNEW these Leftist thugs were armed with deadly weapons, even a flame thrower, and acid they threw in people’s faces………was this violence CHOREOGRAPHED the Leftist Democrat party, and the Democrat mayor of Charlottsville?
    the WAR to Overturn Our Election……

    One Picture Equals 1000 Words…….

    The best way to view the memes is to enlarge them by clicking the double arrows in the lower right hand corner > ……in the lower right hand corner to share on Facebook, Twitter, …….or just email this link to this Meme to a friend.
    And, you can scroll thru more memes……just click the arrows to the sides.
    ⤵ Up Votes? ……Comments? [I wonder what people think of these memes……I seldom get any feedback]

  • “Nancy Pelosi’s talk of violence by ‘white supremacism’ ignores the shameful reality of leftist violence, like James T. Hodgkinson and BLM in our country today, and continues a disturbing pattern of complacency around such acts of hate.”

    There. I fixed it.

  • Well the first three paragraphs were true enough but the rest of the article was pure BS. There was one group of violent racists and bigots wearing riot gear and carrying Nazi and Rebel flags and then there were Americans there to protest their hate. To say otherwise is simply a false equivalence. Real americans don’t celebrate confederates and Nazis–they defeat them.

    • “then there were Americans there to protest their hate…” Are you insane?

      • Me insane? Please explain how anything I said makes you think that I’m insane.

  • The Antifa,BLM,New Black Panthers and others are the Democratic Party’s

  • Despite the media declaring this sort of “moral equivalency” off limits, a near-majority of Americans surveyed about last weekend’s events in Charlottesville blame the violent upheaval on “both sides” (40 percent) or on the Antifa Left (nine percent). Slightly fewer (46 percent) point the finger at the Alt-Right as the primary culprits. This result may stun members of the press who’ve spent days scolding anyone, including President Trump, who has raised the specter of left-wing violence in this context. It seems the general public isn’t nearly as horrified by Trump’s framing as “opinion leaders” are — via Axios:

  • A Marist poll out this week found that a strong majority of Americans, including roughly half of Democrats, oppose ripping down Confederate statues. As Rich Lowry wryly asks, how might eliminating tributes to America’s beloved founders poll? Before you go, read this Washington Post op/ed actually advocating violence against the Alt-Right, and this New York Times piece on the far-Left’s growing embrace of physical violence. It’s as if they’re committed to outdoing the president they loathe when it comes to alienating the country.

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