Thaddeus McCotter Talks Kid Rock

American Greatness Publisher Chris Buskirk discusses Kid Rock’s possible U.S. Senate candidacy with former Michigan congressman Thaddeus G. McCotter.

Chris Buskirk: Hi. I’m Chris Buskirk and Seth Leibsohn. Our guest is the honorable Thaddeus G. McCotter, former chair of the Republican house policy committee, and a died in the wool Michigander. Do I have that about right, Thad?

Thaddeus McCotter: That and I’m an American Greatness contributor.

Chris Buskirk: You certainly are and you’ve been doing yeoman’s work over there. I want to talk to you about the piece that you wrote for American Greatness over the weekend. Before we do that, there is a poll out, which I know will be of some interest to you, which shows … Who knows about polls this early on, right?

Thaddeus McCotter: Right.

Chris Buskirk: Having said all that, there is a poll out showing that the future senator from your state might have the last name of Rock. Senator Kid Rock, up eight over current Senator Debbie Stabenow. What do you think of that? What’s the lay of the land in Michigan? You’re our man on the ground there. What do you think about the possibility of Kid Rock for senate?

Thaddeus McCotter: Thank you. I’m not just on the ground. I’d like to think of myself as trampled under foot.

Chris Buskirk: I like the Zeppelin reference.

Thaddeus McCotter: Yeah. Kid Rock, I think people in Michigan are very excited about it. As you know, he’s one of our own. He’s born and raised her and he’s gone onto great things in the entertainment realm. People forget about Kid Rock as if he’s in exceptional entrepreneur, came out of the background. His dad was a car dealer here. He’s a business man. He’s not some guy who does music and concerts. He’s an entrepreneur. Exceptional marketer, clearly. When you have something like that, it’s not surprising that he’s a Republican. I think for the Republican party in many ways understands the strength of Senator Stabenow has showed over the years that she’s held elective office this state, that we would like somebody different than the traditional Republican that would just go up against her and lose gracefully. Kid Rock is there to shake things up and again, he’s not just an entertainer. He’s clearly and entrepreneur as well and he would fall on the conservative side of the economic spectrum clearly.

Chris Buskirk: Thad, what do people in Michigan think of Kid Rock in general. As you know, I’ve got a lot of in-laws up there. My wife is from Michigan and all of her family is still there. They generally seem to the extent that they’re thinking about Kid Rock. I think that they think fondly. They think that, here’s somebody who born and raised here, who didn’t go Hollywood. He didn’t move away. He came back and he has built some other businesses outside of his music business in Michigan, in Detroit.

Thaddeus McCotter: Chris, and you wrote the piece on Kid Rock too and I was really a lot of reaction. It’s clearly not a novel concept of something that people rule out of hand, especially on the left with Wish. He’s clearly someone who, in Michigan, has never forgotten his roots, who’s always stood by the fifties, stood by the auto industry, stood by our resilient people, of which we proudly call him one. That’s not lost upon the people here, especially in a period of time where people feel that Washington is so alienated and disconnected from real people in the heartland and throughout America. Someone like Kid Rock who’s, despite all the success he’s had, has never forgotten where he comes from, has always been humble in his dealings of people, very good to his fans, good to the people of Detroit.

That’s someone whose connected with real people that has been maintained despite extraordinary achievements, is a perfect tonic to this sense that the elector has that people go out to D.C. and they go Hollywood or forget where they came from. Kid Rock never has and if anybody had an excuse to do it, it would have been somebody like him. Thankfully, he didn’t. If he gets to the senate, you can be sure that if he didn’t forget where he came from after becoming Kid Rock, he’s not gonna forget where he came from after becoming a senator.

Chris Buskirk: Right. The question is why he’d want to do it, but God bless him for it. It’s a big job.

Thaddeus McCotter: Let me be clear, I’m certainly, I like Kid Rock. I met him a couple times. I think I valeted his car once. He’s a really nice guy so in no way, shape or form am I advocating for his to go do this.

Chris Buskirk: Right. You like him too much.

Thaddeus McCotter: Yeah. I like him, but if he does it, I’m all for it. Until he makes that decision, I’m just kind of like, “Dude. Who wants to go swimming in a cesspool swamp, man?”

Chris Buskirk: Well, Debbie stated-

Thaddeus McCotter: Especially when you’re Kid Rock.

Chris Buskirk: Yeah. Right. Exactly. You want to take about trading down. That seems like it to me. Rockstar or senator? I don’t know.


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