‘Boca Constrictor’ Has House Ethics Committee Tied in Knots

Generally, conservatives believe congressional Democrats do nothing constructive; thus, conservatives prefer congressional Democrats do nothing at all. The rationale is that, as it regards the fate of our free republic, the Left’s idle hands will do less damage in the Devil’s workshop than their active hands will do in Congress, however similar the two locales.

Once again, though, conservatives have underestimated the wily Left. Today, Congressional Democrats are devilishly damaging America by doing nothing at all.

It is the express duty of the members of the House Committee on Ethics to investigate allegations of wrongdoing against their colleagues. Given the gravity of such charges and the ensuing investigations, the ethics committee’s membership is unique: regardless of which party commands a House majority, the ethics committee is evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats (presently five members from each party). The chairman is from the majority party; and the ranking member is from the minority party. Yet, because the committee is evenly divided, it requires equity, collegiality and consensus to function.

The hope, then, of the House’s self-policing committee is that its members will set partisanship aside; fairly conduct themselves and all investigations; and ultimately produce a fact-based determination in the best interests—not of a peer or party—but of “The People’s House.” Historically, to their credit, both parties’ ethics committee members have performed their difficult duty.

That is, until the Boca Constrictor wrapped the committee in knots.

Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Boca Raton, Fla.), the ethics committee’s ranking member, has been dragging his heels on investigating House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who had been attacked by less than objective Left-wing groups, such as Moveon.org, for “disclosing” classified information.

The classified information Nunes allegedly “disclosed” concerned abuses by the Obama administration in unmasking and surveilling American citizens; and the individuals it was disclosed to were the president of the United States and the speaker of the House of Representatives (both of whom, one would think, had the requisite security clearances to view the information).

Given the absurdity of the allegations, Nunes took a temporary leave of absence from overseeing any Intelligence Committee activities related to “Russia-gate”; and took the unusual step of requesting the ethics committee investigate his actions and, he believed, promptly clear his good name.

Curiously, in the midst of the Democrats’ calls to investigate everything related to the GOP and Russia (including, per rumor, a dude named Boris who once valet parked Rep. Steve Pearce’s pick-up truck outside a swank New Mexico honkytonk), Deutch is frustrating an ethics committee inquiry into Nunes—though that hasn’t stopped the Boca Constrictor from spewing venom at Nunes, à la Rep. Adam “Pathfinder” Schiff’s infamous two-step: “I’d love to tell you why [insert victim’s name] is guilty of [insert smear], but my duties won’t let me.”

This tawdry routine allows Boca Constrictor Deutch to slither across Left-wing media outlets as Nunes’ judge, jury, and executioner in the media. But the Boca Constrictor can’t serve as prosecutor, because Deutch knows Nunes did nothing wrong. As a result, because Deutch does nothing; this means the equally apportioned Ethics Committee does nothing; and, Nunes’ name and fate hang under a manufactured “ethical cloud.”

Which is precisely where the Boca Constrictor and his Democrat cohorts want Nunes.

By constraining Nunes’ requested investigation—again, the only Russia-related inquiry not barreling through the Beltway faster than a bowl of borscht through one’s lower intestine—Boca Constrictor Deutch blocks Nunes from resuming his full duties as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee at the very time the sweeping extent of the Obama Administration’s abuses of unmasking and surveilling American citizens and illegal leaks are coming to light.

Indeed, based upon reports from the Washington Free Beacon and elsewhere, it is starting to seem the Obama Administration unmasked every American but Batman. Clearly, the last thing the Democrats want is Nunes back in full command and delving into their dark chapter of executive branch abuses.

Americans—not the least of which the victims of these Obama Administration abuses and leaks— demand and deserve the truth. Thus does Boca Constrictor Deutch’s do nothing scheme do real harm to real people and our republic.

Still, there is a solution. Trusting in the fairness of the ethics committee—including its Democratic members—to clear his name, Nunes took a voluntary leave of absence from Russia-gate related matters. He did not recuse himself from them. So, should the Boca Constrictor continue to dishonor the trust placed in him as ranking member of the ethics committee by blocking an ethics inquiry to silence Nunes on the Obama Administration’s abuses, all Nunes need do is cut the Ted weight.

Nunes should end his voluntary leave of absence and investigate the Obama Administration’s unmasking and surveillance abuses against American citizens and illegal leaks of classified information.

Sure, Deutch and his Democratic colleagues, to say nothing of their elite media allies, will find this hard to swallow; but Nunes’ good name will be cleared by something far more powerful than an ethics Committee bound up by the Boca Constrictor.

Devin Nunes will be vindicated by his deeds on behalf of the American people.

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33 responses to “‘Boca Constrictor’ Has House Ethics Committee Tied in Knots”

    • Offer them a few thousand bucks and the might be able to get it done. They’ll hire some 4 year old and give them a quarter to do it for them.

  1. What’s he waiting for? The GOP is getting rolled, again, by Dems who don’t even control a single part of a single branch.

  2. The utter refusal of the GOP to bring these dirtbags to account is absolutely infuriating. They hide behind their rules and traditions and propriety to not do what needs to be done. It’s like they don’t really want anything to change.

    • “It’s like they don’t really want anything to change.”

      Of COURSE THEY DON’T. They never have. They are wholly in the pay and pockets of their Owner/Donors (Big Money, the Banks, Wall St, the Chamber of Commerce).

      • This particular post about the swamp was written by swamp scum: Old Thaddeus, as I’m sure you all remember, was a Washington insider who was forced to resign in disgrace from Congress for corrupt activities. It just never ends.

    • Nunes recuses himself from the Russia joke. Sessions recuses himself from the Russia joke. Meanwhile, what Democrat has ever recused him or herself from anything? Ruth Bader Ginsberg should recuse herself from any decision regarding the president due to her stated animosity. Will she? Hell no! Elena Kagan recuse herself from an Obamacare decision she argued for while Solicitor General? Yeah, right.

      Meanwhile, Republicans (in name only) cower in the face of AARP and media opposition. We can only repeal Obamacare when we have a Democrat president who will veto our paper tiger stance. Our shameful Republican senators continue to act as if they can be re-elected by Democrats. They attack the president of their party (John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse).

      When has this ever happened on the other side? When Bill Clinton serial raped or abused women. When he sold aerospace technology to China and took their campaign money. When he laughed at Ron Brown’s funeral. When the Rose law firm billing records mysteriously appeared on a table in the White House. When the Travel Office employees were unceremoniously fired and charged with crimes so that Hillary’s cronies could get that business. How about when Obama lied without explanation or remorse about the ACA. When he declared the IRS corruption-free after they admitted to targeting conservatives. When Obama’s AG hid behind “executive privilege” for a gun-running sting gone sideways and said AG was found to be in “contempt of Congress” — the first time in American history.

      No Democrat sided with the truth and justice. They circled the wagons and did what their media allies wanted them to do.

      Republicans fold like cheap suits. Trump was absolutely right to call out Sessions, whom most of us thought had a backbone. He abdicated his duties to a guy that has been part of the swamp for years. And now we have Mueller. Comey gets fired and now we have McCabe, a guy whose wife took three-quarters of a million from a PAC run by Terry McAuliffe, the former head of the DNC under the Clintons.

      They have no shame. We wear shame we don’t even own. I wish I could give a testosterone boost to D.C. Republicans. Unfortunately it wouldn’t help the Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowskis and Shelley Caputos of the world. Much less the Rob Portmans, Jeff Flakes and Rob Hellers.

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  3. I agree with McCotter. Nunes should just return and while doing so, point out the failure of the ethics committee to *do its job*. MAGA!

  4. Another issue which is puzzling.

    Why is it only Senator Warner and Adam Schiff are the only ones from the Intelligence committees on TV every single day.
    Where is Senator Burr? Where is whoever, I don’t know who he is, the House Chairman of the Intelligence Committee.
    THEY ARE NEVER ON TV giving Trump’s side.
    You would think that Warner and Schiff are in charge. And for the Republicans to allow this narrative to continue is an utter disgrace.

    • Nice try at obfuscation but Burr just called out Nunes for being a fake and instigating the false unmasking allegations without evidence.

      • You said “Burr just called out” If the poster didn’t know, then it is not obfuscation.

      • Swamp monster Burr is owned by big Pharma and is attacking Nunes because he’s getting called out for his own corruption and is desperate to deflect.

  5. meanwhile, the Co-founder of firm behind the fake Trump-Russia dossier to plead the Fifth


    FBI used dossier allegations to bolster Trump-Russia investigation

    FBI used Trump-Russia dossier to get Carter Page FISA warrant

    Comey Used Buzzfeed’s Fake Dossier To Build His Trump, Russia house of cards

    FBI Sued Over Fake Trump-Russia Dossier

    Report: Pro-Clinton Group Behind Russian Dossier on Trump

    FBI agreed to pay former British spy responsible for fake Russia dossier

    • There are a lot of people who should be in jail for crimes ordinary people would already be convicted for..
      If this continues the pitchforks and torches may come out.

  6. Did the Democrats win the 2016 election? From the amount of investigations against Republicans you would think they did. Why are the Republicans allowing this to happen? Once again the Republicans are playing this as a croquet match when the Dems are suited in armor for gladiator death matches. I am sick and tired of this spectacle. Republicans please man up and face the battle.

  7. Richard Burr, GOP head of the senate Russia investigation, says that Devin Nunes completely fabricated the whole unmasking thing. You’d think that would at least get a mention in an article on this topic.

    • Burr is another weak spineless alcoholic GOP RINO terrified of the liberal media.

  8. This is of the same vein as Sessions recusing himself. Behaving honorably when faced with Elemental Evil is neither smart now honorable. Wicked people simply see honor as weakness and use it as a weapon to attack you with.

    • Recusal is not honorable, it is a cowardly convenience. The enemy must be engaged.
      ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.’

    • Exactly. Which is why Schiff hasn’t recused himself for disclosing confidential information in public.
      Media applied pressure to Nunes, and he stupidly blinked.

      Moron needs to un-recuse himself ASAP and start throwing grenades at Obama Regime and Clinton criminals, pronto.

  9. Having any current politician on an “ethics “committee” is about as oxymoronic as you’re going to get.

    • Maybe not. Politicians are more ethical when they make you an offer you can’t refuse; than when they throw an innocent Muslim videographer in jail.

  10. Time for the GOP Congress to grow or borrow a pair and put an end to Democrat obstructionism.

    • The uniparty membership needs to diminish rapidly over the next few elections if America is to survive. America will definitely not survive with $20T debt and nothing but grifters in congress.

  11. What a crock of horse dung. We learned from Mitch. Sucks to be you doesn’t it Thad… And Nunes committed a crime by leaking NSA material.

    • To the President and Speaker of the House………….????
      Go chew on some leather.
      It will give you something to do.

  12. Is this really Thaddeus McCotter? The Thaddeus McCotter who defrauded the constituents of his congressional district, of whom I was one, with Falsified Petitions in his failed reelection campaign? You, sir, have NO authority and no moral standing from which to lecture anyone on ETHICS.