Goodbye Joe Scarborough . . . Hello, Kid Rock

Joe Scarborough is out and Kid Rock is in.

Joe made official his departure from the Republican Party this week, following in the footsteps of other pundits such as George Will and Bret Stephens. Good riddance. Meanwhile in Michigan, Kid Rock announced he would seek the Republican nomination to challenge incumbent do-nothing Democrat Debbie Stabenow.

Scarborough’s departure from the GOP the same week Kid Rock threw his trucker cap into the ring nicely illustrates the current political fault lines.

The 2016 election was about who rules in America. Will it be an aloof, self-interested class of patrician mandarins who attend the same schools, have the same accents, and repeat the same noxious pieties? Or will the American people rule themselves? Those were the stakes. Those continue to be the stakes.

Scarborough is a fitting avatar for the striving, elite careerist eager to demonstrate his moral and cultural superiority over average Americans while Kid Rock revels in redneck cool.  

The contrast between the two is striking.

Scarborough is at home in Washington. Kid Rock lives in Detroit.

Joe curries favor with coastal elites. Kid Rock is at home in the middle of the country. And it’s no wonder: He’s travelled the country by bus and minivan on more than 25 tours with legends like Lynyrd Skynyrd and David Allen Coe.

Kid Rock has the long, stringy hair of ’70s rock gods while Scarborough wears a Ken doll bouffant—a requirement for male TV anchors so hackneyed that it has become a stock punchline.

Perhaps most striking is the music. Kid Rock plays straightforward American rock and roll. Scarborough sings Britpop retreads steeped in the sort of hipster self-regard that is unbecoming in a 20-year-old student at a small liberal arts college let alone in a middle-aged man.

But it’s Trump’s party now and Michigan turned red last November. The state that gave us muscle cars, Motown, and groundbreaking rockers like the MC5 and Iggy Pop is ready to roar. While Washington obsesses on Russia and idolizes Scarborough (his low rated show is must-see TV in New York and D.C.) Detroit is focused on jobs, trade, and national security. And if he really runs, Republicans would likely nominate native son Kid Rock as their candidate for Senate. Debbie Stabenow might want to update her résumé. (“Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet seeks work. Relevant experience includes carrying water and speaking only when spoken to.”)

If his initial reception is any guide, the Powers-That-Be will take Kid Rock literally but not seriously. They did the same thing with Donald Trump. Voters got it; the political pros didn’t. And Michigan might very well see the same result.

This says something about Michigan but more about America. For decades California has been this country’s bellwether. Where California led, the nation followed. That’s one of the reasons Trump won. The Golden State, once the incarnation of the American Dream, is collapsing. The state’s defenders—there are a few—will say, “Hey, California is the world’s sixth-largest economy!” But behind that bit of boosterism lies illegal immigration, legal drugs, out-of-control state spending, massive unfunded pension liabilities resulting from years of the legislature paying off the public sector unions, crumbling infrastructure, and a gap between rich and poor that resembles nothing so much as the plantation states of Central America whose example California is eagerly following—a state divided between the monied gentry and the people who serve them.

California is now a vision of a potential American dystopian future. Michigan has tasted that future in Detroit and may have had enough. The state has a Republican governor but hasn’t had a Republican Senator since Spencer Abraham lost his re-election bid in 2000. Kid Rock could break that drought.

When Michigan native Mitt Romney (also the owner of a Ken doll bouffant) was the candidate, Republicans didn’t stand a chance. His home state remained the cornerstone of the Democrats vaunted “blue wall” that gave them a lock on the electoral college. Before Trump, no Republican presidential candidate had won the state in nearly 30 years. Romney lost it by nine points to Barack Obama.

Kid Rock supported both Romney and Trump and identifies himself with the more libertarian wing of the party. But being from Detroit and having a long-term business relationship with Chevrolet, one would probably be safe to assume that his libertarianism probably extends to free speech and skepticism of foreign military misadventures rather than to the free trade absolutism and open borders of think-tank libertarians. In other words, the common sense American libertarianism that says, “you mind your business and I’ll mind mine.” 

When they read the lyrics to some of Kid Rock’s early songs the pearl-clutchers will bemoan the lost virtue of the Republican Party (“Oh, the language!“), but voters just want someone who represents their interests and gets the job done. Less talk, more action. The return of rough around the edges citizen-politicians may offend the delicate sensibilities of our ruling class, but it’s what America’s Founders wanted and what the times demand.

The “decadent, lazy, spoiled” Americans who aren’t good enough for Bill Kristol and who ex-conservative Bret Stephens wants to deport and replace with cheap foreign imports, the small towns that National Review’s Kevin Williamson says deserve to die are fighting for their lives. They want their country back. And they have more in common with Kid Rock than with the Republican elites who have turned their backs on flyover America.

Kid Rock (real name: Robert James Ritchie) made it big in the early ’00s with a blue collar blend of hip hop and heavy metal. He made it bigger when he started playing a pop-friendly form of Southern rock that embraced the good, the bad, and the ugly in middle America in a big bear hug. And that probably gives ruling class Republicans the vapors. (“Not a true conservative!” “If this is the Republican Party, I’m out!” “Good heavens, we’re slouching towards Gomorrah.”)

Where the ruling class self-consciously affects the outward forms of those to the manor born, Kid Rock embraces white trash chic. He’ll be mocked for wearing wife-beater t-shirts, thick gold chains, and drinking PBR. You can bet he’s not “serious enough” for the dandies at National Review or The Weekly Standard. George Will would probably threaten to leave the Republican Party if Kid Rock were nominated, but you can only quit once. And don’t tell David French or he’ll have to take a weekend off to consider whether he should move to Michigan and run as an independent to save the unwashed masses from the towns that deserve to die from themselves.

On his Facebook Page, Kid Rock told his nearly 6 million fans that Stabenow “is better at playing politics than I am so I’ll keep doing what I do best, which is being a voice for tax paying, hardworking AMERICANS and letting politicians like her know that We the People are sick and tired of their bullshit!”

What Republican handwringers ominously call populist-nationalism (scare quotes optional) is just self-government and patriotism by another name. Kid Rock, like Donald Trump, is an interloper who threatens to upset the established pecking order. The old guard won’t like it. They never do. But resistance is futile. Rather than representing a degraded future, perhaps Kid Rock represents a return of upstart citizen legislators who are not beholden to institutional power structures but to the people alone. 

Take it from Kid Rock: It’s time to stop worrying and learn to love the American Bad Ass.


About Chris Buskirk

Chris is publisher and editor of American Greatness and the host of The Chris Buskirk Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and received a fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and digital marketing. He is a frequent guest on NPR's "Morning Edition." His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

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294 responses to “Goodbye Joe Scarborough . . . Hello, Kid Rock”

    • No, somebody with common sense. As we say in recovery, it’s our best thinking that got us here.

      • “Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18.”

  1. Populism is the term elites use when the outcomes of democracy aren’t to their liking.

    • Populism that leads to keeping millions comfortably numb to what will actually better their lot – taking the initiative to actively manage their lives instead of expecting their leaders to continue a right-leaning version of the Blue Social Model … isn’t to the liking of many of us who are less than elite.

      Fortunately, the President hasn’t gone that far into populism.

      While they may look down upon the masses, there is truth in what Kristol and Williamson said about them. As long as us ordinary folk refuse to take charge of our lives, we will be fighting a losing battle to save our communities.

      • Of course, that has nothing to do with the simple FACT that every single time we’ve tried in the last 60 years, some globalist has been there to put us down, rig the law towards Leftists and GOPe globalists, and import enough illegal votes to keep themselves in power while making sure there are no jobs for “big burly men”. Every legal avenue is blocked…. which is why the next thing after Trump (if you NeverTrumpers succeed in stopping him) is Civil War II.

      • Keep in mind, I voted for Trump, and support him even more today.

        But not even Donald Trump can Make America Great Again, as long as we simply punch in, do what we’re told, and punch out expecting our leaders to insulate us from actually having to be responsible and productive in a competitive world.

      • Ritchie:
        Boy ! Have YOU ever got it down correctly.
        We now have a PRESIDENT ! Not a muslim fraud. We now have a real chance to bring our country back to her rightful place.
        2018 Will help greatly if THE PEOPLE remain steadfast and elect NO democRATs and get rid of all the Rinos and “Nevertrumpers”.
        Schumer and his band of liars are deliberately torpedoing or slowing down everything the Trump administration is trying to do. Then they will stand up and piously assume the moral high ground whils accusing Trump of being a “do nothing” President and not following through with his campaign promises.
        Stop them ! 2018….. NO democRATS….. NO Rinos !

      • But,the mainstream media won’t report all of President Trump’s many accomplishments.President Trump and Kid Rock should both win in landslides.

      • The MSM reported Obama’s claimed “successes” nonstop but that didn’t get Hilly elected to his third term and didn’t protect Congressional Dems either.
        Dems and MSM can successfully lie to Americans about credit default swaps and collateralized debt obligations, and they can fudge climate models and unemployment numbers, but they can’t lie to us about our personal economic reality and make us believe we have good jobs and good schools and good neighborhoods if we don’t.
        People will KNOW the Trump difference because the difference will be an improvement in their own lives and/or visible, undeniable improvement for family, neighbors, friends, colleagues.
        When that’s not reported by the lefty MSM, then the MSM will lose even more credibility and audience share.

      • Didn’t that all change the day Trump was elected? All of a sudden the good job numbers are now legit and we now have jobs for everyone and great schools thanks to the Donald.

      • Based on the US data on Labor Force Participation Rate, employment as a whole has gone up since late 2016 … That means that businesses become more optimistic, and hired more people, it is too early to tell what affect Trump policies will have … but it is a given that had Hillary been elected the participation rate would have dropped. The monthy unemployment numbers only how may people are still looking for jobs after having lost them. It says nothing about those that have retired early or those who could work, but are not looking for work.

      • No, evil Dems still populate the agencies. But if you care about facts, look at the number of full time to part time jobs created now. Obama created low wage and part time jobs then claimed the economy was great. President Trump is creating more high pay jobs and fewer part time jobs. Trump created 9,000 mining jobs in April and more since, mining service jobs too. Obama killed those good jobs on purpose and left those American families to rot. HRC bragged about wanting to kill more good jobs.
        Dems are just evil.

      • Exactly, the snowflake liberals can’t seem to understand that President Trump’s biggest accomplishments to date as far as the economy is concerned are the executive orders eliminating many of the job-killing regulations that Obama put in place. The promise of the coming tax cuts have also been a boost.

      • No, not the government making their lives better; government getting out of the way and ditching anti-job regulations so they get a good job and make their own lives better.
        The Democrats are the confused bunch, or evil or both.

      • No, they want the Dems in government to stop killing good jobs with regs and high taxes. It doesn’t make sense to you because you want the government to control you and fix your life.

      • 100% of those inflicted on us by ObumblerCare and 100% of those inflicted on us by Obama otherwise.

      • All we get from the Media and the Democrats is their Made Up Narrative Lies…..NOTHING is reported about what is really happening…

        The biggest news SHOULD BE the Coup d’Etat attempt against President Trump…you know…that guy the American People ELECTED to be their president.

      • Right, he has so many accomplishments. Can’t repeal Obamacare. No tax bill. Travel ban stuck down by courts. Lots of unconstitutional executive orders by King D but that’s about it.

      • Travel ban struck down by lawless judges. Trump’s executive orders, unlike your bumbuddy Obama’s, are constitutional. Tax reform to come. One of out four. What a genius you are.

      • Yes, he may get 2 or 3 appointments … he could reform the Supreme Court for the next 20 years …. That would be a real plus!

      • By the way his travel ban was upheld by the courts, with some minor adjustments …made because of the delays caused by the earlier ruling made without regard for the law of the land. He made some great appointments the most important being to the Supreme Court, and many others that are being held up by the Dems. I have heard of no unconstitutional executive orders … he did repeal a lot of Obama’s ….Unconstitutional EOs …. Obama even by-pass Congress in terms of making appointments without their concent! By most likely you do not know about that!

      • Get over that pipe dream. Democrats will take back the senate and make big gains in the House in 2018. Get used to it.

      • Ah, no, per the Senate. The Dems have 24 seats on the block next year with at least 6-8 up for grabs. The GOP has 8, most of which are secure.

      • “Most of which were considered secure before the Trumpster fire.”
        Fixed that for you.

      • Odd, I don’t recall asking you to fix anything for me.

      • You may have noticed there is a major scandal going on. Remember the 74 election after Nixon resigned. Democrats increased their numbers by the dozens.

      • Let me know when you have any evidence to support that scandal other than the wishful thinking of Democrats and its media propaganda arm.

        I remember Watergate — followed it in the news and watched the hearings. The two major differences are that scandal began with real evidence of a crime, with people arrested, and the opposition party controlled Congress. Oh, and people then trusted the media to tell the truth; today, they have more faith in a used car saleman.

      • Several major differences:
        The Democrats controlled Congress.
        The MSM was the only news source available and people still trusted it.
        Nixon never enjoyed such hardcore support from his base.
        An actual crime was proven from the beginning of the story.

      • Taking about “pipe dreams”, the next federal election is over a year from now …. by then many of the reforms will have been enacted, and people will be back to work …. The Great Recession of 2007-2016 was a market correction until Obama made it into an extended recession …. the population will be pro Trump and on top of that, the Dems has become the OLD Liberal/Progressive (regressive) Democrat Party. the young are moving to the Republican Party.

      • Boy you have a interesting view of history. Huge banks almost went under until Bush and Congress bailed them out. You may remember TARP. That’s hardly a market correction, The young are going Republican? You really do live in a fantasy world like Trump who said blacks would vote for overwhelmingly. Well the millennials certainly didn’t vote for Trump. In fact they think he’s a monster.

      • The bail out was a mistake … TARP was a mistake …. they did not the courage or understanding of Coolidge … Now I can tell you are not an economic history major …. but economic history gives the reasons why what happen and not the story line that the political history does. Bush wanted to make a correction to the housing policies, but the Democrats would not hear of it, and the Republicans were too chicken to speak up ….. so Bush dropped the issues, which then exploded in 2007 …. to the benifit of Obama. Trump was a responce to Obama, and the Democrats have no valid issues to run on ….. now as Trump/Congress appoint judges, and repeal anti-employment regulation … and the inner city Blacks parents see that there are better schools, and the news media will end up talking about the topic that matter ….

      • I can see you’re not an English major. Gosh, look over what you wrote and try to put together a coherent sentence. Bush wanted to make a correction to the housing policies but Democrats wouldn’t let him? Is that your point? Republicans controlled the WH and the congress for three quarters of the Bush administration. Why didn’t they make any changes then? Perhaps because they had no intention of changing anything. Conservatives as you may recall don’t believe in regulation. Therefore they had no problem with banks lending to anyone and everyone even if they couldn’t afford their mortgage

      • The Dems gave us the GREAT RECESSION for eight years, why would the working man vote for another recession? And the POOR got poorer under the Democrats, with Trump they will be getting better schools for thier kids, and better jobs for working age people….. NO, Dave you have better get use to Republicans in Congress, in the Courts, and as Presidents for a long time …. every now and then there is a change, and the change was advanced by Obama and Hillary. We cannot thank Obama for much, but we can thank him for all the Republicans he got elected during his eight years in office.

      • You’d like to think that wouldn’t you? Stop watching. I’m sure they didn’t cover but the Great Recession began under the Bush watch. I know you know that

      • How can he make it great again when he is an elitist globalist?

      • Utter bullshyte.

        If President Trump was a member of the global elite, the global elite wouldn’t be savaging him at every opportunity trying to destroy his presidency.

        The fact is, President Trump is the exact opposite of the globalist elite.

      • He even calls himself an elitist you poor rubenski

        Here’s more Trump:

        “I think I’m in a minority, but I feel differently about golf. I feel golf should be an aspirational game, something people aspire to. People should come to golf, golf shouldn’t come to them.” …

        “Golf should be something beautiful, elegant, something people aspire to play eventually.” …

        “It may be elitist, and perhaps that’s what golf needs. Let golf be elitist. When I say ‘aspire,’ that’s a positive word. Let people work hard and aspire to some day be able to play golf. To afford to play it. They’re trying to teach golf to people who will never be able to really play it. They’re trying too hard. Because of the expense of playing, and the land needed, golf is never going to be basketball, where all you need is a court.

        “All these great athletes, you know what they do when they retire? They do nothing but play golf. Basketball players, hockey players, football players, all they want to do is golf.

      • Trump likes golf. I guess that settles it. He’s really an elite globalist who wants what every Democrat elite globalist wants — open borders, socialist economy, rule by transnational orgs, a multicultural/multilingual America. Yup, sure looks like Trump.

      • Beginning of story. He is trying to change US laws and policies so it makes sense for smart businessmen to make things in America… Make America Great Again.

      • MAGA? So lets hire foreign workers instead of those citizens in the US. Oh BTW 40-45% of the illegals here today are from people overstaying their visas.

      • Most of those overstaying their visas are students… which is a racket pushed by the university system in this country. I agree that we need to crack down on those overstaying.

      • Nope, its the seasonal workers but don’t let facts get in your way

      • Wrong. Of those that weren’t from “Visa Waiver” countries and had their visas run out between 9/19 and 10/16, 13,504 of the overstayers were business travelers and visa workers; 40,949 were foreign students.

      • Whats the point of lying when its all verifiable?

      • Breitbart? HAHA, now if you would have read what I posted you would know that they don’t breakdown overstays but what kind of visa they are on. Breitbart for all your fake news needs. LOL

      • I see that you don’t refute any of their facts but prefer to rely on the “interpretation” of a liberal-leaning source.

      • I refuted their facts with my link that shows they do not breakdown who the overstays are. OWNED

      • NOT. They actually do have a fairly detailed breakdown, unlike the link that you shared.

      • No, doofus, he calls GOLF elitist, when compared to other sports. Sports has little to do with the real world.

      • He even calls himself and Elitist. Jesus you people are stupid

      • Globalists seek to lord it over us and impose their “superior” will.

        Trump does not seek that … and therefore facilitates Making America Great Again, by protecting OUR freedom to do so.

      • Here’s more Trump:

        “I think I’m in a minority, but I feel differently about golf. I feel golf should be an aspirational game, something people aspire to. People should come to golf, golf shouldn’t come to them.” …

        “Golf should be something beautiful, elegant, something people aspire to play eventually.” …

        “It may be elitist, and perhaps that’s what golf needs. Let golf be elitist. When I say ‘aspire,’ that’s a positive word. Let people work hard and aspire to some day be able to play golf. To afford to play it. They’re trying to teach golf to people who will never be able to really play it. They’re trying too hard. Because of the expense of playing, and the land needed, golf is never going to be basketball, where all you need is a court.”

        “All these great athletes, you know what they do when they retire? They do nothing but play golf. Basketball players, hockey players, football players, all they want to do is golf.

      • So what? That type of elite behavior doesn’t threaten my liberty, any more so than someone with a private jet.

        The elitism that you need to be opposing, is the elitism exhibited by Hillary, when she declared “I WILL INVEST IN YOU!” … as though she could know YOU well enough from her lofty perch to get that right, let alone take your resources and regulate your behavior in that effort.

        That is the arrogant, condescending, hubris of the elite that is ruining this nation … an elitism that makes everyone vulnerable to the failings of that elite, while restricting our ability to work around their failures.

        You’re swallowing that toxic camel whole, while you strain at gnats about golf.

      • “Only I can fix this” That’s as elitist as you can get, Simple Jack.

      • So let me get this straight saying “only I can fix this” isn’t lord it over us elitism? Dude, you are a moron

      • If the fix involves removing roadblocks to OUR ability to make things better ourselves … that is NOT lord-it-over-us elitism.

        Especially when the set of potential “fixers” he was referring to, was the pools of Presidential candidates of each party. He was the ONLY one, by thinking outside-the-box of conventional political wisdom and acting without fear, who would not let the opposition and their media allies continue to impose their lord-it-over-us elitism.

        So who’s the moron, here?

      • Still better than continuing with Progressives who WANT them to stay here.

        It takes time to drain the swamp.

        Your attempt at applying Alinsky Rule Four is scored as a FAIL.

      • It takes time to drain the swamp so Trumps asks for 15,000 more foreign worker visas? MAGA you moron

      • What are those workers going to be doing here? I’m willing to give the admin the benefit of the doubt for now, instead of swinging the broad brush like morons do.

        The alternatives would be worse. Count on it … do you have someone better??? Let’s hear it. Who would challenge the status quo more than Trump has?

      • I doubt that the people that he is getting rid of in the swamp are qualified to do the jobs that those foreign workers are being brought in to do.

      • Are you really George Costanza? You need to start doing the opposite of your initial reaction and, then, you might start making some sensible statements. I think that it is you that has been duped into thinking that more government is the answer.

      • Im not the one who voted for Trump in hopes he would make my life better.

      • That is the opposite of being an elitist. The elitists want to subsidize golf (with other people’s money) so that those that can’t afford it can play for free. He also doesn’t think that you must go to college to have a successful life, which is why he is pushing apprenticeships.

      • OMG no wonder you don’t see that Trump is an elitist because you don’t even know what the word means. LOL




        adjective: elitist


        relating to or supporting the view that a society or system should be led by an elite.”older men with an elitist attitude about music”

        demonstrating a superior attitude or behavior associated with an elite.”some that say he is a spoiled, elitist snob”


        noun: elitist; plural noun: elitists


        a person who believes that a society or system should be led by an elite.”critics portray him as an out-of-touch elitist”

        synonyms:aristocrat, blue blood;

        snob “the elitists wield too much influence”

      • Because he doesn’t think we should subsidize golf he, therefore, believes that we should be led by an elite? Your analogy makes no sense.

      • Globalist? Are you kidding? He’s the antithesis of a globalist. Even the elites that you ignorantly admire call him a nationalist.

      • HAHA, first you don’t know who I admire but we know who you do. Secondly, being a “nationalist” doesn’t make you exempt from being an elitist. Trump call himself an elitist also trumps DHS just asked for 15,000 in extra foreign visas for workers which 40% overstay their visas becoming illegal, MAGA!!!!!!!

      • Keep in mind you’re in the minority jack. Polls show Trump is least popular President in history.

      • Would those be the same lopsided polls that showed Clinton had a 98% chance of winning?

      • I agree that we can’t just simply punch in. But we need government off our ass to say start a small business and not be taxed and regulated to death.

      • Millionaire who hires foreign labor and has business in multiple countries all while taking funds from his foundation to buy himself gifts and pay for legal fees.

      • F Kristof and Williamson. They need to take charge of their lives. Worthless, especially Kristol.

      • It is the LEFT that keep the POOR from getting an education, for half the price that they spend on education … from the LEFT view point it is not the students that count, but the employees, the employees vote. Under the LEFT the POOR has gotten poorer, and the super WEALTHY got wealthier. We need the Repubicans to enable to poor to move up, and the middle class to expand.

    • Agree. Also agree with this:

      “What Republican handwringers ominously call populist-nationalism (scare quotes optional) is just self-government and patriotism by another name.”

    • Red state strategy to punish elites: give them a tax cut so they keep more of their wealth and make it cheaper to send their kids to private school. Red state guy loses ssi can’t afford beer and cigarettes at speedway=priceless.

      • Tax Cuts on the wealth ends up having the WEALTHY earn more and in return pay more, with others paying a lower percentage of the taxes collected … as Pres. Kennedy point out back in the 1960s. And yes, they may send their kids to private schools, which cost the tax payers less. Trump is also budgeting more money so that the POOR parents can send their kids to better schools. So the adverage Joe in the RED & BLUE states ends up paying less taxes, and can send their kids to better schools too. As for cigarettes, only people who have money to burn can afford cigarettes.

      • Ah, the trinkle down, supply side arguement thats a bunch of bs its cheaper for school disctricts or how a 2,000 voucher is going to help a family that grosses 60,000 afford 20,000 dollar a year in private tuition . Still doesn’t detract from the paul ryan/trump lie that elites are going to made to pay. Just old bush ideas remarketed and sold as snake oil populism by using focus group buzz words. It’s fraud to fool red state guy. I’m all for letting them take it away. Herbert Hoover would be proud.

      • This, exactly. The number of people who would actually send their kids to the prep school with a $2,000 voucher but not without is miniscule. The people who already send their kids there get a nice windfall, though, which is the real point. Take from the middle class and give to the rich, that’s the GOP motto.

      • This, exactly. The number of people who would actually send their kids to the prep school with a $2,000 voucher but not without is miniscule. The people who already send their kids there get a nice windfall, though, which is the real point. Take from the middle class and give to the rich, that’s the GOP motto.

      • St. Peter’s Prep has kids from wealthy parents to very poor parents, if the parents received a $2,000 voucher (it should be more for the poor), it would enable each class to have 10% more students coming from the inner city. That would improve the life of many poor people … It would also help the middle class people like myself to send their children to better schools. Now I so not agree that the number would be “minuscule”, but I agree that it does not help as many as should be help! What the state should do is give the parents of each student in the same grade in the same state, the same amount. Then let the parents pick the school that is best for their child. This would safe taxpayers lots of tax revenue, while giving the students the best education the funds could buy. This would benifit everyone in the country.

      • I’m curious as to the source of your 10% figure. The tuition as St. Peter’s is $16,300. With a $2,000 voucher, it comes down to $14,300. Do you really think that’s going to make the difference for any inner city family? Or even middle class family? The median household income last year was $56,500. Taxes and housing would take over half of that, not to mention clothes, food, medical expenses etc. There’s no way the average family is going to scrape together $14,300 for education when they can go to public school for free. This brings up another issue, though. Should taxpayers really be subsdizing religious education? If the Catholic Church qualifies for vouchers, wouldn’t you also have to give them to madrassa students?

      • St. Peter’s cover part of the cost of their tuition for all students, parents and alumni donate to the school (like I do each year) … if they would increase the cost by $2000 on all (making the net cost the same), they would have $2000 time the number of students in each class … it use to be 125 or there about, there may be more now …. that would give the school extra funds to expand their free scholarships program to include about 15 more students. As for religious education, the responsibilty is for the state to provide the funding, not the means … Government Schools also teach religion (secular humanism) which violates our Constitution …. As for the madrassa students if that is the choice of the parents, moslem parents complain that their schools are too far way … I have visited some charter schools established by moslems which were very good schools …. all schools should have to provide the basic reading, writing , math and science skills that are expected (currently many “public schools are not). The schools would be evaluated by the parents (the ones with a vested interest in the students … Currently St.Peter’s get a number of non Chotholic students (most), of which a number are Jewish (our biggest donator, redid our library), Presbyterians like my son and my nephew, moslems, and various other religions. We send our children their for the quality of the education, and the values …. and the public service that they teach (my son taught math of public school students a year of two younger) the public school was very appreciative. As a tax payer we save you money, we cost half as much as government schools.

      • First we were not talking about Trinkle Down …. you may want to tax the wealthy becasue you failed to become as wealthy as others have ….. but reducing your envy is not the purpose to taxation, to raise revenue is the purpose of taxation. Now you may not know it, but one raise the same amount of revenue if the tax rate is 0% or 100% ….namely zero revenue, where the max tax revenue is is somewhere in between those two rates. Good Public Policy is to find that best rate. ….. Now the public school in my area cost $15,000 not counting the retirement funds that the state is suppose to pay (but doesn’t) … the non-government school that I sent my kids to cost $10,000 … this gave a better education (along with better values) to my son and daughter, a benifit to the nation, as well as saving the tax payers money …. now since then my son’s school cost $15,000 and the “public school” cost $20,000. Now my brother runs a charter school in the inner city, which cost the city less (about 50%) than the public schools, and his student learn 1.25 years worth of learning while the public school students (students who did not win the lottery) learn .75. That means in eight years his student will learn 10 years of learning while the public school students learn six years of learning. My brother students will graduate from hight school and most likely go on to futher their education more up to the middle class or better, the public school kids will drop out (currently 75%) and end up dead, in jail, or a parent before they are 20. The money to send kids to non-government schools benifits everyone, but it benifit the POOR most. It was Obama’s /Hillary policies that help make the POOR really poorer, and the SUPER WEALTHY wealthy during these last eight years, and the most working age people were unemployed since FDR’s Great Depression.

      • Nah, you are wrong, they did trinkle down for 12 years empirically it increased the deficit not government revenue. Ironically, clinton’s 1993 tax increase led to the first govt surplus in a half century. Yes, in Scandinavia, where Regan’s policy advisors got the idea, this theory works but you got to have an effective tax rate of 50+ to get the return. In amercia where the effective tax rate is around 20+ it doesn’t increase govt receipts. There are no free lunches or free cruise missiles. You gotta tax to have a trillion dollar defense budget and trillion dollar OADSI system

      • There was an increase in revenue from the Reagans tax cut, however there was also an increase in the Deficit, since Congress spent more than they got in ….

      • Oh, the Newt Gingrich’s surplus you speak of was because Newt was Speaker of the House and excersized a great deal of control … creating a lot of hard feeling, causing him to loose the Speakership the following year … In NJ and in Conn both state had a tax aimed at millionaires and the state lost tax revenue as the result …. If you want high tax revenue, the Corp tax rate needs to be around 15% to 20% unless the Corpation has no choice but to have their headquarters in the USA. Taxes are not the only thing that cuts revenue … excessive regulations (federal, state, or local) can also kill the economy … a strong economy yields good tax revenue. …. also needed is a rational tax base … Congress should repeal all taxes on the first $200,000 of personal income (Fed. Inc. Tax, FICA taxes, FUI tax) and the first $1,000,000 of business income and diviends should be treated as an expence (cost of capital). These repeals would increase the take home pay of workers, and reduce the cost of labor, and it would enable small businesses to grow and complete and increase their employment of workers. This would grow the economy! To make up the lost tax revenue, Congress should pass the FAIR TAX on GOODs (not on services), this tax would hit goods no matter where they are made (current tax increase the cost of domestic good only) and not matter how they are made (machine or labor, current tax base tax goods made with labor but not robots). And you are right there are not free stuff, so we need to cut a lot of the goverment programs, and reduce benifits and pay of government workers …. once they earn less that people working in the private sector, now they earn more.

  2. I’ll give him money. And the fact that Crockagewa herself is hitting the alarm bells tells me that this is a very good thing, indeed.

    • Lieawatha (Squaw Yapping Jackal to her friends) is being challenged by a real Indian in her own reelection effort. He sent her a DNA test kit and she sent it back. She already knows she’s a fake Indian who lied about her ethnicity and doesn’t want there to be proof of her fraud.

  3. Would that the elites were aloof.
    Instead they’ve got their hot little vulpine snouts in every aspect of our lives.

  4. Cultural signifiers are the only thing you need to be claimed as a Trumpist conservative. What’s he think about policy? Who knows? Who cares! This is stupidity sold as virtue.

    • As if ‘cultural signifiers’ play no role in electing elitists? Obviously you’re ignorant of the ways in which Ritchie has *already* implemented pro-America policies in his business and philanthropic decisions. As The Man said, ‘search not for the splinter in your brother’s eye and, instead’ attend to the 2×4 in your own’.

    • What do you think Democrats run on?

      in terms of persuasive power, arguing policy vs. Identity politics is bringing a knife to a gun fight. Working- and middle-class whites running on cultural identity is a natural response to decades of upper-class whites, blacks, and hispanics doing the same.

      It’s not the ideal I’d like, either, but it was inevitable.

    • The Left has been relying on stupidity to sell their politics since the Truman administration….so get off your elitist horse.

    • Clearly you haven’t been paying attention or you’re just willfully ignorant.

    • To prove your point you should use an example and elaborate on the policy thoughts of that DNC favorite Maxine Waters.

    • The globalist, anti-American policies of Con “thinkers” caused many of our worst problems. I’m not stupid enough to keep electing the jerks who did the damage. Are you?

    • “This is stupidity sold as virtue.”

      Because history has proven how bureaucrats transferring the wealth produced by others makes everyone rich? If we just let the same people who run the DMV run our entire lives, everything will be Utopia?

      Sounds like you have purchased a considerable amount.

      • So. There’s no choice other than know-nothingism celebrity adulation or wealth distribution?

        The conservative movement’s in worse shape than I thought.

      • The party of “know-nothingism celebrity adulation” isn’t the Republicans, but you knew that.

      • They’re our campaign donors. They’re your elected officials.

      • You mean like Al Franken? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      • And Ronald Reagan. And Donald Trump. And Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fred Grandy (Gopher from Love Boat), Fred Thompson, Sean Duffy and Sonny Bono. Hell, even Clint Eastwood was mayor once.

        But I’ll put Franken against Trump any time for a discussion of what’s in the health care bill. Who do you think has a better idea of what the Senate bill does?

        I’m pretty sure it’s not even close.

  5. Wow. Do NOT watch the Scarborough video unless you want an all-day headache.

    • Hard to believe but I felt embarrassed for him when I saw it.

  6. I have a 40 on ice already for the victory party.

  7. Three minutes of viewing The Morning Joe tells you all you need to know. Joe is a scumbag who would sell his mother’s soul to the devil and Mika is a ditz.

  8. Thanks for the endorsement of Kid Rock’s racism.

    I mean, in this day and age, anyone who celebrates the Confederacy isn’t being subtle about where they stand on the issue of basic civil rights for black people.

    • Give it up you Race Hustler.

      That BS doesn’t sell anymore.

      • we’ve always known that talking about racism doesn’t sell with racist scum. We’re merely optimistic (perhaps overly so) that the majority of Americans are decent people.

      • You know nothing of Rocks work and sound like a racist snowflake

      • Still race hustling I see.

        Give it up because no one cares except for people like you.

      • yeah, and he proudly uses the “n” word in front of that son —

        and denied paternity until a lawsuit proved he was the father. So in order to punish the mother, he did stuff like make her pay $25/wk in child support in order to see her own child.

      • Show me a black man who doesn’t use the “n” word in front of his son. Or in reference to his son for that matter

    • The confederacy was never about racism, but racist white southern Democrats sure made it seem that way.

      And today, more racist southern Democrats are re-enforcing that same phony legacy..except now they are black.

    • Apparently so, though I’ve never seen it. It’s called Morning Joke. He and his home-wrecking harlot talk for hours. I don’t know what time it’s on and you’ll be sorry if you tune in.
      Joe is worse than that Maddox guy who’s on at night. I think they have the same barber.

  9. Re NRO, it was Buckley who said (roughly) he’d rather be ruled by the first 1000 names in the Boston phonebook than the entire Harvard faculty. How far NRO has fallen.

    • Buckley was the ultImate non-elite elitist. He was truly blessed in that he possessed equal measures of brilliance and common sense. He was indeed a rare breed.

      • Buckley could certainly talk culture, but he was too intelligent to confuse culture (affective) with intelligence (cognitive).

  10. As a kid, I spent part of my youth in the DC area, I observe that since 2001 when the serious “war time” cash started flowing, all of these players in that company town have a serous and vested interest in keeping the game going. All of them, and I mean all, are part of it. So are their neighbors. The parents of the kids their kids goes to school with and play with. Once upon a time it was a sleepy sort of southern town with mostly hardworking people who made OK money but could never be fired. That was the deal. They drove old Volvos. Had nice, OK houses and shopped in middle class local chain department stores (all gone now). Sure there was an upper crust. Old money, but it was a short list. Then there was the latest “big money” person who blew into town for a bit. Now all of them make huge money vs the rest of us. Plus, there is now an army of vendors and businesses who get part of the cash from them, and now are part of the swamp, too. So when you casually say, “smaller government might be a good idea”. Bang. You have now attacked the rice bowl of not only the “swamp rat” you are speaking to, but also the spouse, kids, friends, relatives (Oh, yes it’s become that sort of swamp), the guy next door, the friendly mechanic who works on the family’s Jaguar and Audi, the who darn lot of them.

    • Exactly. A city and region with no industry to speak of. Nothing is manufactured, nothing is grown, and nothing is invented. Yet they make up 7 out of 10 of the richest counties in the country. No further proof is needed for the rest of us to know we are being ripped off by a governing elite that exists only for itself.

  11. I’m no Scarborough fan, but if Kid Rock becomes a senator, then we’ll know we’re Rome, circa A.D. 40.

    • No, I don’t think so. Robert James Ritchie is a libertarian leaning native son of Michigan who supported and supports Trump and supported other Republican candidates before that (including Romney). He is a national celebrity with unmatched local name recognition who has chosen to keep a residence in Michigan all of these years. Historically, he deliberately identified with a white-trash type look. That being said, he’s actually about to become a grandfather and recently got engaged to his long term girlfriend. He is very wealthy, loves guns and hunting, is not a fan of abortion but says he doesn’t like it when a man tells a woman what to do, and is defiantly against political correctness.

      “I am definitely a Republican on fiscal issues and the military, but I lean to the middle on social issues. I am no fan of abortion, but it’s not up to a man to tell a woman what to do. As an ordained minister I don’t look forward to marrying gay people, but I’m not opposed to it.” – 2015 Guardian

      This is a guy who in 2013 gave roughly $1 million to Detroit-based charities that included $250,000 for an interactive music lab at the Detroit Historical Museum, ended a strike by the Detroit Symphony and funded a Made in Detroit Endowed Scholarship at Wayne State University. His commercial link with Chrysler isn’t going to hurt him either.

      Hey played at Obama’s inauguration ball but commented he hadn’t voted for Obama at the time. His first child was with a black girlfriend, so the charges of racism are not really likely to stick well.

      Bottom line – I think he’d make an ideal candidate for the Senate and/or will force the Democratic party to spend significant sums to retain a seat which she has held since 2001.

      • “I am definitely a Republican on fiscal issues and the military” Translation: I will continue to run up massive debt and spend oodles of money on military we don’t need.”

      • Military we don’t need? Hm … quick quiz, can you name all of the political hot spots on the globe? My list would include:

        Russia/[fill in the blank] border – and a couple of the potential fill-in-the-blanks are also members of NATO
        Pakistan/India border – or maybe just list this as Pakistan
        Israel/Palestine and/or most of Arab World, possibly excluding Egypt
        South China Sea
        North Korea

        The list goes on and on. Frankly, pretty much everyone on the top 20 or so of this list could be added as potential firestorms:

        If you don’t like my list, feel free to use another like here:!/

        Bottom line – in that lot, there are a significant number of potential missions for which a strong military would be needed if anything is to be done.

      • Here’s an idea. Why don’t we let them pull themselves up by their own bootstraps (conservative ideal) and take care of their own issues? Expeditionary wars haven’t really worked out so well for us. We spend more on military than the next eight countries combined! When is enough, enough? And it is a big gravy train for the military/industrial complex.

      • The period from the fall of the Berlin Wall to roughly when Obama got first elected could be characterized as a period of Pax Americana. I would prefer it to continue. We did get a peace dividend under Clinton but then made a strategic mistake and failed to chase/kill certain terrorists after they bombed our folks, choosing to send a couple of symbolic missiles instead. So, we’ve tried stepping back from the world a couple of times, historically — and they generally have not worked out so well.

  12. Scarborough “left” the Republican Party years ago. Who does he think he’s kidding!

    • Soon, he’s going to announce that he left his wife for Mika.

      • I thought he already had! He certainly acts like they are a pair.

      • I thought he’d already left the Republican party, so it’s a riff on the idea that he needed to announce it.

      • He already did. He announced that Mila will be his 4th wife several months ago

  13. Saying that Joe has left the GOP assumes that he was ever actually a member. Being a Specter/Kathleen Parker “republican” is not the same as being a republican.

  14. You know the Democratic party is on the ropes when Kid Rock will be the presumed front runner on the day he announces.

  15. Great article Chris. But actually, wouldn’t Billy Kristool (pun intended) of TWS recruit David French and send him to Michigan, all grins? :)

  16. Well if Al Franken can be taken seriously why not Mr. Ritchie .

    • Yep, if Stewart Smalley can be a Senator, ANYONE can.

  17. It is amusing that the George Wills, David Frenches, Jonah Goldbergs, Brett Stephens, Bill Kristols …. etc. all called for a great purging of the republican party once Donald Trump was crushed in the general election. At least a couple of them have left. EJ Dionne seems to think the others will be joining their side soon as well. And to that I am in unusual agreement with Dionne – if for no other reason than I will not have to hear Jake Tapper spewing idiotic nonsense that starts something like, “Even conservative Jonah Goldberg says Trump is beyond the pale…..” Good riddance.

  18. The Never Trumpers all have one thing in common…They each had no qualms at all about helping elect Hillary to the presidency…Which has to be the ultimate act of party disloyalty.

    This, in itself, should have gotten them expelled from the Republican party.

    Good riddance, I say…Now, Rock on Kid…We’re with you all the way.

  19. Great read and spot on analysis, Chris. I pray we’re gradually swinging back to the greatness and goodness of America and her people…without the meddling and interferences of the global elites and their destructive big government policies and schemes.

  20. Fellow at the Claremont Institute, fellow at the Earhart Foundation, frequent guest on NPR, contributor to Washington Post… which out of touch media elite did I just describe? The author of this article.

    The same article that draws a distinction between real Americans and elites like himself.

    How about the heir to a real estate fortune, who’s never lived outside NYC, went to Wharton, built an empire on government subsidies? Is that an elite or an American?

    • There’s elites who don’t get Americans and elites that do, or are at least interested in trying to.

      And there’s one that liked to call us deplorable.

    • Tax breaks are technically not subsidies…You only get to keep more of your own money…In exchange, they’re designed to achieve a perceived social good that actually sparks economic growth and enhance the tax revenue base.

      Such breaks encourage private investment in tangible assets that yield real returns.

      Homeownership, for example…Restoration of a distressed neighborhood or development of a business district all of which lead to increased job creation and enhanced tax revenue.

      You want to talk real subsidies look no further than the failed solar and wind subsidies of the Obama Era.

      Taxpayers got fleeced…Investors got burned and scam artists with no skin in the game bilked us for billions with little or nothing to show for it.

      • Those solar/wind scammers push the AGW agenda too, Leone.
        Bet they own plenty of beachfront property. Guess that sea level rise is of no concern to them. Ha!

      • What’s really funny is that’s no joke, Top…Bet half of them have million dollar goverment grants to study the mating hanits of reef fish, to boot.

        Or the loose sexual mores of pool boys in the Bahamas.

  21. American Greatness! Kid Rock for Senate! Make us great again! Like we were when my grandfather got home from Korea! When Chuck Berry was a senator!!

    • Just you watch…The Kid will kick the crap out of a do-nothing Lefty like Debbie “Does Detroit” Stabenow.

      He’s a home boy…Not an insider slut.

  22. The ACA is a perfect illustration of just how strategic and smart Obama and his crew of merry liars were. Hand out free crack in the ‘hood, then wait for your opponents to try to take it off the streets “for the good of the neighborhood because, you know, it’s un-American to be an addict and a loser.” The left celebrates and encourages dependency and victimhood. Most people have no interest in being self-reliant and free. Combine that with country club, old white male Republicanism’s inability to articulate anything anyone wants to listen to, and here we are. (The fact that Trump actually was the political dunce we all suspected him to be doesn’t help much either. I love the guy, but what a slow learner.)

  23. Michigan has been home to some of the biggest beltway barnacles of the Left this Country has ever seen…John Dingle, Carl Levin, and the centugenarian John Conyers…and it took outsider Rick Snyder to get us out of debt.

    • After the miserable job Stabhernow did as governor, I can’t believe she was elected to the senate in the first place.

  24. Well, Davy Crockett was a Congressman, so why shouldn’t Kid Rock be a Senator? I’m in northern Ohio, neighboring Michigan and with a similar economy. We have a long way to go. Jobs are getting a little easier to find, but wages remain low. I think voters understand that the problem is Congress, not Trump. 2018 will be interesting.

  25. “Goodbye Joe Scarborough . . . Hello, Kid Rock”: Some people may recoil in horror, and it’s sub-optimal, but it would be an improvement. Perfect is the enemy of better.

  26. In the words of Harry Truman; Trump is just speaking the truth, but MSM/Hollywood power elites like Joe Scarborough just think they are experiencing H*ll.

    Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy this. Schadenfreude is a course best served cold, but also can be shared in good company.

  27. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a joke!

  28. I believe that we the American People should take over the republican party, expand it’s base, and rename it, AND retain the rights to the name ‘republican party, so that the RINOs can’t use it, and have to start their own party from scratch.

    • Today’s Democratic Party will merge into the Communist Party USA and become irrelevant. The new plausible political spectrum will be the extreme right in the Democratic Party (ie, Joe Manchin and Jim Webb) and the establishment RINOs (McCain, Graham, Sasse, Collins) versus those who support Trump and Kid Rock.

  29. Kid Rock is the new face of the Republican party? More laughs for the rest of the world. And like this is somehow going to lure younger voters to the GOP…right! The party remains the property of old white guys and a few old white hags.

    • Hello? Nancy Pelosi? Chuck Schumer? Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders? Where are the young guns in the dnc? Your side has lost 1,000 seats since 2010. You have nothing left but old white guys and a few old white hags. You have no room to talk.

    • Ha…Trump won the women’s vote, young people and about 80% of all counties in America.

      The Kid will certainly clean Little Debbie’s clock…She has a voting record of failed policies to defend.

      Lot of baggage there…And no accomplishments to speak of.

    • As evidenced by all the white democrats, are you stupid or just naive?

      • Even worse for these fools, they do not understand that young people become old people and while they age their priorities change. When i was young they’d talk of the guy who entered the system and rose to become President of GM so they could change the system, but by the time they were president their priorities were much different than when they were young.

      • I don’t rely on left wing sites that use statistics to assess everything and often incorrectly. Most people are influenced by their parents and change their party identification due to outside (and often and authority figure) influences. I demonstrated as a college student against a foreign war, but this did not alter my party affiliation. I was never influenced by a teacher since at that time my teachers attempted to educate me, not indoctrinate me.

      • “Most people” are, are they? How do you know that, pray tell, if you are not actually using statistics? Your gut, I suppose? Did you even read the article?

      • Apparently you don’t have much interaction with other people. Are you a loner, no friends, and few acquaintances? Yes, I did, did you?

      • Actually, it’s just that I am not naive enough to think I can make a valid judgment about the body politic by extrapolating from the people that I know personally. Look up the False Consensus effect. It is well-established.

      • Is it naivete or is it just realism? I make no value judgments as you accuse. I based my comment on the body of evidence produced by scores of journals and papers and personal interaction, not just with friends, but all sorts of people as i crisscrossed this country for work. It brings to mind the old saying some attribute to Churchill, “If you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart, if you are not a conservative by 40, you have no brain.” I’d like to add a third line that says, “If you aren’t both thoroughly disgusted yet quietly bemused by politics at 60, then you haven’t been paying attention.”

        Since Scarborough is not yet 60, but well past his 40’s I submit he has transitioned for ratings and attention or, more likely, he never grew up and remains stuck in his 20’s. What do you think, Insanity?

      • Trusting your feelings over data methodically collected and analyzed? Are the anti-vaxers “realists?”

      • I don’t really follow or care about anti-vaxers and how does that relate to the subject at hand, Insanity?

      • They ignore data and go with their gut, as you are doing.

      • False equivalency. I think you are really trying hard for a smear, but not getting there. Why? Are you so filled with hate for those you disagree with you need to conjure up meaningless issues to prove a point that is in the larger scheme of things irrelevant?

      • Huh? Not in the least. I don’t hate people who ignore data, I just know they are being foolish. It’s bad for you and bad for the country. It has been known for some time that gut feelings are very often wrong, not least because they are often the result of unconscious biases.

      • However you see, I am not ignoring data, I am ignoring the data you prefer and it’s not gut, that was your fatal conceit.. Journals and papers don’t ignore data either. You assumed your data is correct and that your perspective is right, but there are other opinions and views. Claiming the opinions of others is foolish is hubris on your part. Perhaps your unconscious bias is more conscious than you realize.

      • Actually, you are. You didn’t propose an alternate source or take issue with the methodology, you cited your interactions with other people and quoted Churchill. Oh, yes, you mentioned “scores of journals and papers,” but we both know what that was.

      • In your opinion, but you have already been wrong several times in this exchange. It was not incumbent upon me to provide an alternate source since you trolled me and continue to harass me over such a minor issue. However I come to my conclusions is just as scientific as a bunch of stats that are open to data manipulation. How else do you explain the inconsistencies of the global warming stats that never seem to portray reality or the turth.

      • Lol. This you consider harassment? I thought it was a conversation! And what exactly have I been wrong about?
        “However I come to my conclusions is just as scientific as a bunch of stats …” Ah, the old “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge” routine. We wouldn’t have a President Trump without it!

        “How else do you explain the inconsistencies of the global warming stats that never seem to portray reality or the turth.” This just doesn’t make any sense at all. Measurements are measurements, so of course they “portray reality.” Are you perhaps thinking of projections? It must be said that those have been pretty accurate, as well:

      • Yes, I do and it’s tiresome for it’s vapidity and narrow mindedness. What you think is a conversation the intellectually honest would call extreme trolling. Repeatedly disparaging someone for the mere act of disagreement over a minor point is the last resort of the ignorant and the classless.
        The Vox article you cited broke no new ground, it did not deviate from other and more scholarly work on the subject and the conclusions are no different that what I have suggested. At least 70% of those who hold a party affiliation do so as a result of childhood Influence. This the researchers suggested was one of main driving factors behind formation of party identification. During childhood, the main political influence comes from parents, other close family members and close surroundings such as the immediate community. During adulthood, people can begin to adjust their party loyalties according to their personal experiences, but the longer an individual holds a party ID, the stronger that attachment to the party tends to become. Because of this, older adults are more likely to hold strong party attachments, and less likely to change them than young adults who change generally if there is a transformation or turmoil.
        ” Ah, the old “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge” routine” This is the sort of smear I expect from progressives who know little and overcome this lack of true knowledge by projecting their dysfunction onto others.

        Measurements are measurements, so of course they “portray reality.” Do they? To wit:

        “A former member of the Obama administration claims Washington D.C. often uses “misleading” news releases about climate data to influence public opinion.

        Former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin told The Wall Street Journal Monday that bureaucrats within former President Barack Obama’s administration spun scientific data to manipulate public opinion.”

        Koonin, who served under Obama from 2009 to 2011, went on to lament the politicization of science suggested that the ethos should be to “tell it like it is. You’re a scientist and it is your responsibility to put the facts on the table.”

        No, I am thinking of dishonesty leading to manipulation. After all, it’s about the money not the climate.

      • Lol. You’ll forgive me if I don’t trupu tmuch stock in your critique of my “Vox article,” since I didn’t post a Vox article. I posted an article from 538, which you show no evidence of having read.

      • Apparently you don’t have much interaction with other people. Are you a loner, no friends, and few acquaintances? Yes, I did, did you?

  30. Why can’t Kid Rock be in the Senate?….there are dozens of worthless losers in that club that don’t add a F’ing thing to the benefit of the Public….For some reason I’m guessing Kid Rock will at least provide entertainment.

  31. Sure! A crappy businessman for president, a horrible musician for senator, and maybe a very poorly-endowed male porn star for Secretary of State.

      • Leave? Lol. American politics is great for us “liberal coastal elites.” Either democrats win and serve our values or republicans win and cut taxes for us. We can’t lose!

    • Yeah right…Lot’s of crappy businessmen amass billion dollar real estate fortunes, Lefty.

      Meanwhile, you’re still flipping burgers at $7.50 an hour.

  32. The Russians will make me move from Texas to vote for him. #SenatorRock! The Russians made me post this btw CNN.

  33. Bravo, Kid Rock! Make me proud to be a Michigan grad again. MAGA!

    Power to the REAL people!

  34. sounds good to me A person who was in the free enterprise system and knows how it works

  35. Given the poisonous atmosphere of modern american politics you need a large bankroll and either the right connections or a thick skin because to run for office is costly in terms of money and the public character assassination. This is why so few regular Americans, those who are highly educated in common sense, but not an Ivy league education, shy away from politics. We, the people, have left our governance to, those the people, who want to rip us off and enrich themselves and their families as they search for a spot in the elites world of acceptable human beings.

    • Well, my big complaint is I don’t feel like running the place, so I do not stand for election, BUT I just want to be left alone. The problem is that the nanny state has reached into our bedrooms and we need to become interested in politics to drive back the collectivists.

  36. Remember we already have the no-talent Al Franken in the Senate, so what could go wrong?

  37. Scarborough hasn’t been a Conservative as long as I have known of him. At best, or worst, he has been a Judas Goat. Since he has been associated with Mika I can only assume she can suck a ping pong ball through a 100 foot hose as his cojones have shrunk to the size of bb’s.

  38. Couple of points –

    I keep hearing and seeing the statement – “don’t take them literally take them seriously”. If you can’t take some literally, how do you know when you can take them seriously (to trust what they say). It’s like their whole dialogue must be interpreted based on conditions at the time and know the unspecified intentions of the speaker. How can there be any truth or clarity in that.

    “The 2016 election was about who rules in America. … Or will the American people rule themselves?” All elections are about who rules (or the correct word governs) in America. The question is will those elected persons govern as they promised and will they govern with integrity. The idea being promulgated in this paragraph of the article is that good grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure means that the person cannot govern for the people who elected them. And by the way those noxious pieties about truth, honesty, integrity are what is needed in this country.

  39. I hope Kid Rock is nominated and wins. But I hope he will become pro-life.

  40. It is time for new blood in both parties … hopefully the new blood would appreciate economics and would repeal the taxes on the working person (the first $200,000 of income, no Fed. Inc. Tax, no FICA taxes, no FUI taxes). That they would support taxes on goods (like the FAIR TAX on GOODs, no tax on services), that would tax goods the same no matter where they are produce (foreign or domestic) nor how they are made (labor or machines). We want to promote employment, and to let people save money, and let them pay taxes when they buy goods (no tax returns, no reporting).

  41. At 6’5″, the only thing Scarborough is good for is reaching for that pot on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet.

  42. Great article. It is increasingly true and maddening to have snobby elites think they know what’s best. Tired of the bouffant Ken dolls calling the shots. I pay lots of taxes and have less to show for very hard earned money. All the while, the politicians hold stupid hearings where they preen in front of cameras, “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” And talking heads get paid to sound important and tell us how to think.

    You’d think after Trump was elected they’d get a clue. Instead they are doubling down to hold onto their power.

    It is sickening.

  43. I have no problem with the idea of him running. But his issue positions do matter to me. Same as a Trump. He’s flawed, but he made the right promises on the issues, and so far he’s stood by them. That is what matters.

  44. I wish I lived in Mi so I could vote for the guy! Good luck Chris and remember, when you got em by the cods the heart and mind will soon follow!!

  45. Spot on article. Way excited to see senator kid rock! One more message to the establishment swamp. Us deplorables will have to keep sending that message until DC starts representing our interests.

  46. As much as I would like to snark, a dummy in a trucker hat running for office is pretty terrifying these days

  47. I’ll have to hear what he has to say. Maybe he is really smart. As long as he supports a pro American worker agenda I will support him.

  48. Who knows what kid rocks policy platforms actually are? But he has gotta be better than Stabenow.
    All we know about the kid is he is a multimillionaire who has invested his money in various commercial enterprises. As any business man, he is frustrated by red tape. Most of that red tape comes from state governments and their licensing regulations. He should run for the state legislature. Serve a couple of terms and get some policy experience.

    Then he can move to DC for a 6 year term and run for president in 2028. It worked for Obama. The last great Republican president honed his policy the Governor of the largest state in the Union for eight years. When he came to DC, he had policies and a professional team to help him implement them.

    I am not saying Kid Rock cannot be the next Ronald Reagan. I am saying public policy expertise matters. The Kid has none.

  49. Scabrous is a toxic fool. Like a recurring dose of the clap.

  50. How great it will be if Kid Rock can take another Democrat senate seat away – what country star can do the same in Wisconsin – move over, Stuart Smalley!

  51. “Joe made official his departure from the Republican Party this week, following in the footsteps of other pundits such as George Will and Bret Stephens.”

    And absolutely nothing of value was lost.

    George Will can now live his dream of being a fluffer for baseball players in the locker room.

    • Lol. Clarke? Did you miss that he withdrew his name when Trump appointed him? If he couldn’t get confirmed, what makes you think he could be elected?

  52. Not really wild about the long-term prospects of battling it out with the left with celebrity-politicians. Seems more like an opportunity for them than us.

  53. Another possible consequence of Article 6’s Christian test ban.

    Once adopted, it became inevitable that America would be ruled by nothing but nincompoops, scoundrels, and outright criminals.

    Take nincompoops for example: The qualifications in Exodus 18:21 begins with the fear of Yahweh. David and Solomon inform us that wisdom, knowledge, and understanding all begin with the fear of Yahweh. Thus, without the fear of Yahweh, you end up with, at best, nincompoops.

    For more regarding Article 6’s Christian test ban, see online Chapter 9 “Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

    Then find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey at and receive a complimentary copy of a book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

  54. California’s economy is one of the largest in the world because of it’s economic diversity- tech companies in Silicon Valley, agriculture, manufacturing, and a wealth of large port cities on the coast, to name a few. When you say “legal drugs” I’ll assume you mean recreational marijuana, which has passed, sure- but won’t go into effect until 2018. As of now, any legal marijuana usage in the state is still medical. (A simple google search could’ve told you that.) Also, illegal immigration? Really? The sheer amount of illegal immigrants that would need to emigrate to California to make them the sixth largest economy in the world would be astounding.

    Also, Kid Rock is already a great Republican- he’s a massive hypocrite. He loves God so much, and like any good Christian, enjoys booze fueled sex romps. He was in a leaked sex tape with the lead singer of Creed, for fuck’s sake. Just more proof that if you yell “‘MURICA!” loud enough, wave the flag, and drink PBR the Republican base will lap you up and flock to the polls for you in droves.

    It’s hard to remember just how fucking stupid so much of America can be. Thanks for reminding me, Chris.

  55. Why on earth is Joe Scarborough getting constant coverage anyway? To boost his dismal ratings, of course, but that just feeds the monster. Ignore him (and his co-anchor) as his CNN show is in the toilet.

    Go, Kid Rock!!

  56. If he runs he will mark the fifth politician to whom I send money.

  57. What ludicrous blather. A “Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute” who “received a Fellowship from the Earhart Foundation” cries out against “elites!” Almost as absurd as the idea that Trump, an upper east side billionaire and nepotist who inherited his wealth and whose father bought his way into college is somehow NOT an elitist, but a “populist;” and nearly as absurd as the idea that a man who specializes in bankruptcies, fleecing credulous working people out of real money for fake business courses, and not paying people who’ve worked for him is somehow sincere when he drivels pablum about job creation. It takes more than a string of deflated and meaningless cliches to make a convincing argiment.

    • Yeah right…And Bill and Hillary were broke when they left the White House…But then proceeded to buy 3 luxury homes and amass a multi-billion dollar tax free foundation slush fund to finance their lavish lifestyles…Paid for by foreign governments and wealthy donors.

      Augmented by countless one hour speeches around the world at hundreds of thousands of dollars a pop to supplement their hundred million dollar personal checking accounts…All expenses paid with 5 star accomodations.

      True working class heroes, huh?

      • Nobody mentioned the Clintons. Responding to a point concerning the elitism of Donald Trump by blathering on about Bill and Hillary (without even mentioning Trump) is a big, fat non sequitur. It’s like if I said “Tom Brady is a shitty quarterback” and your response was “Peyton Manning is a shitty quarterback.” It serves no argumentative purpose and neither disproves the original point nor proves anything relevant to the first point. It’s completely meaningless in the context of the argument.

      • Flew over your head, did it?

        Shocker…Let me simplify it:

        Lefties that engage in rabid, feverish, ad hominem attacks on Trump’s supposed elitism, corruption, ill gotten wealth, nepotism or upper crust education live in glass houses.

        Ironically enough, because they just described the Clinton’s in spades.

      • Because in your mind anyone who criticizes Trump is a “leftist” who supports Clinton. Something flew completely over YOUR head.

      • Don’t be such an idiot…If you bothered to read his past posts you’d know his political positions and screeds are right out of Left field.

        Of course, that would presuppose you knew how to read in the first place…Which is very much in question at this point.

      • No it didn’t “fly over my head.” It just proves that you can’t defend the man’s actions by themselves, you need to point the finger at someone else. “Because Bill and Hillary” isn’t a valid argument.

      • The fact that Bill Clinton (a self-made man, btw) has made a lot of money isn’t a counter-argument for Trump being a sexual predator, a nepotist, a liar, cheat, and thief.

      • Bill Clinton was for sale as president…So was the State Department under Hillary. They had a lot of corporations and foreign governments helping them get “made”.

        That’s previsely like saying a prostitute is a self-made whore…Okay…So what?

        You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger sexual predator than Null Clinton…Ditto for liar.

        Your nepotism claim falls flat, too. Nothing wrong with owning a family run business…My grandparents owned one and passed it on to their kids…Most farmers do the same…That’s not nepotism.

        There’s no proof at all Trump is a cheat or a thief…That’s a total smear…Nut there’s plenty of evidence.the Clinton’s engaged in illegal foreign fund raising with bagman Johnny Chung, Charlie True and James Toady.

        You lose, Lefty…A Ccean sweep.

      • You have stories about the Clintons and names to call them, but no facts. As for nepotism, i suggest you look it up in the dictionary. As for Trump being a cheat and a thief, he cheated numerous investors through multiple bankruptcies and certainly stole the hard earned money of Trump “University” enrollees. Not to mention stealing the services of many contractors he refused to pay.

  58. “Or will the American people rule themselves?” With the patrician oligarch TRUMP in the oval office? Surely you jest.

  59. Maybe Kid Rock can help offset Al Franken’s votes.

    • Hardly. Franken is intelligent enough to navigate the process and to have an idea. Kid Rock is an also ran with minimal talent and will make Trump look like a Constitutional Scholar.

    • Genius, people from Minnesota elected Jesse Ventura. Al Franken was elected by morons.

  60. A clever bit of BS from writer Chris Buskirk, a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and frequent contributor to NPR. A liberal arts educated writer who sports his own Ken doll hairdo talking up “Redneck cool” but tangles himself up in the clever bits. It should not be missed that while he rallies “white trash chic” he gives them the tagline of the mindless Borg “resistance is futile” and that last line is from the movie “Dr. Strangelove: Or How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb”, a glimpse into a farcical nuclear crisis led by a conspiracy loving madman. Cleverly talking over the audience Buskirk pretends he is championing.

  61. I see little integrity in those who use the American flag as a fashion statement to project a false patriotism. These are not patriots, they often have contributed little or nothing to America, but have taken much. They are self-promoting con men.

  62. OMFG. Is this guy really saying that swapping Scarborough for Kid Rock is trading up?

  63. Lot of wishful thinking here by someone who has not been around long enough. The Leftist Empire Strikes Back. It always does. I wish it were not so, but the American populace will give in to free stuff (possibly as early as 2018) before it will do what is healthy for its long-term future. I do agree with everything said about Bill Kristol, George Will, Kevin Williamson, and Bret Stephens. You can throw in Charles Krauthammer, Rich Lowry, and Jonah Goldberg too. Those turncoats are abominable.

  64. “Nobody ever lost money underestimating the taste of the average American” H.L Mencken