No, You Can’t Have My Country

You can’t have my country. You cannot take away anything that makes her her. She has stood proudly head and shoulders above others ever since her brilliant, bombastic founding. She has withstood fire and assault and wars and ravages. Her people have shed blood for her.

America is under a dreadful assault. The most dangerous threat to her liberties is not from an external bellicose country, but from the war chants echoing from within. If social media is any indication of the flavor of the country—and I believe it is—we are in turmoil.

We are angry. We no longer know or remember how to have reasonable political conversation. We are losing friends and family members. At the slightest provocation, we are up in arms, calling one another names and blocking one another from sharing our lives with the push of a button. It is shameful and it leaves many of us in despair as we stare bleakly into the future, wondering how much worse all this can get.

Many of us grew up admiring the heroes of the past: men and women who bravely and willingly placed their lives on the line for principles; brilliant minds forming the very ideas that began an infant republic; thoughtful words both written and spoken, crystallizing our own thoughts and placing them on firmer ground. Even America’s monuments are a testament to such greatness of thought, word, and deed (proudly promising such things as: “Nor shall your glory be forgot/While fame her records keeps”). We were taught to respect such things at school and at home, in public, and in the church pews where we sat every week.

America has undergone a seismic shift from those days. Her heart has quaked, and as it shook, doubt took root. School textbooks are rewritten such that truth of our history is no longer recognizable. History teachers who are guilty of ignorance or malfeasance, or both, feed these untruths to America’s young. Parents too busy to train young minds give away the grave responsibility of raising their children to others. Fathers, who used to reinforce critical thinking skills, are markedly absent from the lives of many. Our young are taught that truth is variable and not objective, that higher standards do not become goals with which to shape a life.

The politically correct culture of fake news and “thou shalt nots” insisted upon by the Left are further exacerbating these problems. David Gelernter wrote:

Political correctness is the biggest issue facing America today . . . The ironic name disguises the real nature of this force, which ought to be called invasive leftism or thought-police liberalism or metastasized progressivism. The old-time American mainstream, working- and middle-class white males and their families, is mad as hell about political correctness and the havoc it has wreaked for 40 years—havoc made worse by the flat refusal of most serious Republicans to confront it.”

It would appear that their intentional plan is working, that as each day the issues raised by them become more outrageous and egregious, we accept the fact that yesterday’s issues are now too sensitive to discuss in public or on our Facebook pages or even in our families.

Rush Limbaugh, elaborating on this idea, recently observed the media “can repeat what they know are falsehoods. They can repeat supposed intelligence that is not intelligence. They can create an entirely phony narrative and follow it for a week and nobody’s allowed to criticize that. You turn the criticism around on them and they can’t handle it. They can’t even handle being laughed at, much less being seriously criticized.”

A political culture that undermines the freedom to openly and reasonably discuss ideas is dismantling much that makes America great. As the public becomes unable or unwilling to raise non-P.C. issues, the stench of the oppressed slips under the door of America’s hallowed institutions: her schools.

Public institutions (and private are following so quickly they are tripping on their own feet trying to keep up) have become purveyors of lies and groupthink. They are downsizing facts, knowledge, and critical skills and are increasing useless and harmful information (for example, the expansion of sex education and Common Core standards for math that are as indecipherable to those hired to teach it as they are to those trying to assimilate it). Students who balk at the ideas or methodology are punished in a number of ways. Commenting on this trend, Glenn Reynolds says: “Of course, by limiting what people can say and think, political correctness has hollowed out America’s universities, cheapened and distorted its politics and served to make those who favor traditional American values like free speech feel marginalized and at risk.”

America’s future is her young—that statement seems to be self-evident, to the point of cliché. The change, then, that may bring America back to some semblance of her former glory is to rear children who know how to think critically, who live thoughtful lives with their minds set on higher standards, knowing Truth and not shrinking from its audacious claims on their lives and thinking. Our children need to know how to be good neighbors, they need to be familiar with the peaceful resolution of conflicts, they need to know facts and figures and dates and philosophies and books and beauty. The responsibility for this assortment of needs does not lie within our schools, it lies with us, the mothers and fathers of our future.

America needs Americans standing up and loudly proclaiming: no you will not be allowed to take away my speech, my guns, my children, my money, my right to make a life for myself. You will not be allowed to continue this charade of so-called “progressivism.” You must be stopped. You must be stopped because we desperately need hope, the hope of an America reborn.

To give the gift of a hopeful future, it is imperative that we plant, water, and feed the seeds of that hope within them, and we must do it quickly and with great urgency.

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44 responses to “No, You Can’t Have My Country

  • Yes. But the answer is not what Ms Polk thinks, though it is embedded in her column. Look at fertility – the right believes in a future it is populating and so wants it to be free & prosperous. The left does not believe in that future even enough to populate it. The difference in worldviews of parents and non-parents is fundamental and existential in the truest sense of the word. The chasm between ideologies is too wide any longer to be bridged. Red State secession, and Red county from Blue State, is the only feasible answer, and the only peaceful one. Only inertia holds us together – and inertia does not a nation make.

    • Feasible secession…isn’t. Inertia counts for quite a lot, and geography determines nearly all. The Map.

      The map does not support any peaceful secession, nor the character of the Left, nor the well merited distrust of Red for Blue. Right distrust of the Left.
      Do you think they’d leave us in peace?
      We ran from the cities and now they’re “sanctuary cities’ that is invasion beachheads.
      You wish to keep running? Well we can’t. Not even for “peace.”

      You would give them sovereign nations in exchange for “peace”?
      That’s no peace that’s an exponentially larger problem and probably a foreign beachhead more dangerous than hapless peasants and MS13.

      There will be no peace, nor partition. There will be Victors. Choose.

  • In 1946, the USS Missouri visited a famous harbor town near here. Too big to navigate the shallow waters, she anchored offshore, and townsfolk could take a launch ride to visit the Mighty Mo.

    The seas kicked up later in the day, and a young boy told his mom he was a little nervous about the ride back. She told him not to worry. If anything happened, she said, three thousand American sailors were ready to rescue them.

    That’s the America we used to know.

      • I don’t see any point other than what appears to be an assertion that today’s Navy isn’t quite the same. You should probably set out another example to make your point.

      • Well, now the Left would be protesting a “sign of capitalist aggression” moored offshore, and file a lawsuit to get the event blocked on environmental grounds.

      • Are you mad at your neighbors, who may have voted who voted against Russian imperialism and Oligarchy?

      • Oh dear…
        In a war on American soil there will be no rules of engagement.

        You may google that phrase for a second opinion, and many more..

    • It’s still quite there complete with the sailors and soldiers ready to rescue.
      Which we will.
      Whether you like it or not…

  • Alexander Scipio I respectfully disagree. Ms Polk argues a clear vision for conservatives and liberals alike and that the problem is not that we are too far apart ideologically but that we fail to communicate in civil dialogue and, we fail, as a whole, to address important issues like do our kids understand math and understand the meaning of character and keeping your word. Instead we get enraged about how we talk to each other. That is the whole Political Correctness issue. I suggest you re-read the piece and, If you do, I hope you read what I read. That is the problem is more that we do not “Listen” to those who express much the same American Dream but with different words from different backgrounds.

    • You make the fatal mistake of thinking the liberals/Democrats/Progressives ever intend to engage in “civil dialogue”.
      Civil dialogue is their mortal enemy.
      Civil Dialogue exposes their true motives and agenda.

  • But it’s my country, too.

    To be fair: It’s *our* country. We share it. Sharing isn’t easy. But it’s one of the basic things you learn as a child. Children who do not learn this lesson are generally not well-liked, and their parents are generally judged to have done a poor job.

    • Hi, Joe: Today, our children are taught that an ever larger portion of the populace, including people who have entered the U.S. or remain here illegally, is “entitled” to a larger portion of our income. That’s not sharing, that’s taking.

      • Who is teaching this? Where? I’ve got a kid in public school. He’s learning math and science.

  • My other hope, besides that stated in the NEXT wave of young people having it more together, is that a lot of people my age die off soon, what from the drugs, unprotected sex with many partners and other foolishness that they hold so dearly. Once that trash if filtered out, we can further the efforts to turn this country around to where it needs to be.

  • Take back our schools! It is the most important thing we can do! Teach our history again! Teach what this country has meant to others over the ages. How many wanted to come here and how many still do. However, if they come they cannot be allowed to CHANGE us. They may become a part of us, but we are fine as we are, and we do not need changing no matter how much we hear that mantra! We need to be more balanced in our views. The LGBTQ movement should not be a high prior nor should removing every monument erected to those on the Confederate side of the Civil War. Stop the wackos and start paying attention to what is really meaningful. Keep us free and keep us Constitutional, and do not ignore our Bill of Rights!

  • “We are angry. We no longer know or remember how to have reasonable political conversation. We are losing friends
    and family members. At the slightest provocation, we are up in arms,
    calling one another names and blocking one another from sharing our
    lives with the push of a button. It is shameful and it leaves many of us
    in despair as we stare bleakly into the future, wondering how much
    worse all this can get. ”

    Sorry, Jennifer, but the moral equivalence bit doesn’t fly. The overwhelming majority of anger, hysteria, hate, and disassociation from those with whom one disagrees is coming from leftists. Leftists who truly believe they are entitled to rule, irrespective of elections. And the fundamental difference between the two sides boils down to one idea: the right thinks the left is wrong. The left thinks the right is evil.

    • “the right thinks the left is wrong. The left thinks the right is evil.”

      Look at every other comment on this site and get back to me. Demonization happens on both sides.

      I don’t agree with 99 percent of what happens on this site. Some of it makes me angry! But I think, generally, folks here have differing opinions about how to do things but, like folks on my side, are trying to live their lives productively and in pursuit of happiness. There are exceptions on both sides, of course. My language isn’t always as temperate as I’d like. I need to do better. But so do conservatives.

      • I looked at the other comments. Not a lot of demonization. But it’s not just the comments here. You’d have to search long and hard to find any conservative hysteria during eight years of the previous administration that even comes close to a comedienne posing with a severed head of Obama, a conservative acting troupe using Shakespeare to assassinate an Obama-like character, a has-been singer “dreaming” of blowing up the Obama White House, a comedian who would have called Obama’s mouth a foreign leader’s c**k holster–or a nutbar with a list of Democrat congressmen in his pocket shooting up a Congressional baseball practice.

        Conservatives are not blameless when it comes to stupidity, thoughtlessness and hysteria. But in terms of intensity and preponderance, it’s not even close.

      • You’re wrong, I’m afraid. Trump’s political career was launched, in fact, on the back of hysterical overreaction — the birther lie that Obama was a Kenyan usurper who had no right to the American presidency. Trumpism is thus *rooted* in hateful hysteria.

        We can go tit for tat on these examples. Folks on my side would make the case that in terms of intensity and preponderance, it’s not even close. Perhaps we all need to do a better job of pulling the logs out of our own eyes instead of shrieking about the obvious mote in our brother’s.

      • Obama did claim to be a foreign national for years, maybe not a Kenyan, but from somewhere. His birth certificate was a forgery, I’ve seen it downloaded from the White House website and separated out into 17 layers in Photoshop by a pro graphic designer whose face nearly went white upon seeing all the modifications.

        Get off your high horse. You are a dupe and a fool.

      • This is, of course, conspiratorial nonsense. I guess I can’t fix stupid.

      • His Harvard bio for years read that he was born in Kenya. So he was either lying then or lying now. Where are his college transcripts that would prove his nationality and his supposed brilliance? This is a man who didn’t publish a single article while serving as President (an elected position, not one earned by scholarship) of the Harvard Law Review. And didn’t he lecture us early on in his Presidency about how “after awhile, you’ve made enough money” — while he now signs $65 million dollar book deals and hobnobs with the world’s richest playboys?

      • Don’t feed the trolls, please. It only encourages them. He’s an idiot. And everybody knows it but him.

      • We’ve grown apart. Seventy years after the Constitution was ratified the US had divided into two hostile camps on the brink of civil war.

        Seventy years after the Supreme Court began re-writing the Constitution we are again divided into two camps but this time it does not seem like anyone would be willing to die to hold on to the carcass of what used to be a constitution democratic republic.

      • It was the Clinton campaign that spawned the birther story during the 2008 primaries, not Trump.

      • Obama is a complete fraud. His own bio stated he was from Kenya before his entire background was scrubbed. Just sayin.

      • Funny!
        Where has there been anyone out gunning for liberals at any ball park or political rally?
        Get back to me when you come around to REALITY, pal.

  • Liberalism is not knowing or caring the first nation in history
    that enshrined the role of government as subservient to the people, NOT the
    people subservient, dependent or afraid of government…unfortunately half the
    country hasn’t a clue and continues to vote for more corrupt inefficient ever
    increasing tyranny government against our founders warnings.

    • I used to take my inflatable raft, hook up my electric trolling motor and buzz around the little nearby lakes and fish. Now it costs $50 to register it, $54 for a one year license, $7 for an invasive species permit and $15 for a parking permit – $126.00 even before I buy a fishing license.

      In protest I haven’t been out in 4 years

      • Then, when you do finally get out:
        The Marine Patrol stops you and ties up their $500,000 vessel alongside yours, with a crew of 6, that has all the latest survival gear, and weapons, the government could buy from their favorite contractor.
        If you’re missing a whistle from any of your PFD’s, you get a $150.00 citation.

      • $126? Poof, You haven’t seen nothing until you try to start & run a business, borrow from the bank, manage a school, run payrolls or do (or not do) anything that might seem normal, but just might put you on the wrong side of the IRS, State licensing, CPS, EPA, or the law (just over 1 million pages in in the Federal code) and just a bunch of pyschopathic idiots in uniform looking to meet monthly performance targets. Judges & local authorities look to them to bring in violation revenue. The sheriff of Notthingham would blush. I recommend you pay up & fish – nature is the true comfort.

  • When 1.5% of the population literally controls everything…you are in big trouble.

  • The “social media” is too easily hacked with applications that can generate multiple responses and appear to have more “members” than it actually has, with fraudulent subscribers.
    Rush Limbaugh has described this phenomenon several times.
    This is a basic function of the artificial intelligence they are perfecting.
    They will stop at nothing, or spare no expense to influence public opinion.

  • To Author:

    We have to fight for it. Not talk or educate, or debate.
    These things happen from time to time and it’s our turn.
    America was established and maintained by War like every other nation, it’s our turn.

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