Trump Provokes CNN’s Self-Immolation, America Relieved

A couple of weeks ago in this space, I speculated that CNN, the Crackpot News Network, had reached the terminal stage of malevolent implausibility. “[I]t would be a good thing,” I wrote, “were CNN humiliated and sued out of existence. It performs no journalistic function, merely a destructively partisan one.”

As usual, I was too kind. CNN will not have to be sued out of existence, as Gawker Media, another disgusting purveyor of malicious gossip and fake news, was a year or so back. No, CNN seems to be performing a species of hara-kiri or seppuku in public.

Actually, CNN’s behavior is closer to the behaviour of the fanatic Naphta in his duel with the suave humanist Settembrini in Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain. The two antagonists confront each other, pistols in hand. Settembrini calmly delopes; Naphta screams “You coward!” and shoots himself in the head. Everyone is happier.

Several people have suggested to me that the whole travel ban drama, in which Trump’s legally formed and disseminated executive order was stomped upon by a couple of grandstanding district judges run amok, was actually a cunning plan™ devised by Democrats. The idea, the hope, was that Trump would be so enraged by the obvious affront to his constitutional authority that he would overreact, do something legally culpable, and thus give his enemies grounds to call for his impeachment.

It didn’t work. Trump did issue his ill-formed “so-called judge” tweet, but beyond that, he sat back, fumed, and let his lawyers loose on the preposterous temporary restraining orders. Last week, the Supreme Court vindicated Trump (more or less), allowing a modified version of the travel bans to proceed (which they did as of last Thursday).

But two can play at the provoke-your-enemy-into-doing-something-stupid strategy. The media keep telling us how thin-skinned and volatile Donald Trump is. Just about everybody wishes he would Tweet less and enjoy it more. But when it comes to the art of provocation, Trump is a Supreme Galactic Master and the media are weenie pikers.

The media wheeled out Kathy Griffin, whose infamous photo shoot featured her holding a bloody severed head in Trump’s likeness. They deployed foul-mouth pundits who, like grubby, ill-bred school boys, emitted various scatalogical epithets about the president of the United States. They published fantastical stories about alleged connections between Trump surrogates and “the Russians,” but then walk them back or, in the case of the latest libel, publically disown the story, scrub it from the Internet, and fire the three senior employees responsible for its writing and publication.

When the avid Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson goes on a hunting expedition against Republican congressmen, shooting several, the media blame Republicans for creating a “climate of hate.” (One Democratic official was recorded saying he hoped Rep. Steve Scalise [R-La.], the most seriously injured, would die.)

Then there were the media darlings and prostheses: Madonna, for example—the sometime pop singer, not the mother of our Lord—publically fantasized about blowing up the White House (possibly she had the word “blowing” on her mind). And let’s not forget the thousands of females who dressed up as female genitalia and paraded about the Washington Mall to complain about Donald Trump’s vulgarity.

So you can see why these high-minded guardians of public decorum were shocked, shocked when Donald Trump tweeted an altered wrestling video that depicted him pummeling a figure who sported a CNN-logo pasted over his face.

The media erupted in sputtering fury. “Besmirching the dignity of the office!” “Encouraging violence against journalists!” Gargle. Rinse. Repeat.

One of my favorite eructations came from a “media critic” who appeared on the Crackpot News Network: “You take someone, you slam him physically to the ground, you put a logo on identifying him, that’s what fascists did in the ’30s to people.” I haven’t been able to find any instances of Hitler or Mussolini distributing videos of themselves pretending to grapple with their opponents, but perhaps I haven’t looked hard enough. Meanwhile, CNN essentially has blackmailed the Reddit user who actually made the video that Trump tweeted, threatening to release his name should he dare to engage in satirical behavior against his betters in the future. As of this writing, the backlash against CNN is vociferous and growing.

Now, opinions will vary about the wisdom or appropriateness of the president’s tweet from the weird and wacky world of choreographed wrestling, which, much to the horror of the punditocracy, was very much part of Trump’s life before 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Granted, the video was not the usual stock-in-trade of presidential declamation. But here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) The environment in which Donald Trump has been forced to maneuver is utterly devoid of the deference and protocol normally accorded the president of the United States. From the wee hours of November 9, when the inevitable failed to materialize and Donald Trump was elected president, the press, Hollywood, academia, the cultural establishment, almost all Democratic politicians (and not a few Republicans) have been on a non-stop campaign to delegitimize the man and prevent what anti-Trump crusaders like Gabe Schonfeld have disparaged as the “normalization” of Donald Trump. From the preposterous “nothing burger” of the “Russian collusion” myth to the equally preposterous idea that Trump’s exchanges with the compromised  former FBI director James Comey about Mike Flynn amounted to obstruction of justice, Trump has been forced to operate in a veritable minefield of suspicion and malevolent scrutiny.

2) When it comes to “encouraging violence,” what’s more effective: the round-the-clock assassination porn dispensed by the Left against Trump or a comic altered video of a wrestling prank? Unfortunately, James Hodgkinson is not available for comment and I believe that the anti-Trump “ethics professor” who bashed Trump supporters over the head with a bicycle lock is still in jail.

3) How about besmirching the “dignity of the office”? I think we should ask Monica Lewinsky about that. Or possibly the young women known as Fiddle and Faddle: they, among many, many others probably have vivid recollections about how John F. Kennedy maintained the dignity of the office of the president. When it comes to activity that’s beneath the dignity of the office, what’s worse, some rude tweets, or weaponizing the IRS, the EPA, the DOJ, and other governmental agencies against your ideological opponents, as Barack Obama did?

I believe the jury is still out on the question of whether Trump’s wrestling tweet—or, come to that, his “bleeding face” tweet about Mika Brzezinski last week—was strategically wise. Certainly, the media’s sputtering, hysterical incredulity, leavened so liberally with ecstatic delight, suggests that they believe that finally, at last, they’ve got him. Dust off Article 25, comrades, and let’s see if we can’t remove him from office for incompetence, tweeting without a license, being rude to women we like, or other “high crimes.”

But I am not so sure. In fact, I’d say that the commentariat’s reaction to Trump’s tweets are likely to be more damaging to them—to their credibility, to their public standing—than the tweets are to Trump. Anderson Cooper or Mika Brzezinski or Jim Acosta seem to believe that because they find Trump unacceptable the rest of the country does as well. But if you step outside the studios of CNN, MSNBC, and the like, if you take a vacation from the newsrooms of the New York Times, Washington Post, etc., you will find that many people applaud Trump’s rude and impatient treatment of the people and institutions who have gloried in their hatred not only of Trump but also of anyone who supports him. Increasingly, the media have become not a window on the world but a mirror of its own self-infatuation.

Beyond that, there is the quiet reality of Trump’s dogged progress in enacting his agenda, from his judicial appointments to his regulatory reforms, from his unleashing of America’s energy potential to his emphasis on America’s military preparedness, efforts to cut taxes, repeal and replace Obamacare, create jobs, and generally to make America great again. He has yet to build his vaunted wall but illegal immigration is down by 70 percent. Why? The short, if surprising, answer is charisma: people know he means business.

Trump’s first trip abroad was widely accounted a great success, partly for its substance (the extraordinary performance in Saudi Arabia) and partly for its symbolism (the flight from Riyadh to Tel Aviv, the first ever). He prudently withdrew from the fraudulent Paris climate accords, much to the chagrin of two large interest groups: the naïve and politically correct Green Lobby and the world’s heaviest polluters who were banking on a prolongation of onerous regulation of America’s productive capacity. A child in Britain is suffering from a rare and likely fatal disease: Trump offers to help. In short, across the wide spectrum of issues that command public attention, Trump is there patiently pursuing his agenda, keeping the campaign promises he made. He may tweet like Milo, but he governs more like Eisenhower. The dogs are barking, but assuredly the caravan is moving on.

That’s not the end of the story, however. Plenty of presidents have had a contentious relationship with the press. Most of them, you will note, have had an “R” next to their names on the political roster. But the case of Donald Trump is different. Those who have observed that Trump’s acrimonious behavior towards the press is not “normal” are quite right. It’s not “normal” for a president to comment on the after-effects of a newscaster’s face lift or describe an overweight comedienne as a “fat pig” or release a comic video of himself tackling an unnamed CNN personage.

But whatever happened to normality? The Left has been on a campaign to ruin normality since the 1960s. Their dearest wish was to destroy and hollow out and ridicule the bourgeois virtues of good manners and decorum—even to utter those words sounds odd, so successful has their battle against the language of traditional manners and morals been. As David Marcus notes in a percipient essay at The Federalist, progressives long ago declared war on the normal. And now they are upset because someone they dislike has appeared wielding real power in ways they find abnormal? “These are the same people,” Marcus notes,

who over the past few years have insisted that five-year-old boys becoming five-year-old girls is normal. They tell us that a guaranteed basic income and running for president as a Socialist is normal. Forcing Catholic hospitals to offer birth control, undocumented immigrants voting in our elections, and abolishing the police: normal, normal, and normal.

That list could be very easily extended. The irony, Marcus notes, is suffocating. The Left stood by and applauded as Barack Obama rode roughshod over the Constitution, refusing to enforce laws of which he disapproved, granting waivers to groups he favored, employing the coercive power of the state to reward his friends and punish his enemies. All that was just fine. But suddenly, on January 20, the Left rediscovered the Constitution, limits to executive authority, and the value of due process and precedent. It would be merely comical if it were not so patently cynical.

Just so, the Left spent the last few decades trashing traditional American values. A decent, gentlemanly figure like Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush simply earned their contempt. But Trump is different. He is just as indifferent to traditional niceties as they are. Hence their hysteria. And their fear. George W. Bush would seldom respond to Left-wing provocations, never in kind. Trump does, regularly, and he pays them back in their own coin, almost. I say “almost” in tribute to Trump’s cleverness. Gertrude Stein once advised the aspiring avant-garde artist to demonstrate that he knew just how far to go in going too far. This Trump has done. The people who hate him prance about with a likeness of his bloody severed head: he merely Tweets about Mika’s oozing wounds following cosmetic surgery. Anti-Trumpers destroy property, bash people over the head with metal bicycle locks, and attempt to assassinate the congressional leadership. Trump releases a campy wrestling video making fun of CNN. His followers love it.

Yes, there is an important sense in which Trump is not “normal.” But he may just be the last, best hope for the restoration of the conditions that make normality possible. It is, in any event, an irony as distasteful as it is pathetic that the people who have gloried in trashing normality for the last several decades are suddenly up in arms because someone treats them with the same contempt with which they have treated normal Americans—the “bitter clingers,” the “irredeemable” “deplorables.”

The British Prime Minister Harold Wilson once observed that a week is a long time in politics. A lot can happen overnight. Like every politician, Donald Trump will require a modicum of good luck to succeed. Many things, including many things utterly beyond his control, could derail his presidency. But when it comes to handling his many domestic enemies and opponents, it looks to me like Trump is playing three-dimensional chess while they struggle to master checkers.

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287 responses to “Trump Provokes CNN’s Self-Immolation, America Relieved”

  1. CNN has entered the stage where the compound doors close and the accelerants start to be poured into containers. Trump didn’t destroy CNN. CNN destroyed CNN. You were too kind. Don’t let the Establishment types employed there like David Gergen try to slither off and distance themselves, either.

    Breaking: future bar examinations may ask if you blackmail the wrong person, is it still blackmail?

  2. Kimball makes some astute observations. The Progressive Project needs to be stopped. Trump may be the man to do it. As for CNN and the rest of the MSM, they are dead to me. If they’re interested in why, it has nothing to do with Trump. Their bias and dishonesty has been apparent for years. They ARE the enemy of the people, and the Republic.

    • “If they’re interested in why…” lmao They couldn’t care less why.

      • Not at all. We’ve cost Rush millions in advertisers. Same with Hanni-turd.

        When was the last time a RWNJ “boycott” cost the left anything? Colbert is still going strong. SNL is gangbusters.

        Who? When?

      • Your delusional Frank. You may think you’ve hurt Rush, his audience grows, as does the shows revenue. As for Hannity, he’s still on. The Right doesn’t use the same tactics because they believe in free speech. They’re also gutless. Which makes your side lucky.

        On the other hand, the Left overplays its hand. Watch CNN implode.

      • Your right, but not about the “gutless” part, a lot of the younger guys are tuning in to politics, they are going to pro and anti Trump rallys and they are ready to physically defend freedom of speech, I find it inspiring.

      • Why don’t you ask Mizzou what their attendance numbers look like post “I need some muscle”?

      • Of course you don’t; the facts don’t fit your fantasy.

        25% enrollment drop.

      • i still have no idea what you’re talking about. Who the F is “Mizzou”? And who is dropping what enrollment?

        Oh FFS, nevermind. Go back to sleep.

      • LOL Rush has a waiting list for advertisers – as those who abandoned him found to their dismay when they tried to go back.

      • Oh my, is that how they’re spinning it? Then why is it the parent company of iHeartCommunications, which syndicates Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity is headed toward bankruptcy? In a statement filed in April with the Securities and Exchange Commission, iHeartMedia Inc., said that it had “substantial doubt” that it would be in business by the middle of next year.

        Doesn’t sound like they’re flooded with advertisers to me.

      • You don’t know squat about who syndicates Limbaugh’s show.
        Hint, it’s not iHeart radio.
        You liberal twat.

      • Umm… yeah, it is. Used to call themselves ClearChannel. You Republicrunt.

      • It’s Premiere Networks which is a wholly owned subsidiary of iHeartMedia. IheartMedia owns a a wealth of assets in Radio but the company is in heavy debt and has been that way since it was formed in 2008.

        Premiere Networks is going to make investors alot of money once IHeartMedia sells it.

      • The Rush Limbaugh program is syndicated by Premiere Radio. If you doubt this repeat my name three times, slowly.

      • Premiere Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of iHeartMedia.
        Premiere Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of iHeartMedia.
        Premiere Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of iHeartMedia.

      • So Frank, you agree that I was correct, no? Exactly right again!

      • It’s Premiere networks dip$hit.
        You could have spent 15 seconds and looked it up, but you’re just too smugly stupid.

      • Premiere Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of iHeartMedia.
        You, on the other hand, are just a wholly pwned sub-intelligent republitard.

      • Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
        I’ld rather be wrong than be a dumb liberal a$&wipe like you.

      • Well congratulations — you’re both wrong and a dumb a$&wipe.

      • Enjoy listening to all the commercials on Limbaugh’s show as he is going broke!
        Ha, ha, ha, ha, … you idiot!
        Limbaugh’s making $50,000,000.00 a year … you’re clicking a keyboard claiming they’re going broke.
        Too funny.

      • Oh, I never said Limbaugh was going broke. But you know that. You’re just trying to divert attention from the fact that you wrote “You could have spent 15 seconds and looked it up, but you’re just too smugly stupid.”… And in fact you were wrong, and you could have spent 15 seconds and looked it up, but you were too smugly stupid.

        And I made you eat your words.

        Bon appetite

      • “Doesn’t sound like they’re flooded with advertisers to me.”
        You recognize your sentence?
        You’re smugly stupid still and loving it.

      • You’re a cretin with nothing but libtwat bromides in the skull.

      • Not enough discipline to stick to your own bye bye?
        Enjoy Limbaugh’s show today.
        Listen for the commercials … k?

      • You can’t type words with more than one syllable.
        You’re typing sounds as cogent comments … ha, ha, ha,.

      • Actually, I’m just trying to see how many more times you’ll feel compelled to return here and comment when all I’m saying is “buh bye” lol. You’re like Trump the Twittertard, even when it’s clearly time to shut up and move on, you just can’t stop yourself!! LOL

        buh bye!

      • Libtwat can’t buy buh bye control.

        Get some buh bye depends a$&wipe.

      • Typing sounds.
        You may catch up with Koko the gorilla’s vocabulary.

      • Typing the same sounds doesn’t make you appear smart.
        You’re not going to catch Koko at that rate.

      • Citation? Even if true, we were speaking of Rush’ show in particular, and I would need to see evidence that any financial difficulties of the parent company are due to boycott.

      • See above. Whether the problems are from boycott or not, hard to prove. But a) advertisers have been abandoning Rush in droves, and b) his parent company is entering bankruptcy. Correlation is not causation, but… go figure.

      • I note you cannot cite where you get your ‘information’.

      • Meh. That’s Salon speculating about Limbaugh – they’d love to believe it. It makes sense that radio in general may be in a bind.

      • Or are you so ignorant to think that the business world has but one company that advertises their product(s) or goes out of business, for any number of reasons. In the real world, businesses / advertisers come and go with the seasons. It’s hard to imagine that Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity have any problems with finding sponsors / advertisers for their shows. And if you were actually being honest, instead of stupid, you would have to agree.

      • We? Oh, aren’t we important? Jeff Zucker is on his way out and Time Warner will be looking for a buyer to unload this trash network. You LOST, the real WE WON…get over it and bask in the glory of the President Trump world. Phony Frankie, your too funny. HAHAHAHAHA….BIGLY…BWAHAAAA

      • Yes I do. HAHAHA….You need to turn on the source of that mask you’re holding over your face. Or are you trying ti hide. Bwahahaha

      • Report back when CNN overtakes FOX News or Air America comes back to life and displaces Rush Limbaugh.

      • Not sure about CNN, but MSNBC has overtaken Fox. As for radio, meh… that’s right-wing territory.

      • Not as of July 6th:

        In fact, FOX News has been in the lead since January 2nd, according to their ratings.

        Radio would be a tough nut for liberals to crack. It’s much like having a book without pictures, and that wouldn’t appeal to them.

      • I guess you don’t understand…want me to draw you a picture?… :-)

        Last word is yours, I have a job and I need to get to work.

      • That’s for sure. The snowflakes could never grasp it.

      • Lol! You’re really kind of funny! In the midst of the most far-ranging destruction of the left in history, you still dance. Bravo, lefty, bravo! We anxiously await your next ‘victory’!

      • I think it’s great that so many of you think the left is destroyed.

      • Hardly, that’s why his show just marches right on with millions in advertising revenue validating their value to the vehicle that sponsors them.

      • See above re: “IHeartRadio” bankruptcy.

        Or maybe it’s below. Can’t tell.

      • I understand. It’s hard to determine up or down when your view of the world is through your nethereye. iHeartradio contemplating bankruptcy has nothing to do with Rush Limbaugh and everything to do with debt financed expansion. More evidence that progressives cannot discern between what’s real and what’s “fake news.”

      • Nice try. Bollocks. They financed their expansion based on their projections. Rush — and RWNJ radio in general — isn’t living up to those expectations. Spin that however makes you feel good.

      • Do you ever get tired of lying, Frank?

        “What’s going to sink iHeart is its huge debt, some $21 billion. That’s more than the entire radio industry generates in ad dollars in a given year, and it’s a debt iHeart appears to have zero prospects of paying off.” [snip]

        “iHeart’s woes go back to 2008 and a leveraged buyout valued at $27 billion, one of the largest LBOs in history.” [snip]

        What went wrong?

        “The deal was done at the height of the market, and if the price was hefty, the belief was that iHeartRadio sales would soar, more than covering the cost of the debt. The company invested heavily in building out the network.

        It was a bad gamble.

        iHeartRadio has not seen anywhere near the hoped-for growth. As it turned out, for all the promise of digital media, it simply doesn’t generate the volume of dollars of traditional media, be it radio or TV or print. Advertisers spend less, and sellers make less.”

        Nowhere in this or any other article was talk radio the reason for their financial problems. It lays much of the blame on digital media and for paying too much in their LBO. In addition, Frank, Rush Limbaugh is under contract with Cumulus not iHeart Media/Radio. So, your analysis is not only a lie, but intended to deceive thus fake news and disinformation.

      • Again, they financed their expansion based on their projections. Rush — and RWNJ radio in general — isn’t living up to those expectations. Spin
        that however makes you feel good.

        Ahhh, it must be so nice to be able to just ignore anything you don’t want to hear by calling it “fake news”.

        buh bye

      • If that was the case Frank the media and financial reports would have disclosed that information and you could bolster your argument by providing that information as proof. But you don’t because you can’t. Those are facts, no spin needed, Frank.

        I didn’t ignore anything, I checked and verified and then used the facts to validate my argument. Making false statements an pretending these are facts is what fake news is. I suppose you would like to attribute your lies to anonymous sources, just like CNN and the NYT’s. Ha, what a joke, Frank.

      • Apparently CNN ratings and revenue is ‘incredible’. News became entertainment long ago. CNN now makes its money the same way WWE does – as the President’s reTweet so brilliantly pointed out. Long term, who knows.

      • CNN makes its money the same way ESPN makes its money: By confiscating it from everybody who buys cable, against the buyer’s will, or in the buyer’s ignorance.

      • Probably, but that doesn’t explain the increase in viewership, hence revenue.

      • CNN’s viewership ratings were down 20% for the last week in June, while those at Fox News were up, by the same 20%.

      • CNN needs ratings as well as bundled subscriptions. Both are going the way of the typewriter IMHO.

      • Chicken Little had great ratings in the beginning as well.

        And advertisers don’t like to be associated with the dishonest.

      • I’ve asked who advertises on CNN, because I don’t watch, wouldn’t know how actually, and have had no response.

      • if you don’t watch how do you know that’s its fake? oh yeah, little Donnie tells you

      • I watch pretty much every night, and the author of this article makes some very astute observations. CNN is hypocritically obsessed with destroying Trump…to the point of continually offering up lies as if they were true. I remember in the days preceding the Comey testimony, CNN was constantly reporting how Comey was going to testify that Trump was a liar. They analyzed and over analyzed how this Trump lie was going to undermine his presidency, put him in legal jeopardy, lead to impeachment, etc. They all spoke as if Comey had already testified. They were so certain. But in the end, it was CNN that was proven to be the liars. The next day, there was no extraction or apology. It was just analysis about how Comey’s testimony proved that Trump obstructed justice (no mention at all of Loretta Lynch obstructing justice, or that CNN had lied about the testimony). That’s the way it is every night on CNN. Attack Trump, make stuff up, and analyze how their made up stuff is destroying his presidency.

      • When CNN failed to acknowledge their collusion with the DNC through Donna Brazille, they lost their credibility.

      • So reports of what they have done are fake? Cite one false report. I’ll wait.

      • fake reports (these are actually the bulk of CNN reporting – they hardly cover anything else):
        1) Trump was under investigation
        2) Comey would testify that Trump lied about being under investigation
        3) The whole Trump / Russia collusion narrative
        4) That various people were being investigated who actually were not

        They present lies virtually every night. And repeat them constantly. Their entire coverage is essentially a bunch of made up stories to attack Trump. And I am not a Trump supporter, but I now defend him.

      • Thanks, but I wanted him to cite one report of what CNN had faked that was fake.

      • If you are not aware by now of how much fake news is produced by CNN, you have had your head in the sand.

      • Sorry, you misunderstand. The thread has gotten crowded so it’s not clear – I asked who advertises on CNN, because I don’t watch it. I was challenged as to how I could know it’s fake if I don’t watch it. I said I know because of all the reports about CNN being fake. So I challenged the guy to cite one report of CNN putting forth fake news that was not true. Haven’t heard from him, of course

      • I can take their fakeness for seconds. I ask are u and they existing on the same planet as me? I think not.

      • yet proof of fake news is nowhere to be found. trumps lies are everywhere and fact

      • “proof of fake news is nowhere to be found”

        Are you serious? CNN just fired (or allowed to resign) three top “investigative journalists” for their fake story about some alleged connections between Trump officials and a Russian investment fund.

      • It’s hard to imagine anyone watching CNN for more than an hour, not realizing just how politically biased and dishonest that they have become. At one time, I was a regular viewer of CNN and wouldn’t go a full day without watching them for at least an hour. But, in recent years, they’ve become so incredibly biased that I can’t stand watching them, for even 5 minutes, without yelling at my television set. I absolutely refuse to lower myself to their level. And it is particularly difficult to understand how any free thinking individual would allow themselves to do the same.

      • well we do have a president that lies constantly. he is thin skinned and petty among other bad traits so reporting and discussing it will come out negative because you know, trumps an idiot

      • I don’t watch either and people in airports ignore the ads. You’ll have to do a Bing search if you want to know.

      • Incredible just means ‘beyond belief’ – it doesn’t necessarily mean ‘good’

      • Well, it means they are impressed which might explain why they do what they do beyond just being nuts.

      • It’s true. Fake news and spin news sells more than fact these days. But that is circumstantial. Once the dirty bomb lights off in some major American city – and it or something like it will happen sooner or later – all the fake news will end, either the easy way or the hard way.

      • Exactly. I watched Meet The Press for the first time in a long time last weekend. Clearly the audience is made of up impotent old farts with bad tickers and arthritis.

        And bonus – liberals are too selfish to have plenty of children. The Pro Life Generation can’t be stopped, give it 20 years tops.

      • Own rental houses: One tenant is family of ten (poor woman!). Middle America is breeding Blue America out of existence.

      • Why Blue aka liberals are so much in the hurry to fill our country with all kind of third world garbage.

      • You forget that they are brainwashing your children.

      • Yeah, well in California the teachers unions are fighting home schooling by preventing certification of home schools.

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    • From my perspective, Trump is the ONLY man to do it. No other Republicans, save Ted Cruz and Trey Gowdy, have the requisite fire in his belly.

  3. GamerGate is an interesting and positive precedent for Trump’s conflict with the SJW-Media.

    • CNN did offend the same group of people. Who by the way figured out Shia Lebeouf ‘s location based on cushion patterns and the contrails from aircraft -usually with in 24 hours. How long before they dox everyone and their children at CNN right down to the janitors?

  4. CNN will be reporting live from the courthouse as Trump’s trial for money laundering and obstruction of justice proceeds… they’ll be broadcasting live from the prison as he enters in cuffs and leg irons… they’ll be reporting outside the gates when he see his first moments of freedom after years in prison… and they’ll still be reporting, long after no one cares or remembers who that orange slug who thought he should rule the world was.

    • Thanks for sharing your fantasies from the mental asylum loser.

      • Like the prediction you made for President Mrs. Bill Clinton?

      • Yup, just like Fwanks predictions about she who must not be named.

      • Tru dat. but hey, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. So if I’m right this time….

      • Using an old cliche to support a prediction of such low probability seems like an attempt to spread disinformation that some would suggest is just more LWNJ fake news.

      • What “disinformation”?!?! It’s an opinion you dolt!

      • The disinformation you use to make a prediction, are you dumb or just naive, Frank?

      • I make that prediction based upon my own daily observations of our inept and probably-criminal president. I don’t need outside sources to know an imbecile when I see one.

      • Says the snowflake who ignored Hillary’s endless lies.

      • They pale in comparison to Trump’s endless barrage of BS.

      • How is this accomplished when you are observing the world daily from the depths of your nethereye? How do you now what’s real and what’s just stomach gas?

      • Don’t need to worry about gas. Its exit is pretty effectively blocked by your tongue.

      • That’s not my tongue, that’s your father’s. Hard to see the difference when your world view is obstructed by a collapsing sphincter muscle.

      • No, you are wrong again, that’s your mom clutching your testicles with a tweezers.

      • Typical Leftist hyperbole. If anyone ends up in “cuffs and leg irons,” it’s likely to be HRC or BHO…or at the least, Lynch or Comey. They have actually committed offenses against the Constitution.

        More likely, no one will go to jail, HRC will make millions more in private industry, and BHO will attempt to lead from behind on a global scale. DT will continue to surprise, govern, and yes, delight people, as he keeps his nose to the grindstone for 20-hour days, delivering energy independence, a reinvigorated heartland and inner-city economy, and restored pride in our country. The left will realize yeah, he’s closer to Eisenhower than to the boogey-man, pull back a little on their rhetoric as the pendulum swings back to the right for awhile, as it always does, and we’ll all live happily ever after.

      • Well, I agree with you that “more likely no one will go to jail”.

        But I have to disagree that “DT will
        continue to surprise, govern, and yes, delight people”.

        He won’t last his first year, I promise.

    • Frank you are channeling your inner James Hodgkinson with your fantasy. I suspect you are nearly blinded with outrage and hate so that pounding on your keyboard must relieve the pressure to act on your hate fantasies..

      • When you can’t debate the facts, just issue the ad hominems. The way of the left.

      • What facts are you referring to because I’d like to debate them? Fantasies are not considered facts they are thought of as wishes, some wishes or fantasies are morbid and some are drivel, like Frank’s.

      • Does it make you feel good to think that I am “blinded with outrage and hate”? I’m not. I’m angry. But not blinded. I see very clearly.

      • So did Hodgkinson, but like you he couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle.

      • Actually, I regularly score 23 or 24 in a round of skeet, and that’s with a pump action, not a semi-auto for the doubles like you wusses use.

      • Agreed, semi auto for skeet is completely unnecessary. But at the competitions I go to, pump actions are not allowed. When I got into skeet I quickly got an O/U, but I can understand people who already have a semi for hunting and don’t want to buy another gun just for games.

      • I’m not sure what he’s pounding on, but I bet he types one-handed… or maybe with his nose.

    • You are more unhinged than you fantasize Trump to be. Your constant provocations on right leaning sites, to no avail but to receive deserved scorn, proves how utterly hate filled you are. You need mental health help, big time.

    • Wow. Active imagination there. Either that or you need to lay off the meth for a while.

  5. Bravo. As usual, Mr. Kimball puts it all together. Now, if I could only get my grandchildren to read this….

  6. There’s that three dimensional chess thingy again. Wrong game! Try no limit poker. Nobody plays chess for all the marbles.

    “The media keep telling us how thin-skinned and volatile Donald Trump is.” Donald Trump is the most level headed, self controlled politician to come down the pike. It’s an act, folks. He acts very deliberately. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

    Either that or he is the luckiest being in all creation.

    • Not even poker. Look up “fizzbin”, Trump is a master at it.

      • Love it! Fizzbin is the perfect analogy. It seems like no matter how often Trump drops a card on the floor, they still pounce on it! LOL!

      • LOL. Of course this led to the epochal Krako/Okmyx accord, a watershed in intergalactic planetcraft.

    • Good post Roy, but I don’t think it’s even a game. President Trump is the organ grinder and CNN along with MSNBC is the dancing monkey. Both networks theme song should be “Mr. Bogangles”.

    • When Brexit went down and Trump just happened to be across the pond opening a golf course in Scotland (media chastised him for leaving the Primary campaign trail) and was fielding questions from the British media…. I knew he had “it”.

  7. After their latest essay into the world of mob intimidation, I think “Cosa Nostra Network” would be the most apt name.

  8. No, Roger, not “just about everybody” wants him to stop tweeting. The people who want him to stop tweeting are

    1) his enemies and opponents
    2) the gatekeeper media who can’t stand he’s made you irrelevant.

    Your ignorance of this is understandable. You can’t see us from where you sit.

  9. Like a master magician, Trump gets the Dems to watch his left hand while he does something with his right hand.
    May the Dems be forever amazed at his “magic.”

  10. Much hedging of bets. While positive overall, the remark something like “might not derail his presidency” and similar ones, make it sound like he believes there is a chance this completely ridiculous game the Left is playing will succeed. He seems to think, well, PDT is probably going to be all right, but it’s not definite. C’mon. I celebrated the 4th online yesterday, along with thousands of people who were claiming it was “the best 4th of July in this century” or even “the second best 4th of July in history.” This doubtful tone, just to be on the safe side with fellow journalists, I guess, is part of the problem. You might call it “normalizing” impeachment, resignation, or using the 25th amendment. No, no, no. People outside the cities, here in the heartland and elsewhere are estatic. We’re whooping for joy because the rotten and corrupt news media, esp CNN (but there are plenty more to go) are committing hari-kari left and right just because the disrepected “Deplorables” won.

    We not only won, but control congress, soon the courts and approximately 43 statehouses. DT’s an intelligent, extremely capable chief executive (so not likely to fly off the handle…puh-leeze) who empoys thousands globally. He decided to go into show biz and was very successful at that, too. He decided to run for president and I don’t have to tell you everyone he beat out for that. He is not stupid and not unstable and it’s about time he was treated with the respect he deserves. He’s the people’s choice and single-handedly saved us from losing our borders and sovereignty. He will be in the history books for his accomplishments, and maybe it’s time we stopped hedging our bets and said “Thank you.” and maybe even “Hail to the Chief.”


  11. “. . . it looks to me like Trump is playing three-dimensional chess while they struggle to master checkers.”

    No, he’s playing 3-D chess while they’re playing with themselves.

    • What was your first clue – a hundred million corpses?

  12. Funny how a WWE parody presents a danger to the safety of CNN personnel, but Black Lives Matter and the Hands Up, Don’t Shoot movement don’t present a danger to cops.

    CNN is clueless.

    • CNN sponsors the nightly assassination of President Trump in Central Park.

  13. Well put……The `Media’ is skilled at creating a lot of smoke with little fire (ie, nothing burgers). Trump is the Smart Bomb that’s laser-sharp on target.

  14. Excellently said. Hearty thanks, Mr Kimball!

    Two things stand out. – [1] The lack of a sense of self-deprecating humour in the Mainstream Media. This is true of all tyrants and bullies. They cannot laugh at themselves, ever; and that reveals their essential arrogance, their villainous self-worshipping pride.

    [2] The PROOF that the Never-Trump ‘conservatives’ are essentially dishonest is that thirteen and a half months have now gone by since Donald Trump won the Republican Party nomination; and in all this time the Never-Trump ‘conservatives’ have diligently refused to consider WHY he had so much support from the Republican base, in place of the sort of decorous, ‘normal’, standard, ‘respectable’ candidates they would have preferred.

    When I say ‘consider’, I mean doing a very searching and comprehensive act of thinking; not Hillary Clinton’s type of glibness (“I am not perfect, my campaign was not perfect; but everyone else is to blame for the fact that I lost”). It is just technically possible that HONEST commentators and individuals would decide, in the end, that people actually wanted a reality TV show star rather than a sober ‘normal’ politician; although that point of view would struggle to be plausible, given how much of the Republican base voted for Bob Dole and G W Bush and John McCain and Mitt Romney in years not vastly distant.

    What honest ‘conservatives’ would NOT do is simply pour scorn on Mr Trump and his supporters without ever wondering if there were something radically wrong with (a) the Republican Party and (b) published ‘conservative’ commentary to date (2015/16) that forced a very large part of the electorate to look outside the ranks of such for a savior.

    • Dear Leader is well known for his sense of humor and thick skin.

  15. We smile and know we have won this battle! Oh it may go on for quite awhile, but it will not be successful because people are fighting back against phony news and Marxist viewpoints, and let’s face it, those who stand against us have been radicalized against our form of government. They can call themselves what they wish, but we know who and what they really are!

  16. CNN is not biased.
    CNN is not clueless
    CNN is not incompetent as it pertains to getting things correct.

    CNN Actively colluded to throw a presidential debate.
    CNN knows exactly what the are doing and it goes against the vision the founding fathers had of the free press.
    CNN has spread lies they knew were lies which is not incompetence.
    CNN actively ran interference for one party by over reporting and under reporting to set their narrative.
    CNN does not report news but runs a 24/7 smear campaign.
    CNN was proven by WikiLeaks to be colluding with one party to actively affect the outcome of an election.

    That is not bias, clueless or incompetent but lack of responsibility and refusal in their duty toward the American people.

  17. President Trump’s greatest accomplishment to-date, the one with liberals names on it:

    Democrats and Entitlement Monkeys – in utter disarray and covfefe’ing themselves daily!

  18. Hey media, choose the form of your destructor. You have met the enemy and it is you!

    • Last time it came in the form of a giant slor

      Many shubs and zulls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of a sloar that day I can tell you

  19. Immigration is down because the Mexican economy is outperforming America’s. Its GDP has accelerated; ours slowed from 4q to 2016 to 1q 2017 (thanks Trump). The Mexican stock market has also soared well beyond our own S&P 500. Check for yourself. Why would people want to come here when conditions are now better elsewhere?

      • I done moved Phil to “BLOCK-USER” that nifty little feature they provide for own personal use so that we don’t have to view Mindless liberal Snowflake %&^&%$$#% GARBAGE!!!!

      • You may be responding to Phillip Mason like I did. I do like your post.

    • Be patient, little snowflake. It will take some time to puke all of Obama’s policies out of America’s system.

  20. hear, hear!
    Post-modernism is the tool of the left – devoid or morals or foundations. Trump’s deconstruction of their deconstruction is the perfect medicine.

  21. Perfect combination of contemptuous laughter and barbed arrows the freako left so fully deserves. The line that President Trump “may tweet like Milo, but he governs more like Eisenhower” is priceless.

  22. Nothing in this article about CNN going away. The title was pure click-bait.

    • When the end comes, it comes swiftly and it is only in retrospect the triggering event is recognized.

      See Polaroid, Enron, Washington Mutual Bank, Pan Am, and White Star Lines, among many others.

      • There is NO way CNN is going anywhere. They will be propped up for years by their viewers. Unfortunately.

  23. “It is, in any event, an irony as distasteful as it is pathetic that the people who have gloried in trashing normality for the last several decades are suddenly up in arms because someone treats them with the same contempt with which they have treated normal Americans—the “bitter clingers,” the “irredeemable” “deplorables.”

    Well said!

  24. Just sayin’

    18 U.S. Code § 875 – Interstate communications

    (d) Whoever, with intent to extort from any person, firm, association, or corporation, any money or other thing of value, transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to injure the property or reputation of the addressee or of another or the reputation of a deceased person or any threat to accuse the addressee or any other person of a crime, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

    • SAME! Taking something of VALUE? If you VALUE your own PERSONAL REPUTATION within Society at large or just within your local community where you reside, is that your Personal Reputation NOT a thing of “VALUE”??

      • CNN threatened to expose the identity of the individual for the purpose of attacking his reputation (intent to extort), for posts that were unrelated to the CNN themed meme, if the individual didn’t remove the CNN Meme from public view (taking), and surely a popular interenet meme is known to have value to some. It does not have to have value to everyone.

  25. Although Reagan and Trump have completely different styles, they both fought back against their critics. Reagan mostly used humor and logic. Trump uses street fighter tactics. Neither is considered Presidential in how they handled the Press. I find it sad to see CNN and MSNBC flailing away at Trump and not making a dent. America needs to move on from the legacy media and get its news from other sources that are much more reliable.

    • I still gets my News from Fox News but even with Fox I READ HEAVILY BETWEEN THE LINES!!! SAD! but you must THINK and REASON for yourself PERIOD.

  26. I quit watching CNN= Time-Warner Inc. and NBC/MSNBC= COMCAST like ages ago!!!!!

  27. Hes’ a rasist bigget! In 2020 Trump will LOOSE and Clinton will win by a lanslide!

  28. “I’d say that the commentariat’s reaction to Trump’s tweets are likely to be more damaging to them”

    That’s the bottom line, and is the genius of Trump. I disagree with the establishment in finding Trump’s tweets beneath the dignity of the President. Trump is merely bypassing the media, and using the MSM’s failures (like focusing on optics rather than policy, words rather than actions, sensationalizing rather than reporting, etc.) against it. Smart journalists know Trump’s tweets are really irrelevant speech, and the anti-Trump partisans claim Trump is attacking free speech, democracy, and civilization. But the way the MSM is taking the rope and hanging itself, is a worthy story.

  29. Great article! While I don’t like the “they started it!” argument, your point is valid: he is not exactly dignified, but he is waaaay less hateful and rude than his opponents. His juvenile and hilarious tweets are not my style, but the fans do love seeing the media get punked over and over again. I mean come on, everyone knows wrestling is fake. That’s the joke – it’s “fake news”! Right? It has gone completely over their heads, and that makes it even funnier.

    And what actually matters, his accomplishments and appointments and economic numbers are solid. I am pleasantly surprised at how well this thing is actually going.

  30. The media slime who did their best to subvert democracy and depose a lawfully-elected president are nothing less than traitors. Truly they are the enemy of the people, as wiser men than me have observed.

  31. “Just as Poland cannot be broken, I declare today for the world to hear
    that the West will never, ever be broken,” Trump said. “Our values will
    prevail, our people will thrive, and our civilization will triumph.”
    – Trump today in Poland

    This. Every day, all day. This is why I voted for Trump.

    • BO would have apologized for Western culture being so productive

  32. Sooo. apparently this this little twisted reality CNN, NYT etc are on losing big time. Their bank accounts say otherwise, but don’t let that ruin this little fact free party.

    • All the NYT employee layoffs are not really happening?
      Okay then.

    • A trainwreck always draws a crowd. So ratings will temporarily go up but make no mistake about it, CNN, MSNBC and other legacy media outlets have shot their own credibility so bad they have no real path back to power.

    • Riiiight … and that sure explains why the NYT put half their office space up for rent!!!

      • Office space is so 90s. Everyone is virtual now.
        One fact does make the whole puzzle son. Look at the big picture.
        Don’t get me wrong the traditional press was hurting. less circulation etc
        But Trump is a gift that paradoxically might save traditional media by allowing them to make money while they retool themselves for the future.
        Trust me a Pence presidency is the last thing the media wants.
        For that matter a Hillary presidency would have been the same gift but for different reasons. As Chaffetz said he had investigations teed up!

      • Do you specialize in being ignorant, lazy, and stupid … really, do you???

        The people being fired from the NYT (and other far left media outlets) are NOT being sent home to work from there, you dumbflvck!!!

        They’re being “fired” because those outlets are hemorrhaging readers.

  33. Trump needs a healthcare victory, a border wall, and a tax cut victory to really demolish the Left. Until that happens, his feud with the media is a sideshow that will not undo any of the Obama administration wrecking ball policies that are still crushing us.

    • While those things would be nice, he has already done an incredible amount of rollback on O’s policies. By itself, implementing the nuclear option on SC nominees will resound throughout history. The new energy revolution he is quietly accomplishing will echo throughout the world. His foreign policy is the exact opposite of O’s.

      The people of Poland get it. Too bad you don’t.

  34. The only thing that is “destructing” in the real world is the Trump presidency. He sounds like a fool; I am listening to excerpts from his press conference in Poland and he sounds, as usual, like a fool….asking if we really have 17 intelligence agencies, using the vocabulary level of a 6th grader and repeating words, for whatever reason, attacking a past POTUS on foreign soil and again, for the sake of his ego, refusing to blame Russia for the hacking. Soothing his ego supersedes all. Disgusting behavior from an American president. I believe the man is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, the disease of which his father died. It explains his strange words and behaviors.

    “STAT reviewed decades of Trump’s on-air interviews and compared them to Q&A sessions since his inauguration. The differences are striking and unmistakable.”

    “Research has shown that changes in speaking style can result from cognitive decline. STAT therefore asked experts in neurolinguistics and cognitive assessment, as well as psychologists and psychiatrists, to compare Trump’s speech from decades ago to that in 2017; they all agreed there had been a deterioration, and some said it could reflect changes in the health of Trump’s brain.”

    “In interviews Trump gave in the 1980s and 1990s (with Tom Brokaw, David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, Charlie Rose, and others), he spoke articulately, used sophisticated vocabulary, inserted dependent clauses into his sentences without losing his train of thought, and strung together sentences into a polished paragraph, which — and this is no mean feat — would have scanned just fine in print. This was so even when reporters asked tough questions.”

    • Well, the recount didn’t work. The fake Russian collusion story didn’t work. Hmm…, what can the loony left try next? Got it! The President is mentally incompetent! It won’t work, of course, but it’s all about getting attention for the liberal progressives. Nothing to do with reality.

    • Just keep dreaming snowflake……oh, and don’t forget……just keep losing too! You’re doing just fine!

  35. The Post-war American Predator Class has brought the nation to its knees with its bipartisan non-stop genocidal wars; unbridled greed and plunder. How can anyone with a streak of decency mind watching the whole thing burn-itself out in a political dumpster fire?

    We’re terminally screwed, so why not enjoy the spectacle?

  36. It is fun to watch an outfit like CNN go all in as they commit suicide.

  37. Washington decorum has simply become a tool of the DC ruling class, an instrument of power. In the days of Cronkite and Kennedy at least through Reagan and Bush 1, it may have served the interests of the nation as a whole, but now it only serves to maintain a regime that serves no one but itself. It is a fraud that conceals and facilitates many abuses and failures. In all likelihood, the only way to destroy it is the way Trump is doing it, more or less. He’s actually quite measured compared with the barbarity of what he’s up against.

  38. Creating the distractions that weaken America arpound the world, and expose the fallacy of America’s freedoms of the press, in NO WAY make America great!! Our old friends the Germans are stepping up to assume the leadership position that Trump vacated!! America is in its period of decline, thanks to Trump and the GOPTP!

    • Ms. Angela is busy greasing the skids for the caliphate.

    • If “leadership” is what Obama supposedly gave the world, then they can gladly have it all back. What an idiotic comment.

    • B. Hussein Obama goes to Saudi Arabia and bows to the King.

      President Donald Trump goes to Saudia Arabia, and the King bows to him, AND invites the leaders of 54 other Muslim countries to do the same.

  39. The video was perfect. The great irony is that Trump likely just thought it was funny. It was a part of his past – updated. Simply a funny thing shared with his followers on social media. Unlike other tweets, I thought it was an innocent laugh. Yet it sent them reeling. But perhaps that was it – it humanized DJT and had the potential to remind the WWE watching public that Trump used to be a larger than life – somewhat beloved – figure. They had to destroy that possibility, for if ever the public realizes this is the same DJT that has adorned magazines, tv shows, Oprah interviews, and Howard Stern, t would be over. Look what they did to Jimmy Fallon when he didn’t do a hit piece interview last Sept. Plus – they Reddit guy’s handle was “HanA$$holesolo” – couldn’t make this up.

  40. Great article. Liberal progressives have no clue to what is “normal”, as their decades long war on normal people demonstrates: Believe that little girls and little boys are different? You’re a hater and bigot. Believe that parents who encourage their little girls to identify as little boys and their little boys to identify as little girls are engaged in child abuse? Haters, haters, haters! Believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman? Homophobic hater! Believe that immigration laws should be enforced and illegal immigration shouldn’t be rewarded with citizenship? Racist hater! The liberal progressives have accomplished enormous harm to the United States and other western democracies over the past 50 years. The push back that we are seeing with the Trump Administration is long, long overdue. Lefties hate that the President is getting stuff done. They are losing, but they will never accept reality.

    • They do know what is normal, and they’re against it on principle.

  41. For the last 16 years, the Left, Democrats to radicals, has replaced serious political discourse with Stewart, Colbert, SNL, et al. It has substituted (bad) comedy for actual news and serious political debate. It has driven off everyone it disagrees with through mockery and contempt and active persecution. And now it finds that the only alternative to its cultural tyranny is, well, Trump, who survives and thrives in that culture they created.

    • Actually, it has been going on much longer than 16 years. But it is still way past time to fight fire with fire. Thank God for Trump.

  42. It’s fun to see all the liberal article the past couple of days saying that when Trump attacks the media, he is attacking democracy. The media actually believes they are that important!!! Obama repeatedly attacked entire industries, and the media hailed him as a hero. But attack their little fake news companies and it’s the end of the world!!!!


  43. CNN = National Enquirer. People should treat CNN like the National Enquirer. They make up stories to entertain their audience and make money. That simple! At this point, no one should be taking them seriously!

    • No, no. The National Enquirer investigates. They broke the John Edwards story, the Tiger Woods story, and the Mika and Joe affair story (while Mika was still married). CNN is just Fake News.

  44. Much shorter version:

    The Left and the Media (BIRM) have used their control of the commanding heights of the culture to wield the power of ridicule over us, and it works. Alinsky is dead on right there. Trump is showing everyone that two can play.

    Trump told us. We don’t know how to win, that he would teach us. So quit complaining about his tweets, sit down and learn.

    • Or to quote another WWE icon “Know your role, and shut your mouth”.

  45. Great analysis, enjoyed the article; I love how Trump throws it back at them.

  46. Great piece, insightful, no hyperbole, and objective. Wish they were all this way.

  47. CNN didn’t blackmail anyone. the bleeding face was wise? maybe for a 5 year old.

    • When was the last time you hosted a cocktail party and included someone who wanted to invite themself AND was bleeding from the face (or wherever)???

  48. I saw a term recently that describes it well: “news actor”. A person who is an actor and appears on what used to be called a “news” program.

  49. Great headline; especially if you thought of it yourself.

    When Trump he said we’d get sick of winning, I confess, I never thought it meant the collapse of CNN and the Poles chanting USA, USA, USA.

    Even though a Trumpkin, I’m under no illusion or delusion as it pertains to PDT.

    You’ve got to read C.S. Lewis’ After Priggery, What? Here’s an apposite excerpt:

    Cleon is a wicked journalist, a man who disseminates for money falsehoods calculated to produce envy, hatred, suspicion and confusion.
    As for the villainy, if we do not love it, we take it as a thing of course with a tolerant laugh or a shrug. We have lost the invaluable faculty of being shocked—a faculty which has hitherto almost distinguished the Man or Woman from the beast or the child. In a word, we have not risen above priggery; we have sunk below it.

    The result is that things are a good deal too easy for Cleon. Even when the rewards of dishonesty are strictly alternative to those of honesty some men will choose them. But Cleon finds he can have both. He can enjoy all the sense of secret power and all the sweets of a perpetually gratified inferiority complex while at the same time having the entrée to honest society. From such conditions what can we expect but an increasing number of Cleons? And that must be our ruin. If we remain a democracy they render impossible the formation of any healthy public opinion. If—absit omen—the totalitarian threat is realised, they will be the cruellest and dirtiest tools of government.
    Now it seems to me that we can (and should) blackball Cleon …we do not know by what stages he became the thing he is,God knows,…But for the moment, however it came about—and let us sing non nobis loud enough to lift the roof—we are not professional liars and he is. We may have a hundred vices from which he is free. But on one particular matter we are, if you insist, ” better ” than he.

    And that one thing which he does and we do not do is poisoning the whole nation. To prevent the poisoning is an urgent necessity. It cannot be prevented by the law : partly because we do not wish the laws to have too much power over freedom of speech, and partly, perhaps, for another reason. The only safe way of silencing Cleon is by discrediting him.
    To abstain from reading—and a forttori from buying—a paper which you have once caught telling lies seems a very moderate form of asceticism.
    …Cleon’s readers are not all the half-heartedly honest people whom I describe. Some of them are real rascals like Cleon himself. They are not interested in truth. That, no doubt, is so. But I am not convinced that the number of thoroughgoing rascals is large enough to keep Cleon afloat. In the present ” tolerant ” age he has the support and countenance not only of the rascals but of thousands of honest people as well. Is it not at least worth our while to try the experiment of leaving him and the rascals alone? We might try it for five years. Let him for five years be sent to Coventry. I doubt if you will find him still rampant at the end. And why not begin today by countermanding your order for his paper?

  50. “Wolf Blitzer just put a horse’s head in someone’s bed!” — Mark Steyn

  51. One of the problems with the Left is that it surrounds itself with itself (quote courtesy of Jon Anderson/Chris Squire).

    The Left really believes that all ‘worthy’ people believe exactly as they do. So, they put little effort into supporting their ideas with facts…why bother when ‘everyone knows it’s true’?

    Thinking conservatives are very aware that the opposition will try and poke holes in their arguments, and take pains to buttress their points with facts and evidence.

    There is a great advantage to having vigorous opposition, but the Left seems disinclined to move outside their echo chamber (in this case, CNN newsroom.

  52. OMuslim and all leftists attacked Fox for eight long years. ‘Bout time they got some of their own Rules for Radicals thrown back in their face.

  53. In Trump vs, Media we have a classic example of asymmetric warfare. Using a few seconds of his precious time Trump incites rolls out a new tweet, and they go full nut job for weeks! He gets far more bang for his buck than they do!

    • “… and they go insane …”

      The proper diagnosis is that they “go covfefe”.

  54. This is possibly the most brilliant and cathartic op-ed I have ever read. Bravo!!

  55. “Trump Provokes CNN’s Self-Immolation”

    That’s not accurate; CNN self-victimized themselves, they provided the barbequees, the gasoline, the torches, the venue, the subject matter, even the broadcast medium.

    The fact that they decided to start torching each other over President Trump implies they would not have done so if it had been someone else very accurately pointing out that they are Fake News and or Very Fake News is simply not accurate!!!

  56. AG better get you some new IT or webmaster because this is the balkiest site I have been on in a long time.

  57. thats a lovely lucid and comforting essay and thank you for it…..when a writer as incisive and astute as Mr. Kimball is able to put into such pleasant entertaining and sensible form all the thoughts that fair minded rational people are thinking it is immensely reassuring.

  58. “suspicion and malevolent scrutiny” A perfect phrase describing the MSM’s coverage of the President

  59. How dare this horrible awful presi-ma-dent mock the extraordinarily accomplished Mika Brzezinski, who is absolutely unequaled in the craft of, um, being Zbigniew Brzezinski’s daughter.

    • Yeah, how dare he, you little bleeding face, low-IQ nut job snow flake?

  60. Brilliant, well-done, nothing but applause for this article. And yes — absolutely correct to point out that it is the Left which has assaulted every last notion of normality or decency in America since the 1960s, at least. This sudden left-wing concern for the sanctity of the Oval Office is mendacious, if not downright malevolent. And the notion that CNN is a besieged example of the “free press” in America is ludicrous. We are not talking about I. F. Stone or Edward R. Murrow here, or a brave local newspaper taking on entrenched small town interests. We’re talking about a conglomerate that apparently expected to install Hillary Clinton in the White House and is enraged that they’ve been outed as the Democratic Party shills that they are. Free press? Please. By ending Kathy Griffin’s career alone, President Trump has already done yeoman’s service to the USA.

  61. Trump doesn’t need luck. Besides, luck is a myth. Only godless secular presidents appear to need luck because they don’t already have the Spirit of the Living God watching their proverbial back. God will be with Donald Trump unless/until Donald rejects the Spirit.

    I pray to God that He grow Donald’s faith and hope and love, and that He bless America.

  62. In this article Roger Kimball presents the best description of what is going on within the Trump Administration during the opening months of his presidency.

    In the final paragraph Kimball says:
    “Like every politician, Donald Trump will require a modicum of good luck to succeed.”
    Let us hope and pray for President Trump’s continued skill and good luck in outwitting the many domestic enemies and opponents described in this article.

  63. Nothing is more amusing than Democrats fuming about the “Dignitiy of the Office” (of POTUS) while at the same time they venerate Bill “Lewinsky-ied” Clinton.