CNN Justifies the Meme

CNN Justifies the Meme
(with apologies to Kipling’s “Arithmetic on the Frontier”)

A great and glamorous thing it was,

The media high ground to own—

To set each debate’s terms, because

Yours was the mightiest microphone—

And your pronouncements carried weight.

You squandered that, though.  It’s too late.

Much credibility you spent,

Through your eight years of celebration

Colluding with a President

Of “fundamental transformation.”

Now you’d prefer to take one down?

How does one become un-beclowned?

And now, teeth gnashing as you’re wailing—

Wandering among the ruins—

You’ve been reduced to blackmailing

Some fellows who creates cartoons ?

If you’re not careful, that just might

Begin to look like petty spite.

No talking points Pelosi wrote,

No curse word, no amount of spin,

Dismays your critics as we gloat,

Brings Hil’ry back, or makes her win—

To bully, threaten or coerce

Just makes your situation worse.


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