Leaked DNC Memo: Russia Influenced Georgia Election

Editor’s Note:  American Greatness, through an anonymous and unnamed source, has obtained this previously unpublished DNC press release explaining the outcome of the special election in Georgia.  

For Immediate Release

From the Democratic National Committee (DNC)

 Seventeen U.S. intelligence agencies have confirmed that election machines in Georgia’s 6th congressional district were hacked by unnamed agents of the Russian Federation, with the intention of defeating Jon Ossoff.

 Anonymous sources from unnamed U.S. intelligence have revealed the Russia connection.

 Jon Ossoff’s father, Richard Ossoff, is of Russian and Lithuanian descent. In captured communications, it has been determined the FSB, Russia’s state security service, had identified the Ossoffs, father and son, as clandestine agents in the Lithuanian federal secret service, the LFSS.

 According to these unnamed officials, the FSB, via its intercepts of supposedly secure communications inside the LFSS, learned of the secret plan to insert Jon Ossoff into the U.S. Congress, where he would gain top secret access and influence U.S. policy in the Baltics, strengthening pro-Lithuanian, anti-Russian policy.

 It was not immediately clear exactly how agents of the FSB gained access to the voting machines, except for the report from another anonymous source, which notes that the voting machines were manufactured by a company in New York with a minority interest held by Jared Kushner, son-in-law to President Donald Trump.

 In recent weeks talks between the U.S. and Lithuanian governments have resulted in an executive order signed by President Trump which allows all Lithuanian nationals to travel to the United States without visas. This was perceived by Kremlin watchers as a provocation against the Russian Federation. But sources inside the White House, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, reveal the executive order to be a false flag operation, designed to obscure the administration’s true intentions. 

Richard Ossoff, the candidate’s father, is the president and CEO of Strafford Publications in Atlanta, long known for its support for the independence and national sovereignty of the Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian states. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Strafford Publications has specialized in English language translations of Lithuanian authors, including Vincas Kreve-Mickevicius, Petras Vaiciunas, Zemaite, Oskaras Milasius, Tomas Venclova, and Jurgis Kuncinas.

The Storming of the Winter Palace . . . then, as now.

 The Democratic National Committee has asked the FBI to immediately impound the voting machines of Georgia’s 6th district and is demanding that Congress appoint a special counsel to investigate Russia’s latest attack on the integrity of America’s electoral system.

Furthermore, the DNC insists that Karen Handel should not be sworn in as representative of Georgia’s sixth district until this matter is fully investigated and it is proven that she herself had no collusion with the Russians in this matter.

Update: It was just learned that Attorney General Jeff Sessions wrote his doctoral thesis on the poetry of Russian writer Alexander Pushkin and has therefore recused himself from any pending investigations.

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14 responses to “Leaked DNC Memo: Russia Influenced Georgia Election

  • I like to drink White Russians. I’d likely have to recuse myself if I were involved in the “investigation”.

  • I am 1/4 Russian, have Russian friends, love Russian culture, wrote for Russian media outlets, advocate Russian-American friendship and voted for Donald Trump because, among other things, he spoke in a sensible way about Russian-American relations. I also enjoy being very in-your-face about this because there is nothing wrong in today’s world with cooperating with a country where homosexual propaganda is banned, Christianity is respected and the income tax is a flat 13%.

    Those who demonize Russia are demonic.

      • As someone who wrote publicly in support of Donald Trump early in 2016 and wrote publicly in May 2016 predicting he would definitely win the election and wrote publicly in 2014 that supporting the coup in Ukraine (as it was still in the early stages) was a huge mistake that would lead to war and not democracy, I have been on the front for a long time, having actually been born on the front and not needing to goose step there.

      • Did you ever leave. They seem to be clamping down on who enters this country.

  • Sorry.
    It doesn’t really work.

    A good try and all, but in order for Onion-like sarcasm to really be effective it has to contain some significant element of exaggeration, something that tells the reader that even though the tone & writing is straight, the intent is humorous, is sarcastic. The 47 yr. old man in Kenosha is really NOT selling his family on EBay to pay for his new bass boat. The Lakers really have NOT hired a hit man to ‘take care of’ Lonzo’s Dad. etc.

    But THIS about the Russian hacking of the Georgia election and the Lithuanian ties to Jared Kushner??? This could have been copy/pasted from the Times. NBC News probably already has Lester en route. We fully expect to see CNN blasting wall to wall coverage as earnest reporters stand in front of impounded voting machines, asking the man-on-the-street whether he’s seen the KGB at WalMart. “I think I may have!” And of course there we’d find an outraged Pelosi in a Pink Pussy Hat demanding an Independent Prosecutor who speaks ‘Georgian’.

    Here in the Idiocracy, you really need to shift that humor high bar as nothing, really, is ever beyond the DNC/MSM possible.

  • Same old Crap. Leftists lose the election and now want voting machines impounded. Further, they claim it was Russians, oh and last time we did that the found that the reported totals for Hillary was much greater than the number of actual ballots cast. (Detroit) Hmmmmm

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