Feds Act as Muscle for Mosques

The U.S. Department of Justice is acting as the muscle of local mosques and riding roughshod over the zoning laws of local cities and towns in the process. Whether it be 60 foot minarets that violate height ordinances, insufficient parking for the size of the facilities, or crowds gathered until 3:30am in quiet residential neighborhoods, the DOJ has forced local governments to ignore their zoning rules and give mosques rights that no one else gets—not individuals, not private businesses, and not other religious institutions. That was the Obama Justice Department. But it’s still going on under the Trump Administation.
Karen Lugo is a lawyer who has represented clients fighting the DOJ in this area and she joined me today on the Seth and Chris Show to explain how we got here and what the Trump Administration can do to fix it.
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As Karen wrote for American Greatness last week,
The atmosphere of DOJ intimidation cannot be overstated. Negotiated settlements between the DOJ, local zoning authorities, and mosque officials take place against a backdrop of DOJ threatening long, prohibitively costly litigation. The drive for ever more concessions, and more cash, confronts communities whose small governments cannot compete with DOJ’s $28 billion budget and legions of lawyers. Importantly, DOJ treats these settlements as if they were precedents even though, by sidestepping the courts, the settlements bypass judicial precedents that could protect legitimate.


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3 responses to “Feds Act as Muscle for Mosques”

  1. The State Department is also still spouting hatred towards Hungary for daring to defend Christian culture. Unfortunately every day the President listens to lawyers and allows his presidency to become a kangaroo court on the question of its legitimacy is another day wasted on the stupid Russia probe instead of reform and leadership.

    Republicans in Congress should be supporting the President on all fronts but are not.

    All of this is very upsetting. It’s as though the President is alone and abandoned against the forces of darkness.

    We can only pray for miracles to help President Trump because he is getting no help from his party, let alone his government.

  2. Axiomatic of Terrorist groups especially from Mideast is they do not undertake campaigns without State Sponsors.
    In this case the State Sponsor for Jihad America is the DOJ.

    The DOJ Civil Rights Division was of course the ultimate insider backer for BLM. In each case where there was BLM rioting or shootings there was a pre-existing struggle for dominance over the local police dept in the form of suits by DOJ to establish DOJ ‘supervision’ over that local police Dept. Politics is power.

    In the case of Mosques they are advancing Jihad’s infrastructure of mosques and community centers, that is the logistics base for Jihad’s violence and Military operations against America. DOJ is simply a State Sponsor of Jihad.