Trump’s Way Out of the Progressive Labyrinth

In every single week of the Trump presidency, the investigators and attorneys of FBI Director James Comey or, subsequently, of special counsel Robert Mueller, have leaked information that President Donald Trump was under investigation for either colluding with the Russians or obstructing justice—allegations so far without any substantiating evidence.

In the case of Comey, we now know that his office or sympathetic third-parties leaked to the press false stories that Trump was under FBI investigation at precisely the time that the careerist Comey was privately reassuring the president himself that he was in fact not being investigated.

The appointment of Mueller was a concession to opposition demands that Trump appoint a Lawrence Walsh-type Special Prosecutor. The Comey-Mueller investigations and leaks occur simultaneously with House Intelligence member Adam Schiff’s passive-aggressive and often pompous announcements of evidence of Russian collusion—including raising the specter of a Grand Jury investigation—that are never followed by any evidence.

Since January 2017, the Congress ceased being a legislative body. It is now a Star-chamber court determined to decapitate the presidency.

Never in the history of the republic have there been so many legislative and political simultaneous efforts to 1) sabotage the Electoral College, 2) sue to overturn the presidential vote in key swing states, 3) boycott the Inauguration, 4) systematically block presidential appointments, 5) surveille, unmask, and leak classified or privileged information about the elected president, 6) nullify federal law at the state and local level, 7) sue to remove the president by invoking the Emoluments Clause, 8) declare Trump unfit under the 25th Amendment, 9) demand recusals from his top aides, 10) cherry-pick sympathetic judges to block presidential executive orders, 11) have a prior administration’s residual appointees subvert their successor, and 12) promise impending impeachment.

And that is only the political effort to remove the president.

Simultaneously, the media, Hollywood, popular culture, street theater, and the universities hand-in-glove seek to remove Trump from office through the dissemination of fake news as well as deep state leaks—coarsening the culture to such a degree that Trump is reduced to an impotent pariah.

align=”right” In terms of losing state legislatures and governorships, the Congress, the Supreme Court and the presidency, the Obama progressive project has all but ruined the Democratic Party. And with such catastrophic losses of political power, the left grows less introspective and only more venomous—as if invective can do what appeals to voters have not.

The hydra-headed Resistance issues both explicit and metaphorical threats of presidential assassination, descends to scatological and obscene smears, cheers on campus disruptions and street theater, and persists in constant harangues in the press that Trump is unfit to remain President.

Why the unhinged furor?

Trump was elected to serve roughly 48 months. His progressive enemies are increasingly desperate. Despite an historic five-month assault that has demonized his person and ossified his legislative agenda, Trump is still systematically undoing the Obama agenda through appointments and Obama “pen-and-phone”-like executive orders.

In terms of losing state legislatures and governorships, the Congress, the Supreme Court and the presidency, the Obama progressive project has all but ruined the Democratic Party. And with such catastrophic losses of political power, the left grows less introspective and only more venomous—as if invective can do what appeals to voters have not.

But can Trump survive the incessant onslaught, as the street, the progressive party and the media ratchet up their collective subversions month by month? Is there any way out of the progressive labyrinth?

Trump’s future hinges on three propositions: 1) legislative momentum that shifts public attention to Trump’s relatively successful nascent efforts to reform government and dismantle the progressive project; 2) a continued upswing in the economy that comes to fruition with 3 percent per annum economic growth; and 3) the creation of political deterrence, characterized by a shift from the defensive to offensive that will warn progressives to cease their efforts at delegitimizing the president.

Momentum. The Congress must ensure that reform of Obamacare and the tax codes are finished this year. At this late date, compromises that achieve 70 percent of the administration’s intention become iconic and far preferable to even principled stasis.

Doing nothing only cements the idea that the Resistance is successfully blocking all Trump’s initiatives and will win more adherents to its supposedly successful efforts. Only legislative motion will change that narrative. If the Republican-controlled Congress cannot pass conservative reform legislation, then the party has all but conceded the 2018 midterm elections, which will usher in Democratic efforts to impeach the president. And if Republicans cannot act when they control both the Congress and the White House, then what good are they anyway as a party? And who, then, will shape the future trajectory of the country—a minority Democratic party, street theater, the likes of Maxine Waters and Stephen Colbert, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, campus bullies, the media, the universities, or Hollywood’s popular culture?

align=”left” If Trump can achieve robust economic growth, then he will do what Reagan did from late 1983-to mid-1984: silence his critics who insisted that his trickle-down economics and needlessly confrontational Cold War deterrent policies were going to prompt either a Depression or war—or both.

It is Still the Economy, Stupid. Psychology plays an underappreciated role in fostering economic growth. Already employment is up; the stock market is booming; and energy production presses ahead—all on the assumption that Trump’s initial executive orders on gas and oil production and deregulation, as well as cabinet appointments, are mere harbingers of even more pro-growth tax and health care reform to come. The opposite sloganeering of ‘you didn’t build that’ and ‘now is not the time to profit’ is ‘make America great again.’

If Trump can achieve robust economic growth, then he will do what Reagan did from late 1983-to mid-1984: silence his critics who insisted that his trickle-down economics and needlessly confrontational Cold War deterrent policies were going to prompt either a Depression or war—or both. When Reagan’s economic and foreign policy initiatives instead made the United States both safer and more prosperous, his critics retreated to lick their wounds, were demolished in the 1984 election, and did not reemerge until the Iran-Contra debacle.

Restoring Deterrence. While Trump has been hounded, a number of former federal officials have escaped all accountability for what might legitimately be seen as high crimes and misdemeanors.

Former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch established the precedent that it was permissible for a sitting Attorney General to meet privately with a spouse of a high profile subject of an ongoing investigation by her own department, and to call in the Director of the FBI to ensure that his own then current investigation of the presidential candidate of her party did not imperil her campaign. In sum, Lynch should be the subject of a special investigation to see whether she habitually obstructed justice during the 2016 campaign.

James Comey leaked a privileged document via a third party to the press in violation of FBI protocols and possibly the law. He too should be subject to federal accountability, along with his purported acquiesce to demands from Attorney General Lynch to massage his investigation of Hillary Clinton. Never has such a congressional witness so incriminated himself in his efforts to incriminate others.

align=”left” In sum, Lynch should be the subject of a special investigation to see whether she habitually obstructed justice during the 2016 campaign.

Comey’s own investigation of Hillary Clinton’s unlawful server and transmission of classified materials was called off during the campaign, ostensibly because he supposedly found no ill-intent on Clinton’s part to break federal law. Yet ‘intent’ is Comey’s own politicized invention; it is not mentioned in statutes as necessary for an indictment for breaking national security laws. Many lesser federal naïfs, with no ill-intention (and no influence and connections), nevertheless serve time for sloppily revealing or disseminating classified information. Ms. Clinton should be the subject of an outside investigation to review Comey’s 2016 opportunistic but incomplete findings and to assure the nation that his election-cycle exculpatory conclusions were not shaped by pressure from his superiors.

Most importantly, the House Intelligence Agency must press ahead with investigations that members of the Obama administration may have improperly or even illegally surveilled political opponents (often under the guise of reverse-targeting them) unmasked their names, and leaked the information to the press in efforts to harm them. Those findings also should be given to a special investigator. The most explosive story of 2016 was not collusion or obstruction, but reported Obama administration efforts to interfere in a political campaign by subverting federal intelligence agencies while breaking the law.

On a wider front, all administration recusals should stop. Robert Mueller has established the precedent that an investigator can remain a close friend of the investigated, while staffing his office with political contributors investigating their own political opponent—and all without recusal.

The Trump administration should insist that all universities and colleges that receive federal funds guarantee to their students First Amendment protections of free speech, due process, civil rights, and the right to assemble peacefully. If they cannot or will not comply with the Bill of Rights, then campuses should come under review of their funding from Washington.

align=”right” The only way that the Resistance can be halted is to insist that its efforts remain lawful. If they are not, perpetrators must be held accountable.

Moreover, anyone who makes a direct threat or clear allusion to killing the president of the United States should be put on a terrorist no-fly list for six months, an act that can be done without a formal indictment and trial. If revving up a crowd in Washington by yelling out a personal wish to blow up the White House and its occupants, or holding up a facsimile of the decapitated head of the president to galvanize a video audience does not constitute enough suspicion to take a breather from flying, then nothing much else does. If Madonna had to take a slow freighter back to London, then she might curb her macabre enthusiasm at her next rally.

The only way that the Resistance can be halted is to insist that its efforts remain lawful. If they are not, perpetrators must be held accountable.

In sum, Trump can find his way out of the progressive maze, if he presses ahead with his legislative agenda, keeps hammering away on the economy, and establishes the precedent that the Obama administration and its supporters and appointees, between January 2016 and January 2017, were far more likely to have broken federal statutes than Donald Trump.

Only legislative momentum, economic growth, and political deterrence can free Trump from the always expanding Alinskyite labyrinth.

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About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump and the newly released The Dying Citizen.

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204 responses to “Trump’s Way Out of the Progressive Labyrinth”

  1. Also, VDH, Republicans will have to learn to hit back. Their passivity is embarrassing…either that or they’re on the other side.

    • On the other side. How much more evidence do you need?

    • OR…
      Are most RINOS secretly praying for a President Pence.


      • Who will you vote for? If anyone doesn’t agree with you on a single issue or on the tactics to achieve goals, then you call them RINOs. This is not the way to win people to your side. Just look at Ann Coulter. She is ignoring the positive things Trump has done because of the wall. Yet Trump himself has reduced the number of people entering the country illegally. Will you vote for Coulter for President–or maybe Christine O’Donnell?

    • Yeah, I’d be opting for “they’re on the other side”. What HRC did was not a problem for them – they only wish she hadn’t been such a moron about it – because selling influence and favors is the job description for Rinos as well.

      • Maybe he won’t succeed given that corruption is the default position of most politicians these days and like entrenched bureaucrats they remain connected and powerful and deeply focused on protecting their cashflows and business model as the payola continues to pad out their accounts. But DJT is the only person who has held a mirror up to the double-dealing and self interest and the only prospect at the moment for change.

      • The special counsel statute requires a crime has occurred. Rosenstein appointed a special counsel without a crime. Adding one later doesn’t change that. Mueller knew that and accepted anyways. Mueller has a conflict of interest and should never have accepted but he knowingly did in violation of the statute and the bar code of ethics. Trump should fire them both and file complaints with the bar association against them and against Comey. Have them disbarred and threaten them with charges of sedition. Make them follow the rules and make them pay.

    • Yeah. RINOs and NeverTrumpers are globalist, big government types. Someone needs to lead the Trump voters into a third party. Now is the perfect time. Both Dems and the eGOP have sickened their voters.

      • Agree strongly with your first sentence Walter, but we both know from history that 3rd parties in America have always failed. The Bull Moose Republicans had TR and they couldn’t win.

      • Like the Republican party in the 1850’s? The Whigs and the Democrats were the establishment parties and the Whigs refused to heed the will of it’s abolitionist base.

      • The difference now is that there has been galvanized a “movement” that has clear antipathy for the Establishment GOP and the crazy Dems. People have been saying for a long time that they wish they had a meaningful alternative. It has to be a new party with Trump at the head and with the commitment of many others to join him to give it national legitimacy. The effort would be such a shake up of the status quo that it would create its own momentum. Remember, such a party does not have to have 50% of the votes – only the most votes of the three parties. Electoral votes go to the one with the most votes.

      • Certainly Trump is a meaningful alternative. The trouble is he doesn’t know squat about how government works and has no set of principles to guide him, not to mention oncoming dementia.

      • I will not ask for your psychiatric credentials because you would lie about them anyway but since Trump is trying to actually do what he was elected to do I would say he knows exactly how government is SUPPOSED to work.

      • Yeah, sure, let’s split the Republican/libertarian vote in two…and usher in the Dems for the rest of our lives. That’s a great idea.

      • There is a first time for everything. I will not give $ to the republicans but I will give to Trump. I wonder what would happen if there was a recall of say certain senators from SC or AZ.

      • Quite true but perhaps now it the time for a second party to oppose the single democrat/republican party that governs now.

      • Absolutely. I can see Trump running for re-election as an independent or other. The Republican party is more loathsome than even the Democrat/Socialists. Their efforts to undermine and defeat Trump may lead to their own loss of control. Justice will then be served for the treachery they’ve practiced. ????????TRUMP????????

      • May you end up in the middle of the circular firing squad you’re promoting. To say ANY Republican is “more loathsome than even the Democrat/Socialists” is sickening. Just one case in point: it was the “loathsome” Mitch McConnell that held up Obama’s (liberal) pick for Scalia’s seat — Merrick — when EVERYBODY (including you, no doubt) “knew” that Hillary would be our next POTUS, and we’d end up with an even more liberal justice. Ryan was the ONLY replacement that could’ve herded the Republicats into any kind of cohesive body, and got a UNANIMOUS vote of confidence from the House. He is also the ONLY reason I could hold my nose and support Trump — I figured if he could support him, I could. Now if Trump could stop his insane tweeting and incredibly stupid behavior (like how and when he fired Comey, guaranteeing the maximum humiliation possible) grow up and grow into the office, he might be able to actually get really important legislation accomplished.

        btw, did you send money to Karen Handel’s campaign? Working to support your local politicians in the 2018 elections…or do you just like to spend your time running off your mouth on posts like these?

      • We need fighters on the Republican side. We need guys who have the stamina to fight every single day against the lying leftists.

      • Just what we need, a party of racist, misogynists, American firsters and Trump cultists. Hansen could be your spokesman.

      • Would you care to refute ONE STATEMENT Hanson made, or is the best you can do (like almost all on the left) toss out epithets and insults…? You are truly pathetic.

      • 100% correct. The RINOs & the Dims are simply worthless. We definitely need a 3rd party.

    • Your second sentence encompasses so much of the president’s seeming isolation.

    • I am happy Victor is speaking out now…this is only good. But my wife and I can’t help but think, what took so long? Working at Stanford has got to be inhibiting, but we are getting to a ‘root hog or die’ point here. Of what use is an ivory tower when the hob nail boots are coming for you?

      Hoping for more statements of this full throated type especially…

      “The Trump administration should insist that all universities and colleges that receive federal funds guarantee to their students First Amendment protections of free speech, due process, civil rights, and the right to assemble peacefully. If they cannot or will not comply with the Bill of Rights, then campuses should come under review of their funding from Washington.”

      Give ’em hell, Victor! Cut off the honey!

    • They’re on the other side. I firmly believe the Repukingtons have gone over to the enemy!

    • The RINOs and near-RINOs want to have their cake and eat it. That is, they want the legal and illegal perks of office, and lots of donations from companies and foundations, while posturing as sober, public-minded legislators with a basically conservative, small-government party line. This only works if the Democrats or Republicans like them are in charge. Otherwise, like now, they are asked to put their money where their mouth is, which they clearly don’t want to do.

      • Congress is legally corrupt. They make the laws for us peasants then exempt themselves from said laws.

    • Although I think the article is spot on, I can envision three potential outcomes; (1) a four-year slog against the Left with the results of the administration’s agenda driving the next election, (2) the progressive Left continues to shift to more and more radical positions, eroding even an already far left base ( I am already expecting for the nightly news headlines not not just mention Trump in the first 10 seconds, but to openly and directly vilify him – “Tonight, Trump really sucks, film at 11:00”), (3) the point you make — the establishment Left + GOP decide (perhaps colluding) that a destroyed Trump presidency ultimately puts them (or one of them, they hope) back in power and they elect to suffer the losses of confidence and damage to the office of the presidency, betting on the come.

      I expect #1, welcome the end result (but not the process) of #2, and fear #3 is not beyond likely.

    • The GOP is its own worst enemy – instead of speaking with one voice it speaks with several.

      Let’s face it: Most of the GOP Party leadership has an agenda that is diametrically opposed to the memberships interests. It’s agenda is based on that of its major donors – this is the worst kept secret in Washington. As a result many in the GOP think of the Leadership as worse than Democrats.

      The GOP Leadership has to decide what team it plays on – that of the membership or the donors. If it is the donors then they leadership has to come clean with the base – otherwise you will see the membership simply staying home when it is time to vote – or worse, engaging in bitter primary fights. Somehow the Leadership has to bring the Party together, and it can’t do that when it is being dishonest.

      The GOP has to stop being so afraid of Democratic media, and it has to stop talking to Democratic media. It is time to recognize a truth that the membership is aware of and has been aware of for years – that most of the major networks, the major newspapers are firmly in the Democratic camp. The GOP shouldn’t give these people the time of day. Instead of mollifying the Democratic media, the GOP should simply treat them like what they are – the enemy.

      National Public Radio is a Democratic media outlet – it should not receive tax dollar support.

      No one respects the GOP since it doesn’t have a spine.

      • NPR is just about the only objective media source in America. For people like you, anything to the left of Attila the Hun is a communist, so naturally NPR is a left wing propaganda tool..

      • Only someone on the left could possibly think that NPR is “objective.” You probably think CNN is, too — despite the fact that they lead the MSM in attack reporting on Trump, with over 90% negative reporting. Are you capable of refuting any of VDH’s points, or do you just like to hurl insults — the specialty of the ignorant left.

      • The GOP leadership is the main reason that the four open Congressional seats vacated by Trump’s cabinet members remained in GOP hands. The GOP leadership is the reason that we have Gorsuch on SCOTUS instead of Merrick (or, if Hillary had won, which EVERYBODY had expected her to), another Kagan or Ginsberg. The GOP leadership is as principled as the new guys, but maybe their principles are not exactly the same as yours? That does not make them RINOS, it means that they must deal with political realities to effect a healthcare bill that can be passed through reconciliation. Your charge that the leadership is bowing to the interests of donors is stupid. It was the medical lobbyists who gave us Obamacare. And anybody in the GOP who thinks the leadership is worse than Democrats doesn’t deserve the seat they’re in or their majority status. NOBODY is worse than the Democrats!

    • yeah, I am sure Madonna has a Gulfstream but lesser luminaries might hesitate. Regarding Hillary it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that she wanted immunity from FOIA requests while peddled favors for cash, that Comey couldn’t make this connection seems improbable. Obama threw members of the press into jail to get at their sources and while President Trump doing the same thing will cause a ruckus I fail to see how that could possibly worsen the vituperative press he is getting now. I would also like to think that there are about 50 Grand Juries secretly going through the evidence on Lois Lerner, Fast and Furious and most perplexing to me, why Samantha Power was routinely copied above Top Secret material and the reasoning behind Susan Rice’s national security need to widely promulgate stolen communications of Hillary’s competition.

      • The no-fly list I would think applies to private jets also. Otherwise, terrorists would be flying in and out on private jets all the time.

      • I don’t believe that is correct. The no-fly list also applies to charter companies. You can only avoid the list if you OWN a private plane. Even for most celebs, a private jet is a significant investment.

  2. And also consider mobilizing Trump voters across the country to a million MAGA march on Washington to remind the elites of his base. Occupy Wall Street? How about DC instead. Take a page out of the book of the left.

    • great
      a million cranky old men who need a bathroom every hour
      make flomax great again

  3. It is essential that Republicans hit back, but AG Sessions does not appear the man to do it. If he had been on his guard in his confirmation hearing, as he should have been, he would not have felt compelled to recuse himself from the phony Russian collusion investigation. Recusing himself opened the door for Democrat careerist Rosenstein to appoint Comey buddy Mueller to go on a fishing expedition. Trump brought all this on himself with his poor choice of an AG. Sessions has to get to work on investigations such as Dr. Hanson has proposed or get out of the way of someone who will.

  4. Why we have to continually put up with blatantly criminal acts being ignored is mystifying. Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for Department of State communications is a criminal act regardless of whether classified information was in any of the emails (it was). James Comey’s press conference in which he laid out the criminal case against her, but then basically said, “Never mind”, is irrelevant to prosecuting her. It was never his decision to make. Barack Obama was aware of Mrs. Clinton’s illegal activities. His decision to ignore that was a criminal act. Comey admitted to leaking privileged information to manipulate the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel. That was a criminal act. There is ample evidence that both Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch engaged in criminal behavior while serving as Attorney General. We see televised liberal progressive political events at which illegal immigrants are paraded before the crowd – Why aren’t they arrested and taken into custody immediately? These are only a few examples of liberal progressive criminality. How long do we have to put up with Federal Government inaction when the illegal activities are so obvious? It is time for President Trump and Attorney General Sessions to get on with the arrests, prosecutions, and convictions of the lawless liberal progressives, no matter who they are.

    • The short answer is that DC has become a pit of corruption. Corrupt leaders do not live by the laws that you and I do. And DC is a fine example of that. And of Sessions? Yes his big initiative is to go after medical marijuana. Really? All the corruption all around and he wants to go after marijuana users? Pathetic. I think I am going to stop voting GOP, there really doesn’t seem to be a point to it.

      • Agree. Marijuana, medical or otherwise, should be number 999 on AG Sessions to do. List. Number one should be prosecuting James Comey, followed by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, the IRS director, the bureaucrats in the intelligence agencies who unmasked Americans illegally spied on when Obama illegally weaponized the intelligence agencies, and the rest of the traitors in the Federal Government.

      • I guess you really aren’t capable of making an intelligent point about anything. VDH, along with Tom Sowell, is probably the most brilliant, level-headed and informed voice writing in politics today, and for you to be swilling your venom and hate is despicable. Go away, troll!

      • So sad that your political heroes are all crooks. Makes your otherwise meaningless comment almost understandable.

      • Completely agree. Were it not for Trump the R’s would be dead and the fools want to deny Trump a successful presidency.

      • Fine. Let SCOTUS, the presidency and control of Congress go to the leftist Alinskyites. It’ll be interesting to see how happy you are. But I really wish you wouldn’t do that to the rest of us.

    • At the end of the Soviet regime the sclerotic members of the central politburo faced revolution and dissent and so they did what their predecessors did in Prague and Hungary – they ordered the tanks to be sent in. Except the tanks and the men running them weren’t following orders from the politburo anymore. They were ignoring any orders from them. The end of the USSR followed almost immediately. That is what we see in Washington except in reverse (and not, curiously, with the armed forces). Orders are being given by the administration but are being ignored by those obliged to follow them. In their minds they will think they are morally equivalent to the tank commanders in Moscow who declined to fire on civilians. The swamp dwellers in Washington believe they occupy the high moral ground. That has to change. I believe the only way is to declare a state of emergency and send the armed forces in, I believe they will be honest and loyal to the administration especially as the behavior of Dems, Rinos, etc is not just speculation. They are actively trying to engineer regime change and undermine the constitution. What better motivation for good men (and women) in uniform to come to the aid of their country led by the likes of Jim Mattis?

      • It is sad to witness the heroism Senator McCain displayed in Vietnam being eclipsed by the sound of him croaking as he sits on a log deep in the swamp.

    • Ignoring the criminality of the Democrats because their CEO was half-black is permanently injurious to the welfare of the country.

  5. “………….then what good are they anyway as a party ?”………….The answer to that seems to be more and more self evident.

  6. All this, as usual from Prof. Hanson, is perfect: hearty thanks! But the real question is, why has not the Trump administration already taken his line?

    I fear that, in the last analysis, the President has been – all along – naïf. Consider the fine propositions contained in his October 2016 ‘Contract with the American voter’; not least the first 5 proposals:

    Propose a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.
    Institute a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health).
    Require for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated.
    Institute a five year-ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service.
    Create a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.

    Did he ever suppose that Congressional Republicans would all meekly line up to endorse such policies? Did think the Swamp would consent to be drained without putting up a gigantic fight?

    Did he, from way back, suppose that the Big Money people, the Bureaucracy nationwide, the Mainstream Media – all of whom also find their accounts in Globalism and open borders – would knuckle down to his stated policy positions?

    Basically he chose to run for office and was elected to rescue the country from its own decadence. If so Herculean a task was to be even semi-accomplished, he had to have a whole raft of Machiavellian strategies all worked out, long before November 8th last, for neutralizing the enormous all-in struggle there would be to derail his presidency.

    It was heroic of him to enter and endure the gruelling 18-month campaign he fought. It was wonderfully tonic to see him discredit the Establishment, the parasitic Political Adviser class, the politicized Opinion Pollsters and Mainstream Media, also largely owned by Big Money. It was delightful to watch him win the election against all manner of asssaults and odds.

    But he did not have a strategy in place to counter what would inevitably be TOTAL REFUSAL to accept his presidency and agenda on the part of all the parasites who have thriven from being and supporting the Bi-partisan Fusion party = nearly all members of Congress.

    Is he likely, or able, NOW to follow Professor Hanson’s fine advice?

  7. Great ideas that none of the GOP will do because they are cowards. They care more about mean articles in the WaPo than they do about fighting the progressive onslaught. They cower in fear and you don’t even hear them standing up and saying “hey we have free speech and that includes universities”. The fact they won’t even do that means your list will come to nothing because the GOP reps fight for nothing but re-election. But you list in my opinion should be implemented in totality. All of it.

  8. Still pimping for Orange Julius, I see. What’s the point?

  9. Good advice in this article.

    I think President Trump should

    1. Announce martial law in select cities and states which refuse to adhere to US immigration laws and start mass deportations of illegals, particularly those who pose a terrorist threat.

    2. Bring anti-trust legislation to bear against mass media conglomerates and use the Department of Justice and Department of Commerce to trust bust CNN, NBC and all of the mass media establishment.

    3. Go on an all out offensive to shame Congress into passing legislation lowering taxes, cutting regulations, raising the tariff on countries that violate trade treatises.

    4. Shame the Democratic party on account of the fact that Democrats care more about the insane gender/feminist agenda than about the working families of the United States.

    Above all, he must redouble his efforts to completely defeat his political opponents, and use the full force of the office of the Presidency to do so. He is obviously faced by a concerted effort to impeach him and derail any hopes of implementing the reforms and ideas that the People of the United States legally elected him to implement. He is faced with an opposition that has no respect for authority, for civility and for the public good.

    And I say all of this as a registered Democrat who voted for President Trump.

    I can only hope that at some point, the Democrats will realize that abandoning the traditions of Jackson and FDR in favor of the gender/feminist/multicultural agenda is hurting the party and a group of Democrats will emerge who support President Trump on issues where the President is closer to traditional Democratic sensibilities…

    I look forward to a second Trump term – maybe that will give the Democratic party the impulse it needs to return to some semblance of sanity – as in the long run it is not healthy for the country to have one major political party dedicated to its’ destruction. We need two parties holding a civil debate about what is in the public interest. If President Trump continues to peel off traditional Democratic voters hopefully he will shake the party into realizing that it must get rid of its radical agenda and return to its’ roots.

  10. The Democratic Party has the base all fired up for a lynching that is not going to happen. The party leaders will only be very lucky if the base does not turn its wrath on them. To date, their conduct in the supposed Russia connections, etc., has been nothing short of reckless and damaging to our democracy and the rule of law.

    Let all Americans know the “resistance,” featuring BHO, HRC, Democratic politicians, the media, paid useful-idiot activists, and many celebrities, is anti-constitutional government and perilously close to treason.

    • Really? Resistance is unconstitutional? Jeeze, go back to middle school.

  11. Sessions should immediately appoint Special Counsels to (1) reopen the Clinton Foundation and Hillary email investigations, (2) Loretta Lynch’s conduct in the run up to the election and (3) deep state leaking (including from Comey and the FBI). The DOJ should investigate and prosecute IRS violations–it shouldn’t end with Lois Lerner taking the Fifth. Slam the real criminals and enjoy the sound of Democrats and the media howling like spayed wolves. You may find that all their zeal for hounding Trump dries up right fast.

    • Sessions should immediately un-recuse himself, fire Müller for incompetence and have a come to Jesus meeting with Rosenstein and all the creeps infesting DoJ.

  12. The best defense is a good offense. THAT is how Trump won in the first place.

    Worried about upsetting the snowflakes? What could upset them any more than they are now? Placating them gives no quarter or relief at all.

    May as well attack, attack, attack and change the narrative.

  13. Obstruction of justice can include crimes committed by judges and prosecutors – an interesting example being malfeasance.
    I was wondering why all investigating officials when under oath continue to publicly deny there was any evidence of collusion, or that Trump was ever under investigation… How could he not have been?
    Obstruction of Justice can include crimes committed by prosecutors and investigators when they cast public aspersions on someone who they know has not committed a crime and publicly investigate them for ulterior motives, e.g. political reasons (which is malfeasance).
    Rosenstein’s curious public statement regarding leaks from anonymous sources making allegations of obstruction of justice against Trump also makes more sense in this context.
    Publicly stating under oath that there is no evidence of collusion, and that Trump was never under investigation, is a good defense against charges of malfeasance leveled by Trump against those investigating him.
    I believe he would certainly charge them with this if he could.
    But the flip side of this is that if there really is no crime, they really are open to accusations of malfeasance. It is a real crime, and investigators can and have been convicted of it in the U.S.
    Given everything mentioned in this article, there is certainly enough real evidence to justify the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the investigators – the prosecutors, The CIA, The FBI, and “The Deep State” for obstruction of justice by malfeasance.

  14. Mr. Trump’s biggest impediment to achieving what he needs to do has been, and is likely to remain, his own party, so many inside the GOP hate him and have been seething with revenge to get him into an isolated position. The lack of support from the Republicans has been so obvious. Maybe his supporters, those who voted for him, need to take their voices to the streets.

      • Needs to move on from the media that bruises his ego, and hit the real high value targets. Start with firing a thousand holdovers from Obamaland on a Friday. Then, announce a special prosecutor for the Clinton Foundation in Haiti… John Woo leaps to mind, then RICO antifa, audit all them for support for a violent crime conspiracy, and seize assets! All of this needs to happen so fast the media cant fit it in 160 characters.

      • Bonus round: go after Bezos and Slim for business dealings. Make it clear that there is a $ cost for running false leaks, but hit them in non 1st amendment businesses. FTC, is a possibility. Open an investigation, very public, into Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby brains for profit. Make the libs head spin. Do it so fast, they Freak out.

      • Lib’s heads can never spin as much as this comment indicates how fast your guy’s heads are spinning, not even counting how tightly you are all twisting yourselves into pretzels trying to blame every one but ‘little don john’, who deserves all the blame all by himself.

      • Did you read the article? This is all pretty unusual. The left is in hysterics daily, and the Republican establishment is deer in the headlights.

      • Propose a split of the 9th circuit into 4 courts or so. Fire the top 5 or so people at the IRS.

      • Know, you are the enemy- just the same way that Preezy StompyFoot McButtPirate Obama described his enemies- those who opposed him politically.

  15. Except that too many of the details of the Obamacare and tax legislation in Congress do not reflect the populist campaign of candidate Trump, but what he campaigned against.

    Therein lies his problem.

  16. You fight fire with fire. Sessions, Ryan and the Turtle need to grow a pair and shout from the rooftops that we will prosecute ANYONE that leaks confidential/classified material to the fullest extent of the law. Jail them, then fine the dogmess out of them so their golden pension is withered away.

    • Since many of those leaks are coming directly from unhappy and frightened sources from the highest levels inside the WH, do do still think that is such a good plan?

      • Possible but doubtful. I bet 90% come from the entrenched elite class in the FBI, CIA, NSA ect…….Prosecute ALL of them.

  17. With people such as McCain, Graham, McConnell, and other #NeverTrumpers in Congress, the possibility that the Republican-controlled Congress will enact any legislation of significance or do anything to materially aid Trump is nil. Unfortunately, not only are they failing to support Trump, in many cases they are actively undermining him. The Tree of Liberty may need to be refreshed.

  18. First of all, Trump won an electoral college mandate, but not a popular vote mandate. Any reasonable person would enter the Oval Office understanding that the first order of business should be healing the divide, gathering consensus where you can, and starting out with executive orders that are less confrontational. And let’s not forget his inflammatory rhetoric during the campaign, which did not sit well with most Dems and many Independents.

    Secondly, he shoots himself in the foot over and over again, in tweets and interviews. He undermines his own staff and contradicts them after they publicly go out and say what they have been told to say. He makes fools of the Republican Congress after getting them to vote for what he now describes as a mean bill.

    Sure, he legally fired Comey, but any intelligent person has reason to think that it may be because he wanted to get the investigation stopped. Why, if there is nothing to hide?

    Before you throw me under the bus for this comment, let me add that I do not like HRC, I was appalled about the email scandal, and I honestly hoped that the President would grow into his role.

  19. A crackdown on Sanctuary cities, states, state legalized pot use, Snowflake college campuses, prosecution of all antifa lieges by the Justice department backed by the use of National Guard units would go a long way in breaking up “La Resistance”.
    The Guard has been used by many Presidents to enforce Federal laws as needed. Restrictions on any type of public transportation for violators and an embargo of all federal dollars to cities, states and colleges would severely hamper “La Resistance” to the point of making it ineffective. Removal of all federal advertising on MSM for trash reporting might also be an option to curtail the spread of false news along with libel suites for individual reporters.

  20. It is time for Jeff Sessions to do the job for which he was hired. He is the one man who can defend this seemingly hapless White House, and the one man who can spearhead a vigorous offense against the Obamunists.

    First, AG Sessions has to rescind his recusal. The myth of Trump campaign ‘collusion’ with the Russians was promulgated, illegally, by a cabal of Democrat Intel chiefs, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and Obama apparatchiks like Rice, Powers, et al. They got the idea from the fiction that ‘Russians’ hacked the DNC computers, a story invented by anti-Russian Ukrainians (see “The Easter Bunny Cover-up, ) and have used it ever since to spread the Big Lie that President Trump is in league with the Russians. Since there is nothing to it, there is no need for Jeff Sessions to continue his ill-advised recusal.

    That means there is no ‘Russia’ problem to investigate, so Mr. Sessions can now give Robert Mueller his walking papers: no ‘Special Counsel’ to harass the President.

    Next, AG Sessions should instruct his new FBI Director (has he been confirmed yet? Why not, Republicans?) to open new investigations of (a) The Clinton Foundation, (b) Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, (c) the Obama administration’s illegal wiretapping and ‘unmasking’ of political opponents, (d) the rampant, leaking of inside, classified, information to the media, (e) the conspiratorial actions of the Brennan-Clapper-Comey-et al. gang to derail the Trump campaign and destroy his Presidency.

    That’ll do for a start. It’ll give the leftwing media heartburn, for sure.

    /L. E. Joiner –

  21. Come on foot soldiers, take one and stop using Amazon. Buy local and every day live your life better. Democrats are
    in a sad state, looking for company in their misery.

    • Trump needs to cancel Amazon’s $650 million contract with the CIA.

      That will get that f cker Bezo’s attention.

  22. With Dr. Hanson’s background in historic Greek and Roman warfare, I’m surprised he didn’t use more parallels to political battles of more ancient notoriety.
    Obama was nothing but the most valuable puppet the Democrat Party had at that time.
    It should be obvious, the Progressive Democrat agenda was fully implemented and embraced by him, since it was already in place, and only needed an incompetent stooge like Obama, to add his autograph to critical components of their crusade to “transform America” into a full blown social science project.
    Comey and Mueller are only minute items in the conglomerate Democrat/Progressive warfare to undermine Our American Foundation, yet exemplify the typical soldier in their ranks.
    The question has to be asked:
    Why are so many steadfastly against making America Great Again?

  23. And, after all that, there’s the republicans themselves. There’s the conservative frauds, Establishment gangsters and the McCain crew of haters – all #NeverTrumpers through thick and thin. Yes, the republican cabal. #NeverForget.

    • They must all be “primaried” and removed from office in 2018.

  24. I’m very frustrated with Jeff Sessions.

    If he doesn’t get a pelt by indicting someone soon (create a deterrent) I think he should resign.

  25. I profoundly hope the traditional constitutional system can be restored, but at this point “the Resistance” has delegitimized only one thing–the federal government. Can anyone ever again respect or trust the national government? Given the institutional and political attempts to overturn a lawful election, the United States government looks remarkably like an illegitimate occupation government.

    Dr. Hanson’s advice to Trump is sound. But even if he has a successful presidency, what has been done to Trump has ripped Americans’ trust in the federal system into a million pieces.

    • We just won four Congressional elections. Our faith in this administration, the Republican Congress, the 33 governorships and control of 30 state legislatures is up to us. People believe what they want to believe, and anyone who doesn’t think the Alinskyites wouldn’t destroy this country given half a chance has to be on their side. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has to get involved and stay involved in supporting the GOP — in other words, stop being the stupid party (with its circular firing squad) and be proactive and involved. Otherwise, this country is toast.

  26. But, but, this will require Trump to think smartly. I’m a big supporter of his, having never voted for a any Democrat in over 40 years of voting, but I it appears that Trump needs to listen to guys like Hanson here, and avoid sending Tweets that make it easy for our enemies to attack him. Why on earth did Trump send a Tweet saying he was “under investigation?” The left is wrapping that unforced error around his neck.

  27. Let’s recap:

    The FBI has been caught setting up President Trump on a process charge (Obstruction) knowing he was innocent of the charge (collusion) that motivated the process. And, of course, there is no law against collusion.

    Comey baited the President. He told him he was not the target of the investigation. The President then asked if he could let Flynn go since he thought his firing was enough. Comey memorialized the privileged conversation with a “recollection recorded” memo designed to satisfy Rules of Evidence 803(5) exempting hearsay (to be used in an Obstruction charge), then leaked the conversation, which spurred a Special Counsel formation, then turned the “recollection recorded” memo over to the special counsel as the basis for an Obstruction charge . . . by the Special Counsel.

    No collusion hence, no reason for a special counsel. Worse, it looks like a Deep State play to unseat a constitutionally elected President.

    It was on Rosenstein’s recommendation he fire Comey. Now Mueller is reportedly (unsourced leak) investigating Trump for firing Comey.

    Fire Rosenstein. Fire Mueller.

    Blanket pardon Flynn et al.

    Let’s just take this to the House of Representatives right now.

    Let’s see the evidence. Let’s see the theory how such a collusion would work. Let’s see what statutes were violated.

    Then prosecute the lawyers.

    • Then disbar them for their ethics violations.
      The road to established, recognized ethics in Our government, has to start somewhere.

    • At one time I didn’t agree to firing Mueller but I do now. Trump needs to become aggressive and show the Rats and RINOs he means business. Then it’s time to replace every Obama appointee.

  28. There are far too many people in Washington who have had their applecarts overturned by the election of Donald Trump. On both sides of the political aisle, in the media, in the lobbying offices, the primary goal is to regain once cozy sinecures. Should this happen at the expense of the American people and their Constitution—oh, well, it’s a “living document”, which has apparently become code for “saying makes it so if we say it long enough and loud enough”.

  29. What about dirtball GOP who is allowing this all to happen?

  30. Oh for God’s sake – Trump is an immoral phony liar who has nothing but contempt for our system of government, and loves only dictators and himself. This is true regardless of whether a crime was committed. He is a mortal danger to our future. and YOU, Mr. Hanson, defend him. It is truly appalling.

  31. now is the time to strike back at the enemy in a YUGE way. Furthermore, a massive PR effort to demonize the enemy and to tout Trump’s accomplishments must be put into place. This PR effort will explain Trump’s policies and expose the left’s attempts to delegitimize him. Use every legal strategy to thwart the left.

  32. The “no-fly list” idea is brilliant. I can just imagine the squealing from the elitist left. But- if you REALLY want to make them feel the heat, force them to fly coach!

  33. Thank you Mr. Hanson.

    President Trump has exposed the ugly truth: In Washington, there is only one political party – The Government Party. Where the grass is always green.

    Indeed, the Swampy City is gorged with a permanent Federal Bureaucracy; staffed with Democrat Party minions whose diligence – and allegiance – transcend Republican politicians.

    I pray the President Trump has the tenacity and fortitude to survive this current savage political wilderness.
    And from where I sit – it looks as like he is doing it alone. This makes me detest the current Republican Party establishment to no end.

    Never in my life time have I seen a sitting President being betrayed – in slow motion – by his OWN party.

    That is all.

    • Excellent post. If the Republicans do not get healthcare and tax reformed, 2018 will go to the Dems and Trump will be impeached. In a way, I wonder if Ryan and McConnell care?

  34. Corrupt comey and lynch both belong in prison. Sessions where are you?

    • Actually Jeff is in the process of lawyering up himself. He is much more likely to be in jail way before Comey or Lynch.

  35. We are seeing the continuation of the absolute lack of regard for the Constitution and the rule of law held by Obama and his cohort of law-flaunting accolytes. In the mind of the liberal Left, there are no rules that apply to them, and no means is too despicable to be employed in the desperate effort to trample every traditional and conservative value held dear by the loyal patriots of this country. They consider themselves “global citizens” beyond petty loyalty to the nation that gave them the prosperity and freedoms they enjoy. Every election since 2010 has proven that they are the outsider minority, but they remain determined to remove or destroy those who love this country, remain loyal to it, and have duly and legally elected representatives for their majority viewpoint. We are perilously close to another civil war, where the lines will be drawn socially and politically, rather than geographically.

  36. We have to hope that someone up there is paying attention. And fcol, Dr. Hanson, it’s “A historical . . . ,” not “AN historical . . . .” That construction is no longer linguistically defensible, if it ever was. A writer of your high caliber ought not to be mucked down in 17th-century British nonsense like that.

    • It really depends on how you pronounce “historical”. If you tend to drop the “h” then “an” is perfectly appropriate.

    • It depends on the pronunciation of historical. Silent ‘h’ requires ‘an’. Pronounced ‘h’ requires ‘a’.

  37. Thank you for publishing this somewhere besides NR.

  38. A few days ago, our nation came within a hair of a decapitation of our government. The liberal resistance labyrinth came close to leading to the death of our democracy, by force of arms, a point worth mention. Two outgunned cops, and a few seconds prevented Nancy Pelosi from becoming the Majority Leader of a half empty House of Representatives. Our representatives, and their kids, would lie in an overloaded morgue. It is reasonable, although hopefully not, to expect the second leading majority Congressman will be a cripple for the rest of his life, however long that is.

    I have no answers but offer the ancient source of evil, money, lucra. The Congressional race in Georgia is experiencing an ocean of Democratic money coming from outside the voting district. The seat will be purchased, which is quite legal per our Supreme Court ruling, money is speech. I also note that each American now owes $60,000 as their share of our national debt. This was accumulated by politicians that promised all good things but no need to pay for them, for generations. Illinois is, on paper, bankrupt, due to this irresponsible thievery.

    Our governments, at all levels, have abandoned fiscal responsibility and the unpaid debt is now due and payable. The three day drunk is over, only the headache in the gutter remains.

    We have three political parties, Democrats, solidly against Trump, and Republicans solidly for the status quo and Trump supporters who demand change but are increasingly despairing that anything will get done within the system. Example: There are freedom of information demands, to DoJ on Fast & Furious documents which will/may explain how a US cop was murdered due to criminal acts committed in the DoJ, by executives in the prior Administration. The legal demands have been open, unfilled, for many years. The only reasonable explanation is a deep state government, or gross incompetency.

    A loss of trust in the integrity of government is the result. That is the glue that holds us together.

  39. And the fundamentals of these power grabs is that the citizens must – “That’s the way it is” – trust the very people in government who during the past half century have their own axe to grind.

    TRUST THEM To DO Something about these individuals, Their troupes and troops MOCKERY of the Law.

    Which Congressmen, Judges, Directors of the Law Enforcement eet Agencies PLEDGE “to Uphold AND Defend”.

    Congress. An exclusive secretive brotherhood. And members of the Judiciary, PERMITTED BY the citizens who bother to engage with the political process to rape the nation and steal the citizens’ inheritance for at least the past half century.

    Now, HOPE over experience, to DO Something about the probably unlawful actions of these individuals and groups/

    These same people even with the courtesy title “Honorable”?

    Who, or their forbears, set the stage for the present behaviors of “Public Servants” with THEIR MOCKERY of The Law in the last decade of the last century.

    In their refusal to apply “The Full Measure OF The Law” to a citizen, the Foremost OFFICER OF The Law / President.

    Who the Congress IMPEACHED, indicted, for the MOST EGREGIOUS offense against The Rule of Law, “Obstruction of Justice”.

    Accepting his MOCKING defense “It depends on what the meaning of the word is is”.

    What goes around comes around?

  40. Fantastic piece. This is the way out and the way forward

  41. A key to the effort is to ignore the New York Times and the Washington Post. It was obvious that those two papers were going to oppose everything Trump did and would NEVER publish anything positive about him. They, along with the broadcast news and cable news outlets, are nothing but propagandists, mostly for the Democratic Party. They are not to be believed.

  42. The no fly list is a great idea. Imagine fatassed Michael Moore forced to ride around earthbound in his version of Hillary’s Scooby ambulance. Kathy Griffin traveling with a bag over her head to avoid recognition. Every private flight files a flight plan – make it a requirement to list passengers and crew and make it a Federal offence to transport anyone on the no fly list.

  43. The thing is, Trump has shafted his base supporters. He is deep into “regime change” capers, he sells modern weapons to terror-states, and he is blithely trying to kick off World War III. He deserves no accolades.

  44. Trump has to find an outlet better than Twitter and the creeps at the RNCC.

    He has to do something about DoJ and Sessions.

    He has to decide is he with us or does he just want more status with the Manhattanites.

  45. We seem beset by a lot of angry white men – Comey, Clapper and Brennan come to mind. I wonder why?

    • They are not men and all wear ladies underwear when testifying befor congress. It’s how they get off.

  46. No truer words have been written. “And if Republicans cannot act while controlling both the Congress and they White House, what good are they anyway as a Party?” A question every Republican voter needs to ask. We don’t have representation, we have kumbaya weaklings!

    • That sums it up well enough. They’re as weak as it can get.

  47. If the never Trumper republicans have their way, Trump will not get a single bill passed in Congress that he supports. They are a bigger enemy than the out of control corrupt democRATs. What these republican traitors need to understand is they are out in the open and many of them up for reelection in 2018 could very well lose their seats. We are paying attention and we will remember. Why vote republican when they are actually democRATs in every way except claiming to be republican?

  48. “If Madonna had to take a slow freighter back to London, then she might curb her macabre enthusiasm at her next rally.” Unfortunately, I do not see this as true. Her audience’s reaction will spur her on, where her cocooned and addled sensibilities fail her (as they have here). She is no dummy, but well-insulated from real-world consequences that apply to the rest of us, and might help encourage us to analyze and examine.

  49. Trump is finished he just hasnt realized it yet.

  50. “The Resistance” is committing sedition and treason.

    The sooner we start arresting Mueler, Comey, Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi, et., al, the sooner we get out countru back.

    Remember. The Democrats drew first blood.

  51. Thanks VDH for putting blame for the implosion of the democrat party squarely on the destructive efforts of Barack Hussein Alinsky and his great leap leftward.

    This is a turning point, however. If Congressional Republicans don’t strap on a pair, back this president and get on board with his American Agenda – an agenda that will help ALL Americans – they will hand the forces of evil all the ammunition they need to complete their perverse ‘transformation” of our country into a third world socialist sewer.

  52. The publication is called “American Greatness” and keep supporting conservative (aka, old and tired) ideas while trashing progressive (aka, the future) ideas. How strange some people are, and they don’t even realize it.

    • Perhaps that is because “liberal, progressive ideas” are in fact regressive, stupid and dysfunctional, and have been for 70 years?

    • Baloney – progressive i.e. liberal ideas are older than Woodrow Wilson – and in every instance that these ideas are used they fail miserably. Progressive ideas are based on the perfectability of humanity – a dangerous concept since when these ideas do not work – and they never do – the next step is always repression as those in charge become frustrated that their ideas do not work. Stalin, Mao, even Hitler were the end result of “progressive” ideas. The Nazi’s were visi

  53. The problem with the Republicans is that they keep bringing knives to gun fights!

  54. If Trump and the gop (whom I grossly dislike and distrust) do not do something to turn the tide I am VERY afraid this country will splinter into ever increasing levels of animosity towards each other.

    We already see the left acting out, there behaviors grow worse as their hatred for those not like them is on full, brilliant display.
    Sooner or later I am afraid that those of us on the right, especially guys like me who do not identify with the joke that is the republican party, will see these attacks as attacks on US personally. Fearing that there is truly no one looking out for us and at the same time being under attack by this hard left vermin I am wondering how long it will be until we fight back.

    You see, we on the right are not pansies and panty-waists, we are slow to anger and remiss to react but if you keep poking the bear eventually the bear is gonna bite off yer head.

    The left, with its various identity groups, among which are men wanting to pee in the ladies rest room with my wife and little girl, is playing a very dangerous game they cannot hope to win. If this becomes a matter of violence, as many on the left want it, they will be nearly helpless to defend themselves against the true American patriots.

    We are closer to very bad times than I think many realize. I hope I am wrong, I would much rather take my kids fishing than defend this country against those wishing to transform it into something it was never meant to be.

    I will be damned before I let my America be perverted into some quasi-socialist Euro-state.

  55. Fellas, the problem with republicans is that except for the thin margins on the outside they are pretty much democrats.

    Anyone hoping for the republican party to ever do anything requiring bravery or loyalty to the country is playing a losing game.

    If anything, we are required to break from the romneys, booshes, mccains, grahams, kasichs and so on and so on.

    True right leaning conservative Americans will never carry the day allied to the republican party.

    Just ask yourself, in the last 25 or 30 years, what is the major “conservative” accomplishment of the republican party ?

  56. As usual, I agree with Dr. Hanson but I must point out that the economy is weakening and we are due for a cyclical recession. And, to boot, the Federal Reserve is pushing us toward recession by raising interest rates. This is going to be a long and hard fight, and with the extraordinarily weak Republican contingent in Congress, it will be even more difficult.

    • Not so sure. We have had an 8 year recession in most parts of America, Blue States may be in for a correction, but red states are just getting going.

  57. I am opposed on Constitutional grounds to the “No Fly List”. However, Hanson makes a compelling argument that numerous “Hollywood” types belong on it.

  58. It strikes me that Jeff Sessions is the greatest impediment to “restoring deterrence”. Excepting his vigorous defense of himself, personally, he has provided absolutely no support for this administration. His recusal was less “mistaken” than simply cowardly, and has predictably led to ever deepening morass of control by partisan Democrats like Mueller and his entourage. Sessions seems to be desperate for the media and his former colleagues to speak kindly of him, with little concern left over for advancing the programs that this administration was elected to pursue.

    • His recusal follow DOJ norms. He was associated with the campaign, so he recuses himself from any investigation of the campaign.

  59. Obamacare will be repealed, and budget cuts and tax reform are moving forward. There is NOTHING the resistance can do about it. The resistance better expect another thrashing in 2018.

  60. All so true, except for leaving out impeaching, removing from the bench, and disbarring the lunatic judges Rspect placed in black dresses. The stench from the bench is what is costing us our lives, liberties, and fortunes.

    The Congress of Corrupt Cowards and all politicians must be held accountable for criminal activities, high crimes, and misdemeanors. Their “stature” cannot exempt them from crime and punishment. If ever two “professions” needed the deterrence of severe consequences, it is politics and lawyers.

    There can be no exemptions of politicians to any law they impose on us, and no prohibition of us having all of the rights they claim for themselves. Their salaries and benefits should be subject to public referendum. Their pensions should be needs tested (meaning they wouldn’t get any).

    DJT also must house-clean his administration of nepotism and Rspect and Stupid Party fossils. About 40% of the gruberment needs to be eliminated and about 80% of what remains needs to be purged and replaced.

    Then we need an Article V Convention of States, followed by the establishment of a new, Conservative Party.

    The chances of one of these steps occurring? 50%/50%. The chances of more than one occurring? 0%.

    It is that bad, and our liberty is that far gone.

  61. RINO’s are Never going to get behind President Trump. They make it look like they are (once in a blue moon), but in reality they want him to go away…Why…because they are perfectly comfortable being in the minority lining their pockets, preparing for retirement, getting many perks along the way and NOT having to Pressure of governance and leading. I don’t Trust the RINO’s and neither should you. Best thing that could happen is for Many True Patriots to run against them in their next elections and run them out on the rail. In the meantime, PRAY for President Trump, his team and his family. I pray he has the wisdom and discernment to ‘clean house’ and ‘drain the swamp. He MUST do this NOW as it will take some time.

    • Yeah, sure. Trump is the biggest RINO of all. I voted for him (I despise the left and all their cynical, criminal cohorts), but to call everyone on our side who has a different point of view about how to govern in this insane political climate a corrupt, untrustworthy “RINO” is doing nothing more than organizing our usual circular firing squad (please see my post above.) Maybe you could help us stop being the stupid party and train your guns where they belong — aiming at the evil party…?!

  62. Trump must accelerate efforts to put principled conservatives in all vacant seats of government as quickly as possible. Obama did it and was thus able to get his agenda strongly pushed and protected throughout his presidency. It is key, in my opinion.

  63. Republicans never went after or investigated the Obama admin like they are attacking and investigating the Trump admin. That tells us all we need to know. I’ve voted Republican all my life but after Trump leaves office, I’m done with them. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    • We need to find a way to primary the ones who are obstructing.

      We need to do something to keep America intact until the men and women we’ve been voting in downticket are ready to take their place in Congress.

  64. I can’t imagine they aren’t aware of it. But the GOP congressional majority is directly tied to President Trump’s success. If there’s one small inkling that the GOP congress is aiding democrats in their lying witch hunt. The whole lot of them are toast.

    • They’re willing to give up the majority if it means getting rid of Trump. That has now become obvious, imo.

      • That was an incredibly stupid assertion. You really think that any of the Republicans in Congress was Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majory leader Schumer? And President Indian Cheekbones in four years?! What are you smoking? I want some…

    • The elected republicans are working with the Democrats against President Trump. Many would have rather seen a President Hillary Clinton than President Donald Trump.

      The Democrats and their Establishment Republican allies failed to prevent a president Trump, last year and have spent the first 6 months of this year trying to reverse the election results.

      The Democrats are addicted to power and the Republican Establishment are culturally or ideologically incapable of bold leadership.

      Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader of the Senate, talks, acts, and looks exactly the same as Mitch McConnell, the Minority Leader of the Senate. The same goes for Paul Ryan.

      The Republican Party doesn’t even try to pretend to be the party of limited government anymore. The leaders of the Republican Party stand for nothing good and are only interested in preserving the status quo and protecting their access to power and wealth.

      • Please see my comment above. Your assertions are ridiculous…if for no other reason than the Republicans would be surrending SCOTUS and all branches of government to the Alinskyites for the rest of your lives. If you really believe that, you’re nuts. I only held my nose and voted for Trump (and I know hundreds of others in the same boat) because Paul Ryan could support him. If he could, I could. So you can take all your nonsense about the “RINOS” in Congress and stick where the sun don’t shine.

        btw, we only have Gorsuch in SCOTUS because McConnell held out voting on Garland, despite EVERYBODY’S certainty that Hillary would win, and choose someone much more liberal than he was. And Ryan only took on the speakership because NOBODY ELSE WANTED IT — would you rather Boehner stayed on?! And he ended up getting a unanimous vote of confidence from the Republican House — which is like trying to herd a bunch of cats. Unlike the dems, Republicans have principles, they have constituencies to represent, they have differing ideas on how to reform healthcare, for instance, and thanks to the corrupt liberals, they have to deal with reconciliation! You think it’s so easy?! You know what’s easy — doing what liberals do, swilling snark and name-calling.

    • They are more concerned with their ties to the clique – their backroom deals, their invites to All The Right Parties, their personal connections – than they are concerned with the voters.

  65. “Momentum”: The Senate must end the filibuster. It is a ratchet that only furthers the “liberal” project and which in minority Democrat hands ends all hope of significant rollback thereof.

  66. Trump isn’t intimidated by his political opposition, [R] or [D], nor is he cowed by the media, he refreshingly fights back and is why I voted for him! The status quo that has made up politics in America has unduly favored the left and anything that upsets that bogus balance is welcomed by me!

    Long Live Donald Trump!

  67. Trump is clearly under assault by the forces VDH has listed, with Mueller’s office now at the top of the list. The most immediate and effective counter-stroke Trump could do is appoint several additional special prosecutors to look into the various unresolved Obama/Clinton scandals – Fast and Furious, IRS, Clinton classified document/emails, and Obama use of intelligence agencies during the 2016 campaign.

    One of the most significant effects of Mueller’s appointment is that it allows domination of the news cycle with ominous sounding leaks on an almost daily basis, halting any political momentum for Trump. Appointment of several other special prosecutors would disrupt Mueller’s ability to dominate the news. Since there is far more substance to the charges against Obama/Clinton, the MSM would be forced to provide more airtime to those investigations at the expense of Mueller.

    This is an information war, and Trump and the Republicans better start waging it before they are buried in negative publicity.

    • Agreed. In this case, the best defense is a good offense.

  68. Exactly what I have been posting. Special prosecutors for Hillary, Comey, and Lynch! That will balance the news and stop this attempt at a coup!
    MAGA Trump WE SUPPORT YOU. Good for YOU!

  69. More offensive on legislative action. E-Verify has been around for 20 years. The Republican Platform 2016, the President, and even Paul Ryan (at least I saw it on his home page) endorse a long overdue MANDATORY E-VERIFY.
    This would catch the 40% visa overstay illegals, too. What Congress person can oppose jobs, jobs, jobs for AMERICANS? The Republicans in Congress should band together and pass this quickly. (Penalty funds could help fund the Wall!)

    • And illegals should only get benefits in two cases: (1) when it’s necessary to the immediate preservation of life (don’t ask emergency rooms to check ID) and (2) if there is room in the budget after all the citizens who need aid are cared for.

    • Don’t think e-verify is enough to solve this problem, although making it mandatory ought to be a no brainer with both the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Federal Government in GOP control. What would really solve the problem would be requiring states, county, and local law enforcement agencies to detain for deportation every illegal immigrant that they know about. These law enforcement agencies routinely ignore or promote illegal immigration to line their pockets or advance their careers. The Texas Department of Public Safety personnel (State Police and Texas Rangers) don’t even take action against illegal immigrants who they know are involved in other criminal activities (e.g., prostitution, shakedowns). Without the cooperation and complicity of the thousands of these law enforcement agencies all over the United States, human trafficking wouldn’t be a problem.

  70. Where has this article been for the last 4 months?

    And when will Andrew McCarthy join in the call for criminal investigations of Comey and Lynch?

  71. The way out is simple: President Trump should direct the FBI to secure Sean Rich’s laptop. According to DotCom and Assange, it was the source for thousands of DNC embarrassing e mails revealed by WikiLeaks. If correct, the end of the “Russian e-mail ” will happen, and the Democrats will lose the 2018 and 2020 elections.

  72. There are too many Republicans more interested in seeing Trump fail than worrying about 2018.
    Rubio, Paul…Freedom Caucus types, perhaps even Ryan.
    They won’t budge an inch out of principle over party.
    It’s a damn shame.

    • They are not doing it out of either principle or for party reasons. They are failing to support President Trump and his original campaign policies because (a) they are ultra-cowardly and (b) they are in politics to acquire money and privilege by all manner of means and they don’t want the Swamp drained. The Swamp is the trough in which they feed.

      They need to be primaried out of the Congress and replaced by genuine patriots who care for the United States and what happens to its citizens. Till they start to fall like ninepins in primaries, nothing will change. Once THAT happens, they will become active, vigorous, dynamic supporters of the original Trump agenda and shock the Democrats, Big
      Money, the Deep State, the Mainstream Media with the discipline they impose and the sanity they preach. But not until then.

      The lesson of politics is Power. Start to take that way from these self-serving time-wasters and you will be stunned by how much they will change and improve.

  73. A wise man once pointed out that if we do not hang together, we most assuredly will all hang separately.

  74. I sure hope someone in the Administration reads VDH!

  75. Aside from his shameful attacks on those of us who detested Trump’s obvious and now clear failings as a leader, VDH is almost always a good read.

  76. The GOP will become extinct via immigration very soon. The GOP control both houses and the presdency. If the GOP does not stop immigration they deserve to go the way of the whigs. They have a clear course of action. End chain migration and anchor baby policy. end the fraudulent visa programs. Make E verify mandatory. install an entry exit tracking program of all visitors. jail employers of illegals. Reduce greatly the amount of legal immigration or even have a moratorium. All of these ideas have precedent as they are common in other countries. Notice i said nothing about the wall. If we do not do these other things the wall will be useless. there is little time left. The globalists are at the gates. They want you dead or replaced. If you want to give the country away, there are people ready to take it.

  77. Special prosecutors for Hillary, Comey, and Lynch! That will balance the news and stop this attempt at a coup!
    MAGA Trump WE SUPPORT YOU. Good for YOU!

  78. WaaaaWaaaWaaaa
    You guys sure whine a lot for ruling the world….is it winning, winning, winning or whining, whining, whining?

    Making America Grin Again, cuz ya sure aint making it great!

  79. Folks, the lying leftists must be defeated. We conservatives/Republicans must, as they say, “hang together” through this despicable attack from the left or we will hang separately. These violent “resistance” fools must be soundly defeated. I only wish we had Republicans in Congress who are willing to fight back hard. There are a few, but too many want to keep the status quo or cede more and more ground from the despicable left.

  80. trouble is, the gop is helping the dems do all this. have to get a new party going…