Who Will Police the Police: The Comey Testimonies

Former FBI Director James Comey earnestly lectures about the inaccuracy of leaks and laments that it is not the purview of disinterested federal agencies to correct such erroneous information that the press such as the New York Times recklessly publishes.

Fine. Yet for the last six months, information in the hands of the FBI, such as the infamous Steele fake-news dossier, a hit piece of opposition research, was leaked by intelligence agencies to the press for political advantage. Comey mirabile dictu himself confesses to planting leaked information to the press of a privileged conversation with the President, via a third-party friend—information that he composed while the Director of the FBI on government time in connection with his job and on a government computer.

In the age of Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, why would a former Director of the FBI himself leak a key government document to the press in deliberate fashion to undermine the president (and in the process mislead about the chronological sequencing of events that prompted him to leak) rather than provide the memo to the Senate Intelligence Committee? Why would he use a third-party to go to the press?


Comey corroborates his earlier thrice-stated admissions that Donald Trump was never under investigation for collusion with the Russians to subvert the 2016 election, but suggests now that he could not release such exonerating information to the press because he might later have had to go back to amend it should Trump at some such future time become under investigation.

This is an Orwellian argument—given:

(1) that it is becoming clear that almost all scurrilous rumors about Donald Trump were leaked to the press by the FBI and other federal agencies—while exculpatory facts, such as that Comey was not investigating Donald Trump, were not leaked;

(2) that Comey had in fact previously repeatedly done just the opposite of what he said he could not do in the Trump case—namely that he had first disclosed publicly that Hillary Clinton was no longer the subject of a “matter” (in obedience to Loretta Lynch’s mandatory euphemism aimed at helping the Clinton campaign), then later amended that public admission by saying that she was, in fact, again under renewed investigation, and then amending again that amendment by stating that she was no longer a subject of an investigation. In other words, there was no such FBI policy of prudently keeping silent on the progress of an investigation;

3) that any American citizen in theory could be a future target of any theoretical investigation; but, of course, that fact is no reason for a federal agency to fail to concede that it is not conducting an ongoing federal investigation of said citizen being battered by press leaks and unfounded allegations—unless the aim of a federal agency was to spread doubt about its intentions and thereby cast a prejudicial cloud of suspicion over an individual not under investigation. In Comey’s world, we can all live under a cloud of future investigations, should a mum FBI wink and nod, bob and weave to the press and public about whether we are currently under an investigation—as we are libeled and smeared.

He Said/He Said

Comey states that he was so concerned about a private conversation with Donald Trump (whom he admits once again was not pressuring him to stop a federal investigation of purported Russian collusion) that he immediately went to his government car to write a memo based on his interpretation of the conversation (again, subsequently to be leaked to pet journalists through a third-party friend and as yet strangely not made public). But was this standard Comey practice after meeting with administration officials whom he suspected might be inordinately pressuring him on investigations?

If so, did Comey write a memo after a private meeting with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch when, he now recollects, she quite unambiguously pressured him not to state publicly that he was conducting an ongoing “investigation” of Hillary Clinton, when in fact he was doing just that—a direct order much stronger (especially given the current election cycle) than the clumsy suggestions of Trump that Flynn was a ‘good guy’ and thus his character should be considered in assessing and perhaps mitigating his conduct. Left unsaid is why Comey earlier buckled under Lynch’s alleged order, but not under Trump’s later purported pressure. (Was Lynch more the bully than Trump?) And does an FBI Director adjust his behavior on the basis of whether he—an investigator rather than a legislator or president—decides that a special prosecutor is or is not needed?

Eminently Fireable

Comey states that he was fired for resisting subtle pressures to massage the Russian investigations. But this assertion again makes little sense because earlier Comey had stated that Trump himself was not under investigation, and, second, that his investigation so far had found no evidence that the Russians, always eager to disrupt American democracy, hand-in-glove with Trump affected the outcome of the election or were working with Trump to subvert the election—facts seemingly supported at times by both anti-Trumpers John Brennan (“I don’t know whether or not such collusion—and that’s your term, such collusion existed. I don’t know.”) and James Clapper (“as I’ve said before—I’ve testified to this effect—I saw no direct evidence of political collusion between the campaign and—the Trump campaign and the Russians.”).

In truth, Trump was playing a mongoose and cobra game with Comey the minute he was elected, given his observations of the Director’s erratic behavior during the 2016 campaign—now wishing him gone, now perhaps afraid to remove him, given the power of the deep state (NB the surprising continuance of IRS officials involved in the Lerner fiasco for an example of Trump’s wariness about the power of unelected bureaucrats). Had Trump earlier said that he feared Comey might take notes during a private conservation and then leak them to the press, the media would have cited that as proof of presidential paranoia. In sum, Trump fired Comey because he knew that he allowed the FBI to leak untrue allegations about collusion, while privately he was assuring his new boss that he was not under investigation.

Comey’s entire testimony is ipso facto evidence why in fact he was fired—and why any president would fire such an unstable and mercurial subordinate:

The Zeal to Do Nothing

Comey says he interpreted Trump’s blunt talk about loyalty and Flynn etc. as insidious efforts to intrude improperly into his overall Russian investigations. But if true, Comey then apparently never took Trump’s clumsy subversive efforts very seriously at all: Comey subsequently neither quashed the investigation concerning Flynn’s veracity (confirmed by his deputy) nor reprimanded Trump for his supposedly obstructive order nor notified the Attorney General or his deputies that he was asked to do something that might well constitute an obstruction of justice—as he was legally bound to do in such compromising situations (but expressed confusion over just that responsibility in the hearings). And again Comey was experienced in such matters, because in obsequious fashion, he earlier may well have complied with what an interfering Loretta Lynch ordered him to do.

Bullying is Not a Crime

Trump, no doubt, according to Comey’s “memorization,” appears to be the consummate Manhattan real-estate wheeler dealer engaging in flattery and subtle bullying without worry over nuance, optics, or presidential discretion and protocols. If Comey is telling the truth about Trump, his unguarded remarks do not descend to the level of some of the transcripts that attest to the earthiness of Lyndon Johnson, the twisted logic of Richard Nixon, or the reported vulgarity of Bill Clinton on the golf course—and certainly not on a level of impropriety of Barack Obama’s assurances in October 2015, in the midst of an ongoing FBI investigation,  that candidate Clinton’s private email server and trafficking in classified documents were “not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered.”

But aside from the fact that Comey’s characterizations are unsubstantiated versions of one-party to a two-party conversation (a point forgotten by a rabid press), Trump’s reported bluntness hardly ranks as indictable, much less impeachable, behavior—at least according to the low bar of exemption seen during the past two years of the Obama administration: an FBI Director leaking a government document to the press for careerist reasons, a former president meeting with an Attorney General stealthily during an ongoing investigation of his spouse; an Attorney General persuading a FBI director to contextualize an ongoing investigation in a fashion that would help a current presidential candidate of her party, a sitting Secretary of State illegally establishing a private server and communicating classified information over it.

A Colossal Waste of Time

We are left with the three lessons from this sorry year-long episode.

One, the Russian collusion story after nearly a year of strategic leaks, investigations, and yellow-journalism rumors has proved a fable—yet an extremely valuable fable for Democrats in their ongoing efforts to drive down Trump’s ratings, turn attention away from the reasons for their 2016 defeat and party anemia, and stall signature Republican bills on health care and tax reform—all in hopes of winning the House in 2018 or at least peeling away frightened Republican representatives of districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016 in order to calcify the Congress. And that is the positive take on the Russian mythology, given the more likely aim is the removal of Donald Trump from office by invoking the 25th Amendment, impeachment, or some other means.

Two, almost all federal bureaucrats like Comey, Clapper, and Brennan were expecting a Clinton victory and envisioned it as a probable guarantee for the extensions of their own long bipartisan tenures and so were ready once again to recalibrate their well-known past political adjustments (especially the gymnastic Brennan). So some in Comey’s FBI leaked fake news stories about a Trump investigation when it was likely that Hillary would be elected. Then after the election, a flexible Comey assured Trump (but only privately) that he was not under investigation when he was worried about his continued tenure as Director—but, of course, with Comey’s unspoken assumption that there might continue leaks given that the mercurial Trump himself might not be around to finish his term.

During the transition many of these beltway careerists apparently entertained vain hopes that they still might charm or triangulate their way into the new Trump administration, which explains their often erratic passive-aggressive behavior, more consistent with politicos than that of public servants.

Three, the fables of Russian-Trump collusion—like the earlier Jill Stein effort to subvert the electors, the fake-news of rigged voting machines, the Steele dossier, the serial demonization of the week (Bannon the fascist, Flynn the traitor, Sessions the conniver, Jared the wheeler-dealer crook, Ivanka the peddler, Melania the illegal alien and estranged First Lady, Nunes the partisan naïf, etc.)—were all tropes to derail the Trump agenda that so far could not be derailed by the Congress, the media, street theater, or the courts.

More importantly, these distractions were aimed at burying amid hysteria a true scandal that is far more likely to have occurred and far more dangerous to the republic in its implications: the reverse targeted surveillance of the political opponents of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton in 2016, the improper unmasking of their names, and the leaking of such information to an enabling press—all of which provided the basis for much of the fake-news stories of the last eleven months.

The larger story is that under the Obama administration, zealots believed that their noble ends occasionally justified improper and illegal means and were assured that an “echo chamber” toady press shared their same objectives and methodologies. The result was the corruption of the IRS, the illegal surveillance of journalists, rank deceptions about everything from the ACA to Benghazi—the proper perquisites for the finale of surveilling, unmasking, and leaking classified information about their perceived opponents. Note well that, after the Comey hearing, the New York Times now claims it cannot find the unnamed sources for its original February 2016 story that Trump people were under investigation. Were those unnamed sources the same as those now currently under subpoena by the House Intelligence Committee for surveilling, leaking, and unmasking and thus wisely unavailable for a second round of improper activity? Comey adroitly steered away from the New York Times February 2017 report during the hearings, as if to wink and nod that he played no part in what he must have known was likely illegal activity by Obama administration officials—and likely to prompt investigations of far more than those currently subpoenaed.

Finally, in the Left’s own low-bar grounds for impeachment, what presidential abuses would they believe would qualify for presidential removal?

Did Trump use intelligence agencies to surveil and unmask political enemies?

Did he use the Justice Department to monitor and surveil Associated Press reporters?

Did he politicize the IRS to go after perceived political enemies?

In secret did he dismantle anti-terrorism investigations to further efforts to negotiate a treaty with Iran that would bypass the Senate’s constitutional prerogatives?

Did he encourage cities to nullify federal law, while for political purposes failing to enforce federal immigration statutes?

In sum, we are now in revolutionary times.

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About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump and the newly released The Dying Citizen.

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145 responses to “Who Will Police the Police: The Comey Testimonies”

  1. Why would Comey leak – or do anything he has done to Trump? Comey is a snake, a Clinton-plant and a mentally ttoubled drama queen. He has been a Clintonworld operative since as early as 2002. Presumably Obama appointed him because he knew he was corrupt and would cover up crimes. His deputy McCabe has at very least a huge conflict of interest that should have meant he automatically recused himself from Clinton or Trump investigations. Fact he didn’t means he must be assumed corrupt. I.e., this was deliberate partisan corruption at top of FBI.

    1. Comey first came into Clintonworld in 1996 as deputy special counsel to the Senate special committee on the Whitewater investigation.

    2. Comey was lead prosecutor while in U.S Attorney’s Office for Southern District of New York against Marc Rich. In 2002, as the US. Atty for Southern District, he oversaw criminal investigations into Clinton’s last-minute presidential pardons, including of Rich. The investigations concluded there was no wrongdoing on the Clinton’s part, despite donations to Clintons. All of pardons stunk – money went to Clintons, or Hillary’s Senate run. Rich pardon gets most attention because of large amount of money involved- $450,000 from Rich to Clinton library and $10O,O00 from Rich’s ex wife to Hillary Senate campaign. I personally wonder whether Israeli government, whom Rich often helped, asked Clinton to do that pardon. However even if so, it like the other pardons was corrupt as the Clintons received money for it. There were no prosecutions on any of the pardons.

    3. Comey was DoJ prosecutor who in 2004 let Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger off on misdemeanor charges for stealing classified Clinton Admin. documents wanted by 911 Commission from National Archives. He also stopped investigation from probing whether Bill Clinton involved.

    4. As General Counsel of Lockheed Martin, he approved payments to Clinton Foundation.

    5.. Back again at DoJ, he was DoJ prosecutor who appointed his close friend Fitzpatrick as Special Prosecutor in Valarie Plame matter, and approved Fitzpatrick prosecution of Scooter Libby.

    6.To get confirmed as FBI director, he told story of how he rushed to bedside of hospitalized AG Ashcroft, according to Comey with sirens blaring, to stop W.H. counsel Gonzales and Chief of Staff Andrew Card from getting Ashcroft to sign a measure he thought wss unconstitutiinal. Unknown to White House staff he had declared himself “Acting AG” that morning on basis of Ashcroft’s hospitalization, even though Ashcroft was not mentally incompetent. How dramatic, and how presumptuous. Gonzales was equally competent to make that determination, as was Ashcroft. Another example of him thinking only his opinion could be right, his bizarre histrIonics – and throwing Bush people under bus.

    7. His brother is an accountant who works for firm that did Clinton Foundation internal audit and does Foundation’s tax returns. His brother works on Foundation matters. Any investigation of Foundation would necessarily extend to his brother. Yet Comey in charge of Hillary and Foundation investigations. Why has no one raised glaring conflict of interest? Mr. Boy Scout, indeed!

    8. His deputy McCabe is close enough to Clintonworld that his wife got $750,000 from Clinton friend/benefactor/former campaign manager Terry MacAulife for her failed Senate run. Yet McCabe was/is actual supervisors on Clinton and Trump investigations. McCabe should have been recused. MacAuliffe was likely to get big job and/or have big influence in Hillary Admin. Did either McCabe aspire to job in Clinton Admin? Wife clearly had political ambitions. (Why no howls about that conflict of interest?)

    Comey testified he didn’t know what Trump meant when he told Comey he had never raised “the McCabe thing.” Demonstrable lie. Of course Comey knew what Trump meant.

    9. Mentally unstable. He was scared by Trump, everythings makes him queasy, he was too stunned to tell Trump subjevct couldn’t be discussed. Such drama! Poor Jimmy, roiled by all tbese terrible emotions! Not a word is true, but it is a sign of mental illness or some ssoft of personality disorder that a 6’8″ “, 56-year old former Mafia prosecutor and FBI director would think this testimony helped him in any way.
    Here is one credible narrative of Comey’s role in protecting Clintons and bringing down Trump.


    • Perfect background on Comey for Dr. Hanson’s J’Accuse! on Comey.

      May “Comey” enter the lexicon for “Subversion”, as in “the undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution”

    • And yet Comey arguably torpedoed the Clinton Campaign when he announced that more of Hillary’s emails had been discovered on [Wiener’s] computer 10 days before the election. Obviously he put himself before Clinton in his own personal hierarchy. If Comey had simply kept his mouth shut, the election would certainly have been closer, and Clinton might have won.

      • Agreed. I’ve tried to figure that out too. Note he covered for Obama/Lynch in not revealing her instruction to call the investigation a “matter,” and despite raising alarm twice over emails, he twice came out in favor of Hillary. That is a big deal – there was clearly a crime committed, but he said there wasn’t becauser of his lie that ” intent” was required – when the applicable statute requires no “intent” (and besides, if anyone ever had intent, it was Hillary.) Yes, those two press conferences make no rational sense. I had put it down to Comey’s need for attention and drama. But I think Comey’s testimony two days ago , imho, also shows man is mentally ill. Imho, his whole testimony was crazy. I think there is not any coherent logic behind Comey, except his thrust is always, however chaotically, geared to bringing a target down..

      • I remember at the time the explanation was the FBI was a powder keg for letting Hillary go and ruining the reputation of the FBI with many. When the emails were found those in the FBI threatened to leak themselves and Comey was forced to do what he did and then as quickly as he could he closed it thus losing the door he was suppressing evidence but not allowing it to play for more than days.

      • NYPD threatened to leak contents of Weiner’s laptop. Comey ran an end-game to stop & suppress as you say. Didn’t matter. Evil Queen Hillary would never be President anyway. Her fall is epic on a Biblical scale.

      • IOP – And remember also, the other files on the laptop besides the ’emails’ which he covered up.

        An NYPD insider said the content they viewed did include State Department TOP SECRET emails. One file was called “Life Insurance”. The second email was titled “DNC Nuclear arsenal”.
        A third file, I’m sure Hillary definitely DOES NOT want released was a file labeled “Intimate” … according to this NYPD insider, this file contained x rated photos of Huma and Hillary with a TEENAGER.

        NYPD detectives were sickened by what they saw, according to our insider, and they have threatened FBI field agents that they would leak this information, if the FBI did not “step up and take off the kids gloves”. At that point, 13 of the FBI agents in NYC are also threatening to leak the information.

        Twitter comments pedophile rings w hillary – http://victuruslibertas.com//uploads/2016/10/Twitter-comments-pedophile-rings-w-hillary.jpg

      • Based on all we have seen the proper take does seem to be simply that Comey is out for Comey. What will put his career at risk? What will make him look good? He seems less some type of partisan rather than merely ruthlessly self-interested. Burying the emails could have been explosive, even if he believed there was nothing there, when it comes out who takes the hit? Clinton? No Comey ends up being the one to take the fall in that case.

    • Wow! I am familiar with the history but didn’t realize that Comey was up to his knees in doo-doo for these events.

      • Check out the article. That writer gets something big wrong. Author says Comey had no law enforcement background and no leadership position in DoJ – i.e., no credentials to be appointed Director of FBI. That’s incorrect, and kind of a big mistake. Comey had prosecuted big, high profile cases (terrorist, securities, tax evasion, mafia) as both U.S.Attorney for Southern District of New York (huge position) and as prosecutor at D o J. Then he had been in policy position at DoJ as Deputy Attorney General. He definitely had credentials for FBI appointment. I think reporter got rest right, I don’t know how she made that pretty glaring mistake. Perhaps I should have flagged that because some readers might reasonably think if she made that big of mistake, everything else is questionable. I think based on other knowledge the description of Comey’s role is right. Check out the part about his (and Mueller’s) drama over Bush firing of U.S.Attornies.

      • I don’t care about his credentials except that they eminently qualify him for being made an example of. The kind of example that will shut the mouths of the dim dogs in the manger.

      • I pointed out mistake in article, because it is fair to ask with that big of mistake, is rest of article accurate. I think it is.

    • From ‘Casablanca’: ‘You seem to be unusually well informed.’

      • On Comey I am. When I learned last summer, he was the DoJ prosecutor who let Sandy Berger off the hook, I started lookng into him, and the more you look, the more there is. To me as a lawyer, his (and McCabe’s) conflicts of interest are mind boggling. Others have written atrticles about his startling background. No one seems concerned about the conflicts of interest, which I don’t understand. except DoJ Inspector General at one point was looking into McCabe. I don’t know what happened to that.


        The WSJ has articles also. But that’s behind a paywall.

      • Stormtrooper:
        Let me see your identification.

        Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi:
        [with a small wave of his hand]
        You don’t need to see his identification.

        We don’t need to see his identification.

        Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi:
        These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

        These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.

        Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi:
        He can go about his business.

        You can go about your business.

        Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi:
        Move along.

        Move along… move along.

    • All of that should be part of a proper RICO investigation into the swamp.
      Almost everything about comey smells like fish.

      • As far as I am concerned the RICO statutes were written exactly for the Clinton Foundation.

      • From where I’m sitting, the entire D.C. beltway is a bunch of gangsters working to shake us down.
        It’s not too big of a stretch to look at their lavish lifestyles and call it a racket…

  2. When in the Course etc… I think we need to organize a resistance to the resistance. The GOP doesn’t seem to want to help. Even FOX is getting squishy.

    • If the GOP had any spine at all, they would have impeached Obama in his first year, instead of wilfully and collectively committing misprision of felony for all of the impeachable offenses – to say nothing of the treasonable offenses of his fourth and thereafter years.

    • Boy do I agree. So disappointed in Fox News these days. I feel stuck with only RealClearPolitics but thank God for them. Even Drudge is cumbersome. It is good to be able to read both sides because otherwise it’s impossible to figure out what the liberal standpoint even is.

  3. “The larger story is that under the Obama administration, zealots believed that their noble ends occasionally justified improper and illegal means and were assured that an “echo chamber” toady press shared their same objectives and methodologies.”

    This malfeasance is going to continue until some very prominent dmthg gets the Seth Rich treatment.

  4. What is most terrifying is the reality that all these Harvard and Yale educated arseholes are in the process of conspiring with the Columbia educated arseholes in the media to essentially overthrow the country. And the most terrifying reality of all… the next batch of same educated arseholes occupying their former positions within the law enforcement and intelligence agencies will allow them to get away with it… and continue the coup.

  5. If Trump gets a real bulldog in charge of the FBI and with Sessions as AG, if I were Powers, Jarret, Rice and all the other Obomabots I would immediately go on an really extended vacation to a country that does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S..

    • Any new people occupying these agencies will cover everything up, just as their predecessors, and theirs.

      Federal intelligence and law enforcement apparatuses are really just a private club, and “justice”… long past got black balled by every member. That is in fact the only way one can be invited, and permitted, to join.

      Trump can’t change that.

      • I hope you are wrong. I firmly believe that all the “unmasking” done was because the Democrats were confident that the Hildabeast was going to be POTUS and could continue to sweep the sh!t under the rug. I hope Trump has the stones to go after these b@stards big time.

      • I am wrong more than I enjoy, but usually get the blood and guts all over me on the power politics.

      • Trump needs to appoint an outsider and clean a little house inside the FBI. Make an example out of one or the rogue agents and folks will straighten up. When people start going to jail, reality will come crashing down and things will get better.

      • Outside people are rarely able to reach the point of consideration to be let inside. Good people rarely involve their selves with suicide missions when there are better options available, in their time.

        People mostly believe life is a short, one time thing. They are obviously wrong, but this is the reality.

  6. Might I also ask, as this splendid writer has, do tell what the political novice Donald J. Trump has done in his five month tenure as POTUS to warrant impeachment? Do you even understand the meaning of the word and its consequences? Might I refresh you to the ever famous proceedings of Bill Clinton? And why on earth, I might ask in advance, would a man who gave up his POTUS earnings to give back to the people, lie to a Grand Jury under oath? Just asking…..

    • You’re right, they have zero interest in the reality of impeachment or any other reality, for that matter. They’re children focused on tantruming ad nauseum because they didn’t get their way. Wah.

  7. Now is a good time to read up on the insanity of the Stalinist state, the sycophantic “leaders” who fed on each other’s paranoia jockeying to be survivors of the repeated Purges of the 1930’s and the State Media that–as Stalin’s tool–pacified the Masses with Kangaroo Court Trials of Enemies of the State on charges of Fascism and Bourgois Nationalism. The Dems are the new Stalinists who were peacefully purged in the last election cycles (2010-2016) and are now attempting to undermine our Republic and thwart the will of the people via a coup in collusion with the media with their outright lies, staged-craft “leaks” and now the drumbeat for “investigations” and criminalization of anything and everything. It would almost be farcical if it weren’t so awfully frightening. The GOP “leadership” had better wake up and smell the coffee and get behind this President. If he is taken down, they will not be saved and neither will this Nation.

  8. Brilliant,brilliant article, Professor Hanson. Logic rides again. A great pleasure to read.

    If Comey is sane, he was fired for not stating publicly that Trump was not under investigation – exactly what Trump tweeted.

  9. All made possible by the now tabloid, self-serving editors of Wash Post, NYT, CNN.
    To President Trump and any other future Republican president, never, ever, go to the White House Correspondents Dinner.

  10. Victor Davis Hanson, you are a national treasure. Your ability to get to the core of an issue and cut through the clutter is a much-appreciated gift.

    • Dr. Hanson has made a career out of examining and interpreting historical events with the precision of a well tenured forensic scientist.

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    • between comey and mueller, they will send your p-grabbing so-called president out of office, back up his damned escalator with his porn-star wife or behind 100 percent american steel bars

      live with it

  11. Excellent article. Comey has destroyed any remaining credibility he had with his admission he leaked illegally and by perjuring himself (claiming previously he had never leaked and claiming he leaked in response to a Tweet which didn’t exist when he leaked).

  12. None of these geniuses bothered to ask/wonder whether Comey’s leak was his only leak.

    “Mr. Comey, did you leak or direct a leak of anything prior to your leak of your memos.”

    • I heard they were gonna, but there was a baseball game on late the previous night.

      Sorry voters.

    • No one asked him if there were any other occasions that Lynch or Holder interfered in an investigation, either.

    • Or if he personally knew of the identities of any of the other leakers.

    • I understand that Mueller is investigating these leaks and the questions at the hearing were designed to not touch on leaks beyond the one Comey had arlready admitted to.

  13. The leaks would stop if the FBI though the President was looking out for what’s best for America. These leakers are patriots and heroes. They are the modern day equivalent of Deep Throat, protecting America from the overwhelming corruption of the Executive branch.

  14. It sure looks like the Media-led Opposition Party is running a smoke and mirror operation to prevent Trump and America from looking into the real Swamp creatures that multiplied like flies during the Obama Era.

  15. Comey leaked government information to someone outside the Department of Justice in order to prompt the investigation of President Trump!

    During Crooked Hillary’s investigation, Bill Clinton met AG Loretta Lynch on her private plane. After their meeting, Loretta told Comey to refer to the investigation as a “matter”!

    Why didn’t Comey order a Special Counsel to investigate Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton?

    Comey has been offered millions to write a book!

    MAGA! America First!

    Thank God for President Trump!

  16. defending the indefensible

    the trump effect has taken otherwise honorable conservative pundits and turned them into shills and apologists for a dictator wannabe who’d sell America’s security for the return of pictures showing him being whipped by moscow transvestite hookers

    • There is nothing to defend. Trump never colluded with Russia. The Obama administration violated FISA rules on a regular basis (as the FISA court pointed out), and Comey was a political hack who cared more about his job than US Law (as his last leak shows).

      Right now Trump has been right on everything, and the MSM has been exposed repeatedly as liars. And here’s the scary thing friend, Trump has his sea legs on now, he has his team of professionals around him, things are going to get far, far more interesting. Get the popcorn ready, you have no idea what is about to happen.

    • you sir are a loser and there is no sense trying to help you…

  17. Typo alert Dr Hanson:
    >the New York Times now claims it cannot find the unnamed sources for its original February 2016<

    The article was from 2017, not 2016.

  18. The one question I have not aeen anyone ask is….Why did Comey wait until he was fired to decide a special counsel was warranted? He already distrusted Trump so much he had to write the invisible memos. He already “felt” he was being pressured to do bad things. He had already, under Bush, assigned a special prosecutor to an investigation, and thought of what would have happened in Clinton’s investigation if one was assigned. He had the history, the knowledge and the willpower. So, why did he wait? Rosenstein seemed to come to that decision pretty fast. He would have agreed with Comey if Comey had brought the information to him and we would be a month closer to having this resolved. Why?

    • Why would Comey want a Special Counsel to be his boss when he was having such a jolly time being his own boss? Of course he was disgruntled once he got fired.

      Trump should have fired Comey on Jan 21.

    • Relatedly, no one has pointed out that Comey created his fictional “memo” (which still has not been surrendered in accordance with a legal subpoena) and leak to trigger the appointment of a special prosecutor (he openly said this in his testimony) on a case (trump’s non interference in the Flynn investigation) which he himself said lacked sufficient evidence to proceed. Meaning the whole point was personal animus on his part, and would be considered prosecutorial misconduct, were he still a prosecutor.

  19. Think about THIS:
    OBAMA publicly says DURING an INVESTIGATION of Hillary that NO laws were broken, no damage was done. Talk about PURE OBSTRUCTION because we know Comey futt-bucked his way to laying out what laws she broke and then on his own said, nobody would prosecute. THAT is evidence of pure obstruction
    THAT compared with, Flynn is a decent dude, lets hope you can let this go?
    Obama got Black Privilege, Comey willingly bent over for Obama, and now that the big brave self described coward got smacked by Trump, he whines like the typical liberal b itch that he is and tries to play games.
    Sc rew Comey, he deserves cancer for his hatred.

    • Did you get their opinion as to whether the memos were Government property? Oops.

  20. Outstanding article. Revolutionary times indeed, I pray that or national will, honest public servants, Gorsuch, the DOJ, and Patriots like VDH will be enough to carry the day.

    • If the GOP really intends to represent our conservative views, they’d better grow a backbone. Very very disappointed in the GOP as well. Its so obvious now that the GOP doesn’t really want change either. They have the chance to accomplish SO much and they’re almost all just worried about their own careers. Sad. If the democrats do sweep the next election cycles it will be the Republicans own fault.

      • What on earth makes you think the national Republican Party gives a fig about “conservative principles”?

  21. Brilliant summary. At least now Trump has heads of the FBI et al that he can put a modicum of trust in. They now need to somehow weed out the bad.

    As for the men in Comey’s Cabal. I believe Comey himself identified them by their title. They, individually, or possibly collectively, along with Comey, are the prime suspects for all these leaks.

    First up to the lie detectors.

  22. I had to stop here as this sets the tone “leaked information to the press of a privileged conversation with the President”.
    First ‘leaked’: one cannot leak their own thoughts.
    Second ‘Information’: A memo created by ones own volition, that does not contain any classified information and has nothing to do with his job of running the FBI – Are words and thoughts originating out of his own mind and not ‘information’ circulating within the FBI about the work of the FBI.
    Third: ‘privileged conversation with the President’: There is no law about executive privilege, nor an absolute right to the unwritten but recognized right to it – see SCOTUS Nixon tapes, does not apply to ex-civil servants, and if #45 had any hope of invoking this unwritten rule then he should not have fired Comey or tweeted about it.
    The premise of your article is FALSE and this part is FAUX-NEWS.

    • He did the memos on the FBI’s dime. He’s a leaker.

      He’s a liar and a crooked cop. Good riddance to him.

      • Again you cannot leak information that you yourself are the author of. When I purchase groceries on my government computer the groceries do not belong to the government. The presidents conduct is the focus not Comey’s.

      • When you purchase groceries on your gov’t. computer, your fired carcass would be waiting to receive them at home if you worked under me! That is theft of services.
        And if that information you generated on a gov’t. computer in an official capacity is given to anybody outside of government, it IS a leak! Your saying it isn’t is pure hogwash!

      • Your response is FAUX-NEWS, that is not the regulation at all. I have actually worked in a federal agency before and I know that if you as a supervisor tried such a thing I’d be happy that you did because you would have a lawsuit as a result. LOL, Just pull stuff out of the air and think its a go.
        I wish you guys would do some research before your knee jerk responses when you trying to justify Trumps incompetence.
        “Justice Department employees are authorized to use government office and library equipment and facilities for personal uses that involve only negligible expense (such as electricity, ink, small amounts of paper, and ordinary wear and tear). Department employees are also authorized to make limited personal use of telephone and facsimile machines for calls to locations within the office’s commuting area or that are charged to personal accounts. This authorization may be revoked or limited by a supervisor for any business reason. In using government property, employees should be mindful of their responsibility to use official time in an honest effort to perform official duties.”

      • Then I would have to conclude you were either AA or EO.
        Did you not comprehend the last sentence you typed?
        Your attitude is precisely why GAO found 40% of fed employees watching porn at work. Disgusting!

      • Dude my responses are based on what you said – Firing for personal use a government computer is ridiculous – it too funny. It would never even come up unless you, heaven forbid, become a supervisor at the DOJ. Typical response though – cornered – lets lash out on totally unrelated issues AA EO PORN jeeze ADHD stay focused.

      • And while we are at it lets see what the regulations are with respect to those memos.


        Based on the 10 criteria for adjudication of if a record is information that is an ‘Agency Record’ as opposed to a personal record. The distinction ‘Agency Record’ as opposed to a ‘Personal Record’ exists even inside the DOJ. Not every record created by a DOJ employee is an ‘Agency Record’ and thus subject to regulation on dissemination.

      • It is impossible to leak a document you authored yourself – unless those documents then become agency records – distinct actions need to happen to those memos for them to be considered agency records – creating them on a government issued computer is not the only consideration. Just because someone says something on a blog or on infowars or brietbart does not make it so folks.

    • First: Inasmuch as Comey surreptitiously had his perspective of a two party conversation – the second party being the Chief Executive – which he documented using government assets as what he perceived as being part of his job, it was unquestionably a leak.

      Second: See above.

      Third: Because Comey leaked the document(s) without affording the president the opportunity to invoke privilege – ALONE – are grounds for prosecuting Comey.

      If Comey was an honest man he would have recorded his thoughts and put them in the care of his personal attorney for safekeeping in the event they were needed in the future, not leak them to the NYT via a third party like a conniving weasel.

      • When I purchase groceries on my government computer the groceries do not belong to the government. Again you cannot leak information that you yourself are the author of. There is no executive privilege statute just like there is no statute that says the president should release his tax returns. The presidents conduct is the focus not Comey’s.

  23. Nails, meet hammer! Hanson hit every one, dead on!

  24. Byron York’s article last night was kindof an eye-opener for me, and I think he may be right that the coup attempt continues. There’s a danger we’re being lulled into a false sense of “process fairness” here. I kindof wondered why, for example, Rubio appeared so supportive when I’m sure he seethes with hatred for Trump. We should rightly be suspicious when a repub-led congress stages dramatic testimony from a corrupt, disgruntled, petty tyrant of the deep state, that this might be pretext for impeachment. Reliably, after the testimony, certain “repubs” were all over the media impugning trump and calling his action “troubling”, “inappropriate.” This may well be the first time in my life that it becomes necessary to go to Wash DC to defend a duly elected president. Seems surreal. Sure hope someone is doing some planning. I think trump needs to hit the bricks to start stirring up some support. Those folks in DC are our “best and brightest”? If so, our once beautiful country is truly lost.

  25. Dr. Hanson you may be that last truthful man in America. God bless you.

  26. The Left/Press/Deep State’s strategy is simple.

    The press knows the Russian collusion shtick is a straw man. The Left knows this too. Hollywood is probably the only bunch that actually buys into the goofy theory, but that is easily explained (ha!).

    The purpose of this exercise is to increase the background volume similar to Tinnitus. Tinnitus is the perception of sound when no actual external noise is present, commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears”.

    The object of this is to so torment the Great Unwashed from sea to shining sea they just want the noise to go away. Make it stop.

    We’ll see if it works because it has already been proven the drumbeat needs no evidence, nor even a plausible theory on how collusion would work to influence tha t election.

    This echo chamber is now a perpetual motion machine.

    It is not going to stop because what started it is that she lost.

  27. So, maybe showing how uneducated I am here, but can someone please send me a link with an example of a “fake news” article planted by a Russian bot that contributed to Clinton’s election loss. I keep hearing that the way the Russians interfered in the election was that Trolls and Bots posted and spread fake news about Hillary that led to her defeat but these articles never include a link to one of these fake news stories.

  28. One side can do and say whatever it wants and the other is guilty and evil for nothing – is that an exageration? I don’t think so

    • No. One side wants to unseat an elected President under the Constitution via a coup attempt. When people high up in positions of power in a government use that power to surreptitiously (leak classified and privileged information) to a partisan and hostile press, that meets the definition of a coup attempt.

  29. Brennan = Lavrently Beria;

    Comey = one of the Wicked Witche’s flying monkey’s.

  30. The fact there are leaks is proof there is no counter-intelligence or criminal case involved in the Russia “matter.” Any reasonable prosecutor, to use Comey’s term, would keep tight-lipped if they were building a true case to prosecute. Leaks would damage their case and taint the witness pool. Having no case against Trump et al, they decided to try him in the court of public opinion and leaked out half-truths and lies in an effort to destroy him. Sessions should remove his recusal and conduct his own investigation into the department he oversees.

  31. The Obama administration is the most corrupt administration in U.S. history. Every Obama scandal has been far worse than Watergate which liberals love to keep bringing up (No Hillary Nixon was not impeached, your husband was). The corruption continues still as the hacks and moles have not been removed. Hopefully VDH’s message will reach apathetic Americans who have yet to understand the MSM and Federal government are totally corrupt and a serious danger to the republic. We are in fact now in revolutionary times, perhaps early enough to remove corruption and place the country back in the hands of we the people. Orwell’s 1984 started in earnest in 1991 with the Clintons. There is a soft coup being executed right under the noses of Americans but yet Ironically perpetrated in plain sight and sound, virtually on every TV across the nation. The corrupt MSM and corrupt officials have forgotten that in the end the people always win. Americans need to start and keep reminding them.

  32. No better authority than Crazy Aunt Maxine said Comey had no credibility.
    Had Mrs Clinton been elected (shudder at the thought) she would have fired him during the inauguration day parade with full Democrat support.
    Now he’s a martyr and a national hero to those same Democrats. Go figure.

  33. When several snakes are put in a box, and one takes a bite at another, that snake often times ends up biting himself.
    In Comey’s case, it looks like he will end up biting himself numerous times, thinking it is someone else biting him.

  34. Comey is a legend in his own mind….rather like Warwick who was dubbed
    “the Kingmaker” during the Wars of the Roses…deftly playing both sides
    for years to his own advantage…till he jumped the fence once too often and finally got nailed for treason….Comey is just like Warwick was as he climbed
    the steps to be beheaded….self righteous to the last…”Say not that I
    loved the King less,but that I loved England more!”.

  35. We are in revolutionary times. It is not clear (to me, at least) whether this fact is understood by some of the players in terms that can or will be used to further the desired ends of these players, and that is what makes it so interesting. Most Americans have a dog on more than one side of this big, open Revolution we are in the midst of. Which dog, in which ring (so to speak) will be the dog that gets the most support? Will it be the “Hang on until I retire” dog, or the “I am tired of all these liars, both parties” dog, or the “al the media lie” dog, or any of the standard partisan dogs, or is this all ink dumped in the water by the Big Squid to ensure that we, the People, are too unsure of our vision to risk a shot (metaphorical now, later not so much) to the kneecaps of the knaves we know are screwing us over?

    Fascinating times, revolutionary times. Great risk and great reward. Sorrow over fortunes lost will give way to jubilation over despots deposed. The only question is, which despots and whose fortunes??

    • the masses are busy taking selfies. There will be no revolution today.

  36. You gotta love a man who knows his Latin. Victor Davis Hanson really rocks!

  37. Dr. Hanson, you list 5 things Obama did that would have and should have gotten Obama impeached, if not for the cowardly and emasculated Republican Congress of 2009-2016, but you don’t *say* Obama did those things, leaving it to your readers to make the connection. Do you really think your readers are aware enough to do that?

  38. Once again VDH leads readers through the fog of politics on the Potomac, never losing sight of the channel markers or the approaching dock.

  39. The last five impeachable statements should have brought congress to their feet demanding the removal and prosecution of the former occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Let’s see if the GOP has grown any courage to aid in the take-down of obama since he continues to think he’s still in the WH. He and his puppet master are leading the pack of wolves to take control of this nation. What else does he need to do to get anybody to put the silver bracelets on him?

  40. This article is opinionated BS and contains much discredited right-wing spin (including “undermine the president (and in the process mislead about the chronological sequencing of events that prompted him to leak”). The bipartisan investigation of president Trump and his administration for abuse of power, obstruction of justice, collusion with Russia continues and this article will do nothing to stop that effort, other than give Trump supporters a bit of a respite.

    • Yes, there is bipartisan corruption at the very top of people who value their power over the good of the country. You want to preserve that, yes?

  41. Comey is scum. The idea that the director of the FBI was afraid to stand up to Lynch or to tell the President that he
    didn’t think a conversation was proper is beyond laughable. Didn’t “honest loyalty ” mean telling the truth to the President? Comey’s testimony show that in fact we need a Special Prosecutor to investigate the entire Clinton fiasco and determine whether there was obstruction of justice and influence peddling with the Russians.

  42. Comey absolutely violated the FBI Employment Agreement (FD-291) that specifically bars the kind of leaking that he did. He is a total fraud. Despite the fact that he had a queasy feeling after Loretta Lynch told him not to refer to the Clinton emails as an investigation. he amazingly felt no need to write a memo to himself. He’ll get a multi-million dollar job somewhere and walk away completely unscathed.

  43. Well I guess we’ll just have to see what the final conclusion is regarding the “trump/russia thing”. But we will need our money back from that stupid voter fraud investigation trump is running…-_-

  44. Yes we are now in Revolutionary times. That group of crap heads in Washington D.C. who think they are going to take over our country may be in for a rude surprise. They have failed to take into account that President Trump’s base of support consists of most of the military, most of law enforcement, most of veterans, the NRA, most of church groups and many others. We elected President Trump to clean up the swamp of which you jackasses swim to line your pockets and if you think we are going to let you take him down you have another think coming.

    Unless you back off people who love our country will forced to to do whatever is necessary to save it from your greedy hands. You swamp rats make King George who caused the revolution that created our nation look like a Lilly. You are making us very angry by your conduct and we will do whatever is necessary to keep you from continuing your attempts to destroy our once great nation. You also make Benedict Arnold look like a patriot. You have no shame…only greed for money and power. The future of our children and grandchildren is at stake because of of your past and present actions and if you believe we are going to let you continue destroying America you are very very wrong!

  45. One can only hope that there are a few patriots left who will stand up to the radicals and their soft coup and tell the American people the truth. This corruption can only continue because the propaganda media carries the narrative.

  46. Obama manged to corrupt the entire federal government from the IRS, DOJ, FBI etc a few more years living under a corrupt President like Obama or his surrogate Hilly this Nation would have been a third world banana republic!

  47. My only caveat is that in order to be in revolutionary times, we need a sufficient number of people to actually revolt. And I just don’t see that happening. It’s not even close. Despite the fact that the government machine is openly rejecting and overturning the results of a fair election, there aren’t nearly enough people willing to truly revolt.

  48. Thanks, again, Dr. Hanson for an honest analysis. The Democratic Party’s strategy to try to impeach or disable Trump rather than to offer alternatives to his policies and work with the Repubs on areas where the country desperately needs cooperation (infrastructure, counter-terrorism, criminal justice reform, etc.) was and is a terrible decision made by the party’s progressive wing. Trump will be re-elected if Dems don’t start working on real issues, as us Independents will not vote Democratic in 2018 and 2020 if the Dem platform is nothing more than “destroy Trump and everything else be damned.”

  49. Thank you Dr. Hanson; you cut through the fog. We are approaching a revolution which is based, as most are, on leaders who lie. We know a few facts. Donald Trump is not, nor has been a target of an investigation by the FBI. Hillary Clinton was.

    It would have helped enormously if the DoJ and our Democratic Party leaders, who are privy to classified intelligence, stated this truth in a timely manner. They did not. There is an active investigation of Russian interference in our politics. Comey pleaded with the Senate, both parties, to do something about it. We know from the Atlanta leaker that Russia planted viruses in over 100 US election officials’ computers. These are the people and machines which tally votes. Who really won the elections? The eternal issue in these open hearings is what can be said, which does not blow our intelligence and law enforcement efforts.

    There is zero bipartisan support for these national survival needs. In the parties. In the media. There is breath taking vast incompetence in Washington D.C. However, under our polity system, we are stuck with Trump for a few years. Comey had to go. Sessions is on the bubble.

    The lying, by omission and commission must stop. High level leakers as well as lowly employees, must be legally treated the same. Some must go to prison.

  50. Too bad something like this couldn’t make it to the MSM. As I read this and other VDH articles I recognize the details in all of it but am constantly telling myself “Oh! I forgot that one…”. He does such a great job of organizing details and laying them out in an a rational manner that the only response should be “How can this still be going on?” Unfortunately because the MSM picks and chooses innuendo and political posturing as “fact” most never see the whole story.

  51. Nailed it! Jim “Deep Throat 2” Comey is the traitor, leaker, and deep state partisan undermining the Trump Administration, just like Clapper and Brennan. That sucking sound is these slimy bastards going down the swamp drain. Good riddance!

  52. Well, they evidently believe that we ‘deplorables’ are as dumb as rocks. Therefore, they just have to find the right meme to control us. Unfortunately, the internet, and the political cafeteria which has grown up exploiting it, limit the ability of the deep state and the MSM to control the message. Someone should explain the ‘rule of holes’ to the deep state?

  53. Literary analysis is sometimes useful. Comey, asked to find the leakers, was in fact one of the chief leakers himself. He was then forced to plot against President Trump, who fired him anyway. He’s still operating against Trump.

    Now, where have I heard of this plot before?

    Alexander Dumas. The Man in the Iron Mask. Aramis, a Jesuit Priest, is recalled to duty as a Musketeer. Louis XIV orders Aramis to discover the identity of the secret Chief of the Jesuit Order in France, and to assassinate him. Unfortunately, Aramis is said Chief. He next organizes a cabal to destroy Louis, which succeeds?

  54. The NY Times “lost” the names of their sources.
    Oops, there it is. His name is James something…wait…Comey….a James Comey.
    The NY Times has not yet confirmed this is the same James Comey that once was director of the FBI however.

  55. “Comey… confesses to planting leaked information to the press of a privileged conversation with the President” – Trump waived the privilege by tweeting about it.

    “Bullying is not a crime” – It can be, if it rises to the level of obstruction of justice.

  56. It is the acme of mental gymnastics, to dodge the obvious FACT that the Steele dossier was a fabrication of Russian intelligence assets, used to tilt the election away from Donald Trump.

    The REAL story of electoral tampering with the Russians falls squarely with the nevertrumpers and Clinton campaign.
    The apparent inclusion of that tainted “evidence” by the FBI would suggest that they are in cahoots with them as well.

    Look at the big picture here.
    It is a deep state coup against a duly elected president.

  57. ” why would a former Director of the FBI
    himself leak a key government document to the press in deliberate
    fashion to undermine the president”

    Because he’s a partisan communist. He will be dealt with.

  58. “In sum, we are now in revolutionary times.”

    That might turn out to be the case in a very concrete fashion.

  59. VDH, well done yet again. AND, a COUP is in progress.

  60. here here! well put. A double standard if ever there was one. The true danger to the nation is the lying, brainwashed, and self serving progressives.

  61. Seeing as how things are going?

    If you don’t have a gun?

    Get TEN OF THEM, while you still can.

    In the words of that Black Lives Murder Skank: “We need to start killing people”.


  62. Now that Comey has been revealed as a source of leaked information, and now that between Mr. Comey’s testimony last week, Attorney General Sessions’ testimony this week we know that the entire Trump-Russia collusion story is a hoax, and now that the Democratic Party has embarrassed itself with the farcical performance of its members both last week and this week, can we please avoid a gigantic waste of time and money by canceling the special prosecutor?

  63. Our Nation is at risk, not by foreign powers, but from within, from a corrupt political class, and I do not excuse Republicans. Remaining in office term after term corrupts. We have a 20 trillion debt that is rising. Why!? Corruption! And we are served up a circus of investigations by Congress. 1776 Redux.