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Should We Embrace the “Inevitable Reality” of Terrorism?

Editor’s Note: The following is an open letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times, penned by our good friend and contributor, Edward J. Erler.  

A Letter to the Los Angeles Times

To the Editors,

Security experts warn us that terrorism has become an “inevitable reality” of the modern world and that we must learn to accept it as the “new normal,” just one more annoying facet of urban life like traffic, crowds, the homeless, and unhealthy air. But terrorism demands something more than just acceptance—it demands our open and enthusiastic embrace! Our embrace of terrorism is a demonstration of our authentic commitment to diversity. It is an authentic commitment because it means we are willing to risk our lives—and the sovereignty of our country—to substantiate our commitment to diversity, not only to ourselves, but to the world. President Trump’s attempt to ban potential terrorists from seeking refuge in the United States would make the demonstration of that commitment much more difficult, and I am confident the High Court will see his Executive Order as merely a pretext to prevent the nation from expressing its highest aspiration—an aspiration that is validated by the progressive forces of history. Those who support freedom know that “freedom is not free,” as those who support diversity equally understand that “diversity is not free.” Both freedom and diversity require sacrifice. It is time that the nation confronted this explosive reality head on.

Edward J. Erler

Claremont, California


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  1. Peter S Rieth
    Peter S Rieth says:

    Yes, well, Western European countries are now not just suicidal, but laughably silly. This last batch of terrorists was not only known to British intelligence and police, but even featured in a documentary.

    Frankly, with all the venom that the Western Europeans have poured on Poland in the last two year for not embracing “diversity” – I say let the Western Europeans now reap what they have sown. Of course, it is a danger to the world – because when Western Europe eventually becomes an Islamic Caliphate, Poles will probably have to save Europe again…although maybe this time Poles will be smarter and save themselves. How many Western European countries really understand 11 September 1683 and connect the Polish victory that saved Christian civilization against Islamic barbarism to what happened in New York City and what is happening in Western Europe now? None.

    From my point of view, I am tired of Western Europeans lecturing Poles while allowing terrorism in their countries. Western Europeans have sick societies.

    I just hope President Trump will succeed not just with his travel ban, but with his broader immigration policy. The President is absolutely right and if the Supreme Court tries to stop him – he should use the option of introducing Martial Law. Western Europe and its’ Neros are absolutely wrong.

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  2. Sandy Daze
    Sandy Daze says:

    It is more than just embracing–vive la différence–diversity, Ed. The natural end point of this approach, and am not arguing against your observation one bit, is to consign if not not condemn our descendants to a life under islam.

    “Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

    TRUE !

    SAD !

    BAD !

    • ptsargent
      ptsargent says:

      Those words written by Winston Churchill have been etched in many of our minds by the actions of the followers of that theocratic pseudo religion for centuries. Unfortunately many people cannot seem to come to grips with the malign nature of this sinister force loosed on the world in the 7th century A.D.

  3. swek
    swek says:

    5 people were killed in a “workplace shooting” incident in Orlando; should we accept the fact that as long as the NRA keeps us flooded with guns, then disgruntled employees will take it out on everyone with guns instead of words.

    • JamesDrouin
      JamesDrouin says:

      No, we should accept that there’s a segment of the population that’s as ignorant, lazy, and stupid as you’ve demonstrated yourself to be that continue to believe that gun laws only affect dishonest citizens.

      Oh, and FYI, since you’ve demonstrated the typical ignorance, laziness, and stupidity that only liberals are capable of achieving, over 96% of all mass murders happen in “gun free zones” … I’m betting you believe running that up to 100% is a ‘good thing’.

  4. bdavi52
    bdavi52 says:

    Suicide by police.
    What we call that perversion which expresses itself more and more regularly these days — the sociopath who kills and then waits for the police to, in a hail of bullets, end everything.

    So too, it seems, we have ’embraced’ as Prof. Erler notes, not just the fact of terrorism but more horribly, we have embraced the equally perverse notion that we deserve it.

    We are pathologically averse to speak the words “Fundamentalist Islamic Terror”; we avoid calling those who would kill us Jihadists….but we leap to endorse the ‘fact’ that the United States is nothing but a collection of greedy capitalist pigs, oppressors, corrupt, evil, racist, misogynists who stand in opposition to Social Justice, Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion. Suicide by terror; suicide by Submission; suicide by Cultural Rejection.

    What are the American/Western “virtues” for those who hate us? “Imprisonment, forced labor, rape, and torture: the virtues for which this nation stands”, according to a recent comment exchange in The Atlantic.

    Dhimmitude can’t come soon enough for those who despise the West. Tragically (as seen most vividly in Britain & France) they are we. And they scream their hate at Pomona, Evergreen, Dartmouth, Missouri, Yale, Oberlin, Berkeley, Middlebury, Harvard…

  5. JamesDrouin
    JamesDrouin says:

    Wel, the America-hating, self-loathing, self induced intellectually retarded left wing liberal Democrats and their sychophantic followers the Entitlement Monkeys ALREADY HAVE “embraced the inevitable reality of terrorism”.

    In fact, IN FACT, they have created, enabled, and supported “terrorism” at every step, and continue to do so today, right now this very minute.

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