Punishing The Real Russia Crime: Leaking

The appointment of a special counsel, as well as the Congressional proceedings to uncover and punish such associates of Donald Trump as may have colluded with the Russian government with regard to the 2016 campaign, are a combination of partisan and Intelligence-bureaucracy warfare. No one has mentioned any activity of anyone in that campaign that might qualify as a violation of any criminal statute. Moreover, these legal and pseudo-legal proceedings abstract from the patently obvious felonies that U.S intelligence officials have committed each and every time they have informed reporters of the Washington Post and New York Times about the targets, functions, and results of U.S communications intelligence.

18 U.S. code 798 is, a “strict liability” statute, and specifies ten years’ imprisonment and $10,000 fine for each count. Trump’s enemies, and Trump himself, treat this parody of law as a game. It is not.

Herewith a summary of how the parody grew to its current dimensions, and a straight-line projection of where it leads unless the distinction between law and politics is re-established.

align=”right” A minor defensive maneuver at the time, the “Russia interference in the elections” narrative grew into the Democratic Party’s main explanation for the massive electoral rejection at all levels it ended up suffering on November 8, 2016.

By spring 2016, Obama administration appointees to the U.S. intelligence agencies, having raised those agencies’ traditional alignment with the Democratic Party to unprecedented levels, were acting as adjuncts to the Clinton campaign. Candidate Clinton was suffering from the public’s perception that her use of a private email server for government business had compromised classified information. When Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails hacked by the international hacker Guccifer and published by Wikileaks showed that the party was siding with Clinton against Bernie Sanders, the alienation of Sanders supporters further diminished Democratic prospects in November.

To divert attention from Clinton’s assorted e-mail problems, the DNC hired its associated IT firm, Crowdstike, which concluded―without giving any evidence―that “the Russians” had been hacking Democrats, and that they had done so to help the Republicans. The intelligence agencies concurred. Numerous intelligence officials have claimed to know who supplied the-mails to Wikileaks. No one has given evidence on the record. A minor defensive maneuver at the time, the “Russia interference in the elections” narrative grew into the Democratic Party’s main explanation for the massive electoral rejection at all levels it ended up suffering on November 8, 2016.

Former CIA Director John O. Brennan (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

When Donald Trump became the Republican nominee, much of the U.S government, intelligence agencies included, conducted “opposition research” on him. This included tacitly validating a scurrilous report by a British source of Donald Trump with Russian prostitutes. At first, it targeted Paul Manafort, whom Trump had chosen to manage his campaign at the Republican convention, and Carter Page, a minor foreign policy advisor. The FBI and the Justice Department obtained a warrant from the secret court established under the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to intercept their electronic communications. Both men had worked, legally, with Russian entities.

On May 24, 2017 Obama’s CIA Director John O. Brennan testified in that regard with language that reflected the “probable cause” assumption presented to the court that these were or could be “foreign agents”:

I encountered and am aware of information and intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between Russian officials and U.S. persons involved in the Trump campaign that I was concerned about because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals, and it raised questions in my mind, again, whether or not the Russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals.

Note well: Here is a U.S, official, excusing the “wiretapping” of his Party’s political opponents on the basis of the fact that Russians (like many foreigners) use their dealings with Americans to influence them and his assumption that said Russians had succeeded to some culpable extent. Under questioning, however, Brennan was forced to recant those assumptions: “I don’t know whether or not such collusion… I don’t know.” And: “we see contacts and interactions between Russian officials and U.S. persons all the time.” Nevertheless Brennan tried to make a public policy case for surveilling these political opponents: “It is when it’s in the context that there is something else going on—and so we knew, at the time, that the Russians were involved in this effort to try to interfere in our election.”

Brennan was not asked for evidence of any such attempt, nor was he forced to confront the fact that Hillary Clinton had received millions of dollars from foreign entities, including Russian ones. Nevertheless, he was forced to say that the wiretapping showed zero evidence of collusion between the Trump associates and the Russians with regard to anything, never mind criminal activity:

Question: “But if someone left this hearing today and said that you had indicated that those contacts were evidence of collusion or collaboration, they would be misrepresenting your statements, correct?”

Brennan answered: “They would have misheard my response to the very good questions that were asked of me…I would say that it was not an accurate portrayal of my statement.”

The essence of the story had already appeared in the New York Times on February 14 :

Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials. American law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercepted the communications around the same time they were discovering evidence that Russia was trying to disrupt the presidential election by hacking into the Democratic National Committee, three of the officials said. The intelligence agencies then sought to learn whether the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians on the hacking or other efforts to influence the election.The officials interviewed in recent weeks said that, so far, they had seen no evidence of such cooperation.

Simple facts: Already well before the election, intelligence officials―possibly including Mr. Brennan―had used the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to do legally (though not a bit more properly) the kind of snooping into the political opposition that the 1972-74 Watergate burglars had done. But the legality of what they did ended the instant that they went to The New York Times and Washington Post with “Phone records and intercepted calls.” At that point, they became criminals.

After the election, as the Democratic Party scrambled to protect itself from the opposition’s victory and perhaps to reverse it, bureaucratic self-interest led the intelligence agencies, especially CIA, to become the spearhead of that effort. On December 15 U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News they had “a high level of confidence” that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally directed how messages and other documents hacked from Democrats were used to influence the presidential election.

On January 5 The Washington Post’s Adam Entous and Greg Miller reported that “U.S. officials…said that American intelligence agencies intercepted communications in the aftermath of the election in which Russian officials congratulated themselves on the outcome.The ebullient reaction among high-ranking Russian officials—including some who U.S. officials believe had knowledge of the country’s cyber campaign to interfere in the U.S. election—contributed to the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Moscow’s efforts were aimed at least in part at helping Trump win the White House.”

align=”left” There was never doubt about the CIA’s bureaucratic motivation. Early on, Trump had found Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (USA-ret) to be his favorite spokesman on foreign policy and let it be known that Flynn would be his National Security Adviser. As the Defense Intelligence Agency’s director, Flynn had fought bitter bureaucratic battles with the CIA and with the Obama administration.

There followed a public report by the agencies of their “high confidence”―but zero evidence―that Putin preferred Trump. Predictably, already in mid-December The Hill reported that, according to a poll: More than half of Americans bothered by Russian interference in election. No surprise then that on January 19 The New York Times reported that American intelligence officials “are examining intercepted communications and financial transactions as part of a broad investigation into possible links between Russian officials and associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump.”

There was never doubt about the CIA’s bureaucratic motivation. Early on, Trump had found Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (USA-ret) to be his favorite spokesman on foreign policy and let it be known that Flynn would be his National Security Adviser. As the Defense Intelligence Agency’s director, Flynn had fought bitter bureaucratic battles with the CIA and with the Obama administration. Worse, as the Wall Street Journal reported on January 4, Flynn harbored plans for reforming the intelligence community’s structure in ways that threatened CIA’s status.

Even less surprising, then, that the agencies “wiretapped” Flynn to see what they could “get on him.” What they got was a series of phone calls between the prospective National Security Adviser and the Russian ambassador. The Times reports:

The calls began on Dec. 29, shortly after Mr. Kislyak was summoned to the State Department and informed that, in retaliation for Russian election meddling, the United States was expelling 35 suspected Russian intelligence operatives and imposing other sanctions. Mr. Kislyak was irate and threatened a forceful Russia response, according to people familiar with the exchange.But a day later, Mr. Putin said his government would not retaliate, prompting a Twitter post from Mr. Trump praising the Russian president—and puzzling Obama White House officials. On Jan. 2, administration officials learned that Mr. Kislyak — after leaving the State Department meeting—called Mr. Flynn, and that the two talked multiple times in the 36 hours that followed. American intelligence agencies routinely wiretap the phones of Russian diplomats, and transcripts of the calls showed that Mr. Flynn urged the Russians not to respond, saying relations would improve once Mr. Trump was in office, according to multiple current and former officials.

Since Obama, the Democratic Party, and CIA had given dicta but zero evidence concerning “Russian meddling,” the advice that Flynn gave and Trump endorsed made the Obama administration and its Russophobia look silly.

That is when the Obama administration’s/CIA’s rage, the media’s complicity, and the “attentive public’s” gullibility therewith, went into high gear to turn ordinary, garden-variety actions in international affairs―if conducted by opponents―into pseudo crimes.

In real life, foreign affairs means dealing with foreigners. Every day in every way, just about everybody who is involved in international relations practically or academically―never mind persons who are about to undertake official responsibilities―communicates with foreign officials to the maximum extent possible testing possible new approaches to policy. Hence, as Michael Flynn was dealing with the Russian ambassador, he was doing his job, and doing it just right. So did then Senator Jeff Sessions and every other Senator who meets with representatives of foreign governments. Nevertheless, a March 1, 2017 Times article depicts the “finding” by Obama administration officials that people close to Trump had many contacts with Russians as something of a smoking gun of culpability.

Lt. General Michael Flynn

This sort of thing should be dismissed by comparing it to the old joke about the college dean who was accused of lascivious behavior for having insisted on his female undergraduates showing him their theses before letting them graduate. Except that the U.S. intelligence officials who have purveyed the Trump/Russia stories have done so by citing U.S. communications intelligence. That is not a joke. It is a crime.

On May 17, acting under Section 28 Chapter VI part 600, Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Muller as Special Counsel to “determine whether and to what extent to inform or consult with the Attorney General or others within the Department about the conduct of his or her duties and responsibilities” specifically about “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump” as well as “any other matters that arose or may arise from the investigation.” Ominously however, the Special Counsel’s specific charge concerns the joke, not the crime.

In this regard, Special Counsel Robert Mueller seems poised to follow the path of his immediate predecessor, Patrick Fitzgerald, who was appointed pursuant to the CIA’s urging to ferret out and punish whoever had “outed” its employee, Valerie Plame. But since the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 specifically de-criminalized any “outing” that occurred in the course of political controversies, there was no crime to prosecute. Moreover, the “outer’s” identity, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, was already known. Nevertheless, Fitzgerald focused his attention on Vice President Cheney’s office and snared his chief of staff, Scooter Libby for perjury for having had a different recollection of a conversation than had the other party to that conversation.

In the present case as well, there is no suggestion, never mind evidence, of relations with “the Russians” that break any U.S. laws. As for “collusion” against the interests of the United States, former CIA director Brennan testified that he has no evidence of any. Nor has anyone else pointed to any. Nor is there any suggestion even of Trump associates discussing changes to U.S policy as radical as those which Obama promised to President Dimitry Medvedev in March 2012 on a “hot mike” regarding U.S missile defense.

align=”right” The deepening levels of corruption in our legal system and our politics may be seen in what appears to be the disregard that the media, the legal system, the Trump administration itself, and the Special Counsel’s charge are showing for the one and only violation of law that has occurred: namely, the revelations of communications intelligence operations as well as of results therefrom, by unnamed but authoritative intelligence officials, to such as the Times’ Michael Schmidt and the Post’s Adam Entous.

What, then is Special Counsel Mueller to uncover and punish? Unfortunately, Mueller is likely to do exactly what Counsel Fitzgerald did: focus on“any other matters that arose or may arise from the investigation.” In other words, he is likely to focus on discrepancies between who said what to whom when. This is a corrupt parody of justice, aimed at crushing opposition to the ruling class. That is why, for example, Michael Flynn―or anyone in a similar position―would be foolish to answer any questions whatsoever, even regarding the time of day.

The deepening levels of corruption in our legal system and our politics may be seen in what appears to be the disregard that the media, the legal system, the Trump administration itself, and the Special Counsel’s charge are showing for the one and only violation of law that has occurred: namely, the revelations of communications intelligence operations as well as of results therefrom, by unnamed but authoritative intelligence officials, to such as the Times’ Michael Schmidt and the Post’s Adam Entous.

Since the number of those who possessed the information in question is small, ascertaining the identity of those who divulged it poses no problem to serious investigators. Since Messers Schmidt and Entous could not help but know that communications intelligence is protected by a strict liability statute, they could also be held responsible for their participation in the crime.

Instead, we have a ruling class, led by the Democratic Party, that is trying to reverse the effects of an election that repudiated it by alleging a conspiracy―evidence for which is limited to the allegation itself. We have a Republican Party and President so frightened of their political enemies that they play along, in the forlorn hope of being granted legitimacy. Hence, both sides play at politics and law. But contending on the basis of insubstantial allegations while tolerating flagrant crime kills respect for law. It augurs a future in which the only punishable crime will be to stand with the less bloody-minded side.

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    Specifically that there has been NO leak, leakage / seepage, OR interest, in the Sleeping Dog companion to the Elephant in the room. Even by Russia.

    The selection by the “Democratic” Party major players Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton of the candidate for “The Office of President” in 2008 / 12.

    For the reported “Because it’s TIME for an Afro – American”. Which whatever else that is, it IS a qualification primarily because of the “race” of the selected candidate.

    Which the “Honorables” Pelosi and Clinton, both trained and even at times licensed as “ethical professionals OF The Law” MUST HAVE known is, re Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, unlawful for ANY job in these United States.

    And failure of leakage at any time after the fact, of Mr. Obama’s reported FIRST Executive Act.

    His SEALING FROM public review unspecified documents containing unspecified information.

    Which together with other information Known of Obama and his actions during his relatively short life would seem to be of interest to at least to some of the citizens for whom he was elected to act in THEIR name, THEIR trust and THEIR interests.

    Documents, IF they exist now or have ever existed, and the information contained, the Citizens presumably “have the Right to know”.

    And yet it seems there is, has been, NO leaks or interest, in this very odd act by the FOREMOST representative of those citizens.

    AND Pre – eminent Officer of the Law of this nation. THE fundamental pillar of which is “The RULE Of Law”.

    • Several paragraphs ^ that say nothing. Obama was a good president and the nation has always liked and respected him. Trump is a fool who was elevated by fools.

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      • I said ‘fools’ is “condescending”. Not sure how you got “good” out of that. Take care!

      • Obama weaponized the government against American citizens that he disagreed with. He ruined my health care and lied about it.

  10. Yeah whatever.. Typical right wing victim nonsense. When the investigation is completed, there may be no evidence of collusion or crime, and if so, so be it. But there has to be an investigation because there was a good reason that no one imagined a trump victory in November- trump is a fool, a silly, weak, clownish, irresponsible fool.which doesn’t mean he COULDN’T have been legitimately elected, it just means that that possibility is outlandish, and the possibility of malfeasance, given trumps personality and character, and given the mindless and servile dispositions of most of those who voted for him, make the idea of his cheating quite believable. And, he is dumb enough to have believed he could do such a thing with impunity.

    None of which means it happened– it means we need an investigation so we can know whether it did happen or didn’t.

    Those who don’t like that set of facts are free to complain about it but they brought it on themselves by nominating and elevating this shameful fool in.the conical hat and bells. The leaks , too, are also on.them.. And if they don’t want to risk experiencing it again, they will nominate someone sseriousin.the future.

    • “Those who don’t like that set of facts”

      If your opinions are facts, then so are mine. Only I have much more evidence that you are a moron based on that idiotic rambling rant.

      • Oh I don’t think it rambled much, and I don’t think it idiotic.. I think it’s pretty harsh, and I’m not surprised it stung u, but u people did a bad, bad thing when u made that silly, prating fool the president of this great country. History will recall u and your nutlessness, your kneepads, your servile, bootlicking , bowed imbecility.. But history isn’t enough– u need to read about yourselves in your own time, and in your own safe space. And to read, as well, that were u ever to gather the courage to leave these message boards and try out your mewing voices in public that the world would c u foolish silly princelings for the legion of halfmen u r

      • Hey, I know you. You’re one of those manchildren wiping their tears away on election night……. and still crying I see.

    • you’re a butthurt loser, leftist scumbag.

      Suicide is the answer for you.

      • I think.. That u have imagined your own suicide in the last week, and will do so again before the month is over. And may eventually end your life that way, but not on your own, will u.. Uhuh, weak and nutless dweeb that u r, you’ll take your gun into public and shoot a bunch of innocents, like that guy in Florida, won’t u.. Cuz u think everything lame and humiliated in u is the fault of someone else, don’t u, some immigrant, some Muslim, some liberal.

        No. You are what you are Cuz of your own weak character and the foul nature of the heart in your chest.

    • “trump is a fool, a silly, weak, clownish, irresponsible fool”
      The above statement is why Trump won. Personal attacks are tools of the loser, and if you look at Clinton’s campaign, there wasn’t much more to it. Such childish antics are great for assuaging the conscience and rallying the troops, but it also puts your level of maturity on display. Your statement is a pretty good summary of Clinton’s campaign, which far outstripped all previous presidential campaigns in its negativity.

  11. The Russians “preferred” ?Trump victory only because they wanted to see the US self destruct from within by the actions of the democrat party and Antifa. They knew the American Left would stop at nothing to divide this country, to foment violence, to try to remove an elected president. Russians knew that unlike democrats, the republicans would, as they did with the Obama victory, accept the results of an election. That is the supreme reason the Russians may have preferred Trump but I don’t it. They had a friend in Hillary.

    • I think they preferred Trump because Clinton was threatening direct war with them, with both her “diplomatic, economic and military” response to *alleged* cyber attacks, and her no-fly zone over Syria. I didn’t particularly want WW III either.

  12. It is axiomatic that Donald Trump is heroically clearing the swamp. Any criticism of Donald Trump is fake news put out by the Soros machine and the Entitlement Party. They must be silenced or at least ignored. Follow Trump! He will make America Great Again (or maybe for the first time).

  13. the real russian crime is that pimp kushner cutting deals with russian banks in exchange for helping his pimp father-in-law

  14. It’s well past time that these “leakers” are found, rounded up, tried, and executed for treason.

  15. Considering that Ms. Clinton, while Secretary of State, and her staff are alleged to have communicated on a wide range of non-government devices with foreign and domestic entities, officially and non-officially, I imagine a large number of collusion charges are possible.
    I doubt the arrest of a contractor recently has ended the leaking.

  16. As far as I am concerned, the leakers are patriots who are trying to save our country from a dangerous and immoral administration that is trying to undermine the very foundation of our democratic institutions, not to mention a POTUS who is manifestly unfit and dangerous. The more leaks the better is we want to save us from disaster.

    The United States is in crisis – a turning point where formerly decent people have been corrupted by a charismatic demagogue. Short of violence, I say whatever it takes to stop it.

    • Chaos to reinstate liberal rule. Have u never heard of elections?

      • We are talking about breaking the law and subverting the constitution you hold so dear. If leaking is what it takes then so be it.

        And I hardly think the elevation of Pence to the Presidency would constitute “liberal rule”. That we can take care of in 2018.

      • The only people breaking the law and subverting the constitution are the criminal gang calling itself the Democratic Party.

      • We are gradually getting to the real story – the suborning of the security services, the DOJ and the IRS to the foibles and fears of the Obama Administration. Spy, then lie.

        The criminal gang, aided by the leakers and the MSM, have been desperate to ensure this story goes away.

        On Thursday, we will see if someone is brave enough to ask the right questions and expose to the world the dead fish which is smelling up all of Washington. It’s a very big fish, and it’s going to be very hard to ignore for much longer.

        Devin Nunes on Unmasking: ‘Oh, This Is Only the Beginning’

      • Then u will really like it when the military joins in making its own decisions on the best interests of the country. I’ll hope that law and order prevail.

    • I guess we should just let the bureaucrats elect our president from here on, or at least have veto power, saving us from all of the paperwork. And of course, when they decide that a Democrat is “dangerous and immoral”, you’ll still back that veto power, right?

    • The alleged crisis exists only in your imagination. The real crisis is the liberal progressive propaganda campaign aimed at overturning the results of the 2016 elections. The lawless disregard for our Constitutionally established national political process and reckless disregard for the damage being done to our national security by the antics of the so called Resistance is proof of the moral bankruptcy of the liberal progressive movement. You should be ashamed.

  17. Leaking is definitely an issue, but so is the Russian hacking. I don’t understand why people like this author wish to down play or deny that it happened. A leaker was arrested yesterday, which is good news. What she leaked was a NSA report identifying Russian hacking of an election software supplier. Why is this author not up in arms with the fact that the government did not inform the American people that this hacking had occurred.

    Continuing on the leaking subject, somebody leaked Flynn’s discussion with the Russians. Why did Trump’s people say those discussions were only holiday greetings. Somebody then leaked that those discussions were about sanctions imposed by this country on the Russians. Why did Trump’s people say that was untrue. Someone leaked that Yates informed the Trump people of the nature of Flynn’s discussions. Why did Trump’s people not take action until the story was leaked. Where is this author’s indignation over the inaccuracies and delays of the Trump people in informing the American people about Flynn’s activities.

    The author is right that leaks are a serious problem, but hiding information from and not providing the total truth to the American people, is a more serious problem.

    • Why does anyone feel that “hacking” by the Russians is something new? I would think it’s gone on oh, I dunno … FOREVER!
      AND, surprise, surprise, I’d bet my eyeteeth that we’re doing our best to hack the Russians too!

      Leakers deserve jail time … and lots of it!
      This Russian hacking huhu … pure distraction tactics.

      • The internet’s been around for < 30 years, not quite "forever".

        The scale, high profile, and impact of recent attacks aimed at our election process are why there is increased attention, and it's only fueled by Trump's unwillingness to condemn or even acknowledge what the the Intel Community has publicly and categoricaly stated is occurring.

      • I was using the term “hacking” in much the same way President Trump used the term “wiretap” … as a generic term for stealing secrets. And that’s been going on FOREVER. If that was an overreach on my part, excuse my enthusiasm.

        Re: your comments about the scale, profile and nature …
        The scale of the “hacking” remains unknown …
        The high profile nature of the whole kerfuffle is a result of the TDS on the part of the media and the Uni-party …
        The impact is unknown and perhaps unknowable … given the documented lying on the part of the intelligence community (both leadership and rank & file).

        The problem we are experiencing on an ongoing basis from the Trump Administration AND from the Uni-Party AND from “The Resistance” AND from the Bureaucrats AND from the “Deep State” is that NO ONE can be believed when they (in your words) “publicly and categorically” state ANYTHING.
        All have an agenda and NOTHING is more important to them than THEIR agenda.

        President Donald Trump is not the answer to our problems.
        President Donald Trump IS the enemy of the Ruling Class in both Parties as well as all the rest who feed off the federal government system that has evolved since the Constitution was set aside as an inconvenience to those in power.
        As a result of his being a thorn in the side of all playing the Washington D.C. “game” for their own benefit, President Donald Trump may buy us some more time. More time for the situation we are fighting to be revealed, more time for the baddies to drop their veneer of “doing it for the people”, more time for “We the People” to have the scales removed from our eyes so we may see that the impetus for the New American Revolution is upon us.

        There is no King George in charge today but the Ruling Class that sees it as their right to reign over We the People must be disabused of that notion.

        And you thought we were talking about Russian hacking … lol

      • Seems you are like the Prof, John. Ignore the Russians attempts to use cyber warfare to affect our elections and justify it by saying the US does it too. John are you one of those relocated Russian oligarch’s that have bought into Trump’s buildings.

    • What about all that Chinese, N. Korean, Romanian, Indian, German, and all other hacking? Heck, the biggest hacking country in the world is probably the US, including our own government. Don’t you remember the leak of hacking tools, including the ones used to mimic a desired country?

      By the way, the DNC refused to let any government agency examine their computers, instead relying on a private company to say that the Russians hacked them. The company has since backtracked that claim.

      • So Prof, you’re saying this hacking against the US as identified in the latest NSA leak is OK because the US does it too? If that’s your opinion Prof, drop the American Eagle as your avatar.

    • Leaking is definitely an issue, but so is the Russian hacking.

      Leaking has definitely occurred. There remains exactly zero evidence of any “Russian hacking”.

      • Severn, if the NSA report is not worth the paper it is printed on, then how can it be classified? Are you saying that these folks classify lies?

  18. So the Donald revealing “carry on lap top” intelligence to his Russian buddies would make him what – Leaker in Chief?

    • That was WaPo, which revealed that intelligence to the world.

  19. Reality-Leigh-Winner is latest example of “The Resistance” at work. She’s a Traitor, and “The Resistance” should be investigated, too.
    Every government dept., agency, and contractors should get rid of any Extremists, “Resistance”.
    They’re counter-productive, Anti-American.

  20. Winner’s treason is Clinton’s and DOJ’s handiwork. They set the tone that criminal and negligent handling of state secrets are ‘nothing burgers’ and are absolved by higher ups. And Congressman Adam Schiff is part of this mind set.
    Politically active Left Wingers should never be allowed to have security clearance because the ideology is inherently anti-American and allows, validates and endorses devious anti-American behavior. There is a real conflict of interest that should never be overlooked by sober minded security people.

  21. Excellent timeline and explanation.

    The problem here is isn’t the concocted nonsense and blatant partisanship. No, the trouble is the collusion of the police state apparatus of the Banana Empire (and to add insult to injury, fairly openly) with a political campaign. The alleged opposition has enable much of this behavior, and turned a blind eye to perhaps the most massive violation of civil liberties in the nation’s history.

    The only question is whether the federal government remains legitimate at this point. It’s probably answered and not in a way most of us would like. The United States, at a minimum, lacks the moral authority any longer to chastise anyone about human rights.

  22. Shouldn’t there be some actual indictments coming soon for the onslaught of daily leaks? Isn’t there a paper trail established when someone wants intelligence and unmasking submitted? If, for instance, Susan “Knuckles” Rice wants information and names unmasked, shouldn’t that freaking information be brought to light and appropriate action taken? Is she and her crew being protected? If so, indict the co-conspirators, get them to sing! I want Obama in jail!

  23. I wonder if conservatives would have been so quick to ignore similar behavior by the incoming Obama administration in 2008-2009? You guys put party over country every time, even if it means collusion with a rival power.

    • Of course Republicans would have ignored Obama’s activities. They looked the other way as he turned America into an illegitimate police state by using the IRS against political opponents, spying on journalists and opposition figures, and employinng the CIA and FBI as campaign tools. The thing is most of us don’t expect better from Democrats. I would invite General Sessions to empanel a grand jury to remedy these wrongs and frogmarch the guilty to prison or the gurney.

  24. American Greatness would like all of us to bow to our leader.

  25. Trump is a traitor and so are his supporters. People leaking this info are the REAL patriots. The tyranny is strong on this page.

  26. An interesting effort about a real issue that ought not be taken lightly. But Professor Codevilla had better hope his own attempt to add scholarly gravitas to a theory about a Deep State conspiracy against Trump does not put himself on the wrong side of the facts. If the investigation goes against Trump, the professor might find history (and the more vociferous and authoritarian anti-Trumpists on campus) will not treat him and his ilk kindly…

  27. “we have a ruling class, led by the Democratic Party, that is trying to reverse the effects of an election that repudiated it by alleging a conspiracy―evidence for which is limited to the allegation itself. We have a Republican Party and President so frightened of their political enemies that they play along, in the forlorn hope of being granted legitimacy. Hence, both sides play at politics and law. But contending on the basis of insubstantial allegations while tolerating flagrant crime kills respect for law.”

    The quoted text above encapsulates the fetid situation in which the Republic finds itself.