Thinking the Unthinkable Regarding Germany

Did the German Chancellor just rail at the United States of America and Great Britain from a beer hall in Munich?

In their obsession with Russia, the elite media and both political parties are missing potentially far reaching developments.

Without deploying a single division of panzers, today’s Germany has succeeded in what no previous German regime has done: unifying Europe into a single economic and political entity; one, moreover, dominated by Germany. In so doing she has extended her economic and social policies across the continent, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, Baltic and Black Seas. With every incremental encroachment on their national sovereignty, other European nations have been compelled under threat of sanction to open their borders, to accept unprecedented and destabilizing refugee flows from the Middle East and to acquiesce to economic rules and restrictions dictated by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, under the increasing control of Berlin.

Today the United Kingdom is threatened with economic reprisals for daring to leave the European Union. What will happen, once the EU has its own army, to European nations who wish to leave in the future?

Until now, France’s political leadership has been heir to De Gaulle’s proud nationalism and jealously guarded its nuclear Force de Frappe. Today, however, France’s new president is the embodiment of globalism and a champion of conveying sovereignty to the European Union. We are permitted to ask whether his government entertain the idea of “Nuclear Anschluss” with Germany.

If this seems far fetched, who thought as late as 1990 that Germany would ever be re-united? Who thought, as late as last year, that Brussels bureaucrats would be considering a European Army? And who would have thunk it, as recently as last week, that Germany would even consider arming itself with a nuclear arsenal?

It bears recalling that the two devastating world wars of the Twentieth Century were started not by Russia, but by Germany.

Perhaps it’s time to connect the dots.

Dot #1: the Iron Lady’s warning   

“We beat the Germans twice, and now they’re back,” said Margaret Thatcher. She never wanted a unified Germany, and in 1989 told Mikhail Gorbachev that it “would lead to a change to postwar borders, and we cannot allow that because such a development would undermine the whole international situation and could endanger our security.”

In a long phone conversation with President Bush on February 24, 1990, Thatcher emphasized that Germany had to remain in NATO and that the Soviet Union must not be made to feel isolated. She saw how the balance of power in Europe might change overnight, and warned that “looking well into the future, only the Soviet Union―or its successor―could provide such a balance”. 

“I do not believe in collective guilt,” she said. “It is individuals who are morally accountable for their actions. But I do believe in national character, which is molded by a range of complex factors.”

Dot # 2: Germany rearms as the EU

‘We must fight for our future’ – Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other Europhile politicians have pushed forward with an aggressive campaign to militarize the European Union. These plans have at times been kept from European citizens in certain states. The new EU Army appears to be supplied at least in part by NATO, which currently is being affected by corruption scandals and the death of its Chief Auditor.

That’s the sense in which we’re to understand Merkel’s beer hall speech, in which she said Europe would have to look after itself, apart from America. “The era in which we could fully rely on others is over to some extent,” she said. “We have to know that we must fight for our future on our own, for our destiny as Europeans.” Merkel pointedly mentioned not only the United States but also Britain as friends now going their separate ways from Europe.

Until now steps towards a European defense and security union have been blocked by some member states, in particular the United Kingdom. Its looming EU departure, however, has seen renewed efforts by Berlin and Paris to revive the issue. We can now expect President Trump to demand that Brussels abandons plans for an EU Army if it wants the United States is to continue its support for NATO.

Dot # 3:  The French Connection

Merkel went out of her way to express her preference for Emmanuel Macron in the French election. “I don’t have the slightest doubt that Emmanuel Macron will be a strong president if he’s elected, which I would wish for,” said Merkel. The German-French partnership is “indispensable” for Europe.

Dot # 4:  A Fourth Reich with nukes?

The editors of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a conservative newspaper, opined that it was time to contemplate “the altogether unthinkable for a German brain, the question of a nuclear deterrence capability…” Roderich Kiesewetter, a foreign-policy expert in the Christian Democratic Union, the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel, chimed in to say there should be no “thought taboos” about nuclear weapons. The country’s respected weekly Die Zeit followed up with a stark warning that Germany could either ignore the changing times or quickly buy into the Force de Frappe, France’s nuclear force.

Although all this seems remote, it should be worrying for the rest of the world. Remember that this debate is happening in a country that set fire to the world twice in the last century. Since the devastating experience of the Third Reich, Germany has worked hard to recover a sense of moral credibility, asking for forgiveness from its many victims and seeking atonement. Given its history, it is miraculous that the country is so respected across the world today.

More dots will be forthcoming. Of that we can be sure.


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76 responses to “Thinking the Unthinkable Regarding Germany”

  1. It would be bizarre for Germany acquire it’s own or a stake in Frances’ nuclear weapons. Not sure the German public would ”understand”. It’s only been a few years since they shutdown all their nuclear power plants.

    • Yes, just like with nuclear power (which they still use courtesy of the French reactors) they wont be maintaining a home grown or home based nuclear arsenal. They will subcontract to the Turks to build it and house it for them.

      Would be a very popular decision among the large Turkish diaspora, would cement relations between the 2 nations and sort of recognizes future developments in that with the negative birthrates of locals of child bearing age in Germany (note every single political leader in Europe is childless – May, Merkel, Macron (and all their names start with “M” as well – spooky). So Turkey will annex and control Germany within a generation through sheer numbers of voting-age adherents on the ground who have never ceased being Turks (and Muslims) first, second and third.

      The million that arrived in the last couple of years will produce enough offspring to dominate the political landscape within 50 years (kind of like how the Muslim mayor was elected in London – 30 years ago there were hardly any Muslims in London. But today it is hard to imagine a non-Muslim or person who identifies as “english” ever holding that position again such are the numbers on the ground and the birthrates.

      In the end a country is merely turf. If you don;t protect and treasure it (and have offspring to do so) then someone else will move in and it will be their turf. You don;t need a war – just time and apathy (and open borders policies certainly speeds it along). Germany might be running the EU and rolling in cash but it is also history.

    • I read another another site that in 2012 the average cost (residential) in US is 12 cents per kilowatt, in EU it’s 26 cents and in Germany 35 cents. Not only that, 40% of their energy comes from coal, 30% from renewable sources. And, the kicker…the government has paid 5X what it cost in 2012 to bail the energy companies out.

  2. Frau Merkel is an East German Stasi Whore. Look it up. Who won the Cold War? Look at your local College where Karl Marx is all the curriculum. The EU is the Soviet Union all over again. No free speech, police arresting people for speaking out and East German Stasi Whores Like Merkel put in control by fake elections where non-citizens outvote the Natives.

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  3. “Without deploying a single division of panzers, today’s Germany has succeeded in what no previous German regime has done: unifying Europe into a single economic and political entity; one, moreover, dominated by Germany.”

    Pure, unadulterated, nonsense; don’t confuse style with substance … “nationalism” is alive and well throughout Europe, especially, ESPECIALLY, in France.

    • So “alive” that it run from Brussels…
      So “alive” that national currency is verboten…

      Winston Churchill: ‘The Hun is always either at your throat or at your feet’

  4. But, with this difference: This time, should the Germans form a “Fourth Reich” it will be the Muslims being marched into concentration camps and gas chambers. Or would they? If the Europeans don’t wake up soon, it will be the Muslims marching them into the camps and gas chambers.

    • No, it will be non-muslims and non-communists who are marched into the concentration camps. Merkel hails from the East side of the Berlin Wall, she is a communist by nature and will use those muslims she has let invade and infest Germany as fodder.

      • She will use them and they will use her – if both parties to the evil bargain get the chance.

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    • Hopefully it will be you who meets his maker. There will be one less weird paranoid.

      • Gee, Jer. Good thing I’m not all hung up on that after life BS. dodged a bullet there, Right?. Anyway, thanks for your sentiment. Now go ask your Goddy Thing, how does that comment get you a ticket to the Big Top?

  5. I’m Jewish, and I find this article is worrying about the last war and not the next. Germany and Russia rightly regard each other as threats, and a stronger German/European deterrence is welcome. Germany is way down the list of countries to worry about having nukes. If a war breaks out, we need to stay out of it this time, unlike Woodrow Wilson. There is no state on the continent outside of Eastern Europe that believes in democracy. We should look to the Anglosphere, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Taiwan, and East Europe for our future alliances.

  6. dumb european mushheads
    will follow Germany into hell
    one more time
    however – the USA will not plucked them out of their stupidity in 2018

      • jer, I see 3hrs between your brilliant comments.
        does it take that long to get the key to the basement from mom?

  7. A united Europe? That’s oxymoronic. The south has no interest in working as compulsively or paying high taxes as slavishly as the north. Oh! And the Italians cannot unite themselves for their own benefit, so it’s hard to imagine them doing so to please the Germans.

  8. Author’s name and the subject matter calls to mind the title In Praise of Folly.

  9. Totally agree with you. The Caliphate is Muslim’s’ eternal struggle to pollute the world with sharia law, and Germany has genetic urge to rule the world through force. Is it any wonder the Germans and Muslims got along well during the 2nd World War.

      • I thought all you Marxists demanded that we stop all this “eliminationist” rhetoric, yet here’s you and your hypocritical comrades engaged in a veritable verbal orgy of assassination porn against Trump and his entire family, and urging genocide on Republicans, conservatives, Christians, white people in general and anyone else opposed to your totalitarian dystopia.

        Fair warning, Jerry, Trump was just a passive political shot off your bow. If the left continues to ramp up this incitement to violent revolution, you’ll find you like us even less when we get angry.

      • You have no idea what a Marxist is. Very amusing. . I have given your address to the Caliphate

      • Trump will end up like his role model Mussolini, hung from a lamp post

      • By the way, your language is amusingly pretentious.
        Do a re-write if you want to pass this quarter????

  10. The Germans are, after the Jews, the most talented and effective people on Earth. They get far more accomplished with the shortest working week (35 hours) than any other nation. Yet there is alongside of that (after all, Satan is not ‘just’ an ‘ordinary’ angel but an archangel) a cluster of dark impulses in their nature: conformism, regimentation and, strongest of all, the commitment to bullying – being bullied and bullying others.

    These have not been eradicated by a terrible history of catastrophic militarism, which was first successful and then disastrous for them 1870-1945.

    Let me commend A J P Taylor’s fine “The Course of German History”, especially in the 2nd edition with its magnificent preface. Taylor’s thesis is that the Germans have never been able to achieve peace, still less peaceful politics, for themselves. For that they have always had to be either (a) split into many different countries and, so, neutralized by internal division, as they were up to the middle of the 19th century or (b) ruled by foreign powers; as they were under Napoleon and then 1945-90 by the four chief WWII Allies.

    They have had their own UKIP-type party lately, the AfD, but this has fizzled. I always fundamentally felt it would. As a young bright German doctor himself said to my parents 60 years ago, ‘The Germans are always at your feet or at your throat’.

    In 2015 the present Chancellor launched a devastating policy – effectually telling everyone in Asia and Africa that if they could get to Europe they could stay there. In other nations you would have supposed that its frightful consequences (including a rape epidemic) would shunt her quickly out of office. Instead the country is now rallying round her as if she were a heroine-saviour.

    I think the motive for that is deep-instinct-driven and inexplicit but amounts to this. – In an age where Germans are failing to replace their own population and their birthrate is abysmal, they are acquiring millions of military age young men. According to the United Nations High Commission on Refugees, 72% of the vast migration there in the year 2015-16 were single males aged 16-40. A strange sort of ‘refugees’, when you think about it: able-bodied men who have left their wives, children, parents and siblings behind them in purported war-zones.

    The host nation can next fashion them into a highly drilled and competent army – with the additional advantage over traditional German forces, of their savagery being far less restrained by a civilizing education such as many German males had had prior to 1914 and 1939. (Lots of soldiers came back sick to the heart at what they had seen in East Europe 1939-44. I doubt if Arab and African Germans will feel so fastidious, in the main; and, after all, even the fastidious ones did not stop the Holocaust or the massacre of Poles and Russians.)

    With this new army the Third Reich’s programme can recommence. The Greeks call Mrs Merkel’s government ‘The Fourth Reich’ but that seems premature. More likely, given enough power, Berlin will announce that the period 1945-2020 was just a hiccup, an unfortunate interval; and the genuine article, the THIRD Reich Thousand-Year prospect, is now resumed.

    Unless we be taken over by the Lord Christ and remade in Him, our deepest impulses do not go away under any experience, persuasion or treatment. The demilitarized peace-loving democratic Germany of 1945-90 was probably cosmetic.

      • If that be so, why has President Trump behaved – as regards the Constitution and the laws of the country – so differently from President Obama (or for that matter, Hillary Clinton)?

        Challenged by the District Circuit Judges, he lets the legal process take its course. Challenged by the Deep State, who promptly produce a Special Counsel to investigate HIM and HIS TEAM, he complies with no demurrer; whereas Obama cheerfully used various national agencies to persecute political opponents, and conspired to have Trump and Co surveilled during the election and enabled massive leaking to occur with his January orders relaxing the rules for the Intelligence services.

      • “With no demurrer”. Psycho! tTrumo is the guy , who on the record called the Constitution “Obsolete” because that blocked his absolute power.

      • Obama, the World’s Greatest Constitutional Expert of All Time (if worshipers like you are to be believed) also expressed publicly his displeasure with that document even before being elected. He also flouted the Constitution by ignoringing court orders, using his pen and his phone to assume powers expressly given to Congress, changed and rewrote duly-passed major laws with his executive orders/memos, disregarded FOIA laws to stonewall all congressional oversight, weaponized the IRS, the FBI, the DOJ, the NSA and other departments against his “enemies”, and much more.

      • There is a lot I could say , but comment sections are just bashing zones, so I won’t . Obama is not the president . Trump is.

    • I agree that making up for negative native birth rates is at the heart of German open borders but I would be doubtful if Prussian military fantasies play much of a role. The large majority of men coming in are certainly of military age but that is to be expected – as a cultural thing Muslim men tend to seek to establish a settled space to bring family to at a later date – the borders may be open but getting there still involves arduous and risky travel – totally the province of able bodied young men. SO that is just axiomatic – not some part of a fiendish plot.

      But I do think the Germans think (or hope) that these arrivals will carry out the menial stuff there are no longer any locals to perform for a modest wage and also that they will provide the people to care for them in their old age. But this is where it all becomes fantasy because the new arrivals regard old white Christian Germans with hatred and contempt. They wont be looking after them in their old age and they also wont be donning a German uniform and taking up arms on behalf of Germany either – even in some ceremonial role.

      The Turkish diaspora (especially the ones born in German) regard themselves as 100% Turkish and 100% Muslim. Germany is just a piece of turf and a meal ticket. And if they keep coming and keep reproducing they will simply push the Germans aside. ANd in so doing they will be repeating what has happened to virtually every European country that has been the subject of an invasion over decades (think Britain after the Norman conquest). Eventually the culture is changed to reflect the invaders and life goes on (except in the case of a Turkish/Muslim Germany it wont be a step forward culturally (as it was for ancient Britain when Rome set up shop) but several steps backward)

      • This is a very believable analysis. Thank you for rebutting my fears (as I THINK and hope you have done).

      • A pleasure, although I;m not sure that the extinction of Christian Germany is more or less desirable than an Imperial Germany with an army stuffed with imported Muslims. Given a choice you’d rather there was a third option (As for a fantasy third option I would love to see a headline such as the following – “New German Baby Boom – after electing a government whose leader has fathered 7 children Germany has decided to divert the billions it spends annually on its open border policy which encourages muslim migrants to invade the country. Instead this money will spent on encouraging locals to have at least 3 children with the State picking up the tab and paying an annual stipend to the parents until their offspring finished university (and they’ll pay for that too), Think of it as having One for Mom, One for Dad and One for the Fatherland).

      • I have a middle position. I would like to see the extinction of right wing paranoids and doing something’s which encourage family formation and higher birth rates.
        But one of those things would be state pays day care and that is “Marxist!”.

  11. It’s time to isolate the EU and bring it down before it turns into the EUSSR and threatens to the world with Nuclear Armageddon.

  12. A dot you omitted: the complete wimpification of an EU besotted by a political correctness so all-encompassing, they invite an Islamist enemy into their midst.

  13. At the time of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, Europeans were openly protesting the presence of American nuclear weapons in Europe — as well as American military bases — arguing that through Realpolitik they had achieved a political accommodation with the Soviet Union, whereas the ONLY reason for basing nuclear weapons on the continent had been as a deterrent to Soviet invasion.

    Europe did not want to be the battlefield for a nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union.

    Russia is no longer Communist and, apart from its historical presence in Crimea, appears to have no territorial or ideological ambitions in Europe. Ergo, Europe has been liberated from the necessity of permitting any sort of nuclear deterrence on its own soil.

    Against what potential foreign military threat does the EU need a nuclear deterrent? Given France’s current nuclear arsenal, what defense consideration compels Germany to assume the responsibility for providing the EU with a nuclear arsenal?

    By a clever legerdemain, Germany has turned Trump’s demand that Europe contribute its fair share to the NATO defense capability into a mandate for Germany to become a nuclear power. The only logical conclusion is that absent NATO, Germany (by proxy for Europe) wants to achieve military parity with the US.

    • Both Germany and Russia share one common trait – impending demographic suicide. The Russian population will be roughly half what it is now by the end of the century and the average age of the inhabitants then will be much higher than now (so no matter what they do they will be a prime target for conquest by a vibrant young muslim neighbor – in any even there wont be enough Russians to fill but a tiny portion of the place anyway). Germany invites the Muslim world in but they will never wear a German uniform or do what the Germans want them to do. They are just a beach head for the coming Caliphate as the aging white Germans are sent off to concentration camps back in mother Turkey (which is what the nursing homes run by the Turks would seem like anyway)

    • If he had first offered continued solidarity and had he not insulted them, there would have been a better response . Trump mouths off and then you and he are surprised at the outcome.

  14. Springtime fer Frau Fuhrer Merkel and Germany.
    Winter for Poland and France
    World watches the beer hall mimicry
    Wishing Frau Merkel won’t repeat history.

      • Frau Fuhrer already has Europe and now a wider ambition is revealed for thermo-nuclear devices and maybe a little bit of North Africa and Russia too. “Deutschland was stabbed in the back und we must look out for our own interests! Lebensraum!” Wait for Merkel to start blaming Jews.

      • Spin all the conspiracy theories you want. Trump attacked Anerica’s allies and now he is seeing the results

      • You must work for the new totalitarian regime; salute your Frau Fuhrer Merkel!

      • Actually, I do, and the Deep State. Say, just wondering , are you cabable of forming a substansitive response?
        Time for the Illuminati meeting. Gotta go!

      • Deep state, seems more like shallow Jerry or shallow Germany. Wasn’t Jerry a nickname for Germans?

      • Just give up You are being ridiculed . I am just on here to troll .

      • Love your totalitarian state while it last Jerry the German troll. Practice your special salute to Fuhrer Merkel.

  15. Paranoid! Anything to deflect from Drumpfs effed up behavior. If the Grrnsns and isis united to slaughtered the hard right I would be dancing in the streets.

    • And you claim OTHERS are paranoid but not yourself with your drooling murder fantasies?

      The political Left now seems to be recruiting from the secure locked-up areas of the psychiatric institutions; in which, I suppose, the inmates have personal computers for communicating with the outer world.

  16. This is humorous: first, alienate our allies, second: freak out when they have a response

  17. “Merkel [has] pushed forward with an aggressive campaign to militarize the European Union…supplied at least in part by NATO.”

    This is either purposeful mendacity or astonishing ignorance. NATO is an alliance; its only military forces are those of its member states; its only funds those of its member states. If the European states are “not contributing their fair share” to NATO – the famous, fetish 2% – then they can hardly be said to be “militarizing”. So either Germany is not spending enough on its armed forces, or it is “militarizing the European Union”: both cannot be true.

  18. When I first heard “beer hall” and “Munich,” I wondered if she had climbed atop a table and fired a revolver into the ceiling.

  19. In every way that matters, Germany is a tool of the Atlanticist liberal democratic order. Their ability to conceive of a German reality independent of America was destroyed by the War. They learned only too well that history has ended and liberal democracy is the only way to go. The issue for us is not that Germany is an enemy of America, it is that Germany is an enemy of RED STATE America. It has nothing but good feelings for Blue State America. If Obama was still President, everything would be hunky dory!

  20. This a paranoid delusion . Things are not going as you like, so “they” must be engaged in a conspiracy . Trump has insulted our allies and they are making the rational decision to pull.

  21. Reuablais in the Nome de plume of a traitor

    JFK said : Ich bin ein Berliner
    Reagan said: Mr Gorbachev – tear down that wall.

    Trump said: Vladdy, you want me to use my mouth?

  22. The great Tom Lehrer said it back in the 70’s:
    Why shouldn’t they have nuclear warheads,
    England says no but they all are soreheads,
    Hi hiel the Wermacht – I mean the Bundesbar,
    Hail to our faithful allies,
    MLF [EU] will scare Brezhnev [Putin],
    I hope he is half as scared as I!

  23. I sincerely hope Isis and Germans unite in the slaughter of white trash