The Anti-Trump Tide Recedes

The long-awaited de-escalation of Washington’s war with Trump seems finally to be happening. Prior to the president’s trip to the Middle East and Europe, the anti-Trump media was abuzz with intimations of “impeachment territory,” (the ludicrous phrase of David Gergen, who served President Reagan and President Clinton well, but may have contracted some of the bovine spongiform encephalopathy that plagues CNN, where he now comments). While the president was overseas and the tweets were rarer and unexceptionable, it came to light that the likeliest Russian interference in the election apart from Wikileaks, may have been misinformation.

The whole Russian controversy began with the ineffable John Podesta (whose own contacts with the Russians have raised eyebrows). This was followed by the outrageous release by former Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid of a letter to the FBI that made public the infamous Steele dossier. This generated the Golden Shower allegation that Trump had orchestrated a group of prostitutes to urinate on a bed in a Moscow hotel room where the Obamas had once allegedly slept. This dossier had been drifting around untouched by any respectable media for months, and is generally presumed to come originally from Russian sources. CNN then exhumed Carl Bernstein, flaccid but imperishable, to try to lend credibility to this fatuous story that it claimed was the result of their great journalistic enterprise. The president’s response was the phrase “fake news,” le mot juste for such nonsense.

While the president was abroad, it emerged that Former FBI director James Comey may have publicly recommended against prosecution of Mrs. Clinton after Russian intelligence falsely alleged the existence of emails showing that then attorney general Loretta Lynch would not recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton. The Washington Post, whose desire to see the president cleared of suspicion is not fervent, concluded that Comey was misled by Russian disinformation. There is nothing legally or morally wrong with an honest mistake, but if this line of interpretation has any legs, it will not do any harm to the administration but will discredit all those, mainly Democrats, who have been dispensing venomous innuendos against it as if from an incense pot.

align=”left” It is always difficult with this president to know when he is hyper-sensitive, or insensitive, or being tactically very sophisticated . . . And after vintage huffing and puffing, Trump has proceeded through the courts and should be sustained by the U.S. Supreme Court. If he is, there will be a deafening sound in Washington of the deflation of a giant hot air balloon.

The mandate of Robert Mueller is to examine Russian influence on the election and other “relevant matters,” and the sudden sharp decrease in volume and aggressiveness of the Trumpophobes may reasonably be deduced to be the result of dawning awareness that they may be chasing their own tails toward acute self-embarrassment. Bernstein’s old sidekick in the Watergate lynching, Bob Woodward, became so concerned at the vulnerability of the accusers that he cautioned against Watergate comparisons and against premature references to any possibility of impeachment.

It is always difficult with this president to know when he is hyper-sensitive, or insensitive, or being tactically very sophisticated. I have written elsewhere that the terribly overheated attack on the president’s executive orders about screening and temporarily banning migration from six terrorist-infested countries was designed to incite Trump to ignore the court so his enemies could tune up their charges of authoritarianism and lawlessness. And after vintage huffing and puffing, Trump has proceeded through the courts and should be sustained by the U.S. Supreme Court. If he is, there will be a deafening sound in Washington of the deflation of a giant hot air balloon.

It is not conceivable to me that the president was particularly upset by the Mueller appointment; Senator Schumer, Congressman Schiff, (the incarnation of the political idiocy of Hollywood, which is in his district), and others had shouted themselves hoarse calling for a special prosecutor, by which they clearly meant an Archibald Cox or Lawrence Walsh or Ken Starr-like zealot who would completely immobilize the administration up to the mid-term elections. The engagement of Mueller, an apparently more sober personality than the special prosecutors mentioned, with a mandate to take over the existing well-advanced FBI investigation and lead it within reasonable guidelines as a special counsel, with constrained powers compared to what Schumer and Schiff were hoping for, was a well-placed shot. Comey had already said that Trump was not a suspect; and his deputy, acting director McCabe, had confirmed that the Bureau had not been interfered with or short-changed of resources, contrary to allegations in the New York Times.

The tide is going out and the whole collusion nonsense (which Tom Friedman of the New York Times said was as serious as the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 attacks) is now down to dark murmurings about the president’s son-in-law speaking after the election with the Russian ambassador. Jared Kushner has let it be known that the ambassador called him and that he will be happy to testify under oath to any appropriate congressional committee whenever he is asked.

The rubbish about the president disclosing Israeli intelligence to the Russian ambassador was mocked by the Russians and denied by the Israeli prime minister, even as the anti-Trump leakers within the administration strained the alliance with the United Kingdom by releasing MI5 intelligence about the Manchester suicide bomber while the British were still rounding up suspected accomplices.

Rear guard actions were conducted by Charles Krauthammer, who has kept his head throughout though not a Trump admirer, and others, claiming Trump should have emphasized support of Clause Five of the North Atlantic Treaty. His support of NATO was nonetheless clear and Clause Five is the essence of the alliance, (and as Krauthammer certainly knows, it is tempered by the following clause that says that each alliance member will determine how it wishes to respond to the attack on all). Clause Five has only been invoked once, after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001, and that was largely intended to try to restrain the George W. Bush administration from over-reacting against the Muslim world.

align=”right” The tide is going out and the whole collusion nonsense (which Tom Friedman of the New York Times said was as serious as the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 attacks) is now down to dark murmurings about the president’s son-in-law speaking after the election with the Russian ambassador.

Neither the president nor his son-in-law evince the slightest concern about the strength of their constitutional and legal positions, and the rather besieged air of the first hundred days White House has faded as the rabid nature of the Schumers and Schiffs has also abated. Speaker Paul Ryan was contemptibly unsupportive, declining two weeks ago “to prejudge” the outcome of the president’s travails, not a hint even of presumption of innocence, but the task now is to pull the Republicans together and get healthcare and tax reform adopted. I still think it was the correct move to put healthcare first, as that can be done with bare majorities, and tax reform will require some Democrats in the Senate. It will be harder for Schumer to sandbag the administration if healthcare is in place and if it means voting against tax cuts for lower and middle income families and all businesses, especially if there are no leaks enflaming the dying embers of the collusion myth as Mueller performs his task.

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About Conrad Black

Conrad Black has been one of Canada’s most prominent financiers for 40 years, and was one of the leading newspaper publishers in the world as owner of the British telegraph newspapers, the Fairfax newspapers in Australia, the Jerusalem Post, Chicago Sun-Times and scores of smaller newspapers in the U.S., and most of the daily newspapers in Canada. He is the author of authoritative biographies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, one-volume histories of the United States and Canada, and most recently of Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other. He is a member of the British House of Lords as Lord Black of Crossharbour.

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154 responses to “The Anti-Trump Tide Recedes”

  1. The “Tide Recedes” just before the Tsunami hits.

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    • Tides receed twice a day without a Tsunami following

      • I think that it’s going to greatly depend on where this investigation goes, in regards to the unmasking and alleged leaks, involving Obama and other members of his Administration. Of which could most definitely lead to a Tsunami in this country.

  2. Some interesting takes – on Mueller, on Krauthammer and others who’ve been involved with or chimed in on the efforts to undermine President Trump.

    Black takes the wind out of a number of anti-Trump sails. His take on little Adam Schiff is right on point, as well as his well-deserved criticism of Paul Ryan, who might as well be a Democrat these days.

    • Paul Ryan is the best Democrat Speaker of the House we have ever had. He has blocked all of Trump’s agenda, he passed a Democratic budget bill into law, he continued funding for Obamacare and Planned Parenthood, and he does nothing to bring any Republican ideas into actual laws.

  3. Mention of Bob “Watergate” Woodward creates an opportunity for a link to James Rosen’s excellent summary of intelligence-agent Woodward’s criminal collusion in the Watergate affair. For different reasons of course, Bob Woodward should have been indicted with the other co-conspirators. Mr. Rosen offers compelling evidence in “Bob Woodward’s Sins Of Omission.”

  4. Once the posturing democrats run out of platforms to posture on (because they have postured on those platforms to the point it seems like summer reruns) they will create new issues to posture about and move on.

    The other dynamic is the degree to which Kathy Griffin’s attempt to be more leftsit and outrageous than yesterday’s liberal posturing hit the ceiling of over-the-top posturing, giving leftist outrage a cold reality shower.

    The left’s bubble would have adored her faux cleverness if it had stayed safely within that bubble, but when the real world saw it they popped the bubble and now she is looking for work.

  5. ‘the task now is to pull the Republicans together and get healthcare and tax reform adopted’

    The ‘derangement’ that remains is among the Republicans in Congress who are dragging their feet on the Trump agenda, hoping the President will somehow self destruct as is predicted daily by mass media.

      • You’re deranged.

        There’s two forms of Trump Derangement Syndrome, the kind the Democrats suffer from and TDS’s in-the-tank form that you have.

      • I’m not in the tank for Donald Trump, I’m in the tank for the principles and goals that Donald Trump won his election with.

      • What principles? What ‘goals’ did he run on that he is pursuing today?

      • A better question would be. What do democrats run on? Remember Trump won. The people will decide in 20 to return him to office or not. Opposing him is not going to get anyone elected. Clinton tried that.

      • The only way a trump could win in 2020, is if the democrats continue their colossal collapse… or if the Republican primary is fixed in advance.

      • I don’t think even the dems are that dumb.


      • Yes, your prescience on the election was so accurate that everyone should accept such colossal wisdom as you imparted back then….pathetic.

      • You do know Trump won in 2016 despite similar scoffs, laughter and predictions to the contrary right?

      • Professional campaigners disagree. The best strategy is to run against Truump, regardless if the level of the contest

      • Repeal and Replace. Tax Reform. Immigration Reform (including a wall of some sort). Deregulation. Pulling out of the Paris Accord. Pulling out of TPP. Making NATO pay something close to what the US is paying as a percentage of GDP. Attacking and killing ISIS. And most of all… Not being Hillary Clinton. There may be more. That is just off the top of my head.

      • Repeal and replace… what?

        Tax reform… what?

        immigration reform… what?

        TPP – a signature that loses the Asian markets to the Chinese.

        NATO – obama addressed that in 2014

        ISIS is still killing

        Being ‘not’ hillery is impossible for trump – they are good friends.

      • Repeal and replace… what? In the Senate. Or haven’t you heard?

        Tax reform… what? You honestly don’t think Trump isn’t looking at a 15% corporate tax? Or are you just being deliberately obtuse?

        immigration reform… what? He’s tried two separate versions of the Travel Ban. That’s going to end up in the Supreme court and will embarrass both the 9th and 4th Circuit courts.

        TPP – a signature that loses the Asian markets to the Chinese. Rubbish. There is nothing stating we won’t negotiate with individual countries instead of a 1000 page omnibus BS treaty that guaranteed we would lose on trade.

        NATO – obama addressed that in 2014. He did? And yet how many countries were still not at 2% of their GDP? Hmm? Guesses? President Obama did a great job of talking and doing f*** all else.

        ISIS is still killing. Thanks, Captain Obvious. ISIS is also in the process of dying. I recommend you partake of the interview with Sec. Def. Mattis. We’ve gone from attrition tactics to annihilation tactics. ISIS isn’t dead yet, but their numbers are being fairly seriously reduced.

        Being ‘not’ hillery is impossible for trump – they are good friends. So, because they are friends, they have to think and act exactly alike? You don’t have a lot of friends, do you HB? I have friends who are left of Mao. I don’t agree with them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good people. Just massively uninformed. Like you.


      • Clearly, you are a trump koolaid drinker.

        No reasoning with the likes of you. trump’s promises send you into nirvana. Enjoy it.

      • No reasoning with the likes of me? That is because I actually reason versus the automatic gainsaying of someone simply because of the (R) after their name. At least the jury is still out on Trump. Clearly you have swallowed every drop of the Obama juice. Wipe your chin.

      • They don’t actually know, they are nothing but talking points.

      • Obama dropped 26,000+ bombs in the Middle East last year, Trump is way behind

      • No legislative wins. We cannot leave the climate accords for four years. The rest will meet court challenges . Trump who openly at racked their Constitution as being obsolete, does not do well in court

      • 1. 70% reduction in illegal immigration
        2. Supreme Court justice
        3. 35,000,000,000 increase in military spending
        4. Withdraw from NAFDA and TIPP


      • So you support Russian hacking, personal attacks and nicknames for his fellow GOP opponents and a no-fact platform filled with short sound bites

      • You are a joke. Trumps principals are his self aggrandizement

      • Obama is the weasel among other unsavory traits. I think Ryan thinks taxpayers owe him a living in perpetuity. Because of his comments on lobbying by ex federal legislators. He may be a scumbag though.

      • Obama is not pres, Drumpf is. Can you firm a sentence without saying Clinton or Obama?

      • It would matter not a whit to me if this sitting Republican speaker was removed from his seat in 2018 by a retarded Democrat lunch room lady novice.

        I just so love clever internationalists pigs.

    • Gortinately drumpfs tendency to shoot in all directions has effed up his agenda

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      • I want to see Trump hanging from a lamp post, like his role model Mussolini

      • Well I think you should go tweet that very thought as widely as possible, preferably under your own name.

      • I disseminate it widely. First post your real name, address and phone number.

      • Why? I’m not the one who said it. No reason for anyone to worry about MY mental health.

      • That is a deflection.. What are you afraid of bubba?
        Please know that I laughed as I did my post.

      • Don’t feed the trolls.

        ETA: and I hear the IGNORE button is very effective.

      • Poor little snowflake–have you had your trannie surgery yet?

      • You never had any balls, you small town,undereducated drunk. You have no one to blame for the failure of your life except yourself

      • No failures on my end, but obviously on yours, now go get some comfort from your boyfriend.

      • Typical small town garbage. When they could not make a point , they tried to bully by makinghomophobic remarks. You Sre an undereducated small town drunk whose highest post was janitor .Someone used to care about what you said, but now your mother is dead.

      • Perfect to cut off your head and throw it in a garbage can.

      • Would have been better if she was holding his tiny cock.

      • Does that really make sense to you as an insult?

    • No, yours. We are glad Drumpfsters are old and will die soon.

  6. Poor Conrad. After his colossal fall from grace based on the inheritance and his swindling, he is reduced to writing fractious partisan drivel for marginal media outlets. He should hang up his keyboard and his attitude.

    • You’re lying and concern-trolling too. Are you the Leftist who can walk and chew gum at the same time?

    • You leftist pukes are incapable of speech or the written word without lying. His “fall from grace”, orchestrated by an out of control Justice department looking for scalps, was followed by by a complete reversal in the courts, vindication, and freedom. Pull your head out of your a–.

  7. This is well-written, thorough and fairly objective. I expect it to be completely ignored or viciously attacked. Considering the author, I’m guessing ad hominems instead of addressing the article.

  8. If you talk to actual liberals on the ground though, they aren’t receding. They’re doubling down.

    • Except that there is nothing the slightest bit “liberal” about Mr. Trump’s most vociferous opponents, they are all true fascists who want to impose their Balkanized, atomized vision of each against the other by force.

      • Yeah, you’re right, we shouldn’t be calling them liberals at all any more. In fact they tend to disavow the name themselves as it is not intersectional enough.

    • Sooner or later liberals are going to have to acknowledge, if only to themselves, that they are wrong about what they’ve been, so falsely, accusing Trump of (collusion). That, in itself, isn’t going to stop them from hating Trump. But it should take a good deal of wind out of their sails, as well to dull their vitriolic fervor towards Trump. .

      • Too optimistic, you are.

        Their insanity lies precisely in never admitting the truth to themselves.

        Recently a Millenial was telling me about a comparison of two economic proposals from two different parties (not America). The child said that although the left proposal was far less realistic and basically unsustainable, s/he supported it simply because it was from the progressive party. That is the level of rationality you can expect from the left.

  9. I love that woman’s red sleeping bag jacket.

  10. As PJ O’Rourke once observed in another connection, the average person’s quotum of outrage is exhausted. The MSM maintains a pace of breathless horror at anything the president does and people have noticed that it’s usually just more nonsense.

    The MSM has become self-limiting.

    • They have also become, for the most part, irrelevant. They just haven’t realized it yet.

  11. Great piece, Mr. Black. I agree. One year ago I was a #nevertrumper and folks like you helped me understand a little better about how corrupt D.C. is and both parties are essentially a joke right now. Trump is putting American sovereignty first for the first time in 30 years and I love it.

  12. The anti-Trump tide may, indeed, be receding. Consider what Christopher Caldwell wrote over at The Weekly Standard for the June 12 issue:

    “Trump came to power at the head of a democracy movement. This does not make him a champion of the liberal order, though, and the privileged classes in his own country, with that as grounds, are sparing no effort to overturn their country’s democratic verdict.”

    When I read this, I was truly shocked. This, in a publication formerly edited by Bill Kristol, a charter member of the never-Trump club. Has the Weekly Standard broken ranks? The question answers itself. Somewhere, Kristol is in a dark room by himself, with a pistol and a bottle of whiskey, contemplating his future.

    • It has really declined. It is now now a trailer trash publication.

  13. “The Anti-Trump Tide Recedes”

    All tides have ebbs and flows, and the “Anti-Trump Tide” is no different.

    The world will know if it is indeed receding when Lying Crooked Hillary and her criminal co-conspirators are charged by the very Independent Counsel they whined into existence.

  14. It’s as if the Dems are realizing they won’t get a pony for Christmas and they can breath now. Jeebus, what an infantile bunch they’ve become.

  15. I’ve always enjoyed Mr. (Lord) Black’s writing. Another fine piece.

  16. Indeed ! I have not come to impeach Trump but….to reelect him !!

  17. Just as too much taxation kills tax revenues, too much outrage blunts the attention paid to outrage. The problem with the Dem-media strategy of generating a new scandal every day is that it overwrites people’s memories of yesterday’s. Voters hadn’t digested the Great&Good’s fury over Nato before they were overwhelmed by a fresh wave of rage over withdrawal from the Paris non-treaty which was another of Obama’s sham achievements. God Knows what Monday will bring and it probably won’t matter any more on Tuesday.

  18. Aint gonna happen.
    Carl Bernstein, MSM hero of Watergate fame, to a group of ‘journOlists’ some months back: “You have a moral obligation to destroy Donald Trump”
    The only way Americans are going to be united again, after 8 years of Buraq Hussein Obama, is when they’re lying, piled one of top of another, in mass graves.

  19. I don’t know what this author is watching. In the last week we see Trump’s severed head and a CNN Host calls Trump a “Piece of $hit”. Seems more like a fevered pitch to me.

    • Fevered is an apt description – and as the attacks on the Trump Administration become more and more hysterical, normal Americans are being driven farther and farther away from the embarrassment that is the Democratic Party.

  20. You people believe that hatred of Trump is receding? Bwahahahahahahahahah!

  21. the writer couldn’t be more delusional if he really thinks Trump is off the hook
    It’s only started
    Between his throwing his core supporters under the bus by killing Social Security disability, throwing millions off of Medicaid expansion – both for the working poor and sick old folks in nursing homes – he is toast

  22. June 3 Gallup has disapproval of Trump at 58% in latest poll. He has put forth unrealistic ideas and bungled the development of actual, doable policies (the wall, taking health insurance away from the most needy etc.).

  23. This writer is typical of how formerly decent people become corrupted by a corrupt dangerous but very charismatic human being. I never thought this could happen in the US.

    Diminishing? – Mr. Conrad – we are just getting started.

    • You are diminished by your own silliness. The Resistance is a joke to most Americans, an embarrassment that has already torpedoed the Democratic Party hopes for the 2018 midterms, and is drawing ever more attention to the political use of our intelligence agencies by the Obama Administration. Every day it becomes more obvious to the majority of voters that the screeching crowd of liberal progressive reporters and commentators are grasping at straws trying to come up with anything credible to embarrass the Trump Administration – and they are utterly failing. Keep up the inane rants: you are destroying the Democratic Party with each passing day.

  24. This is utter Bunk… as only a foreigner could fake.

    Waste of time.

  25. Wow! Actually an intelligent, thoughtful person commenting on the issues at hand. What a pleasant surprise!

  26. This guy writes well. I enjoy reading him. Thanks for taking the time to write an entertaining article.

  27. Few people can string words together better. I’m on my third dictionary since 1979 however I do like the feature on my Ipad that lets me touch the word for the definition. I was never taught to write. I do know how to read. So I know a good wordsmith when I read one.

  28. Well, this article was filled with rubbish, I must admit. Americans are not accepting that Trump is a wonderful POTUS. 70% of all Americans think he should disclose his taxes; 38% love Trump no matter what he does; 64% are unhappy with the direction of our country. The Republican party is split because half can’t believe Trump won. Most of us want the investigation to go where it is going to go, and if Trump committed a crime he should be impeached. Period. Russia is not our friend, and I am quite surprised our friends to the north would think Russia is. You are no conservative sir, and certainly no friend of Republicans.

  29. The Russiagate now is moving into the next phase: investigate how Obama has used the government agencies to spy on his political opponents and used the gathered information to destroy them, which is criminal.

  30. lol yall have morons above the border. Awesome. You know if you said anything progressive the same morons praising you in comments would tell you to mind your own Canadian business. Either way.. trumps polling just dropped to 36% which is why the ny post and the examiner had anti trump articles today.. the cracks are coming.. and only an idiot would praise a dude who teh first thing he did after the london attacks was attack our allies while they were cleaning up their dead. Great job trump

  31. Gee, the part about Conrad spending 3 years in jail for Obstruction of Justice and Fraud was left out of his bio. So now I see what he likes so much about Trump. They have a lot in common.

  32. Oh I wish, but Comey will testify on Thursday making himself the last chance for the Democrats to stop Trump…

    Agree, if Trump can get past Trump — everything else has basically fallen flat…

    • Yes hopefully obama will die in jail. His using gov’t apparatus to spy on Americans IS a very big deal.

  33. No one ever asks if the Clinton campaign and the now famous enablers in their pay to play schemes ever had contact with the “Russians”. It would seem likely that the Russians and others make contact with either campaign to ascertain future policy. The elephants in the investigation are whether the notorious Obama administration use the IRS, NSA, CIA, and other Federal agencies to surveil and harass political enemies and obstruct the investigation of their party’s candidate. If James Comey or anyone else admits that the Obama administration unmasked the identity of the Democratic insider who leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks to the Clinton campaign and/or DNC, Woodward and Bernstein will turn over in their graves…oh sorry, their still with the living, just not investigating corruption anymore.

    • Uranium One, anyone? Clinton Crime Family Foundation and paid Russian speeches, anyone? Pay for play in the Secretary of State’s office, anyone?

  34. A sober assessment of this whole fictional story of Russia collusion. Even Putin took some well aimed shots at the crazies running around spouting this garbage.

  35. As far as the Democrats and their leftist comrades in the major media and the entertainment industry are concerned, the lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    It’s abundantly clear that they have made complete and utter fools of themselves.

    Why would anyone pay attention to them anymore?

  36. President Trump is looking better and better every day.

  37. Your a rasist bigget! In 2020 Trump will loose and Clinton will win by a lanslide!

    • Democrats, please, please, please, please run Crooked Hillary again! Next time around, let’s pretend not to know how much the primaries are rigged in favor of HRC or Fauxcahontas and against Crazy Bernie.

    • Your comment is “incoherency as an art form.” I suggest you learn to spell, it won’t make your posts any better, but you won’t come off as a 10 year old either.

      • The poster is clearly a troll, and the misspelling intentional.

  38. I love the optimism, but I’m afraid we’re not done yet. Comey will testify Thursday. He can’t give any definitive testimony to accuse Trump, because there isn’t anything, but being bitter he might be ambiguous and the media will jump on it. Sentences such as ‘I hope you can let this go’ sound very bad in a hateful minds.

    • My favorite weasel word is ” concern.” “there is concern in the Trump administration.” The intel community is concerned.” etc.

      • Exactly. Just like that nothingburger report on Russian meddling in the election. They still managed to use it to justify expelling their diplomats (a month BEFORE even the report with no evidence came out)

      • I thought it was universally accepted by both the entire intelligence community and most thoughtful Republicans that there was in fact Russian meddling in the election, at least to the extent that Russians hacked DNC and Podesta emails, selectively leaked content in a way to do most damage to HRC, and trolled to inflate stories emanating from such content. I don’t know how big of a deal that is, but it certainly is inappropriate and supports a diplomatic response.

      • Actually no its not “universally accepted” unless you live in a deep blue bubble. Show me the hard evidence. And don’t say “17 intelligence agencies blah blah blah” Clapper has already said that the 17 agencies did not conduct their own investigation.

        However, there’s plenty of hard evidence connectingPodesta and the Clintons to Russia. Do you “accept” that?

      • If you won’t accept the conclusions of the intelligence community, there’s not much I can say to convince you. The “hard evidence” is the fact that the e-mails were hacked, strategically released, and conflated. We all saw that if we were paying attention last fall. I don’t have the technical wherewithal to determine who did the hacking, releasing and conflating, but no one serious has disputed the intelligence community’s conclusion that it was the Russians. Leading Republicans have accepted that and acknowledged its inappropriateness.

      • Sorry but I don’t just swallow anything that Clapper says. The man lied under oath. Obama politicized our intelligence agencies, so excuse me if I take what his people say with a grain of salt. Like I said, show me the evidence.

      • I don’t recall anyone concluding that they “hacked” the election. Hacking means that they were able to get into a network and change votes from one candidate to another candidate. I believe everyone acknowledges ant they attempt to influence the election – but that’s a far cry from hacking.

        However, they have always tried to influence our elections. Just like the US tried to influence other countries elections (remember Obama’s attempt to influence the Israeli election?) This is nothing new, and there is certainly no reason for all of this coverage for it – other than the Democrat lost the election and Democrats & media are unable to accept.

      • They hacked emails. Quit playing dumb to try to save your obviously tangled and incorrect logic. This whole chain is about my assertion that it is indisputable the Russians “hacked” the emails of the DNC and Podesta, and you and Laura wrongly saying that is not proven. No one said they hacked voting booths. Your desperation is showing.

      • If you want to claim that guessing the password of someone that uses “password” as his password is “hacking” then be my guest. But that’s hardly hacking in the world I come from. That’s just taking advantage of an idiot that doesn’t take security seriously.

      • No. Evidence. Shown. And the intelligence community is still packed with cold war dinosaurs and Obama holdovers who have a grudge against Trump. They also believed there were WMD’S in Iraq, or Clapper who testified no spying was going on only a few months before Snowden showed there was. And Assange said on multiple occations the leaks had not come from Russia. Thoughtful Republicans definitely don’t believe a diplomatic response is appropriate.

      • I guess we will see when Mueller finishes his work. My guess is though that you will reject it out of hand if it repeats the conclusion of the intelligence agencies that the Russians were behind the hacking, releasing and conflating. I just Googled Republicans Russian meddling/interference/emails, and it seems like all leading Republicans accept that conclusion, and find the Russian meddling inappropriate.

      • If I see evidence I’ll accept, but they didn’t find anything in the last 7 months, so why would Mueller find anything? And you probably refer to establishment Republicans. I meant all Republicans. CBS poll from march, says 64% don’t believe Russia interfered.

      • “universally accepted”
        Prosecutor, “Hey jury, it is universally accepted that the defendant is guilty, we ask for the death penalty.”
        Judge, “You haven’t shown any evidence.”
        Prosecutor, “No, we haven’t been able to prove it yet, but as I said, it is “universally accepted” that the defendant is guilty, we submit these news articles as evidence that it is believed to be true so we’d like the defendant condemned and hung today.”


        You Fn unuseful idiot!

      • Pretty sure kicking out the diplomats was intended to create war with Russia and postpone the inauguration.. back then the Democrats had been caught completely by suprise and still seemed to be kicking around varies ideas for undoing the results of the election. (Recounts, delegates refusing to vote, etc.)

    • The only thing Comey can do is once again confirm that Trump did NOT pressure him to stop the Russia investigation. Otherwise, he will commit perjury.

  39. Obviously, Conrad Black hasn’t been watching the trend line in Trump’s poll numbers.

    • What does that have to do with anything? The same polls that said Hillary had a 99% chance of winning? Those have been discredited.

  40. Wow Mr. Black. Seems like you’re ignoring a whole bunch of information that is out there. I have no idea if the Russian connection is a big deal, but we know more than just some call from the Russian ambassador to Kushner. No one credible has been pushing that dossier angle, as it was just a flash in the pan months ago which then left the public’s consciousness. You’ve succeeded though in knocking down a straw man of your own making,

      • I specifically did not conclude that the “Kushner thing” was a big deal. Can you even read? I was critical of Mr. Black for his logic — the dossier was fake + one phone call from a Russian ambassador to Kushner isn’t a big deal = the whole Russian thing has gone away. The fault in Black’s logic is that more exists than just a discredited dossier and a phone call to Kushner.

      • Then lay it out. What hard evidence is out there? We’ve seen multiple high level Democrats go on TV and explicit say there is no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. What more do you need? A never ending witch hut that keeps going until someone finds that someone did something wrong (intentionally or otherwise)? This is a huge waste of time & money.

      • I do not have access to the “evidence,” as I am not an investigator. What we KNOW is:
        — Russians hacked emails from DNC and Podesta, strategically released select content to harm HRC, and conflated most harmful narratives with respect thereto
        — Trump repeatedly praised Putin in the run-up to the election and before
        — Sessions, Flynn and Kushner all failed to disclose multiple contacts with the Russians during the campaign and transition
        — Trump fired Comey to relieve pressure of Russian investigation
        — Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador during transition
        — Kushner tried to set up secret back channel communications with Russians
        — Russians have information on Trump business dealings, and those dealings with Russian financial entities are fairly deep
        — Trump did not release his tax returns which would detail some of those dealings

        There’s much speculation out there about other items that should be added to this list, but I am not one to engage in unsupported Internet rumors. I’m probably missing something from this top-of-my-head list. But, like I said, I have no idea if all this adds up to a “big deal.” But there’s certainly enough there to investigate. Even if there was no Trump collusion (a distinct possibility), the Russian meddling itself needs to be thoroughly investigated.

      • Most of those things have been debunked, and the one’s that are left are circumstantial and not illegal. Having contact with other world leaders is normal for candidates and Presidential-elects. Trump had contact with many other world leaders. Its what someone in his position does. To conclude there is some nefarious reason behind it is nothing more than a kook conspiracy theory.

      • No, none of these things have been debunked or even refuted by the White House. None of them. They are factually true. You’re entitled to your own opinion, but …

      • That’s the key word, “opinion”, that is all you listed!
        We know nothing! There is only talk, no official documented factual findings.
        Opinion for fact!
        Fake News!

        Gullible much, fool?

      • We all saw the emails. Trump acknowledged the Russians hacked them to interfere with the election. Flynn resigned, Sessions recused himself. Trump hasn’t disclosed tax returns. We all saw Trump talk fondly of Putin. These aren’t opinions. Jeez.

  41. I support Trymp hanging from a lamp post like his role model Mussolini. I would happily turn over his supporters to Isis .

    • I’m happily listening to the lefty elites clawing at the inside of their scewballed shut coffin lid. Tough to hear though, the grave has been dug down so deep.
      The only ones hanging will be all of you in your mommies basement. The first thing mommy will do is put a “room for rent” sign up before anyone arrives to take the body down.

  42. The nice thing is that most Trump supporters are old and they will die soon.
    The other positive is that the children of ‘minorities’ already legally in the US will swamp you demographically. I am white, but I despise white trash.

    • LOL! I have been hearing this argument for 20+ years. And guess what it never happens. Why? Because young ignorant people eventually grow up and realize that all the leftwing socialist crap they were indoctrinated with in school is just a bunch of BS. Once people actually have to earn a living, that whole socialist crap doesn’t sound so good anymore. Now if you’re talking about swamping the country with illegals from 3rd world countries (Ala California) then maybe you have a point.

      • I am talking about non-whites. They and I are absolutely alienated by your coterie’s consistent hostility and denigration of them.That is not going to go away. You old rednecks are dying off and not a moment to soon.

    • If anyone is getting old and close to dying it appears to be the Democrat leadership.

  43. Well, there we have it, it seems. Funny how when everything comes to light we find it not so strange that the truth isn’t what some folks say it is. I remember once when I was sitting on a fence looking at an apple tree with great looking apples on it and the farmer came by and asked me if I was trying to steal his apples. “No sir,” I replied, “I’m trying not to.”