The vast right-wing conspiracy 2.0, Russia edition

We were all shocked this week when Hillary Clinton took responsibility for her loss to Donald Trump. As long as you understand “taking responsibility” to mean that her loss was the result of a nefarious alliance between “The Russians” and Hillary’s longtime nemesis, “The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” James Antle explains:

“Hillary Clinton did something more interesting Wednesday than blame others for her loss in last year’s presidential election.

She has done that many times before, though her dig at the Democratic National Committee was a new and interesting twist.

Clinton publicly stitched together a comprehensive theory of how Russian interference into the 2016 campaign led to her defeat at the hands of President Trump.

That theory may prove to be conspiratorial nonsense or the dominant storyline of the Russia probe. But Clinton spelled it out more clearly and succinctly than ever before, laying it all out in the public eye.

Speaking at a California tech conference, Clinton said she tried to warn us about Russian collusion with the Trump campaign at the time.

“Like, oh, you know, there she goes, vast right-wing conspiracy, now it’s a vast Russian conspiracy,” she said. “Well, it turned out we were right, and we saw evidence of it.”

This is the vast right-wing conspiracy 2.0, the Russian edition.”

Read the rest at The Washington Examiner.


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