Finally, a Real Man in the White House to Confront Challenge of Middle East Peace

Hang onto your seats, folks. The mentally deranged Left is about to erupt yet once more in one of their echolaliac fits they call reporting. Donald Trump has called Mahmoud Abbas a liar, so here it inevitably comes: What? Unheard of! Disgraceful! Unpresidential. He’s not fit to be President! IMPEACH HIM!

Trump not only called Abbas a liar, he reportedly “screamed” at him: “You lied to me in Washington when you talked about commitment to peace, but the Israelis showed me you were personally responsible for incitement.”

Oh, my! Are we to understand that Palestinian youths are not raised in a “culture of peace” as Abbas had assured him? Trump had been willing to take Abbas at his word, but Bibi marshaled weighty evidence to the contrary: The Palestinian Authority names schools after the mass murderers of Israeli civilians. It pays a monthly pension to the families of dead and imprisoned terrorists commensurate with the amount of death and destruction they were able to inflict, calling these payments a form of social security.

As recently as March, the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Supreme Council for Youth and Sports named a youth center in the city of Jericho “Brothers of Dalal” to honor Dalal Mughrabi, a woman who participated in what came to be known as the “Coastal Massacre.” One Sabbath afternoon in 1978 she and some of her fellows hijacked a bus and took it on a killing spree, murdering 37 civilians, including 12 children, and injuring 71. Time magazine called it “the worst terrorist attack in Israel’s history.”

She was also fingered by her companions for having murdered, in cold blood, a young photographer they happened to run into that day, after first asking her for directions. The photographer, Gail Rubin, turned out to be the niece of then U.S. Senator Abraham A. Ribicoff.

Not wanting to overlook the sisters of Dalal, the PLO then named a women’s center in the village of Burqa in her honor. The center will present to Palestinian youth groups “the history of the struggle of [this] Martyr …. constitut[ing] the beginning of the launch of enrichment activities regarding the history of the Palestinian struggle.” Enrichment activities?

Undoubtedly, spurred by Trump’s unambiguous stance against terrorism, including the Palestinian variety, the Norwegians finally awoke to the fact that they’ve been sponsoring the spread of terrorism: They asked the aforementioned women’s center to return the money Norway had contributed, and also that the center remove its logo from the building. “We will not enter into any new agreements with either the Palestinian Election Commission or UN Women in Palestinian areas until satisfactory procedures are in place to ensure that nothing of this nature happens again,” announced the newly-enlightened Norwegians.

So, has Trump been good for the fight against Palestinian terrorism? Depends on whom you ask. In the past six weeks, the New York Times has published five outrageous and virulently anti-Israel op-eds in a non-stop effort to delegitimize the Jewish state and to feed the embers of anti-Semitism in America. Don’t believe me? Read the comments that follow the articles.

Not to be outdone, the Washington Post  published an insert as Section H of its Sunday newspaper devoted to the hardships imposed on the Palestinian people by Israel, especially the checkpoints intended to stop folks like Dalal Mughrabi from entering. It was like the inserts that the Russians and the Chinese pay the Post to publish about the virtues of their respective countries, except those are clearly marked as advertisements. The Palestinian insert was not so marked and was evidently a gift to them from the very wealthy Mr. Bezos.

A photo of the special section from the Washington Post.

Undoubtedly, Abbas could have been knocked over with a feather when Trump screamed at him and called him a liar. Elected in January 2005, Abbas’ term expired in January 09, yet he is still the so-called “democratically elected” President of the Palestinian National Authority. During his 12-year tenure, he’s met with a lot of American Presidents and Secretaries of State, and not a one amongst them has had the temerity to call him a liar, much less yell at him.

Oh, and when the anti-Semitic trash published by the Times and the Post bear fruit, when Jewish cemeteries are desecrated and Jewish schools and community centers threatened, it will undoubtedly be blamed on Trump, with that signature liberal logic to which we’ve become accustomed: If Donald Trump weren’t being mean to the Palestinians, we wouldn’t have to be mean to the Israelis. He makes us do it!

I haven’t seen anyone blame Trump for the Manchester massacre yet. But it’s just a matter of time.

But here’s the point: Trump is putting himself on the line as the honest broker for a peace deal. That’s not going to happen unless the Palestinian leadership abandons terrorism. Trump told it as it is. He’s doing what no one else is doing—holding Abbas accountable, and if that’s not done it’s best to walk away fast. Those who have problems with this need to explain why terrorism against Israelis doesn’t bother them.


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13 responses to “Finally, a Real Man in the White House to Confront Challenge of Middle East Peace”

  1. A liar’s liar calls another liar a liar. Which one has the smallest hands?

  2. Yes, well – now that we’ve yelled at the Palestinian President – what comes next? Anyone who examines the issue recognizes that both sides have been at each others throats for a long time, both sides engage in questionable behavior. The difference is that Israel is a legal state, while the Palestinians do not have statehood. Every nation has the natural right to have a state – and as the XXth century taught – no statehood means the death of a nation. Palestinian statehood is a right of its’ people, and both sides should pursue peace. I hope the President continues his efforts and does not lose sight of the goal. I applaud his attempt to be an honest broker and think his trip to the Middle East was a great success and good first step.

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    • “Every nation has the natural right to have a state. . . ”

      Not so. As Michael Oren points out (in an enlightening interview with the Times of Israel–see here: ) there are thousands of peoples in the world, and most of them don’t have their own nation-states. The Israelis were able to create a viable state in 1948 because they had been building state institutions while under the British Mandate for decades. The ‘Palestinians’ haven’t done the hard work; Ambassador Oren suggests a ‘Palestinian State’ would fail in a matter of weeks.

      The Palestinian ambitions are not statehood; they are revanchist, revengeful, and genocidal: kill the Jews, destroy the state of Israel, and return the desert the Israelis made flower to the arid wasteland it was before.

      There is a Palestinian state: it is called Jordan. Israel’s border on the east should be the Jordan River; we can pay Jordan to resettle the West Bank Arabs; it’s cheaper than war. We can start with the millions in blood money we (and the Europeans) are now sending to the ‘Palestinian’ Arabs.

      /L. E. Joiner

      • I read the Times of Israel article on the Oren interview. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer facts to feelings and am not impressed with his argument to love Israel because it is a bastion of all modern New Left value I oppose.

        The argument that many people don’t have a state and that a Palestinian state would collapse in a short time sounds eerily similar to the forefathers of Israel who made up such a large part of the German Empire and spread the same filthy lies about Poland, arguing a Polish state would collapse if established etc etc.

        This is Zionism of the worst sort. Just as bad as radical Islam. What’s next? Only God’s chosen people have a right to a state?

        No. I am an American and believe in the Declaration of Independence and Wilson’s 14 points. All nations have the right to self-determination. Palestinians included.

        These people need to find a workable compromise. If Israel wants to waste time convincing the world to support it because it is LGBT friendly while de-humanizing the Palestinians – it will get Israel no where.

    • Do you think the Palestinians believe Israel has a natural right to statehood? Geez, they don’t even acknowledge Israel has a right to exist let alone be a nation. I applaud our President’s efforts also but let’s go in with open eyes. At this time and for some time, the Palestinians are pledged to nothing less than Israel’s destruction. What the Palestinians really want is to take over Israel and all Jews gone. Maps of the area in their schools and books do not even show that Israel exists. If that attitude should somehow change (and it has to come from the Palestinians not Israeli concessions which only increase Palestinian demands) there may resolution to these perpetual ME issues. If having their own state is what they really want they could have had one long ago. Arafat had a golden opportunity when Bill Clinton was trying to cement a legacy and walked away from the table.

      • I think the Palestinian people are being held hostage by Israeli recalcitrance on the one hand and their own status as an autonomy on the other hand. Statehood for Palestine would help normalize the situation. I support Pope Francis. Vatican recognizes Palestine. I hope more countries will do so.

        My experience in Israel solidifies my view as does the experience of others who have been there.

        President Trump was correct in trying to place America above the fray and work for peace. I hope he does.

  3. Surely President Trump was aware of the nature of the terrorists who really don’t want a responsible state called Palestine but just want to blame and destroy Israel, before all this hoopla. I think this was just his way of calling them out in public and exposing them for what they really are and I say, “you go, DJT.”

  4. Nice to see your articles here Ester. They are some of the best at American Spectator.