The “If Only” Brigade

We hear it every day, across all media all the time, including at FOX News.

“ If only Europeans were as welcoming as Americans there would be no terror problem in Europe. If only European countries could assimilate their immigrants as well as America there would be no terror in Europe.”

As recently as Wednesday, May 24, referring to the Manchester attack, former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen claimed that Europeans don’t allow for assimilation, that European immigrants suffer from alienation. These assertions have been left unchallenged for so long they’ve taken on a mantra of truth. Not only is it not true; it’s a dangerous falsehood.

Too many members of the American elite suffer from a kind of parochial isolation, sharing Voltaire’s Panglossian assumption that “this is the best of all possible worlds;” that nobody does it better than us.

While it’s indisputable that countries in the Western Hemisphere are by definition populated by the descendants of settlers, colonists and immigrants―people in Europe were not just standing still while this was happening. The past couple of centuries has seen limited but continuous migration from country to country within the European continent. More recently, in the Twentieth Century, the former colonial powers received migrants from their former colonies.

align=”left” The sobering truth is that despite modern Europeans bending over backwards to facilitate the assimilation of newly arrived immigrants, one group and only one group resists assimilation―actively, strenuously, emphatically resists it. This is true whether their destination is France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany or, indeed, anywhere else. This is what Thiessen and nearly everyone else in the media won’t admit.

Anyone who’s lived in France for longer than a tourist trip will know that it is commonplace to meet French citizens who trace their ancestors back to Italy, Russia, Germany, Holland, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Poland; indeed to almost every country in Europe. This doesn’t imply that the overwhelming core of the French people do not trace their ancestry back to Vercingetorix and Clovis. It merely acknowledges that generations of immigrants have perfectly assimilated into a shared French identity, much in the same way that waves of immigrants to North America perfectly assimilated into the countries of Canada and the USA.

E Pluribus Unum may be printed on our currency and engraved on the faces of our public buildings, but is not all that unique after all. Even modern Russia is comprised of many nationalities that today adhere to a common national identity.

So when Marc Thiessen confidently states that European countries cannot assimilate their immigrants, what is he talking about?

Obviously not about immigrants who migrated from neighboring European countries.

Nor about immigrants from the Caribbean (such as Jamaicans and Virgin islanders in the United Kingdom).

Nor about the immigrants from the Far East (such as Vietnamese and Cambodians in France).

Nor about immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa (such as Senegalese and the Ivory Coast in France).

All of these immigrants have, by and large assimilated to their host countries.

None of these people are strapping bombs onto themselves, shooting up theaters, murdering journalists, attacking train passengers, decapitating priests, stabbing pedestrians, running over holiday-goers with trucks, blowing planes out of the sky or as entire communities remaining apart from the main culture and society of their adopted countries.

They may retain certain sartorial customs and frequent ethnic restaurants, but in a word, they have assimilated. They have fully joined in the social fabric of their new countries, participate in its economy and culture and defend its people and values. Sound familiar?

The sobering truth is that despite modern Europeans bending over backwards to facilitate the assimilation of newly arrived immigrants, one group and only one group resists assimilation―actively, strenuously, emphatically resists it. This is true whether their destination is France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany or, indeed, anywhere else. This is what Thiessen and nearly everyone else in the media won’t admit. It’s not a fault of European immigration policies when people of every ethnic, religious and racial identity manage to assimilate to European societies save one.

The danger for us then, here in America, is to think we can do it better, or differently. We, just like the Europeans, look back to our successful past. Each and every immigrant group from where-so-ever they came has assimilated into the fabric of American life and lived, as we are fond of saying, “the American dream.”  

Our arrogant elite, clinging to their Panglossian fantasy really believe that we can do it better―that those people who have never assimilated anywhere to any alien culture will, because they are drinking in the air of North America instead of the air of Europe, behave differently. But, will they?

The two World Trade Center attacks, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Fort Hood massacre, the Chattanooga murders, the San Bernardino massacre, the Orlando massacre, the Minnesota Mall stabbing, the Ottawa terrorist, the Anwar al Awlaki jihadist recruitment videos, the Chelsea bomber (not to mention the many thwarted attacks) argue otherwise.

It can’t be stated enough. Immigration is not synonymous with colonization. In the former model, migrants assimilate to the host country. In the second model, they replace it. Of course, short of an armed invasion this replacement does not happen overnight. But, as we are seeing all across Europe, it does happen. Once a critical demographic mass is achieved, it’s irreversible.

So, instead of all the happy talk and smiley faces about how different and how much better it’s going to be here; perhaps Thiessen and his media flock will think twice before glibly offering up the American people and their country as guinea pigs in yet another risky experiment in social engineering and wishful thinking.


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16 responses to “The “If Only” Brigade”

  1. Actually, mass immigration – immigration by enormous numbers over a short period of time – IS invasion, IS colonization.
    If a million Chinese people arrived each year, there would be great difficulty in assimilating them; even though it seems that for the most part the Chinese keep their faults and crimes to themselves and don’t inflict robbery, murder, rape on persons outside their own kind.

    Nevertheless the United States would be acquiring huge ghettoes of foreign dwellers who MIGHT dwell peaceably with the Americans beside them but who would tend not to assimilate. It is a question of the numbers being simply too large too quickly.

    How much more insane it is to allow (= encourage) a million of Latin Americans per year – who DON’T keep their faults and crimes to their own communities and who DON’T on the whole carefully spare the Americans beside them. How fantastically insane it is to allow (= encourage) people whose ‘religion’/fierce totalitarian ideology teaches them to hate and kill Americans. That is to date the government’s policy to date, driven by the desire of the Chamber of Commerce for cheap labor and by the Socialists and Liberals for vast permanent tranches of unthinking electors voting tribally, for ever.

    The self-evident fact that mass immigration persisted in utterly destroys America’s traditions, makes it a lawless Third World country where even the very rich live in terror of their lives, shows you how profoundly stupid the Chamber of Commerce and the Socialists and the Liberals are. Night and day they saw off the tree-branch on which they, their wealth and their privilege sit.

    If all decent members of society could withdraw to a different planet and there lead a sane life, it would be amusing for them to watch the proponents of mass immigration live out the logic of their nightmare policy here on Earth.

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  2. Third generation Muslims born in France, England and Belgium, not recent Muslim immigrants, are responsible for the majority of European terrorism in recent years. 16% of ISIS fighters in Syria are from Great Britain. The terrorists are not Syrians fleeing war – they are French, British and Belgian passport citizens born in the West. Westerner citizens are Radical Islamic Terrorists.

    What we are witnessing is the children of assimilated generations of Muslims “de-assimilating” alongside Western Europeans who have likewise lost their way. The modern Frenchman is also generally unassimilated, un-European.

    Personally, I suspect it has much to do with the nihilism that now forms the core of Western cultures.

    This is why rich white teenagers go on shooting sprees in America and children of established Muslim families in Western Europe blow themselves up. The Churches are empty, the education system is in shambles. The Mosques preach hate while the Churches preach nothing to no one.

    Not only has the West stopped assimilation, it has effectively liquidated its own common culture and replaced it with a culture of death and decay. Young Muslims in the West, finding their schools and communities offering nothing except welfare, become fodder for radicalization efforts.

    Also please note the vast difference in the character of immigrants who came to XIXth century America for work and those who come to modern Western Europe for welfare. The Wesrern European welfare state invites a type of immigration that by definition will not integrate but rather remains docile.

    Presently I find it hard to even identify Britain or France as European in any but the geographic and historical senses. They are modern nihilist societies and Islamic terrorism is just another past time for their morally lost citizens. They litteraly fiddle while Rome burns.

    I will add that I am sick and tired of Westerners writing “Europe” to describe the non-Europe of nihilist France while ignoring the truly European East. France has very little to do with Europe, more with periodically burning itself and then Europe down.

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    • There is no credible defense against Islamic theocracy. By nature and history, followers of Mohammad are an invasive species, spreading their false “light” throughout many nations, choking out every natural kind along the way.

      Second and 3rd generation muslims are of the same breed as their parents, whose nature and nurture grooms their offspring to answer the call when their numbers have become sufficient to overcome the brainwashed, manipulated populous of target nations.

      “Rich white children” do not go on “shooting sprees” in the U.S.A. The basic difference between the founders of The Republic and the recent muslim diaspora into western civilization is Christianity. The USA was founded as One Nation Under God, Allah has no place on our shores. I commend the nations of Eastern Europe for resisting false edicts, intended to liquidate their sovereign borders and infect their cultural heritage.

  3. Did Minneapolis really need all those Somalis, or did Al Franken and the Dem Party need them to retain a Senate Seat? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. “Rabelais is the nom de plume of a writer living in the heartland.”

    Whose heartland?

  5. If an immigrant believes that Sharia supersedes the U.S. constitution it is beyond folly to welcome him to our family of citizens. If he further believes, as countless millions of Muslims do, that they have a right and duty to subjugate the infidel, by violence if necessary, then folly becomes self loathing and a desire for national suicide. Do we really believe that our elites are simply naive? I think, that is far too charitable. They sit on vast wealth and power, and sit at the pinnacle of society. We are the ones who are naive if we pretend they don’t know what they are doing.

    The left hates traditional American values and are apparently happy to import people who share their beliefs. The chamber of commerce wants cheap labor. The globalists in both parties want to import large numbers of people who feel no particular loyalty to this country. Only Trump stands up to these forces, and that is not enough. Where are the institutions and movements that will support him in the fight. The sell out Republican party offers little or no effective opposition to the left or support for Trump. When Trump goes who will take his place, and more importantly, who will support him?

  6. Eastern Europe has not joined in the socio-cultural suicide of the Western Europeans. Having experienced imperialism from National Socialist Germany and Soviet Socialist Russia, they’re not going to permit themselves be submerged by Islamist invaders. Those southeastern European countries that were ruled by the Ottoman Empire have already seen that form of imperialism, as well.

  7. Sorry, Rabelais: It’s not only Muslims who have difficulty. Ever hear the term “Mexifornia?”
    I rest my case

    • I think Rabelais was referring to the European example. There are no Mexicans migrating to Europe. With the exception of Muslims, all other ethnic and religious minorities have for the most part successfully integrated into French society. Nevertheless, when it comes to the USA, your point has validity, to a point. Mexicans are not in the thrall of an obscurantist religious fanaticism that possesses them with the imperative to kill the non-believers. Many do however carry an unshakable allegiance to their own ethnic tribe. Witness La Raza. We can thanks the big-banks, the major corporations and the PC politicians for facilitating Spanish as the defacto second language in America.

  8. Right on the money, R. And, while it is true that the nations of Europe have many in their populations with last names betokening foreign extraction, it’s not the same as European immigration into the US. But, the nature of that migration is telling, indeed. For instance, the largest group of European immigrants into the US are German. It took the Germans about 15 minutes to assimilate into the common US culture. Texas is full of towns founded by Germans. Erich Ludendorff moaned about the futility of trying to gain the sympathy of German Americans as being a waste of time and self-defeating as it only served to alienate them and he was astonished at how completely they had shed any affection for their ancestral homeland.

    I’ll tell you who is coming here who do not care to assimilate, 1. A worrisome percentage of Muslims. 2. The overwhelming majority of Mexican view the US as a humiliating but convenient success, and who never use anything but insulting term for Americans in their speech. They are loyal to Mexico. They do not like Americans.

    Boat people from Laos who got picked up by passing freighters and ended up in Orange County with the clothes on their backs and a few dollars in their pockets are now living in very nice homes paid for by their children who DID want to assimilate, and who hit the books, and who contribute about 50% of the high school students entering the University of California, and who LOVE America and are successful and content. They are loyal, hard working, honest people just like the vast majority of Americans and they are quite welcome to stay, they are producing many many times what they are consuming, and even if they are racially different they are as all American as you can get.

  9. You left out the Cascade Mall shooting near Seattle (5 dead) and the disabled 5-year old girl in the thriving metropolitan population center of Twin Falls, Idaho who was RAIPT by three sweet little Muslim “orphans” which the local media and government tried desperately to cover up.

  10. Disagree in part. It is even irrelevant if group assimilate. Hasadic Jews and Amish and some residents of Indian reservations aren’t assimilated. Residents of San Francisco’s Chinatown arguably aren’t. None of the groups are bombing anyone. On the other hand, San Bernardino husand, Boston marathon bombers, Major Hasan, Jordanian doctors working in Britain who tried to blow up Glasgow airport – all apparently assimilated. So maybe assimilation is not even relevant.

    The issue is still the ideology/theology of Islam. Raising “assimiliation” is still a refusal to admit what Islam really teaches.

  11. Is the author trying to be cute by not referencing Islam or Muslims even once? As far mass immigration, it’s a massive threat no matter where the immigrants (invaders) come from. Hispanic immigration will likely break the United States apart. European nations have a much stronger sense of their identity than do Americans, most of whom think anyone who comes here and promises that they love the Constitution is a “New American” BS!

  12. So only Europe has a problem with immigrant terrorists. I must have dreamed the attacks in Boston, San Bernardino and Orlando. The media is devoted to the lie of the Religion of Peace. No amount of bloodshed wil get them to open their eyes.