Fox News Chooses the Millennials (And Gets It Wrong)

We all know the stereotypical Fox News viewer (at least as the Mainstream Media presents them in pop culture): older, bourgeois, angry, white, male (think Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino). To be sure, elderly Baby Boomers of a particular race and socio-economic standing do comprise a large share of Fox News’ traditional audience. Yet, the bulk of Fox’s audience is tuning in for the conservative, ideological pretensions. With the recent shakeup at Fox, this fact was apparently missed. Indeed, Fox is intent on playing identity politics over ideological politics as it seeks to maintain an audience. As you’ll see, this is a serious mistake.

According to a 2012 Pew Research survey, “fully 60% of Fox News viewers describe themselves as conservative, compared with 23% who say they are moderate and 10% who are liberal.” Additionally, another Pew report from 2013 claims that, Fox’s prime time lineup ratings “declined 6% from the previous year.” Of course, as the report noted, Fox still had a larger audience than all of its cable news competitors combined. But, more ominously, the report concluded that “there is some evidence of a ceiling for audience growth. Fox has not increased its median evening viewership since 2009.”

Things changed in 2016, however, when Fox proudly reported that they were “the most-watched network in all of cable for the first time in [their] history.” During 2016, Fox “averaged 2.4 million viewers in primetime and 1.4 million viewers in total day―up 36 percent compared to 2015.” But these numbers were totaled during a year that saw a highly contentious presidential election and it wasn’t only Fox’s numbers that increased. CNN experienced a bumper crop in 2016 for ratings also. The entertainment factor of the 2016 election was a major reason behind the increase in cable news viewership, but so too was real interest in Donald Trump. It seems that the former reality TV star is good for everyone’s ratings.

What’s more, the extraordinary numbers Fox enjoyed were tallied before the Murdoch family decided to kill the goose that laid the golden egg by firing Bill O’Reilly. You see, even with the loss of Roger Ailes (who was the ideological godfather of Fox); even having lost long-time staple, Greta Van Susteren to MSNBC; even with rising star, Megyn Kelly, opting to bail out of Fox amidst the claims of corporate lasciviousness (and for a much bigger payday at NBC); Bill O’Reilly remained. Indeed, The O’Reilly Factor consistently brought in a few million viewers per day over the course of many years.

In many respects, Fox was The O’Reilly Factor. Without a viable replacement for that program, the network is losing steam. Initially, the network seemed excited about the first wave of talent flying the coop. When Greta abandoned her 7 pm time slot, she was temporarily replaced by Brit Hume, whose ratings were infinitely better than Greta’s. When Megyn Kelly was replaced by Tucker Carlson at 9 pm, he maintained stellar ratings. Much like Notre Dame’s football program after having let Lou Holtz leave without much of a fight, the powers that be at Fox determined that the institution of Fox News made the network successful, rather than the contributions of specific individuals. Fox’s leadership assumed they could remove top tier talent, replace them with anyone, and still retain high ratings. So far, they’ve been proven wrong.

align=”left” Bill O’Reilly’s strength was in his ratings. Even if every advertiser in the world threatened to boycott The O’Reilly Factor (which they didn’t), Fox retained such a large audience from O’Reilly that those advertisers would happily air their commercials during the other Fox programs before and after him (which, of course, they continued to do).

When the New York Times reported that Fox had paid upwards of $13 million in sexual harassment suits to Bill O’Reilly’s accusers over the course of a decade, advertisers started boycotting O’Reilly. The Murdochs understandably feared that their bottom line would be hurt. And, to be sure, the more Liberal disposition of the Murdoch sons played a role in removing O’Reilly as well.

Bill O’Reilly’s strength was in his ratings. Even if every advertiser in the world threatened to boycott The O’Reilly Factor (which they didn’t), Fox retained such a large audience from O’Reilly that those advertisers would happily air their commercials during the other Fox programs before and after him (which, of course, they continued to do). Further, those advertisers were content to pay the higher fees to broadcast those commercials on Fox (because they knew those advertisements reached larger audiences). So, ultimately, the Murdoch’s bottom line was not actually harmed at all by the boycott.

Crucially, no one else at Fox could bring in O’Reilly’s viewership. Alas, perception is reality. The world that the Fox corporate leadership exists in is the elite Manhattan social bubble. In that world, Fox is something ugly and shameful. O’Reilly was the most offensive of all. The amount reportedly paid out to O’Reilly’s accusers was simply bad form, and illustrated the purported PR problem that Fox was apparently suffering (again, their ratings told a different story).

So they did the primetime shuffle again at Fox. This time, O’Reilly was out, Tucker was in, Martha McCallum took over Greta’s 7 pm slot, The Five was moved to 9, and Hannity remains. (though his future there may be in doubt). Yet, something very funny happened: the most recent ratings indicate that the only person pulling their weight in primetime ratings is none other than than Sean Hannity―the pro-Trump fixture leadership seems to be targeting. Neither Tucker nor The Five are anywhere near where they should be. Consequently, Fox has suffered its worst ratings decline in years. In fact, it even lost out to MSNBC in the ratings wars!

But how could this be? After all, the average Fox viewer is elderly, white, and middle-class—in other words, the average Fox viewer is dying, according to the popular narrative. No corporation wants to see their customers die out. And, given today’s popular perception, those who comprise Generation-X and the Millennial Generation are far more Liberal than their elders in the Baby Boom generation.

Rupert Murdoch, like (the now deceased) Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and the majority of the Fox audience are dinosaurs. They are literally dying. The vaunted 25-54-year-old demographic—the Gen-X and Millennial crowd—is the must-have demographic for any network looking to dominate the television landscape today. This is the demographic that most advertisers will pay top billing for (and it’s also the group that will be around the longest). Thus, the network that retains a majority of these folks, over the longest period of time, will be the most profitable.

When a highly successful corporation, such as Fox, fundamentally alters its brand it does so for one of two reasons: either to make up for lost profit, or to ensure profits over the long-term. Since Fox was not losing profit, the latter must be true.

The Murdoch sons are Gen-Xers who live among the Manhattan billionaire class. Their entire worldview is informed by the Liberal Mainstream Media and Pop Cultural narrative. Given that the statistics indicate that the Gen-X and Millennial Generation are the more Liberal generations, the Murdoch sons wanted to push out all of the old, fuddy-duddy conservatives who appealed to Baby Boomers. Instead, Fox 2.0 will be populated by younger, slicker, less offensive GOPe types, who could also woo the increasing share of moderates and Liberals in the audience.

Here’s where it gets interesting, though. After all of the shuffling, Fox actually lost the crucial 25-54 year-old demographic! Most analysts claim it is because Fox and Donald Trump’s ratings became entwined: as Trump’s popularity plummets, Fox’s does also. But, that’s a dangerously reductionist view.

Could it possibly be that people—of all ages and races—were attracted to Fox because of the ideological factor? Remember, 60 percent of Fox’s viewership is conservative. Also, a majority of Americans identify as “conservative.”

Renowned historian, Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz, is fond of telling me that unless an institution is avowedly conservative, it will inevitably be annexed by the Left. He’s correct. And, with so many other networks being consistently more Liberal (compared to Fox), why would anyone opt to watch a network undergoing an identity crisis, of the sort that Fox is currently suffering?

align=”right” The Murdochs miscalculated. They clearly believed that they would get the jump on their competition by abandoning their seemingly older, conservative viewers in favor of preemptively courting the more Liberal Gen-X and Millennial viewers. Could it be that there are far more Rightists in the supposedly “Liberal” Gen-X and Millennial cohort than previously thought?

In fact, the interesting (and possibly overlooked) point here is what these numbers may portend. For too long, analysts (particularly Baby Boomers) have insisted that my fellow Millennials and I were hopelessly Leftist. While the more rabid Left-wing elements of my generation do get the most screen time whenever they perform an idiotic or rude political stunt, these Fox ratings indicate that my generation is nowhere near as overwhelmingly Liberal as the media would have you believe. What’s more, large swathes of both my generation and the Gen-Xers clearly enjoyed the original Fox prime time lineup. Now that the original lineup has been dismissed, my generation is flocking away.

The Murdochs miscalculated. They clearly believed that they would get the jump on their competition by abandoning their seemingly older, conservative viewers in favor of preemptively courting the more Liberal Gen-X and Millennial viewers. Could it be that there are far more Rightists in the supposedly “Liberal” Gen-X and Millennial cohort than previously thought? Please note: the same people making the claims about overwhelming Leftism in the Gen-X and Millennial cohort also insisted that Donald Trump was unelectable.

Of course, many skeptics will point to changing media consumption patterns among my generation as a reason for the ratings drop. That is certainly a factor. But, if record numbers of Gen-Xers and Millennials were tuning into Fox before the big primetime shakeup, could it be that they’re flocking to alternative, conservative sources of news, rather than the more Liberal cable news outlets now?  Is my generation, in fact, more conservative than previously thought? I believe so.


About Brandon J. Weichert

Brandon J. Weichert is a geopolitical analyst who manages The Weichert Report. He is a contributing editor at American Greatness and a contributor at The American Spectator . His forthcoming book, Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower is due out from Republic Book Publishers in 2020. His writings on national security have appeared in Real Clear Politics and he has been featured on the BBC and CBS News. Follow him on Twitter at @WeTheBrandon.

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47 responses to “Fox News Chooses the Millennials (And Gets It Wrong)

  • The new Fox lineup is unwatchable. The Five with odious Juan Williams. Tucker is good, as is Sean Hannity, but the other segments feature obnoxious liberals, second-string conservatives appealing to a millennial demographic (such as Kat Timpf), and idle chatter that neither informs or entertains.

    • I can’t watch the five anymore……..richard fouler? get outta here…………ain’t gonna happen—

      as if Wawn and beckel weren’t bad enough

      • No one would know who Richard Fowler is if Megan Kelly had not put him on her show so many times. He has little, if anything, of substance to say. I would prefer Bob Beckel to any other liberal Fox has right now.

    • I am so tired of hearing her talk about the “ex-boyfriends” she’s scared away. It was bad enough on the Greg Gutfield show, but that’s a comedian’s show…I never expected to hear it on the Specialists. I did enjoy when Laura Ingraham called her a “never-Trumper”.
      I do enjoy Fox & Friends over local news shows and I love Varney & Dobbs on the Fox Business Channel…other than that I DVR Tucker and Hannity. The rest is mostly unwatchable though I do like Melissa Frances.

      • tucker is getting his bow tie pulled by Maddow. Even the trailer park base at fox can’t seem to stomach that smirky little prep boy! Maybe he can cash out a bit from his trust fund to buy some viewers to prop up those ratings!

      • So FOX viewers are all on their deathbeds living in trailers…good to know. How can Madcow be beating Tucker when he is on at 8 and it is on at 9? Trolling used to be done by people who at least TRY. Just another snowflake weeping. Maybe Madcow can illegally release some more of his taxes to prove just how little the rest of your party is actually paying!

      • 8 -9 -who cares? There are fewer people watching that dreck -that’s the point! And btw, weeping? You’ve got to be kidding! The R’s have all three branches of government and they can’t get any legislation passed! Zip! donnie bone spurs is over in Saudia Arabia bowing to their king while trying to slap around our allies. Whose side is this putz on? He loves the strongmen in the Philipines, Russia and Turkey and struts around at the NATO meeting like a fat teenager insulting the best friends we have? Your priorities are all fuc*ed up. Now be a good girl and go back to your trailer and switch your pals at fox back on. They need the ratings!

      • Except they HAVE passed legislation. There are at least 32 new laws passed by both chambers and signed by President Trump into law. Keep spreading the lies of your partisan media, fly over country just isn’t as stupid as ya’ll want us to be. Perhaps you should go work on an actual message for your party. There will be even more even mote useless Ds looking for work after 2018 if your only message continues to be resist and identity politics. As the old saying goes…you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

      • Idiot. EO’s are not legislation. A quick google search shows this:

        Of the new laws signed by Trump, two name Veterans Affairs clinics in
        honor of people, one adds National Vietnam War Veterans Day to the list
        of days people and businesses are encouraged to fly American flags,
        five are related to personnel matters (including the waiver allowing
        James Mattis to become secretary of defense), and one extends an
        Obama-era policy allowing veterans in some circumstances to get health
        care outside of the VA system.

        you must think we are stupid. You note bills passed and include naming of VA clinics? Are you high? I gave you examples that show you are full of sh*t. Now counter with something of substance or go back to breitbart and stormfront. Dumb fuc*ing beta.

      • I’m sorry you know so little. It is actually up to 35 laws now. You want better laws passed? Do what the rest of us do and call or write your reps. When you try using a real name I think about your impotence in the world. I don’t even know wtf stormfront is…{%22source%22:%22legislation%22,%22congress%22:%22115%22,%22bill-status%22:%22law%22} And btw, wtf have YOU done for the country? Hell your neighbor?

      • I love Melissa Francis but don’t see her anymore anywhere! Why? And where may we enjoy her intellectual political opinions!?

    • You have nailed it. Hannity is and always has been good. Tucker is a velvet gloved bulldog on the LLs (loony left).I am tired of hearing warmed over liberal cable newsdems talking points with a faux conservative veneer that dominates the other prime time programs. I have pretty much left FOX News except for those two programs and watch FBN instead plus the conservative news sites on the net.

      • Maybe James and Lachlan can hire Don Lemon and Joe Scarborough. That would make the network. Fox Business has become better that Fox News in the morning.

    • Bolling is great, Eboni Williams one of smartest Dems around (Why is she a Dem) and Timpf….? As a comic ok, as a serious commentator, what is she? I’d say unwatchable. As is that show. I hate it, its format, its guests and everything about it. That show will not, should not, survive. I hope Bolling does.

      Ailes is often quoted as saying he judged a show with the sound off. Oddly, the first time I watched that show, I did have the sound off because I was taking a phone call. I hated it visually before I even heard a word. I later hated it both aubibly and visually when I watched with sound. I think for some reason the visual bothers me even more than the content. Is it Bolling surrounded by people I don’t want to see or hear? Is it anorexic Timpf, whose comic shtick is being nueorotic, and seems to be also truly so?

      • I like Timpf (on Gutfeld’s show) and Eboni Williams is definitely easy on the eyes, but no part of that show or cast makes sense.The three of them together… there’s just no rhyme or reason to it other than that Fox execs had to scramble to fill up the time slot.

  • I don’t think Trumps popularity is plummeting ——–it might be reported that way but that simply shows the pollsters live in a bubble……….out here in flyover country, Trump is the best thing to come along since microwave popcorn

  • I can pick from 20 channels if I want to watch my President be bashed every minute of every day. I watch certain anchors on FOX BECAUSE they love my President. I don’t know how Kelly’s ratings were high or how she left for more money at NBC when SHE said she took a pay cut. Kelly was forced out because people stopped watching her snarky, hateful, daily hour-long attack on Trump. There are many conservative leaning Gen Xers and millennials. Those in the DC bubble really have no clue about flyover country…

  • Most people always ARE fighting the last war.

    For example, the European Union (if it was not anyway a politicos’-cum-bureaucrats’ dream scam from the start) was a 1940s and ’50s solution to a 1920s and ’30s problem. Likewise the Murdochs have probably jettisoned the notion of a conservative mainstream channel just when more and more people are likely to think conservatively; given the disappearance of the world of meaningful work and the horrors unfolding from Globalisation’s other achievement – what mass immigration affords.

    What is needed is something we have never seen: a movie and tv industry funded by all conservatives collectively (the multi-billionaire with his spare billion, the widow with a fraction of her mite) and unabashedly covering the news, providing documentaries and sitcoms and feature films, from a conservative perspective.

    The failure of that to happen is another symptom of chronic civilizational decay. Civilizations die when their citizens do not ACTIVELY value and defend them.

    According to the Lord GOD, Sodom was destroyed not solely on account of the vice which commemorates its name but also, more fundamentally, because it was arrogant, affluent and lazy (Ezekiel, ch. 16, verse 49). Rings a bell?

  • fox is dead news to old TEA drinkers
    Juan Williams is viewed as an ingrate
    I view him as lowest intelligence among all entertainers on TV
    and that includes “The View”

  • Tucker was great 4 a few months . . .yesteryear
    today I avoid him everywhere
    he shows his smart aleck wit
    move to fox and die is the new Bad Fate

  • Narrative is narrative. It’s no longer selling whatever its flavor.

  • I was a Fox News watcher…now I am waiting for the new conservative channel. Goodbye & good riddance. Hope someone grabs Fox by the collar & body slams them! Binge TV till then, I got years of catching up to do…

  • Fox also had a formula of lovely young things in short skirts with great minds. They’ve kept the short skirt part of the formula but forgotten about the intelligence requirement. Let me say that I wear short skirts myself and red lipstick, and the whole nine yards, since I happen to love looking good. But some of those young women Fox has lately featured on their opinion shows, in particular, insult my intelligence. Their intellectual depth is a mile wide and an inch deep. The term “vapid” comes to mind. I’m increasingly watching Fox Business, and if they start tampering with that, I’ll be gone.

  • I quit FOX a little over four years ago. For the first time in my life, I was ahead of the curve.

    The network was taking a Left Turn and I was totally fed up with Bloviating Bill, Open Borders Geraldo, Dana PeRINO, Yawn Juan, Pink Lace Panty Shep, et al.

    Please, don’t anyone try to tell me that Bloviating Bill is a Conservative, or even a Moderate. I watched him French Kiss the Kenyan Muslim often enough to know better.

    I hear Tucker is good, so it looks like him and Sean Hannity are going to be the last men standing. The Murdochs will find a way to get rid of the two of them and then Harf and all the rest of the Lefty regulars can French Kiss all of the Lefties not on the payroll.

  • Someone who, while in the Obama administration said the solution to terrorism is jobs for jihadis, should have been disqualified from issuing an opinion on anything more serious than paint colors. My apologies to decorators.

  • greg gutfield isn’t funny. he’s mildly amusing when having many other people do most of the talking while he cracks the occasional witty one-liner. now he’s always demanding everyone be quiet while he tells some lame story that may or may not have some humorous element. awful.

    juan is horrible, geraldo is a joke. shep is just revolting. the quest for being fair and balanced has overshadowed conservative news, which is the part actually in demand. how could it NOT have failed?

    they need to go out and scoop up all the young conservative youtubers and let them have a show. that is a talent pool that hasn’t been tapped but should be! if they really want the younger viewers that would be the ideal strategy, imo.

  • This article couldn’t have gotten it more wrong. The problem with Fox News is it simply abandoned conservatism. Gutfeld and Carlson are libertarians. The talking head finance people are social liberals. Geraldo, Juan, and most of the eye candy are liberals. Hannity, Dobbs, Pirro, and Bolling just support Trump no matter what he says or does. The network needs to be more socially conservative and be constructively critical of the liberalism in the Trump Presidency.

  • I was watching and enjoying Carlson just about every night until he decided to air Bruce Jenner. Then I realized Carlson thought he could bring any clown act on and we would watch. Haven’t been back since and do not miss what i don’t have. The rest of FOXNEWS is just the same old parade of the same people 24/7. Boring as hell.

  • Excuse me, young Mr. Weichert, but I’m part of the first wave of Boomers and I’m not “elderly.” Not by a long shot. That being said, I’ve regarded most of the programming on Fox as unwatchable for some years now (and that includes Bill O’Reilly). The Fox Business Channel is quite good, though.

  • The generation they have apparently ditched their loyal audience for is living at home without a job. Why is this a hot market, they don’t have any money.

  • First off Fox never should have let O’Reilly go;but since he left, they should have kept their existing line-up and replaced O’reilly with someone like Ann Colter….Now I would tune in to see that!!

  • Tucker is great, and Hannity is fine. O’Reilly is obnoxious, but when he had good guests, he was worth watching. I still think Greg Gutfeld is one of the sharpest people they have. Martha McCallum is all right during the daytime, but not at night. The Murdoch dimwits may think they have the right approach, but they do not and will not. Most people are sick of the whiney-butt Democrats who have no new ideas, just a bunch of old, liberal and getting more liberal, crummy politicians. Yeah, we all get excited listening to Chuck the crybaby Schumer, the old rich woman, Nancy Pelosi, old man Joe Biden, who cannot be taken seriously about anything but making deals, Hillary the most horrible of all, and on and on and on. The Dem leadership is older than anyone at Fox. No one on the legacy networks are very credible; they all march to beat of the Democrat Party, and the Democrat Party is part of the media. They are all peas in the same pod. So that means a news network that is not left wing extremist/progressive/socialist only has viewers that are dying. That makes no sense. Let’s revisit the Democrat Party leaders. Maybe the Murdoch brats can teach the Americans about phone hacking the way they did with News of the World.

  • Fox and Friends, Varney, Hemmer and McCallum, a little bit of Tucker, Ingraham, Charles Payne, my buddy Cavuto, and that is about it. Didn’t watch much in the evening before, and even less now. The Five sucked, the Specialists suck now, and I have never really watch Hannity. And, I DO NOT, repeat DO NOT, watch any network new feces or any of the cable news feces. In the evenings, I use my Amazon Fire, Netflix.

  • Wow, OMG someone with a brain, heart and maybe a soul. You got it in one! The Murdoch brothers thought they knew Fox, it’s audience and what it takes to be #1….that they were wrong is pitifully evident. I know the planet is going progressive, badly, and will suffer,but it is their leaders fault that the suffering will be deep and terrible. I believe that the Americans are “traditionalists” in the truest sense of the Founders hopes and prayers. Our foundation is based on the 10 commandments with some modern adjustments. They were and are the basis for what is best in human beings of all ilk. The Democrats used to be all those things too, until the Progressives merged with them in 1933 and began their goal to make America into what most of the world was and is, socialist trending totalitarian. It is considered bad form to believe, much less state, again that America was an experiment by decent, honorable men that formulated a foundation that was traditionally liberal with the hope that the people had evolved sufficiently to support it, defend it and make it a place where the world would come and learn. The Progressives worked very hard since l933 and almost, or perhaps have, succeeded. With media lying and colluding with those in the Progressive ideological persuasion as are the “Democrats”. Students brainwashed into fascism by professors of similar ideology, the hate enable and promoted by Obama and his wife, his supporters and those of that ideology that has instituted hate as a main force in America. Will we survive? I am a senior that has somewhere around 20-30 years more to go so I may yet see the results President Trump will be able to put into place to save our country….maybe not, but I will leave children and grandchildren that are like me and I sincerely hope they do not suffer.

  • Just never could take Williams or Beckel. Both on the same program is worse than watching Chicken Noodle Network. I like Tucker but when The Five come on I switch to Pickers, TCM, or just shut the TV off and find something interesting on YouTube until Hannity comes on. Much of the time I forget to go back to him. Jenine and Dobbas are also first class and I expect them to be axed soon. Rupert’s boys are killing off the most successful cable network in history. It’s partly Rupert’s fault for not seeing their incompetency before giving them hands-on authority.

    I’m thinking of dumping Dishnet and going to Direct TV, which carries One America News.

    • That must be something new. When I had Directv, One American News was an unavailable channel. When the dish crashed after a storm, I found a cable provider that did carry One American News. Happy that I made th4e switch.

  • Me again Kelly was no great loss and neither was Greta. Tucker has a good show but being in three different time slots in six months probably hurts him. His show following O’Reilly surely boosted his ratings above his natural ceiling. Assuming the premise of greater numbers of conservatives among non-boomers than conventional wisdom indicates, then the rise in ratings for the alt-left stations must be among leftists. I wonder how long that will last when Trump’s fall doesn’t materialize.

  • The spawn of Muroch have seriously miscalculated millenials. Many of us weren’t captured by common core, political correctness or the infamous ‘professors’ of propaganda in higher-ed. Fox is dying, sliding off the map of relevance. Unwatchable blathering idiotic claptrap.

  • I’ve long been of the opinion that Fox News was one of the worst things that ever happened to American conservatism. I think of all the people who listened to O’Reilly or Hannity and then took the arguments they heard there to their family reunions at Thanksgiving, only to get their a**es handed to them by their liberal relatives. O’Reilly and Hannity are charismatic but that’s it, the ammunition they supplied their audiences with were most often blanks. There’ve always been places where you could get solid conservative insights and analysis on the topics of the day, places like First Things or AMGreatness, but those folks aren’t as charismatic so their positions don’t get heard.

    (On the plus side, it’s super-easy for those of us who frequent these sites to step over the bar liberals have set for us in their own minds based on what they saw from O’Reilly. It’s not hard to destroy them with the material you guys supply us.)

    All of which is to say, I’m glad to see Tucker out there and firing away at the libs, he’s way more solid than his predecessor. Only trouble is, he’s getting repetitive. It’s the same format every show.

  • I can watch Tucker but the new shows are just soap opera trash………….the new one that replaced the 5 in the afternoon and the five at 9PM——–just boring clichés and smiling phony faces

  • Excellent analysis. I watch Fox much less, mostly Fox and Friends and Hannity are it. Tucker’s OK as well. Fox Business is still pretty good. The Obama rejects hired by Rupert’s Marxist sons to go along with way too much of Space Cadets Juan Williams, Tarlov and several others are a total turn off for this Vietnam combat veteran. I know a few youngsters turning it off as well. Plenty of Internet sites providing news without the Marxist pollution of “Big Media” such as the fine OAN.

  • Waste of time trying to watch Fox News! and the Fox Business News, five minutes max.

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