How the Comey Affair Will Be a Decisive Victory for the President

If played correctly, the psychotic explosion of the Democrats and their allies in the jackal press over the Comey dismissal and his alleged memo can become a decisive victory for the president. The Mueller nomination, a hybrid arrangement that will be a supplementary investigation with the FBI, will push the question into a cul-de-sac that will entirely clear the president.

It need hardly here be emphasized that the efforts to represent the firing of Comey as an excess of authority, an attempt to discourage an exposé of a scandal between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, a replication of any aspect of the Watergate affair, now enriched by the garbled claim of an interference with the Flynn investigation: all of this is part of a madness that has gripped the American political class as it sinks beneath the brackish, fecal waters of the swamp it has filled and wallowed in happily for twenty years.

I will not replicate the presumptuous error of the Trump-haters and mind-read Comey. Whatever his motives and delusions, in July, he seized upon the compromising misconduct of the attorney general, Loretta Lynch in meeting with President Clinton to make the decision not to leave it to the equally publicity-eager deputy attorney general Sally Yates and not any prosecutor, that Mrs. Clinton was guilty of felonies but should not be prosecuted. When the election campaign was down to its last ten days, a mass of improperly withheld and misdirected emails came to the FBI director’s attention and he felt, presumably with some agitation percolating beneath him in the Bureau, that he must refer to them publicly. With haste that cast doubt on the FBI’s thoroughness, he then assured the country that the tens of thousands of emails confirmed his original judgment, that Mrs. Clinton should not be charged. This judgment was beyond his authority to make and an outrage to make publicly, and if he was determined to make it, he should not have announced the reopening of the email question for a few days before shutting it down again.

There is no question that he told President Trump that on the basis of all evidence, Trump was not suspected of wrongdoing in his campaign’s relations with the Russian government, and Senator Feinstein, a militant Trump opponent, confirms that Comey had said this to her and the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, Charles Grassley. The same person who rushed before the cameras to convict but excuse from charges Mrs. Clinton, could express privately the innocence of Mr. Trump, but could give no hint of it publicly, even though he knew perfectly well that the continuing confected cloud of the Russian collusion allegation seriously impeded the ability of the administration to govern. One could ransack the annals of Hollywood and of pulp fiction to find a more deserving candidate for summary dismissal than this mountebank who apparently fancied himself an electoral college of one to determine who was a suitable occupant of the presidency. There are reasonable questions about the firing of General Douglas MacArthur by President Truman, and about the firing of Archibald Cox and Elliott Richardson by President Nixon, but there are none about Comey.

align=”left” There is no question that he told President Trump that on the basis of all evidence, Trump was not suspected of wrongdoing in his campaign’s relations with the Russian government, and Senator Feinstein, a militant Trump opponent, confirms that Comey had said this to her and the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, Charles Grassley. The same person who rushed before the cameras to convict but excuse from charges Mrs. Clinton, could express privately the innocence of Mr. Trump, but could give no hint of it publicly, even though he knew perfectly well that the continuing confected cloud of the Russian collusion allegation seriously impeded the ability of the administration to govern.

The Trump-haters, somewhat muted after the passage of the health care reform by the House of Representatives, on the Comey news, ricocheted off the walls and ceilings in affected outrage and jubilation, in the hyperbole of their sanctimony. And the leaked, excerpted, alleged Flynn memo to Comey’s file had them drinking champagne from fire hoses and ululating about impeachment. Such a thread does not constitute conviction beyond a reasonable doubt of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Some strange chord has been severed that separates the rabid media from their senses.

At least Nancy Pelosi has tried to tune down poor hopeless Chuck Schumer’s Uriah Heep impeachment routine: what she and most of the Democrats want is Trump immobilized, so the country continues to wallow in political dysfunctionalism and flat-line economically, so they can regain the Congress, torment the president with a pseudo-judicial process, and go back to swimming in their swamp like happy, fat alligators. The Mueller appointment shuts them down but assures a reasonable process, and the chances of Trump having colluded with Putin to defraud the American electorate are equal to Chuck Schumer’s chances of becoming governor of Mississippi.

Trump had installed a competent cabinet and an irreproachable Supreme Court nominee and had started the repeal of the Obamacare fiasco, but now the roll-back of the global warming and Dodd-Frank regulatory shakedowns suddenly seemed vulnerable, at least to his haters, like a delayed act of deliverance from a perverted providence. From every furrowed leftist and defected neocon highbrow, there debouched a cuckoo bird, flapping and gibbering. The rabid Trump-haters of right and left swarmed our screens. Woodward and Bernstein, epochal myth-makers, ever-persisting geriatric greasers 45 years after Watergate, exhumed themselves to warn of the president’s turpitude. Eliot Cohen, perhaps the most overrated historian in America, rushed into print denouncing the president for giving secrets to the Russian foreign minister last week, simultaneously with the absolute assurance of the national security adviser, General McMaster, that the assertion was completely false. The Times’ principal token of intermittent balance, Ross Douthat, called for removal of the president from office for mental incompetence.

align=”right” Almost all of it is infantilist drivel and hypocrisy: the Golden Shower, collusion with the Kremlin to rig the election, tampering with justice according to a self-addressed Comey memo in which Trump wishes Flynn well. These are puny, sickly, pimply, conjurations of a constitutional argument-the contemptible last stand of the media swamp-reptiles. Bring it on.

Almost all of it is infantilist drivel and hypocrisy: the Golden Shower, collusion with the Kremlin to rig the election, tampering with justice according to a self-addressed Comey memo in which Trump wishes Flynn well. These are puny, sickly, pimply, conjurations of a constitutional argument-the contemptible last stand of the media swamp-reptiles. Bring it on.

In 48 years as the country’s chief investigator, J. Edgar Hoover never held press conferences with political overtones as Comey routinely did, or referred publicly to investigations before handing them over to the Justice Department.

The president made it clear that he seeks thoroughness even more than haste in concluding the investigation of the Russian collusion charges and innuendoes, and Mueller’s arrival proves it. The New York Times’ claim that Trump had upheld funding for the Russian investigation was debunked by the acting FBI director, Comey loyalist and Democrat Andrew McCabe. McCabe also debunked the theory that a special prosecutor was needed, as the FBI had not been interfered with and would carry out the investigation scrupulously and thoroughly. Rod Rosenstein debunked the Times-Post story that he (Rosenstein) had threatened to resign. Despite this, the unimaginably ludicrous Chuck Schumer still demanded a special prosecutor, now with a foregone conclusion of the ultimate result, as the price for approving any nominee for FBI director, (even if it were Hillary Clinton). Mueller’s appointment cuts the Democrats off at the ankles.

This time, the Democrats are headed for the last round-up. Trump should strengthen the White House staff. He will propose an FBI nominee of unquestionable stature and presumably secure confirmation. While Mueller and McCabe sort out the facts, the Supreme Court will toss out the attention-seeking antics of the West Coast flake-judges who gained their fleeting moment of gimcrack fame by challenging the president’s clear authority over immigration. The Democrats’ policy of obstruction will come crashing to ground, and the commentariat and White House press corps who are the real opposition now, will be afflicted by chronic glottal stops. The president will put through his health care and tax reforms and drive on. And the honeymoon to which all incoming holders of great office are entitled, will finally begin.

While the Clintons and Obamas wait to see if they are in danger of indictment, with no one of either family to lead the Democrats for the first time in 25 years, the once loyal opposition have sown and they shall reap. The president has evident draw-backs, but he is trying to do what he was elected to do. Trump’s enemies right now are an abominable mélange of snobbery, hypocrisy, and psychopathic partisanship. They will be weighed in the balance and they will be found wanting.

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About Conrad Black

Conrad Black has been one of Canada’s most prominent financiers for 40 years, and was one of the leading newspaper publishers in the world as owner of the British telegraph newspapers, the Fairfax newspapers in Australia, the Jerusalem Post, Chicago Sun-Times and scores of smaller newspapers in the U.S., and most of the daily newspapers in Canada. He is the author of authoritative biographies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, one-volume histories of the United States and Canada, and most recently of Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other. He is a member of the British House of Lords as Lord Black of Crossharbour.

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346 responses to “How the Comey Affair Will Be a Decisive Victory for the President”

  1. ‘Amen, amen to that fair prayer, say I’ (Shakespeare); but will the Republican alligators in the swamp agree to have their warm greasy bath of an environment drained?

  2. What does it say about me that I consider the accusation “you fired Comey and you’re like Nixon” to be positive statements testifying to the President’ s virtues?

    • It says you’re a discerning observer of the political scene rather than a fawning sycophant of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

      • Or a fawning advocate of the Trump Crime Syndicate, sorry Trump Organization, sorry Trump Administration. So many names, but it’s all same!

      • Typical republican, reading comprehension not a strong suit.

      • Yeah, it takes a real genius to comprehend left wing conspiracy theories about collusion with Russia.

      • No. The spelling is correct: T-R-U-M-P.
        It nearly rhymes with “corrupt” and obviously with “dump”, the latter being what he does on his supporters on a daily basis, but they still love it.

      • Indeed. But here’s the good news! The Suborning Succubus is not and NEVER will be president. You have to revel in the small victories.

  3. After Mueller determines the whole Trump/Russia collusion brouhaha is a nothingburger, perhaps someone will investigate how the CIA and Brennan were so inept and incompetent that they couldn’t prevent the DNC from being hacked. It’s not like they didn’t have decades of warnings that Russia likes playing with US elections.

    • Let’s also find out why terrorists, who are on the FBIs watch list, continue to commit acts or terror.

    • After Mueller ‘determines the whole Trump/Russia collusion brouhaha is a nothingburger,’ Democrats in Congress will immediately call for a special prosecutor to investigate MUELLER!!

    • The DNC was equivalent to Hillary Clinton: Both had a vested interest in colluding with criminals: Clinton with her pay-to-play, and the DNC with their campaign-distorting ouster of Bernie Sanders.

      Neither was willing to have the disinfecting light of day shine on their nefarious behavior for, had they done so, Hillary would have been indicted (and found guilty of multiple felonies), while the DNC (under the direction of Debbie who just yesterday threatened the captain of the Capitol Police for doing his duty) would have been expunged by the Democrat faithful.

      The Democrats (with the help of feckless Republicans) have no interest in governing “for the people”; no, their self-interest approaches unprecedented heights of corruption.

    • The DNC was not hacked. The leaks came from the inside.

    • The DNC wouldn’t allow any investigation of the alleged hacking of their server because it either never happened or they didn’t want their ‘campaign hyjinx’ to come to light.

      • Do not confuse the Hillary sycophants with simple facts. It confuses them and upsets them and they have already soiled their diapers enough for one year.

  4. Why does a Republican president have to be perfect in every way but a Democrat can be a lazy, narcissistic failure with willful ignorance of US history, geography and Constitution but be considered the “messiah”?

    • Because democrats have a collective IQ of single digits and the morals of dump rats.

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      • You eat the corn out of Donnie’s sh*t too Vlad?

      • Conrad Black? The guy who went to prison for defrauding investors? THAT Conrad Black? Well then, I remember when ol Conrad said he’d be proven innocent. So, Conrad saying that Trump will win is actually the kiss of death. Just sayin

      • The real facts.

        An executive with Hollinger, David Radler had misled the Hollinger directors, including Black about the extent of his own private participation in some of the rransactions to sell
        otherwise unclaimed community newspapers in the US. Radler, after about 18 months, promised to plead guilty to one count of fraud and to provide evidence against Black and others in
        exchange for a light sentence in Canada..

        In 2004, a shareholder-initiated prosecution of Black began in the United States. Over $80 million in assets were alleged to have been improperly taken and/or spent .[5] His original conviction was for three counts of fraud and one count of obstruction of justice in a U.S. court in 2007 and he was sentenced to six and a half years’ imprisonment. In 2011, two of the charges were overturned on appeal and he was re-sentenced to 42 months in prison on one count of mail fraud
        and one count of obstruction of justice.[6] Black was released on 4 May 2012, after serving 37 months in prison.

        Conrad Blacks real crime was a matter of lack of due diligence and one very questionable circumstance of obstruction of justice, not deliberately defrauding anyone. When you research the politics involved, you can easily see why the case went as it did in the first place.

        BTW, Conrad Black was one of the few people who predicted that Donald Trump would be our president, and overall he’s had a pretty good track record in predicting these things.

        Here’s hoping that last factoid spoiled your day.

      • So when you have a problem dealing with the message, you choose instead to attack the messenger.

      • Hmm… that must mean mindless sheep like you have an IQ in the negative digits. It is pieces of human trash like you that makes the world the way it is.

      • no wonder you lost and will continue to do so. All you can do is insult and tell people how much better than them you are. It’s not going to get you any friends, and will leave you just as you are now, powerless and in the midst of a temper tantrum. I’m hoping eventually you’ll pull yourself together enough to realize that you’re just hurting your own cause, but I don’t have a lot of confidence that you will be able to let go of this hate that you have.

      • LMAO at your handle…the Republicans haven’t held this many offices nationwide for 100 years! Keep up the good work, sport!

      • The country is well served to have unhinged slime like you show what liberals look like.

      • Psst: Most dems have higher IQs than the other side of the spectrum, its a scientific fact….. But then again you dont believe in facts.

      • When ur side likes to import criminals from other countries to infect ours. I not only question ur intelligence I wonder about ur sanity.

      • I’d question the nefarious self-serving motives of the left importing votes that will ultimately destroy the host civilisation.
        Who says so? HISTORY says so.
        Middle east had NONE of those barbarians in 600AD

      • Can you post the link to that scientific study please? Or are you just pushing out fake news?

      • Come on, now. You know he doesn’t have any evidence to support his idiotic comment! That’s why all he did was post and run. Fake news is all they have!

      • It is just standard DemonCrap Party nonsense, proof of Dr. Goebbels axiom that is you tell a lie big enough, frequently enough and long enough people will come believe it. There is another falsehood they’ve been claiming for more than 50 years comparing Republicans to Nazi’s. “Nazi” is the German acronym for the “National Socialist German Worker’s Party.” “Nazi’s” were actually socialist, philosophical next of kin to “Democrats,” “Progressives,” “Bolsheviks” and “Fascists.”

      • Not even remotely close to true. There are far more on the left with useless degrees in things like “gender studies” and such so as to say they tend to be more “educated”, but that’s about as good as you’re going to get. Everyone with a brain knows conservatives tend to be thinkers while liberals tend to be feelers. Indeed it’s an old saying that if you’re 18 and a conservative, you have no heart but if you’re 25 and a liberal, you have no brain. Rational thinking is always better than acting based on emotions!

        Of course, if you can provide sources for your so-called “scientific fact”, then this conversation wouldn’t even be needed.

      • It wasn’t until my third year of engineering school that I realized well over 70% of my classmates were conservative/libertarian. I had just assumed that all 18-22 year olds were liberal. I should’ve known they weren’t since they spent a lot of time working and studying and zero time protesting.

      • That’s because like you, they weren’t doing FAKE degrees.
        That’s the portend: What are people “studying”?

      • Half of those degrees are worthless in the real world. It’s probably why so many young adults today still live at home. I mean, seriously, in today’s economy who’s gonna hire some kid with no real job experience and a degree in “gender studies,” as you said. Parents are CRAZY to pay for that crap.

      • Tertiary education like that is seen as day care for grown up kids.

        Engineers know how many things, including the world, work and so are sensible and fun loving. It’s those jackasses in humanities who make all the noise and break stuff.

      • Dems have great difficulty winning national election without areas like Philadelphia, an area that has around a 50% high school graduation rate

      • The rate is not that low. A simple Google search shows this in several articles.

      • Who’s smarter, a brain surgeon or a car mechanic? It all depends on what you need done. I wouldn’t trust my mechanic with surgery, but I also would never trust a brain surgeon to fix my car. There are many different types of intelligence, however in my life, i have seen one constant; those that need to talk about how smart they are usually are not nearly as smart as they think they are.

      • He said IQ. He did not say smarter. Have you ever taken an IQ test? I am a Trump lover and my IQ is 136.

      • take your meds
        both sides stink and you know it
        they don’t give a damn about you or me wake the hell UP
        just think if we got together…….we would scare them all

      • Right. The Watts neighborhood in L.A., and Barrio Logan in East L.A., for two examples, are chock-full of rocket scientists and brain surgeons.

        Hell, even Maxine Waters won’t live in her District.

        I won’t get into Sheila Jackson-Lee asking about the Mars Rover, or the Congressman who was concerned about the island of Guam tipping over.

      • Evidence? Didn’t think you had any. Dim witted Democrats just say their statements are facts without providing one shred of evidence.

      • I keep up with the literature in my field and I’m pretty sure you can’t cite a high quality, well-designed study that reported actual findings that most Dems have higher IQs than thd other side of the spectrum. I’ve seen the manure-non-science where they don’t actually compare the IQs of a broad range of adult Dems to the IQs of a broad range of adult Repubs – but those aren’t science and only a colossal moron would cite that crap.
        Let’s see the links to the top cognitive science journals that validate your claim of “scientific fact.”

    • Utter nonsense.

      This ‘republican’ ‘president’ has a lifetime of being a liar that cheats, scams, and insults people.

      Your fake lament isn’t even close to reality.

      • Hillary Backer (HB), did you not like President Trump’s strong stance against terrorism in the Middle East?

        You vastly prefer an Obamaesque politically correct dance around the subject of Islamic extremism? Hillary Backer, do you believe if we cannot have a utopian conservative president we should just nihilistically burn the country down?

        President Trump surely scammed us about that Supreme Court pick. Wow…Neil Gorsuch! What a non-conservative! Also, his cabinet of non-conservatives. And VP Mike Pence! All part of the “big scam,” right, Hillary Backer?

      • I’ll give sleazy trump credit for Gorsuch. Of course, any REAL Republican President, honest in background, no scams, no cheating partners, no wife beating… would have done the same thing.

        You like trump. He is a fake. 70 years of sleazy, slimy behavior… and he even had to settle a $25,000,000 SCAM before taking office… not to mention that he had to admit to the IRS that he took money from his ‘foundation’ for personal use… just like his good friend hillery.

        But YOU like his sleazy & slimy conduct. Says something.
        Now, go away.

      • Little.

        Trump picked him to begin with, along with other Russian influencers… Manefort, Stone, and then it still took days/weeks for trump to deal with Flynn.

      • Did Flynn commit a crime? Right now, the answer is an obvious no.

      • OMG…Russia…Russiiaa…Russsiiiaaa…OMG…OMG…you idiots sound like autistic parrots. Go back to Mother Jones, douchenozzle.

      • Time for YOU to “go away”, History-distorter.

        You’d rather have Hillary Clinton running the country, and she’d run it, all right–right into the ground.

        So take your fetid gimcrack comments and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

        And take your own advice because we’ve got a country to turn around (and will damn well do it, too): GO AWAY!

      • Deadenders like HB simply are amusing. They were total frauds, and when it came time to save the nation they failed it. If HB, the execrable Evan McMullin, etc., had their way, they would have been directly responsible for more abortions than Kermit Gosnell, the cessation of Second Amendment rights, the total loss of national sovereignty, the continued erosion of American greatness, fill in the blank.

        They have been driven from the party. Now cut off the funding for their think tanks and lobbying gigs. History will treat them as they deserve: the last gasp of a discredited, disgusting ideology that lacked the principle actually to fight anything other than foreign nations if the conflict lined their pockets and those of their patrons.

        Good riddance.

      • I’m not going to try to defend Trump. He has his faults but he’s not nearly as bad as many make him out to be.

        But he surely is much preferable to the sleazy, Odious , corrupt Hillary and that was our choice in Nov.

      • trump could only have beaten hillery. Any of the main Republican Candidates could have beaten any Democrat.

        I can respect anyone’s decision to support trump… ‘if’… they were honest with themselves about trump’s sleaze… and would, and does, hold trump accountable to a Zero level of sleaze in the white house.

      • It sounds like you fell down on the job of supporting anyone of the alternate Rs running for the nomination. You, and your ilk, failed to keep Trump from getting the nomination.

        If you had worked harder at convincing all the folks in fly-over country that Ted/Jeb/John/ anyone else would be better than Trump, you may have gotten your desire. Step back and look at the pitiful failed effort and your ilk accomplished.

        I wish I could say I have pity for you and all the #NEVERTRUMPERS, but I don’t, I only have contempt for your continued opposition to getting the country going in another direction instead of “around the bowl and down the hole”.

      • President Trump stands behind what’s good for America and we should stand behind him!

        MAGA! America First!

      • Ok. He’s a sleazy & slimey guy. I get it.

        But he’s MY sleazy & slimy guy. As opposed to the alternative, the dem’s HilderBeast.

        So I like it. And you don’t. Which says something else.

      • Hot water compared to boiling water will still burn you.

        And burn you badly.

      • Except boiling water leaves permanent damage, while your body can adjust to hot water after a while.
        Sounds like you’d actually prefer the Hilderbeast, and everything that comes with her.

      • Nonsense. Both forms of ‘heat’ can kill you dead.

        Hillery? This slime ball could be stymied & rejected by the REAL Republican Congress.

        Trump? Pretends to be Conservative to get along with REAL Republicans in Congress… and institutes a new low level of sleaze in Washington under the auspices of ‘Conservative’ that will permanently destroy what credibility Conservatism has.

        You tell me – a stymied hillery… or a corrupt Republican Party and discredited Conservatism… which is better in 2024?

      • HB your entire argument is lynchpinned on the concept of a “stymied” HRC had the witch been elected. That would require a loyal and competent GOP.

        The last 8 years have convinced me that HRC would have ruled unopposed. The majority Congress did nothing to oppose O’bastard’s agenda and they would have green lighted her too. Trump may be all the things you say he is, but he is dismantling the political cabal and he should be supported for that alone if nothing else.

      • So how do you propose to ever resurrect any sense of Honesty, Ethics, and competence in the White House… much less American Government?

        And remember – trump’s recorded factual history of sleaze, dishonesty, and cheating is overwhelmingly bad… and uncontestable.

      • I don’t propose any such thing because I sadly don’t think it can be restored. But there is no hope for honesty and integrity at all until the political criminal enterprise is exposed and the swamp drained. We’re slaves of the Syndicate who divide us and we’re helpless until they’re broken.

      • trump’s Hillary’s recorded factual history of sleaze, dishonesty, and cheating is overwhelmingly bad… and uncontestable.

        Fixed it for you.

      • Na… just did the trumper thing, and missed half the problem.

        Did you know… trump is a hillery supporter?

      • If they didn’t green light Hillary, they would have been pilloried in the fake news media.

        Hillaried or pilloried are twos ides of the same coin.

      • Dude, I am in admiration of your moral position of ‘Never Support The Evil’. It’s a great life to lead. However, you know it does not work in the corrupt political framework we have in the US. Instead, we have lessor of two evils.

        We get stuff like Clinton v Bush I, or Clinton v Dole. Bush v Gore, or Bush v Kerry. We got Obama v McCain and Obama v Romney. Pick the perfect conservative candidate.

        None of the republican candidates had a history that didn’t include liberal compromise. Yet I infer you voted, most of the time, for the Republican over the Democrat, or didn’t vote.

        The Repugnican party is already corrupt, when it stepped away from conservatism in 1992, and began to be focused not on leading but rather focused on ruling. So like millions of other, I go with what I got: Trump. Who is the better candidate over Clinton, or anyone supported by the dems.

        As far as discredited conservatism…. naw. Conservatism can’t be discredited. The Republican party can be discredited – since they are running about 50% liberal in their beliefs. A Republican legislator or candidate can be discredited – since they compromise to get elected. These are electorate issues. Can the Republicans convince the voters that the republican is the better candidate?

        But conservatism is weakened only when the argument or arguers don’t resonate with the culture. Conservatism doesn’t get beat by the electorate, it get’s beat up or beat down when its adherents start making compromises, or put of spokespeople that are ethically or morally challenged.

        None of which has anything to do with Trump not being the better candidate, or more favorable to conservative principles. This PRETEND conservative has done more for his conservative base that any previous supposed conservative president or congress since at least Reagan. I don’t care if he’s doing it for ego, or because he’s making mistakes, or because whatever – as long as he’s doing it. Pretty much along the lines as he’s promised.
        People like you are having a old argument. The presidency has been decided for the next three, and probably seven years. Trump’s not you’re guy. We get it. he has faults. We get it.

        But he’s not a Clinton. Kerry. Or Gore. and he’s sure as hell not McCain or Romney. Looks like he compromised less that either Bush. Or anyone you had picked the last election.

        Continue to press your arguments, but really they devolve into petulant, moot points. You should be investing your time into convincing people to support the next conservative candidate, rather than tearing down the best candidate conservatives have right now.

      • Please, do tell. Provide evidence of the “new low level of sleaze in Washington” that Trump is ushering in. It seems that Washington is against him BECAUSE D.C. regularly operates (on both sides of the aisle) by bowing to lobbyists.

        As far as the so-called “REAL Republican Congress” goes, haven’t Republicans controlled the House for over 6 years and the Senate for over 2 years now? During the time that these so-called “REAL Republicans” have been in control, did they ever exhibit a spine and force Obama to veto some legislation they put forth? We all know the answer to that! Your “REAL Republicans” are either spineless jellyfish going with the tide OR they are closet DemocRATs who showered Obama with their obeisance!

        As imperfect as Donald Trump is, he was elected because he was willing to take a strong stand against the politically correct doctrines that would provide free tuition at propaganda mills (formerly known as colleges and universities) and would encourage illegal immigration to continue unchecked (while fattening the voter rolls of the DemocRATs). Donald Trump can be crude. But he is fighting against those who would remake this country into a follower of the One World Order.

        For that, I say “Hooray! About time someone had the guts to stand up against the folly of this age!”

      • And the new norm for a ‘president’ will be 20 lies/wk, and at least One Billion Dollars in hidden personal profits in the first two years.

        Not to mention, the abandonment of presidential primaries because with all the lying by candidates, as approved by the DNC/RNC, the debates become meaningless – the candidates forget what they promised, or did not say what they mean.

      • That’s just a diatribe. Let’s try this again. Please provide EVIDENCE of what Trump has brought to D.C. Have you observed any malfeasance in his conduct as President? Or have you just witnessed innuendo whispered to a media that thought that Obama could walk on water and hates the thought that Trump will undo the messiah’s bringing Big Brother and a One World Order into being?

      • How about taking weeks to fire Mike Flynn?

        How about lying about obama wiretapping him?

        How about lying about mexico paying for trump’s wall?

        How about lying about deporting 11,000,000 illegals?

        How about lying about divesting himself of his business affairs?

        How about lying about revealing his Taxes?

        That’s good for starters.

      • “Hillery? This slime ball could be stymied & rejected by the REAL Republican Congress.”

        Isn’t that an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp?

      • Another 1000+ post per month paid troll heard from.
        Now go away.

      • Hehehe… your lord trump… personally sued 150 times… no wonder he has a good trump lawyer ‘ready to go’!

        “Since the early 1980s, Trump personally has been sued at least 150 times in federal court, records show. Only a handful of those cases are pending, with the ones involving Trump University being the most significant.”


      • Cut and paste garbage from a paid troll. No one cares. Now go away.

      • People don’t sue deadbeats. There is no money to be had.

      • HB is a lot of things, but he is no Hillary voter.
        He is the very model of a modern major never Trumper
        Believes with his whole being that Trump is bad for America, and thus will NEVER say anything positive about the pres, just like Billy Kristol. HB used to comment on RCP all the time, but I think it got too toxic for him, haven’t seen him in a while. other than that, he’s a pretty conservative fellow and pretty smart to boot. I used to enjoy talking to him before he went mad with TDS.

      • Good post. I see the same thing with HB. My question to HB is ” would you rather have Hillary or Donald in the WH. “. I answered that last Nov with a vote for Donald and against Hillary. It was an easy decision.

        And now I see Trump as a strong, wise president. Not perfect by a long shot, he has some glaring faults. But he is strong enough to stand up to the unhinged MSM and democrats.

        My message to HB is ” Go with the flow if it’s flowing in the right direction “.

      • TDS has turned some otherwise decent people into complete effing lunatics.

      • I don’t get it. After the primary was over, it was (1) Trump or (2) Hillary, Destroyer of Worlds.

        Dennis Prager–NOT an early Trump supporter–gave a great analogy. You’ve got to open one of two doors. One has a lion (Hillary), and one MAY have a lion (Trump). Which one do you open with only those two choices?

        Easy choice…I would think. But some legitimately good conservatives apparently don’t see it. Are they “too moral”? I don’t get it.

      • That was my whole point…I get that he is a “conservative.” But impractical conservatism–not supporting Trump and giving aid and comfort to the insane left–is just bonkers.

        That’d be like saying we can’t drop a bomb on Hiroshima because of civilian casualties. You could make the case that it was “immoral” to do that because it was the ends that justified the means.

        Until people like HB show some non-wacko TDS behavior, they’re part and parcel of the crazy left. They won’t make a distinction between Trump vs. Hillary, so why should I make a distinction between those on the left and those who assist the left?

      • Since Trump has maintained throughout the campaign that you can’t fight terrorism without calling it “radical Islamic terrorism”, he danced around it in the Mid East. He never used the words he said were necessary to effectively fight terrorism.

      • Did you read the speech because I’m almost positive he did say that phrase. Just once.

      • People can have this right in their face and they can’t see it because of their Trump derangement.

      • It isn’t specific enough because Trump made a big deal about calling it “radical Islamic terrorism” and that you couldn’t defeat it without calling it just that. Then there’s the point he repeatedly made about Clinton accepting money from Islamic countries for the Clinton Foundation when these suppressed women’s rights, yet he accepts money from Saudi Arabia into his daughter’s foundation which is dedicated to advancing women’s rights.

      • The speech was just after he bowed to the king of Saudia Arabia. Did you catch the interview with Jeanine Pirro on Fox where she squelched the video of the event at the point just prior to the bow? Priceless.

      • No bow……you are mistaken…..that bower you saw was the fraud POS…….

      • Bwaaw! The whole world saw it! bellowing Pirro frantically signaled the control room to cut the tape right before he bent over! Next you’re going to tell me that he didn’t push the other NATO attendee out of the way so he could get to the front! Like a frikkin three year old! You trump ball washers are willing to deny everything to hide from the obvious.

      • The only so-called president who bowed was Obummer, our antiAmerican Muslim-loving, president with the most corrupt administration in American history!

        Thank God for President Trump!

        MAGA! America First!

      • Don’t they have TV service in your trailer park? Your fat little draft dodger bent over like a little bitch to the king for the whole world to see. Nice. He kowtows to the king of Saudi Arabia but pushes around our friends at NATO. Whose side is he on?

      • He specifically said “ISLAMIC TERRORISM” or words nearly to that effect.

        So, don’t give me that malarkey. He didn’t dance around anything.

      • Sure he did. He didn’t say the words “radical Islamic terrorism” which he said were necessary to the fight on terrorism. It was his constant complaint about Obama. Then he goes to an Islamic country and doesn’t say the words he said are necessary to defeat terrorist. Instead he uses words like Obama.

        By the way following up with “or words nearly to that effect” basically contradicts the “specifically said Islamic terrorism”.

      • You’re dense. He’s said those words many times. Why does he have to say them every single time? Those exact words are necessary EVERY SINGLE TIME? It’s the attitude that the words reflect.

        Did Obama ever make such a speech in Saudi Arabia? Or was he going around apologizing for America’s position? Grow up.

      • Yes those words are necessary every single time if you are criticizing someone else for not saying them. Yes those words are necessary when you are speaking to the very people you have directed those words against previously. I’m sorry for you that you feel you have to defend Trump’s cowardice in not saying the words that he said repeatedly in the safety of the US.

      • If you’re criticizing someone for never uttering those words, you have to utter them EVERY time?

        I feel sorry that you’re so dumb. Trump’s attitude is completely different than Obama’s…and that’s the underlying point that you fail to grasp.

      • No, I grasp that point completely. I also grasp the point that Trump repeatedly said that if you can’t say the words “radical Islamic terrorism” you can’t defeat terrorism. I also grasp the fact that Trump didn’t have the courage to use those words in front of Muslim leaders. I also grasp the fact that you will go to any length to defend your vote because you can’t admit the guy you chose is unfit to be president.

      • Didn’t have the courage? You’re a complete idiot. He just removed us from the horrible Paris Agreement, despite the firestorm from tools like you.

        You have no idea what you’re talking about. What’s your IQ? Low double digits? Why not leave the country if he’s so unfit? Do us all a favor!

      • Yep, he didn’t have the courage. And all your juvenile insults won’t change that. And trying to change the topic of the conversation won’t change that.

      • Trump is much stronger on terrorism than your messiah, the failed Obama. (I’m thoroughly enjoying watching Trump completely dismantle Obama’s legacy, by the way.)

        So, you can try to “fact-check” about wording when Trump is clearly strongly anti-radical Islamic terrorism. He’s said that and demonstrated that over and over again.

        All your idiocy doesn’t change that.

      • Interesting Historybuff, please give us more information and educate us.

      • Ah… another new trump troll name.

        But there’s only one truly massive liar in this race: Donald Trump. When Politico attempted to measure how many lies Trump told over the course of 4.6 hours of speeches, they found that he lied, on average, once every five minutes. When Huffington Post catalogued his lies over the course of just one town hall event, they came up with 71 lies. ….. Which made it relatively easy to come up with this not-even-close-to-complete list of 101 lies from Donald Trump.”


      • HB glad you could respond. I wonder if you will ever sit down and honestly look at both sides with your open mind. I have never said Trump is ideal as that doesn’t exist in humans.

        If you truly want to be taken serious and not just be another slave of the liberal plantation may I suggest you give as much scrutiny to all. Please save the melodramatic hyperbole if you choose to respond ( which I kniw you will) and stick to the facts that are proven. By the way quoting Politico does not bolster your arguments as with quoting any news source as they are all bias in one way or another.

        Try using your brain and common sense along with objective reasoning.

      • “By the way quoting Politico does not bolster your arguments as with quoting any news source as they are ‘all’ bias in one way or another.”

        I don’t know how an informed political discussion can be had without using “all” available news sources.

        It seems to me that one, like HB, who reads [both] Politico and American Greatness, two news sources with opposite agendas, is employing his/her “brain and common sense along with objective reasoning”.

        Conversely, limiting your news sources, or advocating such a practice, based on what it is you want to hear or what it is you expect to agree with, is the very definition of a “narrow mind”.

      • I agree Danny but I shall not engage in a title for tat with. One ready numerous sites and rejecting all the doesn’t fit their paradigm, it just means they mad the effort (which is admirable but hollow).

      • “When Politico attempted to measure how many lies Trump told over the course of 4.6 hours of speeches, they found that he lied, on average, once every five minutes”

        Dang, that’s almost as much as Politico and Huffpo lie.

      • Politico. HuffPo…Really? Really? You call yourself “Historybuff and cite those “sources” as legitimate? Go away.

      • You just described generations of the lefty way.

        Look in the mirror and tell your 2nd grade teacher you want the real history books so you won’t sound like such a foolish tool.

      • Love it when you trump trolls try to pass off your lord trump as being ‘honest… ‘

        But set Trump’s rhetorical assaults aside if you want. He is also a pathological liar.“The man lies all the time,” according to Thomas Wells, Trump’s former lawyer. Tony Schwartz, the co-writer of “The Art of the Deal,” says that “lying is second nature to him.” The record supports that conclusion.

        Trump’s entire background is a lie.

      • First, he is not Lord Trump but God-Emperor. (Joke.)

        Second, it’s useful to remember that he’s spent his *entire life* in construction and development of residences, hotels, and resorts and sees everything through those experiences rather than those of academia or diplomacy.

        We’re not his subjects, we’re his clients. I doubt that he even recognizes that when he’s selling to us, that he is contradicting earlier statements. I think his principal driver is to make us happy and put us in a good place, which he sees as being fully compatible with maximizing his self-interest.

        All in all, it is fairly alarming to have a president with the values of a realtor. But I think it is interesting too. We just had a lawyer president, highly trained in logical thought, and those who value open displays of intelligence felt assuaged. But we have to be somewhat careful with lawyers, too. They are useful servants, but as leaders I am uneasy with their professional habit of mind in which whatever is legal is also right and good.

      • “highly trained in logical thought”

        That’s a dubious assertion.

      • Well, I haven’t been through Harvard Law School personally but my understanding is that it’s not a bad program.

      • …”We just had a lawyer president, highly trained in logical thought, and those who value open displays of intelligence felt assuaged.:…
        You are joking, I presume? Otherwise, there is no hope for you.

      • Indeed? Strangely, I feel comfortable going forward without the benefit of you having hope for me.

      • We had a lawyer community organizer who spent eight years trying to destroy America!

        Thank God for President Trump!

        MAGA! America First!

      • Hehehe, so you are happy being lied to and told what you will think.

        So much for participative self government.

      • Ok good job. Give yourself a participation award and polish your “2016 Election Hillary the Loser” commemorative fake gold coin.

      • You handle is kind of ridiculous, since your handle on history amounts to childish adhominems. In other words throwing insults does not make you a history buff, it makes you an average flame throwing moron.

      • HAHAHAHAHA! You’d think that would be enough to make libtards shut their pie holes but noooooo, facts only matter when it is convenient for them or when “facts” are made up to support their justification of their mentally insane thought process.

      • He was forgiven for being a Democrat and recanted his vile ways //sarc.

        When you see the light, you may also be forgiven and join the “born again” Americans.; -)

      • We REAL Republicans don’t forgive hillery supporters like trump quite so easily…

        That $100,000 that trump gave to the clinton ‘foundation’ still sticks in our craw.

    • Because journalists admire the crease in Democratic president’s pants and Democratic presidents send chills up journalists’ legs.

      • Didn’t Chris Matthews say that about Dubya when he landed on the aircraft carrier… or did he get a big stiffy off watching Obama, too? That guy is the biggest TARD on TV.

    • Because the progs own the culture. Media, academia, Hollywood, they’ve got it all. And they use it ruthlessly.

    • Marxist minions ALWAYS believe their leaders are messiahs.

      That is why they blindly follow them into servitude.

    • I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that by “lazy, narcissistic failure with willful ignorance of US history, geography, and Constitution…” you are referring to President Obama. The stupidity of you and people like you would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous.

    • trump is the biggest narcissist ever to be president. without question

    • Because the media has become an extension of the DNC. They don’t even pretend anymore that they are not.

    • Because the democrat shilling msm and their masters the socialistcommunist dems have plotted and planned it this way since the beginining of the 20th century. They began to take over the schools k-grad, take over the mediaentertainment, the judicial to make war on common sense, family, the Constitution and this nation.

    • I think things are this way because the default position with looney liberals is that Republicans are evil and, therefore, need to be stopped. They view Democrats as sometimes wrong, but ultimately kindhearted and good in their noble quests. This truly evil notion has infected our national discourse and threatens our very existence.

    • Because a kindergarten class makes up the Mainstream Media. How any sane person can vote for any Democrat is a mystery. Ten decades of failed Democrat policies apparently isn’t enough. The stupid party hasn’t covered themselves in glory either. The GOPe just loves their proximity to power and perks lavished on them by K Street and Donor class. Country apparently doesn’t matter.

  5. Conrad Black…….is great…..can we get him somehow into the WH as an advisor….?

    • That won’t work. You can’t have two insufferable narcissists with backgrounds as dodgy businessmen in the White House. It will end in tears….

      • If President Trump can get along with that communist who runs the Vatican, certainly these Trump and Black will be far more productive than any prior president in this modern era.

  6. I would like to believe Conrad’s projection, but I am far less optimistic.
    I fear the NeverTrump GOP elites like Ryan, McCain, Graham, Sasse, Flake and also McConnell to an extent will backstab Trump, and the RINO’s like Collins will continue to be dumb.

    • Trump should use the bully pulpit on these guys…He should call them out asking the people of Arizona, Kentucky, Nebraska, and South Carolina to replace the feckless RINO’s with true conservatives…

    • I must agree. I believe the author to be optimistic that anything the left attempts will ever come crashing down, because it will never be reported or painted as such by them. They will simply claim false victory and move on to the next gasping manufactured accusation and run it up the news cycle. So long as they have a broadcast forum to the masses, I expect they will continue the diatribe and double-down on “a madness that has gripped the American political class as it sinks beneath the brackish, fecal waters of the swamp it has filled and wallowed in happily for twenty years” for at least another four.

      • President Trump needs to suspend the “press pool” and replace it with direct written answers to submitted questions, first published to the American public through various social networks and the White House web site.

    • Thanks so much for the referral to the State Of The Nation article. It is a brilliant piece, that makes a lot of sense.

  7. This may well come to pass. But those on the insane left, are just rabid with Donald Trump hatred. How would anyone be able to relieve these feelings, of the far left ? Personally I don’t give a rat’s behind about the left. I wouldn’tpeeonthem if their pants were on fire. . . .

  8. Trump needs to can McCabe….I don’t trust that little skunk any further than I can p!$$ through a Texas hurricane…and I’ve survived 3

  9. I’m not so sanguine. Mueller had a glaring conflict of interest and still took the job: he is a former FBI director and mentored and befriended his successor–James Comey. Mueller may not spark Yugoslavia the Sequel and try to manufacture a crime against President Trump, but he may bend over backwards to charge Flynn or someone else with something, anything. He’s certainly not going to bring charges against Clinton and the Obama cabal even though there is ample evidence they committed numerous, serious felonies. Comey betrayed his office and the United States and protected those folks, and the Banana Empire protects its own.

    • Agree to all, yet of anyone – Trump is the only one to drain the corrupt deep state – there is that hope…

  10. WTF? Realclearpolitics linked to THIS? What’s next, Infowars?

    • That’s where the pro-Trump commentary is these days. And every day is a race to bottom. That Conrad Black is considered worthy says a lot! Eventually there will be Jeremy Corsi articles and transcripts of Alex Jones rants.

      • Let me guess–you supported the fetid swamp Washington has become because you personally benefit from the current criminality of the occupants.

        Congratulations for outing yourself, Will.

      • Me. I can say I absolutely got no benefit from the Swamp or the deeply corrupt orangutan currently occupying the White House. But let’s remember that Conrad Black once ran wholeheartedly with that crowd, with the swamp. He’s just bitter because his connections (he used to be on the Bilderberg Steering Committee and his two memoirs are exercises in name-dropping) didn’t let him get off scot free.

    • The Washington Bureau Chief of RealClearPolitics is s piece of work

  11. I like the article, and I hope he is right. Because I want major disruption in the DC swamp, and I liked a lot of the campaign promises that Trump made, I voted for him. But I’m torn now on impeachment. I really want him to succeed, but I have a morbid desire to see him impeached, because I think the movement that put him in office will become even more intense if they were to do so. I’m hoping for a blood bath in the Republican primary season akin to 2010 and after. I know the Tea Party kind of got co-opted, but still like the values they espoused, and anything that makes the establishment uncomfortable, I’m for. (Short of a democrat majority coming back in:))

    • Are you old enough to remember 1974? The GOP deserted Nixon like the rats they were, and sharks in the media were only too happy to drill more holes in his ship of state – which gave us Carter in 1976.

      Bill Clinton, on the other hand, had his ever-loyal Democrats and fawning media to circle the wagons around him, and the GOP has suffered for its “overreach” ever since.

      This despite the fact that the offenses committed by both Nixon and Clinton were essentially the same: abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and perjury.

      So please, let us merely hope that the TDS cockroaches find their own overreach towards obstructionism and impeachment, so early in President Trump’s term, forevermore forces them to shut their discredited yaps. I really don’t want to live the rest of my life listening to the gloating of corruptocrats who have successfully orchestrated a coup d’etat out of pique at losing an election they had been assured was rigged beyond question in their favor.

  12. The first sentence reveals a partisan hack who has no interest in objective analysis.

    • Maybe someone’s angling for a presidential pardon so he can travel to the US again?

    • That coming from someone whose one-sentence comment reveals a distortion of reality.

  13. The Democratic Party and the lying corrupt Fake News Media are no longer just colluding in a campaign of lies, distortion, and propaganda against the President and Government of the USA. They are now engaged in a campaign of open Sedition against the President and Government of the USA. Their seditious campaign of lies and Hate will blow up in their faces just like their arrogance and hatred for average Americans blew up on them on Election Day.

  14. Check Comey’s history: Sandy Burger, Ashcroft/Gonzalez, Scooter Libby. He has been protector of Dems, scourge of Republicans. Note, his friend now talking for him is trashing Rosenstein as questionable as to independence. Also always a drama queen And conflicts of interest. His brother works for Clinton Foundation’s law firm, on Foundation matters, includig internal audits and tax reuturns. Criminal investigation of Hillary would extend to his brother. Comey himself was General Counsel for LockheedMartin and somehow involved in Lockheed’s’ donation to Foundation. He put his deputy, McCabe, in charge of Hillary emails investigation. McCabe and his wife part of Clintonworld – close enough to Clinton benefactor/campaign manager, Terry McAuliffe, to get $750,00 from him for her failed Senate run. How could either Comey or McCabe be in charge of Hillary investigation? Prosecutorial misconduct to not recuse themselves.


    • The voters elected President Trump for starters. We need to support him more now than ever.

      • Yes. If you have GOP member of Congress, crucial to call/email their offices to express support. (Names and addresses and phone numbers can be found on google.)

  15. Which intelligence agency leaked the Duterte phone call?

  16. Wow. Andrew McCarthy, VDH and now Conrad Black. I wonder how long before these NR writers are fired for wandering off the NT reservation.

    • They’ve ALWAYS been “off the NT reservation”, Peter. Where have you been?

      Besides, who better to help destroy the swamp than those who have a deeper vocabulary than “impeach” or “collusion”?

  17. This is so tiring…the problem with Comey is only marginally related to his performances with the press. The real problem is that he conducted an investigation that tried really hard to not find multiple felonies, and failed at at that, and then recommended no prosecution anyway. The idea of holding high government officials to “a higher standard” went completely out the window and was replaced by “the FBI has your back.” What makes it worse is that Replublicans did not rise up in outrage, they breathed a sigh of relief for some reason. There was no outrage even close to what is happening with Trump faces with a fake story about Russian collusion. And here we have a piece by a so-called conservative accepting the premise that Comey made a judgement call, supporting the idea that Comey is some sort of patriot, and trying to normalize all this by making the issue one of how Comey handled the conclusion. Ridiculous and patently transparent. And utter nonsense.

  18. I urge all to contact their congressional representatives and insist they back this president. Go to the government site and check their voting record. Go to C-Span, and watch Mulvaney’s testimony on the budget. Arm yourselves with facts.

    Despite the fact that the MSM, the Clinton machine and the Obama machine worked so hard towards his failure, Trump still one. He may be the last chance to get this country back on track.

  19. I am somewhat disappointed that impeachment is not going to happen. This country needs a cleansing civil war that eliminates the leftist swine once and for all.

    • You guys tried something like that in 1861. How did that work out for you?

      • You mean when the Dem South got their As whipped?
        When slaves were freed from them.
        But ya, too bad the Dem still have them back on the plantation.
        This time we’ll finish the job and really free everyone from you Socialists.


      • That’s almost exactly what your forebears said 156 yrs ago. Go for it!

      • That was then this is now…

        Now we have transparency, too bad for you exposed swamp creatures.

        Going For It!

        Draining you swamp creatures…


    • So SAD yet so very very TRUE SouthernNationalist!!!! Thank You!!!!! PURE “MAGA”!!!!!

  20. If only the prognostications of this article were to come true. We would be living in a Ronald Reagan America once again. Conrad I am very happy that you are not writing for the never-Trump, neo-con defectors National Review mafia, and hope your transition to American Greatness is permanent.

  21. “he seized upon the compromising misconduct of the attorney general, Loretta Lynch in meeting with President Clinton to make the decision not to leave it to the equally publicity-eager deputy attorney general Sally Yates and not any prosecutor,”

    The only problem with this statement is that Lynch announced on July 1st that because of the impropriety of meeting with Bill Clinton, she would defer any prosecution decisions to the investigators, the FBI. The problem that Comey created for himself is that instead simply saying “no charges would be brought against Clinton”, he went on and on about the investigation.

  22. …the brackish, fecal swamp the democrats have wallowed in for twenty years.

    Mr. Black, you’ve been there and KNOW that swamp is a lot older than twenty years.

    Sunk into the stricture, the ground, the foundations of the nation by “the brave warriors”, the Woodsteins and Ben Bradlee.

    The big boys on the block of the Legacy Media as originators of “fake news” to engineer their Long Game for the nation.

    At the time, the monopoly “information / entertainment / educational Media. So only outliers easily dismissible shooting back.

    To Oust a no questions asked legally elected BY The People President from office?

    A President who “just happens” to be anathema to the “Special interests” of those who, WITH their weapon of mass destruction FAKE News presented him as evil incarnate.

    To establish the structural Dynasty of their political faction to the powers needed to do what as “the incestuous Left and those who cover for them”gotta to in their “intent” to FUNDAMENTALLY transform the nation”.

    • While almost every sentence you write makes no sense whether read frontwards or backwards, the one comment you wrote that is the least incomprehensible is re ” special interests'” and can be responded to. The only “special interests” Trump is for sure not an anathema to, is himself, his brand and his bottom line. Those “special interests will always be all he ever cares about and will be attended to as long as he lives, whether he is president or out of public life and back to conning as many suckers and banks as he has always managed to do.

    Trump Was Not Always So Linguistically Challenged

    “STAT reviewed decades of Trump’s on-air interviews and compared them to Q&A sessions since his inauguration. The differences are striking and unmistakable.”

    “Research has shown that changes in speaking style can result from cognitive decline. STAT therefore asked experts in neurolinguistics and cognitive assessment, as well as psychologists and psychiatrists, to compare Trump’s speech from decades ago to that in 2017; they all agreed there had been a deterioration, and some said it could reflect changes in the health of Trump’s brain.”

    “In interviews Trump gave in the 1980s and 1990s (with Tom Brokaw, David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, Charlie Rose, and others), he spoke articulately, used sophisticated vocabulary, inserted dependent clauses into his sentences without losing his train of thought, and strung together sentences into a polished paragraph, which — and this is no mean feat — would have scanned just fine in print. This was so even when reporters asked tough questions.”

    • And even with Alzheimers Reagan was a smarter, better President than anything the Democrats have produced since FDR.

    • He still beats Obama in the interview department and Hillary.
      Obama was only articulate when he practiced before reading a teleprompter.
      Hillary simply sounds stupid, every time she speaks in public her favor ability drops.

      They make President Trump look genius.

  24. Comey had to go. The Democrats were counting on having Comey be the guy who said there’s no collusion with Russia, so they could quickly say “Hey, that’s the guy that stole the election from Hillary, so what do you expect.” But with Mueller in place, they know they have no such back up plan for when the delusion of collusion is confirmed.

    That’s why Dem’s are going so nuts over Comey’s firing. It’s not just something to attack Trump about, but it undermined their entire ability to attack Trump over the election, which leaves them with the “misogynists stole the election.”

  25. Not only is every word of this essay true, but under my Third Law of Politics, to every negative political action, there is a MORE than equal and opposite reaction.

    I didn’t vote for Trump or the Swamp Crook first runner-up, but the media is turning up the heat on the Cold Civil War it has enthusiastically started, and it is likely to regret the results, because arrogance is a great motivator to the adversary. And, it is adversaries, not opponents, that the media is creating.

  26. the only thing decisive is that at some point TRUMP will be shot by a disgruntled supporter from West Virgina

    • Plotting it out already!

      Everything else has and is failing, it’s all you have left, pun intended.

      You actually want him dead? You wish a supporter will kill him? No way, Richard Cranium!

      Now I hope all you snowflakes melt away, six feet under. There is nothing here for you, go ahead, make our day…

      You can’t touch him!


  27. Your a rasist bigget! In 2020 Trump will loose and Clinton will win by a lanslide!

    • Grammar NAZI – ‘Your a’ is spelled ‘You’re.’ It is a contraction of ‘You Are.’ Have a nice day.

  28. I have a PEN and a PHONE but most of all I gots “BLOCK-USER”!!!!! PURE “MAGA” Baby and I ain’t afred to use “BLOCK-USER” either!!!!

  29. Unfortunately not. How many Americans remember Scooter Libby had nothing to do with Valerie Plame’s outing and that Fitzpatrick knew it was Armitrage all along…whom was never indicted for anything? Same thing will happen here. Runaway prosecutor who will keep digging until he finds SOMETHING to pin on a Republican.

  30. One would think that Nasty OLD BIG Thighed Sea Hag Liar would go off in those woods and simply OFF herself?? Here it was bad enough the Big Black Racist beat here back in 2009 but now turn around come back eight years later and DONALD TRUMP BEATS Y’ALL??? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! HA! Ha! Ha! Ha! HA!!!!! HILLARYIOUS!!!!!!! This is “NOT” in anyway shape or form any spam! NOT by a million miles but rather is PURE Unadulterated Absolute Gospel “TRUTH”!!! Thank You, the BigZim!!!

    • If you intended to donate your brain to science when you died, don’t wait. Do it now because what you seem to have might be catching.

  31. with no one of either family to lead the Democrats for the first time in 25 years,
    Here comes Chelsea, to save the day.

    • Omg, I’ll have nightmares for a month just thinking about that. Now excuse me while I go have a lobotomy to excise that thought from my brain.

  32. *IMPORTANT” Make sure you CIRCLE BACK to CHECK on your posted comments to see if these here Filthy Mindless Liberal Snowflake message board TROLLS reported your comments as being spam?? THANK YOU fer your urgent cooperation concerning this so now simply POST ON and enjoy your comment boards. Yours Truly, BigZim!!!! Just thought I would give everyone a BIG League HEADS UP on this here? So make sure you double back to see if Mindless Liberal Snowflakes have reported your wonderful informative comments as being spam when they most definitely truly are not?? DOUBLE BACK and CHECK on your comments don’t allow the Mindless-Liberal-Snowflake-Message-Board-Trolls make a “VICTIM” out of you!!!

  33. Methinks Comey is bipolar. A very dangerous man driven by hubris. He makes J. Edgar look like a saint.

  34. Well, I say Amen to all here written, but as always, the facts have no effect on leftists. They inhabit a parallel universe where only their lofty opinions have merit, and facts represent nothing more than the deplorables’ inability to appreciate their superior intellect and vision.

  35. Obviously the first thing is,
    Drain the Swamp

    I think the Dems thought a special councilor would not actually happen,
    Blind sided them,
    Now they sound like Goldie Hawn in “Overboard”, ” Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh…


    • Yes they’ve painted themselves into a corner and their low information base is going to discover they’ve been snookered (again) probably just in time for the 2018 midterms. Excellent.

      • They always over-react, only to be disappointed with facts.

        But the Corporate Democrat Media Syndicate will make them feel all better.

      • BTW, speaking of facts, how is the Seth Rich investigation going?

  36. What the hell are you primates smoking that you can’t see how serious this thing is? You all are in for a rude awakening when Orange Hitler gets the boot, and 2018 turns into the biggest midterm bloodbath the country has ever seen.

    • When blind faith supercedes critical reasoning, what you see below is the result.

      • I always love that the go-to response from these automatons is the parent’s basement thing with a little EBT card thrown on top. I’ve never taken a dime of public assistance, I haven’t lived with my parents since I was a teenager, and I probably pay more in taxes than these shitheads make in a year.

      • Stereotyping others is an easy tool of the simpleminded

    • Yeah, Maxine Waters is just sitting on a powder keg of evidence that’s going to prove everything….she’s just waiting for the right moment, right there Einstein?

      • Comparing Maxine Waters to Donald is unfair to Maxine. Shame!

      • Listen to Maxine…..impeachment is coming any day now, any daaaayzzzzzz

      • The longer the Dems go without producing anything, the dumber they look. The transparency of it all is nipping at their heels.

      • And the Reps, in charge of everything and producing nothing sure look like geniuses.

    • HILARIOUS ! ! !

      Go back to Mommie Jones for some more pop tarts.

      • Childish insults is all you’ve got? Come on, try something substantial, if you can.

      • Rather petulant little response.

        What is ” primates smoking” if not childish insults?

        Typical Progies… take the bait, scream and stamp your feet prematurely.

        Even Democrat “leaders” are admitting they are overplaying their hand on “impeachment” and obstruction.

        But your words will come back in 2018, once the facts are revealed about Clinton, Podesta (and his Russian $$$), BHO lying about not knowing HRC had a private server, Lynch colluding with Slick Willie (protected by Comey), Uranium quid pro quo, and violations of the Espionage Act by Clinton, Abdeen, Weiner and Obama.

        Once agsain… go go back to Mommie Jones and pretend that Moderates and Independents support rioting, foul language and obstruction.

        Tick tock…

        Nov 2018 is calling!

      • No! Republicans got the presidency, the senate, the house and the supreme court. It’s You! You are the one with the childish insults and the democrat party is the party of sarcasm and hate.

      • The Hard Left cost the Democrats over 1,000 key National Seats since 2012. Yet they believe that doing the same thing over and over will yield positive results.

        That is called…

      • Be kind.

        It’s hard to be a pajama boy, sulking in daddy’s basement waiting on the late EBT card.

  37. “… and the chances of Trump having colluded with Putin to defraud the American electorate are equal to Chuck Schumer’s chances of becoming governor of Mississippi.”

    A classic.

    • While you may be right that Donald did not collude with the Russians, can anyone tell us why he himself is giving the impression that he did and is trying to cover it up? Is he actually guilty or merely delusional & very stupid? Either answer is bad for all of us.

      • Exactly. When you see delusional & very stupid coming from the WH every day , it gets easy to spot for most of us.

      • He is giving that impression to Proggies that wish it so.

        The rest of America sees through the clutter and corruption of the DNC.

      • Ah, got it! So that’s why his approval rating is now 37% & sinking. Brilliant move by Donald. He sure is fooling the rest of us.

  38. Denial… it’s not just a river in Egypt. Apparently it’s a Red State of Mind. Looking forward to 2018… you guys will have had enough “winning” by then I guess.

    • Bring it on…

      Believe your polls, just like Nov 2016!

      You guys have gone so far left, moderates and independents will stay home or vote Conservative…


  39. Bravo, Mr. Black…always a great read.

    “At least Nancy Pelosi has tried to tune down poor hopeless Chuck Schumer’s Uriah Heep impeachment routine: what she and most of the Democrats want is Trump immobilized, so the country continues to wallow in political dysfunctionalism and flat-line economically, so they can regain the Congress, torment the president with a pseudo-judicial process, and go back to swimming in their swamp like happy, fat alligators. The Mueller appointment shuts them down but assures a reasonable process, and the chances of Trump having colluded with Putin to defraud the American electorate are equal to Chuck Schumer’s chances of becoming governor of Mississippi.”

    Absolutely marvelous!

  40. Scratching my head trying to figure out how a blog named “American Greatness” is anything other than a BS propaganda website for Trump worshipping extremists.

      • BTW, how is that investigation going besides ruining the lives of Rich’s family?

      • The murder of Seth ruined their lives, you insensitive Leftist.

      • And yet FOX News took the Seth Rich conspiracy investigation off their website. Why?

      • For the same reason MMFA banned me from commenting on their website: David Brock’s Consciousness of Guilt.

    • Don’t bother your silly little head thinking about it. All of you liberal progressives occupy an alternative universe where commonsense isn’t allowed to interfere with your delusions.

  41. The Nazi Party “Big Lie” tactics of the liberal progressives and their Ministry of Propaganda (aka, the Main Stream Media) have worked themselves so far out on a limb with the baseless accusations of the Trump Administration that it is difficult to imagine any end game that doesn’t involve them plummeting to their political death. The “Islamophobic” hysteria over the President’s Executive Order to curtail visas to countries that have proven unable to adequately vet their people wanting to travel to the United States, aided and abetted by the most dysfunctional Federal Appeals Court in the USA, was a stupid ruse to embarrass the President. In a world grown far more dangerous as a result of Mr. Obama’s idiotic foreign policy, President Trump is becoming recognized as our best hope to avoid more carnage at the hands of Islamist Terrorism. The many terrorist attacks within the United States under his watch are appalling examples of what happens when we put a narcissist community organizer in the Oval Office.

    Never again, America! Next we can clean-out the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, send Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the other anti-Constitution Supreme Court Justices into retirement, and move forward to Federal indictments of the Clintons, Barack Obama, the IRS stooges, and the rest of the evil cabal that exercise dictatorial rule over the United States for eight long, dark years. Perhaps then there will be a light at the end of the tunnel for patriotic Americans that isn’t just a headlight on the locomotive coming to destroy us.

    • Exactly how are you going to “clean-out the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, send Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the other anti-Constitution Supreme Court Justices into retirement,” without violating the Constitution? You may be ‘older’, but it’s the ‘wiser’ part of your user name that might need a little adjusment.

      • Because the 9th Circuit is twice as big as any other appellate circuit, halving it will be relatively easy. As for Ginsburg, she won’t be around much longer.

      • Dividing it in 1/2 won’t change anything. Case can still be brought to either smaller court. As for Ginsberg, she just might be around longer than little don john.

      • Actually, it can be eliminated completely and the states it covers parceled out to other Circuits. The number and location of Circuits is not set in stone. Eliminating it would probably be the best solution, and assigning the judges that don’t choose to retire to other Circuits where they could no longer concentrate all of the lunacy in one Circuit would be great step forward in re-establishing the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

    • “Who controls the Present controls the Past.
      Who controls the Past controls the Future.” – Orwell

  42. well written case for the failure of democratic liberals. now if they can only convince the weak-kneed republican middle to “stand their ground” and demand proof of any “alleged misdeeds”, the country still may be able to drain that swamp we call our capital.

  43. Write baby write.

    Put these fat gators back into their greasy swamplands.

  44. I understand why, as a convicted felon, you might cheer the firing of the FBI director but really Conrad, you can do better than this drivel.
    Perhaps American Greatness should do police background checks on its proposed authors before giving them space on their site.

    • Sessions emptied out Comey’s office. Guess what he found?

    • The case against Black was political – In the end, the underlying serious charges were dropped and the Federal Government settled for an “obstruction of justice” charge – that is always the last refuge of crooked prosecutors and law enforcement.

      “Black was convicted on four counts in U.S. District Court in Chicago on 13 July 2007. He was sentenced to serve 6½ years in federal prison and to pay Hollinger $6.1 million, in addition to a fine of US$125,000. Appeals resulted in all the criminal fraud charges being dropped, resulting only in an obstruction of justice charge, and civil penalties from the SEC. In November 2014, settlements were reached resolving all claims.”

      • Serving 37 1/2 months in prison means at least one serious charge was not dropped. i did not know I was reading comments written by an ex con. Everyone deserves a second chance and now Black is writing about and defending people where the only difference between them is that his subjects have not been convicted, yet.

  45. the vile and disgusting so-called president is going to get his testicles handed to him by the special counsel, Muelller.

    Time to re-evealuate whether you really want a pussygrabbing traitor in the whitehouse

    • What a rich fantasy life you lead! Enjoy your delusions, and draw comfort from them in 2018 when whatever is left of the Democratic Party is thrown out of their seats in the House and Senate.

    • Much better to have a cigar inserter? (then smoke the cigar in the oval office, then lie to the people and to congress about it…was Monica an intern?)

    • 2794 days until President Trump finishes his 2nd term as US President. Enjoy every 4,023,360 minutes of it doofus.

  46. Amusing verbiage, but does Democratic obstructionism have a different flavor than Republican obstructionism? Surely incivility, inability to argue from fact, and the overarching need to appease corporate sponsors is a bilateral affliction.

  47. Americans deserve the truth!

    Why did all of these Trump campaign associates meet with Russian intelligence sources during the campaign and then attempt to hide the meetings?

    Michael Flynn
    Carter Page
    Jeff Sessions
    Paul Manaford
    J.D. Gordon
    Corey Lewandowski
    Roger Stone
    Erik Prince
    Jared Kushner

    • Each and every one was trying to get paid by the Russians and to show the Russians exactly how to influence the election towards Trump by setting up anti-Clinton Facebook pages…yeh, that’s what they were doing!

      • But these ‘smart guys’ forgot about those meetings and then, when reminded, suddenly remembered. Can you explain that, with or without sarcasm?

    • Because it was their job. Why not print the list of Democrat officials who have also met with Russian intelligence representatives? It would be a productive way to spend your entire week.

      • Difference is that that when the above bunch was asked about their meetings most of them forget and then suddenly remembered. All the Dems that were asked remembered right away. See the difference now?

  48. Nothing but delusion at this publication it was all I could do to stop myself from falling out of my chair in laughter. Trump isnt winning anything in regards to Comey. Conservatives have given up on what they used to be grounded in, reality, they now are floating in la la land out in space.

    • Surely the Russian conspiracy will be proven, Trump will be impeached, Pence will step down, and by an obscure rule, as yet unpublished, Hillary will be crowned to her rightful thrown!

      • You are probably 3/4 correct. Hillary ain’t going anywhere, especially to “her rightful thrown!??”

      • News for you reality, Trump is staying in the white house. No worries. He’ll be there for the duration. Hillary, on the other hand, may find herself ensnared in Obama’s spy ring as that investigation expands. Don’t throw out the measurements for the orange pantsuit with Leavenworth on the back quite yet! We can all hope, can’t we?

      • Yep, When ‘hope’ is all you got left, hang on to it. It’s getting to be about 50/50 he will quit before he gets thrown out. He didn’t realize “how hard being president is”. And he certainly finding out the ‘hard’ way!

      • He looked good on his trip, and Melania is, after all, a supermodel. My money says he’s with us for 4, then Pence. I don’t think he’s an 8 year guy.

      • Now that you mention Melania, the overseas trip showed you how close they are when she rebuffed 2 chances for her to hold his hand. Had donald lost the election she would have been gone the next day. She is likely to be the first one to throw him ‘under the bus”. BTW, he didn’t look so good. I don’t think he can get any fatter and still walk unassisted. Of course that doesn’t make him a bad person, just a likely cardiac candidate.

      • He doesn’t exercise. This is a mistake, to be sure, trying to keep up with a 3rd wife half his age—not to mention a little job stress. Chaney has a great cardiology team. Perhaps he should have their number?

    • 2794 days until President Trump finishes his 2nd term as US President. Enjoy every 4,023,360 minutes of it loser.

  49. Stalinist Russia probably had more balanced reporting in their press, at least for the sake of appearances. The media today doesn’t even pretend to be balanced, nuanced or even sane. They are negative Trump 85% to 93% of the time according to Harvard study. Even without the study it is so obvious as to border on farce.

    At any rate I too am sure the special counsel will uncover crimes in the Obama administration instead of the Trump campaign or White House and Comey will look ridiculous as he is in the habit of doing. But it doesn’t matter, the media in full DNC propaganda mode, will screech and squeal until they soil their diapers and come up with some new allegations; maybe Trump conspiring with the Chinese to buy major American cities. Who knows with these loons.

    Trump could cure prostate cancer and NBC, CNN, NYT, etc would accuse him of being a misogynist for not curing breast cancer and a racist by claiming more white men are helped than black men (which of course requires ignoring more white men get prostrate cancer).

    • The Rice/Obama duo has already been confirmed to have spied on the American people and their political enemies. What nice folks, and what good liars they have both been. To the Dems: be careful what you wish for. This will blow up in the Dems faces after 8 years of Obamarule.

      • “The Rice/Obama duo has already been confirmed to have spied on the American people and their political enemies. ” Can you link me to any reliable sources that confirm your claim or provide one or two example of your evidence as any proof of what you write seems to be missing in the public debate. Thank you.

    • Since 90% of everything donald does is negative as pertains to his presidency, it seems the Harvard study is just about right on target!

    • Conrad Black? The guy who went to prison for defrauding investors? THAT Conrad Black? Well then, I remember when ol Conrad said he’d be proven innocent. So, Conrad saying that Trump will win is actually the kiss of death. Just sayin.

      • Your mama went down for soliciting at the truck stop , so what’s your point loser ?!

    • He does. He is required reading in today’s maze of fantasy and lies.

  50. Even if Trump wins those in the “entertainment propaganda” industry will bury the news.

  51. Gots to give Mr. Black credit, he sure does tell it like it is like 100%

  52. “Democrats and their allies in the jackal press…”
    I like that. Jackal Press is a great title for the MSM.

  53. “It need hardly here be emphasized that the efforts to represent the firing of Comey as an excess of authority, an attempt to discourage an exposé of a scandal between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, a replication of any aspect of the Watergate affair, now enriched by the garbled claim of an interference with the Flynn investigation: all of this is part of a madness that has gripped the American political class as it sinks beneath the brackish, fecal waters of the swamp it has filled and wallowed in happily for twenty years.”

    While I don’t disagree with the sentiment, this has to be the most unwieldy sentence I’ve seen in months. The abuse of the comma in this article is pervasive, and makes it difficult to read. It is sad too, because the author makes some very good points.

  54. The Russians didn’t cast a single vote. But, five million Mexican citizens residing illegally in the state of California DID cast votes in an American presidential election. The focus of attention is on the wrong country.

  55. Former FBI Director Comey had the facts on Crooked Hillary but after Bill Clinton met with AG Loretta Lynch on her private plane, he changed his decision and the investigation was treated like the O.J. Trial—-just like Benghazi.

    How was he able to appoint himself as acting AG? His job was to investigate!

    Did Bill make Loretta an offer she couldn’t refuse?

    Did Loretta make Comey an offer he couldn’t refuse?

    Bill, crooked Hillary, Comey and Loretta should be subpoenaed and questioned thoroughly!


    During the Vietnam War, Bill Clinton dodged the draft and moved to Russia!

    As Secretary of State, Crooked Hillary used her influence to help Russia gain the buying rights to 20% of America’s Uranium!

    Just prior to the 2012 election, Obama was caught on an open mic, speaking to a Russian Aide. He said, “Tell Vladimir to wait until after the election. I’ll have more flexibility then!”

    Thank God for President Trump!

    • LOL !

      We REAL Republicans looked to the 2016 elections to REMEDY the obama/clinton/dnc abuses of power and lies.

      But you just use them to justify the same in your lord trump. Evidently, you really didn’t mean to improve America with Conservative policies, did you.

  57. thankfully, Mr Trump will be locked up behind 100 percent US steel bars

  58. What beautiful writing. What an insightful intellect.

    Well done Lord Black, you are truly a man amongst men.

  59. One of the new narratives I’m hearing, mostly by Conservatism, Inc folks, is that Trump is bringing the chaos upon himself. They give a grudging nod ( because they have to, but do it with a wink) to the media’s attacks, but then dismiss them, and place most of the blame on Trump. For example, see Goldberg’s most recent G-File: “But the essential reason we got a special counsel and a media feeding frenzy is that Trump seems determined to do everything he can to invite chaos and hysteria to his administration.” And Ben Shaprio’s recent Open Letter to Trump: “Instead, aside from the wonderful nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, nothing of note has gotten done. And that’s because of you.” There are many others.

    The most frequent item they list as support for their narrative is the Comey firing. And they usually talk about how inartfully it was done, the motive, and the timing. Which is nonsense. Anyway, any why and any time Trump had done it would have met with the same hysteria and outrage.

    If Comey had truly cared about America and the DOJ he would have resigned in the early afternoon of election day saying: “Though it was never my intention, and I felt compelled by circumstances to do what I did, it is clear that it is in the best interest of a new President (whoever wins today) , the FBI and the American people that the new President appoint a new Director.”

    Democrats, the deep state, the media, the administrative state, and Never Trump “conservatives” have used the Comey firing to try and switch the focus away from the smoke (Russia) to the mirrors (obstruction.) None of the “chaos” is Trump’s fault. Is it his fault judges keep usurping the Constitution on his travel pause? His fault the media keep reporting stories based on anonymous sources that are debunked in 24 hours? His fault that Comey had to be fired, regardless of when, and until Trump did so everyone agreed he should go? His fault Democrats are successful in slow-walking his nominations so he can get his team in place?

    Anyone who looks at the chaos and blames Trump is blinkered by hate. People voted for Trump because they felt forgotten, powerless, voiceless, and once again they are proven they still are. The one power they have, the one voice, is their vote and the Democrats and media are trying to disenfranchise them of it.

    • Americans have one additional power, the 2nd Amendment to be able to throw off the shackles of Tyranny.

  60. Conrad is one of the great pompous windbags of our time. Ten cent thinking festooned with elaborate, circumlocutious, polysyllabic obfuscation. He had too much time in the slammer with a thesaurus. Ignore him, a wildly partisan BSer with a long record of being both wrong and annoying.