Who are the Real “Snowflakes,” Leftists or Conservatives?

The country is in a new era.

Unfortunately, far too many of those who have grown comfortable as prominent spokespersons of the “conservative” media either don’t or won’t notice this.

These self-avowed “conservatives”—they have been on radio and television airwaves for years—continue to prattle on as if it was 1994. They continue to mock their political opponents, leftists, as “snowflakes”―as if this will get them anywhere.

Recently—I swear that I never could have imagined just a year ago that I would be writing this today—I had an epiphany: It isn’t the political left that consists of whiny, nagging snowflakes.

It is precisely the so-called “conservatives” who enjoy this distinction.

After all, while it is the case that leftist activists are insufferable, the truth is that they do not just bitch and moan. Leftists fight.

align=”left” Said a friend and distinguished writer, George Soros is more “admirable” than many GOP-friendly “conservatives” with deep pockets, for at least Soros puts his money where his “filthy mind” is.

And they fight like hell, as if their lives and those of generations yet unborn (unless, of course, they decide to abort them) depended upon their prevailing over their enemies.

Said a friend and distinguished writer, George Soros is more “admirable” than many GOP-friendly “conservatives” with deep pockets, for at least Soros puts his money where his “filthy mind” is.

It is hard to argue with this reasoning. In October, the Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and followed by their toadies in the press, besieged then-candidate Donald Trump for saying, in advance of the election, that he would not automatically accept the results for fear that the election could be “rigged.” Democrats described Trump’s position as “horrifying,” a repudiation of “democracy,” and a choice for “dictatorship” over “leadership.” We were treated to lectures by politicians, like the 44th president―for whom the Constitution was always more an impediment to his designs than a blueprint for just government―on the honorable and noble American tradition that Trump allegedly threatened to undermine with his remarks.

Yet since Trump and the over 63 million Deplorables who voted for him defied all of the smart people, it is the Democrats who have insisted that the election outcome was “rigged” via an act of “collusion” between Vladimir Putin and Trump.

It is the Democrats who have been laboring diligently to undermine “democracy.”

It is the Democrats who have chosen their own “dictatorship” over “leadership.”

Democrats are actively engaged in subverting the will of the American voter and the Constitution of these United States. In both respects, they have indeed assumed the persona of the Anti-American Party.

Not unlike totalitarians in other times and places, the Democrats have their equivalent of a Ministry of Propaganda, the misnamed “mainstream media.” These are the purveyors of Fake News. And they have their foot soldiers, the Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other groups that Democrats fund to act out with tactics resembling those of terrorists against American citizens who refuse to vote or voice their support for them or their ideology.

How can any American patriot any longer imagine that peaceful and free co-existence is possible with these people if they are left unchecked? Particularly given their antics since Trump became the President, how can any lover of liberty even remotely fathom living under Democrat rule ever again?

These, however, are not the questions that we hear asked on our daily “conservative” talk radio and television shows. To hear the hosts tell it, one could be forgiven for thinking that nothing especially significant has changed since Trump defeated his enemies:

Along with Republicans in D.C., GOP-friendly media personalities are continually on defense, while the Democrats are continually on offense.

Democrats and their billionaires, like Soros, pile enormous resources into organizing and subsidizing massive numbers of grunts to take the battle for their causes to the streets. Meanwhile, our prominent “conservatives,” possessing as they do hundreds of millions of dollars and exerting an influence extending over millions of people, whine about the fact that the Democrats are actually walking the walk as opposed to just talking the talk.

As for those grassroots patriots who have assembled protective organizations in defense of the property and person of innocents because they have grown impatient with stories of Trump supporters getting beaten up by leftist thugs for the sole reason they are Trump supporters while law enforcement does little or nothing to protect them, our “conservatives” don’t so much as mention them on the air, let alone contribute a penny to aiding them.  

align=”right” Unless “conservatives” and Republicans are willing to fight the left where the battle is actually joined; unless they are willing to “out-Alinsky” and “out-Soros” the Alinskyites and Sorosians, they might as well abandon the political war, for it is now painfully obvious to some of us that anything less than this is tantamount to surrender.

Doubtless, as a general rule it’s safe to say that the objects of my criticism, like most Republican conservative voters, are genuinely better human beings than their counterparts on the Left. More than anything else, they believe in the old rule of “live and let live.” They just want to be able to build safe, peaceful, and decent communities for themselves and their families. With all of their country’s faults, they nevertheless love and are thankful for it. They don’t want trouble. They are polite. And unlike the last president and his devotees, they don’t seek the country’s “fundamental transformation.”

I get this. I am this. So too was my grandfather and his cohorts when, in the early 1940s, they left their communities, traveled across the ocean, and defeated Nazism and Imperial Japan.

So too were most of the members of America’s founding generation subscribers to the principle of “live and let live”—even as they fought and defeated the mighty British.

The point by now should be obvious. Most Democrats are not on the streets using physical violence against their opponents, but no high-profile Democrats anywhere have unequivocally renounced the violence, much less depict its merchants as the domestic terrorists that they are. And this is because those Antifa agitators are their terrorists, co-members of “the Resistance.”

Unless “conservatives” and Republicans are willing to fight the left where the battle is actually joined; unless they are willing to “out-Alinsky” and “out-Soros” the Alinskyites and Sorosians, they might as well abandon the political war, for it is now painfully obvious to some of us that anything less than this is tantamount to surrender.

Unless one has the same tenacity as one’s opponent, one is bound to lose.


About Jack Kerwick

Jack Kerwick earned his doctorate degree in philosophy from Temple University. His areas of specialization are ethics and political philosophy, with a particular interest in classical conservatism. His work has appeared in both scholarly journals and popular publications, and he recently authored, The American Offensive: Dispatches from the Front. Kerwick has been teaching philosophy for nearly 17 years at a variety of institutions, from Baylor to Temple, Penn State University, the College of New Jersey and elsewhere. His next book, Misguided Guardians: The Conservative Case Against Neoconservatism is pending publication. He is currently an instructor of philosophy at Rowan College at Burlington County.

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28 responses to “Who are the Real “Snowflakes,” Leftists or Conservatives?”

  1. Conservatives should have been fighting for years – 60 years – and the biggest neglected war is the one which matters most: the cultural war. They did not join battle with the ‘Liberals’ in that cause as they should have done: funding an alternative movie and tv industry which offered films, documentaries, sitcoms &c with conservative truths embedded in them.

    When a RINO like Paul Ryan is challenged by a genuine patriot and pro-America candidate like Paul Nehlen, Wisconsin votes for RYAN!!

    When are the ordinary voters going to wake up and make use of the democracy they still, just, possess?!!

    • Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House. The GOP has historical legislative majorities. Perhaps we’re more awake than you short sighted reactionaries. If he wore camo would you be happy?

      • ironically it’s short sighted ignorance that allows anyone to trust snakes like ryan after 1994. none of ryan’s lines are even original, but rehashed from gingrich’s former glory days.

      • And what are they doing with it? News this morning that they so badly bungled the health care bill they may have to vote on it again in the House. For all the hysteria about Trump, it’s the GOP in Congress that is dysfunctional and can’t get out of their own way.

      • Trump is not the ideal president by a long shot. To make things worse, he’s surrounded himself with a bunch of leftist NYC staffers (not to mention his socialist daughter and son-in law – I call them Evita and Juan Trump) who don’t know their asses from their elbows. That said, Ryan and McConnell are long time government staffers. It’s not their first rodeo. They know how to get things done but they’re destroying the administration instead. It’s more than obvious. It doesn’t help that Trump refused to fire the Obama appointees who number in the hundreds, many of whom are furiously and feloniously leaking to the New York Times and the Communist News Network (CNN). It’s sad to me that voters refused to see Trump for what he is – an entertainer who makes most of his money by licensing his family name – and pretended instead that he was a great business man. Even if he was a great businessman, so what? That’s not the type of know-how one needs to get things done in Washington. He may have been qualified to be president, but he was certainly not the best man for the job.

        The truth is, the elitists of Washington have decided that Trump, an outsider who didn’t care which party he represented as long as he won (a Democrat for every year of his life but the one in which he ran for the presidency) isn’t going to succeed. They’re going to sabotage him. He’s not their kind. They’re embarrassed by his sleazy showbiz like style, his glad-handing b.s. He may as well be Gatsby trying to break into the social milieu of East Egg.

      • And what are they doing with those majorities? Voting in Obama budgets.

        That’s kinda the whole point, since it seems to have escaped you.

      • Yes, exactly. The rest of the nation is at each other’s throats but the Democrats and the Republicans get along swimmingly in Washington D.C. Because the truth is, both the Democrats and Republicans have become infiltrated by the Communist Party. The Democrats are functioning like Communists and the Republicans are functioning like Socialists.

      • A budget is a reference document. Appropriations is how money is spent. Granted the process is badly broken. But Ryan is doing the best anyone can to fix the appropriations process, reform entitlements which are the driver of unsustainable debt, and balance the budget. And I understand the sentiment but Ryan is not the problem. You need to hold office to achieve reform. His strategy and tactics are far more effective than calling for a second Tea Party. You have to realize what your up against.

      • And what are they doing with those majorities? Appropriating Obama budgets.

      • I would be happier if Mr. P90X would resign. He’s terrible at his job. He’s assisting in a coup against the president while making sure to line his own pockets and cover his own ass. If his position were vacated and left open we would have the same amount of participation in the governmental process. He blocks more than he assists.

    • I called Ryan’s office up and spoke to what I assessed to be a 13 year old staffer on spring break from junior high school. I told him that my game plan was going to be to finance any candidate e who would primary him and McConnell. In addition I would be assisting the Convention of States. I was lucky that day. Usually you don’t get a 13 year old when you call, you get an overflowing voice mail box.

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  2. The Left won’t stop unless there’s civil war and bodies go in the ground. Totalitarianism isn’t defeated in the voting booth. The question is are Americans too comfortable to reach the point of actually fighting any more?

  3. Well, this is the second article on AG I have seen offering this type of political strategy, whereby we would like to out-Lenin the Leninists so to speak. But Leninism is Leninism because it is Leninism, and not because Lenin employs it.

    Or to quote the underappreciated film 8mm (with Nicholas Cage): “You don’t dance with the Devil, the Devil dances with you”

    I highly advise those of you who actually want to save America to study how communism was defeated in Eastern Europe – for instance study the life and words of St. Popieluszko. Avoid the temptation of taking the route suggested herein.

  4. You need to read less National Review and listen to more Hannity!

  5. Look, just because some evil s.o.b. is able to put his money where his mouth is and fight against all that’s right in the world doesn’t make him noble to me. He’s still the Nazi pig he always has been. He should have been stripped of his American citizenship and deported years ago. And just because a person calls themselves a Democrat while they act like a Democratic Socialist (like Lenin) or Bolshevik (like Marx) doesn’t make them pure. It makes them filthy liars. I’m not sure what your point is. We should fight? Is that what you’ve been doing while earning your political theory PhD? Fighting?

    We’ve been fighting. Legally. For years. What we haven’t been doing is slashing people’s faces open in riots like the revolutionary Communists of Black Block. Should we be doing that? We haven’t been forming fascist hate groups (while pronouncing ourselves anti-fascists in true Orwellian fashion). Should we be doing that? How about you put your money where your mouth is, step away from the computer screen and go pick a fist fight with Black Lives Matter. Because that’s what it’s going to take. That and much more. It’s impossible to look at the non-action of Republican political figures and wealthy Republican leaning business people that they’re not in on the game. There’s only one way to move. Don’t fund them. Don’t buy their products, don’t re-elect incumbents, don’t shop in Democrat stores, don’t have Democrat friends, don’t see Democrat movies, don’t watch Democrat financed tv. Don’t buy cable, don’t pay for major league sports attendance, don’t buy the music or attend concerts of Democrats. I’m perfectly willing to do that. Are you?

  6. Every single person who voted for Donald Trump knew what they were signing up for. Every White House staffer willingly, and in most cases enthusiastically, joined an effort to help Trump in his war on “political correctness,” an all-out attack on those who get lost in their “feewings” about the bad things in the world. Now it turns out the most sensitive and easily triggered people in the country are currently occupying the White House.

    Your president whines about how badly he’s been treated at every opportunity, recently telling graduates of the United States Coast Guard Academy—a group about to enter a military that Trump used deferments to avoid—that “no politician in
    history…has been treated worse or more unfairly” than he has. Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln were both too dead to voice their disagreement. Trump’s pity party has just proven him to be a moody, petulant baby.

    • I remember the days when there was just a single cable TV outlet aligned against the President and he complained repeatedly about that single network, naming the network most of the time. The rest of the media mocked that outfit, the totalitarian impulse in that industry being what it is.

  7. Case in point: David Brooks on NPR (newsbusters) speaking approvingly of a “squad of Deep Throats” trying to take out the President.

    The martial language tells you all you need to know about how they see it. Some on the right will never get it. Time for those that got us into the mess – right and left – to shut up and give the new guy a chance.

  8. I think the author has a basic misunderstanding of the meaning of “snowflake”. Conservatives have respected the rule of law and sought to make changes, promote their causes through legitimate means. Our “concerns” and “complaints” are real threats to our values, our constitution, and our way of life. Snowflakes have an exaggerated, profane, and militant response to “perceived insults” and “micro-agressions” as defined by them, in their own insular reality, such that any statement or image they deem offensive is an assault on their wel-being.

    • I am not a D or R and being in the middle of the road both parties seem to have their fair share of snowflakes. Your description for liberals is accurate and makes sense, but it works both ways. You mention Conservative values (Moore, Trump, OReilly..), the constitution (anger over NFL protests protected by 1st amendment with no mention of not protesting at work in the constitution) and way of life (if it differs from your way it is wrong?). Looking at the term snowflake with no party affiliation results in both parties showing these tendencies.

      • No. I don’t think so. I have not seen any republicans calling for safe places due to difference of opinion, nor have I seen republicans trying to silence people they disagree with. As used in this article, “conservatives” seems to be a reference to RINO’s and NeverTrumpers who pretended to be conservative in order to get elected or maintain their position as political elites. That’s not how I would define conservatives (Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mark Meadows, Tim Budd). The term snowflakes has typically been applied to those who are “triggered” free speech, and absurdly enough “symbols” that the left now identifies as threatening indicators of isms.

  9. The title of this article is based on the misconception that “Snowflake” = “whiner”. But it doesn’t. Snowflake means one-of-a-kind precious individual who cannot be triggered and must retreat to safe spaces or melt.

    Yes, conservatives need to fight. But honor is one of the keynotes (as I find it) of conservatism, so we can never fight like the left.