A New Hope: Trump is Han Solo, not Darth Vader

As we enter yet another day of unhinged, unsupported attacks on the president, it is a good time to take a moment to analyze where the motivations on both sides are. Those on the left, with their core of true believers in the legacy media, see themselves as fighting a heroic resistance battle.

After all, Donald Trump is Darth Vader and the Republicans constitute the Empire, right? Trump and Trumpkins constitute the institutional embodiment of the dark side, the willing and/or unknowing advocates of evil on Earth. Leftist icon Noam Chomsky made this explicit in a May 11 interview with the BBC. Chomsky claimed President Trump and Republicans are a greater threat to the world than North Korea or ISIS. They are, he said, “dedicated to destroying the prospects for organized human existence.” These sentiments are shared by a lot of people, both in and out of positions of power in the Democratic Party.

Of course, this is ridiculous, but what inspires or explains it? The progressive movement has successfully re-defined what liberty means in the minds of so many Americans. Most people do not understand that liberty comes from the recognition and institutional protection of natural rights. Instead they simply believe in the power of “democracy” and “equality,” untethered to any universal truths. It is a kind of spiritual worship of willfulness. They believe that humanity itself is possible of greatness, if only we would trust the wisest and most educated to run everyone’s lives. There is no place for God or for the need of the individual will in the face of these new truths.

The great founding ideals of the United States have been under attack for more than a century. In 1907, future President Woodrow Wilson wrote of the natural rights foundation of the Declaration of Independence:

Every Fourth of July should be a time for examining our standards, our purposes, for determining afresh what principles, what forms of power we think most likely to effect our safety and happiness. That and that alone is the obligation the Declaration lays upon us.

Franklin Roosevelt makes clear that these progressive ideas are foundation of the New Deal in his 1944 State of the Union:

[T]hese political rights [natural rights] proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness.

We have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. ‘Necessitous men are not free men.’ People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.

Roosevelt argued that the American founding, and a liberty based on natural rights, had become outdated. To the progressive there is no eternal truth. That is why religion is often viewed as a regressive, hostile force in opposition to the natural progress, and inevitable perfection of man. And since then, progressive have more or less assumed that the battle to replace the founding ideals with these notions of progress was over. Republicans might push back around the edges. But there was no serious fundamental opposition.

Donald Trump stands against this progressive ascendancy like no leader since Ronald Reagan. He is unashamed to revere the founding principles that made our nation great. And people who paid no attention to other Republican politicians cheered him. He resonated with something deep in them.

Let’s look at what he’s done and started doing in the first months of his administration. He has replaced the greatest voice for founding values on the Supreme Court in Antonin Scalia with an equally strong voice in Neil Gorsuch. He has ordered a comprehensive review to eliminate redundant, ineffectual, and counterproductive bureaucracies. He has placed his crosshairs particularly on the Environmental Protection Agency, with its reckless record of violating private property rights in the name of justice and equality far removed from its mission to protect the environment. He has ended its ability to propagate and publicize radical climate theories. He is working to simplify the tax code and business regulation in order to empower the private sector.

President Trump is proud of American history and unashamed to assert U.S. sovereignty in immigration, trade, and national defense policies. He refuses to submit to guilt mongering. Trump understands the founding principle of the value of individual, natural rights. It is this foundation that is essential for real liberty to exist.

This is what the progressive cannot understand. As Calvin Coolidge said on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1926, “Governments do not make ideals, but ideals make governments.” This is the anti-progressive notion that individuals are the key to collective liberty. Coolidge goes on to assert that which is universal is unchangeable, regardless of time or technology,

No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction cannot lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers.

Trump refutes the progressive narrative at every opportunity. This is where his conflict with the mass media has its roots. To the media, the progressive vision is unquestionable. To disagree is heresy. What do you do with heretics? Burn them. The fear of this virtual burning has cowered generations of conservative politicians. Trump is the rare politician who has no fear of the media. He can go home to his private life comfortably at any time; they have no power to destroy him. The media left does not know how to handle its impotence, and lashes out in more and more vicious attacks, regardless if they are supportable.

These aggrieved progressives also cannot understand how principled, religious conservatives can support Donald Trump on personal grounds. He is Darth Vader, right? How can good people support the dark lord? It is because he is willing to fight the progressive ascendancy, and can do so effectively that conservatives support him. Those people must be hypocrites.

Darth Vader is the wrong Star Wars analogy. Donald Trump is Han Solo, not Darth Vader. Han Solo was a scoundrel. He was a cutthroat capitalist, looking only to make money. He was willing to disobey Imperial law, he associated with gangsters and smuggled goods. Han Solo was good at looking after himself. He didn’t believe in the Force, light or dark. But circumstances changed his mission. He became a champion for good, a revolutionary vital to overthrowing the evil order he had never given much thought about before.

Trump’s agenda is the restoration of founding values. True conservatives are willing to tolerate and support a foul-mouthed, twice-divorced man of questionable character and personal values because of what he has come to represent, not for what he permitted or engaged in in the past.

The progressive battle against him has become a battle to the death over questioning progressivism itself. If they defeat Trump, no one will dare question the truth of progressivism again. Identity politics will be here to stay, the cult of victimhood our nationally established religion. The devaluation of private property and personal liberty in the name of equality will be back with a vengeance.

A victory of the Trump agenda will mean a real debate about what American liberty means once again. It may not result in a wholesale return to the values of the founders, but it is the last, best chance for it to happen. Help us Donald Trump, you’re our only hope.


About Sam Agami

Sam Agami has taught American History, Civics, and Economics in the Virginia Beach Public Schools since 1999. He earned a M.A. in American History and Government from Ashland University in Ohio. A native of New Rochelle, NY, he currently resides in Norfolk, VA with his wife Deanna.

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99 responses to “A New Hope: Trump is Han Solo, not Darth Vader”

  1. Sam Agami: In another article on this site, Jack Kerwick asks: Who are the Real “Snowflakes,” Leftists or Conservatives? He may as well have directed his article at you.

    You said: “True conservatives are willing to tolerate and support a foul-mouthed, twice-divorced man of questionable character and personal values because of what he has come to represent, not for what he permitted or engaged in in the past.”

    Is this how you support the champion of our cause? You are no different than many other gutless “conservatives” who give aid and comfort to the enemy by saying, in effect, “our cause is just even though our leader is an a-hole.”

    The leftists fight like hell and concede nothing. Meanwhile, your instinct in battle is to find a safe place and reduce any personal risk. So, your first order of business is to cover your ass.

    I have nothing but contempt for your half-hearted and weak-kneed support.

    • You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. However, I do not think it is necessary to have fawning admiration for the man, to have wholehearted support for the cause. I believe it is important to be honest and reasonable when making our argument (which is the logical, better one) to win support of the undecided and reasonable. Granted there are many ingrained on the radical left that are beyond reaching; however I think it is counterproductive to not be open to convert by writing and speaking in a way that seeks to engage, rather than alienate.

      • “however I think it is counterproductive to not be open to convert by writing and speaking in a way that seeks to engage, rather than alienate.”

        You cannot engage Progs, too delusional……

      • Warmed my heart to read your reaponse, seriously. This is the value of truth and treating people decently, rare in public discourse and often despised but worthwhile

  2. Great analogy Sam, the progressives are the evil empire with their global illusions of controlling the world, long live the resistance!

  3. Thank you, Sam Agami– excellent article. Keep writing and don’t let anyone intimidate you. We need your voice. Donald Trump is doing a great service for this country in challenging the progressive cult (it’s beyond being just a substitute religion now). Donald Trump’s greatest strength is his courage and truth-telling. If he just holds steady, he will prevail. I’d like to see more of that courage from the Congressional Republicans. Their failure to articulately fight back allowed the progressive cult to grow. Same lesson as with any other evil– North Korea nukes, Iran, etc.– if you don’t fight back early on, the evil just gets stronger and you have a more vicious fight on your hands to defeat it. The left is screaming because Donald Trump is doing an amazing job. He’s an even better President than I’d hoped.

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  4. Well said. Especially the concise, precise assessment: “Trump’s agenda is the restoration of founding values.” President Trump is fulfilling the promises made in his inaugural speech. In keeping with the restoration of founding values, with faith as a pillar of freedom, President Trump signed the executive order on religious freedom to prevent the IRS’ ability to impose restrictions on churches and religious organizations for political activities.

  5. Trump is a terrible person and leader. He is corrupt and is only concerned with lining the coffers of his family. His school choice and health care plans are merely tax breaks for the rich. The man has put out such hateful rhetoric against anyone who is not white, male, straight or Christian. In terms of the founding principles, before you people go off on that Trump is returning the nation to its founding principles, remember that this land was STOLEN form people that had been here for THOUSANDS of years. Not only was it stolen, but mass genocide was inflicted upon this population. Also remember that the industrial wealth of this nation was built on the labor of kidnapped people forced into slavery.

    • What leftist cereal box did you copy that screed from?

    • You are completely whacked. Almost every sentance in your short post is unhinged. I doubt anyone reading takes you seriously after your second sentance, but those who endure to the end get a really good reading of the marxist mind. Thanks for reminding me why I keep a gun next to the bed to prevent perverted leftist think tyranny from getting me while asleep. I truly fear that your ideology, plus police powers are tyranny. I’ll go down, most likely, but someone is going to have a lot of paperwork to explain. That’s my response to your nonsense. Or, as they said at Goliad, “Come and take it”. Read up, buttercup.

      • You are whacked. Trump and you follows are selfish and morally bankrupt.

      • Ok… let’s break it down. How is school choice a tax break for the rich? (Particularly since the plan is unannounced, but you’ve obviously scored it like the CBO).

      • School choices- you get a voucher for the cost of a public school education. If you are use to paying for tuition in addition to your taxes, and you get a voucher , hence money that you did not have before, when you were already paying tuition, it is a tax break.

      • Vouchers are not announced as part of the plan. This arguement assumes the voucher is cash to a private school, again, not announced. But, lets just say it was the plan. Well, if there are stastically fewer ‘rich’ people than not? lets screw all the poor kids in crappy schools in case, maybe, someone you define as rich gets a break. Most kind perspective. Good for the teachers unions… anyone else benefit? Nope. Liberals love mediocrity or worse. Excellence is such a slap in the face of the collective.

      • Please explain how this does not apply to the Clinton Foundation vis a vis Haiti.

      • It did not say it didn’t . but as you well know she is not the president. so the constant bringing her up by the right is MOOT.

      • Oh, ok… so the statute of limitations has run on this one, has it?

      • Oh, losing the election gives her immunity in law and public opinion? Gotcha! That is how it works… suuuuure…. lock her up!

      • No but it’s off topic we’re talking about the disaster that you people elected

      • And how have you been personally affected in the past few weeks? Is Trump hiding under your mattress waiting to scare you, Pence? Spicer? Bannon? Maybe Mattis? And, by the way, I wasn’t able to vote, absentee ballot issue, but it might have been the Russian dressing on my salad, or maybe the Stoli in the hotel bar that interfered with the postmark between Spokane and Florida. Either way, I don’t own Hillary’s unemployment, nor Trump’s airplane upgrade. But I do like watching the pious liberals just dial everything up to 11 all the time. No room for an asteroid collision. Today’s lead story has to be Trump, the asteroid impact can wait!!!
        To be honest, this reminds me of the preschool sex scandal in the 90’s where the more outrageous things the kids told the ‘professionals’ — you know like the basement dungeon under the one story school– the more the ‘professionals’ and attention seeking DA’s grabbed the headlines and went on a Salem Witch Trial. That’s what the left looks like to me, these days. You so want to believe, you will suspend everything you know to believe in secret basements… that are so secret you have to be a daydreaming child to find them.

      • As the wife of a black man and the mother of four of black children ever since Trump declared his candidacy we’ve had more and more hateful rhetoric thrown at us as well as disgusted looks my husband just retired I’m retiring next month we are leaving and going to Canada as they are much more accepting there I happen to be a dual citizen with Canada and I don’t want my 12 year old son’s having a Target on their back I thank God my oldest son lives and works in Spain my daughter will be leaving in August for a year abroad and I hope she decides to stay there as well

      • Honestly, I wish your family happiness in all the change coming as you describe. It will be a stressful year or two. Undoubtedly. I guess my parting point is just to consider not giving up on all 300 million of us. This is a vast country, full of admirable people, and we endure and crawl ahead because we do have, by design, a very lagging system of government. In history, wrongs have been righted many times, like Plessy v. Ferguson, killed by Brown v.
        Board of Education, before that the Emancipation, and so on. The genius of the Constitution, and Federalism, via Amendment X, is that passions (fads) are dampened. States have a role, cities have a role, school boards have a role, it is not an edict system. Nationally, There is a Federal election every 2 years, so corrections always have a mechanism. I know this upsets many who call themselves ‘Progressives’ because that is supposed to be a vangard, and those who disagree are contemptable, but we have never let a faction make all the decisions for too long. But if you look at things generationally, and not per news cycle, better ideas overcome lesser ones. Progressives are impatient, to put it nicely. But our process isn’t designed to be whimsical. Canada isnt bad, but this place is stronger than you think. Best wishes.

      • I agree with some of your points however it’s been 150 plus years since slavery ended yet people are still disenfranchised because of their skin. Just incredibly stupid Canada won’t be totally foreign to my kids however we have a vacation place in BC. Canadians are generally more polite and open-minded and less violent than Americans. It will be a nice change who knows maybe one day we will come back but right now no

    • You lost me on the first sentence, pal. And those people weren’t kidnapped, they were sold by their own families into slavery. I personally have no guilt for that as you like to imply, it happened 160 years before I was born, chump; not my problem. I owe them nor you a thing, I do however owe Chase and Wells Fargo.

      • BS hoss, most were kidnapped. It figures that Trump voters feel no sense of collective responsibility. You people are morally bankrupt.

  6. All of decent America is immensely proud of the noble and bravery President Trump, and wish him Godspeed in his quest to restore, equality, prosperity, and security to this country! Thank You President Trump!!!

    • I’m part of decent America.

      I’ve never been more ashamed and fearful of this bullying, uncaring, hateful president.

      I can never be proud of a grown man who makes fun of disabled people. How can you be if you call yourself decent?

      • You must know that the “making fun of disabled people” LIE HAS been debunked long ago. Perpetuating it makes YOU an extraordinarily slimy, lowly, creepy-crawly kind of sub-human insect. Not only have you no right to talk in the name of decency but your parents themselves should blush in their graves for having “educated” such a lying hag like you. You are not part of decent America. You are a molecule of the swamp.


      • You guys need to look up “debunking” in a dictionary.

        He’s mocking Cruz by comparing him to a retarded person. This is still mocking a person with disabilities.

        This is still who he is in front of a microphone or behind closed doors. A thoroughly hateful president whose supporters make excuses for him because they’ve been told to.

      • She is likely merely a “polyezniy idiot” indoctrinated by the Ministry of Truth. Evil, but too stupid to know this…..

      • Not only was Trump’s making fun of a disabled man not a lie, it has been thoroughly documented, There is a clear video of it, for heaven’s sake. How can you debunk what millions of people have seen with their own eyes? Where are you getting your fake new? How can you possibly be this ignorant?

      • It’s precisely BECAUSE millions of people have seen it that it can’t be debunked. It’s obvious and undeniable what he’s doing in the video which is why it remains unchallenged as a prominent exhibit in the Museum of Nasty Things DJT Has Done.

        People can indeed look at things like this video and make up their minds about it in their own without having to have a Fox News analyst guide them through it.

      • FM you idiot, it has been debunked because trump made the exact same motions when talking about numerous other people, none that were handicapped. The motion he used is a motioned he uses to show that someone is completely confused and doesn’t know what there talking about. He used it when talking about cruz and others. This is the problem with sheep like yourself you hear something and you just fkg believe it without looking deeper. No wonder dems just repeat lie after lie, they know how many useful idiots there are out there. Two examples of it just here. https://www.youtube.com/wat

      • I didn’t “hear something”, I saw it plain as day. This idiotic excuse that his motions were used to show confusion is beyond the pale and a clear lie. An 4 year old can make up a better excuse when caught his hand in the cookie jar. Give me a break.

      • Totally not debunked. The video is everywhere together with photos of the reporter, and my 10-year-old son saw it all. We asked him what DJT was doing in the video and he looked at his sister and said “He’s making fun of people like Emily”.

        Emily has Down syndrome.

        From the mouths of babes…

      • FM you idiot, it has been debunked because trump made the exact same motions when talking about numerous other people, none that were handicapped. The motion he used is a motioned he uses to show that someone is completely confused and doesn’t know what there talking about. He used it when talking about cruz and others. This is the problem with sheep like yourself you hear something and you just fkg believe it without looking deeper. No wonder dems just repeat lie after lie, they know how many useful idiots there are out there. As for your son, yeah sure, I bet he hadn’t heard you mentioning how disgusting trump was at all, had he. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQpCIaCyhtU

      • Huh? Who made fun of disabled people? That has bee thoroughly debunked, friend; do yourself a favor and look it up. You are being played by the press who write negatively about Trump 80% of the time according to a Harvard study.

      • Hey, you can’t debunk a video where someone is doing something in plain sight. That’s creepy.

        Don’t believe Ann Coulture. Or do believe her. She now calls Trump’s personality grotesque and she says he’s disappointing.

        But how can you debunk the fact that he is pretending here to be disabled?

        If that’s not what he’s doing, what is he doing?

        Debunk it for me. Watch the entire thing and tell me what he’s doing with his hand if not mocking persons with disabilities.



      • FM you idiot, it has been debunked because trump made the exact same motions when talking about numerous other people, none that were handicapped. The motion he used is a motioned he uses to show that someone is completely confused and doesn’t know what there talking about. He used it when talking about cruz and others. This is the problem with sheep like yourself you hear something and you just fkg believe it without looking deeper. No wonder dems just repeat lie after lie, they know how many useful idiots there are out there. You would be the third useful idiot just on here. https://www.youtube.com/wat

      • That’s not a debunking. Have you ever attended elementary school?

        He’s comparing Cruz to a disabled man. That’s still mocking people with disabilities.

        The president of the United States of America is a disgusting adult person who thinks it’s okay to make fun of people by motioning that they are retarded.

        There is nothing honorable about him.

        Your excuses for him (locker room talk?) (“it’s debunked”) and the way he treats most Americans (comparing Mexican Americans to rapists…his hateful comments about almost all Americans …”blood coming out of her wherever…”) do not reflect well on your sense of decency.

      • OH FM, he made those speeches before the one were he talked about then reporter you dick, so how is he comparing any of them to a disabled man, its his way of saying someone is flustered, it has nothing to do with being disabled. Ive seen plenty of other people use those hand expressions as well, to show someone is flustered. The fact that you think it looks like a disabled person says as much about you as anyone else, so you think that’s what your disabled daughter looks like then? No one is saying you have to like him, but if he is so despicable, why do you need to make shit up, there must be plenty of stuff out there to prove it, that isn’t fake. Your more despicable then he is, making shit up and refusing to admit your wrong even when its there right in front of your face. And again he didn’t compare all Mexican americans to rapists, he said many that come here illegally are criminals and the facts back that up. Its not about defending him, its about been actually truthful about what he said. I don’t think hes a great person, but that doesn’t mean he cant be a decent president. 90% of presidents have been arseholes in one way or another and if you don’t think Hilary wasn’t as big as arsehole as trump (in different ways) then you didn’t do much research. Your hatred means your opinion is worth shit, because you just make things up in the hope ignorant people will believe you.

      • You have seen people use the hand gesture of a disabled person to show someone is flustered?

        Can you tell me who these people are?

        Your phony excuses do not make you look like a smart person.

      • As already pointed out, repeating the thoroughly debunked ‘Trump made fun of disabled people!’ lie disproves your claim of decency.

      • Your debunking has been debunked.

        The fact that he compared Cruz to a disabled person too…that makes him presidential too?

        Was it presidential when he said “blood coming out of her wherever”?

        Was it presidential when he called Mexican Americans r*pists?

        Was it presidential when he suggested that because he’s a star it’s okay to touch women on their private parts without asking them first?

        The president of the United States does not look like he ever works out. When is he ever inside locker rooms? He says these things about most Americans behind closed doors and in front of microphones at his rallies.

        There is nothing honorable about this person. There’s nothing decent or honorable about those who look at the way he treats human beings and who make excuses for him.

        Trump is taking America back to our worst days of hatred and prejudice. The president is a bully who doesn’t treat people with respect or dignity.

      • Although I’m sure you and I are never going to agree, point of fact is that Trump did get elected president which makes his behavior ipso facto ‘presidential’.

        Sure, you may not like the change in culture his election signaled but that’s how things work in our system – I wasn’t particularly happy with Obama’s habit of inviting ghetto-trash, gang-glorifying rappers to White House events, or projecting the LGBT flag onto the White House post-Obergefell, but things like that are part-and-parcel to our system.

        And as far as the ‘bullying’ charge, Obama was a bigger bully than anyone (See: abuse of IRS, ‘Make them pay’ and ”Bring a gun’ rhetoric).

        But like I already said – I’m sure you disagree with all this.

      • I disagree that obama did anything equivalent to making fun of a disabled person. Or bragging about sexual assault. Or saying that a female reporter was bleeding from her wherever. Or referring to Mexican Americans as rapists.

        I do admire your attempt to associate Obama with rappers and right wing scandals (never proven) to try to make trump look better. I’m afraid that none of you is allowed to criticize gangster rappers again now that you’ve placed your own seventy something vanilla ice inside the White House.

    • No. All Decent people are not immensely proud of trump. Some decent people are proud of him. But his ardent base who see no wrong are rural, uneducated, fearful of change, and confine their sources of info to material trump approves of and are blind to works opinion and objective criticisms. They believe opinions like this article are trustworthy and written to inform.

      • And yet the really uneducated like yourself who are the true haters, continually accuse, and disparage our magnificent, patriotic, President Trump, as some kind of criminal worthy of impeachment……..and all without one single smidgen of any evidence of ANY crime whatsoever……..truly it is the left who is delusional, as well as ignorant in their hatred for a man who is working so hard to bring fairness, equality, and prosperity to Americans, and by denying him the help and encouragement to succeed, you deny those successes to all Americans.
        I am deeply ashamed of people like yourself!!!

  7. I believe you mean well, Sam, but I have to say, I find this extraordinarily benighted. Trump is the kind of person the Founders feared: an unreflective demagogue who has no regard for limited government and freedom of speech and the press (unless it covers him favorably – and by the way, this is someone who thinks CNN, MSNBC, NYT etc. are a load of smug, elitist garbage).

    • Yeah, you are a wonderfully principled semi-man, Alex. Enjoy your alternate history Hillary presidency.

      • The Progs have sold him the rope by which he wishes to hang himself….

    • Squishy Alex. Get in the game, he’s our only hope and if he only defeats the smug/elitist left he’ll have done the country a huge service. That is what patriots do. You need to widen your lense

    • actually Alex, Trump is exactly the type of man that the Founders hoped would be POTUS. He made his money the old-fashioned way…he earned it. He cannot be bought and puts America and Americans first. And ala George Washington, he surrounds himself with very smart people, some he even admits are smarter than he is.

      His patriotism is unquestionable. Only a blind person cannot see that. And he has tremendous respect for (and from) the military.

      • He inherited his money. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are the kinds of guys I think of as having truly made their money from scratch.

      • if by scratch you mean bill gates sr giving bill jr $1m to get started (sound familiar) then i agree.

    • Which of the founders are you quoting who fear Trump. Right, he’s ‘the kind’ you fear for sure; he has no regard for your religion of political correctness and no fear of the cabal of the media elite. He wasn’t supposed to win, that was for hour hero Hillary, whom the founders would have welcomed, right. So glad you channel the founders, too bad you don’t show any of their qualities of love of country and hatred of elite elected despots like the Clinton gang.

  8. If you believe that America needs to be returned to a land of white supremacist wealthy leaders and women and people with brown skin better know their place…and dirty air and oceans and rising climate are just dandy..

    Trump is your Han Solo.

    The value of treating ALL Americans with compassion and dignity is one that Trump Is incapable of sharing. The value of having a clean and healthy planet is never one he will share. The value that you shouldn’t grab health care or school lunches away from the poorest and more vulnerable Americans simply to stuff more tax breaks into the pockets of our bloated upper class is never going to be a value he shares.

    Trump represents a return to our worst years as Americans…years of discrimination and hatred toward MOST people…gay people, women, people of color.

    Foolish white men in America who champion Trump can’t see how damaging he is to the white man brand. Even school children know bullies should never flourish. Also Han Solo was scrappy. Trump has never been scrappy. He was literally born powerful. The son of a wealthy powerful man who did nothing to earn the first forty million dollars he owned. That’s a long stretch from Solo.

    • White…. white…. white…. black…. black…. blackety-black-black….

      Lena, a typical example of repulsive, race-obsessed racist who belongs in the museum of racism-based horrors.

      • Agree. And using a Wiki page on the ‘Southern Strategy’ to support her race-baiting is a bit daft. The Rust Belt Midwest is where Trump’s real strength is, and he won that with economic nationalism, not race.

        If anything, Trump’s victory represents (at least the beginnings of) a break with the social conservatism and racial politics of the so-called ‘Southern Strategy’.

      • Trump’s strongest support comes from white southern men.

        Look at a map. Trump eeked out a win in rust belt states by the hair of his chin. 77 K votes in strategic areas.

        Compare that to his wins across the south.

        Trump won the former confederate states by his claim that the first black president was not a citizen and not a Christian. The birther movement gave birth to Trump. Working class white men in northern states were nowhere near so unanimous in their support.

      • The birther movement is EXCACTLY the southern strategy. And it worked.

        The most racist Americans are also the people most likely to passionately support Trump.

    • That…is… some… awesome…race-baiting!!! I am so proud of you Lena, you just lost the argument by drawing the race card. Nobody had even mentioned it until you brought it to the forefront of our miniscule, misunderstanding, corrupt white minds. You should educate us poor privileged whiteys on misogyny next, we need to grovel in our guilt.

      • I don’t think you know the meaning of race baiting.

        Mentioning race is not race baiting.

        Race baiting is when white people try to code their prejudice in hidden words. For example, Reagan using the term “welfare queen” was race baiting because even though white people equally commit welfare fraud, the example of a black woman commiting welfare fraud would make racist white people especially angry.

        Here’s a longer explanation.


        Now you know.

      • The definition of race-baiter is lena mcfarland.

    • lena, this will upset you, but it is the truth. The country ran much better, and intruded much less into peoples’ lives when women were not allowed to vote. Female suffrage has led to many of the problems with the government that you dislike.

      • White male people’s lives, you mean…

        It was intruding pretty heavily, and nastily, into black people’s lives at that time…

      • The fact that you would make a comment like this openly instead of secretly in your heart is why Trump is tearing this nation apart.

        Before women could vote the country was better? During the slavery era it was better? When women couldn’t support themselves in the work place it was better?

        It amazes me that white old men are still so selfish and hateful you long for the days when women and people of color were literally your slaves.

        You lack empathy. Just like the president.

        The worst days of this country were the days when we did not live up to our potential that all men and woman are created equally, endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights….

        Some of the white men who founded this nation owned slaves.

        You admire that and wish it were still true today?

        Your hatred reveals you.

      • If you want a modern day nation where women can’t vote or work outside the home maybe you preferred Afghanistan under the Taliban.

        Would you like this to become an America Taliban where we too try to go backward in time instead of forward?

        The Taliban were just trying to make Afghanistan great again.

        Same hatreds against women.

  9. Never forget, that George Lucas in his inability to deliver his original plan of being lured by power and ability to effect leadership, had Darth Vader joining the Dark Side for promises of better health care(and the patient died).

    • He also wanted a free Obama phone and an upgrade on C-3P0 to a transgender.

  10. I’d have to disagree with the author’s premise that Trump is conservative based on the following: no Obamacare repeal, signed a budget funding Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities but not a border wall, senior policy adviser is a liberal (Jared Kushner), not firing liberal IRS head John Koskinen, keeping the Iran Deal, keeping the U.S. in the Paris Climate Change Agreement, keeping Obama’s trangenderism in the military policy. Obama has moved the country so far to the left that a moderate/liberal like Trump is now considered conservative.

      • All the time in world will not make Trump’s stupid agenda a reality in this nation. His agenda is already collapsing. His polls are crashing. Nobody seems to like this conman as the president any more. It is to laugh.

      • At some point Trump either follows through with his campaign promises, or he does not. Next month, next year, next term doesn’t cut it.

  11. Actually if Trump wins it will be because he defeated the regressive left. He is bigger than politics, he will change the culture.

  12. “opposition to the natural progress, and inevitable perfection of man.”

    The delusional belief of Progs in Fairies and Unicorns will ultimately result in their own destruction…..one way or another.

  13. Bush is Darth Vader and Cheney is the Emperor…Trump is Jabba the Hut!

  14. I want to see DT depicted like you describe in a comic book. We need to get the young kids on our side understanding that the President and we, his supporters, are the good guys in this battle against the evil swamp!

  15. The Resistance is an expression of the fear that has taken hold of liberal progressives and Never Trump Republicans. They feel their control over the Federal Government and the American people not just slipping away but being torn from their grasp by President Trump and his supporters. From being convinced that they were emerging victorious from the culture wars a year ago, confident in their belief in ascendant Federal Government control over every aspect of our daily lives, they have been shocked to find that their victory and control were illusions.

    These elitists realize that the new era in American politics, ushered in by President Trump, has left them sidelined and irrelevant to the re-empowered American Electorate. These participants in The Resistance are terrified by the prospect of losing their power, prestige, and their income as we the people now recognize them as enemies of our personal values and freedom. Their attacks on our President are attacks on us. There are no longer any limits to what they will do and say in their doomed attempts to regain the power they formerly enjoyed. Indeed, it is unlikely that many of these elitists will ever be able to function normally again in American society.

    • Beautifully written. Although I am not sure they fully realize they have been sidelined. I think they are desperately holding on to their delusions; they believe they just need to pump up the volume of leaks, lies, and criticisms. MSM trots out McCain at every opportunity. If the damage they are doing was not so serious, I could almost feel sorry for them.

  16. An illogical and trashy opinion column. It’s almost laughable the way you try to make one of the worst human beings to ever become president into your hero, Sam. You are delusional. His incompetence has been on display for the entire world to see. Trump is an embarrassment to this great nation and the world. Luckily, there are plenty of people in our government who will make sure none of his stupid ideas will ever come to fruition. Just watch as his awful presidency dissolves before your eyes, as it clearly deserves to. Good will triumph over this evil. This conman will go down in infamy.

  17. A profoundly silly, vacuous, and intellectually dishonest analysis. I wish I could say this angered me, or made me think, or did, truly, anything. Nope — file this unpolished tripe under “things that make folks say ‘meh.'” Mssr. Buckley would be spinning in his grave. The Right has truly got to be able to do better than this.

  18. I agree Donald Trump is not Darth Vader….he’s more Jabba the Hutt if you must persevere with this ridiculous analogy.