The Left Versus Common Sense

Our political reality is no longer Left versus Right. It is now the Left versus common sense—and that change is changing voting patterns in this country.

The political Left in America has been trending so hard and so fast to the left in recent decades that it raises the question, “What lies beyond the Left on the Left?” Now we know. When you break so hard to the left, you leave behind common sense.

Once upon a time, Left and Right in America had enough common ground to make communication possible and compromise not uncommon. In those days, everybody knew the party of the left was the party of big government and higher taxes. “Tax and spend” was the mantra of the Left in the time of FDR and his protégée LBJ. (JFK was a brief exception. His tax cuts—which Reagan copied—marked him as in some ways a man of the right.)

Columnist Robert Novak wrote that “God put the Republican Party on earth to cut taxes.” The job of the more-or-less hapless opposition to FDR and LBJ was railing against government spending and talking about the need to balance the budget. Although Senator Everett Dirksen evidently did not actually say “A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money,” those words attributed to him captured the spirit of the opposition.

Today, the Left has completely abandoned all spending restraint in favor of “free” college and “single payer” healthcare—which means nobody pays which really means everybody pays because costs are abstracted from the beneficiaries of goods and services and seemingly passed on to a third party.  News flash:  We are the third party!

But the important point to understand is that the party of the Left has moved far beyond mere reckless spending. While LBJ was eager to spend trillions to purchase the votes of inner city blacks in perpetuity with money distributed by welfare bureaucrats, showing no concern for the cost to taxpayers, I believe even LBJ would have drawn the line at welcoming illegal aliens into the country and actively importing Muslims from the Islamist-inflamed Middle East in order to put them on the dole for their votes. To do so defies common sense and evinces a lack of neighborly concern for one’s fellow Americans.

Big spending is no longer the name of the game. Power is. It’s no longer just about spending obscene amounts of money to guarantee votes. Now the Left is willing to sacrifice our national security and the prosperity of their fellow citizens in order to maintain it.  The Left has not simply abandoned common sense with regard to spending, it has abandoned common sense altogether.

In fact, it has set itself against common sense. Chromosomes no longer matter to the Left. If a boy “identifies” as a girl, then according to the Left he must be given access to the showers and locker rooms set aside for girls—and in some places you can be fined for calling him a “he” if he objects.

align=”left” Big spending is no longer the name of the game. Power is. It’s no longer just about spending obscene amounts of money to guarantee votes. Now the Left is willing to sacrifice our national security and the prosperity of their fellow citizens in order to maintain it.  The Left has not simply abandoned common sense with regard to spending, it has abandoned common sense altogether.

The Left now also rejects the First Amendment—because free speech might upset someone. Consequently, universities must prevent people from lecturing on campus if they might say something upsetting to some students. And people who believe we need to take common-sense steps to protect ourselves from Islamic terrorists are simply victims of a psychological condition, a phobia like claustrophobia or a morbid fear of heights, and we call this “Islamophobia.” The lengths the Left is willing to go along this line are nothing short of astonishing. For example, the San Diego school board has brought in representatives of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas front group, to address Islamophobia among students! No kidding, CAIR representatives are working with the school district to develop social studies lessons and other programs to promote “a more positive image of Islam.” I am confident that during the Hitler years the San Diego school board did not bring in representatives of the German American Bund (an American Nazi organization dedicated to promoting a more positive image of Nazi Germany) to develop school programs to address Naziphobia among students.

These changes on the Left go a long way toward explaining the changes in voting patterns we are witnessing. As the Left moved out into the twilight zone “beyond the Left” and took their party with them, even voters who pay little attention to politics began to notice that something strange was happening. Americans who have always voted for the Democrats are becoming estranged from that party because of its rejection of common sense.

Leftists are no longer the liberal/progressives of old, one side of the traditional American political debate. Their self-proclaimed project is now “fundamentally transforming” America. In the new post-American America they are planning all bets will be off and common sense will have no claims in the public square.

Everyone realizes that Donald Trump’s election was not a victory of the traditional political Right. Too many members of the Republican establishment opposed him for that to be the case. However, a rejection of the strange new Left was an important part of his victory. No doubt many were voting for common sense when they voted for Donald Trump’s “common sense conservatism.”


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19 responses to “The Left Versus Common Sense”

  1. It’s not just the left versus common sense – they are also against all that is right and good and moral, and against people who hold that there is a right and a wrong. Wouldn’t want to be judgmental, you know.

    • Dear Not Chicken Little,
      Great comment! Thanks.
      By the way, according to the American Founders, right and wrong are part of common sense.They had a very robust understanding of common sense. The common sense realism that informed their thinking was grounded in moral philosophy. You can find out about all this in my book Common Sense Nation.
      Kindest regards,

  2. What’s going on? It’s more than abandonment of common sense. Pragmatism shows that big government stifles freedom and economic development/growth, but these are irrelevant to the Ultraleft.

    What IS relevant? Combine Alinsky with Coward and Pliven, with a bribed, indoctrinated, drugged-up Sturmabteilung, and (I strongly believe) a timetable that would bring about the Bolshevization of America, this coming November, on the centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

    • Dear William Winchester,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Your mention of pragmatism raises an interesting point. A little-known part of the story of how America got here: a turning point was when the common sense realism of the American founders was replaced by the formal philosophy of pragmatism. It happened in the latter part of the 19th century.
      Though “pragmatic” and “common sense” are today used as near equivalents, that change had huge consequences.
      You can find out about that and its significance in Common Sense Nation.
      Best regards,

  3. The left has no morals, no sense of humor and NO common sense.

    • Dear Oliver Felts,
      Wow! I think you are on to something important.
      When you abandon common sense and the moral sense, you lose quite a lot–your sense of beauty (“Piss Christ” as art), as you point out, your sense of humor (Steven Colbert), maybe even your sense of wonder.
      High price to pay.
      Best regards,

  4. The sub-text of this article is very simple to understand. The modern Democrat Party has morphed into an anti-free- dom organization bent on turning the United States into something resembling the old Soviet Union with the mantra “…this time we’ll get communism right. ” I believe newer, younger leaders of the Democrat Party genuinely hate America and blame all the ills of the world on us.

    • Getting it right is just a matter of smashing the Kulaks.

      • I’m afraid we’re fresh out of Kulaks. Let’s hope we never reach a point where the local Democrat Party apparatchik can pull your name from a list, take you into the basement and ask the same questions over and over and over again. Even I, a shining right knight might accept global warming, trans-gender bathrooms, partial birth abortion, open national borders, unilateral disarmament, up with Islam, down with Christianity, Venezuelan socialism on the streets of Middletown and turds in urine called “art” by liberal intellectuals…after they started to rip fingernails, proposed recently by an anti-Trump Democrat.

      • This country will thankfully NEVER reach a point where we have to worry about the local Democratic Party apparatchik surviving long enough to have that power over us.

        300 millions firearms, over 1 trillion rounds of ammunition, and 30 million reasonably trained Americans in military arts will put a quick stop to that. We’re not even close to that having to ever be a real concern, but if we do, the cards are already heavily stacked in our favor. As our Founding Fathers wisely thought to do for us.

  5. Against common sense and against common cause with their fellow Americans.

    • According to my dictionary of politicalspeak, “Fellow Americans” is a construct of the oppressor class to maintain white male supremacy.

      • Would you care to share your tragic oppression story so we can cop a little bit of your tragic victimization?

  6. The analysis is on target. The important question is how will these new radical “Democrats” govern when they gain a majority in the House, the Senate and/or the Presidency? Look to Maxine “Impeach Trump!” Waters for rhetoric, Kampus Kangaroo Kourts for procedure, a combination of Jerry Brown and Werner Wilhelm (aka Bill de Blasio) for political leadership, and North Korea and Venezuela for economic management. The future looks bright indeed.

  7. Liberalism empowers a corrupt inefficient ever increasing tyrannical govt that
    has to take away our liberties in order to expand, worse, it does it under the
    disguise of retaining our freedoms & libs think it somehow won’t affect
    them. obamacare is the perfect example

  8. “The Left Versus Common Sense”

    The existential characteristic of liberalism is “self deception”; first they lie to themselves, and then to eveyone else … always has been, and always will be.


  9. As David Goldman writes:
    “The progressives felt themselves on the verge of turning America into a gigantic echo-chamber. Except for tiny pockets of resistance, they control the universities. They dominate the mainstream media and mainstream culture. They had the Supreme Court as of Obergefell. And they had a Democratic administration ready to cut off funding to schools that didn’t let boys-who-say-they-are-girls into the girls’ room.

    And into this triumphalist delirium, there intruded the raucous Queens accent of Donald J. Trump, the most politically incorrect contestant for national office since Andrew Jackson.”

  10. Survey: Nearly Half of White, Working Class Americans Say They ‘Feel Like a Stranger in Their Own Country’

    A poll released the Public Religion Research Institute and the Atlantic on Tuesday examining sentiments held by white, working class adults found that almost half surveyed felt that they had become “strangers” in their own country.