Trump Critics Exude Desperate Political Nihilism

I am glad that Donald Trump skipped the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday and instead went to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for a rally commemorating his first hundred days in office. He drew about 10,000 people, excoriated the swamp that is Washington, and dilated on many of the themes that put him in office: Immigration and the wall, jobs and economic growth, the bane of Hollywood and the corrupt media consorting with itself in D.C.

Naturally, the artificial but nevertheless ritually important 100th day of Trump’s administration elicited a huge disgorgement of commentary. The prize for the most surreal offering—at least, the most surreal I encountered—must go to David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker.

Remember “An American Tragedy”? That was Remnick’s truly unhinged response to Trump’s victory published on November 9 within hours of the election’s being called. “The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency,” Remnick wrote,

is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the Constitution, and a triumph for the forces, at home and abroad, of nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism. Trump’s shocking victory, his ascension to the Presidency, is a sickening event in the history of the United States and liberal democracy. . . . Trump is vulgarity unbounded, a knowledge-free national leader who will not only set markets tumbling [Really?] but will strike fear into the hearts of the vulnerable, the weak, and, above all, the many varieties of Other whom he has so deeply insulted.

Why was Donald Trump’s victory “a tragedy for the American republic”? In what sense can it be said that it was “a tragedy for the Constitution”? Here we are nearly six months later and the institutions of the republic are still chugging along. Presidency: check. Congress: check. The judiciary: check. All present and accounted for. Is anyone being rounded up and put in a gulag? It was Barack Obama that challenged the Constitution by serially ignoring the law on issues from healthcare to immigration. Exactly how does Trump’s victory represent the “triumph”—not only “at home” but also “abroad”—of “nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism”? The correct answer is “No how,” but Remnick is too besotted with his malignant fantasy to see that.

align=”right” The problem—well, one problem—with all these assessments is that reality is not cooperating with the narrative. In fact, Trump is governing as a supremely conventional figure. The only “contempt” I see about is not emanating from Trump but from his blinkered critics who cannot bear the fact that someone won over their objections.

He said Trump’s victory would “set markets tumbling.” In fact, as many commentators have pointed out, we’ve seen an historic rise in markets as the world anticipates the effects of Trump’s pro-growth agenda. Leaving aside the whining females in pink hats and vagina costumes who seem to be scared of everything and everyone, do you know anyone—anyone—who is truly (as distinct from histrionically) fearful about Trump’s victory? Again, the honest answer is No. It’s all theater, make believe, self-indulgent posturing. Obama weaponized the IRS, the EPA, the Department of Education, and other entities to harass his ideological enemies. Trump has done . . . nothing, absolutely nothing to punish his ideological foes.

No, there is a reason that one should approach any column by David Remnick with a keychain that plays the theme from the Twilight Zone when you press a button.

So here we are, 100 days into the Trump presidency and what do we have? Normality. Trump is moving as quickly as possible to—gasp!—keep his promises. He has assembled the most impressive cabinet I can remember. He has nominated and had confirmed a brilliant and non-ideological Supreme Court Justice in Neil Gorsuch. Illegal border crossings are down by some 70 percent. He has moved decisively to cut onerous and counterproductive regulations. He has unveiled a plan to cut taxes decisively. On trade, he has demonstrated that he meant what he said about “putting America first.” Canada subsidizes its timber industry, therefore Trump has just imposed a tariff on Canadian lumber imports. This is not “protectionist.” It is fair trade. It is, in a word that Trump likes, “reciprocal”: free trade not as an abstraction but as a process that takes the behavior of all parties into account. There is no free trade without fair trade.

On the international front, he has met most of the world’s most important leaders. He has sent a decisive message to Syria (and its puppet masters, Iran and Russia) by attacking a Syrian air force base and destroying 20 percent of its air capability after Assad launched a sarin gas attack. He has also put the pudgy North Korean bad joke of a dictator on notice, surrounding him with immense American firepower while at the same time leveraging his new-found relationship the China’s President Xi to put pressure on Kim to abandon its nuclear program. If Trump succeeds in that gambit, it will be a diplomatic triumph of world-historical importance.

Meanwhile, what does David Remnick see? A few days before the actual date, he published another hysterical (I do not mean funny) screed in The New Yorker called, “A Hundred Days of Trump.” “[Trump’s] Presidency,” Remnick writes, “has become the demoralizing daily obsession of anyone concerned with global security, the vitality of the natural world, the national health, constitutionalism, civil rights, criminal justice, a free press, science, public education, and the distinction between fact and its opposite.”

Speaking of the “distinction between fact and its opposite,” how is David Remnick doing in that department? “[I]t’s worth remembering,” he writes, “that Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama were among those who came to office at a moment of national crisis and had the discipline, the preparation, and the rigor to set an entirely new course. Impulsive, egocentric, and mendacious, Trump has, in the same span, set fire to the integrity of his office.”

Really? How’s that, Dave?

But if Remnick gets high marks for the surreality of his disquisitions on Trump, Peter Wehner, one of those neutered conservatives that the New York Times likes to publish to show how broad-minded they are, has to get a prize for the most self-righteous. Wehner is never happier than when he discovers a fellow conservative who hasn’t quite lived up to his standards of moral rectitude. Thus Wehner several times upbraided Andrew McCarthy for being insufficiently sensitive to Muslim sensitivities and other matters. Saturday, to mark Trump’s 100 days in office. Wehner used his column in the Times to launch yet another attack on the President. Called “Mr. Trump Goes to Washington,” the piece grudgingly acknowledges a couple of Trump’s accomplishments (confirmation of Neil Gorsuch headlining the parade), but in essence it is a reprise of Wehner’s longstanding contention that Donald Trump is “The Most Massively Ignorant Person Ever To Run For President.”

You might think that is just par for the course, just the sort of thing that someone like David Remnick, a pink-hatted female, or someone who worked for MSNBC or CNN would say. The difference is that Peter Wehner is made of much finer moral stuff than you or I. It’s the pulpit tones of Wehner’s rhetoric that makes reading his columns like sitting in a classroom while someone runs his fingernails over the blackboard. “What troubles many of us,” he writes in the Times, “who have devoted much of our lives to politics is that we have a president who doesn’t believe in the higher purpose of his office, which is grounded in the conviction that governing well can advance the human good.”

Unlike Donald Trump, this homo erectus Peter Wehner exudes an aroma of “higher purpose,” concern “to advance the human good,” etc., etc. Unlike Trump, again, Wehner knows all about “the complexities” of politics, that “what worked on the campaign trail can’t possibly work over the span of a presidency. The 2016 campaign,” he writes, “more than any before it, showed us how extraordinarily wide the gap between what it takes to win the presidency and what it takes to govern has become.”

Just how does Peter Wehner know that? Again, it seems to be because he occupies a higher moral plane than those who had the temerity to elect Donald Trump. Hadn’t Wehner told them time and again—ad nauseam, in fact—how awful Trump was? They didn’t listen. Now they’ll find out. “I realize that this all sounds hopelessly old-fashioned and out of step with our angry, cynical times,” Wehner says in sorrow. “For many Americans, frustration with our political leaders, which is understandable, has transmuted into contempt for governing itself, which is dangerous—a trend that verges on a desperate kind of political nihilism.”

An entire disquisition could be written about the deployment of the words “anger” and “angry” by Trump’s enemies. Wehner castigates “our angry, cynical times.” Remnick anathematizes “the Trump Presidency [which] represents a rebellion against liberalism itself—an angry assault on the advances of groups of people who have experienced profound, if fitful, empowerment over the past half century.” Connie Bruck, writing in the May 1 New Yorker about Trump’s strategist Steve Bannon—the one man the Left might just hate even more than Trump himself—says that in the “brash huckster” Trump, Bannon “had finally found the figure who could express [the people’s] anger, leading the populist rebellion of millions of Americans who felt they had been left behind.” And so on.

The problem—well, one problem—with all these assessments is that reality is not cooperating with the narrative. In fact, Trump is governing as a supremely conventional figure. The only “contempt” I see about is not emanating from Trump but from his blinkered critics who cannot bear the fact that someone won over their objections. And if you want to see “political nihilism” in action, don’t look to Trump’s White House but rather to the streets of Berkeley, campuses like Yale and Middlebury, the pages of The New Yorker or The New York Times or any of the other reliably anti-Trump organs.

In Philosophical Investigations, Ludwig Wittgenstein warned that “A picture held us captive. And we could not get outside it.” There is a kindred sort of madness about the anti-Trump stalwarts. They are held captive by a picture. Reality had to be a certain way. Trump had to be a certain way: a sort of repository of everything small, and mean, and malevolent.

His unforgivable tort was to act normally, conventionally. Sure there were the tweets—they were something the Left could love to hate—but in a larger sense his behavior has been. . . presidential. Issuing executive orders, nominating judges and justices, encouraging legislation to further the agenda he had outlined on the hustings, generally doing things to keep the promises he had made. Trump’s opponents keep telling us how “angry” his supporters are. But their hysterical behavior reminds me of nothing so much as the famous duel between Settembrini, the suave humanist, and Naphta, the Jesuit radical, in Thomas Mann’s great novel The Magic Mountain. When Settembrini delopes, Naphta screams “You coward” and shoots himself in the head. I sometimes think some of our more extreme anti-Trump crusaders are only a few adjectives away from that unfortunate eventuality.

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246 responses to “Trump Critics Exude Desperate Political Nihilism”

  1. Don’t underestimate the danger of nihilism. A herd of cattle charging toward the cliff is a mindless violent mass but it will still run over you and kill you just the same.

    • Yes, and Remnick is the border collie leading that herd of nihilist cattle. Kimball needs to stop underestimating the High Priest of Conde Nast’s ‘hysteria’. ( I consider Graydon Carter’s Vanity Fair to be the pig who thinks he is a border collie, no disrespect to actual pigs intended.)

  2. I nominate Roger Kimball and American Greatness as the official Whitehouse correspondence team.

    The media plays an influential role on the masses and correcting bad and biased reporting is much needed.

  3. “Trump’s opponents keep telling us how “angry” his supporters are.”

    I reluctantly confess that I was not a Trump supporter until I saw the liberals’ inane, ridiculous response to his election and his pragmatic approach to a failed government. He will be a better-than-average president, and, looking at its early success, I now support his agenda wholeheartedly.

    • Hey – what a coincidence!! We have a president Trump here on Earth, too!! But, ours is a huckster who hasn’t been anywhere near the “success” of yours.

      • Dealing in lies, Hominid?

        That’s beneath you, certainly.

      • You can get real good odds on which… if you wanted a huckster without success, you definitely had to choose Obama.

      • I didn’t choose Obama – never voted Dem in my entire life. But, the people who were duped by Obama are many of the same ones who were duped by Trump. The Dems & the Lib media set you Trumpsuckers up and you’re too stupid to realize you’ve been had — again.

      • Yeah, sure. Because the Dems & Lib media secretly wanted them to vote for Trump over Clinton.

        Your logic is lagging, homey.

      • That’s a crock of bull. I never voted for Obama but voted for Trump even though I originally supported Cruz.

      • If not Trump, then who? Hillary? Now that would’ve been REALLY STUPID – don’t you think? The very fact that 96% of Trump voters are saying that they would vote for him again, if the elections were held today, should tell you something – that you’re apparently missing. And maybe that is the fact that you’re too stupid to see what so many of his supporters are saying and thinking. After all, you’re clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer – for sure!

      • Nobody has been duped, that’s a lamebrain claim. Those who voted for Obama knew what they were getting, as did those of us who voted for Trump. Whether you like it or not is up to you…

      • The problem is that you consider what he has done so far to be a failure as it conflicts with your progressive agenda and erodes Obama’s legacy while we see all that as unbridled success. You need to get used to it or else fade even further away from reality.

      • I don’t have a progressive agenda, you halfwit – I was anti-Obama and anti-prog before you ever heard of either one. I’m an Americanist – that’s why I oppose the Lib RINO huckster Trump, idiot.

        You Trumpsuckers are the progs.

      • Anti Obama but pro Clinton? Who does an Americanist support/vote for, anyway?

      • Its a weak and uninformed attempt to crossdress as a conservative. They just traffic in and try to conform to the stereotyped conservative, Bircher, Racist, and etc. Americanist is a new one, but its construction is nativist + non-racist-internationalist, an internal contradiction that typical outs any leftist.

      • The language you use and your constructs are indicative of acute progloditis. You denying it is like a clinical narcissist claiming to be altruistic and not malignant.

      • Sorry, I don’t buy it. No one who is anti-Obama could ever support Hillary Clinton because she is the same as re-electing Obama.

      • Anti-Obama and progressive my butt! I’m not buying it numbnuts. It’s abundantly clear that you were so far up Obama’s rectum, that all the mouth wash in the world, isn’t going to clean up your breath.

      • A proposed healthcare change that will result in 24 million people joining the pool of uninsured. That conflicts only with reason. That is failure enough, but I can continue.

      • Let me fix that for you.

        “A proposed healthcare change that MAY result in 24 million people CHOOSING TO join the pool of uninsured BECAUSE THEY ARE NO LONGER BEING COERCED TO STAY ON THE PLAN.”

        There, thats much better.

      • Interesting theory that the 24 million that are estimated to lose coverage will all do so voluntarily.

        Did you forget that millions of these people are minors?

      • Keep going with that line and you’ll see a clean sweep in 2020.

      • Big deal. We own the SC ad infinitum. That’s what counts.

      • There are currently 4 conservatives 4 liberals and 1 swing. That hardly implies ownership.Shouldn’t the court leave politics at the front door anyway?

      • Yeah, you are right. The stupid parents who passively accept what is the least cost-effective medical care system in the world.

      • WRONG. And probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The CBO which made the projection states that they would not be able to afford the health insurance premiums. One example given is a 60 plus year old retired man who makes 26,000 per year who’s Healthcare premiums would move from 1,700 per year to 14,000 per year under the trumpcare plan.

      • Absolutely, there is something about Obama that triggers a homophile-rabid homosexual loyalty and affinity amongst the LGBT Trump-haters. Despite Trump’s past support for AIDS research and democratic years earlier, they hate anyone with a passion that somehow diminishes Obama. Its kind of like a gay Fuehrerprinzip.

      • You mean the hobgoblin Trump in the minds of the Berkeley-Fulsome Street set you belong to?

    • I really appreciate your candor. I was a Cruz supporter who voted for Trump as a no-brainer. President Hillary would have been truly disastrous – not fake disaster like the lib’s claim now…. no Hillary would have brought a truly disastrous end to the goodness of our nation.

      • I was also a Cruz supporter who voted for Trump for the same reason. Hillary is just plain BAD NEWS.

    • The real question is whether the left is or would have been willing to start a hot war with Russia to support their Putin-Trump collaboration narrative? I do know its a good thing that Nuland-Kagan(PNAC) are no longer calling the shots at The Dept. of State. Nuland would have been prominent in a Hillary Clinton administration and Ukraine would have heated up.

    • Same here.
      Trump was way down on my list, maybe 15th or 16th of 17 candidates in the primaries.
      I went out of my way to vote against him in our state’s late primary when he had already won
      the nomination. Some of the things he says and brags about still bother me.
      I voted for him reluctantly only because the other choice was so awful.

      But I completely agree that the Democrats have gone b_tsh_t crazy.
      Their “resistance” to Trump on anything and everything, the outbreaks
      of violence they don’t criticize, and the media doubling down on tearing
      Trump down has now made me a supporter.
      Gorsuch is an excellent choice for SCOTUS.

      Hillary’s blaming everyone but herself makes me thankful every day she is not President.
      We must keep these loons and radicals out of our government.
      As long as the Democrats act this way, Trump’s support will stay steady or grow.

  4. It’s difficult to admit to the political nihilism in our own but it’s indispensable.

    Read or re-read Charles Kesler’s piece on Obama after his win. It’s a model of whatever the opposite of political nihilism is; best defined, I think, by Roger Scruton’s definition of conservatism as the politics of accepting actual reality.

    The neocons, emphasis on cons, are absolute nihilists and they have no respect for the Constitution and the necessity of its necessarily indivisible truth and application.

  5. So far I have not met one lefty that can explain in plain English what it is that Trump has done that is so awful. I have not gotten any articulate well reasoned response nor am I likely to. They have kissed Odumbo’s ass up and down from side to side yet what exactly did he accomplish that made the country better? Nothing it’s much worse off. Race relations is the worse in 50 years, no growth in the economy, the Iran deal-enough said there, Benghazi, IRS scandal, Fats & Furious, Odumbocare, 20 trillion in debt that accomplished less than if there was no “stimulus”, the creation of ISIS, Title IX disaster, 100 billion in regulations, 2 SC picks that most 10 year olds are more qualified for, GM contract law broken, Odumbo making up laws. How in any sane person’s mind is Odumbo even an average president? The least qualified person to walk into any room including a daycare center.

    • It is everywhere for you to see – but you refuse to see it or understand it because you are in thrall to your “Dear Leader”. None so blind as those who wil ot see.

      • We don’t worship “dear leader.” Isn’t this kind of a contradiction about Trump? Where is the Trump Doctrine or Dogma? How is he conducting America’s relations with Russia? Its pretty clear that Trump is transactional instead of dogmatic. He punishes Syria and then tries to shore up relations with Putin and see if America can cooperate with Russia on dealing with Syria. He is even willing to deal with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Can you imagine Dubya or Obama being this pragmatic?

      • Do you even know what pragmatic means? Or does that even matter?

      • Again, is the jealousy of his wealth, the fact that he is not beholden to special interests other than his own, the differing ways that he looks at issues that have not been solved, his ability to make a decision?…… I don’t get it but the left wing twix out is drawing me more and more to Trump. I voted regrettably for Hillary but see that she was a worse candidate for the job.

      • So, list – say – five IMPORTANT actions that Trump has taken that are harmful to America. It should be easy for you.

      • The executive orders that President Trump has signed have erased O’s overreach in a HUGE way, sir.

        Go find the list yourself–you sound too butt-hurt to think straight (no pun intended).

      • EOs are OK; legislation is what counts. Threats & promises are meaningless; action counts.

      • You have no answer. Your hero Odumbo has you and your creepy liberal friends under the ether. What has Trump done that is so awful? I just made a partial list of your messiah’s incompetence. Obviously you are an emotional train wreck that just cannot handle facts. Not unusual for a lefty everything is about your feeeeeeeelings. Grow up loser.

      • In short, its a combination of Obama’s gay affinity and the media being the secular left’s version of The Supreme Revolutionary Council of progressive mullahs.

      • Yup, always generalized statements without any reference to specifics. I too have always asked for examples and all I get in response is crickets. Once in a while on the issue of Trump’s lies, i get s list that has examples of fake press or statements about the future that cannot be considered lies. The Left has no clue what a lie is as they demonstrated consistently during Obama’s administration.

      • HA. But you’re still not offering a single cause for hysteria. Trumps campaign was full of ugly (on both sides), but he’s behaving well as president.

    • Let us start at the beginning. It took Mr. Trump 8 years to acknowledge the basic fact that Barack Obama was born in the United States.

      Simply examples of irrational behavior on Mr Trump’s part like this are all you need to to understand why many find him so awful.

      • That is indeed funny since it was Hillary who started the questioning of Obama’s birth place. Just because the Media went out of its way to castigate any one who thought to challenge the authenticity of a “birth certificate” issues by an unabashed supporter of Obama does not mean the questioning is irrational.

      • You wont agree but the ONLY evidence we were allowed to see confirming 0bama’s birth certificate was a photograph of a photo copy. The actual document has NEVER been examined by independent forensic experts. That photocopy has aroused a great deal of legitimate questions in the authenticity of the said document. Even an untrained eye can determine that there are several different typesets used on the alleged document. If you truly want to put this to rest why not take the route of integrity and honesty and request a formal study of that document?

      • You are right, I don’t agree. To begin with there is plenty of other evidence including announcement of the birth back in 1952 in two Hawaiian newspapers.

        People like you who are still questioning this need to get a better grip on reality.

      • Oh I see.
        “simple examples of irrational behavior” are somehow more egregious that outright lies ?

        “You can keep your Dr.”
        “I never sent or received classified information from my personal email.”

        The faux outrage and selective findings shows your hypocrisy for all to see.

      • You are lying yourself. Clinton’s statement was actually ‘never received nor sent any material that was marked classified’.

        Believe it or not, this was actually true. The only mail that was marked was not actually marked ‘classified’.

        So please don’t start off with an attack on me for hypocrisy with lies of your own.

      • Amazing how Clinton blames Comey for “the letter” but fails to mention how he let her off the hook initially. Really, were it not for her influence over Obama, the DOJ and Comey, she would be locked up, and would not have faced the electorate at all.

        And spare us the excuses and denials. You can pretend to fool yourself, but as a non-US citizen with no skin in the game, I can assure you it only serves to amuse those of us who retain a hint of integrity, and are still able to distinguish right from wrong.

      • Clinton had a lot of problems. Blaming Comey is part of her grief process – I think we will see the following typical stages:

        1. Denial and isolation;
        2. Anger;
        3. Bargaining;
        4. Depression;
        5. Acceptance.

      • Wrong. FBI Director Comey admitted during his testimony under oath before the investigating committee that Hillary did indeed receive and send Classified information.

      • Yes, she did. However I would expect as Secretary of State she would routinely do this as part of her job. The question is in what context.

        In context of course the evening news broadcast often includes classified information. In fact almost all Americans who discuss the evening news send and receive classified information. The Trump administration leaks like a sieve and almost all of it gets on the news. If we held sending and receiving classified information as the legal standard pretty much the entire 4th estate, all internet companies and a large fraction of the American citizenry would be guilty.

        Back in the day when I was a DOD contractor I was a frequent recipient of communications from various TLAs reminding us not to deny or confirm information of this nature flowing from various news outlets.

        What Hillary claimed was that she did not receive or emails marked classified on her private server. The closest she came to this were three unclassified emails that had part markings that sometimes appear in classified documents. She did not receive any emails with a CLASSIFIED header on them.

      • Oh, eff Obama. One cannot say enough bad things about that lying Marxist POS.

      • you are attempting to use facts against zombies. trump followers are in a reality TV comma looking up saying ” da plane”. Da plane is trumps jet dropping tiny parachutes with red MAGA hats probably made in china for the sucker followers.

        meanwhile no trump legislation gets passed. I hate NATO i love nato, Nafta yes nafta no. Healthcare is complicated. who knew?

    • This article is a very good and objective summary of Trump’s campaign themes and first 100 days. The rage is tied to optics, the media is a sacred institution. Trump insulting and snubbing them is the equivalent of a Kuffar insulting Islam and all high profile mullahs. The main stream media is the left’s clerisy, and Trump is an infidel and apostate of progressive socialism. Therefore, Trump is subject to a fatwa for not accepting the media’s moral superiority.

      • That’s right but as much as lefties tell us how intelligent they are and how morally superior they are you would think they would at least know how full of crap the media is. Most particularly after this last election and the Wikileaks emails who could be dumb enough to believe anything they report? The national IQ has plummeted since the 1965 Immigration Act. Gee I wonder why.

      • LOL. IQ has actually and measurably gone up due to better diet and medical care. It’s called the Flynn Effect. Look it up if you don’t believe me. The rate is about 3 points per decade,

  6. Only a tiny fringe minority of unhinged leftists think Trump is a danger to the constitution or a fascist.
    The vast majority hate him because they’re afraid he’s neither of those things. They’re actually afraid he is a threat to their continuing usurpation of our constitution through their proto-fascist policies.

    • You are highly deluded. It is not the Left you need to worry about.

      • Calling people names is a lame excuse for being dishonest.

      • Your comment is lame and so vaguely written I can’t tell if you are calling me dishonest or bilahn. However, when I refer to someone as an ignorant moron, that is not a name, rather an observation. There are two kinds of people who respond to articles. Those who appreciate the thought an author puts into it and those just out smear. For those who make apparently thoughtful remarks, I give kudos. For those who engage in smears, I refer to them by equally offensive names as that is what I feel about their tactics. You can thoughtfully disagree with someone and I will not remark on your intelligence, birth or character. But that is not what I typically see from leftists, bilahn being a case in point. He was being openly dishonest. His comment was aimed at a thoughtful respondent who made valid points. I used the “ignorant moron” perjorative because it was ACCURATE fand HONEST.

      • I don’t see a difference with the rabid right or the “tolerant” intolerance of the left. And yes, extremism is not good which is what I see right now from the left.

      • As a nation it’s been 60-70 years since we’ve faced a credible threat from outside. So we’ve turned inward to find threats.

        THIS is the danger to our Republic.

  7. “The Magic Mountain”! Where is Hans Castorp when we need him?

    A wonderful reference, Mr. Kimball. One must take off one’s hat in the presence of, not death, as in the novel, but of Trump.

    • President Trump has done a fine job, considering he’s been hounded by the Left, the Right, and everybody in between.

      It amazes me that so many people want him to fail, and along with it, the U.S.

  8. “Wehner says in sorrow. ‘For many Americans, frustration with our political leaders, which is understandable, has transmuted into contempt for governing itself…’”

    This is Wehner playing Democrat Party savior by diverting culpability away from the Democrats the public’s current all-time-low-justified contempt for its Representatives. Of course he neglects to mention that the Enemedia, of which both Remnick and Wehner are prime examples, score even lower than Congress.

    Yeah, nice try, guys but, guess what? We don’t trust ANYTHING you say or write anymore. Your credibility (such as it was) is shot.

    Consequently, comrade, sad to say but your, eh, function, yes, function uh is no longer required. Please report to Dept. B-613 for “adjustment.”

  9. Roger Kimball is a deep believer in God, which is where so many of his funny, outdated views come from. There is zero evidence for God, and if you claim it’s about faith, then that means your Christian God has chosen the minority of Christian people who are on the earth now (and who have ever lived) and obviously you don’t believe that, do you comment reader?

    No, because you believe in equality, evidence based concepts and liberty. Roger Kimball believes in God, which relies on magic (Walking on water? Water to wine?) and therefore his assumptions are constrained and plagued by the limitations of historically determined, and exclusionary, theological concepts.

    And it’s shameful he would reference Wittgenstein as a key to understand something about Trump. For one, Wittgenstein was highly ethical. For another, he was Jewish, and Trump will support ant-semites if they support him. Shame.

  10. How normal is it for a president to accuse his predecessor of wiretapping his office without proof? How normal is it for a president to lie about the size of the crowd of his innaugration or claim that people voted illegally for his oponenent? How normal is it for a president to antagonize the North Korean leader? Maybe someone can help.

    • How normal is it for a president to wiretap journalists and political foes? How normal is it for a president to weaponize the IRS? How normal is it for a president to send a plane with 400 million in cash?

      • So, Obama is the standard by which you measure presidents?

      • I only use him because the left looks to him as one of the top presidents. But to anyone with a slight pulse, Obama was hot garbage and a crook.

      • Exactly. That’s why “better than Obama” or “better than Hillary” is not an endorsement. Unless one is irrational.

      • How is that wall working for you ? Cheap health care ? Travel ban? Boy are you easily scammed .It’s hilarious

      • Travel ban? I’m fine with the President protecting our country, after 8 years with a President that completely ignored boarders, it’s refreshing. I personally never cared about the wall, I’d rather see immigration laws enforced and those coming across would think twice. Health Care can only get better under Trump, especially after Obama completely screwed it up. It takes time.

        I get it, your a Liberal and were happy when Obama and Pelosi rammed a bill through that had to be voted on to know what was in it. Is that what you want, more dark room deals?

        It’s sad how the left gave Obama a pass. He was the most corrupt president I’ve ever seen, and Hillary looked to continue that.

      • How normal is it for a president whose party controls Congress not to get major legislation passed.? Trumps a loser . Only fools such as you still support him

      • So you would prefer they ram legislation down everyone’s throat quickly like Obama did? The Republicans don’t to become irrelevant like Obama and Pelosi made the democrat party.

        Only a fool like yourself wouldn’t understand. But then again, youre an Obama voter.

      • Read your response again.It doesn’t make sense.

      • Actually it’s very, common when the party in control does not have a super majority (60 seats) in the Senate which is the case at the moment. The Democratic Senate Minority leader stated from the beginning of this year that the Democrats would filibuster any and all GOP proposals as long as the GOP is the majority party in the Legislature.

      • It’s the first 100 days champ…he’ll get more done. I get that you’re used to Pelosi and Reid passing bills that they haven’t even read, just to get stuff out there. Which is why the Democrats are completely irrelevant now.

        Hang onto your panties Fred…

      • Maybe scumbag can slip the tongue to your sister or daughter and we’ll see it on YouTube

      • Would that be before or after Bill Clinton sexually assaults your sister and wife while Obama catches it on wiretap?

      • Maybe Trump and you can travel to Russia for a golden shower.

      • That would be better than having Bill Clinton rape your wife or sister, which is what you’d prefer. Why do you support rapists and their rape aplogist wife?

      • As a Trump voter you or someone you care about deserve to lose their health care coverage . I hope it happens .

      • Lol…I hope you or someone you know end up in a room alone with Bill Clinton. You’ll need good health care coverage after that.
        Are you trying to scare people into thinking they will loose covergae? How very radical lefist of you. Pelosi loves scare tactics.

      • You need to check your spelling genius .Typical Trump voter.

      • You got me Fred…yes even a Trump voter can mistype on my cellphone.

        You really shattered the glass ceiling with that spelling correction, for that you win a free getaway with Bill for your wife of sister.

      • Good one Fred! You really know how to repeat the Pelosi talking points. Are they wishing death on people as well?

        So lets get this straight, Liberals hate free speech, want people to die of cancer, promote violence, am I missing anything else? The Democrat Party has really made head way into making them completely irrelevant.

        Heck…you have Bernie and the guy in Georgia claiming to be independents to get away from the losers like yourself. Not surprised since the positions taken.

      • Idiots like you will get the health care you deserve

      • Life expectancy in the US went down under Obamacare, but idiots like you are too stupid to understand that. Idiots like you want free, that’s all you care about, regardless if it works or not. But that is expected from a moron that supports Obama and Pelosi, two idiots that didn’t even know what was in Obamacare. It’s amazing that people as dumb as you exist, but when I’m in the inner cities I see it all the time, no education, no thought process, but they sure like when a Democrat tells them they may get something for free.

        Please tell me what is so great about Obamacare? The huge increase in premiums on the middle class, or is that they keep getting shifted to new doctors and zero choice in the matter. Is this what you want? Super expensive care with zero choice. Fred you are fucking moron…

      • Probably busy reading your comments about wishing cancer on people.

        I think even scumbag Hillary would list you as a deplorable.

      • Can’t make an intelligent statement so you have to resort to f words. . Typical Trump supporter scumbag.

      • Where did I use the F word Fred, or are you considering Fred the F word? You truly are intellectually challenged Fred. When they talk about low IQ Democrat voters, they have you locked in.

      • What? You are even dumber than I though Fred, you’re not even making sense at this point. I you want to go the spelling route, at least get it right you moron. lol

        You’d better make another quick edit Fred, another one of your comments is incoherent.

        I’ve come across some challenged people, but you Fred, you take the cake.

      • Still hope you lose your health care . This is what you deserve as a. Trump voter.

      • Fred, radiation treatments under Obamacare were/are expensive, but since he’s your guy, it’s okay. Are you really this stupid Fred? Or are you upset that I made fun of you supporting a rapist? My thoughts are that you were too stupid to understand that you supported a rapist and even as stupid as you are, even you wouldn’t allow Bill Clinton in a room with your wife or sister, because you know he’s scum.

        Fred, answer this, why did you support Clinton rapes, but have an issue with Trumps misogynist conversations? Is talk worse than action in your simple little brain?

      • As a Clinton voter you deserve to have your family raped by Bill.

      • I hope you enough savings to pay for your. Cancer tratments.

      • Is this Pelosi’s new talking point on health care, wishing cancer on people?
        I figured it wouldn’t be long until the lunatic left went this far regarding health care.

      • Maybe your Congressman can keep you out of bankruptcy when he takes away your healthcare idiot.

      • Or maybe they can take the middle class out of bankruptcy because their rates sky rocketed under Obamacare. Do you not care about the middle class Fred? It’s clear the Democrats don’t care about the middle class.
        Not to mention, we all know the Democrat Party cares only about two groups, the poor and the super rich liberal elite. The liberal elite are sheltered from Obamacare and the poor have medicaid. Is this why you don’t understand how the middle class has been destroyed by these increases. But I guess you have your medicaid card and as long as it’s “free” you could care less who or what pays for it. Typical low IQ democrat voter.

      • I’m not sure why the lunatic left would ever consider bringing up Trumps minor issues when they voted and supported a rapist. Heck they wanted the rapist back in the White House. You Liberals are about as dumb as they come.

      • Maybe Trump will grab your sister or daughter by her crotch .You would be orgasmic.

    • Where were you during the O’s admin, Fred?

      Totally drunk?

      • You folks never seem to answer my questions .How normal is it for a president to all of a sudden realize health care is complicated. Trump voters have to be the most gullible people in the world.

      • If only your buddies Obama and Pelosi knew that healthcare was complicated we wouldn’t be in this mess. But they didn’t care about anything besides their special interests, which is why the democrat party has become largely irrelevant.

      • Democrats will win back the house next year . You will be apoplectic.

      • The same house that was a lock to win back in this last election. or do you not remember that? The fact is, the Democrat Party is run a loons, from Perez, to Pelosi, and on to Shumer. No one supports their crazy rhetoric and until the left separates themselves from them they will remain irrelevant.

        As someone from the left, do you not want to see Pelosi gone? Her and Obama single handedly destroyed the Democrat Party,

      • Check out the polls Democrats are ahead to take the house .You’ll be crying during Hannity show . Can’t wait.

      • Lol…the same polls that had Clinton winning and the Democrats taking the house? Thanks for the laugh.

      • Wait till your idiots in the house vote to take away health care. from 24 million .I hope your one of them

      • Or we can wait for them to make it actually affordable,unlike Obamacare, and maybe people don’t have to switch physician this time. But to you Obamacare is perfect, much like Bill Clinton didn’t rape women. Let me guess, you’re so stupid you vote Clinton/Pelosi in 2020…lol

  11. THis author and everyone of you ought to be ashamed. Trump is a disgrace and has defiled the office of the Presidency, he is a wannabe dictator and only our strong institutions are stopping him. He is of no moral character, is ignorant and is a serious threat to our way of life, as is this entire corrupt and morally degenerate administration.

    None other than Barry Goldwater, wiser in his older years, said “God help us” if the religious right ever comes into power, saying they were “nuts”. Well it has happened and his words are all too relevant today.

    But you will not win – you won by a quirk in the system and a perfect storm of circumstances – We thought “it can’t happen here” but it has, but if there is any justice, we will throw you all out in 2018 and 2020.

    If one ever wondered how people can freely choose tyranny – well now we know.

    • This poor lunatic. How awful is life must be everyday to believe and live his life if this is what believes.

    • Trump is no disgrace. But you are you portentous excuse for a human being. You love calling others Nazi’s but if you want to look at a real Nazi, look in the mirror. The rioters are your “brown shirts.” You in the press are practitioners of Herr Goebbels principle that if you tell a lie big enough and frequently enough, eventually everyone will believe it. Eventually the world figured them out as they have you. So, keep it up, and keep reminding the rest of us why we elected Trump and threw you out of power. And resign yourself to that face because you won’t be back in power for a long time.

      • Good one! Assuming by your handle you are ex-Navy. If so, thanks for serving.

        Not sure what your thoughts are on this, but Nazi’s, Commies, Socialists and ISIS are birds of a feather. The left likes to misrepresent Nazi’s as being “far right.” NAZI is the German acronym for the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or National Socialist German Worker’s Party… they called themselves “socialists.” When you read up on their philosophies, they are nearly identical to today’s U. S. Democratic Party. When you look at the tactics used by the U. S. Democratic Party. The only thing missing is their equivalent of the Nazi Schutzstaffel which began as Hitler’s personal body guard… a militarized body of enforcers upon which the Nazi state conferred legitimacy. They ultimately displaced the “brownshirts” which is what the “Black Lives Matters” group functionally represented to Obama.

        And thank God Obama’s out of power!

        Anyway, your comment could be accurate and has historical precedence.

    • We have a system of checks and balances Mister. If Trump does not fulfill these expectations then he is finished. I guess that you support the corrupt polices of his rival during the election and believe that because she wears a Democrat label that all is okay with her the issues that she caused and the blind quest for financial gain at the expense of her voters. Really terrible logic.

    • You people chose tyranny 8 yrs. ago when you elected the biggest narcissist to ever hold the office. You elected incompetence in someone who had never been successful at anything he had done except for running for office. That malignant incompetence was demonstrated when he alienated our allies and friends in the world and elevated our sworn enemies, all to show just how much smarter he was than anyone who had been there before. In the process, he set the world on fire, allowed illegals to flood into our own country and helped create the conditions that ushered in millions of refugees into Europe. Shame on you for supporting a self-centered, incompetent fool who thought he was the messiah and could stop the oceans from rising and heal the planet. Shame on you for inflicting Barack Obama on the world all so you could feel better about yourself for electing a black man. The tyrant used his pen and phone to circumvent legislation, he used federal agancies to punish his enemies, and he used writing regulations to tie social policy in knots. Shame on you for the damage you and like minded fools have done through a small man with an infinite opinion of himself.

      • The saddest thing is the fact there are tons of upstanding, patriotic, highly intelligent and well respected Afro Americans of both genders that could have done an excellent job for all Americans as President, but you guys chose a mentally stunted, drug taking, under achiever instead.

    • You see Trump as a representative of the “religious right”???? Bwahahahahaha!!!! You’re an imbecile! The irony in the Left’s response to Trump is that, on important domestic and foreign issues, he’s a Dem furthering Dem government policies.

      • Lost your marbles with that comment again, Hom?

        Sad to see you’re now in the pay of the vacuous Left.

      • You’re blinded by your worship of your orange pseudocelebrity. You’ve been had by the Lib huckster and you’re too stupid to see it.

    • Obama was a disgrace and the more he is away from the office, the more we see what a incompetent moron the guy was. Not to mention, Obama should be in jail for all the spying he did on the public. Why do you liberals accept what Obama did?

      • Because they have yet to find out that they were spied on too. They think it was just their “enemies”.

    • w t f are you babbling about? You think Trump represents the Religous right? Seek psychiatric help – or has that already failed.

    • Living in a world of FANTASY, I see, bil…

      … but don’t be afraid–there’s another idiot that’s up-voted you so you have someone to console you in your safe space.

  12. Roger Kimball should be reading Tom Paine’s “The Age Of Reason” before he equivocates on here about religion…

  13. Look….just putting Gorsuch on the court makes electing Trump worth it BUT the eGOP are as bad as the Progs. This budget should be vetoed, it is Prog central, a frickin travesty. Can you say RINO?

    • Gorsuch for Scalia is at best status quo. The real test will come when one or more of the Leftist judges retires (or dies). I’m betting Trump acquiesces to the Left – he is after all a life-long Lib Dem – and appoints a “compromise” (empathetic) judge.

      • Yes, and the Marxist/Socialist Progressive Democrats didn’t want anything to do with Gorsuch, so that was a definite win.

        President Trump has said his next pick for the SCOTUS will ALSO come from the list from which he selected Gorsuch.

        …and I believe President Trump over your flaccid predictions, Hom.

      • Not status quo if Hillary had been elected…..and I will bet you that should it occur, your scenario does NOT happen.

  14. Trump is a pussy, and most everything he does is an embarrassment to us, but the bigger problem facing the nation is the legions of half men who looked at him from their servile, shallow vantage points and decided that THIS was the guy for whom they would slap on.the kneepads.

    • Typical Ivory Tower “tolerant” Intolerance that sweeps the left and declares everyone else with a negative name.

    • I thought use of the p-word was disrespectful to women. Am I wrong?

      • Lol…Liberal snowflakes only like it when they use that word. Not to mention, they love it when Bill sexually assaults women and Hillary tears the women apart for it.

      • That’s cause they don’t get any. He then projects his past experiences with zero on to real men.

      • He was just projecting what he did to zero on to others.

    • Thank you for that display of irrationality. You basically called regular Americans in the Heartland of this great nation “half men” who would “slap on the knee pads” referencing a sex act . And you wonder how it is that Trump sits in the Oval Office instead of Hillary? You guys like to pat yourselves on the back telling each other how much smarter and better you are than the great unwashed masses who cling to their bibles and their guns when in fact, you guys are completely detached from reality. We laugh at you and your self-imposed lunacy which has now been exposed to all the world. All I can say is – KEEP IT UP, DON’T CHANGE AS WE CAN USE ALL THE HELP YOU GUYS WANT TO PROVIDE IN THE ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION OF THE PROGRESSIVE AGENDA.

      • Dems (who call themselves indies) put Trump in the Oval Office. The same people who put Obie in office and the same ones who supported the socialist Bernie. Just a different set of parasites whining for preferential government assistance.

      • You guys are certainly able to throw your allies under the bus. Why didn’t you bring this up and mock those “parasites” when they helped put zero in office? Hypocrite.

      • We did, you halfwit – you weren’t paying attention.

      • No. For one thing, the pussy barely won. And for another, with the half men believing that win means some bog and historic thing, they will be too busy on.their knees and choking to realize that a pussy who only won by fluke will never be reelected.

      • What a sorry misogynist and homophobe you are. At least you recognize that he won and you lost. Now get over it and stop whining.

    • Excellent job! You managed to malign not only women with your remark (that your side constantly brings up whenever sniveling about President Trump), but also the gay community.
      It’s you clowns who keep telling us to be tolerant of others and that the homosexual lifestyle is normal, to be embraced. Yet your comment mocks the lifestyle and shows your intolerance.
      You guys are liars, and the sooner everyone in your tent realizes that they are just there to be used and then thrown to the side when no longer needed, the better. Afro Americans thrown under the bus for illegal aliens. Gays now under the bus for Islamists. The list grows daily.

  15. Best part of my day is awaking to news that some progressive handmaiden of the Left is having a fit over a few choice words or actions by our man Trump. And it’s only been 100 days, so lots of time left For the Left to go off the rails completely,,,Bwahaha.

  16. Hmmmm. The dumpster fire of Trump’s first 100 days in office belies every statement in your article.

    • Your source is a series of lies, john.

      How obvious of you to spew fantasy.

  17. Don’t worry, Mr. Kimball, your delusion will end with the 2018 midterms.

  18. Every morning my wife wakes up and cheerfully asks, “what has President Trump done to upset the liberals today?”.

    • I think liberals get upset just waking up in the morning and thinking about another day of life on Earth.

      • They’re upset regardless of which party is in power; at least when it’s a Republican they just might have a reason.

    • Short answer: Everything!

      I also revel in his alacrity.

  19. Obama had “the preparation”? That thin gruel resume?

    • Yup – there’s a good reason to repeat the mistake!! Ever heard of logical thinking, Ram?

  20. “Impulsive, egocentric, and mendacious, Trump has, in the same span, set fire to the integrity of his office.

    Really? How’s that, Dave? ”

    Well Roger, here’s how Trump is setting fire to the integrity of his office –

    Every dollar paid by the Federal Government to one of his businesses (like the $34K paid to his golf courses for cart rental),

    Every tax abatement and tax incentive given to one of his businesses by state and local governments –

    Violates Article 2. Section 1. of the Constitution. When you are violating the Constitution you are setting fire to the integrity of the Presidency.

    • Citations, please.

      Besides, President Trump no longer owns any of his past businesses!

      (Would you give up your career to help people like you who live in a world of fantasy?)

      • The golf carts –

        Tax abatements –

        Rocky, are you paying attention to the news, especially Trump’s own new conference. Trump is maintaining his ownership in all his companies. He has just resigned his management positions. As owner he will still get the profits from those businesses.

        Rocky, I didn’t write the Constitution, but I believe in it. Article 2. Section 1. says –

        “The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his Services, a Compensation, which shall neither be encreased nor diminished during the Period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them.”

        Emolument means profit or gain. Look it up.

        The Federal government paying Trump businesses for services required by Trump’s decision to golf at his course rather than someone else’s violates Article 2. Section 1. of the Constitution. Receiving tax abatements from a state or municipality (a political subdivision of the state) violates Article 2. Section 1.

        As for giving up his career, yes that was a decision he had to make. If he wanted to be president, he had and has to abide by the Constitution, as anybody else would. It doesn’t matter whether these profits/gains were negotiated before he was president. The Constitution is clear. It does not provide any exclusions.

        None of this is fantasy. It’s all real world, and no matter how much you may wish it weren’t true, it is the Law of the Land.

      • Trump isn’t getting a salary or payment of any kind from the Government for being President.

      • Sure he is. He just donated his first quarter salary, $78K (after taxes). It was in all the news including Spicer’s news conference. And no as I said before his golf course companies are taking payments from the federal government. Since he is the owner, that means he is taking payments from the federal government. Anyway, whether he donates the salary or not does not affect his requirement to follow Article 2. Section 1. of the Constitution. You guys are conservatives. You make a big deal about the Constitution. Well, here’s your chance to actually insist that the president follow it.

  21. An excellent article that hits the ball out of the park. Well done Mr Kimball!!

  22. They got it wrong because they, and many others, assumed Trump had a strategy, a plan for this country. They assumed that his campaign personality was an act. They assumed he was smarter than he sounded. They assumed he wasn’t a con man. They assumed he knew more than he appeared to know. They assumed he would work hard once in office. They assumed, as he said, he was a “details man.” But most of all, they assumed he was mentally intact, which since his first day in office when he insisted, contrary to all the real facts and proof, that his Inauguration crowd was bigger than President Obama’s, he has proved wrong. Then came the three million illegal voters who stole the votes from him, keeping him for winning the popular vote. Then came those other voters bused into New Hampshire that caused him to lose that state. Then came the allegations of wire-tapping by President Obama. We have a POTUS who denies reality, a scary place to be. Then we saw this idiot in action, trying for force his party to vote on a GOP health care plan that would have hurt millions of Americans, and he is at it again. It is obvious from his “discussions” of the bill, that he never read it because it would not, as he promised, give better insurance for everyone and cheaper premiums, to boot. He didn’t know it was that complicated, health care, that is. And the fool d is sorry that such a tender-hearted guy as Andrew Jackson wasn’t able to stop the Civil War. And this is the moron in charge of this country!

    • Still pissed about losing I see. Go talk to Maxine – she’s in your corner.

  23. Signs of a fledgling dictator…holds right wing strong men in high regard…ie Putin and Duterte; tries to control the judicial system (Trump wants to shut down the 9th circuit court and repeatedly disparages judges); wants to control the legislative branch of government (by pressuring the Senate to change its rules to simple majority vote); is attempting to silence the press (he’s looking at ways to make it easier to sue media outlets).

    As a conservative who believes in the constitution, his moves make me scared….very scared.

    • How’s about getting edumacated there skippy. Now for how many years have we had a functioning government with checks and balances? Did we withstand the dictatorial regime of Abraham Lincoln during the civil war?

      But these other countries have had a functioning government with checks and balances for how long? The Weimar Republic, created in 1919, was dysfunctional and it ran on presidential decrees, so when Hitler succeeded Hindenburg as president issuing decrees to govern was the norm. BUT we have 240 years of functioning government.

      • And if president photo-op had his way…our great democratic institutions would vanish in a heart beat!

      • Well, unless you are his personal confidant, I’d say you are talking out of your rear end again.

    • As another Madisonian, what scares me about him more than his narcissism, sociopathy, ignorance, stupidity, bluster, and incompetence is his support for Lib-Leftist ideology, legislation, and foreign policy. That and the fact that his air-headed, bimbo, clothing retailer daughter and her gigolo husband are making policy decisions.

      • I don’t “feel” – I deal in objective rationality. I’ll leave the feeling bullshiite to you Libs & Trumpsuckers.

  24. A president typically issues exec. orders when he’s a lame duck or the opposition party controls congress. President photo-op has been issuing exec. orders at a breakneck pace in just his first 100 days. That is not a good sign for his ability to get legislation through congress for the rest of his term.

    • This is an extraordinary time where the president needed to issue lots of EOs to undo the unconstitutional ones issued by his predecessor.

      • That’s fine – although lots of those EOs aren’t “undoing” very much – but, what matters is legislation. Especially crucial is legislation that will reform entitlement spending – Trump doesn’t address that issue at all and when he does, he’s for more entitlements and more spending!!

      • Yes, legislation matters. But really, you would have to be quite naive to think that Trump would have been able to herd a bunch of cats, with a razor thin majority in the Senate, and with many of them intrinsically opposed to his agenda.

        The world of Washington against you, but you are judged on your legislative abilities? Please!

        Frankly, he’s already achieved far more than I expected. And by just sitting tight he will undoubtedly appoint at least one more SCOTUS, effectively skewering the progressive agenda for the next 30+ years. Thats what REALLY matters.

        No tax reform? Awww. No Obamacare repeal? Too bad. No infrastructure? Tsk, tsk.

        But 2+ SCOTUS appointments coupled with everything else? Gold, baby, gold!

      • I predicted he would NOT be able to herd those cats, you moron. I told you years ago ACA cannot be repealed. He made absurdly bogus promises he couldn’t keep and you Trumpsuckers fell for them.

      • Perhaps you are unable to read and comprehend? Thats typically moronic, don’t you think?

        It don’t matter about the cats. Say after me “He won and will appoint at least 2 SCOTUS, which means the progressive agenda is doomed”.

        That was the extent of my expectations. Everything else is gravy. Do you think you look clever spiking the football when those of us with a brain in their head knew this all along? Now who’s the moron?

        You predicted? I KNEW. He’s fulfilled my expectations. Too bad you overlooked what REALLY matters. And, no matter how much you deny it, you know it’s the SCOTUS, don’t you?

      • It’s only been 100 days moron. The impossible takes a little longer.

      • “The impossible takes a little longer.” Irrationality doesn’t disturb you Trumpsuckers, does it?

      • Thank God that obama made the effort to reform entitlement spending!


    • Thank you for recognizing that President Trump is working at a breakneck pace and it’s only been 100 days. Just wait til after the mid terms when he gets more help in Congress (who is against him now, being the Uni Party). Then you will see the legislation you so desire.

  25. The Trump train keeps a rollin’! Try as they might the control of DC is being wrested from the swamp and money is being cut off to the liberal causes. “Resistance” is futile.

  26. Democrats are the most butthurt losers in history.
    We will rid ourselves of them when their violence brings about Civil War 2.

  27. Well written sir.
    Thank you for the dose of sanity in a world gone mad.

  28. Donald Trump is foul, vile racist-bigot. And he’s President because that what you wanted. Don’t pretend you don’t know that – don’t pretend you didn’t hear what he said. You traded in all your moral superiority and your family values to “win” this election. You laid down with this dog – have fun scratching your fleas.

    Because if you support a racist and a bigot, then you’re a racist and a bigot. Republicans wanted it, so you got it. Now that’s what you are….

    • Still mad eh? Keep it up. It sustains us. We thirst for your tears of frustration and disappointment.

      Guess what? We still won. Yup, foul, vile racism and bigotry won. And you didn’t. Poor lil’ baby. Cry some more why don’t you.

      Why don’t you get out there in the streets and resist? Violence is the answer to racism/bigotry, right? Join the other children out there and break something. You’ll feel better. Really. Then we’ll drag you off to jail and you’ll find out the real definition of “racist” and “bigot”.

      • See in you a few years cupcake. President Racist-Bigot won’t be so lucky next time.

    • I’m pretending that you have a brain. But it’s really, really difficult. You want fleas? Hillary’s got ’em by the millions.

      Enjoy the next 8 years.

      • She also has millions of more votes!!!!

        See in you a few years cupcake. President Racist-Bigot won’t be so lucky next time.

      • One flea / one vote…sounds about right to me.

        Proggies. Ya gotta love ’em.

      • And self-loathing too? It’s not like you leftist kiddies don’t have enough handicaps.

        You people are making it so easy. LOL

  29. Our political system is not the issue. Trump is not the problem.
    Liberalism is the infection that must be eradicated from our country.

  30. That commenting on this wonderful article and responses to hoosier’s terrific posting could devolve into such sophomoric mud-slinging and nonsense is disheartening.

  31. Re: Remnick (New Yorker magazine) I have no problem with Trump’s nativism. That liberals do, considering their coddling and fanatic espousal of the down-trodden Native Americans, is surprising. I guess liberal democrats are willing to support any demographic that isn’t a component of middle-class America. Unless you happen to be wealthy and white, which is also anathema to the liberal democrat. Except in Soro’s case, or Pelosi’s, or any of the other wealthy proponents of liberal democrats. No doubt that excludes the Sons and Daughters (well, maybe not the pro-choice Daughters) of the American Revolution. Everything else he claims is weepy-eyed, safe-space seeking, ball-less and hate mongering drivel that is symbolic of all the ways that democrats and the left-leaning media use to delude themselves into thinking that they are declaiming from some mount of righteousness. Liberal democrats will stand up for anybody elses rights in any other country except in their own. The only people who have rights in the U.S., from their perspective, is people who think like them and agree with their brand of selfishness and narrow-minded politics.

  32. So I learned an archaic word: delopes. Great allusion for the circumstances.

  33. The left is nothing more than a congeries of the perpetually aggrieved, victimized, entitled, self pitying and self righteous. The are the cultural rump of the sixties movements which have done so much to destroy the cultural and political fabric of America. They should be ignored and isolated if possible.

  34. Does “desperate political nihilism” get exuded from “penumbras” or is it an “emanation” all by its bad self?