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The ‘Hundred Days’ Humbug

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President Trump is criticized for things he has done and for things he has left undone. What is unreasonable is the additional arbitrary standard to which he, like all modern presidents, is held liable: what he has accomplished, and failed to, in his first hundred days in office.

Why is the figure of 100 days so important? As though Franklin D. Roosevelt doesn’t have enough to answer for, here is another of his legacies.

FDR spoke of “the hundred days which had been devoted to the starting of the wheels of the New Deal” in his fireside chat of July 24, 1933—142 days after his March 4 inauguration. He was referring to “the historical special session of the Congress” he had convened, which opened March 9 and adjourned June 16. That is, the Hundred Days were legislative days, not executive days.

Read the rest at The Wall Street Journal.

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3 replies
  1. Ed O'Brien
    Ed O'Brien says:

    I remember reading recently that neither FDR nor his flacks coined the “first 100 days” idea. It was an unconnected newsman. Of course hindsight is always 20/20, but somebody smart near POTUS Trump, to whom he listens (“Jared … Jared … are you hanging out with Bueller?”) should’ve told him, back around day 45 or so to tweet that this “100 days” business is nothing but made up crap.

  2. Andy
    Andy says:

    Our dear leader has talked about the 100 day milestone a number of times both before and after the election. It wasn’t until he realized that he won’t have a big “win” to brag about that it suddenly became “ridiculous.” What a guy.

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