Foolish to Choose Morning Joe Crowd Over Bannon and Voters

The empire always strikes back. And permanent Washington wants to retake the power and prestige it lost at the hands of Donald Trump over the past 18 months. The bipartisan media monopoly closed ranks in opposition to Trump and he won anyway. Desperate and discredited the same forces that opposed Trump before the election doubled down after he won.

Look at the desperate measures deployed against President Trump. There was no honeymoon period, no benefit of the doubt, no coming together—even if only temporarily—for the good of the country. There has been nothing but total war. From day one it’s been a take no prisoners, burn the boats, salt the earth, destroy the president by any means necessary, all out war on the Trump Administration.

And now  Morning Joe, a reliable mouthpiece for the self-interested D.C. uber alles crowd, has decided they want another scalp. Realizing that sidelining a Mike Flynn, a KT McFarland, or an Andy Puzder isn’t nearly enough, but encouraged by their ability to draw blood, they’re hunting bigger game. This time they have set their sites on Steve Bannon and the stakes are significantly higher because of what he represents to core Trump supporters.

Donald Trump succeeded where so many other Republicans had failed because he had the strategic vision—and the courage—to forge a partnership with populists like Bannon and base Republicans like Mike Pence. That’s the Trump coalition and it works. Nonetheless, at least 50% of the Republican establishment alternately fears and despises Trump and are either actively working against him or secretly hoping he will fail so that they can regain lost status. Among rank and file Republicans that number is less than 10%. Remember: Donald Trump won more votes than any Republican ever.

That’s why Republicans who refused to campaign with Trump before the election and denigrated him publicly now appear to have undergone deathbed conversions. They are eager to appear to be working with the president but how many, in their heart of hearts, have really changed their mind?

Full frontal assaults on the Trump juggernaut failed spectacularly. If anything, they empowered him by making the D.C. Establishment—an amorphous blob but one generally despised by voters—appear corrupt and impotent. But Beltway insiders are nothing if not adaptable survivors able to shapeshift and change tactics as necessary.  align=”right” The battle isn’t Bannon v. Kushner as some in the press would have us believe, it’s Washington v. Trump.

Unable to defeat Trump with a year of attacks that turned into kamikaze missions and have left reputations for political acumen in tatters they have adopted a more subtle strategy designed to break up his coalition. If his political adversaries can separate Trump from his base he will be defanged. Part of that strategy is to take down Bannon who is one of the only representatives of the populist wing of the coalition with a prominent role in the White House.

Coalition government isn’t difficult to understand but it requires a deft hand to maintain. The partners are naturally suspicious of the others and are always seeking the upper hand. But they can be both durable and effective if all of the partners realize that without each other they will lose power. That requires a strong, active executive that enjoys the trust and respect of all the members of the coalition. Reagan did it. And Trump can too. But it’s a new coalition—as Reagan’s was in the spring of 1981—and it requires nurturing in these early, tentative days.

Yet, Trump is in a more difficult place than Reagan was as he enjoyed the support of the major conservative, libertarian, and social institutions that formed his coalition. Many, if not most, of those institutions opposed Trump during the election and remain overtly hostile or maintain a wary silence even now. That makes Trump even more reliant upon his Main Street base who expect to see campaign promises kept.

Steve Bannon, like Jeff Sessions, embodies those promises to a significant part of the Trump coalition.

All presidents listen to someone—that’s not a knock on any of them, presidents need advisers—and voters want to know who has the president’s ear. Is it someone who is aligned with and believes in the president’s agenda like Bannon or Sessions or is it a representative of a revanchist counter-reformation?

The forces arrayed against the president couldn’t win the war at the ballot box so now they’re trying to steal the victory. Ronald Reagan won two massive electoral victories but it was Republican senators who blocked him from achieving some of his key domestic promises like shuttering the Department of Education. And though Reagan and Reaganism captured the imagination and loyalty of rank and file voters, it was the Bushes who captured the party and killed Reagan’s legacy.

The same dynamics are at play today. Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp. A lot of people make a very good living in that swamp—just look at housing prices in and around Washington, D.C.—so he shouldn’t be surprised that the plethora of parasitic fauna dependent for their survival on the swamp’s ecosystem see him (correctly) as a threat to their survival. Nothing unites like a common enemy.

What they couldn’t take with brute force they’ll try and get with fraud and fulsome words. But as the preacher in Ecclesiastes says, “there’s nothing new under the sun.” The formula is the same as it’s ever been: Whisper, flatter, promise the world and everything in it. The temptation of the president has the goal of separating him from his base and thereby from power.

Permanent Washington wields only one weapon: the promise of its own warm embrace. They’re the Mean Girls of American political culture. Fall in line and we’ll write nice things about you in our papers and say nice things about you on our shows. We’ll stop calling you a fascist and start calling you a statesman.

But as Reagan gamely observed, there’s a difference between critics and box office. A movie can succeed without the critics but never without the box office. Voters are box office. And voters want the Trump they saw during the campaign. Part of the attraction is the agenda but voters were also attracted to a man they saw was willing to take on the establishment and who would stay loyal to his friends and loyal to ordinary Americans not to permanent Washington.

The people who want to see Trump fail understand that if they can convince him to give up his advisers one by one that they will slowly separate him from his base. The promise of good press will prove ephemeral. Washington is built to destroy Republican presidents and right now the road to victory runs right through Steve Bannon’s office.

Giving him up won’t change the hostility to the president. It won’t make the forces arrayed against him suddenly support enforcement of immigration laws or an America First national security policy. It won’t make them give up on crony capitalism or the administrative state. And Jared and Ivanka won’t get the Camelot coverage they’re being promised.

And those making the promises? Their lips drip honey and their speech is smoother than oil, but in the end they are bitter as wormwood and their path leads to destruction. The more likely scenario is that if those calling for Bannon’s head get it they will target the Kushners next. That’s because the battle isn’t Bannon v. Kushner as some in the press would have us believe, it’s Washington v. Trump.

Donald Trump and the people who want to see him succeed need to remember a few things:

  1. The flatterers, phonies, and sycophants who disparaged him during the campaign, the transition, and the early days of his presidency still want his presidency to fail. They denounced him, his agenda, and his supporters in the most personal and vicious terms possible: fascist, thug, racist, etc. Nothing has changed.
  2. Democrats and the D.C. media will never support Trump or his agenda. The idea that there are 45 House Democrats who will form a bloc of swing votes to move that agenda is laughable. If you don’t think so, just try and make a list.
  3. As long as Trump can keep conservative populists and “the party” working together he has a 55%-60% governing coalition with broad, deep support.
  4. Throwing Bannon to the wolves is a political trap set by the president’s enemies to break up a new coalition that Democrats can’t beat.
  5. The perception is the reality—if the president is believed to lack loyalty then people who work with and for him will adjust their calculations accordingly. This will affect everything. It will encourage his enemies, harm his ability to pass legislation in Congress and make it more difficult to hire and retain smart, dedicated staff committed to prosecuting his agenda.

Newt Gingrich recently said that “Bannon is a brilliant pirate who has had a huge impact. But White Houses, in the end, are like the U.S. Navy—corporate structures and very hard on pirates.” Perhaps. But Queen Elizabeth made the piratical Sir Francis Drake an admiral so that he could defeat the Spanish Armada. There is an armada assembled against President Trump. Maybe this White House could use a pirate.


About Chris Buskirk

Chris is publisher and editor of American Greatness and the host of The Chris Buskirk Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and received a fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and digital marketing. He is a frequent guest on NPR's "Morning Edition." His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

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82 responses to “Foolish to Choose Morning Joe Crowd Over Bannon and Voters”

  1. Trump will look like a chump if he lets the enemy destroy Bannon now after they did Flynn. He needs to defend his men

      • I’m certain that the reason for any of their dismissals shouldn’t be because the opposition wants to make him look weak.

  2. “Democrats and the D.C. media will never support Trump or his agenda. The idea that there are 45 House Democrats who will form a bloc of swing votes to move that agenda is laughable.”

    Of course. But in the first place, it’s not clear that there is such a thing as a “Trump agenda”. In the second place, while the Dems will not support an “agenda”, it is far from clear that Dem votes cannot be found for legislation aligned with both Trumpist populism and Dem priorities. Such bipartisanship will annoy traditional GOP constituencies – but Trump doesn’t owe his office to those.

    • The main outlines of the Trump agenda have been clear from the start.

      Fix immigration, stop illegal immigration, reduce legal immigration and limit it to the people who will help the economy. And stop bringing in Muslim who are, may become, or whose children will be terrorists.

      Fix the trade deficit.

      1 and 2 combines with a pro manufacturing tax cut and reduced regulation yields jobs and a growing economy. Corporate taxes based upon net profits plus imports – exports.

      Stop being policeman to the world.

      • Very clear. And it appears that Trump is actively pursuing one of those goals, so I suppose it is still the Trump agenda, just.

  3. You’re supposed to dance with them what brought you and it looks like Trump’s having second thoughts. Can we think of another president who’s done this? Not in my lifetime.

    Trump went to the big dance with a girl who resembles Chelsea Clinton in the looks department (that’d be us). After arriving at the gymnasium with her, he danced a few songs with her but couldn’t get over the snickers he heard around him. So he’s considering leaving her standing next to the bleachers and hitting up that Ivanka-looking girl (the NYC libs) who seems like she might be game.

    If he does it, not only will he not have a second term, but his presidency will be dead in the water by 2018.

  4. I used to geek out on ancient Christian history and I’ve often considered the parallels between the fourth-century Christian revolution and the left-wing revolution taking place in 21st century America under Obama. The similarities are many and frightening.

    I want to believe that Trump is going to make lasting changes that will reverse the course that Obama has set us on, but things like this make me wonder if he isn’t Julian the Apostate to Obama’s Constantine, a man who was supposed to right the nation’s course only to end up a flash in the pan representing the old beliefs of his era’s rednecks (‘pagan’ being the ancient term for redneck) who changed nothing.

  5. You can’t really blame the gossip-mongers of the media for seizing upon reports of palace intrigue. That’s their bread-and-butter. The President himself has acknowledged the conflict between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner:

    Ostensibly referring to last weekend’s Kushner-Bannon powwow, which Fox News reported was organized to mend fences between the key aides, Trump said: “Steve is a good guy, but I told them to straighten it out or I will.”

    So it’s not an invention by the Washington establishment, though they are doubtless rooting for one side. The question is: if the quarreling aides don’t “straighten it out,” how will The Boss do it? Maybe put them both under Kellyanne Conway? I’ll bet she could keep order amongst the boys—and keep Steve’s voice close to The Boss’s ear.

    /L. E. Joiner

  6. If you want to understand what’s going on, see what actually happens. “Their” media and “our” media are both biased and sensationalist.

  7. Bannon deployed out of San Diego (WESTPACs 78/79/80).

    “Tin Can Sailor”

    He made his deployments and stood his watches.

    He did his share.

    I know.

    LT, USN, 1110, 1977-1985
    “Gator Sailor”
    Same deployments out of 32nd Street, San Diego, CA

  8. Brilliantly written; and spot on in perception. Thank you, Mr Buskirk!
    Can you pass these insights over to such people in the Media (e.g. Tucker Carlson) as are sympathetic – and indeed anyone else who is likely to be observed, listened to, by the President?

  9. Like many others I supported Trump, even knowing he’s not conservative, because we thought he’d kick over the table. I for one was/am willing to take a chance as to what goes back on the table once it’s upright again. Trump has some outstanding people around him but Bannon is the only one telling him to kick over that table.

  10. The effort to separate Trump from his supporters has already failed. Trump’s decisive actions on every promise he made, those already fulfilled, and those that have been temporarily stalled due to congresses truculence, are clear to us all. They failed during the primary campaign to defeat him. They tried during the presidential campaign to defeat him. They are still trying. The keen ear, however, notes that the screeching is growing dimmer as the Privileged Class is whisked away into the sunset aboard The Midnight Express to Political Oblivion.

  11. This is an insightful and articulate essay. It deserves wider circulation. Well done Mr. Buskirk.

  12. Very astute. You hit all the nails on the head but one: Reagan’s most enduring contribution to the electoral vitality of the Republican Party was the defection of Southern Democrats. Virtually every State House in the South is now solidly Republican.

    Trump has engineered a similar defection among white working class voters. If he keeps the promises made to them, the Democrats will have painted themselves into a corner bounded by minority, illegal immigrant, and LGBTQ..wxyz identity politics– not a solid foundation for an electoral majority.

    Bannon is a former Democrat who comes from the white working class — Trump does not. If Trump betrays Bannon, he will lose credibility with the most substantial bloc in his coalition.

      • Trump has already signed two executive orders tthat have put in motion the building of the wall. The wall is being built as we write. Where have you been? Handing out teddy bears and soccer balls with Beck and Cruz?

      • Piss off. You morons are destroying the GOP. Beck and Cruz are on OUR side you dimwitted big mouth. Morons like you follow Libidiot talking points like sheep and are proud of this fact..

      • F the GOP! America first!!

        .”And we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning… Believe me. And we will win so much, you will get tired of winning; and you will say: please Mr. Trump, we can’t take all of this winning… And I will say to you, NO. …We will win more, and we will keep winning,.. and we will win, and we will keep on winning…. I love you”…

        ~ President Donald Trump

      • Ridiculous!
        What have “conservatives” given us but continuation of obama policies.
        Piss off yourself.

      • “Ronald Reagan won two massive electoral victories but it was Republican senators who blocked him from achieving some of his key domestic promises like shuttering the Department of Education. And though Reagan and Reaganism captured the imagination and loyalty of rank and file voters, it was the Bushes who captured the party and killed Reagan’s legacy.”

        You & the Establishment GOP have done this already and it has resulted in the continued rapid decline of the United States. You have tried the negotiating tactic of giving the Liberal Progressive Democrats 150% on their demands just so they will promise to write and speak nice things about you and still continue, to this day, to call the GOP fascist, thug, racist, etc. Nothing has changed.

        The People should have Voted Perot in 1992! The People did Vote Trump in 2016!

        Reread the article with an open mind.

        Hoist the Jolly Roger, keep your winning coalition together. Never submit to Washington DC ‘reasonableness’ it will lead to defeat and this is the Peoples last chance to avoid a 2nd shooting revolution.

        The Establishment GOP will lead us to that 2nd shooting revolution.

    • Agree. This especially is absolutely true:

      “Ronald Reagan won two massive electoral victories but it was Republican senators who blocked him from achieving some of his key domestic promises like shuttering the Department of Education. And though Reagan
      and Reaganism captured the imagination and loyalty of rank and file voters, it was the Bushes who captured the party and killed Reagan’s legacy.”

      I remember those years and this can’t be said enough – establishment Republicans cannot be trusted to carry out a small government agenda without constant pressure.

      • A significant part of the power structure elected to washington has no particular philosophical bent. These are the opportunists only looking for power. IF they live in CA they are democrats, if in TN they are republicans. IF they were anything else, they would lose. These are the people we are fighting against. Two TN Senators are prime examples of this, and just the sort of people to get in the way of progress. Unfortunately since they are the right “flavor” for their State, it is hard to dislodge them. Even though they don’t begin to represent their supposed constituents.

  13. Good article but fundamentally flawed. Trump is a fully-formed entity who does not depend on any one person or group of persons to maintain his vision. No one man is in-expendable. That includes Bannon.

  14. Astute and insightful as always, Chris. This is nothing short of a last ditch effort to fracture a coalition that will prove unstoppable if it can stay intact. The Trump presidency effectively will die if Bannon is fired or resigns. As you point out, the ones calling for Bannon’s head to “save” Trump will become all the more aggressive if they take this scalp. Trump needs publicly to promote Bannon and have his press secretary confirm he isn’t going anywhere.

  15. Jaredberg and Ivankastein need to be deported back to NYC along with Gary Cohn and all the other Goldman Sachs Flunkies.

  16. The author skips over the yuge fact that trump has no core beliefs other than he can fix things. Trump used the coalition with populists and limited government ideologues to get elected. He used and pandered to them just like every other Republican did. He did it better cause he was a tv personality and talked real simple.

    His views if any are more democratic than Republican. You think trump is anti abortion suckers?

  17. This is the fight we hired Trump for. Flush the DC toilet, burn it down, no quarter given, none expected.

    BTW – Don’t believe the liberal media’s push to split Bannon and Trump until you hear it from their mouths. The media cannot be trusted.

  18. Morning Joe crew (specifically Mika) is hellbent on starting a fight between Kushner and Bannon. It is really embarrassing to watch. Dedicating an entire segment to WH logs?? Are you serious?? Devin Nunes wacka wacka.

    Trying to create a shiny object earns the Morning Joe crew the dunce cap.

    • Remember those “White House Visitor’s Logs” that showed IRS Director Douglas Shulman coming to ‘visit’ hundreds of times during the IRS attacks and intimidation of Conservative Groups? Joe and Mika sure don’t!!!
      My wife and I ‘cut the cable’ last year and I don’t get to enjoy the fun and games on MSNBC anymore….

      • Your memory is excellent. I certainly do remember the infamous multiple Shulman visits to the WH.

        Intellectual curiosity only goes so far when you are paid $30k a day.

      • Thank you! It was only “Circumstantial Evidence” of the White House’s involvement, but if he WASN’T advising Obama on the TEA Party/Conservative Group attacks, what was he doing there?
        During that same time, getting the ACA, ‘ObamaCare’ implemented was Priority One, yet HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius visited the White House all of THREE times…. It’s beyond curious!!

    • How did that one between Preibus and Bannon work out? Not at all for the Left that pretended it existed.

      • Right, all 3 are still there going strong. Apparently, the WH does not take it’s cues from Morning Joe.

    • THey are interested in getting eyeballs on the tube. Nothing more.

  19. Trump is a blustering, bilious sock-puppet of AIPAC & the Washington Consensus crowd.

  20. Liberal/Progressive Democrats and “Washington Establishment Republicans” have one thing in common….
    Both groups believe that “In Achieving Our Political Goals, the ENDS Justify The MEANS”.
    I wouldn’t be overly shocked to learn that they had joined forces to hire a Colombian “Hit Man” to solve their problem!!

    This is my first time posting here. The way the page moves on it’s own while typing is VERY distracting and annoying!!

    • “Liberal/Progressive Democrats and “Washington Establishment Republicans” have one thing in common….
      Both groups believe that “In Achieving Our Political Goals, the ENDS Justify The MEANS”. and their ENDS is Liberal Progressive Political Correctness for ALL!

      Hoist the Jolly Roger, keep your winning coalition together. Never submit to Washington DC ‘reasonableness’ it will lead to defeat and this is the Peoples last chance to avoid a 2nd shooting revolution.

      • Which is where we would have been had the most corrupt woman on planet earth had won…
        I’ve been watching “those Clinton’s” ever since 1988. Her very first Executive Order would have been to Lynch and Comey to DESTROY any evidence they’ve collected on any wrong-doing that her and Bill had been involved in going back to the 1979 ‘Cattle Futures’ episode. Rule Of Law?

  21. Seems to me that we can either have America, or “the swamp”.
    Personally, I choose America, and if the swamp denizens have a problem with that, well that’s why the guillotine was invented.

  22. I’m just not seeing Trump giving way to pressure …

  23. Workers unite, in Trump and Bannon we Trust.

  24. Ooo you got Bannon’s stuff all over you now, Buskirk.

  25. Trump loses if he lets the establishment claim another scalp. He needs Bannon to shutdown the left and not to encourage it. The left is never satisfied. “Give a mouse a cookie, …”

  26. “Foolish to Choose Morning Joe Crowd Over Bannon and Voters”

    Foolish is what liberals specialize in and excel at.

  27. Agree with most of the author’s description, analysis & even predictions – including: both Kushners being savaged (after Bannon is gone) by the same media folks who are now helping “Pretty Jared” to complete his takeover of the West Wing.
    What’s missing in this “good hero & his friends fighting evil enemies” story is: realistic recognition of all too human flaws of: Trump’s nepotism and Kushner’s entitled idiot’s arrogance that are enabling this particular treachery by DC-swamp establishment & their media henchmen.
    Another missing point is that “We the People” have responsibility for our self-governance beyond voting for the right presidential candidate & then following with baited breath White House palace intrigues — hoping for the “good advisers” to prevail.
    The “amazing MAGA-movement” Trump was talking about during his campaign rallies could and should now become real national movement (maybe with help of no longer “WH-captive”: Steve Bannon & Kellyanne Conway) to keep Trump & his cabinet on the “straight and narrow.” In practical terms, the specific focus of the local Tea Party 2.0 / MAGA groups could be primarying-out worse RINOs (& maybe even worse DEMs) Congress-candidates before 11/6/18 — so the box office results of that election help the good guys keeping on winning.

  28. Hoist the Jolly Roger, keep your winning coalition together. Never submit to Washington DC ‘reasonableness’ it will lead to defeat and this is the Peoples last chance to avoid a 2nd shooting revolution.

  29. Excellent observations, all.

    My support for Trump is about 1/2″ deep. I am a traditional Republican who recognized my party and the Democrats both have failed Common Man the past 25 years…and someone who was obtuse and thick skinned would need to come in and ‘right size’ the Federal Government. I flew through DC a couple months ago and was astounded at the 15 tower cranes hovering over the DC skyline. Not bad for a city that makes….NOTHING.

    Bannon isn’t my cup of tea, but he’s necessary to get done the nasty things that need to get done.

    If Trump listens to Ivanka and Jared out of any consideration for their own personal gain…he’ll lose his base and even those like me who’s support runs….1/2″ deep.

    I can abandon him in a NYC second if he abandons his pledge to deconstruct the Admninistrative State.

    • I’m not a traditional Republican, but I recognized the same thing you did about both parties failing the Common Man. A few months ago, a friend who has never been to the United States told me he was puzzled by the appeal of Trump. I sent him a link to this article on the National Review website. You and I may not be very close on the left/right spectrum, but we can both see this is a problem. That the people who are in politics, in the media which covers them and in the higher positions of the federal government can’t see this is worrisome.

  30. I’ve said this for awhile…once the progs smelled the blood of Flynn, they would like it and want more. As Bannon goes, so does the Trump presidency.

  31. The DC reptiles are plotting wisely: If Trump dumps Bannon, it will be the end of my support and millions like me. The biggest danger is the GOP “smart reptiles” who will say to Trump: “Don’t worry! Your base doesn’t have anyone else to vote for. Who else will they turn to besides you?” The answer is the base will go back to not voting, as they did with Romney and McCain.

    • If Trump goes full GOPe on us, and here’s hoping he doesn’t, someone in the Freedom Caucus should run against him to give the base the chance to fire his ass like he did all the other RINOs POS in 2016.

      With no other challengers likely, it would be an one-on-one in evangelical Iowa, libertarian New Hampshire and conservative South Carolina. A large percentage of all three who would be highly pissed off at Trump if he governs no differently than a McCain or Jeb would have.

  32. Bannon is Trump’s contract with the American people!

  33. If Bannon goes, or is sidelined, I think a lot of his voters will see Bannon as the proverbial canary in a coal mine– and they’d be right to do so. It will mean they have been betrayed. If Trump betrays his base, he should not even bother running for reelection in 2020.

  34. Bannon is essential to Trump’s success. The Dems won’t decide to help elect Trump in 2020 just because they got him to cut off a lot of heads. Trump needs all the voters he can get, and a vast number of his voters support Bannon. Conservatives, those that are ideologues and actually believe America could survive Bernie or Hillary or Maxine, might jump ship.
    Time to go beyond comments and write a message that matters.

  35. Excellent article.

    It should be kept in mind that Trump’s “base” is not identical to the Republican “base.” All those people, mostly in the Midwest, who voted for Obama twice and then voted for Trump are not part of the Republican base but they are an integral part of what could be called the populist coalition. If Trump betrays them, they may never trust a Republican who claims to represent the common man ever again.

  36. This is where the MSM always gets the Republicans, the Republicans believe if they just bend their policies and beliefs, just a little, the MSM will understand and like them. Nothing could be further from the truth. The point is to not give in to the MSM and watch as your poll numbers climb and they start to implode because they can’t figure out why.

    It appears President Trump has a handle on this and, the more the media talks about Bannon, the more the President will be resolved to keep Bannon around.

  37. Bottom line is that politics is about loyality. IF President Trump goes weak and lets Bannon get trashed, he will lose so much it would take an hour to write.

  38. Nixon’s demise has been held up by the cultural Marxists in the media as the epitome of how to take down a republican president. Every republican president since then has been in constant battle with the news media. Unfortunately republicans have not been able to fight the media successfully and they end up modifying policies and trying to placate the media instead of fighting.
    It seems to me that the media figured out that they are losing to Trump, who is willing to fight. Once the mainstream conservative media and republican members of congress came to Trump’s defense over the issue of wire tapping by the Obama administration, the media realized that the battle to take out Trump had been lost for now. This movement by the media to covering the machinations of white house intrigue and to portray Trump as somewhat more mainstream due to the influence of acceptable advisors, is only recognition by the media that they are stuck with him.

  39. Painting a rather simplistic picture here. You are making it sound as if every American who voted for Trump was a hardcore nationalist fully committed to the Breitbart agenda. Not only is that not true, exit polls showed that a signifiant number of Trump voters didn’t even approve of Trump himself. They voted for him as an act of desperation in order to shake up the system and remove gridlock.

    Most voters outside of the (very small and electorally insignificant) ideological base do not care about Steve Bannon or any other person, they simply want results. Surely this is Trump’s calculation as he eyes any potential move towards the center.

  40. Of course Trump is no Ronald Reagan but President Trump is still great for this nation. Morning Joe is another media hit-man trying to destroy Trump. Joe and his ilk are the reason Trump is president!

  41. That’s funny. I’ve been calling Trump a pirate, in the Drake mold, for month’s now. And his problem is that he joined the navy.

  42. And you know, as the ads, of different heights, march east to west acrosss my screen, the whole page bounces down and then jumps up every few seconds. Hard to read. Hard to type. Very off-putting.

  43. Watch the decision about leaving the Paris ‘climate change’ agreement (meeting postponed today). If President Trump agrees to stay in, it could mean the ‘moderates’ in the administration are winning. If he decides to pull out (as he promised), then we’re still on track to deconstruct the Obama legacy.

    /L. E. Joiner

  44. Trump turning against Bannon is very worrisome. So is getting sucked in by the NeoCons into supporting either side in the Syrian contest. Bannon has it right – the President should focus on economic nationalism, on rebuilding America including rebuilding the American military, and should avoid getting sucked into the failed NeoCon wars to make the world safe for multinationals.