Don’t Fall for Morning Joe’s Propaganda on Bannon

Morning Joe has a mission: Take down the President. Watch the show—if you must—and you will get the idea rather quickly. Every story and every guest are carefully crafted to create a sense of chaos and inevitable failure around the Trump White House. And they have allies. Scarborough and company are actively aided and abetted by the coterie of D.C. media stalwarts who regularly appear on the show.

We shouldn’t be surprised. The destruction of Republican presidents has been the white whale of almost every Washington journalist since 1974.

Scarborough warned President Trump in February, “And as I always say, don’t fight the press, the press always wins. Ask Richard Nixon. The press always wins!” In the face of an impressive set of Trump achievements—Neil Gorsuch now sits on on the Supreme Court, the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines move forward, illegal immigration is down 67% through March, and job creation is on the rise—Scarborough uses his show as a redoubt of Trump opposition in a transparent attempt to assert the primacy of permanent Washington over elected officials who want to reassert the power of voters.

It may not fit the media narrative, but there was an election less than 6 months ago and Donald Trump won. Before the election Scarborough repeatedly warned Republicans to cut and run from their nominee. In August, he gravely warned that for Republicans the election is “about saving the Senate, it’s about not getting wiped out in the House, it’s about not getting wiped out in the state legislatures and governorships. We have a lot to lose.”

align=”right” Morning Joe has become the avatar of the political class in the same way that Steve Bannon—who says little in public—has become the representative of the voters who supported Donald Trump when the bipartisan political establishment vigorously opposed his candidacy and his platform.

Instead, Republicans won big in 2016 with Donald Trump. Not only did Donald Trump beat down the Democrats’ vaunted Blue Wall of states from Wisconsin to North Carolina and win the White House, Republicans also retained control of both Houses of Congress and expanded their already impressive dominance at the state level—leaving wise men like Joe Scarborough with egg on their faces. As a result of last year’s election Republicans now control 32 governorships and 67 of 98 partisan state legislatures and have a trifecta (control of the governor and both state houses) in 25 states. In the year of Donald Trump, Republicans even won the governor’s mansion in deep blue Vermont. So much for Scarborough’s insight into the American electorate.

But he stills wants us to take him seriously when he says that Steve Bannon is stupid and can’t implement the putting together of a ham sandwich. Yet Scarborough’s only claim to authority is that he had a brief stint as a Congressman and now has a show on MSNBC. That show is, presumably, built around his alleged insights or practical wisdom. That is, at best, a tautology.

Let’s review the bidding: Steve Bannon was instrumental in building Breitbart into one of the most influential media organizations in the country. He went on from there to become Donald Trump’s presidential campaign manager and is now a trusted advisor to the President. It may have escaped the notice of folks who appear regularly on Morning Joe, but Bannon and Co. won. What’s more they tapped into an innate political sensibility that bridges the Right-Left political settlement that has ruled for the past 30 years and, in so doing, they threaten the established political order.

But in Joe Scarborough’s world Bannon, who got the election right, is “stupid.” The 2016 election was about one thing: Who rules? Will it be the permanent political class or the people.

Morning Joe has become the avatar of the political class in the same way that Steve Bannon—who says little in public—has become the representative of the voters who supported Donald Trump when the bipartisan political establishment vigorously opposed his candidacy and his platform. Those voters supported Trump before Bannon became his campaign manager and they continue to do so. But the constant media attacks on Bannon have made him the personification of what was at stake in the campaign. Bannon is attacked by the same people and for the same reasons that Trump himself has been attacked for the past 2 years. As a result he has become a symbol of the agenda that propelled Donald Trump to victory and that is characterized by three basic themes:

The crowd that regularly appears with Scarborough and Brezinski are eager to feed the narrative that those ideas lack support, that they are, to use the media’s favorite scare-word “extreme.” And so are the moral imperialists who have been looking for a way to regain influence in the Trump-era. No wonder we have seen everyone from anti-Trump gadflies like John McCain, Bill Kristol, and Elliot Abrams to Chuck Schumer and Fareed Zakaria attempt to spin the Syria strikes into a return to business-as-usual American interventionism in the Middle East.

We should not be surprised. The foreign policy advanced by Donald Trump during the campaign and supported by a broad cross-section of the American people does not threaten the “established international order,” as the recently dethroned but long discredited bipartisan foreign policy establishment would have you believe, but instead threatens the D.C. pecking order of sinecures and preferences. Their sotto voce praise for Trump’s action in Syria is an attempt to regain credibility—and make the best of the circumstances for themselves. They’ve been mostly frozen out of government, television appearances, and speaking gigs and they want back in.

Iowa Congressman Steve King had it right: “Steve Bannon is the lynchpin to your energized base.” This is not because Bannon is more important than the presidenthe’s not. It’s because the constant stream of media hits have made him representative of Trump’s battle to drain the swamp. The forces arrayed against the president have been taking scalps: Mike Flynn resigned, KT McFarland was sent to Singapore, and Devin Nunes was forced to temporarily recuse himself from the Russia investigation. Now they want bigger gamethey want Bannon.

Morning Joe has become a dressed-up, self-regarding version of TMZ for the D.C. crowd reporting anonymous rumors that feed MSNBC’s anti-Trump narrative. For it’s viewers it’s a multi-million dollar exercise in confirmation bias built on nameless, faceless, baseless gossipthe inevitable texts that Scarborough gets from “top White House insiders” and “sources close to (Ryan/Kushner/Ivanka/Whomeverisinthenewstoday)” and reads to his viewers with a sense of awe and reverence last seen on Moses’ face after he descended from Mt. Sinai.

Scarborough seems unaware of what most of his viewers must intuitively know: that his interlocutors are using him as a conduit to conduct their own palace intrigues for personal benefit. Or maybe he thinks he’s pulling a fast one and that they’re not smart enough to see through the greasepaint pantomime.

The attacks on Bannon are an assault on the President himself. They are an attempt to separate the President from his base and thereby isolate him in the White House, hobble his administration, and stop his agenda in its tracks. The President’s friends should see it for what it is and close ranks. An attack on one is an attack on all.


About Chris Buskirk

Chris is publisher and editor of American Greatness and the host of The Chris Buskirk Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and received a fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and digital marketing. He is a frequent guest on NPR's "Morning Edition." His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

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197 responses to “Don’t Fall for Morning Joe’s Propaganda on Bannon”

  1. Yes, an attack on one is an attack on all. Fortunately, Steve Bannon will have a longer shelf life than MSNBC in general and “Morning Joe” in particular.

    ” For it’s viewers it’s a multi-million dollar exercise in confirmation bias built on nameless, faceless, baseless gossip—the inevitable texts that Scarborough gets from “top White House insiders” and “sources close to…”

    The tiny audience for MSNBC and its programming, largely aged Baby Boomers irrelevant to contemporary American life, either has confirmation bias or it has nothing. No one else will tell them how perfect they are. It’s not a large enough niche to support a market or make a difference in the long haul. It’s certainly not influential enough to determine the fortunes of a remarkable visionary like Steve Bannon.

    • Steve Bannon is a Baby Boomer, as one myself your description of us is rather cynical. Agreed, we are a demographic advertisers aren’t interested in, but to call us “irrelevant to contemporary American life” is a slap in the face.

    • Bannon is a two bit Nazi. He is on the way out even as you kiss his ass.

      • Bannon:
        1. Isn’t going anywhere; and
        2. Isn’t a Nazi.

        Your provocative, original thought is appreciated, though.

  2. There is zero risk of Morning Joe threatening the Trump presidency.

    There is 100% risk of President Trump’s Syria policy threatening the Presidency.

    Already it has given us a reason to praise Nancy Pelosi – she is absolutely right: Sean Spencer needs to be fired. The White House Press Secretary CANNOT be a person who does not know that Hitler operated concentration camps.

    This is going to steam roll into a major political catastrophe for the President the longer it lasts.

    • Only in the eyes of the leftist propaganda media and their followers.

      • What part is leftist propaganda? That Hitler operated concentration camps or that the White House press secretary should know elementary history – especially if he is using a historical analogy to justify a war?

      • his analogy was to the use of chemical weapons delivered from the air….Assad used them, Hitler didn’t. Spicer’s gaffe was that he didn’t explain that comparison in the moment. But he apologized for and clarified is comment both during and after the Press conference.

        That the press is still making a big deal out of it, says more about the hatefullness and unfairness of the Media than it does about Spicer’s capability

      • So you are telling me that (allegedly) killing around 100 people using chemical weapons dropped from the air is “sinking” bellow killing 6 million people using chemical weapons coming out of tubes in a concentration camp over a 5 year period?

        And you are satisfied with this type of analogy being made to represent the President of the United States at a time of war?

        I am not.

      • I think that the use of Hitler in ANY analogy is wrong (except maybe to Stalin or Mao)

        That said, this was “gaffe” which Spicer clarified and apologized for immediately.

        Why are you trying to make a “gaffe” into a bigger issue than it really is?

      • I do not think that the use of Hitler in any analogy is wrong, though certainly it can be risky.

        I also do not think that this is a gaffe. I think it is indicative of a deeper historical ignorance which should not characterize a White House press secretary charged with explaining an act of war to the American people and the entire world. This is why I am making it a bigger issue.

      • It is that MSM propaganda machine made a story out of nothing and told you what to think about
        it. Tomorrow there will be another nonstory that get pushed in unison by the MSM for the liberal
        mind-meld too get crazy about.

      • The Mainstream Media did not make a story out of nothing. Sean Spicer made a story out of nothing – his remarks reveal a troubling ignorance. It is nice that he apologized. The whole event is telling; and what it tells us is nothing good about modern American culture.

      • They pressed the outrage button, the mind-meld control makes you think more in about it in
        MSM controlled focus making something out of nothing.

      • In what sense? I am authenticaly shocked that someone who does not know about the Holocaust is White House press secretary. I think the White House press secretary should have an elementary education in history – especially if he wants to justify war with historical analogies.

      • everyone knew he was comparing Assad’s chemical attacks from airplanes with Hitler not using the same tactic on his own people.

        Only the delusional haters on the Left thought Spicer was a “holocaust denier” because of his clumsy comments.

        Spicer’s words may have come out wrong, but it was just an error not a reflection of a worldview

      • It was a reflection of a level of unprofessional ignorance that should not characterize the White House press secretary.

        Beyond that, a) there is no conclusive evidence that President Assad was behind the chemical attack and b) even if Spicer was making the comparison you make – which he wasn’t – the comparison is false. Killing several civilians in a chemical gas attack cannot be compared to the systematic slaughter of over six million people in concentration camps.

        Finally, to be a Holocaust denier – one must first know that there is something to be denied. From the way Spicer spoke – including his attempt to clarify with the claim that Hitler sent people to “Holocaust centers” it is clear that his understanding of history is somewhere in the arena of what we would expect from a 5th grader.

        If you think he represented the President of the United States well – that is a shame.

      • It was a “gaffe” you moron. Which he apologized and walked back immediately.

        But the fact that you are an “Assad Chemical weapon” denier, shows your true colors. The smartphone video & images on the ground in real time proves without a doubt that it was Assad’s planes that took off from that airfield and used chemical weapons on his own people. There’s also proof that it was Russian drones that bombed the hospital survivors were taken too, to help cover-up the attack.

        Also, we are finding out now, that the whole Obama/Syria/Russia chem weapon deal in 2013 was a sham and Assad has never stopped using chem weapons against his own people. Obama just decided to lie to the world and pretend that Assad no longer had any to save face over his own inaction.

        And lets be real – You hate President Trump so much that there is nothing Trump or any of his people can do, that you would comment in a positive way on. Your goal, like the Leftist Media’s goal, is to undermine and destroy the Trump Presidency. That’s why any “gaffe” Spicer makes, is amplified immediately by the entire mainstream media – and calls for his firing are relentless

      • I’m sorry to break the news to you – but I voted for Trump and was a public Trump supporter during the campaign. Unfortunately – I think that the assesments you make about Assad’s use of chemical weapons are likely at the same level as the assesments made by the American intelligence and military agencies charged with advising the President, which is why we keep getting into senseless wars. Staying out of senseless wars was one of the things promised to us by President Trump – I am upset that he has reneged on the promise and doubly upset that the White House press secretary would try to justify it with such an outlandish and ignorant argument. You are right that gaffes are often abused in the mainstream media and in politics, but in this case – I really think that he is not qualified to be Press Secretary if he has trouble with elementary history. It is not just the Jews or the entire war that he ignores – it is also the fact that by comparing Assad to Hitler and the Holocaust and then tying both to the Russians – he is being unfair to the people who sufffered over 20 million deaths to defeat the Nazis and liberate the concentration camps.

      • For the Past 2 years, Trump, who has never killed anyone, has been compared to Hitler over and over by the Media (including by Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews)

        Have you been just as passionate in your defense of Trump against this comparison? I suspect you haven’t been. I also suspect you did not vote for Trump either, because if you did, you would understand that 60 cruise missles does not equal a “senseless war” and the use of WMDs by any nation in the world represents an existential threat to America. To abandon Trump over this limited attack, means you either did not vote for him, or you were a “fair weather” supporter of historic proportions

      • I am not “abandoning” Trump over this limited attack. I am wondering whether Presidnet Trump is abandoning those of us who took him at his word when he talked about staying out of Syria and improving relations with Russia. I was not a “fair weather” supporter of historic proportions. It remains to be seen whether President Trump was a “fair weather” supporter of a republic, not an empire of historic proportions.

      • I think that Trump has access to top secret intel now, and it is normal for his worldview to change as a result. I take heart knowing that for the past 30 years he has talked about his “america first” policy, and it informs him to the core of his being. How that manifests itself in light of the world he is faced with dealing with remains to be seen. But I can guarantee that it won’t become a policy of “regime change” or one of “leading from behind”

      • The Missile attack on a specific target, the airfield used for the chemical weapon attack, was appropriate and warranted. It was a warning, and nothing else.
        We have to hold the bad guys accountable for their actions., especially in a horrific humanitarian situation like Syria., and after previous President did nothing but empty threats, with worthless
        “red line”, etc.

      • Don’t confuse a bad comparison— to ignorance.
        Spicer is highly educated and experienced, a B.S. in government; and Master’s in national security and strategy.

      • Peter, you are not and never have been a trump supporter, nor did you vote for him. Otherwise, you would not be so focused on Spicer and a minor gaffe. You are a paid troll, just don’t make it so obvious. And get a life!

      • Did you come to this conclusion before or after 0bama visited all “57” states? Your outrage is duly noted and ignored.

      • Remember when Dan Perino didn’t know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was?

      • The problem with getting into it with guys like Peter S Reith…is he’s a paid troll. He’s sticking to one aspect of the entire discussion, that really has little to do with Trump and Syria. Spicer, he’s isolated the target, and he’s using Democratic talking points to keep hammering it home, never straying off message. Not one of his comments deviates from that. He’s knocked off every paid troll point so far; Claims he voted for Trump, in fact was an open supporter. Repeated time and time again that Spicer wasn’t informed about the Holocaust. Spicer was his only target and his only reason for being here disseminating that message, and distracting other comments away from what the article was really about.

    • Typical left wing media, they are like rabid dogs with bones on these kinds of stories, Spicer misspoke, he apologized, end of story. But the left wing propaganda media will continue to “report” this.

    • There will not be five people in four days who recall Spicer misspoke. What will matter is whether Trump resists the pressure to affect another regime change in Syria–that would destroy him, as it severely damaged Obama and Bush.

    • Mental midgets like Pelosi –focus on the little stuff.
      Trump is big picture, he nailed the issues Americans are concerned about and he’s already accomplished more than most Presidents at this point in the Presidency.

  3. Good article. I have contempt for Joe Scarborough. If he were not a pretend Republican, I could tolerate his idiotic attacks on Trump. But he has that R claim that gives him cred with the D.C. crowd. He’s their monkey.

  4. I’ll bet Mika promised Joe she’ll do a 3-way with him if he takes down the President.

    • Why do so many hard-core, “Trump can’t do anything wrong” supporters so often use ad hom attacks on those who disagree.

      Even Spicer didn’t use the “from airplanes” excuse that I have seen. Wisely, because it would make zero sense. “Even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons” isn’t the same as “not from airplanes”. I don’t believe for a minute that Spicer is anti-semitic, just terribly inept at his job. He even mispronounced Asaad’s name a number of times. I get that he has a tough job…being a spokesmen for a president who’s views and policies change and reverse on a dime. But these mistakes were unforced. I believe he will be in his position very short-term.

      As for Bannon…he obviously has the brains to make the investments and made some decisions to be a powerful person but that doesn’t necessarily translate to wise decisions made in the trenches of politics. Is IS dumb to go after the president’s son-in-law. He hasn’t moved any significant legislation forward thus far. (Gorsuch was a done deal from the day he was nominated). Bannon’s allies have not fared so well, Flynn being canned and McFarlane being cashiered to an ambassador to get her out of the security council, right along with the removal of Bannon himself. Smart or not, Bannon is losing the war of influence in the Trump administration.

      • Flynn and McFarlane understand the pernicious tentacles of the M.B. as does Bannon, McMaster does not and is as PC as many of the current crop of generals. Whatever other reasons there are, the underlying similarity among those who have been vanquished or who perhaps are on the “chopping block” is obvious to many.

      • I am not readily picking up on what MB means. As for the Bannon crowd losing influence..Trump has no ideological core and as such, if you don’t fit his current emotional retort dujour, you are flotsam to be jettisoned.

    • You’re exaggerating. Trump only did— what Obama Should Have Done years ago.
      That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re getting involved in Syria either.

      • “Ann-Marie Slaughter, a former Obama State Department official, praised President Trump’s strikes against Syria on Twitter, contrasting the move favorably with “years of useless handwringing in the face of hideous atrocities.”

  5. Wow…from “Storm the Cockpit” to whining about a TV show in half a year. Yeah, no – who cares about Joe Scarborough, really? He’s just another entertainer, not that different from the fat old Noo Yawker who did that Apprentice game show. Bannon is probably toast, but that’s more to do with court intrigue and the Goldman network than Joe Thingamee. You people watch too much TV.

  6. Persistent lack of sleep wreaks havoc on mental health. The Anti-Trumpers have fabricated so many boogeymen — Trump, Bannon, The Russians! The Russians!, Ivanka, Jared, Pence, and as always, the Koch brothers — that they can’t possibly be sleeping at night. Their lunatic rantings and conspiracy theories will continue for the 8 years of Donald Trump’s presidency.

    • The insomnia angle, in defense of a man who routinely tweets to all the world at 3am, is maybe not the best of tactics.

      • Trump is well known for only needing 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Unlike Hillary who passes out when the temp is past 72 degrees.

      • Trumpanzee mythology, borrowing nakedly from every “great man of destiny” narrative of the 20th century, and thoroughly debunked by medical science.

    • Alas for the Democrats it will not be another 8 years but probably 24 years. 8 years of the Donald, 8 years of the Mike Pence and probably 8 years for one of the Trump children.

      • I think you right . Undocumented Democrats are no longer streaming across the border. DOWN 72% his month alone.

      • That, and the SCOTUS picks of Trump (potentially 5 to go) will pass by a simple majority.

        The SCOTUS will be conservative for a lifetime

      • I don;t even think this lasts past the 2018 mid-terms.

      • That is the bad joke of the Century. Beyond an drug induced dream.

      • Well one thing’s certain, it won’t be your wonderwoman Hillary lol…

      • Really its a bad joke? Take a look at the trends. Stock market is up, jobs numbers are up, number of illegals coming into the USA are down and they are going to build a wall. OPEC is dying slowly and this is just the first 100 days. All the Donald has to do is keep performing at his current trends for the re-election. That takes care of the 8 years.

        The next 8 years is just skating by Mike Pence. Its the same thing that William Jefferson did after Ronald Wilson. He simply skated on Reagan’s accomplishments. Mike Pence will just skate on the Donald’s accomplishments for 8 more years.

        The next 8 years will be a Trump child. He is training them now and they will take over and make their own accomplishments. Hey, its been tried before, the Bush dynasty, the Clinton dynasty all thankfully did not succeed.

        Look long term and invest accordingly.

  7. Bannon was Trump’s “campaign manager?” When did that happen? Trump had 3 campaign managers. None were named “Bannon.”

  8. I am a life-long conservative who is a regular viewer of the show. I find that you get a balanced view of what’s going on (not from Mika but from the others) in the world. The fact they talk about how the Trump presidency is failing because the Trump presidency IS failing in the real world, not the bizarro world most Branch Trumpidians live in. Bannon is clearly on his way out the door. Did you see the NY Post article this morning? Trump is pushing him out the door. He won’t last another month.

    • Trump’s presidency is not failing because of Bannon; its failing because he’s steadily abandoning the ideals Bannon and other supporters backed him on.

    • Most other countries seem to appreciate Trump, more than many Americans do. They recognize a true leader.
      I believe Trump is actually one of the most honest Presidents we’ve had, too.
      When Trump changes his view on an issue, Leftists call it a lie, however, they’re wrong.
      The ability to revise your thinking when given the complete, accurate information, is a sign of intelligence.

    • Obama’s dog was also a life-long conservative…

      faith in MSNBC says you are too

    • ANYTHING negative about Trump = Fake News. He said so.

  9. What Peter S. is saying is correct, anyone of any political stripe would be well served to have a robust knowledge of world history and avoid using names, phrases or comparisons that lead one to political disaster. The safe play is to only cite Herr Hitler in matters directly relating to WWII or the rise of NASDAP.

    It’s the political equivalent of running onto a freeway – it will not end up good.

    • History is an area where our Education System has really failed. Schools are cutting back history classes, combining History with English language classes…. its very sad how our Education system is “Dismissive” of the importance of History.
      American History, World History, European History, Mideast History, Ancient history, etc., should be a Core area in our Education system.

    • That is why Democrats call Conservative (as well as Trump) Nazis?

  10. Given this, it makes the idea that Kushner still keeps in regular contact with Scarborough and feeds him inside info (probably about Bannon) all the more egregious. Kushner is a smooth operator and will likely prevail over Bannon by using his media allies to twist the screws. Trump seems to stupidly be following his son-in-law down the rabbit hole. It will be the moment that he looks back on in retrospect and say, “that’s where it all went wrong.”

    • Kushner saved Trump’s campaign. He has skills and knowledge that Trump can use in his administration. Not sure if he’s being properly utilized at this point, however. But Trump will figure it out.

    • Kushnerberg and Ivankastein need to be sent home to NYC.

      • Is that why Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats? Maybe you are …ahem…badly informed or even more proabably not at all.

  11. Great prince on the reality of the Morning Joe fraud on America. Clowns like Heilemann and Halpern are so clearly flawed as men and as political activists. Heilemann was always a narcissistic clown who thought he was better than everybody else but was really a mediocre talent and hack of a writer going all the way back to Medill his freshman year, where he’d routinely raise his hand and open his big yap and spew something he thought was some great journalistic insight, only to get openly dissed by a real journalist teaching the class who politely told him to “try again”…

    I know. I was there. Not surprising he’s found a home in a clown car like Morning Joe. His show is called The Circus, after all.

    He’s been wearing clown makeup his entire career – from the first day he learned the classic Medill motto of “if your mother tells you she loves you, check it out”.

    If only he’d follow that motto instead of being a leftist shill.

    • Heilman “is seldom right but never in doubt.”

      • That’s a line that another dumbass I know uses a lot.

        Heilemann was so full of crap that the smart people used to laugh at him and his arrogance. We ran circles around him and frankly still do (I pretty much guarantee I’ve made 50x in my career over him) but he still thinks he’s God. So sad.

  12. Great article. Morning Joe is a lying fool and a bad actor !

    • But…but..but Joe is an expert because he reminds us daily that he was a Congressman for like 4 years or something.

  13. The regular guests on Morning Joe are delusional.

    They act as if they have Street Cred even after being 100% wrong for 2 years.

    They should rename the show ‘The Daily DC Elite Cognitive Dissonance Spectacle.’

  14. who ever this mourning joe guy is he’s getting to be a pain in the a—s.

  15. We need many more articles about the absolute stupidity of morning Joe who takes narcissism to new heights; pretty amazing for a failed politician. I cannot stomach watching the Joe crap show anymore. His insights are like fake news farts shooting out of his ass.

  16. Look up talking head in the dictionary…Joe’s picture will be actually takes up a whole page.

  17. Morning Joe plays to the lefties. Anyone with an ounce of insight realizes slow Joe’s an empty suit & that his co-host helps to create the stereotyped image of blonde women.

  18. The only people who watch goofy Joe and Mika are those who enjoy observing the sexual tension between them. Nobody watches the show for relevant news or opinion.

  19. And what, may I ask, is wrong with such a mission?
    All presidents face enemies who want to take them down, why should Trump be any different?
    If Trump’s enemies succeed, then that is Trump’s failing. A strong, capable president should be able to handle people like Mr. Scarborough and his silly show.
    Trump followers, like Trump himself, are a bunch of whiners. That is why Trump, and “Trumpism” will fail.

    • Oh…

      Got House?

      Got Senate??

      In addition:
      Democrats have lost over 1000 legislative seats since Obama took office.

      The bottom line:
      “Republicans now control about 56 percent of the country’s 7,383 state legislative seats, up 12 percentage points since 2009.”

    • “Trump followers, like Trump himself, are a bunch of whiners.”

      Is that right? Please tell me why the loudest and most constant whines are coming from people like you?

      “That is why Trump, and “Trumpism” will fail.”

      Yeah, he failed right into the white house.

      • If you are looking for failure, look to the failed former president, B. Hussein Obama. Now that’s epic failure.

  20. Joe and his crew are a disgrace. Mika hates Bannon the most. Super creepy.

  21. Joe’s real claim to fame was the dead intern in his office.

  22. Scarborough is a moderate conservative surrounded by left-of-center types. Apparently, MSNBC considers this to be balance. He’s made no secret that he’s anti-Trump in a lot of respects.

  23. and attack on one is an attack on all? hey sounds like NATO.

  24. yep those pesky neo conservatives are capturing the flag and the white house and will put us all in the poor house

    • $10.6 Trillion:
      Total Debt When Obama Became President On January 20, 2009. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 1/9/15)

      Obama’s 8 Years later:
      $19.5 trillion
      Total Federal Government Debt in 2017. At the end of FY 2017 the gross US federal government debt is estimated to be $19.5 trillion, according to the FY18 Federal Budget.

      • You do know that it is Congress that spends the money. and the republicans had the house as of 2010 and the senate as of 2014. you may want to research how our government actually works

      • Did Congress approve Obama’s cash transfer to Iran?

        Did Congress approve Obama’s cash transfer to the PLO?

        $4 Trillion:
        Amount Of Debt That Obama Once Called “Irresponsible” And “Unpatriotic.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At A Campaign Event, Fargo, ND, 7/3/08)

      • The Republicans tried to shut down the Government over spending, but Obama and his ilk had no interest in spending restraints.

      • the same republicans that are increasing defense by 54 billion, proposing 1 trillion in infrastructure, going for large tax cuts? THOSE Republicans?

    • Rene, I doubt you are throwing much in to the tax pool. Only you can put you in poor house.

  25. Morning Junk is trying to assuage the Snowflake’s minds after:

    Poll: Obama worst prez since WWII – POLITICO
    Jul 2, 2014 –
    A plurality of voters think Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II, a new poll says. According to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, 33 percent of voters think the current president is the worst since 1945. … The Quinnipiac poll reported more bad news …

    Poll: Obama ‘worst president’ since World War II – USA Today…w…/11985837/
    Jul 2, 2014
    President Obama has topped predecessor George W. Bush in another poll, but not one he would like. In a new Quinnipiac University Poll, 33% named Obama the worst president since World War II, and 28% put Bush at the bottom of post-war presidents. … Ronald Reagan topped the poll as the …”

    • And the worst president ever is GW Bush – responsible for 6 trillion down a sand and mountain rat hole( per President Trump – joint session of Congress) 911, Katrina and the 2008 economic meltdown. he not only had a trifecta, he actually is responsible for 4

      • Try again… the following is from Congressional Archives, re Iraq:

        Irony: Bill Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998
        Hillary Clinton voted for war (based on the Act Bill signed) in Iraq in 2002

        Bush/Iraq came after the Law (Clinton/Iraq) was set, regarding Regime Change in Iraq. That Law, The Iraq Liberation Act, was passed by a Democratic Party controlled Senate and signed by Bill Clinton/Iraq in 1998:

        “President Clinton stated in February 1998:
        Iraq admitted, among other things, an offensive biological warfare capability, notably, 5,000 gallons of botulinum, which causes botulism; 2,000 gallons of anthrax; 25 biological-filled Scud warheads; and 157 aerial bombs. And I might say UNSCOM inspectors believe that Iraq has actually greatly understated its production….
        And some day, some way, I guarantee you he’ll use the arsenal…”

        1) “The Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 is a United States Congressional statement of policy calling for regime change in Iraq.[1][2]

        It was signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

        The Act was cited in October 2002 to argue for the authorization of military force against the Iraqi government. Democrats voted Congressional Authorization, Iraq afterwards”

        2) The Act was cited as a basis of support in the Congressional Authorization for use of Military Force Against Iraq in October 2002.

        3) In 2002 Democratic Party controlled Senate Voted to Authorize the Bush administration’s Upholding of the Clinton era Law. Vote: 77 to 23

      • greatest strategic disaster in the republic’s history- The Iraq War. so bad it has driven a nationalist neo isolationist into the white house. priceless

      • Fact free and without source or attribution…
        Let me guess, you are a democrat

        President Clinton signed the “Iraq Liberation Act” into law in 1998.
        The Act made “Regime Change in Iraq” a US Law and Policy:
        “If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.”

        President Bill Clinton (D), Feb. 17, 1998

        “Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.”
        Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D), Dec. 16, 1998

        “We know that Hussein has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country.”

        Al Gore (D), Sept. 23, 2002

        “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members … It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.”
        Sen. Hillary Clinton (D), Oct 10, 2002

      • NOPE. an American. even better than the scum sucking republican and democrats that are responsible for bankrupting our republic

      • Democrat Housing Policy caused the Recession…

        The executive order and accompanying Presidential Letter to Banks, which mandated home (housing) loans for those who could not afford them (sub-prime mortgages) is signed and online as a . Gov PDF
        …signed by Bill Clinton

        AND, “Reckless Endangerment”, by NY Times economic reporters, documents this.
        Its sub-title is “How the Democrats Almost Destroyed the Economy”

        ‘Reckless Endangerment’
        A Washington Post Notable Nonfiction Book for 2011

        One of The Economist’s 2011 Books of the Year

      • wrong again- try ” where all the devils are ” by Joe Nociera or ” too big to fail” and for once in your miserable lives can republicans take responsibility for anything?

      • Just so you know:

        Fannie Mae: Franklin Raines (D) & Herb Moses (D)
        (The Fannie Mae executive who hired U.S. Rep. Barney Frank’s former lover, Mr Moses, was a campaign donor and once worked for the congressman)

        Barney “I want to roll the dice a little bit more in this situation towards subsidized housing” Frank (D)

        Countrywide Financial: “Friends of Angelo (FOA)” VIP program:
        Sen. Dodd (D)
        Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi, Jr.,
        Barbara Boxer,
        Adam H. Putnam,
        Richard C. Holbrooke,
        James E. Clyburn,
        Donna Shalala

        All of the above are also among those with mortgages from Countrywide. (D, D, D & D) etc.

      • can republicans take responsibility for anything the democrats failed at… no

  26. Joe Scarborough is a fake conservative.
    Ignore Joe Scarborough.
    Boycott MSNBC and its advertisers.
    Joe Scarborough is a fake conservative.

  27. Whatever you want to say about Scarborough, it doesn’t change the facts that Steve Bannon is well known as a white supremacist. None other than Glenn Beck (no liberal he) has long said that Bannon has “a long history” with the white supremacy groups. Bannon’s own ex-wife has quoted him saying very anti-Semitic remarks while they were married, so is it any surprise that he would not get along with Jared Kushner, Trump’s Jewish son-in-law? When Bannon was named to the presidential staff, white supremacy and neo-nazi groups all rejoiced that they finally had “one of our own” in the White House, and they were furious with Trump when Bannon was dumped from the National Security Council. One such neo-nazi leader called on “my Gentile brothers and sisters” to rise up against Trump for his “stab in the back” when Bannon was demoted. If you really want Trump to succeed as President, Steve Bannon has got to go! He is the “proof” that liberals can point to that Trump and his Administration are racist and bigoted.

    • Like David Duke?
      David Duke, 1988 candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination

      Daily Caller
      June 21, 2012
      “David Duke endorses leading New York Democrat”
      “The Democratic Party is facing an awkward problem Thursday because white supremacist David Duke has endorsed a leading candidate in the Democratic Party’s primary race for a New York House seat.
      Duke says he’s endorsing Charles Barron, the leading candidate for the new 8th district primary on June 26, because of their shared enmity toward “zionists.””

  28. “In August, he gravely warned that for Republicans the election is “about saving the Senate, it’s about not getting wiped out in the House, it’s about not getting wiped out in the state legislatures and governorships. We have a lot to lose.”

    Who’s we, Kemosabe?

    • He was correct… the GOP owns the states:

      Democrats have lost over 1000 legislative seats since Obama took office.

      The bottom line:
      Republicans now control about 56 percent of the country’s 7,383 state legislative seats, up 12 percentage points since 2009.

      • Who was correct, surely you are not suggesting Joe Scarborough was correct? The sentence preceding the excerpt I pasted went like this, “Before the election Scarborough repeatedly warned Republicans to cut and run from their nominee.” Joe was not only wrong, but seriously off the rails wrong.

      • Even a broken clock is correct twice daily.

        Re: States, lost seats and democrats

      • That wasn’t the call Scarborough made, George. He suggested backing Trump would cost the GOP.

  29. Joe is an almost nobody that was thrown out of office and hired into a gig as a token GOPe host by a bottom-feeding propaganda outlet. Why does anybody pay any attention to him?

    • Why does anybody pay any attention to him?

      Perhaps to contrast with reality

  30. I tried to watch Morning Joe again today and could not believe Bannon was front and center. 10 minutes in I was gone!!

  31. Anyone who watchs this clown needs their head examined.

  32. I don’t think Morning “Joke” has that many viewers.

  33. Joe’s just doing penance. His head was so far up Trump’s butt for the entirety of the campaign that he’s just now realizing what a disaster he helped bring about.

    • Joe Scarborough is as much a conservative as Pelosi.

      • Don’t know if he’s a “conservative”, don’t much care. He gave Trump a billion dollars worth of free publicity during the campaign. He owes the world a pound of flesh.

  34. Let’s get real. Any premise that starts with Trump “winning” the election, as opposed to Hillary losing it with the help of the FBI and thousands of Russian propagandists, is a false narrative. Trump is by far the most unpopular figure to ever inhabit the post, and he’s sinking fast under the weight of his own inexperience, incompetence and lack of intellect.

    • Poor little snowflake. It makes me smile that you are still so butt hurt. Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate who might be practicing law in some podunk little town if she hadn’t married and decided to stay married to a lech who once was president.

      • Envy run wild. I thing you secretly are in man love with Bill.

      • I’m no expert, but as far as nsme calling goes, Snowflake, butt hurt, etc. is so trite at this point. Especially since, ironically, it describes Trump and his supporters so much better than the resistance who are fighting to save America from you wanna be gnatzis.

      • You’re going to have to fight harder. We’re winning.

  35. Chris – I’m guessing now that Trump has thrown Bannon under the bus you’d like to rethink the wisdom of this article.

    • That wouldn’t contradict the article so much as it would make Trump seem gullible enough to be swayed by shows like Morning Joe.

      • Yes, good thing Trump doesn’t pay much attention to the media and is never swayed by what he sees there. But better if you’d taken me seriously and not literally. Bannon appears to be headed out and I’m wondering what that’ll mean for Trump’s nationalist rhetoric and agenda which has already taken a hit. And, who’ll lead the charge to drain the swamp once Bannon’s been banished?

  36. Trump as President means their tactics are not as effective as they once believed. The weeping and wailing on Election night is proof of their astonishment & dismay. So now what? The Establishment is doubling down on divide-&-conquer. FakeNews stories abound: rumors & innuendo; hints & allegations about conflict, controversy, in-fighting & betrayal. The Collective MUST break the confidence of Trump’s supporters. If they fail to do so, millions of blue-pill people will see for themselves (whether they want to or not) how badly they have been duped, exploited & dumbed-down by “the government” they were so carefully taught to trust.

  37. I don’t think anyone sets their agenda by what the feckless fop Scarborough says. If he is suppose to be a “token Republican” he fails the test and only irritates the rest of us.

  38. Good article. I’m just surprised that they “still don’t get it” Only the American workers get it. POTUS TRUMP has or is making American great again. He is putting American first.

  39. Okay, then let the goal be Scarborough’s scalp, let him be a target! Get the bum!

  40. Morning Joe’s audience is very small indeed. No one outside of Washington DC even watches it. Whatever Joe pontificates upon during the day, I take the opposite tack. We all know that Joe is wrong most of the time and don’t pay him any heed.

  41. Excellent. Joe once pretended to be a conservative. After that he started pretending to be something else. Bannon, by contrast, is not pretending.

    • Bannon’s not pretending, but he is “reviewing his options”.

  42. Joe fashions himself as presidential material, launched by his awesome and insightful television persona…..except ….no one watches Morning Joe other than political East Coast, (liberal) E-lites

  43. Excellent read Mr Buskirk, and I have the same sentiment. It would be a shame if my President were to sit by and watch as Bannon graciously exited this administration, because of a dumbass daughter/son-in-law whim.
    i hope President Trump realizes what Bannon means to his supporters.
    A lot.

  44. Trump supporters that blindly follow need to wake up and question why certain people in the White House never get bad press (Jared and Ivanka, Carbon Tax Gary Cohn) and others are constantly attacked. Isn’t it obvious that the ones loved by the media do not represent anything we stand for but what the media likes? An attack against “our” team ie. Bannon, Gorka, Conway, McFarland is attack against us all. And who is leaking to the media that HATE our cause? Jared, Ivanka, Gary?

  45. Good article. As for Joe Scarborough: I followed morning joe show for many years, but it has become irrelevant, pompous, nonsensical, self reverent and self congratulatory.

  46. The bleach blond he slobbers over every day, is as bad as Joe.

  47. All kidding aside, he and the entire ensemble of liars, plagerists, and insider traders got the entire election wrong. They have no credibility!

  48. Joe is my go to guy. He will get over this period of temporary insanity. I envy him. He abandoned his family and is porking Brezinski. When the Russky narrative collapses… Nah, the talking heads are shameless.

  49. Joe sounds like Mika as he joined the opposition. Some of what he says is ok, but his apparent hatred of Trump is a bet much.

  50. “The attacks on Bannon are an assault on the President himself.”

    Ah, so that’s what those strange remarks to the NY Post were about: self-harm.

  51. Bannon leaving would be bad. Who and what steps into the void? More Kushner and Ivanka??

    I don’t see this as a good development at all for the Making America Great Again agenda.

  52. its unwatchable…….its like a bug light for idiots, too bad we couldn’t backtrack all viewers for sterilization.

  53. What watches him? Frankly, I think most libs believe the President is stupid.

  54. While Trump comes from money, it’s like West Egg. Jared and Ivanka want to be East Eggers even if the American people have to go through the Valley of Ashes for them to get there. They have money; it’s old establishment prestige they crave now. Bannon is nothing but a bootlegger in their eyes, and Tom and Daisy don’t care if he has to “die” for them to get it.

  55. It is obvious that Joe was tempted by Mika’s “honey trap”. Strangely, Mika’s father was regarded as the hawk in the Carter Administration, but I guess everyone would be, when compared with the late Secretary Warren Christopher.

  56. Just who is Joe Scarborough? Always thought Trump’s biggest challenges would come from the GOPe.

  57. Scarborough’s continual wrongness during both the primary and general election season was a veritable case history of personal wrongtitude. Scarborough’s startling wrongmanship, and brilliant, unmatched wrongosity, day in and day out, are what landed him the MC microphone as he headlines the big Wrongapalooza to be held this August in Death Valley, California.

  58. I have never watched morning joke, never will. What an ahole along with his lover the bubble-headed minx meeka.

  59. I use to love watching JS when he still had a brain but stopped watching years ago, when he became an unthinking left Blue Dog.The viewer can’t believe a word he says. They should just post the 5 talking points on a screen pattern and save the broadcasting cost.Everyone knows everything that will be said without tuning in so why watch?