GOP Leaders, Remember Trump Ran Against Your Pieties … and Won

Politics is a team sport. It’s a basic truth of republican government—one that was even written into the nation’s founding document. The signers of the Declaration of Independence all agreed to “pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” In short, they would stand together or hang separately, to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin. The stakes were high and they knew they had to rely on each other.  Still, every team has its stars and in politics that is the president.

After years in the political wilderness, Republicans have honed their skills as an opposition party to a fine edge, but their electoral success requires that they govern. With control of both houses of Congress and the White House, Republicans need to close the gap between theory and practice quickly.

President Trump acts decisively, reflecting his entrepreneurial background, and expects similar alacrity from Congress. The American people entrusted the GOP with a level of power not seen in nearly a century and they expect results. This is especially true of the party’s most loyal supporters who are tired of excuses from their elected representatives. That sense of frustration, even betrayal, set the stage for the accession to power of Donald Trump.

Remember that Republican voters categorically rejected the party’s dream team during the primary in favor of an outsider who happily overturned many conservative pieties. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Donald Trump ran against the congressional leadership of his own party and won.

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2 responses to “GOP Leaders, Remember Trump Ran Against Your Pieties … and Won”

  1. It is all so true, Mr Buskirk, but I think you are preaching to the Unconvertible.

    Ann Coulter reckons only a tiny minority of Republicans in the Congress have virtue, true patriotism.
    Certainly most of them are so mediocre as to courage and vision, and so bought and paid for as to their chief loyalty – to Big Business – that the only solution is for one after another of them (at speed) to be picked off by Republican voters in primaries; rather like the succession of deaths in ‘And Then There Were None’ (Agatha Christie’s whodunnit).

    Power is the lesson of Politics. If they see their fellow-weasels being destroyed by their public, they will quickly fall into line behind President Trump and his agenda. After all, what is at stake in their membership of either house is, supremely, their self-importance and their sense of their very identity.

    That is why they went into politics in the first place: because they never could have become good farmers, or good mechanics or good brain surgeons.

    They will change if they see their fellows being slotted by their voters. But not until then.

  2. That picture says it all. They are creatures of the swamp, watching someone speaking language they’ve never heard expressed except as hyperbole you tell the proles to get votes. The GOP will be fundamentally changed, from the inside, within 8 years… for the better of us all. MAGA.