10 Things Trump Could Do to Drive the Left (Even More) Crazy: Campus SJW Edition

President Trump’s Twitter feed remains a source of mainstream media consternation and of nervous fretting from weak-sister Republicans bent on returning to the days of Republicans taking the court as the Washington Generals.

But if Trump really wants to drive the Left crazy—and, let’s be honest, we hope he does—then there are any number of ways he can achieve that goal. In January we offered a list of 10 suggestions and we note that at least one of those suggestions (number 10 about eliminating the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities) is getting some traction. And given what’s happening with the deterioration of the dam in Oroville, California, our first suggestion about earmarking money from the infrastructure stimulus bill seems . . . well, prescient.

But the last several weeks have featured an onslaught of escalating craziness from the Left, especially on college campuses. Places like Middlebury College in Vermont have erupted in violence proving, once again, that they are bastions of a clueless, out of touch, one-percenters.

Forthwith, in what we anticipate will be a recurring feature at American Greatness, we offer yet another edition of 10 Things Trump Could Do to Drive the Left (Even More) Crazy. Let’s call this one the “Campus SJW Edition”:

1) Demand all charges of sexual assault on campus be reported to police, and not just to an internal judicial process. Sexual assault is a crime. College judicial boards are not designed to investigate or punish crimes; they are designed to enforce college rules and regulations and to assign punishment for infractions of those, as they are free to do. It is a violation of the rights of the accused to bring them before these “courts” where accusations of criminal activity are, all too often, sufficient grounds for expulsion, fines, or reputation destroying witch hunts. If a crime has been committed, call the cops and let the proper justice system do its job.

2) Appoint Paul McHugh to lead a government study on what is best way to handle so-called “trans-gender” issues in our schools. When the Left objects to this approach, call them “deniers” and “anti-science.”

3) Speak of “Defending Western Civilization.” Note that the scandal of Yale rejecting a $20 million endowment to study Western Civilization. Note, too, that Stanford students last year rejected a referendum to restore the university’s once-great Western Civilization requirement by an incredible 6-1 margin. Too many of our elites dislike the civilization which has treated them so well. The president should speak proudly and often about the virtues of the West, particularly as they relate to immigration. Note the curiosity of so many people wishing to migrate to Western countries and leave non-Western nations behind.  Perhaps there is something superior about the West?

4) Introduce legislation to reverse the “Grove City” decision. Federal mandates for institutions receiving federal funding should not apply to private institutions just because students choose to attend them with while receiving federally guaranteed loans or grants (e.g., the G.I. Bill).

5) Denounce the “nihilistic” protests against mainstream conservatives on campus. Blame “radical white billionaire” and convicted insider trader George Soros for backing yet another “astroturf” campaign.

6) Speaking of astroturf, suggest that until Obamacare is repealed, any group caught paying protesters also must be providing healthcare coverage.

7) Before meeting the Austrian Ambassador, make a point of telling the press he, “Studied Austrian in school.”

8) In a speech lauding students for their support of a clean environment, announce that the federal government will sue the sponsors of the recent Dakota pipeline protests for the cost of cleanup.

9) Give a major speech at liberal arts college or a major research university and make the case that institutions of higher learning would be better off if they closed down their “diversity” offices. Such programs only encourage students to think of themselves as victims and do not teach students to understand their role as Americans—men and women who can think for themselves and run their own lives. In other words, these other schools fail in their missions to create self-governing citizens.

10) Call for a repeal of “hate crimes” laws. These laws represent totalitarian efforts to police thought, he should say. A murder is no less a murder and assault is no less an assault if it is done for reasons other than what we deign to call “hate.” And who determines what “hate” is, anyway? If Congress will not repeal these laws, insist that they begin to include terms like “redneck,” “hick,” and “hillbilly” to the list of hate-speech terms and those who are subjected to those epithets among the protected classes.

That’s 10 ideas to drive the Left further into madness. We have even more. Do you? Leave your suggestions in the comments. Special thanks to Richard Samuelson for his contributions.

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27 responses to “10 Things Trump Could Do to Drive the Left (Even More) Crazy: Campus SJW Edition”

  1. if he REALLY wants to drive the snowflakes nuts, he could simply repeals JFK’s EO 10988. Not only entertaining, it would be good for the body politic.

    • “Executive Order 10988 is a United States presidential executive order issued by President John F. Kennedy on January 17, 1962 that recognized the right of federal employees to collective bargaining. This executive order was a breakthrough for public sector workers, who were not protected under the 1935 Wagner Act.” (Wikipedia)

      Yes, there are more good reasons to rescind this order than just tweaking snowflakes. It would drive a stake through the Deep State in ways interesting to contemplate.

      /Mr Lynn

  2. 1) Place refugees and immigrants in every affluent blue neighborhood in the country. in Malibu, Brentwood, Bel Air in Low Angeles, in Pacific Heights in S.F., and Atherton, Palo Alto, Hillsborough and San Mateo on the Peninsula, plus some in Marin County. Georgetown in DC, Greenwich in Connecticut, various counties in Virginia and Maryland, Cambridge and Brookline in MA, Park, 5th and Madison Avenues in New York, somewhere n the Triangle near Duke Univ. In N. Carolina, etc., etc,.

    2) Require every university receiving federal grants or taking students who have any kind of federal loan to hire their facilities and fill their all their sports teams and give all their scholarships, including athletic ones, honoring diversity as to race, gender and ethnicity. Each faculty department, including STEM, each sports team and each scholarship program must have equal numbers of men and women , and a predetermined number of gays, lesbians and transgenders, plus proportions of blacks and Hispanics and each type of Asian equal to their number in the population; and require all university publications and signage be printed in all languages represented in the facts and student body, and translators for classes and lectures in every language, and require separate cafeterias for each ethnic group or culture and prohibit students, faculty and administrators from eating in a cafeteria outside his/her own culture. And finally, require every male student be automatically be expelled as a probable rapist. I mean, colleges and university want to indoctrinate their students as social justice multi-culti snowflakes or violent thugs – well, let’s go all the way and make them really live it. This will destroy/shut down all the colleges and universities? And that’s bad because….?

    I have more ideas, but those two are good as starters.

    • Ooh. I like the idea of requiring sexual and multi-cultural diversity on the men’s football and basketball programs. Just think what that would do to the cash cow athletics and March-Madness brackets!

  3. Require all muslim students in public schools to attend jewish services to promote diversity

  4. Demand that any university with a “Women’s Student Office” either establish a “Men’s Student Office” or be charged with gender discrimination. Mandate that the Women’s student offices demonstrate their commitment to diversity by hiring male employees.

  5. Announce that students with high GPA’s will be required to donate some points to their less fortunate classmates. Students on Academic Probation will receive the most credits.

    • No, because most of those students with high GPAs are in majors that actually contribute to society, like Geology, various types of Engineering, and Computer Science. These ACHIEVERS should not be made to donate to the hyphenated-American studies leeches, or those majoring in ancient african pottery. The leeches are the ones who normally are on probation.

      • I don’t actually think this is a good idea. I merely suggested it because SJW students would oppose it, but they would have to abandon all they stand for to do so. It would be fun to watch them try to explain why they should be exempt from the redistribution insanity that they so wish upon society.

      • You are mistaken. The modal grade in college today is an A. Everyone has high grades.

      • Incorrect … courses for degrees in lesbian dance theory are far easier than those for mechanical engineering.

  6. *Especially* that whole ‘hate crime’ law bit.

    Who knew we’d have a national ‘hate crime law’ named after a guy murdered over a *Meth* deal – because he happened to be gay?

    Hate crime law – on it’s very face – eviscerates the notion that people are ‘equal under the law’. And as we’ve seen time and time again – is applied quite ‘disproportionately’ – which should get liberals onboard as they enjoy using that word when minorities break laws and get punished for it.

    Trayvon Martin was pretty well killed by the Obama ‘disproportionate’ discipline warnings to schools – since if he’d been turned over to cops when caught with *positive* proof of Felony housebreaking and grand larceny…he’d have never even met Zimmerman.

  7. include terms like “redneck,” “hick,” and “hillbilly” to the list of hate-speech

    Don’t forget “cracker.”

  8. Yes. It’s time more than one side was ‘making war’ in the ‘culture war’. Fairness, not Grievance should be the standard.

  9. The Departments of Justice and Education should sue each and every public institution of higher learning that has a speech code and/or free speech zones. These clearly violate the First Amendment and state public institutions are covered. When the government wins the cases, the defendants (e.g., college presidents, trustees, etc.) should be required to take and pass a year long course on the first amendment, on penalty of being fined and/or imprisoned.

  10. “10 Things Trump Could Do to Drive the Left (Even More) Crazy …”

    “Crazy” is “crazy”, there aren’t gradations.

    However, if President Trump wants to REALLY drive the SJWs into fits of paroxism, he’ll start sending out notices on their student-government loans AND start attaching liens on the few miserable posessions they have.

  11. OMG, I have so many “Dear Friend” letters in mind … Western Civ requirement for all Federal scholarship and grant recipients … prosecuting all protesters who deny free speech on campus … start filing disparate impact suits against departments that don’t have demographic diversity (religion, politics, etc.) … academic freedom protection for professors of faith to present their faith in class … end all government student loan and grant programs … mandatory sexual abstinence posters on all campuses … regular BATF raids in campus bars … it would be beautiful.

  12. “Call for a repeal of “hate crimes” laws”

    This one especially. It’s a disgrace to this country and a dagger pointed at whites.

  13. Say anyone using the term “racist” to describe anyone else, should contribute $10,000 to charity of their choice, if they cannot back up the term in a court of law. This word is the weapon of the left to beat anyone they don’t like. Take away the weapon.