A Day Without a White Woman’s Guilt

On Wednesday, March 8 the same group of grievance grifters who brought us the infamous Pussyhat/Women’s March will be bringing us  “A Day Without a Woman”. Even though a number of the leaders have been exposed as radical and even violent leftists that include anti-western, Sharia-supporting Islamists, there’s an attempt to paint this as a mainstream operation. And it is attracting many middle-of-the-road white, suburban women. Why?

Why are so many seemingly rational suburban moms getting involved and buying into the premise of their widespread oppression? Why would they ignore the violence, the law breaking and ugliness of some of this event’s sponsors? Why would they align themselves with such obvious malevolent forces? Why would a self-respecting middle-aged woman, living in a leafy suburb don a hat made to look like a sexual organ and take to the streets with anti-American subversives?


In discussing the exhaustion of modern liberalism, Shelby Steele, a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and prolific author asserts a simple explanation in his most recent article published in the Wall Street Journal. White guilt. According to Steele, white guilt is no ordinary guilt:

White guilt is not angst over injustices suffered by others; it is the terror of being stigmatized with America’s old bigotries—racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. To be stigmatized as a fellow traveler with any of these bigotries is to be utterly stripped of moral authority and made into a pariah. The terror of this, of having “no name in the street” as the Bible puts it, pressures whites to act guiltily even when they feel no actual guilt. White guilt is a mock guilt, a pretense of real guilt, a shallow etiquette of empathy, pity and regret.

All you need do to understand this mainstreaming of white guilt and Leftism is to read a mission statement from any liberal church—from the obviously left-leaning Unitarian-Universalist Church, to many mainline Protestant churches which have been taken over by white guilt and leftist theology, to some of the most recent utterances of Pope Francis. Pick among any of those to discover the angst and fear so many well-off white people feel these days. The schools their children attend (from kindergarten through college) instill the same guilt. Movies, books and entertainment continually bombard them with a narrative of how  our culture is replete with the ill-gotten gains of sinful white Americans and how this was, is and always will be an injustice no pound of flesh can repay. And woe be unto you if you do not nod your head in blind  agreement and seek, thereby, the indulgences required to assuage your guilty conscience over your incorrect skin tone and privilege. If you don’t knuckle under, you are labeled and isolated—the worst nightmare of far too many liberals these days.

Middle class, well-off women are especially vulnerable to the forces arrayed against them (and their successful white husbands). They embrace this guilt like a fashion and, of course, it has become one. Who needs a designer handbag when you can don a relatively inexpensive pink hat and yell loudly—“I’m not one of THEM! I’m good! I’m moral! Please don’t be angry at ME!” It gives you the kind of street cred that might otherwise take you years of effort and study. It makes you “thoughtful” and “aware.”

The roots of this attitude are understandable. As Steele writes, modern liberalism from the 1950s forward, has been a “moral vaccine that immunized [people] against stigmatization.” For quite a long time America was grappling with the very real sins of her past. But lately, the progress we’ve made is ignored by loud leftists. It’s as if these sins haven’t been addressed at all and we have not made any progress. The cries of racism, sexism, bigotry etc. have not slowed—they have advanced.

Recently—over the last five years or so—there’s been pushback. Many people are tired of the descent into name-calling. If everyone’s a racist, no one is. It’s part of the reason Trump was elected. Many people have just had enough of the senseless insults based on how and where you live and what you look like. Many people are overcoming this guilt and asserting with pride how much progress our country has made and looking to its foundational principles as the reason for these triumphs. Steele’s thesis is that this realization and dismissal of white guilt is the death knell of this brand of liberalism.

Some, however, still feel increasing guilt—and privileged white women are at the center of this stigmatization. Far too many women are still susceptible to the bullying of the left. They do not feel worthy of their good fortune.

Ironically, women have long recognized that a patriarchal culture keeps women down by making them feel guilty for not being good enough to deserve the station they’ve acquired—they are either too fat or too thin, not pretty enough, not sexy enough, not smart enough. What a shame that a supposed woman’s right organization uses this same kind of guilt to intimidate women into the streets for their radical project. The leaders of this movement know their targets. They know these women are part of their last best hope to hang on to their power through intimidation.

We should all hope that the good and decent women in the cross hairs of these Leftists and America haters will soon realize they have nothing about which to feel guilty en masse. The way they live their lives, raise their children and work in their communities is proof enough of their decency, or should be. And then they will realize that they don’t need pink vulva hats to prove it to anyone.

About Pamela Shuman Lange

Pamela Shuman Lange hails from Chagrin Falls, Ohio. A graduate of Wilson College, she has worked in development, marketing, and public relations for several liberal arts colleges and for National Review Institute. She is active in local politics and is an amateur FaceBook provocateur.

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9 responses to “A Day Without a White Woman’s Guilt”

  1. Hopefully a lot of the employed women “striking” to show their hate for America will find themselves without a job the next day.
    Sadly, all those on the thousands of welfare programs won’t see a 1 day cut in their benefits but will still get paid to hate the taxpayers feeding them, just as they have for years.

  2. “privileged white women”

    The key word there is “privileged.” This is a tiny slither of white women, who the Left attacked at the Pussy Hate(e) parade for the crime of voting for Trump. The goal was to guilt-trip white women. It seems to have infuriated them. Democrats now can kiss white women goodbye as part of their identity politics coalition.

  3. An even better reason: Salvation. The first half of Joseph Bottom’s book “An Anxious Age” fleshes out the thesis that today’s supposedly non-religious liberalism is really the consequences of the social justice movement in Christianity taken to its logical conclusions: all sins are really collective attitudes (bigotry, oppression, etc) and all that you need to do to be saved is oppose them. You don’t actually have to accomplish anything — you are on the side of the angels when you say you stand against these evils, which are everywhere and which you can participate in without even realizing it. But once you have the right way of thinking, you are one of the elect.

  4. Absolutely correct.
    But there is an additional element to the endless public display & breast-beating (breast exposure!) not explained by Steele’s White Guilt (as excellent an explanation as it is). And that is, simply, the psychological/emotional necessity to escape & redefine self-guilt / feelings of existential unworthiness as ‘someone else’s fault!’.

    Whatever I am, whatever I’ve become, whatever I’ve accomplished — there is more I’ve left undone. And if I’ve bought into the chanted mantras that I can be whatever I want to be, that I can do whatever I want to do, then my failure (and everybody fails by those standards) CAN’T be my fault. The fault, dear Horatio, lies not in the stars and definitely not in ourselves, but rather in that monolithic, Sauron-like Patriachal Hegemony which haunts us always. Someone is keeping me Down!

    Why haven’t I written that Great American Novel, raised my genius kids to cure cancer, painted the mural on the side of the new Justice Building I campaigned to build, in the free time I had after showing my husband & lover a Cosmopolitany Ecstatic Good Time? Why haven’t I risen to the glassed-in corner office of President…why did I get just an average to middling performance review….why am I so depressed about the hamster-wheel I run daily just to get an average to middling paycheck which buys me no Manolo Blahnik shoes and barely covers the braces my daughter needs? Why weight gain, I jog! Why hot flashes, I’m sexy! Why age, I’m young! Why wrinkles, I cover myself with countless creams & potions? Why am I not Oprah? Obviously, someone is keeping me Down!

    And so the guilty march to show themselves they matter. (something the rest of us already know)

    And the political wizards who generate such extravagant & meaningless silliness — they simply count the heads to estimate the votes needed to drive the Progressive Platform upon which the strikers stand and pout.

  5. I had to work my ass off all my life for everything I had once I came of age, and for everything I was able to give my children. I didn’t get a choice about that any more than I got a choice about being born white, but what I want to know is where the f*** is this supposed “privilege” and WHEN DO I GET SOME. I figure if multitudes are going to accuse me of benefitting from something I ought to actually be benefitting from it, right? Where do I sign up?

  6. In 500 years, when they write the epitaph of white people in this country, a special chapter will be reserved for the psychoanalysis of all these guilt-ridden white women who have projected their self-loathing on to all the rest of us and determined to tear us down.