Common Sense Conservatism is Really Just Pro-Americanism

Friends who voted for Hillary Clinton and friends who viewed her possible election with dread and foreboding have asked me to explain Donald Trump to them. Some have asked me if he is even a conservative. Many Trump supporters have tried to get me to agree that whatever Trump’s political persuasion may be the people he has been appointing are real conservatives.

I have given the same answer to them all. The thing about Donald Trump, I tell them, is that he is pro-American. As Publius Decius Mus wrote in his magnificent essay, “The Flight 93 Election”:

Trump, alone among candidates for high office in this or in the last seven (at least) cycles, has stood up to say: I want to live. I want my party to live. I want my country to live. I want my people to live. I want to end the insanity.

Democrats today proudly reject the idea of limited, constitutional government. They want to eliminate the Electoral College. They advocate a “living constitution”—which in practice means no constitution at all. They use governmental power to force schools to open the bathrooms and showers for girls to boys who “identify” as girls. They are determined to flood our country with people from third world countries who are not interested in the American idea and Muslims who reject the American idea outright. They are for open borders, and they welcome illegal immigration.

An America without the Constitution, without the Electoral College, without borders, ruled by bureaucrats according to the ever more absurd dogmas of political correctness is no longer America. And that is the whole point. The party of Obama and Hillary is the Anti-American Party. They want to put the American experiment behind us, to complete the Progressives’ 100-year project of progressively overthrowing the Constitution.

Donald Trump has called himself “a common sense conservative.” What, we may ask, is common sense conservatism? One thing is certain:  it means loving America. Trump wants to save America by rallying the American people around the effort to save the republic.

The problem with the Republican Party is that it has been losing for so long it came to believe it could do no more than conduct a rear-guard action to cover a perpetual retreat. The Democrats have been, in Osama bin Laden’s phrase, “the strong horse,” advancing the Progressive agenda in wave after wave decade after decade for over a century, re-writing and ignoring the Constitution ever more boldly.

If Trump succeeds in re-founding the Republican Party, Americans would have a choice between a pro-American party capable of restoring the Republic and a party that is dedicated to submerging America in a globalist, international, post-American order. In any case, Trump has succeeded in clarifying the choice America faces. If America goes down, it won’t be because Trump stood aside and let it happen.

To save the Republic, we must make the American Idea clear to the American people, giving them the opportunity to choose it instead of the Progressive vision of a collectivist and globalist future utopia.

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26 responses to “Common Sense Conservatism is Really Just Pro-Americanism”

  1. Please make sure you read Ken Masugi’s great article on Perez and the administrative state. (It is nearby on this site.)
    Excellent & highly recommended!

    • The DNC named a new leader?

      it is essential that the Right get out in front of this and start relentlessly attacking Thomas Perez. Just cherry pick a few things from a 30 career, misrepresent his positions and suggest he is not a manly-man. That should do the trick.

      NOTE The use of his first his name is intended as a mean of feigning respect. Mr. Perez is one of those wimps on the left who always interacts respectfully, even with those who oppose him. He is also Harvard Law graduate who has devoted is entire adult life to public service, so maybe Mr. Curry should at least pretend to be civil.)

      • Perez is a slobbering Lib-Leftist maniac – the perfect choice to further the Dem suicide.

      • “who has devoted is entire adult life to public service”

        The head of the DNC? Basically a political Mother Theresa? I am fascinated by the idea that you actually believe that. Does Mr. Perez live in a hovel and can’t afford to eat out unless it is on the Value menu?

        Admit it. You yourself don’t believe what you just wrote.

  2. IS treating women like chattel a common sense conservative value?

    IS pathological lying about all matters large and small, a common sense conservative value?

    IS making personal attacks like calling a US Senator a “clown,” a common sense conservative value?

    IS comporting yourself with a complete lack of dignity, a common sense conservative value?

    IS appealing to racists, bigots and pedophile apologists like Milo Yiannopoulos, a common sense conservative value?

    IS using public office to create personal wealth, a common sense conservative value ?

    IF SO …yo have elected your dream candidate.


    • IS treating women like chattel a common sense conservative value?

      What do Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy have to do with this?

      The party of racists, bigots, and pedophiles in this country is the Democratic Party – and they’re loud and proud about it.

      • Remind me again, was it B.C. or T.K. who we heard expound on the virtues of pussy grabbing? Did either of them have FIVE kids with three different women? Which one smugly told Howard Stern that STDs were his “personal Viet Nam” in the 80″?

        Admit it: Your sense of morality is highly flexible. 45, our current POTUS, gets a pass, while you honk like a goose about a dead senator and a private citizen who was POTUS nearly 2 decades ago. Sad.

        And I can’t help but notice you have no objection to the other points about 45’s lying and duplicity. At least we agree on those.

      • You have the “sense of morality” of a sewer rat and the party you support is composed from top to bottom of criminals, racists, bigots, thugs, and perverts. Beaten any people up for expressing views you don’t agree with lately?

      • So…in other words, you can refute NOTHING that I said, and can only respond by snarling and grunting what ever insults you can spew. And of course you toss in a personal attack, without knowing a thing about me.

        Very Trump like.

      • Everything you said is exactly right about Liberals — including the Liberal huckster Trump.

      • I see that bitter cuckservative clingers are on the rampage again spouting their tired old ideological platitudes nobody cares about with every bit of sel-righteousness of an ISIS imam, thinking they are so morally superior to all.

      • As if.

        If you are a conservative trying to disown him, I can hardly blame you.

    • By golly, you’ve nailed it!! Those are all Lib-Leftist traits and they all apply to Trump — because Trump is a life-long Liberal who has conned the political Right.

    • “IS using public office to create personal wealth, a common sense conservative value ?”

      Clearly not. You are thinking of the now defunct (because there is no influence to trade) Clinton Foundation.

      Milo is a gay Jew. Which one do you hate? Why do you hate Jews? Gays? Nazi much?

  3. Excellent summarization of Trump, long live the Republic.