Three Ways to Fight Back Against the Left

Not long ago, I heard a conversation on a nationally syndicated radio program between the host and a writer for the New York Post. Both were supporters of President Trump. Referring to the relentless intensity of the opposition to the president from the Left, the host asked his guest whether  the madness will soon have to come to a head. The Post writer replied, in time, when the country improves materially, Trump will get the credit that he deserves and a calm will settle over the land.

I wish that I could believe that’s so.

Even if they are certain that he is entitled to it, Leftists will never give this president his due. And for as long as Trump is in office, and probably even long afterwards, Leftists will spare no occasion to manipulate other Americans into seeing things their way.

The American Left has been traumatized by Trump’s upset victory. For that matter, it isn’t just the American Left that remains shocked to its core, but Leftists around the world. It is telling that in spite of Trump’s massive rallies and the personal connection that he established with his supporters, Leftists apparently could not so much as conceive of the possibility that Hillary Clinton might lose to the Republican nominee.

Although fake news outlets and their phony polls consistently showed Trump losing in a landslide to Clinton, the President won 2,623 American counties compared to Clinton’s 489. If we subtract that bluest of blue states, California, Trump would have won the popular vote by more than 1 million votes (and this is assuming, counterfactually, that there was no voter fraud). If we also subtract New York, he would have won by 3 million votes over 48 states.

Trump swept most of the country, making it painfully obvious to Democrats that their party is now largely a coastal party. As far as the Electoral College goes—and this, let us not forget, is how presidential elections are supposed to be decided in the United States—Trump crushed his opponent with 306 votes to Clinton’s 232.

The Left’s collective head exploded. After a month or so of waxing outrage over Trump’s refusal to say in advance of the election whether he would automatically accept the outcome if Clinton won, Leftists still refuse to accept the outcome after Trump actually won. First they demanded phony recounts. Then they tried to coerce the electors of the Electoral College to deny Trump the votes that he earned. When this dirty tactic failed, leftists contrived a conspiracy theory of epic proportions: Trump, they tried to convince the country, had won in an immense landslide because Vladimir Putin wanted him to win.

Now, as left-wing millionaires and billionaires (like the contemptible George Soros) finance massive anti-Trump protests and violent Leftist, neo-communist and anti-American terrorists wreak havoc in the name of “demonstrating” against Trump and “fascists,” Democrats in Congress are on a quest to create any opportunity that they can to impeach the president and bring about his downfall.

Trump and his army of some 63 million or so “Deplorables,” against overwhelming odds, defeated the elitists of both parties and the Regime that they constitute. As a bonus, he is well into his project to defeat the media, academia, and Hollywood and to reclaim the culture for partisans of America. Hard left and alt-leftist (neo-conservative) Regimists threw every weapon in their arsenal against the Donald—all to no avail.

The Regime didn’t just go down to defeat. It suffered a humiliating defeat.

Democrats already had lost more than 1,200 seats at the national and state levels since Obama was elected (yes, he’s not only been terrible for the country, he’s been terrible for his party). Republicans control the legislatures in some 32 states and the governorships in about two-thirds of the states.

And then along came Trump.

The whole world is crashing in around the Left. They will never accept their losses—even if that means dispatching thugs to terrorize innocents, destroy property, attack police, set fires, issue calls for “punching” their opponents “in the face,” organize demonstrations, and lie through their teeth to delegitimize and/or impeach President Trump.

But here’s the question that, to my knowledge, no prominent Trump-supporter in national media has yet to ask:

What are the rest of us going to do about all of this?

It’s true that in writing, talking, and thus exposing the hysteria, deception, and violence, commentators go some distance toward combating left-wing rage. Yet given the fever-pitch of the times, this has begun to feel inadequate. More needs to be done.

First, conservatives and others who are appalled by the hostility of the Left should organize boycotts of every commodity produced by those who make known their regard for them as, well, “deplorable.” The Left doesn’t hesitate to engage in boycotts. Neither should we. Those who make an effort to repudiate our values must be made to pay a steep price for their actions.

Second, while “conservative” talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and some others deserve credit for effecting important changes in the media landscape, they—especially—could do more than they currently are doing. These top-tier hosts have abundant resources at their disposal. It’s hard to imagine that it would cost them very much at all to organize some pro-American, anti-left demonstrations.

They could help bus in hundreds of thousands (and maybe more) exacerbated, yet proud, Second Amendment-availing patriots to Washington, D.C. Perhaps Bikers for Trump and Truckers for Trump could join them, bringing the city to a standstill. Uniformly dressed in, say, red—the color for courage—or maybe dark blue—the color for justice—the sea of pro-American demonstrators, hoisting their American flags high, could put the leftist thugs, terrorists, and bullies on notice that a new day has indeed dawned and they are no longer going to tolerate being pushed around

Finally, shows of force and determination and courage are necessary.

Any violence-prone, “antifa” terrorists would enter these zones at their own peril.

Since the Left will never stop fighting, the Right must wake up to the fact that it must start fighting with the same tenacity.

About Jack Kerwick

Jack Kerwick earned his doctorate degree in philosophy from Temple University. His areas of specialization are ethics and political philosophy, with a particular interest in classical conservatism. His work has appeared in both scholarly journals and popular publications, and he recently authored, The American Offensive: Dispatches from the Front. Kerwick has been teaching philosophy for nearly 17 years at a variety of institutions, from Baylor to Temple, Penn State University, the College of New Jersey and elsewhere. His next book, Misguided Guardians: The Conservative Case Against Neoconservatism is pending publication. He is currently an instructor of philosophy at Rowan College at Burlington County.

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22 responses to “Three Ways to Fight Back Against the Left”

  1. Jack: Fighting the leftist fire with fir in the form of tantrums and violent demonstrations by the right organizing itself in the same way will never work. The right, and especially conservatives, are just not the kind of people who would take to the streets and throw rocks and bottles at the police. We do need an effective counter to the constant in-your-face of the left, but we’re not psychologically capable of the worst the left engages in.

      • And thank goodness for that! The Bush’s brand of elitist, globalist, uniparty, accommodation politics is what got us into this mess on a bipartisan basis. Their Republican party is simply Democrat light.

  2. Excellent suggestions all. Also, since this president is not just substantively but a temperamentally different Republican, use the Department of Justice and federal law enforcement agencies to bring RICO actions against those who organize mass civil rights violations such as deterring freedom to assemble and speak.

  3. Sadly, Mr. Kerwick is correct. America has changed, and not for the better. Fred Reed wrote in today’s column that there are now two Americas and one of them is sick, sick, sick. I’m not sure it’s correct to even refer to them as “the Left” anymore, they’ve gone beyond politics and I doubt if most of them even have a clue what Marxism, socialism and progressivism even are. This sickness runs throughout the Federal government and Congress, and it needs to be cut out from the core. As for staging protests, probably not but true Americans can fight back by (1) paying no attention to the fake news outlets, whether broadcast or print, (2) boycotting Hollywood and (3) boycotting those merchants who have succumbed to the boycott of anything related to Donald Trump. Then, as a last resort, there is the vast arsenal that James Madison and the other Framers intended us to have to overthrow the tyranny that has permeated government. Let them start it, but we will finish it if it comes to that.

    • The more hardcore left are Bolsheviks – communist revolutionaries Hell bent on destroying our system so it can be replaced with their vision of NWO Utopia.

  4. Agree we must become active. Trump cannot win this alone. We are too passive, lazy or complacent and our not doing our part.

    Disagree media hosts should themselves create events. Their role is to comment and educate, not create the news. They need a certain distance from events to keep their credibility and keep their ability to analyze. And to not become egomaniacs playing God. Beck tried creating and being the news. He is now certifiably whacko.

    • My wife and I have an extensive Boycott list, consisting of many celebrities, companies, institutions that are using our money to destroy our lives. We were already doing much of this over the past years but it intensified when this past election brought so many of the anti-Americans out of hiding.

  5. What, like the March for Life, which is routinely ignored by the major media? Or don masks and throw bricks, like the Soros-funded thugs? No, I think not. Besides, conservative citizens have jobs and families; they aren’t hanging around college dining halls and welfare offices waiting for the next ‘demonstration’ to run to.

    No, I think President Trump is beginning to show the way, just be making fun of the MSM, and calling on conservative outlets in press conferences. What we have to to do is stand up to the leftist crazies, insist that law enforcement protect the peace, support conservative-leaning media, and refuse to kowtow to political correctness at every level: school, town meeting, civic organizations, etc. It’s time to take the culture back from the Left.

    /Mr Lynn

    • No. I hate this “We conservatives don’t go out and do things because we have jobs and families, unlike them” b.s.

      So we’re supposed to let jobless rioters who live in their parents’ basements steer the nation’s political situation while we sit home and grind our teeth at the television?

      By staying home, we leave the impression that these left-wing fascists are somehow attacking Trump and Trump alone. They’re not, they’re attacking all of us through him. The media has framed the narrative such that we’re not really even part of the picture, so that it looks as if it’s just Trump versus everyone. It’s not, it’s half the country versus the other half. Showing up would make it harder for the MSM/DNC to frame it the way they have been.

      • Your point is well-taken, but I don’t think it means demonstrations and boycotts. In my second ‘graph I suggest standing up to the lefties in local settings. I should have added: run for office, on school boards, PTAs, town meeting/councils/selectmen/boards, etc. Tom DeWeese at the American Policy Center (, concentrating on Agenda 21 issues, has many suggestions for operating at the local level, which can be much more effective long-term than sporadic ‘protests’.

        /Mr Lynn

      • That’s why it’s taking so, so long for the right to push back. But I’ve heard people say that once it starts, that’s be it. The left have it coming and they’ll be shocked out of their safe little self-created bubbles when it happens.

  6. The real fight will be the next presidential election. The left will be determined, funded, and organized as never before. It’s going to be ferocious.

  7. Sad to say, when it comes to not buying something (like movie tickets or TV / music downloads), simple math & experience tells me you can’t get lower than zero. I haven’t gone to a movie theater since 2002. I don’t download movies or TV from the internet. I haven’t bought the “failing NY Times” since high school, 40 + years ago. Haven’t bought the daily or Sunday newspaper in years. I stopped pledging to NPR. I can’t think of any other leftist media to boycott that I’m not already doing. If you can, let me know.

    I email my GOP Senator & Congressman when there’s an issue.

    The best imagination “system” is your mind; so I try something different – I read books, that either I took out from my local library or bought used. That way I give no money to Amazon / Bezos or the “entertainment” conglomerate that owns the book publisher, along with a movie studio, TV & cable networks, etc.

  8. I have been wondering for a while now myself why this isn’t happening. I have even tried to do some research on how to organize something like this! Thousands of people showed up for the “Women’s” march, hundreds and hundreds turn out to stop conservative speakers, etc. After some thought, I realized that the right my have shown up to vote, but they are “afraid” to even admit that (hence the reason 99% of the pollsters were wrong, most didn’t want to admit voting for Trump) So now, here we sit, OUR President is in the White house and we are letting the left attack in every area of politics. I’m just a single Mom of 4,what can I do by myself? That’s what I ask myself and the reality is, I can’t do anything by myself. So the question is, how do we get the right to stop hiding behind the nightly news story of yet another attack by the left?

  9. I totally agree the right needs actions to counter the left. Some of my favorite direct actions:
    1. By one newspaper from your favorite fake news newspaper machine, and leave the whole stack on top of the machine. Amuse yourself with how many leftists then observe the honor system.
    2. See a big stack of a lefty tome from the likes of Hillary or Michael Moore at your local bookstore? Opps, I accidentally spilled my blueberry smoothie all over the literature stack. The local Costco will no longer stock such books as they seem to attract an unusual number of spills.
    3. Volunteer with a lefty cause and then berate folks on your call lists. Call them stupid, racists, etc. The left has a whole litany of terms guaranteed to motivate your prospects to vote GOP in retaliation.
    4. Attend their organizing meetings and use hidden video/audio for later distribution. The world needs to see what thoughtful geniuses comprise the left. Not! So much fun!
    5. Volunteer on lefty get-out-the-vote efforts. Volunteer to drive and then get lost, or just be sure to arrive 15 min. after the polls close.
    I know 2 wrongs are not supposed to make a right, but the left has been violently attacking the right for 30 years with no end in sight. While I’m all for prayer and hope, the right has been turning the other cheek for 30 years and we would have lost everything but for DJT. Prayer and hope are fine, but when confronted with a rabid dog like most of the left, something with a bit more kick and kinetic energy is required.

  10. I’m including a link to one of my books in the hope you and others will find it interesting and perhaps useful in interrupting the left in their rampage against our culture.

    The link is to a book of Mohammed cartoons. Motoons (short for Mohammed Cartoons) came out just after the massacre in Paris, France against the staff at Charlie Hebdo and just before the attact at Garland, Texas, both sites hosting Mohammed cartoon events. This book is meant to be another part of that fight against Islamic censorship and for free speech.

    My book is in part extremely grotesque, showing pages of violence committed against civilians by Muslims. Each graphic is accompanied by a suitable verse from either the Qur’an or Ahadith, meant to show the reader why Mulisms are so prone to violence: it’s the religion.

    Part Two of Motoons is devoted to an A-Z compendium of leftist monsters who make jihad in the modern world not only possible but all but certain. Each entry features someone who is through his writings a menace to the modern world and free people everywhere. Beginning with a short biography of Adorno, the last section of Motoons, called Loontoons, ends with Howard Zinn.

    Together, knowing chapter and verse from Islamic texts and a roster of leftist, one can then see graphically the enemy we face. I hope this link will help some people form a clearer understanding of the nature of left fascism and its alliance with jihad. The cover graphic tells straight away what the book is like. Please click:

  11. The frightening corruption of the left is being shown now. We have a tough fight ahead of us. We need to stay strong.