Insiders Attempt To Overturn The Election With Attack On Flynn

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is in the hot seat. But the real target is President Trump and his foreign policy. Donald Trump was elected as a change agent by Americans unhappy with the trajectory of the country and with the cozy concord that exists between political adversaries in a Washington where the politicians find more in common with each other than with the American people. Donald Trump ran on a foreign policy platform that explicitly repudiated the disastrous bipartisan consensus of moral imperialism and international “busybodyism” that has prevailed for the last quarter century and that has cost the country dearly in blood and treasure.

Predictably, the defenders of the old regime are fighting a vicious rearguard action to undermine and discredit President Trump and the policies he represents. It is a shadow war waged with off the record leaks to media sources eager to damage the new administration and to staff the national security infrastructure with individuals hostile to Trump’s America First policies.

The allegations against Flynn arising from his conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in late December amount to nothing. But for D.C. insiders, establishment media types, and Progressive Left activists (but I repeat myself) who still have not accepted the reality of a Trump presidency, Flynn’s communication with Russians—any Russians!—represent the apotheosis of the Russian hacking theory they use to explain why the unlikeable and demonstrably corrupt Hillary Clinton lost the election. The narrative goes like this: Trump won the election because of Russian hacking (unproven but accepted as a self-evident truth) therefore any communications with Trump appointees amounts either to payback for the election or an example of nefarious Russian influence on the government.

This is, of course, ridiculous. But for those prone to confirmation bias—the tendency to seek out or interpret information to support one’s preconceived conclusions—the Flynn-Kislyak conversation was catnip. The obvious explanation for the communication—that the incoming National Security Advisor would have good reason to communicate with the Russian Ambassador as a part of his job—seems to have escaped anti-Trump observers. More likely the accusations an example of more Leftist projection. Recall that in 1984 Senator Ted Kennedy approached the Soviet government about aid in defeating Ronald Reagan’s reelection. He offered them diplomatic and arms control concessions if they would help install Walter Mondale in the White House. Not surprisingly, Kennedy gets a pass if not a conspiratorial wink of assent from the guardians of democracy in the press. Naturally, they assume all partisans work with foreign governments to achieve their electoral aims.

The central question framed in the media has been whether or not Flynn discussed sanctions with Kislyak. And he may have practical problems with his boss if it is proven that he misled the Vice President about the conversation with Kislyak. But the central questions about Flynn’s discussion with Kislyak are asked in a way that implies such a discussion amounts to prima facie evidence of wrongdoing. But that’s not true. There is nothing untoward about the nominee for National Security Adviser communicating with foreign officials during the transition. The argument is that Flynn was exercising due diligence in preparation for assuming the top national security job in the White House

Unanswered is this: What would be wrong with Flynn discussion sanctions with Kislyak? What law could he have broken? Over the weekend the know-nothing press, eager to pound General Flynn with any rhetorical weapon at hand, made breathless references to potential violations of the Logan Act—a 1799 law that prohibits American citizens from negotiating with foreign powers without authorization. No one has ever been convicted under the Act and Flynn most certainly did not violate it. But that wasn’t the point of the allegation and it’s not the point of the coordinated attack on Flynn. This is the politics of personal destruction as practiced by the Left since the Clinton ascendancy in 1992. It’s a scorch the earth, burn the huts and salt the fields strategy used to intimidate and silence adversaries: use an allegation or smear no matter how far-fetched or unfounded in order to gain a tactical advantage in the news cycle. Wash, rinse, repeat. And if you string together enough little wins maybe you get a major victory.

In this case, representatives of the foreign policy establishment of both parties are unified against President Trump and they are focused on taking out General Flynn. The same people who brought us the failed wars for democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, the implosion of Libya, the Syrian Civil War, the rise of ISIS, and the concomitant international refugee crisis want Flynn’s scalp so they can reassert some control. General Michael Flynn is a voice for change in American foreign policy—a change that the American people voted for when they elected Donald Trump. The campaign of half-baked allegations and innuendo is the latest battle in the Washington establishment’s insurgency against the President. By seeking to plunge the National Security Council into chaos for partisan political gain with false attacks on Flynn undermines our national security. Worse, it represents an attempt at a palace coup to overturn the results of the last election and that cannot be allowed to succeed.

About Chris Buskirk

Chris is publisher and editor of American Greatness and the host of The Chris Buskirk Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and received a fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and digital marketing. He is a frequent guest on NPR's "Morning Edition." His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

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58 responses to “Insiders Attempt To Overturn The Election With Attack On Flynn”

  1. Thanks for the write-up Chris. I think you’re hunch is correct. A calculated action to undermine the cabinet and Trump, one by one, starting with the General. If they knock him off they’ll quickly move to the next target. It’s gotta be tough getting it from all sides for the Trump team, BUT, that they are drawing intense flak is telling. They are scaring the establishment folks and the knives will be out and the leakers will leak…. right up until Trump breaks their backs. MAGA!

  2. I wish General Flynn would say “In the phone call, what I said was ‘After the inauguration we will have more flexibility.” Just like Obama did.

  3. The Western Establishment is trying to move to war with Russia. They are casting anyone not in favor of the EU as Russian puppets.

    • And you base this ridiculous conclusion on what evidence? Sorry. I realize delusions don’t need evidence.

      • Hey James clean that come off your mustache. You’re a disgusting homosexual.

      • Read the CSIS reports on the Kremlin. Read the Chatham House papers on Russian disinformation – they define Western countermeasures as exactly what the Russians are doing. You’re an ignorant twat. I hope you get drafted to go protect Eastern Ukraine.

      • As democrats prove with their accusations predictably and regularly.

  4. Good to see you called this what it is, a coup attempt. Fortunately, the monsters at State, CIA, DIA, and other intelligence agencies apparently are as inept at domestic coups as the foreign variety. Trump needs to keep Gen. Flynn and fire as many as he can from these anti-American cesspools. Push Civil Service regs to the max. The DOJ needs to prosecute leakers and throw them in prison.

    As to the merits, the mandarins’ “case” against Flynn is ludicrous. Suppose he did discuss with the Russian ambassador lifting sanctions, even in passing. This would be expected to be discussed. We know the Obama Administration intercepted Lt. Gen. Flynn’s phone call, possibly illegally as well, so it knows the contents. If there were a there there the coup plotters would have told us.

    The Administrative State heavily invested in a proxy war with Russia. Hillary Clinton was a bought-and-paid-for proxy war. Target some of the people in State or intel to make an example, declassify what these warmongering traitors wanted to do to line their pockets, and expose their Senate prostitutes, most of whom we likely could name now.

    This is a fight worth having.

  5. Flynn admitted there was ‘incomplete information’ he gave to Pence. They have a recording of his conversation with the Ambassador which based on how things have played out with his resignation, likely proved that he did indeed lie to his superior and other segments of the US government to the benefit of Russia.

    Whether you like his foreign policy is a moot point now. You can’t have someone lying to the White House so early on as your top National Security Adviser. Trust is necessary, and he clearly no longer deserved it. Trump let him ‘resign’, but if the recording showed he has told the truth, he wouldn’t be resigning. In this instance it is just a euphemism for Trump firing him.

  6. As a result of the Flynn resignation, the Trump team will better know the enemies within, like Yates, that they are dealing with. Flynn’s discussions with the Russian ambassador during the transition are not as bad as Obama’s asides to Mendelev about cozying up to Putin in the future.
    That Nobel Peace Prize was premature and unwarranted, but clearly shows the double standard that applies to the Trump administration.

    • So comrade Jones likes Putin’s Russian style of ruling by spying rivals and poison them if they come in way.

      • No actually my point was that the Obama administration and the Democratic party have facilitated Russia’s actions by the “blame America” position they have held for years. I am hopeful the Trump administration is engaged in “real Politik” with a “Trust, but verify” caution.
        I don’t forget that Hillary signed off on the Russians taking control of a significant portion of our Uranium reserves and money being given to the Clinton foundation and Billy Jeff Clinton to speak.
        Because of the Obama administration’s naivete, we are vulnerable to a Russian, Chinese, Iranian Axis that seems primed to start a fight. Convincing the Russians that this would be against their long term interests seems prudent.

      • See James?Proof that democrats don’t need evidence for moronic accusations.

  7. Well, you may sound like an idiot, but I’m not fooled. You really are an idiot.

      • Says the guy who doesn’t seem to understand the little things.The big stuff must really zoom past.

  8. News of Flynn’s resignation shows just how much more integrity he has over Susan Rice, a low bar that may be.

  9. Misleading the Vice President is the real job killer here. Not, anything that may or may not have been said to the Russians.

  10. The Establishment and Demonrats won. Trump will soon be toast without loud and vigorous support from those who elected him. Which is bad, because they are labeled The Silent Majority for a reason.

      • Says the people who can only win the popular vote because of f*cking illegals in California!

      • Is there anything you guys don’t blame on colored people?

      • ‘You guys’ is racist now,isn’t it?That’s what your fellow travelers say.

      • Slept through the Berkely riot,did you?We know who the loud obnoxious minority is.

    • Kept our tongues with the pollsters and surprised the Left, and the pundits, and some kooks. Silent? Except in the voting booth – and Midterms are coming.

  11. Paul Monafort, Trumps’ campaign manager resigns just months before election for being funded $10 million in cash by Russians presumably. He resigns to save Trumps move forward. Now Mike Flynn resigns to save Trump and Pence. In last year and half Trump has a love affair for Putin and has praised his style of governing his country. And likewise Putin praise for Trump and helps him win by hacking Hillary’s server and emails which is used and appreciated by Trump… At same time question to ask is why would Trump’s email would not be hacked by Russian for later use to blackmail. Our national security has been compromised. Full investigation is needed of what went on with Gang of Four or more with Russian

    • Ridiculous, you can’t see everything is being pushed to look that way for weak minded person as yourself to ingest. Why are you not lambasting Hillary for selling 20% of our Uraium mines to the Russkies?

    • You’re an idiot. Clinton’s emails were released by the FBI as part of their investigation. The DNC emails were leaked (most likely by a disgruntled insider) before either Trump or Clinton had even won their respective nominations. Podesta was responsible for the lead of his emails by giving his password away. The Democrats and fraudulent media love little sock puppets like you.

      If you’re so worried about our national security, why aren’t you outraged that these idiots blood-lust for Flynn just outed our capability of surveilling the phone conversations of Russian officials?

      • I do not think it is that simple. He may not have remembered every detail of his conversation and the President should not succumb to those who have lied to America for at least 25 years and would lie us into a war with Russia.

      • if flynn was labelled by the intelligence committee as a risk to national security they would not have been able to provide the President with daily updates because of Flynns designation as being susceptible to blackmail.

        It was a fool proof way to force President Trump to demand the resignation.

      • I do not know whether Flynn might have authentically simply resigned so as to avoid putting the President under pressure. In any event, the Intelligence Committee might as well have labeled President Obama a risk to national security for the open-mike incident with then-President Medviedev that some other commentators here alluded to. The Russians likely record most or every conversation and archive most or every email. Anyone who communicates with them as a private citizen should KNOW that and be ready to stand by what they say in private – which is why we should be careful to say in private to the Russians what we would say in public to everyone else. Flynn should know this – I think he probably made an honest mistake since it is obvious to me that the ambassador would have brought up the sanctions and Flynn – no matter what he responded would have been “talking about the sanctions.” I think Trump should have stood by him, but I understand the mechanism at work.

  12. Forces in our National Security offices may not have our best interests at hand…

  13. The stark difference is that when an Obama leftist appointment or staffer got in trouble, the MSM virtually ignored it or buried it or actually defended them.

    With Trump, a single spark or flash demands a fire struck loaded with gasoline to be sprayed in every direction until something ignites.

    The nation is truly in peril with a radical left that is ingrained throughout our federal government and courts, and owns the media and cultural institutions.

    Winning the election is the first step in cleaning up a mess that took 50 years to make. This is going to be a grueling process and the Trump team cannot be too forceful or deliberate.

  14. Apparently Trump’s just another establishment insider ?

    • Yep,that’s why they work so well to help him.Apparently,you are just another liberal apologist.

  15. Oh my, MSNBC is screaming that this is the most dangerous event that has happened in our lifetime. LOL. How much hysteria can the MSM possibly whip up.

  16. Yeah, well, that didn’t take long. He apparently lied to Mike Pence about what he said. Oops. I hope Trump replaces him with Stan McChrystal.

  17. “I inadvertently briefed the Vice President Elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian Ambassador,” Flynn said in a resignation letter. “I have sincerely apologized to the President and the Vice President, and they have accepted my apology.”

  18. If General Flynn lied to Vice President Pence, which seems indicated in his statement, “…I inadvertently briefed…” then talking with the Russians was NOT the issue, not owning his actions was the issue.

    His resignation statement was poor as well. The statement should have been about one-third the length, on point, accepting FULL responsibility and thanking the POTUS and VPOTUS for the opportunity to serve.

    After the issues with his son, I think what we have in General Flynn is a very good man, a patriot, who unfortunately was in over his head.

    I do not wish him ill, rather this is just a small tweak to the cabinet which occurring now is better than tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year.

    Flynn is a soldier, he knows sacrifice. He knows that no man is irreplaceable, pull your hand out of a bucket of water, see the impression you left. Someone new will pick up his rifle and move forward. The loss of a single man is not the loss of the battle, not the loss of the war.



  19. Robert Harward


    Used to be MadDog’s Deputy.

    There’s some speculation that MD had some involvement in nudging Flynn out the door, I’m not so sure about that, but given Mattis’ stature in the administration, I’d be hard pressed to think Kellog or Petraeus will be nominated. I think it will be Harwood, or another person not yet identified as a candidate.

  20. I ask the questions…why are Brennan and Clapper and McCain and Graham so bent on open borders? Do they want harm to come to us? Do they simply not care? To they want America destroyed. Or is it about money?

  21. ‪Well, perhaps, but that still doesn’t address the matter of Flynn lying to Mike Pence.

  22. Though I find myself becoming troubled and agitated by the lefts nonstop attacks on our President, I take solace in the fact that this man has faced adversity throughout his career. I can only imagine the kind of obstructionism he must have faced building and developing so many impressive projects. I have faith in you President Trump and I will continue to pray for our country.