The Lethal New Meaning of the Berkeley Fascist Anti-Fascist “Protests”

Here’s the new bottom line: we now have a blueprint of what works for the vanguard of the Left. It was simple enough for them to figure out. And powerfully satisfying. (Or, as one organizer put it, “stunningly successful.”) No more plodding through the difficult work of making arguments. Persuasion is merely an irritating waste of time, especially for those who never mastered the skill.

Better just to burn things.

Having studied the videos of the “demonstration” at UC Berkeley last week, I was impressed by the high level of furious, directed, violence. This makes the end game very difficult to control. For example, if people keep beating an opponent who is lying motionless on the asphalt (while a mob screams “Beat his ass!”), they cannot know if he will ever get back up. Blasting pepper spray in a woman’s face (even while she is being interviewed for the TV news) may also have unpredictable consequences, if applied to someone who is particularly vulnerable. The shock troops are not running their protests with the precision of a medical trial, in other words. Likewise, their firebombs are tricky to control in crowded spaces.

For the fascist anti-fascist, it makes no difference.  It’s time, they say, to pronounce their righteous judgment: “Racist, Homophobe, Fascist, (fill in your favorite uninformative epithet),” and start swinging.

As I watch this crowd, I begin to understand better how those ISIS guys recruit: “We’re so obviously right, why should we bother making the effort of explaining why our enemies are wrong? Let’s cut to the emotional payoff, where we punish those evil people. Now that we’re in charge, it’s time to stop talking and start meting out our justice. The more public it is, the better.”

Of course, the fascist anti-fascists are unaware of what they share with ISIS. They are feeling pretty good about themselves. They now know with certainty  they can shut down anyone who might still have the temerity to disagree with them. But all my good liberal friends carefully miss the point of these events, which have nothing to do with free speech. That fine concept has been dead for many years. It died as soon as progressives decided it was only for their allies, and not their reactionary enemies. If you want to know where university administrators like Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks stand, be sure to watch what they do, not what they say. You might also want to check if some of the most violent protesters turn out to be university leaders themselves.

This is not your father’s ’60s. Those protests mainly aimed to get attention and irritate everyone. Some rioters I saw first-hand in 1972 did attack police, but it was not for their opinions. It was rather because those ‘authority’ figures got in their way. But having ridden that success for 50 years, today’s protesters are going for something deeper. They already wield authority at Berkeley, and most elite higher-ed outposts around the country. Today they are looking to enforce their way. That means punishment. The fascist anti-fascist leagues no longer need words to express their views. They do listen to words, since that helps them identify their enemies—the ones deserving physical punishment. Milo Yiannopoulos’s appearances are perfect for this. He provides a convenient smokescreen for the real goals of overturning election results and removing political opposition.

The actual story from Berkeley and around the country is that violence is working. It is the fascist anti-fascists’ easy path to power, to enforce their will and obtain the demands on their long and growing lists. To my knowledge, it has not failed once. Indeed, using it wins only praise and admiration from the various constituencies (e.g., illiberal liberal academics) they care about. Secret cash payments also may be available. The “protesters” don’t even need courage, since they hide behind black masks. They can freely attack opponents, even with police standing around. All they need is unquestioning eagerness for personal violence. If done swiftly, setting a few examples should be effective.

The only problem is that once it starts, it’s hard to control—even assuming none of the unarmed victims try to fight back.

So here is a clear prediction: the enforcement riots/”protests” will intensify. Anywhere enemies can be found raising their heads, the protesters’ violent responses will build on, and outdo previous successes. This will unintentionally result in the crippling or death of one of the victims.

Berkeley’s “black bloc” militia got lucky this did not happen with them. Sooner or later, though, it is inevitable.

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10 responses to “The Lethal New Meaning of the Berkeley Fascist Anti-Fascist “Protests””

  1. The domestic terrorists at Berkeley and elsewhere avow that “this is war.” At some point, Americans will take them at their word. The terrorists will not like the result.

  2. One of these days, somebody is going to shoot back. Notice you don’t see these protest riots in Florida, which has strong self-defense laws? This exposes the rioters for what they really are: Cowards.

  3. I think these black-suits going to find that Eric Holder isn’t the indulgent Sheriff any more. The new guy is named Jeff Sessions, and he is aware that the local police need backing up, and that anti-terrorism laws are federal, which will make backup easy. Once these thugs end up in Federal prison, Soros will find it hard to recruit more. /Mr Lynn

  4. Today’s Berkeley leftists: one Planned Parenthood visit away from being mulch in a dumpster.

  5. The actual story from Berkeley and around the country is that violence is working.

    Don’t be too sure about that. In Washington DC, about 230 black-blockers got arrested doing their vicious thing at the time of the women’s ‘peaceful’ march. Today, the word is that about 210 of them have been indicted by Grand Jury to face felony rioting charges.

    One can hope that Berkeley’s police will now get a visit from DOJ about tightening up their dereliction of duty to protect public persons and property at so-called ‘protests’ henceforth, instead of protecting the ‘protesters’.

  6. Actually, if this keeps up, someone is going to get shot. And it probably won’t be a Trump supporter.

  7. The only difference between the 60s and now is that then they were supporting world-wide communism and attempting to inaugurate a new social order and now they’re just protesting Trump.

  8. Violence is one of the default behaviors of humans, believe it or not. Civilization is intended to channel those impulses elsewhere so we can work together at groupings larger than a small tribe- and to punish those that won’t channel the impulses down the more productive paths given them.

    What you’re seeing is someone puppeteering things to get their way and basically letting those who’d be punished have their way with everyone else. What is lacking is the typical response this would garner- which has at least partially been brainwashed away by some of those using this as a tool. We worry about what others would think or cower into a corner when they say, “boo”. The typical response would be to have Law Enforcement crack heads. Oh, no, that can’t happen.