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We’re Not Tired of Winning Yet

- February 8th, 2017
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It has been three weeks since you were sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Since then, you effectively have fulfilled a surprising number of campaign pledges to us through the judicious use of executive orders. The Left is carrying on in total meltdown mode. It has been exhilarating to watch. With each announcement of a new initiative or executive order, the Left’s breakdown accelerates.

In the last few days, however, the  mainstream media have circulated stories suggesting your administration is already losing steam.

In typical fashion, these negative press reports have sent the cowardlyGOP surrender caucus” running for the exits. You helped compound this narrative when you indicated that it would take at least a year to repeal  the inaptly named Affordable Care Act. What’s more, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has said it might take 200 days or more to implement your 100-day agenda, even though (he claims) he still believes in it.

These statements, taken together with the initial media reports, have entered into the horrific establishment echo chamber. Their narrative, now, is that you are officially wavering. The old accusations that you were never really serious about being a conservative president have begun reappearing. Still more, the Republicans in Congress—barely coalescing as it is—are starting to equivocate (as we saw with the DeVos confirmation vote).

During the campaign, Mr. President, you said that under your administration, the United States was going to win so much that we’d be “tired of winning.” After 19 days, I can assure you, Mr. President, we are not tired of winning. In fact, our appetite is not even close to being sated.

You still have more work to do. I say “you” instead of the “Republicans” because, let’s face it, the congressional GOP is itching for a reason to abandon you. Don’t give them one by making statements about pushing back the repeal of Obamacare by a year, please.

Recently, a recording surfaced of leading Republican lawmakers expressing skepticism about the wisdom of repealing Obamacare. Their fear was that a repeal would aggravate us plebes, because we are apparently rubes who cannot live without government handouts, especially in the form of  a grossly ineffective and unaffordable health care system. This aggravation, according to the GOPe’s idiotic calculation, would in turn give the Democrats a victory in the 2018 midterm elections. The meek shall inherit the Earth, but they cannot run a country. Do not listen to these insane calculations, Mr. President. They are wrong.

Recent interviews have confirmed that the Republican leadership is buying into this shortsighted (and inaccurate) notion. Mr. President, you are the only person who can keep the Republicans together. They need your decisive and bold leadership to give them the courage to stand firm against the Left.

And look at how much you’ve already accomplished. It’s just the start! So long as you maintain laser-like focus on the prize: implementing the agenda you campaigned on. No one in the Establishment is for you, sir. The only thing that you have fueling your presidency is the people.

You were not elected to make nice with either the Democrats or the weak-kneed Republicans. You were elected to drain the swamp. More importantly, you were elected—in no small part—to repeal Obamacare, the most pernicious legislation in recent history. The job should not be put off until 2018. It needs to start now. It should have started before you took the oath of office.

This is a bold move, I know, but it is the only move that you have. As your entire career has shown, fortune favors the bold. The populist conservative movement that catapulted you into office is the movement of the Tea Party. The Tea Party and its supporters are universally opposed to Obamacare. In fact, this was the one unifying element of the entire movement that sprang up organically in 2009.

This movement has delivered sweeping victories for the Republican Party across the country since 2010. Yet the Republican leadership has not noticed. They have tried to ignore it. They even campaigned against it in 2012. The GOP establishment paid the price in 2012 for ignoring this movement. Please, do not repeat their well-established mistake, sir.

Unlike other Republicans, Mr. President, you embraced the Tea Party movement when you announced your candidacy in 2015, and you never let go of it. You rode the entire populist wave from campaign stop to campaign stop. These people are why you are in the Oval Office today. These people want the ACA gone. It has been the consistent theme in every election since the 2010 midterms.

Most of us know better than to think that you can just snap your fingers and overturn the legislation. In truth, most of your supporters likely would be turned off by that. But you cannot ever give a timetable on these key issues in public, for the same reason you criticized President Obama for announcing military moves and withdrawal deadlines: it only encourages the opposition to resist harder.

As a former congressional staffer, I’m keenly aware that the legislative process takes time. I know what it’s like to try and herd those congressional cats to get anything done. But Congress will respond to decisive leadership—especially if the president is the leader of the majority party. And, despite the opinions of the GOPe crowd on Capitol Hill, you are the GOP’s leader. By being consistently decisive and bold—acting as you always have—you will win.

Now to the issue at hand: If you cannot do this; if you do not at least indicate that you are moving—everyday—toward ultimately repealing this horrific law, then you will lose critical support. This is an ineluctable fact.

Your base is the people who spend each and every day trying to get by, watching more and more of their hard work not paying off. These blue collar and middle class Americans are being crushed by government regulation and the increasing burdens of taxation. Now, their health insurance premiums are skyrocketing on top of everything else. This is not how it’s supposed to be. They expect you to fulfill your campaign promise.

So, Mr. President, please don’t listen to the media and don’t feed into the congressional Republicans’ public self-flagellation. Lead these people. Be bold. Keep winning. Never forget who put you in office.

Overturning the ACA and replacing it with a free market health system would  be the coup de grace for your first term. That, and economic revitalization will be what grants you a second term (and solidifies your place in history as one of the most consequential American presidents of the modern era).

Further, regardless of what the GOP surrender caucus in Congress seems to think: destroying Obamacare will give the Republican Party its greatest victories in Congress in 2018. Nibbling around the edges is not what Americans want. What’s more, it doesn’t inspire people to come out and vote. We are a representative democracy, not a statist technocracy.

Mr. President: we are not tired of winning yet. Please, keep winning for us. Don’t start listening to the naysayers now. You must not waver in your attempts to repeal Obamacare. While we realize that this will take time, you cannot appear to be wavering in public. If you do, it will be an opening for your enemies to exploit.

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