Kristol Joins Forces With the Left in Nazi Smear of Trump Aide

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The Weekly Standard last week revealed the name of the anonymous author of the highly influential “Flight 93 Election” essay as Michael Anton. He was a senior editor of American Greatness until he left to join the White House as communications director of the National Security Council. The progressive Left wasted no time in turning its fire on Anton. Jonathan Chait, writing in New York Magazine, called Anton “America’s leading authoritarian intellectual.” In Salon he was called a “dystopian prophet.” And described him as a “shadowy, far right figure.”

But leave it to Trump critics on the Right to go where even Leftist commentators wouldn’t. It was The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol who insinuated Anton was akin to a Nazi in a tweet analogizing him with Carl Schmitt, a German political theorist who wrote a defense of Hitler’s political assassinations after the Night of the Long Knives. None of Kristol’s colleagues at The Weekly Standard registered any dissent from Kristol’s descent into the reductio ad Hitlerum—the tendency to call your political opponents Nazis to undermine their legitimacy and shame them into silence. In this, Kristol has taken up the vile tactics of the Left with the reactionary zeal of the scorned.

Kristol dug himself into a hole with his fundamentalist NeverTrump crusade, but continues his campaign of public self-marginalization with remarkable diligence. The only public figure in recent memory to have such a public meltdown is Al Gore whose behavior in the years following his narrow defeat in the 2000 election can only be described as bizarre. Progressive billionaires cooperated to make Al Gore a cult figure on the Left and remarkably wealthy in the process. Such an outcome is unlikely for Kristol, who is not only a vocal opponent of a recently elected president who was supported by 92 percent of Republicans but who sinks to calling respected conservative intellectuals Nazis because they don’t share his neoconservative policy preferences.

Those preferences led to the foreign policy misadventures of the Clinton and Bush Administrations that cost the nation dearly in blood and treasure. They led to a bipartisan open borders fiasco that has seen the federal government refuse to enforce it’s own immigration laws and the predictable breakdown in respect for the rule of law. After all, if some people don’t have to obey the law, why should anyone? That, combined with globalist trade policy led to the deindustrialization of America, real wage stagnation, and declining prospects for young people. What’s left if you can’t come to terms with the fact that your ideas have failed in practice and were repudiated by voters? Lash out.

Neoconservatism is a fringe offshoot of mainstream conservatism that enjoyed outsized influence during and after the Bush years as its intellectuals flooded into the administration and then out and into the the archipelago of journals and think tanks known as Conservatism, Inc. when Bush left office. But its manifest failures have left its high priests discredited and powerless. It’s a new era, Kristol is in the wilderness, and he doesn’t like it.

He knows perfectly well that Schmitt was a brilliant thinker who helped Leo Strauss obtain the grant necessary to publish his first book. He knows, too, that Strauss respected Schmitt’s book, The Concept of the Political, though he noted its serious shortcomings. But when Kristol compared Anton to Schmitt in public, he was offering no esoteric praise. He just meant to suggest that Anton is like a Nazi stooge and President Trump, therefore, is like Hitler. What happened to the Bill Kristol of the ’90s who worked overtime to stop Hillarycare?

Compared to Kristol, the slanders from the Left look measured. Still, they are unwarranted and are, in fact, a supreme act of projection. When Jonathan Chait called Anton an authoritarian, he gave away the game. If we use the Wiki definition, “authoritarianism is a form of government characterized by strong central power and limited political freedoms”—that sounds more like the administrative state than anything Trump has proposed. The dirty little secret of American conservatism is that neoconservatives and reformicons have made their peace with the administrative state—that unelected and largely unaccountable arm of government—and don’t share much in common with historic American constitutionalism or the principles of the American Founding. This election brought that to light.

The realization is painful because Republican voters retain a higher view of the fundamental principles upon which this country is based than do many D.C. conservatives. In light of President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court, let’s recall that during the campaign Bill Kristol said that he could live with Clinton’s nominees. Think how different the country would be if Clinton won the election and secured a solid hard-left majority on the Court that would ratify the expansion of the administrative state’s power and limitations on political and religious speech that the Left deems “hate speech”—a code for thought crimes against prevailing Progressive orthodoxy. That’s authoritarianism and that’s specifically what Anton argued for working to prevent in his famous Flight 93 essay. The essay bears re-reading by admirers and detractors alike. Far from being a defense of authoritarian government of the kind penned by Schmitt in the 1930s, it sounds an alarm against the statism of the Left and serves as an indictment of certain conservative institutions that have become the fellow travellers of these statists. These “conservatives” most consistent response to the Left’s relentless campaign to hand over the sovereignty of the American people to judges and bureaucrats is not “No” but “Not yet.” That form of conservatism is one of style and temperament, not principle, and ill-suits a free people who wish to defend constitutional government.

Decius’ overriding concern—and ours here at American Greatness—was and remains the restoration of the political: the reassertion of the ability of the people to control the government. The fear was that a Hillary win would have prevented that forever. As you see the massive freakout in the wake of the election over common sense reform that fear appears to have been a sensible one. President Trump’s executive order that has inflamed the radical Left and their media enablers has the support of 57 percent of voters and 82 percent of Republicans, according to Rasmussen. To listen to the media meltdown over the EO one would assume that the country is a state of uproar. But that reaction is limited to certain groups of people who are disproportionately represented in politics and the media. Common sense may be common, but it’s not evenly distributed.

The administrative state and its supporters view any deviation from their agenda as inherently illegitimate. This, too, is projection. It is the usurpation of the people’s sovereignty as described in the Constitution that is, in fact, illegitimate. That’s why they start a panic over a sensible, limited, and temporary provision to protect American citizens. It is this core issue that motivated Anton more than any: the desire to provide an affirmative defense of a system of constitutional government created to defend the natural rights of its sovereign citizens. That a Progressive like Chait would call that authoritarian and a conservative like Kristol would call Anton a Nazi is proof positive that the warnings he sounded were more timely and more necessary than his detractors would like to admit.

About Chris Buskirk

Chris is publisher and editor of American Greatness and the host of The Chris Buskirk Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and received a fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and digital marketing. He is a frequent guest on NPR's "Morning Edition." His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

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180 responses to “Kristol Joins Forces With the Left in Nazi Smear of Trump Aide”

  1. Each day brings new events which make the lines ever clearer between those who love liberty and those political elites who promote the administrative state and the related status quo.

    • Even had Trump lost, he would have made a monumental contribution: opened the conservative rank and file’s eyes to the fact that most of the conservativevlunditry themselves were full in members of the open borders, globalist Uniparty, indifferent to America’s fate and snobs contemptuous of its middle and working classes. Whether he realised that most of.

      What Fox thinks it is by still using NeverTrumpers as it’s “conservatives” and how that is “fair and balanced” is a mystery to me.

  2. The Flight 93 story articulated, beautifully I might add, what we were all feeling at the time…. this was our last shot to stop the bleeding. I’m not sure how many people actually needed convincing, though. Hillary was just THAT bad

    Kristol’s weird desperation throughout the election was indeed odd. All the crazy no-names pushed to run as an Indy, all the dire warnings and hyperventilating…. it was TOO obviously desperate. The final public meltdown when Mika made him cry on Morning Joe was when I realized he’s just not a stable person — completely, emotionally unhinged. Now when we should all be coming together he still seems to think he can stuff the genie back in the bottle. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did some self-harm in the near future.

    • Kristol and Beck were in a class of their own. Not just quisling sell outs to the open borders, globalist Uniparty, contemptuous of the Trump supporters, and yes, desperate to stop Trump. That description fits lots of the NeverTrumpers. But Kristol and especially Beck seemeed to have true psychotic mental breakdowns. Beck with his face covered with cheetos. Kristol seeming to actually foam at the mouth.

  3. Bill “All hail Obama!” Kristol has been a leftist all his life. Leftist in the modern sense, that is – hating white people of Euro-Christian extraction. Accept that and all his actions fall into focus.

    • What nonsense. This kind of crap just feeds the radical Left, who would like nothing better than to start a race war. Which it sounds like you wouldn’t mind, either.

      • Oh, so we should all pretend that population-replacement is not happening in the West, and that powerful interests (CAIR, Soros, a Left for whom White=reflexively pro-capitalism, and even some Christian “charities” for whom The Other prompts fits of orgasmic feet-washing) are not behind it? What nonsense. The first step towards having an honest discussion about race is, well, to have an honest discussion about race.

        Severn is absolutely right. Being aware of a problem is not “starting a war”–the war has already started. We either push back, or welcome to Brazil, circa 2040.

      • MrLynn you don’t know what you are talking about. The democrats do want to replace whites with non-whites, and that is why they want open borders and huge immigration of non-whites, and they prefer non-Christians. Anyone with common sense can see this. Bill Kristol is a JEW. If you notice, Jews are the #1 supporters of democrats and the left. Bill is not a conservative and he has never been a conservative. Bill Kristol, as a Jew, is just another type of anti-white, anti-Christian hater.

      • Moderators: I suspect the post from ‘hwychile’ is the from the same troll who was posting graphics here the other day. I will just point out that anti-Semitic identity politics and propaganda is just as bad coming from the Right as from the Left, and ought to have no place on a forum devoted to civil discussion of the issues.

      • Sorry Mr. Lynn…there’s nothing wrong with what he said. Whether you like it or not, mass immigration has a cultural component. If you allow millions of third-world socialists to colonize you, sooner or later, they will move your National Identity in the direction of third world socialism. Millions of sharia-supporters will move it in the direction of Islamism, and so on. There is nothing wrong with a polity putting it’s foot down and saying, “We want to stay US”. Indeed, if an Indian tribe, black neighborhood, or Central American country took such a stand, they’d be applauded. People have been shutting up to avoid triggering the left for decades. It’s time to stop.

      • That’s fine, AF. But we don’t need a race war. It’s called Assimilation, and that’s what we need. It doesn’t matter where legal immigrants come from, or what color they are, so long as they want to become Americans, speaking English and pledging allegiance to the values in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Remember “No Irish Need Apply”? /Mr Lynn

      • Assimilation can not occur as long as mass immigration is still going on. In every other age, a generation of heavy immigration was followed by a total pause for as long or longer. That’s why there are still barrios. The constant flow of new immigrants is a permanent impediment to assimilation.

      • That’s a good point, AF, and I certainly agree that a pause is in order. And I’m all in favor of going back to past practice of requiring good health, good skills, and even a citizen sponsor for immigrants. I just object to the idea that we’re preserving some sort of racial or ethnic identify. Anyone can become an American, as people of every nationality, ethnic group, linguistic group, or ‘race’ has: e pluribus unum. /Mr Lynn

    • I wonder how Kristol’s cruise bookings are holding up. Isn’t he one of the pundit class that advertises on TV for folks to join him and others on cruises?

      • Yes. Probably has Sara Silverman and a gaggle of like-minded psycho’s…

  4. Kristol and his fellow travelers are the running dog lackeys of the global plutocracy. They are complicit in the ongoing insurrection whose agenda is to delay, obstruct, and defeat President Trump’s anti-globalist mandate. Their end game is to is to convince the American public that impeaching our President is the just course. The accomplish that they need to vilify and demonized our President and the people serving in his administration.

  5. It is possible for a human being to be rhetorically skillful, ruthlessly efficient in self-promotion, highly educated (in formal terms of college graduations &c); and at the same time fundamentally mediocre.
    Such persons exist in abundance.

    A lengthy while ago quite a lot of them got on board the Conservatism bus and became Conservatism Inc.

    A genuine conservative truly desires to see conservative values obtain and prevail in society. The Conservatism Inc. group had and have no such priority. Their aims were to
    1) have a well-paid career as pundits in think-tanks, foundations, journals,
    2) appear on TV and radio as sages and feel important as minor celebrities,
    3) get to dine and generally consort with legislators, and
    4) fancifully suppose themselves king-makers.

    To this end they have sold the pass continually for years and years.
    – They have cringed and bowed the knee to left-wing interviewers, accepting their terms of reference in public debate, not truly challenging the whole ‘liberal’ (actually totalitarian nihilist) world-view and agenda. Any Republican politician and any conservative commentator, confronted by a question from the news anchors &c of the ‘liberal’ mainstream media, ought to begin nearly every reply with the words ‘The assumptions behind your question are wrong. I shall answer your enquiry fully by showing how wrong they are….’
    – They have not denounced vigorously the Republican Party’s ownership by Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce.
    – They have not called on the nation’s conservatives to fight the war which matters, the cultural war; for instance, by organising and funding collectively an alternative movie and tv industry.
    – They have not gone all guns blazing against Mass Immigration.

    They got away with all these failures for a long time because no serious challenge to their humbug emerged. The Tea Party was stamped on by the Republican Establishment; and it looked as if everything for ever was going to be as desired by the political Left.

    What has wrong-footed them drastically is the emergence of a real challenger. Just by announcing his candidacy and making mass immigration and jobs his chief themes, Donald Trump exposed them all as invertebrate fifth-columnists. After all, he was offering actually to do at last key conservative things: rescue the republic from utter corruption (the DOJ, the FBI, the State Dept under Hillary, the Internal Revenue Service all shamelessly politicized), the historic American identity from being overwhelmed by Third-World immigration and regular acts of Islamic Imperialist terror, the Constitution and the rule of law from being trampled underfoot as they have been in the Obama years.

    This caused everyone consciously or subliminally to ask themselves why had the doyens of Conservatism Inc. not been making his points all these years gone by? Why had they not fought his fight?

    From then on they were like roaches in a cellar where the light has been switched on; and essentially discredited (in the view of all genuine conservatives).

    Their kicking and screaming against Donald Trump was, like everything else in their performance to date, for the sake of maintaining their careers; in this case by derailing him and securing, as Ann Coulter has put it, ‘bragging rights for the next 50 years’.

    Even Ben Shapiro failed to see the obvious: that a Hillary victory would mean the end of the Constitution as a shaping factor in American life, the end of the USA’s best traditions, and the end of any chance of conservatism proper making any comeback. It would be as decisive as the Muslim takeover of North Africa and South-West Asia in the 7th century and the Middle Ages.

    That these pundits still appear on mainstream media outlets is wholly unsurprising. They are a gift and treat for ‘liberals’ because they are labelled ‘conservative’ but can be counted on as ‘useful idiots’ (Lenin’s term) to deprecate what President Trump does. They are the sort of godsend that people running a fiercely atheist TV channel would consider a panel of bishops who regularly appeared in order to dispute the doctrine of the Resurrection and most of the rest of Christianity.

    What is sad, rather contemptible, is the fact that Charles Krauthammer – one of their number – still gets airtime on Fox TV. He, like the others, insisted roundly that, character being destiny, Trump could not win. He concentrated throughout the 17 months up to November 8th last on Donald Trump’s personality flaws, not feeling in the country, priorities in the Rust Belt, long-term issues of national survival. Why is he still on air with Tucker Carlson (2/2/2017)?

    It is people like Ann Coulter and Mark Steyn, who were so inward with the big issues these past many years and called so much right in this presidential election, who should be occupying Krauthammer’s seat.

    • Good comment, worthy of a lead post in its own right. However, I wouldn’t write off Charles Krauthammer so easily. Like Charles, many of us were put off by The Trump’s public bumptiousness and boorishness, as character traits unbefitting the office of the President (more than once my wife turned to me after watching Donald on TV with “What a jerk!”). After all, we had a pretty solid, and well-spoken, conservative candidate in Ted Cruz, who also was better on the cultural issues.

      But Senator Cruz lacked the flamboyant crowd appeal of The Trump, and also failed to realize that immigration and jobs were vital issues for Middle America. In the end I came around, realizing that a New York contractor with sharp elbows might be just what we needed (see my essay “Trumped by The Trump,” here: ). But I still like Dr Krauthammer, for his many valuable insights and wit (and also Steve Hayes, for doing the investigative reporting that the MSM long ago gave up). Bill Kristol, on the other hand, always struck me as a bit smarmy; haven’t seen him lately, and I don’t miss him.

      /Mr Lynn

      • Thank you for the compliment; and I shall try to like Krauthammer on his next appearance.

      • Krauthammer is redeemable. Kristol is not.

      • Krauthammer, the psychiatrist, harped on Trump’s being a “narcissist.” As if Bill, Barry and Hillary are not? As if Krauthammer with his sneering contempt for Trump voters and their supposed unreasoned madness and his indifference to the plight of the Middle and working classes is not?

      • I believe every President has to have some degree of narcissism or they wouldn’t be President; in my memory maybe with the exception of Harry Truman.

      • Truman too, he’s just not as well remembered. But the last President was a national joke from people counting how many times her referred to himself per sentence. Anyone who didn’t care about that doesn’t care about Trump either, they’re just not honest enough to admit it.

      • It’s ‘President Trump’, if you really want to show that ‘coming around’ spirit you speak of.

      • I know. I was talking about last summer when I promoted him from ‘The Donald’ to ‘The Trump’, as a sign of (grudging) respect. It seemed appropriate, if not clever. /Mr Lynn

      • To be fair, I didn’t call Obama “President Obama” nor Bush “President Bush”, so i’ll continue to just refer to him as Trump as it’s consistent on how i treated the previous ones, but you are right, and so too should all past presidents be addressed.

      • I totally agree. Voted for Ted in the Primary because I thought he was the most likely candidate to shake things up. I have the same visceral dislike of this boorish, bullying, braying donkey style of braggadocio (typical north east stereotype.) But I held my nose and voted for The Donald. I am becoming more and more happy watching him continue to puncture all of the conventional wisdom balloons from Krauthammer, et al. Find it deliciously amusing to watch the left immolate themselves every time he prods them. The ONLY thing DJT has to do is deliver. The economy is the big deal. If the Kristol like Repubs such as McCain and Graham prevent him from building the wall or vetting the refugees, that will be on them not Trump. This guy might be the best strategist of all time and has surrounded himself with some truly awesome talent.

      • Strategist is the right word for Trump. I think he’s smarter than either party. His strategy is to so offend the PC crowd that they have to give it up. The term racism homophobe etc are meaningless to most of us. The left will learn but they may not survive intact.

      • Most people weren’t put off by it. Most people have felt for years that the Washington Elite have been screwing and patronizing them, and wanted to see someone talk back to them and deflate their messianic self image.

      • Charles Krauthammer would have preferred Hillary Clinton to be in the white house now, and the same goes for Kristol and Will. And when asked who he would vote for if not Trump, Will said he hadn’t decided whether to write in Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney.

        I guess it’s like they used to say back in the sixties, “It all depends on where your head is at, man.” And with Kristol, Krauthammer, and Will, it’s somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine. These fools should have no credibility whatsoever among limited government Reagan Conservatives.

        That’s not to say that’s what Trump is, but he’s taking on many of the same battles that Reagan did and is not being helped by the entrenched establishment wing of the party and these vile backstabbing phonys in the press,

      • I reckon all of them would have preferred any Republican to Mrs. Clinton. Whether they would have preferred “the devil you know to the devil you don’t,” I don’t know. I’m sure they would have preferred Ted Cruz to Donald Trump, and Sen Cruz is certainly a “limited government Reagan Conservative.”

        Anyway, it’s ridiculous to keep up this inane name-calling and recriminations after the turmoil of the campaign is over. Donald Trump is the President, and he has picked a conservative Cabinet. He is moving quickly to implement conservative policies. All of this is to the good, and great fun to see the Left having conniption fits.

        I do hope he will learn to think before opening his mouth (or his smart phone), so we don’t end up with idiotic statements about Russians and Americans being all equally villainous. Unless I miss my guess, we’re about to embark in very dangerous waters viz-a-viz the Iranians, the North Koreans, and the Chinese (who I just learned tonight are bankrolling the missile developments of the first two), and a little less off-the-cuff nonsense might be in order. Maybe the generals in the Cabinet can impress on the President how serious this all is. /Mr Lynn

    • Agree in general, but must take issue with you on Shapiro’s “deprecate(ing) what President Trump does”. He enthusiastically supports DJT when he does good, and points out his missteps when they occur. I don’t fault him for not slavishly worshiping the man, and admire his intellectual honesty. Also, agreed on Steyn replacing CK.

      • Agree. We must hold all feet to the fire. Which is what these NeverTrumpers like Kristol didn’t like when it turned out it was THEIR feet getting hot. They lulled Conservatives into a Van Winklenian nap for far too long. The way to avoid a repeat is to make sure the ‘State’, or a ‘Party’, or a ‘Person’ doesn’t become Caesar. (Thanks to Decius/Anton for that reminder too!)

      • I messaged Ben, Julie & Chris, and he has been banned from the site.

      • Assume you mean the troll with the nasty graphics. Glad to see the Comments are moderated.

    • NeverTrumpTrash must be treated as such. Anyone who still subscribes to the Weekly Standard is either naïve or suspect.

      George Will has been fired by Fox, we can only hope our complaints will allow us to see the last of Kristol too. What a whiny loser.

      A fellow conservative showed me an article by Bret Stephen’s in the WSJ denouncing Trump and asked me what I thought. I ripped it up.

      I’ll debate “progressives” because I have too, but I’ll not suffer another debate with a GD traitor.

      • Trump ranked 16 of 16 primary candidates for both me and my wife. But once Trump won, why on earth would I oppose him and promote Hillary the way Krystol has? This shows that Krystol was NEVER a conservative. I voted for Trump and will defend him against leftist losers till I take my last breath. I despise Krystol (and Will, (glad Fox fired him),etc.)).

      • Exactly. Kristol was never a Conservative, or a liberal either, most likely. He’s a Beltway Elitist, whose only value is to enrich Washington at the expense of the rest of the country. Liberalism and Conservatism are just tools you use to make that happen. Kristol is precisely the enemy that got Trump elected.

      • Just for the record, there are people at the WS worth reading and far from all are anti-Trump.

      • yes, but Kristol is their boss, so they have to kiss his _utt.

      • Put that trash down. İt’s either naive to thınk you don’t advance a self defeating and treasonous anti Trump agenda by disassociating some writers from the founders and editors of the publication or suspect in being yourself NeverTrumpTrash.

        The WS had it’s chance during Bush and it along with it’s agenda went down in flaming ruin, subjecting the rest of us to 8 more years of the destruction of the American idea.

        STFU Weekly Standard- we’ll America.

      • Right… Just like Conservative Review. And far from all are Conservative anymore. I’d rather read Mother Jones.

    • The Vichy Right had already signed our surrender papers as was getting ready to hand the country over, when along came someone who was willing to fight. The moment I saw that, it was enough for me.

      • Conservative values, whatever they may be to a particular adherent, do not excuse blindness to the dangers of a narcissistic carny barker who has no foundational beliefs at all. Something like that was presumably Kristol’s point.

      • Huh?

        If “conservative values” don’t excuse If Trump “has no “foundational beliefs” [conservative values], why would anyone think conservative values would excuse them?

        “narcissistic carny barker”

        This “barker” challenged political correctness when no other politician at the national level would.

        He saw a path to the White House that few others, if any, saw, and committed himself to it.

        He has nominated Judge Gorsuch.

        He has named a stellar cabinet, and this “narcissist” has made statements — such as on torture — that suggest he will defer to the opinions of others who are more qualified..

        Generally, he has given supporters of limited government a fighting chase, cause for hope for at least a 4 year reprieve.

        However narcissistic he may be, he committed himself to save this country from the left. And in the face of this, you dismiss him as you do. Apparently he’s not good enough for you. From where I sit, he’s a better man than you.

      • If that was Herr Kristol’s point, he failed miserably. Not only did he fail to show that Trump had no such values (wishful thinking isn’t an argument) but Hitler himself certainly did. So, a double failure for Kristol.

    • Wow, that’s the best comment I’ve seen in a long time, maybe ever. Thanks much. Please repost it other places for maximum exposure!!

    • I would never normally read such a long comment as this, but Mr. 63 nails the conservative establishment types so eloquently, I couldn’t help myself. You, Mr. 63, ought to be writing for AG yourself! Bravo!

      • Thank you for this very generous compliment. (I doubt I would be useful as a regular commentator in any publication. I only get up to steam when something really inspires or annoys me!)

    • The entire gaggle of the conservative Never Trumpers or Reluctant Trumpers of Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg, John Frum, Michael Medved, David Brooks, Ben Shapiro, George Will, Dennis Prager, Richard Epstein, etc. are all members of the Knowledge Class, from Jewish backgrounds and their main opposition to Trump was his “uncivil speech”, which to them disqualified him or made him a reluctant candidate. This raises an old, historical class and caste conflict between Jews and WASP’s mainly from Scottish and Irish Protestant ancestry (Trump is Scottish-German). The term WASP was concocted by Jewish sociologists and reflects those with “Old Money” such as the Rockefellers, Astors, Forbes, Morgans, Du Pont (and Trumps?). In his books “Civil Religion and Protestant Taste” and “The Ordeal of Civility and the Jewish Struggle with Modernity” John Murray Cuddihy asserted that the price Jews had to pay to become accepted in American society was civil speech, decorum, manners and “niceness”. Civility was their entry card into the ranks of the upper class. So when Trump intentionally violated politically correct speech codes he violated the one norm to them that was sacrosanct to their core religious beliefs and value system. The Never Trumpers were blind to what Trump was trying to reform in his politically incorrect form of political talk. To Trump to win sometimes means not being “nice” and “tolerant” of what is grossly wrong. For the most part the Never Trumpers have marginalized themselves from the halls of power of the new administration by their intolerant religion of tolerance.

      • It is heartening to find others in agreement. Thank you!

    • Your comment looks tl;dr @ first, but well worth the read.
      Sweet post.

      • Thank you for this encouragement.
        I enjoyed writing my post; and yes indeed, may sweet reason prevail. If it is going to prevail, it will have to take the form of Tough Love.

  6. Kristol is still mad about giving up his lunch money.

  7. Neocons are nothing but Prog Fifth Columnists. Kristol proves that every time he picks up his pen, as do others (Commentary, anyone?). As do Hillary & obama, they want to go to war at the drop of a hat, drop the hat themselves, all the while refusing the force, ROE or strategy to defeat the enemy, whomever that may be.

    Logic suffuses Trump’s pause in Muslim imm. That they so loudly protest. Even Atlantic – not your basic Tea Party hotbed – has noted in well-reported columns that ISIS indeed is Islamic AND cannot be negotiated with. Both being true, importing anyone from regions where ISIS holds sway is antithetical to American safety & liberty, the protecting of which are Trump’s primary job.

  8. Kristol has nothing but contempt for Middle America. He will never understand, relate to, or appreciate, Trump’s voter base — Bubba, as he refers to them collectively. Perhaps the most infuriating thing about Trump for Kristol is how he made it to the White House by thumbing his nose at pretty much everything Kristol represents.

  9. Ah, just looked at Kristol’s tweet (linked above), and the Polls show: a sound defeat for Lonely Bill.

  10. The only minor quibble I have with Christopher Buskirk’s article is he (somewhat) throws the baby out with the bathwater with his lumping together all Neocon’s, when in fact it was the Bush 43 Neocon 2.0’s who drove the family station wagon into the side of the planet: It was the Reagan “Neocon 1.0’s” such as Jeane Kirkpatrick, Al Haig, Colin Powell, George Schulz, etc… who counseled Bush 43 to NOT go into Iraq.

    Chris writes,
    “Neoconservatism is a fringe offshoot of mainstream conservatism that enjoyed outsized influence during and after the Bush years as its intellectuals flooded into the administration and then out and into the the archipelago of journals and think tanks known as Conservatism, Inc. when Bush left office. But its manifest failures have left its high priests discredited and powerless.”

    • Anton himself is/was a neocon who helped lead us into war. He just switched sides at the right time.

  11. If Michael Anton happens to read these comments: “The Flight 93 Election” was a phenomenal essay. I’m glad its author is finally getting his credit and a White House job to boot. Of course, dinner party invitations will fall off, but does anyone really enjoy dinner with Kristol, Will or Krauthammer. Goldberg is hard to understand as he wrote a book on liberal fascism, yet turns out to also be a full in member of the open borders, globalist Uniparty.

    Kudos to all the writers who wrote for The Journal of American Greatness. I hope they are all faring well.

  12. Bravo! I wish that this could become the daily message from the Trump administration, EVERY day. It lays out, to paraphrase Jefferson, these truths so plainly that they are undeniable. Two points to repeat – the need to minimize the administrative state and restore primacy to the people and that the moral preening, virtue signaling and outrage are limited to certain groups of people who are disproportionately represented in politics and the media.

  13. I don’t for the life me understand why we give such credence, to ANYTHING Kristol has to say. He is now totally marginalized and irrelevant, the poster boy crybaby of the right. He needs to wise up and get onboard.

  14. Irving Kristol was a gentleman and an intellectual; his son is, oh, unhappy.

  15. “Common sense may be common, but it is not evenly distributed.” Thanks for that one!

  16. Kristol is a crackpot; every column he pens is a real embarassment for republican crowd

  17. William “Bill” Kristol is just another White-Hating, Unassimilated, American JewTopian.

    • Yep. All of these people wanting immigration are anti-white haters, and the ones wanting all of these Muslims are anti-Christian haters, Obama and democrats included. We do not need immigration. There are plenty of people in this country now and we have had so many come in since the mid-1980’s we need about 50 years to let them assimilate into our country, just like we did between the 1920’s and the 1980’s. Stop the immigration and depot a lot of folks who are not here legally.

  18. It is what we expect from one of the Neocon dinosaurs. Trump has redefined the politics of the country; for the good of the governed to the disadvantage and chagrin of those we have put into power and their shills. Kristol, like others have been reduced to mudslinging in its various forms. But as we now know, the press has been slanting the discussion for decades. How much damage has been done is incalculable. Now however, they have been reduced to being Baghdad Bob; screaming ever louder their lies in the hope that anyone will believe them.

  19. The Neocons and Reformicons peace with the Administrative State sums it up in total and is their downfall. The Neocon (Interventionist) support of an unindicted, above the law super elitist, Hillary Clinton, was a repulsive display of naked duplicity and total breakdown. Bill Kristol has regressed to becoming a pointy-headed Egghead crank and is a complete embarrassment to conservative intellectualism. The 2016 Election brought many deliberately hidden and painful truths straight into the bright mid-day light.

  20. Weekly Standard committing suicide. Bye bye subscriptions.

  21. i have to say beating libs was nice, but beating the never trumpers was sublime. it just got better every week. if schadenfreude is a mortal sin i’m in real trouble.

  22. I have to admit I had forgotten about the Flight 93 essay, and will look forward to reviewing this. Completely agree with comments about Kristol, who is, and will now always remain, irrelevant. I seriously doubt the Weekly Standard will survive.

  23. Fred Barnes must be getting very nervous over his partners over reach.

  24. Mr. Kristol: Loved you in “When Harry Met Sally”. WFB you’re not.

  25. Mr. K, Cosmopolitanism has been exposed for what it is: rubbish.

  26. This rat faced weasel will never have relevance.

  27. We have two political parties and neither one is for middle class hard working Americans citizens that love their country and see the policies of both parties destroying their nation and letting it slide into third world status.

    The Democrat party openly despise the men and women that work hard, obey the laws, pay the taxes, fight the wars and built this Nation and cannot wait to give away what they worked and built to every illegal alien and lazy worthless bum they can find,

    The repubs pretend they care while supporting the rich, open borders, globalization, big government, and are only slightly less worthless then the socialist American hating Democrat party.

    This Nation needs a American party we have two parties to represent the rich, globalization, illegals, Muslims, welfare bums and the rest of the world.

    Can Trump be the Start of a American party for Law abiding American citizens?

  28. The first President in my life time that does what he promised and he is doing them at wrap speed! Unbelievable!

    No one in Wash. DC are used to a President that does not lie to get elected and actually does what he promised to and will to work hard to achieve his promises!

    The politicians heads are spinning the Democrats are in a state of pure panic with their heads spinning and ready to explode! They are clueless of how to slow him down so they fail back on the racial left standby of name calling, protest and violence which further proves they are worthless and losers and Trumps support grows every day.

  29. I am not the student of conservatism that many commentators here are – I had never heard of Strauss before, and actually only remember his name because it is the same as a composer’s! But I am a faithful subscriber to The Weekly Standard, and will continue to be, and I am generally an admirer of Bill Kristol’s. It seems to me that Kristol’s aversion to Trump is clearly based on Trump’s public crudeness. Trump does have a common approach that appeals more to laborers than to intellectuals who have spent their lives developing exquisite manners and personas. I see this as a class divide, more than as a crisis of principle.

      • Okay, not my best choice of words. Where is a Thesaurus when I need it! Still, I voted for Trump and have a “Deplorables for Trump” window sticker on my new car. I’m firm on my position but I do wish Bill Kristol would soften his stance.

    • Please re read the section about supreme court justices under Trump vs. HRC and the endless war cycle the neocons cut their chops on. No need for any intellectual heft to plainly notice a difference.

    • Kristol’s opposition towards Trump is based entirely on Trump’s conservatism. The only “principle” which animates Bill “All hail Obama!” Kristol is that America should be a minority white-Christian country.

  30. If these guys were Nazis, wouldn’t there be a Kristolnacht? And wouldn’t William be strung up by piano wire?

  31. Bill Kristol is a zero. He is, as a co-religionist of his remarked – a renegade Jew. His family’s intellectual antecedents were Trotskyist. Trotskyists are internationalists. The leading song of the Left is “L’Internationale”. USSR compromised by adopting socialism in one country, whilst fomenting revolutions from that base. Kristol changed the content of his message – democratic capitalism – instead of authoritarian communism, but he remains a singular opponent of the nation state and sees himself as a citizen of the world. Democrat and Republican isolationism are his enemies. Accordingly, he sees any nationalist as Hitler. Kristol is a nincompoop.

    • You are correct that all nationalists are not Nazis.

      But, what’s so great about a nation state if the nation state doesn’t stand for timeless principles?

      What good is a border if it doesn’t protect timeless principles; you know, inalienable rights? If the U.S. were run by Hitler, or FDR incarcerating all those of German–not just Japanese–descent, why would anyone pick up arms to defend it?

      What damn do/should I give about the current borders of Yemen or the other 6 countries on Obama’s list now being used by Trump?

      For now, of course, the nation state system is the organizational tool utilized by humans to accomplish its goals. Given present conditions, it’s a tool that works, but imperfectly. However, overall for humanity, it’s the timeless principles and inalienable rights that are important, not the nation state per se.

  32. “…neoconservatives and reformicons have made their peace with the administrative state—that unelected and largely unaccountable arm of government…” Great point. This is where the true authoritarianism exists and must be rolled back.

  33. The ultimate sign that the author is somewhere between intellectually lazy and totally stupid is to make modern day comparisons of someone they don’t like to Nazis, Hitler, or Genghis Khan. “You don’t vote the way I would like you to vote? Then you must want to murder millions.” How realistic is that thought?

    • Same simple metric can apply for moviemaker or story teller; when the hook concerns the abuse or death of children then a lazy and greedy author is at work.

  34. 1. I never heard of either Michael Anton or the Flight 93 Election tome before reading this article.

    2. I am a neocon, or classic liberal (NOT a “progressive”), whose nature is unfairly caricatured in this article.

    3. I voted neither for Trump nor the National Security Threat, debate-prep cheating, grandmother first runner-up.

    4. Nevertheless, and with the just-in-case caveat that maybe I am missing something in some other writing or speech of Mr. Anton’s, and having now read the Flight 93 Election tome in full, I find absolutely nothing “Nazi” about it. So, based upon the evidence adduced so far, not guilty.

    • A “neocon” is not a “classic liberal”. In the modern parlance, “classic liberal” is roughly synonymous with “libertarian”. A “neocon” favors an interventionist foreign policy, whereas a “classic liberal” wouldn’t.

      • Not that many people are a “perfect” anything, and especially because there are all sorts of ways to “intervene” the line is blurred even in the example that you give. However, you are more or less correct that a libertarian wants a small government militarily as well as for other things. To paraphrase an old joke, neocons are people libertarians call when the libertarians’ foreign policy purism puts them and the rest of us in danger.

  35. Thank you for the well thought piece. The over reach of the executive and then, by extension, a self animated administrative apparatus is the true beast chomping down our freedom.

    Also, a call for term limits transfer additional power to the unelected administrative class. Government on the federal , state, and local levels are all so afflicted.

  36. Time has passed Bill Kristol by…………he has now reduced himself to a tired angry loser who seems to be content committing professional suicide.

  37. When everyone we disagree with is Hitler, a bigot, a white supremacist, a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe, an anti-semite, etc. etc. etc….then the names and terms themselves cease to have meaning.

    Donald J. Trump is President today because the voters took full measure of the MSM’s accusations and then loudly rejected their bombastic rhetoric by electing the man the media and power elite establishment hated the most.

    [Memo to Bill Crystol & company: The voters are no longer listening to you.]

  38. There is one three letter word that is a more powerful descriptor of the motivating force behind Kristol than all the words in this article combined.

  39. as a Jew, Kristol should be ashamed of comparing Trump to Hitler because it diminishes the barbarity of Hitler and his final solution. Hitler comparisons are all to frequent and Kristol should know better.

  40. Vile, ugly, untrue things are said about political opponents during campaigns. That’s to be expected. The bureaucracy is now so vast that the federal government spends more money each year than the entire GDP of every country in the universe except, China, Japan, Germany, and the U.S. private sector itself. Campaigns are brutal because so much is at stake. But the campaign is over. Assuming most or all of Trump’s appointees get confirmed, Trump will have assembled one of the finest, most conservative cabinets since before the New Deal. I get why Chait and the Left are terrified and why they will keep pretending Trump is an authoritarian monster. Because if Trump is successful, Chait and the Left’s worldview may be sent to the ash heap of history. What I don’t understand is Kristol and the other Republican Never Trumpers. Prior to his election, I worried about Trump, too. Except I worried that he was really a liberal Democrat running as a Republican, and that he may not have the temperament to be president. I was never concerned that he is a Hitler-like authoritarian. Trump has demonstrated with his stellar cabinet picks that he intends to be a real reformer. I understood Kristol’s opposition prior to the election. I don’t get it now.

    • It’s not that complicated. You were worried that Trump would turn out to be a liberal, and you were wrong. Kristol and friends were worried that Trump would turn out to be a conservative and they were correct.

    • Re-read what you wrote. The reasons behind continued neocon opposition to Trump are the same as those behind continued lefty opposition to Trump. (being sent to the ash heap of history)

    • I agree with others it isn’t complicated. Kristol can’t get never-ending war and trash American interests now. Again, he’s irrelevant but the cancer of his philosophy is rooted throughout the Dark State and must be rooted out and destroyed.

  41. Kristol, ironically, has praised authoritarianism throughout his life as long as it served his selfish interests. As recently as last week he wrote about the silliness of democracy and blasted voters’ participation in the process. In this sense, he is no different from the totalitarian left-wing that dominates the Democratic Party.
    All that aside, Kristol is an irrelevant figure and neoconservatism a discredited, ludicrous philosophy. The problem is neoconservatives buried in the State Department and Intelligence Community. These cancers must be excised, marginalized and forced away from the levers of power. I noticed the execrable Condi Rice has joined with more open left-wingers in opposition to the president’s logical, pro-American Executive Order. Americans are expendable to her, Kristol and neo-conservatives to serve their corporate and foreign puppetmasters. These types must be destroyed.
    Mr. Anton is a patriot. Kristol, Chait, Rice, and others are traitors. I’m at comforted that Anton is part of the system. I am horrified that the mass murderers of neoconservatism remain part of the system, not to mention unpunished for their many crimes against the United States and humanity.

    • For Billy being a postmentsral Homosackual must be frustrating in itself no doubt?

    • This is as shallow and unfair to Kristol as analogizing Trump to Hitler is/would be unfair to Trump.

  42. Neo Conservatives are responsible for the greatest strategic disaster in the republics history. The Iraq War debacle followed closely by the Afghanistan War debacle. please go into the wilderness as that will save countless lives and American tax dollars

    • • Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) started October 2001.

      • Operation Iraqi Freedom started March 2003.

      Regressives: Now they can’t even keep their narratives straight!

      • 5 trillion down a sand and mountain rat hole wasted( per Mr. Trump on SC stage to Jeb Bush’s face) a fiasco of monumental proportions.

      • Junta Uuuuhhhhhbama, you mean? I’d agree with that, though the tab is much closer to $10 trillion.

    • I always said we should have simply gone into Afghanistan and set up two huge base camps. One that the Northern end and another at the Southern end of that Bora Bora Mountain Range, possibly 10,000 Special Forces deployed at each camp! In the beginning give the Taliban a resounding pounding, some heavy duty extreme punishment for their part in aiding and abiding Osama Bin Laden. Then after that just execute ongoing Search and Destroy Missions against Al Qaeda throughout Afghanistan and those Tribal Regions in Northern Pakistan. Let the Taliban go about there business running their little Sharia Law Radical Fanatical Islamic Regime throughout the rest of the country! But should they mess around near those Base Camps or attempt to interfere with our Search and Destroy Missions we would provide them with additional Worlds of Extreme Butt HURT!!! NO Silly Nation Building BS Mumbo Jumbo! Bet to this here point in time we would have only spent 1/10th of what we have thus far there in Afghanistan???

  43. Chait and Kristol are two sides of the same coin…just using different fools as tools to get the same result. (See: David French)

  44. Judging from the “tenor” of many other comments posted here, there seem to be far larger number of proverbial Schmitts in our midst in addition to what reportedly insinuated about Anton. Just sayin’.

    • Unfortunately the number of “proverbial Schmitts” here is indeed troubling. (As noted elsewhere in the comments, the real Carl Schmitt was a very insightful and interesting, though problematic, thinker and writer.) The number of comments to this piece that are personal insults or that focus on Kristol’s Jewish ancestry is striking. While I have been extremely disappointed with Kristol, I like to think there are reasons for my disappointment, like those the author of the piece gives, rather than raw personal distaste or worse, which is all many of the commenters seem capable of. This is an excellent website, but the commenters are of far more variable quality to say the least.

      • Your inability to criticize Jewish bigotry does you no credit, and does Jews no favors.

  45. Billy Kristol is unavailable for comment because he and Brett Stephens of the WSJ are shopping for antiques in Vermont and binge watching Modern Family at a cozy inn….

  46. Kristol should talk. His father was a Trotskyite! Trotsky off course was responsible for the murder of millions and for ruthless deaths of the Russian royal family. Yet here he is telling someone is Hitler, 70 years after Hitler’s demise. Can’t make this up.

  47. Like President Trump said during the Campaign, A DYING MAGIZINE period! I quit reading that rag like ages ago when I realized it is nothing more than a Neocon Circle Jerk over there! Closest thing to a real conservative residing over there is that Stephen Hayes!!!

  48. And the Weekly Standard is cancelled. How are the subscriptions over there Fred? Looks like Billy has gone off the deep end!

  49. Conservative, Inc. comes from the same pool of East Coast “intellectuals”, most of them Jewish, that spawned American progressivism. They’re nearly all from New York and its environs and have the same basic goals as the Left, they just want to be in charge. They have very little influence on the nation as a whole – neither do Leftists – and mainly preach to their own choir. They are as out of touch with America as they are with the Founders, from whom they ARE NOT descended. Instead, they are the product of the massive Jewish/German immigration of the late 1800s-early 1900s and their outlook is more attuned to Europe than to their native land. So, for that matter, was Leo Strauss. Thomas Jefferson feared that an influx of European intellectuals to teach in America would have an adverse influence on the nation yet he hired them for the University of Virginia. It turns out that his fears were justified.

  50. Kristol seems a man who doesn’t know when to retire.

  51. The (((Neo-Cohen))) Jew, Bill Kristol, using a ‘nazi’ smear on an opponent? Not sure how this is actually news–that’s what (((they))) do. That’s what they always do.

  52. “The dirty little secret of American conservatism is that neoconservatives and reformicons have made their peace with the administrative state—that unelected and largely unaccountable arm of government—and don’t share much in common with historic American constitutionalism or the principles of the American Founding.” NAILS IT!!! Thank God for President Trump! MAGA!

  53. Trump and Trump’s team comparison with 1930 and 1940 Germany is quite logical. Authoritarian personality is a state of mind or attitude characterized by belief in absolute obedience or submission to one’s own authority, as well as the administration of that belief through the oppression of one’s subordinates. This is who Trump is and this is who his team members are …

    • and how is this different than Obama and his team? Other than Obama was your guy….

    • Trump was elected. What’s the logic of the bureaucrats who are promising to undermine his orders?

    • NOTHING today is a logical comparison of 1930 and 1940 Germany. Not even close…..

  54. Kristol is coming unhinged in part, I think, because he may be realizing that he’s losing the argument with the younger conservatives. In this regard I mention just one item lately that I found striking. Matthew Continetti, who writes for NRO and the Standard, has penned a very sympathetic piece concerning Trump’s quarrels with the administrative state. This would have been unthinkable just three months ago.

    I was surprised to learn that “Decius” has actually written in the past for the Standard as well. Could it be that he is retaining collegial relationships with some of the younger writers there?

    I’m wondering whether Kristol is suffering a kind of et tu, Brute!? moment.

  55. Bill Kristol is a disappointed, 4th rate intellectual loser. He and George Will need to grow up and chill out.

  56. Well these asshates can call anyone who does not agree with them a Nazi, but they sure should be glad they aren’t nazi’s otherwise they would already be in a gas chamber, Nazi’s didn’t mess around.!!!!!

  57. I clicked thru to Chait’s article, and it says what Kristol implies. But from that story I clicked through to the original article – the flight 93 election article written by Anton – and it doesn’t say anything at all resembling what Chait alleges it says. Nothing about brown people nor about the glory of authoritarian leaders. Just that conservative support for war, trade, and unlimited immigration harms working people and a suggestion we reform all three.

    He writes: “These policies will have the added benefit of aligning the economic interests of, and (we may hope) fostering solidarity among, the working, lower middle, and middle classes of all races and ethnicities. “

    • And for further factual analyses, read ALL that Michael Anton wrote (as Decius); his replies to critics, his interview with AG editors, etc. And read everything he linked to in those pieces.
      Of course, the critics don’t want you to do this. They’d rather you just take their word for it.

  58. Kristol is hate filled and ready to build Israel on Christian and Muslims backs. Check out the Oded Yinon plan and tell me there was not a coup, putting it at the top of the US Pentagon while we all watched the President Bill infidelity show. Think of the deals Hiillary could make with the NeoCons that had stolen the R party to help them set him up.

    Check out the signatories of Kristol and his friends:



  59. I wrote Kristol off last year and consider him nothing more then Democratic opposition

  60. Good article. I’m done with Kristol, done with Weekly Standard, as with NRO. They have disgraced themselves. This election really brought out a lot of hidden motivations.

    On a very pedestrian note, why do webmasters think it’s a good idea to persistently hang a social media share tool over the text of the article, reducing the usable amount of the page by 50%?

    • Doesn’t happen to me on a PC, with any browser. Phone? Mac?

      • PC, using Vivaldi browser. The tool is there with Slimjet browser as well, but the article text is indented, so there’s no overlap.

  61. Does Buskirk recognise the existence, or the possibility of existence, of “hate speech” which is not thought crime against Progressive orthodoxy? That is, does he accept that some behaviours or forms of speech are hateful, irredeemable and deserving of public condemnation, irregardless and separate from Progressive politics? Or does he contend that anything and everything is licit? And if the later, why should I not accuse him of the same corrupting moral relativism which our Progressive brethren have done so much to propagate?

    • Look’s to me like Buskirk is doing a good job of recognizing and condemning Kristol’s hate speech. Maybe you could see that if you were not suffering from the same corrupting moral relativism of our Progressive brethren.

      • Interesting, then, that Buskirk isn’t actually accusing Kristol of hate speech. Buskirk’s use of the term in this column accuses the Left of using the concept to suppress dissent, but does not throw the accusation at Kristol, merely the lesser sin of accommodating a candidate who, Buskirk presumes, would have nominated justices who in turn would have enshrined Progressive ideology. In short, you’ve misunderstood the argument.

        The more significant point, though, is that while you implicitly accept the concept of hate speech, Buskirk apparently rejects it: I take Buskirk’s remark to mean that hate speech is merely Progressive ideology. Hence my question: is there such a thing as hate speech which is not Progressive ideology, or does Buskirk mean what he says?

  62. Bill Kristol is just butt hurt over Trump winning. Noone wants to listen to his eeeeellllliittttteee ramblings anymore.

  63. Kristol has become unhinged and is a vile man. No wonder MSNBC loves them some Kristol.

  64. I liked Irving Krystol forever and I liked his son, Bill, up until he supported Hillary in the last election. Now, I’m sick of Krystol and The Weekly Standard crew. I don’t see how they stay in business. They sorta hate leftists, but really hate Trump supporters. What is left, about 1,000 people in the middle in a country of 350 million?

  65. Kristin did his LEVEL BEST to elect Bruno Clinton. He’s a TRAITOR in the strongest sense of the word.
    Weekly Standard and its website should be boycotted and driven OUT OF BUSINESS. Do NOT subscribe or CLICK.
    Kristol should be mocked and shamed. SCREW HIM and his ILK.

  66. Little Billy is a globalist douchebag who’s pitching a hissy fit because his globalist establishment got kicked out like Fred Flintsone’s cat.
    Globalism is a totalitarian enterprise, and a treason against the constitution.
    Little Billy cristol is a traitor.

  67. They only get away with this because the Right doesn’t want to talk about racism at all. Of course, by their own standards, Hillary Clinton is a racist, sexist homophobe. She called all blacks super predators, lives in an all white town, an ex-Klansman was her mentor, she supported a border fence, she supported immigration policy much the same as what Trump supports now she was against gay marriage for the first 65 years of her life and supported DOMA. You could pile on example after example (we’ve only scratched the surface), to show that she’s far worse than Trump supposedly is). But the Republicans don’t want to talk about that issue. As a result, the Democrats can say anything, no matter how ridiculous, and not be challenged. It’s their own fault.

    • What purpose would it serve for ‘the Right’ to engage in discussions about “racism”?
      The Left has a few/no standards on that topic, fr’instance race is just an illusory social construct but at the same time everyone who won’t vote Democrat is a “racist”/Nazi.
      Let “racism” be the Dem’s tar-baby.
      A big part of the reason the Left is going so mental is that after 50 years of slinging accusations of “OMG-racist!” against all who disagree w/ them, the cudgel is starting to have diminishing returns for them.

  68. NeoConservatives have never actually wanted to conserve anything, the entire ideology was a front for closeted communists like Kristol (and his father) to subvert any real opposition to globalism. At every turn they have stabbed the Right in the back and folded to the Left. They took pieces of other ideologies and papered them over their Trotskyism to obscure it. They are all traitors and internationalists, thus they fear Trumpian Nationalism more than anything else. The opposition to Trump within the GOP has revealed that many in the party never wanted to win, their ambition was to provide a controlled opposition to the Left and an outlet for conservatives that would never go anywhere. They all must be removed from office and shunned from public life.

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.” – Cicero

  69. Kristol wants to be a man in power. But he would also have been content to be a highly paid “conservative” court jester in a one-party state under Clinton. The fact that he is so filled with bile toward Anton is that Kristol has fallen between two chairs and is sitting with his prat on the floor — a pariah in the Republican Party of today, and useless to the Democrats since he has no credibility on the right anymore.

    Anton is holding the kind of position in government that Kristol covets with every fiber of his being. Envy is eating him up inside, and he would gladly do things to destroy the Republican Party, the conservative movement, and even the country just to seek revenge.

    • Right on the money there. Kristol thought he was Bill Buckley, apparently. And of course, liberals were willing to treat him as such, since he was such a nice, predictable boy-pet. What a lightweight.

  70. Watching the frozen smile on the face of Smarmy Bill Kristol on election night was worth enduring a thousand petty insults. My liberal friends giggled when I told them Trump might well win. They were watching Rachel Maddow and thought Hillary could get 400 electoral votes. Kristol, whose main “credibility” seems to derive from daddy Irving, likes to play the wise, musing intellectual, when in fact he;s got the brains of a potato bug. He certainly belongs on ABC or MSNBC or CBS. Fox shouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole.

    As for Krautmammer, He’s dead to me. What a traitorous phony.

  71. Kristol is a POS…………….he is most likely on Soro’s payroll.

  72. There are some republicans that should be ignored repeatedly. Romney, Krystol, French. Williamson, McCain and graham. Enemies of the party. Forgot about George will.

  73. I liked Billy Kristol in When Harry Met Sally and when he was on Saturday Night Live but as a political turncoat and a backstabber he isn’t the least bit entertaining and has become rather pathetic.

  74. Robert Reich with no evidence and contrary to obvious truth, broadcasts that the Berkeley Riots were the work of undercover rightwingers. Hitler burns the Reichstag and broadcasts falsely that it was the work of Communists.

  75. There seems to be a lot of anti-Semitism in this so-called American Greatness. That alone is enough to turn off a millions of people, including me. Not my idea of any kind of greatness. Looking at the comments, there are also quite a few ignorant people who manage to think that they know it all.

      • Such wit. I am so impressed.
        You are as a candle, the better burnt out.

      • “Looking at the comments, there are also quite a few ignorant people who manage to think that they know it all.”

        Only a poltroon would see ignorance in others when your own commentary is bereft of enlightened thinking and a smear to boot.

        Good Candle, thou that with thy brother, Fire,
        Art my best friend and comforter at night,
        Just snuff’d, thou look’st as if thou didst desire
        That I on thee an epigram should write.
        Dear Candle, burnt down to a finger-joint,
        Thy own flame is an epigram of sight;
        ‘T is short, and pointed, and all over light,
        Yet gives most light and burns the keenest at the point.

        Thanks for the inspiration

      • Coleridge is good, too. Much can be learned from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Take a look.

  76. I agree with the original Decius Flight 93 election piece 100%, and agree Kristol is irrelevant at this point. I do find troubling, however the fairly transparent anti-semitism in a few comments here. They’re “Jew this and Jew that”. Disgusting.

  77. Bill Kristol is nothing more than a snake. Nothing he does to thwart the Constitution and freedom is a surprise. BTW regarding Trump’s stand on immigration….check out the McCarren-Walter Act of 1952 if you have not already. :)

  78. Well we can expect to see a lot more of Kristol on the Megaphone Sunday shows. But the Kristol tweet link in the article above shows resounding derision bouncing back at Kristol. The best adroitly condemns the conduct, not the man: “This, @BillKristol, is what we call a ‘dick move.’ With all due respect.”
    Congrats to Anton on his appointment. I nervously voted for Trump because I preferred a rogue to a crime family. While the Left and the neverT’s anguish over POTUS tweets and interviews, Trump’s actions have been spectacularly conservative. One wonders if the provocative words are designed to draw fire while the new governing moves on.