Jeff Giesea’s Speech at the DeploraBall

Editor’s note: The following is a transcript of the speech delivered by Jeff Giesea at the DeploraBall, a party at the National Press Club celebrating the inauguration of President Trump.

Like many of you, I’m a political outsider. To me, the Republican party of Paul Ryan has always felt weak and out of touch, and my libertarian leanings have seemed less and less relevant in a changing world. It seemed pointless to get involved in elections.

Then Trump came along. A courageous leader who isn’t afraid to take on the establishment. An opportunity for fresh approaches to the challenges of our day. An opening to disrupt the GOP and introduce a new type of Republican.

This is what we are here to celebrate tonight—a new type of Republican and a new movement of Trumpism.

This is a movement. We all know it. We all feel it. And it’s not just limited to America.

Many of you worked hard to help elect Trump. If you’re like me, it’s been an incredible, dramatic, and sometimes traumatic experience. We’ve been screamed at, unfriended on Facebook, disinvited from dinner parties, and called illiterate.

Many times, I’ve had to ask myself: Has our world gone completely mad? Consider the people who called us racist simply for wanting to enforce our borders. Or the media that tried to convince us that Michelle Fields was actually assaulted. Or the special needs kid who was tortured on Facebook live and made to drink toilet water because he was a white Trump supporter. Or the protesters outside who planned an acid attack on this party and threw batteries and smoke bombs at you all tonight as you entered. Who are the fascists again?

We, the deplorables, are here to say enough. Enough of this liberalism gone wild. Enough of this assault on common sense.

You and everyone in this room is part of something new not just for America but for the world. Since the end of the Cold War, there’s been only one option for Western countries: liberal universalism—or what I call “Davos liberalism.”

In recent years we’ve seen the contradictions of this liberalism. Liberalism, it might be said, is eating itself.

Nowhere is this more obvious than with the migrant crisis in Europe—where open borders policies are hampering gay rights, women’s rights, and the very identities of these nations.

We feel this in America, too. Taken too far, the excesses of political correctness and globalism are leading to social fragmentation, growing inequality, and an almost Maoist sense of social justice sanctimony.

We—and the rest of the West—need an alternative to navigate the challenges of the 21st century. We need an alternative that is practical, moral, and commonsensical.

Trumpism, in my humble view, is that alternative. Trumpism is the way to preserve our civilization while embracing the future. Trumpism, as I see it, is based on three core principles:

  1. Sovereignty—by this I mean secure borders, self-determination, and a stronger sense of national identity and shared values.
  2. Economic nationalism—in particular a focus on making life better for the middle and working Americans, not just the top 1 percent.
  3. America first—particularly in our foreign policy.

If there’s a fourth principle it would be resistance to the excesses of political correctness—or what many of us refer to as cultural Marxism.

Let’s be clear that we do not want Trump to become George W. Bush 2.0. We may agree or disagree on issues like gay marriage and Social Security reform, but those issues aren’t what define us.

A question I often think about is: How can we preserve our civilization in a way that’s practical, moral, and forward-looking?

I think of my grandmother, who came the United States from Mexico as a small child in the 1920s. Her family wanted the opportunity for a better life. They wanted to be Americans.

While my grandmother was crossing the border, my great-grandfather on the other side of my family was presiding over the Bohemian Club in San Francisco. He was president of the Bohemian Grove, a place of privilege and power. He was a fierce advocate of Western Civilization and ideals.

The challenge of 21st-century America is to reconcile these two sides of ourselves—our Anglo, Western heritage and our immigrant, multi-racial one.

It’s kind of awkward and messy, but I believe we can reconcile these forces. And that we can do so in a way that works for all Americans. I don’t have all the answers, but I am here to talk.

America, this is our “make it work moment.”

We in this room want to be constructive. Our hearts are full. We are not going away. We are determined to make America great again for all Americans.

We are the deplorables. Thank you.

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About Jeff Giesea

Jeff is an entrepreneur based in Washington, D.C.

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23 responses to “Jeff Giesea’s Speech at the DeploraBall”

  1. I, a deplorable, thank you for writing this….someone with the skill and contacts better start getting us deplorables organized, President Trump is going to need lots of support. We are living with a while lot of evil people.

  2. I can say that we also had a great time at the #GayDeploraBall on Friday Night Jan 20th and it was filled with minorities, gays, straights, and everyone had a fun time it was hosted by by Peter Boykin @peterboykin on twitter.

    • I’m glad you guys had fun (not really) but keep in mind you will always be a minority of a minority* and you need to ally yourself with the majority of us straight, white males to accomplish Trumpian goals politically. As a straight, white male, I’m glad you’re along for the ride since we need all the support we can get due to the demographic destruction caused by the 1965 immigration act but let’s not start emulating the Democrats with racial pandering or sexual identity politics.
      * = 70% of gays, 70% of Jews, 70% of Asians, 70%+ of Hispanics and 90%+ of blacks voted for Hillary.

      • We did a lot of calculating where you think there is 70% of gays voting and other numbers… what you see is Polls taken by Liberal Media in Liberal areas and a lot of college campuses. I know from being there out in the crowd that Trump won due to the minorities coming out for him. At Inauguration for example it was completely filled with proud minority groups. Also there are a LOT of GaysForTrump out there some are just being muted by that larger louder Liberal LGBT crowd. Also we have no problem allying ourselves with that Majority because we are all on the TrumpTrain and together is how we won.

      • Listen, your heart is in the right place and I’m glad we both have the same goals politically but a statement like “Trump won due to the minorities coming out for him” is patently false! Trump won IN SPITE OF minorities voting for Hillary!
        Despite what you might want to be true, minorities who vote Republican are always going to be a minority of a minority. You and Paul Ryan might wish with every fiber of your being for that to change but, at some point, you need to face the facts and accept the reality that Trump won because of white people (mostly straight white men).

      • Sorry Guy yes it takes the “white” people to vote for Trump or any other candidate but without those non white and minorities voting for our candidate there just simply are NOT enough “whites” to get someone elected so YES credit goes to ALL

      • Why do you put white in quotes? Do you do that for blacks as well?

      • That’s one way of looking at it; the other way is that Trump outperformed most GOPers among all those groups, and might well not have if he hadn’t. There sadly are enough straight white men who are also committed Marxists that you can’t simply depend on that demo to win.

        The author is right about the need to reconcile the Anglo/Western heritage and the immigrant, multi-racial reality. ISTM the greatness of Trump is that he is utterly open to embracing the latter while still holding firm on the former.

      • We all agree here on the major issues and that’s good but……..

        “The author is right about the need to reconcile the Anglo/Western heritage and the immigrant, multi-racial reality.”

        I think embracing the latter is basically admitting defeat for the former. We might buy ourselves another decade or so but unless we take some drastic actions to reverse our demographic displacement, the Democrats will eventually obtain the supermajority status they want and people with our political views will be a hated minority.

      • Even if we freeze immigration tomorrow (which I’d support), the country is already almost 40℅ nonwhite. Expecting to win elections with whites alone is simply not realistic. Expecting to reverse decades- long demographic trends overnight is not realistic.

        Moving the number of non-whites that vote for the GOP from 20℅ to 30℅ on the other hand, is realistic.

      • > “Expecting to reverse decades- long demographic trends overnight is not realistic.”

        Why does it need to occur overnight for it to happen? It took decades for it to happen in the first place since the 1965 immigration act and it’ll take decades to reverse the ill effects. But reverse it we must!

        >”Expecting to win elections with whites alone is simply not realistic”
        Why are you speaking in absolutes? As Trump has shown, you just need the majority of whites to win. What we need to do is make sure that whites remain the majority of this nation and, God willing, increase our numbers so that we can regain our prior status which was stolen from us.

      • 1) Even if the border is hermetically sealed, nonwhites have a significantly higher birthrate than whites. This has been the case for years, has many causes, and the same pattern is seen all over the world. That is long-term demographic reality.

        2) “As Trump has shown, you just need the majority of whites to win.” This is simply factually untrue. EVERY Republican gets a majority of whites; Romney, McCain, Dole, … I think the last Republican NOT to win the white vote was Goldwater in 1964. But whites are only ~62% of the voters. You could win 75% of whites and still lose the election. This is simple math.

        3) That’s why Republicans must be able to reach some fraction of nonwhites. They do not need to win them, but if they can get 25-30% — as Trump and Bush did — that’s enough to win. If you only get 15% of the nonwhite vote — as Romney and McCain did — you will lose. Again, this is math.

      • >”That is long-term demographic reality.”

        Your defeatist attitude is very untrumpian. Yes, it is true that whites in the younger age group are already in the minority because we’re being outbred by the non-white hordes the Left brought here to displace us but just accepting that as a “reality” which can’t be changed is the opposite of someone who wants to be a winner in the mold of Trump.
        And it’s not impossible to reverse these trends. It’s simple really. Incentivize whites (who are usually tax payers) to have more kids and incentivize non-whites (who are usually tax consumers) to have less kids. Ending birthright citizenship, deporting all illegals, changing immigration laws to favor white immigration could all help to peacefully restore our nation to its previous demographic balance. Anything less results in a balkanization of our country as it breaks down along racial lines.

      • >”Moving the number of non-whites that vote for the GOP from 20℅ to 30℅ on the other hand, is realistic.”
        This is where GOP strategists lose me. If we gain with minorities, even slightly, but lose the majority of their vote, it still means we’re losers. I remember the cucks celebrating in 2004 because 40% of Hispanics voted for Bush (and those numbers are inflated anyway). Do these people understand simple math!? That means that 60% voted for Kerry!
        Any scenario which has the non-white population growing and the white population declining ensures our political doom. I know Republicans keep wishing that someday minorities will miraculously become Republicans but it’s not going to happen! We need to stop deluding ourselves!

      • And I was at the inauguration and it was extremely white. Minorities were few and far between. I’m not saying we don’t want their support but they’re the outliers in their respective groups.

      • I am not sure what section you were in. When I turned around everywhere I saw LOTS of Minorities. LOTS.

  3. I’m on board with everything written here but I do take issue with this cucky sounding line:

    “Nowhere is this more obvious than with the migrant crisis in Europe—where open borders policies are hampering gay rights, women’s rights…”
    Why do we need to embrace causes of the Left in order to make our message? “Gay rights?” “Women’s rights?” Why are we so desperate to sound like Democrats here? This is right out of the cuckservative playbook. You make it sound like the only reason to oppose Islamic immigration is that it might make it tough for ladies to abort their babies and gays to have promiscuous sex. Doesn’t Islamic immigration threaten things much more important than liberal causes most of us right-wingers have been fighting?!

    • The line you have a problem with is not an embracing of the Leftist cause mentioned. It illustrates the writer’s point:
      “In recent years we’ve seen the contradictions of this liberalism. Liberalism, it might be said, is eating itself.”
      Open borders and importing millions of Muslims into Europe who have no concept or “women’s rights” or “gay rights” to anything but beheading or stoning is the Left’s ironic way of aiming at their perceived enemies through the barrel of a gun while pointing the handle at the enemies, so blowing their own heads off.

      • I’d argue those are unintended benefits for us though!

  4. Minor correction to the editorial: Mr, Giesea is not the founder of the Deploraball, he is merely an organizer of one party event. The gays for Trump also had a DeploraBall Gala the following night, and there were more than 50 DeploraBall events across the country. Perhaps someone should bother reading the website first: before assigning random titles

    • Sad to seeing the attendees at the Deploraball receive the same treatment as if they were the American Nazi Party. The Left views us all as the enemy and we have to begin viewing them in a similar way. This requires us maintaining a united front against our common enemies. I’m not saying we can’t have differences of opinion amongst ourselves or not engage in fraternal correction but we need to stay united and make sure that defeating our enemies (the Left and the GOPe cucks) remains our top priority.

      • There was very favorable Press for most of the events Nationwide, esp the Gays for Trump DeploraBall Gala. Perhaps the event organizers for the NPC event are not as well versed in PR and positive press engagement.