Why California is Wrong to Defend Sanctuary Cities


Forget #Calexit. We don’t need to wait until 2018 for a silly vote. California has all but decided to secede from the union.

How else to interpret our officials’ lawless course in the coming fight with the Trump administration over illegal immigration?

They’ve laid down their markers. They’ve drawn their lines. Gov. Jerry Brown: “We will protect the precious rights of our people.”

Sacramento Mayor-elect Darrell Steinberg: “We are going to make it very clear that Sacramento will continue to be a sanctuary city.”

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf: “I like to compare this to conscientious objector status. We are not going to use our resources to enforce what we believe are unjust immigration laws.”

University of California President Janet Napolitano: “All members of our community have the right to work, study, and live safely and without fear at all UC locations.”

This week, Napolitano joined Cal State University chancellor Timothy White and Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor-designate of California Community Colleges, in a joint letter to the president-elect, urging him to leave alone an estimated 74,000 undocumented immigrants enrolled in one of the three systems.

“These sons and daughters of undocumented immigrants are as American as any other child across the nation,” they wrote. These students “should be able to pursue their dream of higher education without fear of being arrested, deported or rounded up for just trying to learn.”

First, they aren’t children. Second, they aren’t at risk of arrest and deportation “for just trying to learn.” They’re at risk of arrest and deportation for being in the country illegally.

Read the rest at the Sacramento Bee.


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6 responses to “Why California is Wrong to Defend Sanctuary Cities”

  1. No, they’re at risk of deportation because they are here illegally. I know the left HATES the rule of law and LOVES the rule of man (“a pen and a phone”), but – seriously – you should go to a country ruled that way. People come to this country BECAUSE we are a nation of laws. Breaking them and asking forgiveness is way past ironic.

  2. Gov. Jerry Brown: We will protect the precious rights of our people.

    Governor Moonbeam looks out for the interest of someone other than Americans and Californians.

    These sons and daughters of undocumented immigrants are as American as any other child across the nation, they wrote.

    Idiots. This is the sort of insanity we have to put up with. These people are by definition not American at all, and have no right whatever to be present on American soil. Good riddance. Maybe they can take some Californians with them.

  3. “We don’t need to wait until 2018 for a silly vote. California has all but decided to secede from the union.”

    That seems to me ‘a consummation devoutly to be wished’.

    Think of all the benefits which would accrue – ON CONDITION THAT PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP’S WALL EXCLUDED CALIFORNIA NO LESS THAN MEXICO and US visas were very hard for Californians to obtain.

    [1] An immediate loss of millions of foreign-minded citizens very recently acquired.

    [2] No more draining of the Federal Budget to support a failing state.

    [3] The political and press Lunatic Mainstream of that region having to live – grindingly, miserably – with the consequences of their own economic improvidence and welfarism-run-crazy.

    [4] Hollywood perceived as the non-American and alien entity which it is.


  4. The threat of “succession” is almost comical. In the civil war 750,000 people died to prevent “succession.”

    In this case, the only thing needed to bring California into compliance is to stop subsidizing the State. BTW, what other Federal Law can one violate and the only penalty be losing a freebie…

    But no matter, these big talking, money grubbing bloated government entities will flip on a DIME as soon as it costs them a DIME. Take away the Federal Funding and Governor Brown and his buddies will be personally driving the buses loaded with illegals back to Mexico!

    Food for thought… Without California’s 55 electoral votes, Trump wins 306 – 177…

  5. Are these 74,000….SEVENTY FOUR THOUSAND “Kids” receiving taxpayer money to attend these 3 schools?
    That’s just THREE schools folks.
    This is absolutely asinine!