The Conservative Victory in the Trump Administration is Already Here

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The exact shape of President-Elect Donald Trump’s administration and cabinet is not yet fully formed or defined but of this there can be no doubt: Whatever its ultimate cast, it will be one of sharp right edges. It is not looking like the most rightward or conservative administration since Ronald Reagan; compared to his first term choices, this is an administration looking more conservative than Reagan’s.

Observing Donald Trump’s early and latest choices conjures up a paraphrase of the old line about Barry Goldwater after he gave his stem-winder at the Cow Palace in 1964: My god, he’s going to govern as Donald Trump!

Elaine Chao, Betsy DeVos, Michael Flynn, Nikki Haley, Steven Mnuchin, Mike Pompeo, Tom Price, Wilbur Ross, Jeff Sessionsthis is a conservative public policy dream-team in the making, and at the most important of public policy positions and campaign commitments.

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Seth Leibsohn
Seth Leibsohn is a Contributing Editor to American Greatness and is the host of The Seth & Chris Show, heard nightly on 960am/KKNT in Phoenix. You can connect with Seth on Twitter: @SethLeibsohn
  • Andrew E.

    Sure, but what is Trump waiting for on DHS? Obviously it should be Kobach. How is there even any doubt about this? Let’s go Trump.

  • Grouchy Oldman

    Please God don’t let him pick Romney (or that rat Corker) for Sec. State!

    • ricocat1

      Amen! RINO Romney is the Snake in the Donald Trump poem.

  • ricocat1

    So far this conservative is very pleased with President-elect Donald Trump’s actual appointments and actions which indicate that President Trump intends to deliver as many of his campaign promises as possible. I wait for the rest of his team to be assembled and join those who hope that RINO Romney is not part of that team.