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Who’s Deplorable Now?

- November 12th, 2016
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Hillary Clinton infamously called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables” during the campaign. She added that we’re irredeemable too – a possibly inadvertent dog-whistle that rubbed Christians the wrong way. We were assured time and time again of the Left’s tolerance and supreme moral rectitude and of Donald Trump’s hatefulness and his supporters’ violence. None of this was proven of course, just asserted by a self-possessed Leftist media serenely confident in Clinton’s ultimate victory. They did not need to stoop because they already knew they would conquer.

Or so they thought. The deplorables went out and voted. Donald Trump was elected. And now self-declared arbiters of morality are rioting in the streets. So my question is, who’s deplorable now?

Here’s Hillary opining about what turned out to be about half the electorate. Take note of her smug, dismissive expression.


As it turns out, people didn’t like being called deplorable or irredeemable. But, Hillary wasn’t breaking new ground. Here is President Obama talking about “bitter” people “clinging to their guns and religion:”



He presciently notes that many of these people – he talks about them like they are aliens – reside in Pennsylvania and the Midwest. Guess what? Those people vote and their votes made Donald Trump president.

And now that Donald Trump has swept all before him, turning persistently blue states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan red, the Left has come undone.

Blood in the Streets


And now they’re fighting each other. Jacobin ethics.


And an actual dumpster fire…


Now they’re smashing store windows – presumably to promote tolerance and inclusivity.

Red Diaper Babies


trump protests


Good parenting. Local police are investigating. I’m sure this is FBI Director James Comey’s fault too.


The Last Laugh



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