Why Trump is My First Republican Vote Since Reagan

It was “morning in America” in 1984, when Ronald Reagan rode to re-election. Will it be a new morning—or mourning—this election?

The last time I voted Republican in a Presidential Election was November of 1984. I was young and naïve at the tender age of 20 and had never voted before, so to say I did not know what I was doing would be fair. At that time, I did not pay much attention to politics, but my father did and he made sure that I knew that a vote against Ronald Reagan would mean I canceled out his vote and us kids all knew we ought not cancel dad’s vote. Needless to say, I obediently voted for Ronald Reagan. It would be the last time for the next 32 years of my life I would vote for a Republican—that is, until now.

Having been raised in a staunchly Republican family, one might assume that I would have followed family tradition in my political beliefs and opinions. But between the bleeding heart humanitarian side of me, and the influence of my former die-hard Democratic husband, I never found my way home. Instead, I fell for the smoke and mirrors about the evils of the Republicans versus the “angelic” good blue-collar worker-loving Democrats. I bought into the rhetoric the Left and mainstream media spewed, and believed every false word spoken by them.

Like many, I was enchanted with Bill Clinton’s charm and frowned upon anyone who spoke against him and his family. At times, I ardently defended him. As foolish as that was, I am embarrassed to say that my foolishness continued when I voted for Barack Obama not once, but twice. Still in that slumber of naïveté, I stepped into the polling booth in 2012 believing that Obama had America’s best interests at heart. All of the problems he had, I thought, were inherited from the previous administration and an uncooperative Congress that was too busy digging in its partisan heels. I fell for the usual finger pointing that has nowadays become commonplace.

I did not expect, four years later, the buyer’s remorse that I feel today. Ever since being sworn in on January 20, 2013, there was a subtle shift in the air coming out of Washington and the White House that I could not put my finger on at the time. Let’s just say, it was not a good feeling. Something felt off in the country.

Our country has fallen victim to mass shootings of the innocent, regulations of business that choke our economy, Obama’s frequent use of executive orders that defy the Constitution, thus defacing it and changing its integrity to fit the Progressive agenda. For the first time in my life, I now carry a handgun for protection because of the last eight years of political malfeasance. We are on the cusp of losing our country forever. Unlike the corrupt Democratic Party and its cronies such as Hillary Clinton, Trump represents a restoration of the America I once knew. All of these actions were designed to prop up a global world order that benefits the Davoisie at the expense of average people.

Particularly galling has been Obama’s lecturing the American people about “who we are.” To sermonize us as if we are children is bad enough; but then to encourage a politically correct environment has done nothing but encourage more divisiveness and even violence. From what I know about the foundation of this country, that is not “who we are.” I hardly recognize the more perfect union I remember from my youth.

Worse, our Congress—the very people who claim they represent their constituents and uphold our Constitution—has betrayed its constitutional duty by tolerating Obama’s expansive executive orders with nary a peep.  In the last four years, our president and our Congress have systematically deceived the voters who entrusted them to deliberate on our behalf.

Our debt is unsustainable. Poverty has risen, with food stamp use tripling. People who were once considered solidly middle class are now struggling, living paycheck to paycheck. Many have given up looking for work entirely. Government now mandates health insurance with over inflated premiums that no one can afford and then penalizes them when they cannot.

While there is a plethora of reasons to cite why I have no intention of voting for four more years of the Obama agenda, I will list just a few:

  • Pardoning dangerous criminals by the hundreds.
  • Backroom deals with one of our greatest enemies, Iran, while lying to the American people about the details of the agreement.
  • Undermining our First Amendment rights with threats of prosecution should the peasants speak their minds about radical Islam or Muslims in general, while vilifying Christians.
  • Corruption run amuck in the IRS, EPA, FBI, and Department of Justice, with blatant, undeniable and unapologetic disregard of our Constitution and the nation’s security. 
  • A Secretary of State who intentionally hid all her government emails on a private server at her residence; and used her position for personal financial gain by offering pay to play to foreign governments that financially support ISIS, which condones rape, murder and the oppression of women.

My paternal grandmother was Gladys Elizabeth Grant. Family lore has always said we are somehow related to the line of Ulysses S. Grant, the great Civil War general and Republican president. Trump has appealed to all the voters based on their humanity. He has rightly, and justly, spoken to the black community that they should come home to the party that broke the bonds of slavery. Trump is the first Republican in my lifetime that has revived the ancient Republican faith—the dedication to the self-evident truth that “all men are created equal.”

So yes, for the first time in 32 years, I have decided to vote for our Republican nominee Donald J. Trump.  Not because of who he is, not because he is running on the Republican ticket. It is not the man we the people are choosing, it is the movement he represents. He has revived the heart that every true patriot possesses, the love of country and countrymen. It is his patriotic defense of our country by protecting our borders—heck, believing we have borders—and his defense of the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment.

Sadly, my die-hard Republican father passed away two years ago, but two things happened this year that I think would please him beyond words, the Chicago Cubs breaking their 108 year old curse and his daughter returning home to her conservative roots by voting for Trump.

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12 responses to “Why Trump is My First Republican Vote Since Reagan

  • Bush 41 betrayed us and started the upheaval in the middle east and he took his eye off the communists south of the border. There hasn’t been a Republican in office since Ronald Reagan.

  • So…you’re one of the idiots who voted for Obama. Twice. How do we know your return to sanity will be permanent?

    • Easy there. Anything in your past you care to confess to the world publicly so we can throw it in your face?

      • In terms of politics? Nothing. I proudly abstained from presidential voting between 1992 and today. Tomorrow, I will vote for Trump.

  • Well said Suzanne, welcome back. When Trump wins, the work will just be starting. There’s lots to do to “Make America Great Again” we’ll need all the help we can get.

  • Suzanne, don’t forget to vote for Pat McCrory and Richard Burr too!

  • “Particularly galling has been Obama’s lecturing the American people about “who we are.” he is not speaking to people like Suzanne Root who do their own thinking, he is speaking to the masses who have no clue about anything.

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