The GOP’s ‘Ungrateful Bastard’ Caucus


Donald Trump looks poised on the threshold of victory. After over a year of struggle, the Republican nominee has finally found his footing just as Clinton seems to have lost hers. At a time like this, when it looks obvious that putting a Republican in the White House might not be a lost cause—at least for a week—you’d expect all the Aunt Agonies of #NeverTrump to suspend their acrimony for just that long.

But they haven’t. They’re still talking down to Trump and his supporters like members of a country club who tell you—politely, and in the royal “we,” of course—to get off their lawn. You’re just not their sort of person.

Well, I say it’s time we stopped being polite. Mind you, some of them are genuine ideological enemies to any attempt to reform or correct the errors of Bush-era conservatism, like that cringing Uriah Heep who writes for the Washington Post, or the Palin hagiographer who got a magazine as a dowry. And let’s not forget their “candidate,” that smug, virginal, soft-boiled literal egghead known as Evan McMullin. Those people were lost causes from the beginning.

But among the #NeverTrump crowd, there is another group that deserves a much worse epithet than “lost cause.” These are the people who had genuine ideas about how to reform the GOP, but lost the stomach for them the instant they realized that they shared those ideas with the Donald Trump campaign. And because these people came so close to the light, only to turn away as it became clear that they wouldn’t be the ones replacing the bulbs, the only term I can think of for them is “ungrateful bastards.”

Recognizing these swine who seem to live to turn their noses up at pearls is as easy as spotting a superlative in a Trump speech. Their varieties are many, and span all sides of the GOP spectrum, from social conservatives, to moderates, to hard core economic conservatives, to libertarians.

There are the people who claimed they wanted a GOP that got over its excessive attachment to a “makers versus takers” frame, that showed compassion for some of capitalism’s losers, that made its peace with the dispossession and pain of blue collar workers, and “missing white voters.” Trump gave them all of this and more. But because he sold the message with the style of Friedrich Nietzsche rather than Reinhold Niebuhr, and talked more like a self-help coach than a press release from the American Solidarity Party, they turned on him.

Ungrateful bastards.

There are the moderates who sought a GOP that was more attentive to the needs of women and minorities—that sought a tax code cognizant of the difficulties of parenting, or that acknowledged the genuine suffering among the poorest members of America’s inner cities. Trump gave them tax credits for child care that would make mothers breathe easier, and appealed to inner city blacks more earnestly than any Republican since Jack Kemp. But he acknowledged that most women aspire to working motherhood rather than to  the traditional notions of motherhood that reign in the reddest of red states. He cared about minorities who don’t want to work cheaply for the donor class. And he was mean to Marco!!! That poor dreamboat!  LEAVE MARCO ALONE! So they called Trump’s plans “reform conservatism’s evil twin,” and turned on him.

Ungrateful bastards.

Then there are the “good government” types who wanted Washington to focus on getting things done, to embrace bipartisanship, and to rediscover compromise. Trump’s entire pitch was that he could make deals, particularly by reaching across the aisle to his former Democrat friends and getting them on board with commonsense policy. He blasted through anti-compromise Republican purity tests like a hurricane, and exposed the truly nonexistent appetite for increasingly rarefied “true conservatism” among the primary electorate. But he doesn’t talk like he walked out of a cocktail party hosted by Erskine Bowles, and his character is unacceptable because he actually enjoys sex and winning conflicts, things apparently no respected policy expert has ever experienced. So they turned on him.

Ungrateful bastards.

Then there are the hard core economic conservatives who wanted to see the GOP both simplify and cut the tax code, and take a hard line against stifling red tape for business. Trump’s tax plan takes a hatchet to deductions while also reducing the number of income brackets, and his Contract with the American Voter includes a Norquist-esque pledge not to allow any new regulation through without repealing two old rules first. But he didn’t sneer down his nose at the 47 percent, was ruthless in beating Ted Cruz, and didn’t bow and pray five times a day to Davos, so they turned on him.

Ungrateful bastards.

And finally, there are the libertarian reformers, and boy could I write a book on them. Libertarians wanted a GOP that eased up on the social issues, that didn’t rush into every war it could find, that was easier on the drug war, and that didn’t jump into bed with the surveillance state every chance it got. Trump rendered the anti-gay wing of the GOP so irrelevant that Peter Thiel was able to dismiss their issues as “distractions” and get a standing ovation on the floor of the Republican National Convention. He publicly humiliated Jeb Bush and the entire neoconservative wing of the GOP, and has pulled back the GOP’s fondness for war so much that now Hillary is attacking us for being soft on Russia and terrorism. He went on record supporting medical marijuana at CPAC in 2015, a few months before he announced his campaign for president. He’s obviously friendly with Wikileaks and similar whistleblowing sites.

But he was mean to Ron Paul once, thought the rule of law was important at the border, didn’t dogmatically assert the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), isn’t willing to immolate his chances at winning by publicly backing the least popular spending cuts, and makes it harder for libertarians to virtue signal about race and sex in order to get laid by their liberal crushes, so they turned on him.

Ungrateful bastards.

All the causes mentioned are still ideas worthy of debate and possibly endorsement when discussing the GOP’s future, Trump victory or no. But the people who have been boosting them, if not their chosen candidates (nearly all of whom have backed Trump), have clearly exposed themselves as dainty, backbiting, prissy little cowards who wouldn’t know the courage of their convictions if it tap danced naked in front of them wearing a MAGA hat. None of them actually wants to put in the hard work and sacrifices to shift the GOP’s priorities, to make its message more modern, to fix its compassion deficit, or whatever the hell they all nod sagely at each other about at the nearest bowtie enthusiasts’ convention. If they did, they’d have bit the bullet and taken a chance on the one man who was willing to take a chance on a version of what they’ve been pushing, warts and all. But because he hurt their feewings, apparently all that hard intellectual work was for naught.

So whether we adopt the ideas of theirs that Trump has generously introduced into the GOP’s vocabulary or not, let us also make sure we refuse credit to the people who backed away from their ideas the instant it twinged their sad, cosseted little excuses for a conscience. Let us remember that they were ungrateful bastards.

They looked the gift horse that was Donald Trump in the mouth. Now that horse needs to give them a swift kick.

About Mytheos Holt

Mytheos Holt is a senior contributor to American Greatness and a senior fellow at the Institute for Liberty. He has held positions at the R Street Institute, Mair Strategies, The Blaze, and National Review. He also worked as a speechwriter for U.S. Sen. John Barrasso, and reviews video games at Gamesided. He hails originally from Big Sur, California, but currently resides in New York City. Yes, Mytheos is his real name.

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231 responses to “The GOP’s ‘Ungrateful Bastard’ Caucus”

  1. Fine rhetoric, but let’s make them the “Irrelevant Prick Caucus.” #NeverTrump is the walking dead. Let’s ostracize them, excise them but first forget them for the next week. The purge can start next Wednesday.

    • Why are you so upset if the Conservatives are so irrelevant that they need their own “:Irrelevant Prick Caucus”…..?

    • I’d call them the “Irrelevant Pussy Caucas,” since they’re all dickless cuck boys. Let them lay down with BLM and La Raza for a season. They’ll come home with a new perspective.

  2. Good column, just missing the particulars:
    1. George Will
    2. Jonah Goldberg
    3. Charles Krauthammer
    4. Karl Rove
    5. John Kasich
    6. (sadly) Grorge W. Bush
    7. John Mc Cain
    8. Megyn Kelly
    9. David French (whoever he is :)
    10. Rich Lowry
    11. Ted Cruz ( not giving him credit for deathbed conversion)
    12. And the human disaster, Glen Beck

    • Good list here are three more names to add Bill Whittle, Ben Shapiro, and Andrew Klavan Enjoyed there videos but that was before I knew they were more elitist. A. Hole.

      • He’s campaigning for himself for the next Texas Senatorial primary.

      • You could probably take Whittle off the list. His support for Trump has been a bit soft on the edges but he’s made a U-turn in the last month or so. Plus, he’s a world-class trasher of Hillary.

    • Karl Rove doesn’t belong on the list he’s a good Republican Party/Establishment field officer. He’s going along with Trump as a good soldier should. Bill Kristol, Russ Douthat, and countless less famous conservative pundits, activists, pollsters, and writers. Red State et al, Erickson, Liz Mair, Rick Wilson, SE Cupp, Ana Navarro, Amanda Carpenter. Leon Wolf, Weekly Standard et al. NR et al. The Brothers Howe: Ben Caleb, Sasse,

    • I honestly don’t mind their opposition in isolation. As I’ve said before, I don’t care how Jonah Goldberg, citizen, votes. I care very much how Jonah Goldberg, widely read conservative pundit, influences hundreds of thousands of people to vote.

      There are only three #NeverTrump folks I liked and respected before 2016 that I will never read again: David French, Kevin Williamson, and Bret Stephens. All of the others have, at least, pointed as many barbs at Clinton as Trump. But not those three, those three have been on almost an ecclesiastical vendetta against Trump. They attack him with a missionary zeal all while being mute on the disaster that is Hillary Clinton.

      • You, Sir, Hit it Right on the Head!

        There are far too many “persuadables” (as I have termed them in the past) who will listen to the likes of Goldberg, et al, and feel as if THEY are being the true conservative simply by virtue of agreeing with the doltheads at NRO, who purport to be the TRUE conservatives.

        Funny thing is: goldberg and the others of his ilk actually disdain the “persuadables” as uninformed, uncredentialed and on a par with The Fat Lady in a Pantsuit’s *deplorables.*

        NRO (and others like it) is DEAD!!!!!

    • Great list, but where’s Bill Kristol, Bret Stephens, Kevin Williamson, Ramesh Ponnaru, Lindsey Graham, Michael Gerson, Mona Charen, Matthew Continetti, Brit Hume, Carl Cameron, Stephen Hayes, and others on the C Team Backbencher List.

      • Almost forgot Lindsey Graham. He is the biggest pussy in American politics. He doesn’t even have the courage to admit he’s gay.

      • And add Dana Perino, Condi Rice and the rest of the Bush lackeys

    • That would be Jorge W. Bush! Your “short list” of the other BACKSTABBERS is right on!

    • I donated to the Evan McMullen Campaign and I’m awaiting delivery of the tee shirt. I will wear it on Tuesday, the very day I vote for him. I took the liberty of adding my name to “the list” – and I am honored to join them.

      1. George Will
      2. Jonah Goldberg
      3. Charles Krauthammer
      4. Karl Rove
      5. John Kasich
      6. (sadly) Grorge W. Bush
      7. John Mc Cain
      8. Megyn Kelly
      9. David French (whoever he is :)
      10. Rich Lowry
      11. Ted Cruz ( not giving him credit for deathbed conversion)
      12. And the human disaster, Glen Bec
      13. Danny Alt (an unknown with a write-in ballot)

    • What? These aren’t Democrats? Could have fooled me. You listen to them you might as well be listening to Hillary and Obama.

    • Kyle, let’s not be as unforgiving as the #NeverTrumper wusses; how about we draw and quarter Glen Beck “for the encouragement of the others” and accept the rest back for a little time at hard labor putting the country back together again?

      • No. If they haven’t changed at this late date they are true believers. Allow them back in after the election and they will only be there to do what they have always done; sow division in our ranks and shoot at US from our own rear lines every single time we launch an offensive against our enemies. No. Better they be driven over to the other side, where they belong. Given a choice between the Evil (with the capital E) of the Clintons, as confirmed by WikiLeaks daily, and Trump and the solid group of core supporters who would likely be the pool from which his Cabinet will be drawn from, they have made their choice. They must now accept the consequences.

      • During WWII Winston Churchill said, “If the Devil offered to support us against Hitler, I’d at least find something good to say about him in the House of Commons.” Some of that long list have, grudgingly, joined us, and some have had a change of heart. I say, beat the Devil first, enjoy ourselves afterwards.

      • Agree. Those who were #nevertrump who got over the sting of the primary loss and, even reluctantly, got on board the train are allies. Not leadership material but acceptable allies. But after the election is too late to crawl back, you weren’t there when it counted. If they STFU, put their heads down, do solid word and behave themselves we should reevaluate them in 2020.

      • They will never change even if Trump wins. They will be constantly goading him into new wars in the Middle East. That’s the real reason behind their treachery to date. Trump isn’t toeing the neocons’ line on Russia, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. That is Trump’s unpardonable sin. First chance they get to sabotage a President Trump, they will take it.

      • What he said is that if Hitler invaded Hell, he’d at least put in a word for the Devil in the House of Commons. If you want a WW2 alliteration for the #CucksForHer, a better one would be the Vlasov Men, Russian POWs who took up arms for Germany because to them the extinction of their people was a price worth paying to unseat Stalin. After the War we handed any of them we caught over to the Russians who promptly shot them or sent them to the gulag to be worked to death.

      • Your ferocity can only be justified if we win – which hasn’t happened yet. I’ll take all the reluctant allies I can convince, in order to elect the best candidate – or even the Lesser Evil.

      • They’ve made it perfectly clear they intend to stage a putsch and “take their party back” if Trump loses….and purse us “undesirables”…guess what, we aren’t going to go quietly.

      • That will be the time to determine whether the “GOP” is the faux-leaders or the voters. After Nov 8. This time we should be welcoming any Johnny-come-lately who walks, slithers or crawls back to support the Party’s candidate. Save the auto-da-fe for later.

      • Nope. The biggest favor Trump has done is to force these people to take off their masks and show us who they really are. They are what has been holding back the GOP all along. They are the Republican equivalent of the “Poverty Pimps” who serve the DNC by keeping minorities on the democrat Plantation in spite of all the damage the Democrat Party has inflicted upon them.

      • That may be so, but the besetting sin of the GOP is its tendency to waste effort on nailing fellow travelers before the war is won. They look at us the same way, but two mules who hate one another can still pull a wagon.

      • Tell that to the cucks…they are the ones helping pull the Democrat wagon. and to be honest, I doubt any of them were ever really on our side to begin with.

    • don’t forget Mark Levin….as far as Megyn goes, she’s closer to a prostitute than a cuck like the others. She want after The Donald™ in the hopes it would propel her to the Big Time, a berth at CNN or the Big 3. Too bad for her that liberals, like their hero Stalin, consider gratitude to be a dog’s disease.

      • It may not have been as successful as she wanted…CNN and the Big Three aren’t interested in bidding against the Murdochs for her. If that continues, it’s the equivalent of a hooker turning the trick before she was paid then the John bails on her without paying.

    • You know, when people start making lists, people start thinking of guys who had Charly Chaplin mustaches. Just sayin’.

    • I haven’t seen Joe Scarborough or Steve Schmidt on that list. Steve Schmidt especially disgusts me!

  3. I’m of the opinion that many of these “conservatives” are just pretending to be conservative, and they they oppose Trump not because he’s not as conservative as they are, but because they’re worried he’s more conservative than they are.

    Take for example the “legal conservatives” who say they don’t believe that Trump will appoint good conservative justices. I’m inclined to believe that they’re actually worried that he WILL appoint solid conservatives … and that what they really desire is more Souter’s and Kennedy’s.

    Conservatism Inc has been proven to be be infested with people who are anything but conservative. Clinton is a million times worse a candidate than Trump is … and yet you don’t see any “NeverHillary” campaign in the Democratic Party. It’s also remarkable that the “conservatives” who supposedly oppose Trump due to his character have zero problem with helping elect a woman who makes Trump look like a choir-boy.

    • Conservatism, Inc. has been proven to be infested by people who haven’t conserved a thing, except their personal station in life, while imposing on others their meaning of conservatism. In the end, while diminishing his legacy, they couldn’t conform to Bill Buckley’s rule to support “the rightwardmost viable candidate.” Of that, there can be no doubt.

    • Stop crying.Your boy king liberal democrat with a “R’ next to his name Trump said he doesn’t need or want the Constitutional Conservative vote. So why are you upset then. This Conservative issue shouldn’t even be an issue according to Trump. His words not mine.

      So according to Trump you and the writer have your panties in a wad for no reason.

      And if Trump is so awesome why is he have such a hard time staying 50/50 with the criminal Hillary. …?

      I’ll tell you why. It’s because Trump is a liberal freak democrat..

      My last act as a republican voter will be to vote on the down ballot.

      • Another cuckservative trying to sabotage Trump. Go away RINO.

      • Why so angry…? The truth is slapping the crap out of you…..?

        You liberal freaks can’t bring facts and the truth to a debate. Only name calling. What’s next i’m a racist….LMAO

        If you need a hug Big Daddy will take care of you.

    • I’m of the opinion that many of these “conservatives” are just
      pretending to be conservative, and they they oppose Trump not because
      he’s not as conservative as they are, but because they’re worried he’s
      more conservative than they are.

      You’re on the right track….what they worry about is that Trump may actually succeed, and their incestuous world will come crashing down around them because they won’t be needed anymore. Their financial model is leveraging the GOPs minority status to enrich themselves as “consultants”, or running “Think Tanks”, or selling naive and well meaning people prepper supplies and gold bullion at inflated prices, or being a human scratching post for dem pressitutes on talk shows.

      • Yeah they’re afraid they might have to compete for a real job.

  4. This is brilliant.Somebody needs to give this as a speech!

  5. Mytheos:

    I agree with your argument.

    However, if AmGreatness wants to expand its readership, and live up to the “Declaration of Independence” that it published in July, you really need to kill your excessively inside-the-Beltway references. I thought the whole point was to create, in Angelo Codevilla’s phrase, a real conservatism for the “country class.” When you write about an unnamed “Palin hagiographer who got a magazine as a dowry” you aren’t speaking to the country class, you’re just another Beltway pundit, who happens to disagree with some of his colleagues. Stop it. Your readers are sick of that whole school of affected, look-how-cool-I-am punditry.

    Who were you talking about, anyway? I read more than two dozen leading conservative blogs and journals, and I can’t tell for sure. I’m guessing that “Palin hagiographer” was a reference to Bill Kristol; if so, then the “dowry” bit makes no sense, unless his wife, Susan Scheinberg, is secretly Rupert Murdoch’s daughter–and dowries are now given 19 years after the wedding. Doesn’t work even as a joke. Just name the person you’re talking about, and quit playing games.


    • Matt Continetti is who he means. Bill Kristol’s son in law and editor of the Washington Free Beacon.

      • Thank you, that clears it up. Funny, I knew about Continetti’s relationship to Kristol, but still didn’t unravel the reference. There does seem to be something a bit hinkey about the Beacon: it claims to be a for-profit business, which is fine, but the masthead lists only writers and editors–no publisher, no sales staff, etc.

  6. The Judge Smalls wing of the GOP. Fresca, Danny?

  7. Great article, Mr. Holt. This election cycle with Mr. Trump has done a great service for us “regular Americans” by surfacing and exposing the many traitors and illusionists in our midst. But the battle is far from over. Globalists are everywhere and seek cushy positions to enjoy DAVOS, Aspen, NATO, UN, EU, World Bank, IMF, and, of course Mr. Kerry’s favorite, Paris. BTW, Mr. Kerry did once fight in Vietnam.

  8. “But the people who have been boosting them, if not their chosen
    candidates …have clearly exposed
    themselves as dainty, backbiting, prissy little cowards who wouldn’t
    know the courage of their convictions if it tap danced naked in front of
    them wearing a MAGA hat”


  9. Swift kick? I say trample the ungrateful “them”. Head nod to the censor.

  10. The voters? Those are the supposed ‘ungrateful bastards’?

    Sure ‘talk about’ restoring a constitutionally limited and constrained federal government but in the next breath express intention to exceed those same limitations.

    Sure ‘talk about’ restoring America’s economic foundation THEN in the next breath (and every one since) demonstrate that the ‘plans’ intended to accomplish that feat involve the federal government continuing (in a ‘different way’) to try and ‘control the economy’ (which is CORE Keynesian-ism)

    Some of us, ‘ungrateful bastards’ who will never cast a ballot for either Trump or Clinton understand that, fundamentally, they share more than they differ….

    Choose whichever evil suits you best….

    • Choose the one that will at least attempt to clean the cesspool that is Washington DC, rather than feed it more crap.

  11. So, Donald Trump IS the establishment pick. Ok, got it.

  12. I’m an ungrateful bastard because I’ve been a Republican my whole life and I don’t want to vote for a lifelong liberal conman for President? Really?

    • Did you vote for Romney or McCain? If “yes” to either than you are not only an ungrateful bastard but also a fricken liar.

      • Eh? I voted for both. McCain was really hard but I did it, knowing what Obama was. I still want to meet McCain someday as ask him what his English comprehension problem is regarding “Congress shall make no law…” over McCain / Feingold. But apparently Party Unity is like Bi-Partisanship, it only goes one direction. We suck it up and vote for the RINO when we lose the Primary fight but they are under no obligation to return the favor.

      • Yes, I voted for both of them. Unlike Trump, they are decent and honorable men. And mostly or at least partly conservative. Trump has been a liberal for at least the first 65 years of his life. Sorry, but there’s ZERO reason for me to believe he’s not STILL a liberal and is just using the positions he says he has now as a starting position in negotiations. So you REALLY believe they’ll ever be a wall? Seriously?

      • I have no idea what you’re yakking about, now.

  13. Man, STFU. When you put up someone worse than a Democrat, don’t expect me to ever vote for him. You can say what ever you want. You and I both know you have lowered yourself to a position lower than a liberal. If you can get the POS elected without my help, go ahead.

  14. The republicans who are “never Trump” treat their voters like liberals treat their voters – i.e. stupid. They weren’t stupid when the voted for Reagan, all the Bushes etc. As a Trump supporter, I feel that the republicans of this type have left me. I’ll bet millions of Americans agree with me

  15. I think Trump had the situation correctly when he said:

    “If they can fight somebody like me with unlimited resources to fight
    back, just look at what they can do to you — your jobs, your security,
    your education, your healthcare, the violation of religious liberty, the
    theft of your Second Amendment, the loss of your factories, your homes
    and much more,”

    This is the election right here. Trump is portrayed as the one that is a threat to American democracy, But Trump will be checked by Congress (including and maybe especially by Republicans) Trump will also be checked by the courts and the media

    However, Hillary (like Obama) WILL NOT have any checks against her. We have found from from bitter past experience that because of the bias in the media – the Republicans are TOO AFRAID to take on a democrat. Remember in 2013 when the media polled Americans and the voters said that we should not blow through the debt ceiling they said NO. Now protecting America requires ENDLESS increases to the national debt

    Bottom line: A democrat president with a compliant press and bureaucracy will concentrate power in Washington – The result will be AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM.

  16. As much as the Bastard Caucus doesn’t want to admit, their resentment is not about Trump personally – it is more that an obscure non-political figure stands up on a balcony 2 years ago and aligns his candidacy on 3 the simple issues of trade, immigration, and opposition to foreign wars, and immediately finds himself closer to the positions of the American voter than the GOP nobility ever imagined. What is clear to allot of us now is that the Bastard Caucus disdains the American voter, more so in some respects, than the liberal agenda.

    • The GOPe types hate the rabble every bit as much as the Democrat elite does. they aren’t particularly shy about admitting it, either.

  17. If the far left and far right crazies aren’t mad of at you are not doing anything. Ideology, always demands more purity than practicality can stand. It is a hard fact that is governing is different than ideology. Governing is a messy process that is always filled with compromise. The Americans are voting for a “deal maker” not an idealog. I trust the judgement of the American people.

  18. I don’t understand how someone as smart as Mr. Holt can’t understand that for some of us conservatism is a principle and a cause that we wish to see advanced in the United States.

    Electing Hillary Clinton sets that cause back for as maybe as little as 4 years, electing Donald Trump sets that cause back for a generation or two.

    • I used to be more of an ideologist until I saw what principled ideology did to Muslims. A pragmatic ideologist does the best with what they have to work with, always leaning towards their guiding light, a principled ideologist either kills or would be killed over their beliefs and does not believe in the color gray.

      • But how is supporting a political candidate who is the antithesis of your ideology pragmatic?

    • I thought this when I chose to not vote for Romneycare. However, I don’t see it this time. I believe in order for conservatism to be advanced, the Federal Government has to be cleaned out. Failing bureaucracies need to fail and waste no more. Government workers who think the taxpayers work for them, rather than the other way around, need to be fired.
      Trump might not be conservative enough, but for advancing conservatism, that NE liberal will do much more for the cause than Romneycare ever could.

      • Seriously, how could you think a reality show tv clown who seems to have a grade school level knowledge of civics is going to advance any cause other than himself.

        What is odd about Trump fans is their faith in a man who has no prior record of ever being interested in any principle other than his own celebrity.

        They are very similar to the “hope and change” Obama crowd of 2008. To see someone like Mr. Holt fall for such nonsense is truly baffling.

    • I can see a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court overturning our Constitution and making her a Queen with all kinds of new executive powers. Not very observant are you……

      • If you think that Hillary is going to be powerful enough to achieve monarch status, then your understanding of how our government works is about as strong as Trump’s.

    • Question for you. What are you conserving? What is this principle you speak of? Tell us. Then I will show you how that ‘hill you would die on’ was almost certainly a position your fathers in the Conservative movement LOST.

      The Constitution? You wish to “conserve” that? The debate over whether the Old Republic died with Lincoln or Wilson is interesting but the point is that it has been dead so long the corpse didn’t even smell funny when Obama dug it up and had his way with the skull. That is the reality we accept and intend to actually set right. Not conserve, not preserve, tear down to the roots and rebuild. What is your plan, other than worship of the dead?

  19. Luckily a core competency of Republicans is they think for themselves… so I believe the impact of this select elite group of blow-hards will have minimal effect at the end of the day.

  20. The Republicans in power now are little more than Democrat Lite. All they had to do, once they got the House, was pass a budget. They just couldn’t get it done. In fact, if you think they’re ungrateful now, just think about the way they treated the tea party, that put them in power in the first place.

    The Republicans disdain for the tea party is one of those things that I’ve been scratching my head about since it became obvious. I hope they’re happy because Donald Trump is the result of the Republicans disdain for the tea party. In fact, it may be the last warning to the Republicans from the tea party before they completely break up the Republican Party into the Winners and Democrat Lite.

    • I have never been able to understand why mainstream Republicans didn’t welcome the Tea Party and, eventually, absorb them into the fold. It smacks of elites unhappy to be confronted with actual people.

  21. If Trump wins, National Review will be indistinguishable from The Atlantic.

  22. The self-righteous SOB RINOs can rot in h@ll for all I care.

      • Trump is the only one that has a chance of changing things in DC. Otherwise it’s more of the same.

      • Oh sure. The guy who abused the system, bought off politicians, used lawsuit to get business done, used bankruptcy as a favored business tool, failed to pay subs, and ended up a reality TV start.

        Yes, he’s the guy to go to for shaking up “the system”

      • Sorry chief, I don’t waste my time watching liberal cable shows. So no.

      • By your own description, he knows the system. Strengths & weaknesses.

      • I guess. But so does Hillary.

        Is that a reason to vote for her?

    • Thank God i’m Constitutional Conservative who will be voting the down ballot. Hell is hot.

  23. What has a conservative done for you lately? Nothing…. except “go along to get along” or “kick the can down the road”.

  24. Mytheos has a message that will clearly bring unity to the party!

    Never Trump.

  25. …so you’re saying the GOP civil war after Trump loses is going to be epic.


    • The civil war within the republican party has already started if you haven’t noticed. The people are tired of the RINO conservatives who give a good speech on the campaign trail but when they get back to DC they rollover for the big money special interests, the democrats and the liberal media.

      • Chatmandu forgot to add that Trumpkins are tired of actual conservatives as well. They’ll be executed along side the RINOs.

      • Yes, this is true. Any Conservative who refuses to understand that Conservatism has FAILED is part of the problem. It failed to conserve anything, endlessly retreating in a rout extending back centuries. Go read Kirk’s _The Conservative Mind_, it is a certainty every ‘brand name conservative’ has. They all love it, consider it the blueprint for the movement. I’ll give you a spoiler: The original title was _The Conservative Rout_ until Regnery rejected it as “too dark.”

      • Then let the executions of RINOs, conservatives, and classical liberals begin!

      • You do realize that Trump IS a RINO, right? He’s only been a Republican since 2012.

    • Yes. And although the author “Mytheos” has a cool name in a heavy metal kind of way, he’ll change his name to Robespierre in honor of his new station in life.

    • They have already started the war, we are trying to stay focused on the election and dodge fire from what used to be our own rear lines. Come Wed Nov 9 that changes and the knives come out and close in wet work begins. Hopefully it is quick, hopefully we realize we don’t really need to hunt em all down and exact bloody vengeance; the RINOs are already outside of the tent now, all we really need do is keep em out.

      Then we can refocus again on the long slog ahead. Electing Trump is not the end of the war, it is only the end of the beginning. The war begins in January 2017. Anyone who thinks the Enemy will accept defeat without a long protracted war is still not awake.

      • Excellent idea. I like your idea of murder, execution, etc. That’s the way to build unity and a better country. Let’s hear it for the French revolution! Or are we looking for a socialist revolution and some gulags to stick those conservatives and RINOs in?

      • Okay, look, I can only eat so much popcorn in a given period. For the sake of my cholesterol level could you please spread the fratricide out over a few years?

      • Who is this enemy you speak of? Your fellow Americans? Not even Democrats, but the other Republicans who just didn’t like your choice of candidate? Enemies? Really?

  26. After 50+ years of the government’s “Great Society” of welfare and entitlement programs, EVERYWHERE these programs have been applied has resulted in more poverty, more crime, more illiteracy and more dependency.

  27. The republican establishment RINOs want to keep their power and big money supporters. It’s time for the RINOs to go and Trump is a good start to get them out the door.

  28. 5 new Constitutional amendments,
    1. Term limits for congress.
    2. Balanced budget.
    3. Line item veto.
    4. Term limits for federal court justices.
    5. Majority popular vote for president/vp. Eliminate the Electoral College.

    • All excellent ideas because Obama didn’t have enough power as president. Right? Hey, why not just get rid of Congress and we can have a permanent President Clinton or Trump (depending on who wins).

      • A Hillary Supreme Court might overturn our Constitution and make her a Queen with all kinds of new executive powers.

      • Yes. And you’ll do the same with your amendments.

        Good thing you don’t want conservatives in your party.

    • No.

      1. Term limits mean the eternal ‘Chief of Staff’ becomes the actual power center with an ever changing face in front as a scapegoat. If the power remains in DC the problem remains. The solution is to make a seat in Congress less important.

      2. States have them. Didn’t help, creative accounting runs rampant because in the end there is no external force to MAKE them obey. See the Pension bomb.

      3. This one is ok, but I’d say we no longer need it, Obama has got SCOTUS to enshrine the concept that a POTUS can decide what laws will be enforced, why doesn’t that include spending? Make the enemy live by their own book!

      4. I’d rather just make it easier to remove one. Say a three fifths vote in either Congress OR the States.

      5. Oh Hell No! The EC is the only thing that has held back epic fraud in the Blue Hellholes. Imagine how far they could run up the score in NYC, Chicago and LA if it actually counted for something.

  29. To bad the writer forgot one very important issue and ungrateful bastards usually do that….Donald Trump is a liberal freak democrat.

    To bad the liberal democrats and liberal republicans who follow Trump can’t see us Constitutional Conservatives are trying to save our Republic from the ungrateful liberal Trump and Hillary.

    My last act as republican voter will be to vote the down ballot and let the liberal republicans and liberal democrats fight it out in which liberal democrat they want in office for them to serve.

    • I think the Trumpkins have been pretty clear they don’t actually like conservatives or the Constitution.

      • I would never do that with the Constitution…seems kind of crude.

      • C’mon man debate the guy with truth not with them sad choice of words.

      • You guys talk like this election is between a constitutional conservative and Trump. It’s not, it’s between Trump and Clinton. Regardless of Trump’s faults he is better than Clinton. He is the most right leaning electable candidate in this election. Therefore, even though I loath the man, I’m voting for him.

      • I get that. I respect that.

        But that’s not what this article is about. Its a self-righteous group of Trumpkins telling everyone that if you’re against Trump you must be an “ungrateful bastard.”

        I won’t vote for slime like Trump (or Hillary). Trumpkins said they didn’t need us during the primaries and said good riddance to us. Now they’re coming back singing a very different tune. A bunch of BS.

      • I think you liberals-pretending to-be-conservatives have worn out your welcome.

      • Agreed. To bad liberals-pretending to-be-conservatives like you got Trump nominated for my party.

    • So Trump is a liberal democrat. Yet he has proposed more conservative programs and conservative business ideas. Can a person change over the years???

      • You’re the guy who keeps calling everyone who doesn’t support Trump a RINO and yet you think Trump is now a real Republican? Must have some highly tinted rose colored glasses on.

      • Yes a person can change their politics. Best example is Ronald Reagan who went from New Deal Democrat to conservative. Trump “changed” overnight and has shown no indication that he has any understanding of conservatism which is why he is for protectionism and says things like education and healthcare are two of the most important tasks of the federal government.

      • Ronald Reagan was for protectionism, you faux-con poser.

      • Ronald Reagan–1988 State of the Union:

        “One of the greatest contributions the US can make to the world is to promote freedom as the key to economic growth. A creative, competitive America is the answer to a changing world, not trade wars that would close doors, create greater barriers, and destroy millions of jobs. We should always remember: Protectionism is destructionism. America’s jobs, America’s growth, America’s future depend on trade–trade that is free, open, and fair.
        This year, we have it within our power to take a major step toward a growing global economy and an expanding cycle of prosperity: the historic free trade agreement negotiated between our country and Canada. And I can also tell you that we’re determined to expand this concept, south as well as north. Our goal must be a day when the free flow of trade, from the tip of Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic Circle, unites the people of the Western Hemisphere in a bond of mutually beneficial exchange.”

      • Haven’t you had enough change you can believe in for the last eight years. Now you want to give another liberal democrat a chance to change what….?

        My friend words are different then deeds and Trump hates the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments of the Constitution of the United States of American and he has proven that in action and deeds and for this I will vote the down ballot and wear it on my heart and shelve.

      • Reagan, Sacramento 1960s, abortion. Of course if he were around today some virtue-signaling blogger pissant like Erickson or Jonathan Last would be calling him the Antichrist on weekly basis

    • Fine – then go “gather your womenfolk & your livestock, arm your guns and barricade yourself in a compound” somewhere while the rest of us deal with real life and todays world.

      • I think you missed the point of the article kateorjane. Mytheos is declaring that anyone who is Never Trump must change and support the fatally flawed candidate Trump or they must be an “ungrateful bastard”

        We’re saying that’s a silly argument and that we are perfectly principled in our conservative opposition to Trump.

        You’re saying you don’t want us anyways.

        Can’t have it both ways. Or is the author wrong in your mind?

      • Actually I didn’t but I may not be as optimistic as the author. As you’ve just shown many of the NEVERTRUMPers will never change or support Trump – so IMO you might as well leave vice whining about how you’re so righteous and just want to “save” your version of conservatism. If Trump wins he doesn’t need your incessant harping while he’s trying to accomplish what his supporters elected him to do. . Ever consider that you don’t represent all Conservatives?

      • I thought Trump didn’t need or want the Conservative vote…? His words not mine.

      • Actually many of the people who are supporting Trump feel THEY are part of the Conservative vote. Once against the NEVERTRUMP crowd erroneously thinks they speak for all Conservatives.

      • They can “feel” they are part of the Conservative vote, but that doesn’t mean they are actually conservatives. Words have meaning. You can call yourself whatever you want, but if you support Trump’s agenda then you don’t fit the traditional definition of a conservative.

      • Why tell have truths…?

        You forgot we are never Hillary also…lol

      • Of course there are conservatives voting for Trump.

        The hypocrisy here is the Trumpkins saying that they didn’t need those of us who were opposed to Trump in the primaries but are now telling us we’re ungrateful bastards if we don’t support your RINO candidate. A silly hypocrisy.

        But then you join the conversation with the opposite message of the author saying good ridance. Even more dissonance from Trumps supporters. Again, you can’t have it both ways.

        But its cool. You’ll get government from the left whether you elect Trump or Hillary.

      • I’ll do just that while you hide your head in the sand about the truth of liberal Trump.

    • Donald Trump is not a liberal Democrat. He’s a Republican, and the most conservative presidential candidate the GOP has put forward since Reagan.

      Which is perhaps not saying that much, considering the OTHER people the party has nominated since Reagan, but still.

      • Paging Joe Wilson, paging Joe Wilson….clean up on aisle 5 please.

        I call bull crap on your lie…!

        Trump is a liberal democrat freak that hates the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments of the United States of America and for that I will vote the down ballot.

        I’ll make you a debate deal. For every one deed that you prove Trump is a republican in action I will prove twice as much and he is a liberal democrat freak. Deal or no deal….?

  30. That’s where Democrats have an edge. They don’t cannibalize themselves over a not so great candidate like Hillary Clinton. They see the flaws but put their party first. If Republican politicos, pundits, elected officials and self righteous types could do the same, the party would be unbeatable with candidates like TRUMP.

    • Well see, that’s a problem. A lot of us are Republicans because we have and believe in morals, principles and ethics.

      Dems’ (and apparently Trumpkins) don’t have that problem.

      • I recall friends who felt the same way for various reasons and voted for Ross Perot thinking that their superior ideals would mean something. Not backing the party resulted in a loss that set in motion a series of political events that led to Barack Obama and the radical unwinding of the American century. I learned the most valuable political lesson back then, WIN.

      • Yeah … I voted for Perot … you’ve got a strong point.

      • Yeah, you voted for Bush, McCain and Romney. Don’t give me this garbage about your belief in morals, principles and ethics.

      • Wrong. I voted for one of the three. On the other hand now I wish I had supported all three.

        They weren’t proud philanders. They didn’t spend their career defrauding investors, subcontractors, lenders, etc. They didn’t flip flop on every topic as soon as they started to run for president. They didn’t brag about sexual assault or talk like bigots.

        I get why most Republicans support Trump. However, the self-righteous anger of the Trumpkins against anyone who can’t support a snake like Trump is disgusting. At least be honest about who your supporting…

  31. “that showed compassion for some of capitalism’s losers”

    It isn’t capitalism’s losers that are the problem. It’s crony capitalism’s losers. They guy who lost his job making auto parts to a factory relocation might have found a new job as a meat packer (albeit at a lower wage). Instead production plants were shuttered then “sold” to break labor agreements and illegal immigrants replaced $25-30/hr workers with $10/hr workers. And without bought and paid for “lawmakers” on both sides of the aisle, the labor dept AND ICE would have gone after those plants for violations. And those poor displaced workers were left holding the bag for funding K-12, Chip, disproportionate share hospital costs for the families of the “new Americans”.
    Cannot figure out why they are angry at ALL parties!

  32. LOL…the funny part is the writes hates everyone except for liberal democrats…lol

  33. Hold on there … there is room, in fact we need to be sure there is room, for honest disagreement. I am a committed Trump supporter and a loyal subscriber to The Weekly Standard. I respect the opinions expressed there, and the men who hold them, just as I would expect them to respect me. I remain committed to Trump, despite the learned opinions I read, because I do not think the intellectuals recognize the danger political correctness represents. You can’t solve a problem you can’t identify and analyze. Furthermore, I am amazed at how quickly Trump has learned on the campaign trail. He has been tested by fire and, although I lost confidence for a while, he has come through. Whether Trump as prevails or not, we need an honest discussion of ideas and beliefs to keep conservatism alive. Don’t be so quick to discard possible allies. We need their ideas, just as they need ours.

    • I am a committed Trump supporter and a loyal subscriber to The Weekly
      Standard. I respect the opinions expressed there, and the men who hold
      them, just as I would expect them to respect me.

      But they don’t respect you. They’ve made it very clear that they see people like you as “yahoo”s and “bigots” and “white supremacists”.

      • I e-mail them regularly to remind them that at least one subscriber straddles both worlds. But my main concern right now are the charges of racism hurled at Democratic and current admin opponents. Racism seems to be a particularly effective weapon — and so easy to use. This has lead to charges of white privilege, another nebulous, easy charge. These are the criticisms I believe Trump is able to defect and even destroy by force of personality and common sense.

  34. great article…..i hope it ends up being predictive and not a post mortem autopsy….TRUMP/PENCE 2016 2020

  35. Marines are grateful. Semper Fidelis to Donald Trump. Remember this?

    U.S. Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi helped by Trump.

    Without publicity in 2015 Donald Trump helped a United
    States Marine abandoned by his own government and left to rot in a Mexican jail
    for making a wrong turn at a border crossing.

    Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren told her audience
    about the charitable effort of Mr. Trump, but also added this point about President Obama. She said he “Wouldn’t even pick up the phone to help.”
    via Greta Wire:

    In a little-publicized act of kindness, it
    has been reported Donald Trump gave financial aid to Marine Sgt. Andrew
    Tahmooressi, who was held in a Mexican jail for 214 days.

    Greta Van Susteren said: “…Donald did help out Sgt. Tahmooressi. He sent him some money to help
    him jump start his life. Sgt. Tahmooressi rotted in a Mexican prison for 214
    days. President Obama wouldn’t even pick up the phone to help.”

    Tahmooressi was released in November when a
    Mexican judge was convinced to do so on humanitarian grounds. His lengthy
    prison stay became a farce and a failure under the Obama Administration,
    culminating in a September congressional hearing that was “highly critical of
    Obama Administration efforts to secure his release and Mexico’s refusal to let
    him go.”

    It’s good to see that at least Mr. Trump cared
    enough to lend a helping hand.

    Semper Fi, Bill Heuisler

    Read more:

  36. What is this drivel? And you’re talking about reformed conservatism? He’s come back to every mainstream Republican talking point and abandoned the deportation bluster. You’re all delusional and out of touch with reality. But, but…she’s a criminal!! Pffft.

    • He’s come back to every mainstream Republican talking point and abandoned the deportation bluster.

      You’re the delusional one if you believe the crap you’re repeating … which I’m inclined to doubt.

  37. Well, you guys can keep fighting among yourselves if that is where you get your kicks.

    Most of us didn’t like Trump and still don’t, and didn’t vote for him in the primaries.
    (I made a personal effort to vote against him even when he had the nomination sewn up).
    This has to do not just with his personality and temperament, but also because
    of his lack of fixed principles, and no real confidence that he means anything he says.
    He was after all a NY Democrat for most of his life, and perhaps he still is.

    But most of us also realized about 6 months ago that it was either him or Hil-liar-y.
    Hillary is under FBI criminal investigation. Trump is not.
    That is already enough to make the choice clear.
    We do not get another realistic choice this round.

    We can debate conservative principles after the election, win or lose.
    Right now it is either Trump’s American roulette or certain execution,
    as brilliantly illustrated by Michael Ramirez:

    Choice is clear.

  38. Great column. The irony, well defined above, of the squishy moderates getting everything they hoped for in a candidate except their open border policy, and THEY are the never Trumpers.
    Those of us much farther to the right should have a much more difficult time swallowing the bitter pill that is the Donald, yet we have the fortitude and integrity to swallow it and keep the For Sale sign off the White House lawn.

  39. The Art of the Steal – Trump’s recipe for business success

    1. Start an LLC
    2. Put up a million of Daddy’s
    3. Bullshit some bankers
    4. Pay yourself a shitload
    5. Build incredibly, way over budget
    6. Threaten the bankers to keep the tap open
    7. Stiff everybody using bankruptcy
    8. Keep all the money you stole from tradesmen, suppliers and bankers
    9. Deduct all of their losses off your tax returns so you don’t have to pay Federal for 18 years.

    If you steal enough, the FBI will LOVE you.

  40. So, is it that you got tagged with a stupid hippie-ass name that makes you so bitter and vicious? Do you really hate your parents that much? Or is it just the fact that you are a soft little castrato who carries his balls around in a jar?

  41. Didn’t take long, did it? So not only are you a castrato, you’re a coward as well.

    Fucking wimps.

  42. “his character is unacceptable because he actually enjoys sex”

    Surely, Holt is joking.

  43. If Trump had adopted the stage name, “MC Yuval M.P.A.” they would’ve supported him

    I thought Erskine Bowles was a redneck though. You must mean Bill Weld– he was “too cool for the GOP” back when the GOP was still cool. I wonder whatever happened to him….

  44. Mytheos,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    I think the deepest lesson from this election season is that just as media self-selection is now widely recognized as a “vector” of division in the entire body politic (i.e., left vs. right), so has media self-selection come to be a “vector” of division within subsets of the body politic (i.e., within the right).

    My conservative perspectives appear to diverge widely from yours. I believe there would be value in sitting down with you in a leisurely manner, over many meals–probably over many, many days, actually–in a wide-ranging discussion about political history, this election cycle, and the nature of politics and law. Over a long period of time, I suspect we could dispassionately learn from one another precisely where we agree, and precisely where we diverge, and that we may see that our spheres of agreement are much more vast than they may currently seem to be. I believe there would be value in having such wide-ranging discussions with most pro-Trump writers and commenters whose perspectives similarly diverge from mine.

    But as worth-while as such uses of time would be, I have a family to take care of. I do not have even a fraction of the time that would be necessary to achieve a meeting of the minds in person, let alone electronically.

    So without getting into any depth, a few observations about this piece, which I could just as easily offer about any number of other “pro-Trump” pieces: (1) the perspective strikes me as similar to a leftist perspective, in that it seems to have been formed in some sort of bubble or cocoon that is impervious to information and perspectives related to the world as I have long known and understood it; (2) most of the combative sentiments expressed herein are eminently debatable and/or refutable based on my own reasonably long-held understanding of conservatism; and (3) there seems to be a great deal of what might be called, in pop-psych parlance, “projection” going on (e.g., treating non-pro-Trump perspectives as betraying conservatism, or as perversely helping the left).

    Probably most injuriously of all, though, beyond substantive issues, there is the matter of Regan’s eleventh commandment, which was “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” The archaic phrasing may have been a bit pompous, but was likely meant more tongue-in-cheek than literally, and may therefore be forgiven. But as with many conservative conclusions, even if one disagrees with some aspect thereof (such as the archaic phrasing), there is truth contained therein. In this case, the truth is that attacking one’s fellow Republicans invites political misfortune for Republicans.

    More than any other major-party candidate in living memory, Trump has been a walking, talking, living, breathing rejection of Reagan’s eleventh commandment–and Trump-conservatives have followed suit (at times seemingly gleefully, ignorantly, and maniacally). Of the many things that could be (and have been) said about this behavior, at a minimum, a solid “small-c” conservative analysis would be: That Was Not A Wise Idea.

    Trump-wary Republicans want to like him. The vast majority of anti-Trump sentiment among Republicans would probably not exist if Trump, and the conservatives supporting him, would simply refrain from behaving like absolute, unmitigated asses toward the rest of their fellow Republicans.

    There is much healing that will need to be done among conservatives after Trump. Probably, conservatives will need to figure out how to avoid being self-segregated in separate media bubbles. This election shows that there are substantive issues that divide us, and these should be brought to the fore and debated.

    The wounds within conservatism that we will need to heal have been vastly worsened, however, by the virulent infighting employed by Trump-conservatives. Yet in all likelihood, the required healing will depend upon grants of forgiveness on the part of conservatives who have been forcefully and wrongfully attacked by those same Trump-conservatives. Unfortunately, forgiving one’s assailants is hard.

    Thus, there is one more, ironic instance of “projection” in the pronouncements of many Trump-conservatives: Trump-conservatives freely opine about anti-conservative recriminations that should follow the elections if Trump should lose. There appears to be a blithe, blissful ignorance on the part of Trump-conservatives about which faction of conservatism will most likely be (and will richly deserve to be) the recipient of such recriminations. And if Trump-conservatives were “small-c” conservative to begin with, they should have known from the start that following the exact opposite of Reagan’s eleventh commandment was Probably Not A Wise Idea. Even now, it would be wiser to adopt a more modulated tone, accounting for differences of opinion and reasonable disagreement among compatriots.

    At least as I see it, Trump-conservatives appear to have embraced a warped and ignorant illusion of the world, heaped undeserved scorn on their fellow-travelers, and sowed a wind of fury based on that illusion. I hope for the sake of conservatives, Trump-conservatives, and “small-c” conservatism alike that we all figure out a way to avoid reaping the coming whirlwind.

  45. I prefer to call them Vlasov Republicans….like the Russian general who let his hatred of Stalin lead him to taking up arms for Hitler, whose victory would have resulted in the enslavement and genocide of the Russian people, they are supporting Hillary with the full knowledge that if she is successful, everything they claim to care about will be swept away in a Red tide of leftist jurisprudence. Like the Vlasov men they are traitors and (as far as thier political careers go) treated as such.

      • Hillary has a very similar personality to Stalin, I agree. As for me, Stalin was a monster, but if I was a Russian in 1941 he would be better than what Hitler was offering….a future of being slaves on thier own land and cultural if not actual genocide inflicted upon them.

  46. A disjointed ‘thought salad’. Just one example: Trumps ‘entire pitch was that he would make deals by reaching across the aisle”. What? His entire pitch was intended to paint Democrats and their constituency as vile. Politics is collaboration, conflict and compromise, and the experience and temperament to know when to use which. That Trump could accomplish this is laughable.

  47. Unfortunately, President Trump will have to govern. While he can give em all the occasional bitch slap, he needs them to work with them. So on the surface, all will be forgiven. On the other hand, passive aggressive behavior is hard to see and pin down. I expect the worst of those on the list will feel some of that over the next few years.

  48. Trump’s candidacy has given us Always Trumpers more pleasure than any other in our lifetimes. Every smug, satisfied member of the Best And The Brightest has suffered the destruction of their pretense of being disinterested idealists, concerned for the welfare of the downtrodden, and had it replaced by the picture of them as corrupt, mean-spirited, totalitarian snobs pursuing their own interests without regard to the truth or the law. The Republiclowns who have quailed in the face of a genuine opposition to Progressive ideals have run cringing and sniveling to their Prog chums. Good riddance.

  49. This idiot Mytheos Holt… has GOT to be kidding?

    If “trump conservatism” is all he’s got… he can keep it. Nothing but supporting lies, cheating, insults, ignorance, sleaze, corruption, divisiveness, Isolationism, weak military, and retraction from the United States Constitution.

    Maybe mr Holt is a ‘graduate’ of “trump university”?

    Hehehe, seem like that would fit… he as he seems to like trump mud.

  50. Those parsing conservative ideological purity as an excuse to abandon their party’s nominee obviously have very different ideas of what conservatism means. The Democrats have a whiff of conservatism…as in “my power must be conserved at any cost”. Perhaps that party is where these “pure” people belong.

    • That may be the liberal idea of conservatives. Perhaps that’s why so many “conservatives” can pretend Donald is one of them…they believe he’ll give them power. It sure isn’t because they believe in the system our Founders set up.

  51. Country club Republicans vs the Republican who builds country clubs.

  52. My entire, Trump supporting, lifelong Republican family feels exactly as the author does (including a couple of uncles who are lifelong Union democrats turned Trump supporters), but none of us could put it as the author has! It’s so frustrating how Romney, Glenn Beck, et al have behaved during this election. This includes the bratty, elitist Republicans MSNBC likes to use against us daily!

  53. Trump is a fascist and his buddies at breitbart do little more than vomit racist nationalism.

    Trump, Ryan and Putin are all on the same team. Truly, this country has not been so close to disolving since the civil war.

    The reality is Clinton will win. The only question is will trump concede gracefully for the good of the country? The odds are his painfully fragile ego won’t allow him. He will choose to push this country to the edge because he got beat by a girl.

    • You’re a brainless bigot and your buddies in the Democratic party do nothing but spread hate and racism.

      Clinton , Bush, and the Saudis are all on the same team.

  54. I ended up on this column by accident. But it sure has made my day. Yes, I think Donald Trump is a jerk and a moron all too often. But in the last couple weeks, he has shown more leadership ability than Hillary ever has or ever will. And all those #nevertrumpers so willing to support someone who when everything is investigated, will probably be indicted for treason, well that just shows what sort of idiots and non-standards people they are. In addition, all those RINO republicans that have gone along with liberal democrats since Reagan, they should be put in front of a mob to face the consequences of screwing the rest of us taxpayers. And people, please…. let’s be honest. Which of you is so incredibly stupid that you would have spent an extra 20 trillion dollars more than the government brought in? And let’s be honest for one last comment —- government has not solved anything in the last 30 years.

  55. There’s one good thing that’s already come out of this election. The GOPe is finished.

      • People who want to win elections. Or they may go the way of the Whigs. Remains to be seen.

      • So… you don’t think people of integrity, ethics, decency… and Conservative Principles… can win elections?


      • I do. And the GOP primary is proof of it.

        Is it your assertion that the voters who gave Trump the nomination have no integrity, ethics or decency?


      • Republicans lying to beat republicans have achieved nothing.

        It is my assertion that Republicans who accept lies, indecency, and lack of integrity… will perpetuate a party that will continue to put out lies, indecency, and lack of integrity.

        Why do YOU choose to accept lies, indecency, lack of integrity?

      • I don’t accept lies, indecency, and lack of integrity.

        Which is why I reject the notion that you are in any way part of “us”, the American conservative movement.

      • Nonsense. Your a shrill for a crypto liberal named Donald Trump. Good job getting a democrat chosen as the Republican candidate.

      • I’m pretty sure that by nominating Donald Trump the voters won’t be perpetuating what the GOP put out in the past.

        I don’t. If I did I’d accept Hillary Clinton.. Why do YOU choose to accept her?

      • Sorry, but if you accept donald trump, you perpetuate lies, indecency, and lack of integrity.

        But there’s only one truly massive liar in this race: Donald Trump. When Politico attempted to measure how many lies Trump told over the course of 4.6 hours of speeches, they found that he lied, on average, once every five minutes. When Huffington Post catalogued his lies over the course of just one town hall event, they came up with 71 lies. ….. Which made it relatively easy to come up with this not-even-close-to-complete list of 101 lies from Donald Trump.”

        Plenty more where this report comes from.

      • Sorry, but if you accept Hillary Clinton you accept a corrupt, lying, venal gangster.
        Consider Wkileaks.

        Plenty more to come.
        And the FBI is working on another batch from Weiner’s laptop.

      • Hehe… but as you know…

        I don’t accept hillery.

        But clear thinking is beyond you comprehension.

  56. Sure Trump found common cause with all these Ungrateful – he flip-flopped all over and found common cause with everyone at least once, and also opposed everyone.
    #NeverTrumpLand Nov 8

      • She’s a democrat, as evidenced by her feed–attacking Project Veritas and James O’Keefe is not something a rational person would do.

      • And the progressives thank you and the pretend conservatives who got Trump nominated for your services. A liberal will take the White House whether Hillary our your boy Trump.

  57. A much shorter list and thus easier to compile would be those of the “notable” class who understand what Trump is all about; a list that would include only a very small number of pundits, reporters and politicians. Strange, because those of us in the non-notable class (a.k.a. “Deplorables”) who support Trump are very numerous and will put him in the White House next Tuesday.

  58. My dear friends and colleagues, may I present to you, the next President of these United States of America.
    The Right, the honorable Donald J. Trump.

  59. Excellent column. Another one I’d encourage people to read is an op-ed written by Tucker Carlson that ran in Politico back in January.

    An excerpt:

    “Not everyone finds it funny. On my street in Northwest Washington, D.C., there’s never been anyone as unpopular as Trump. The Democrats assume he’s a bigot, pandering to the morons out there in the great dark space between Georgetown and Brentwood. The Republicans (those relatively few who live here) fully agree with that assessment, and they hate him even more. They sense Trump is a threat to them personally, to their legitimacy and their livelihoods. Idi Amin would get a warmer reception in our dog park.


    But just because Trump is an imperfect candidate doesn’t mean his candidacy can’t be instructive. Trump could teach Republicans in Washington a lot if only they stopped posturing long enough to watch carefully. Here’s some of what they might learn:

    He Exists Because You Failed

    American presidential elections usually amount to a series of overcorrections: Clinton begat Bush, who produced Obama, whose lax border policies fueled the rise of Trump. In the case of Trump, though, the GOP shares the blame, and not just because his fellow Republicans misdirected their ad buys or waited so long to criticize him. Trump is in part a reaction to the intellectual corruption of the Republican Party. That ought to be obvious to his critics, yet somehow it isn’t.

    Consider the conservative nonprofit establishment, which seems to employ most right-of-center adults in Washington. Over the past 40 years, how much donated money have all those think tanks and foundations consumed? Billions, certainly. (Someone better at math and less prone to melancholy should probably figure out the precise number.) Has America become more conservative over that same period? Come on. Most of that cash went to self-perpetuation: Salaries, bonuses, retirement funds, medical, dental, lunches, car services, leases on high-end office space, retreats in Mexico, more fundraising. Unless you were the direct beneficiary of any of that, you’d have to consider it wasted.

    Pretty embarrassing. And yet they’re not embarrassed. Many of those same overpaid, underperforming tax-exempt sinecure-holders are now demanding that Trump be stopped. Why? Because, as his critics have noted in a rising chorus of hysteria, Trump represents “an existential threat to conservatism.”

    Let that sink in. Conservative voters are being scolded for supporting a candidate they consider conservative because it would be bad for conservatism? And by the way, the people doing the scolding? They’re the ones who’ve been advocating for open borders, and nation-building in countries whose populations hate us, and trade deals that eliminated jobs while enriching their donors, all while implicitly mocking the base for its worries about abortion and gay marriage and the pace of demographic change. Now they’re telling their voters to shut up and obey, and if they don’t, they’re liberal.

    It turns out the GOP wasn’t simply out of touch with its voters; the party had no idea who its voters were or what they believed. For decades, party leaders and intellectuals imagined that most Republicans were broadly libertarian on economics and basically neoconservative on foreign policy. That may sound absurd now, after Trump has attacked nearly the entire Republican catechism (he savaged the Iraq War and hedge fund managers in the same debate) and been greatly rewarded for it, but that was the assumption the GOP brain trust operated under. They had no way of knowing otherwise. The only Republicans they talked to read the Wall Street Journal too.

    On immigration policy, party elders were caught completely by surprise. Even canny operators like Ted Cruz didn’t appreciate the depth of voter anger on the subject. And why would they? If you live in an affluent ZIP code, it’s hard to see a downside to mass low-wage immigration. Your kids don’t go to public school. You don’t take the bus or use the emergency room for health care. No immigrant is competing for your job. (The day Hondurans start getting hired as green energy lobbyists is the day my neighbors become nativists.) Plus, you get cheap servants, and get to feel welcoming and virtuous while paying them less per hour than your kids make at a summer job on Nantucket. It’s all good.

    Apart from his line about Mexican rapists early in the campaign, Trump hasn’t said anything especially shocking about immigration. Control the border, deport lawbreakers, try not to admit violent criminals — these are the ravings of a Nazi? This is the “ghost of George Wallace” that a Politico piece described last August? A lot of Republican leaders think so. No wonder their voters are rebelling.”

    • And another:

      “If Trump is leading a populist movement, many of his Republican critics have joined an elitist one. Deriding Trump is an act of class solidarity, visible evidence of refinement and proof that you live nowhere near a Wal-Mart. Early last summer, in a piece that greeted Trump when he entered the race, National Review described the candidate as “a ridiculous buffoon with the worst taste since Caligula.” Virtually every other critique of Trump from the right has voiced similar aesthetic concerns.

      Why is the Party of Ideas suddenly so fixated on fashion and hair? Maybe all dying institutions devolve this way, from an insistence on intellectual rigor to a flabby preoccupation with appearances. It happened in the Episcopal Church, once renowned for its liturgy, now a stop on architectural and garden tours. Only tourists go there anymore.”

  60. Mytheos, you should hold writing classes at the American Spectator. They REALLY need it. Then you could go to the WEAKLY Standard (I spelled that correctly) and teach UB Kristol a thing or two. On second thought, Kristol is lost in his nicotine haze.

  61. Hilarious, I can see why the author of this piece is a *former* speech writer.

    It’s only a few days until the election and this character feels *now* is the time to focus on disagreements within the republican caucus? Smart.

    His premise “Well, I say it’s time we stopped being polite” ignores reality. Trump, and his supporters have never been shy about attacking conservatives that weren’t in lock-step behind Trump. I would describe them as bullies, if we didn’t live in a culture that associates bullies with victim-hood,

    Finally, his rhetorical riff “ungrateful bastards” takes the cake. Those of us on the right that see Trump as an incompetent candidate, with little substance and who may lose us this election (still!) when almost any other GOP candidate would be running away with it, are supposed to bow our heads and thank Trump for this opportunity to give away another 4-8 years?

    I’m not sure what this guy’s game is. He’s obviously calculated his words to appeal to Trump supporters who feel disrespected by us hold-outs and thinks a little name calling is in order. How does this help Trump or anybody else, at this point?

    For the record, I’ve been very critical of Trump since last fall. I went to my caucus for the first time to vote against him. I’ve struggled for months trying to decide how I would vote on 11/8. At the moment I’m leaning toward voting for him, and I’ve stopped talking about his deficiencies in forums like this, focusing my attention on his competition, instead. This doesn’t mean I like him, or think he’s a good candidate, or has the possibility of being a decent president. I don’t. Come to think of it, you Trump supporters should be grateful for me. bastards.

    • A sensible point of view. I’d vote for Trump if I didn’t feel like it would be a vote I’d be ashamed of down the road.

      I’m convinced that a vote for Trump will be considered in the same league as a vote for Huey Long. Not a place I’m willing to be place myself in even if it did mean the defeat of a Clinton.

    • “Those of us on the right that see Trump as an incompetent candidate, with little substance and who may lose us this election (still!) when almost any other GOP candidate would be running away with it, are supposed to bow our heads and thank Trump for this opportunity to give away another 4-8 years?”

      I voted for another candidate too, but I understood why people voted for Trump, and I’ve come to feel differently about the whole thing since casting my vote in one of the earliest state primaries. Yes, sure, perhaps a Rubio or a Kasich would’ve won the election handily—but to what end?

      If we’ve reached a point where winning for the sake of winning is the goal at election time, just to have someone with an R next to their name, then we deserve to continue having Clintons and Bushes whose administrations will be virtually indistinguishable from each other, who both leave the border wide open, import as many people from the 3rd world as possible, meddle in the MENA cesspool at the behest of the Saudis, fight wars in places like Yemen–the poorest nation in the world, where we have ZERO strategic interests–when they tell us to (as we currently are for some reason…1 of our 6 ongoing wars), run up the national debt, appoint SCOTUS justices who give us things like Obamacare, who both make paid speeches for the same companies and sit on boards for Clinton Foundation donors, and on and on it goes.

      We have one opportunity–the first and last we’ll ever get–to ACTUALLY have real change. The GOP primaries will absolutely have super delegates going forward, just like the Dems do. There is zero chance the bipartisan establishment allows us to come this close ever again to overturning their apple cart.

      The point of this column, as I see it, was to make it clear to Never Trumpers that the man has compromised on every issue the “real conservatives” wanted him to, including on his running mate, and has incorporated into his platform so many of the things THEY have claimed to want over the years.

      And his name is at the bottom of the article. He even makes it a point to say that it’s indeed his real name.

      I implore you to please read this op-ed by Tucker Carlson back in January. It’s very entertaining and the message is important.

  62. Well thought out, well written, well expressed. Bravo! Me? I’m just back from casting my vote for Trump.